• 3 Mar 11th, 2018 at 11:11PM
    Lastest Reply: 21st Apr, 2018 08:29:16 AM
    It would be nice if, when you threw a bomb at someone's TLP, you had to write why the bomb was thrown. Then, you could know whether your TLP was Not a Trope or needs some rewriting or if it was right to throw a bomb in the first place. Reply

      While it is sort of current courtesy to comment when you add a bomb, this rarely is the case.

      That's why making it compulsory to put a reason for the bomb would help.

      This was actually a thing in the past. I remember seeing YKTT Ws with tags like "Ambiguous name", "Tropeworthy?" and "Already have". I assume they were removed because it would become confusing if the issues were corrected, but the tags weren't removed.
  • 0 Apr 20th, 2018 at 7:07PM
    Would it be possible to make little icons for the namespace list for the foreign language pages? Like a little Spanish flag next to "Es", French next to "Fr", German next to "De", for example? Reply
  • 1 Dec 2nd, 2017 at 9:09PM
    Lastest Reply: 20th Apr, 2018 03:59:28 PM
    People complain a lot on pages, usually for more controversial or hated works, or for decisions made in them. Sometimes it's subtle, sometimes it's not. A notifier for a complainy edit might stop someone from doing it again. Reply
  • 1 Apr 18th, 2018 at 4:04PM
    Lastest Reply: 20th Apr, 2018 12:01:34 AM
    Simple request: Laconic is provided by TLP draft. On launch, the laconic page should be added automatically. Reply

      We don't really want the TLP laconics as actual laconics, though, since they serve a different purpose and are often descriptive of the draft rather than the trope in brief. Pages do not need laconic pages — it would be a terrible function.
  • 1 Mar 18th, 2018 at 12:12PM
    Lastest Reply: 16th Apr, 2018 06:45:49 PM
    One of the message reasons should be "unexplained removal of content". Reply

      Or any unexplained change, really.
  • 0 Apr 12th, 2018 at 3:03PM
    Splitting up the initial TLP Draft more finely.

    We've already got name, laconic, and page...

    Why not split up page into description, examples, image, and quote?

    Although, that would take a bit of coding, for unknown utility value... Reply
  • 3 Mar 31st, 2018 at 5:05AM
    Lastest Reply: 12th Apr, 2018 03:10:44 PM
    Auto redlink for any name that has a page that's a work.

    Which turns blue if there's an actual page in Main.

    So Main wicks that need to be corrected, can be spotted easily. Reply
  • 0 Apr 10th, 2018 at 11:11AM
    I've seen some tropers get suspended for using a text replacement plugin, most of which are swear filters and drumpf's. So, in order to prevent that, I had an idea that popped up from an inspiration from Anti-Adblock popups. It goes:

    It seems that you're using a text replacement plugin. As much as you hate swearing, political incorrectness, or a certain political figure, here on TV Tropes, we highly discourage the use of text replacement plugins, such as Nannybot or Drumpf, as it would disrupt the flow and formatting of the text, and may lead to a suspendable offense. So before you edit this page, please disable your text replacement plugin(s) or add TV Tropes to the whitelist."

    I have disabled this plugin | I have added tvtropes.org to the whitelist

    I was thinking that it would be a pop up when you're editing a page. Reply
  • 0 Apr 8th, 2018 at 2:02PM
    I use the same username here that I use on websites like DeviantART and Tumblr, so when I search up my username (which I sometimes do to check if my work has been used somewhere), my troper page is near the top of the search results. I don't have anything to hide on it, but it does look out-of-place alongside the places I post my art. Would it be possible to provide an option to hide one's troper page from search engines? Reply
  • 3 Mar 12th, 2018 at 8:08AM
    Lastest Reply: 2nd Apr, 2018 09:52:43 PM
    The latest attack by The Troll Who Must Not Be Named gave me an idea. What if we had a multilevel page protection system, similar to Wikipedia's (that is, pages can be locked only to people with an account below a certain age and number of edits. Yes, I'm aware this is a huge change, and as such would likely need to wait for 2.0, (not to mention deliciously ironic given the bee up this particular troll's ass) but it would be a nice way to punish vandals and trolls without punishing every legit John Q. Troper for one idiot's G.I.F.T.. Thoughts? Reply

      Yeah, we should get other types of locks, like:
      • Bronze Lock: To stop most vandalism while keeping productivity for good editors. To edit the page, you need to have 10+ edits and 7+ account days.
      • Silver Lock: If vandalism is persistent or a page is important policy, but editors may be needed. To edit the page, you need to have 500+ edits and 42+ account days.
      • Gold Lock: For critical policy pages, pages that should never be recreated (including P5 cut pages) or archives. To edit the page, you need to be a moderator.

      That sounds good. I'd also add "enforcement of PRLC" to Gold Lock (meaning it can serve double duty rather than needing a separate category like Wikipedia's sky blue (salt) lock.)

  • 1 Mar 28th, 2018 at 5:05PM
    Lastest Reply: 2nd Apr, 2018 01:39:22 AM
    I'd like to request an easy way to change page types on mobile. Currently, it's hard to change page types unless you use desktop mode, which requires you to zoom in and look for the option. I'd like to wish for an easier way to fix the type of a page when using a mobile device. Reply

      there's many other functions you can't access on mobile, like wikiword title changes, for example. You can add images, though, so at least there's that. Now, the lack of sidebar makes it obvious why page type changes aren't available on mobile, but it's not clear why a title bar option like wikiword has been removed when the rest of the title bar is available as a specifically-programmed drop-down. Was it forgotten? Was the mobile version unable to handle it? This might be why certain features can't happen... yet.
  • 0 Apr 2nd, 2018 at 1:01AM
    Because I added some examples to one of my drafts and bumped another that was launch ready but I wanted more examples... and they both got bombs a few minutes later, without comments, even though neither draft appears to warrant bombs. So it seems like someone being a dick and bombing whatever's on the top of the pile, and being able to see who does it would probably prevent that.

    I know we've discussed introducing mandatory reason entry, but that won't be coming for a while, would this be quicker to implement? Reply
  • 1 Mar 29th, 2018 at 2:02PM
    Lastest Reply: 29th Mar, 2018 04:23:43 PM
    Is there any chance MediaWiki-style page previews could be implemented on TVTropes? [1]

    It could really help lessen the problem of getting completely sucked into TVTropes, with a dozen-plus unread tabs open, waiting to be read.

    TVTropes does not seem to be MediaWiki-based, so implementing it would be a significant technical undertaking. TVTropes articles also don't always have a succinct summary of each article in the first couple of sentences, so either the style of articles would need to be changed (which may be undesirable) or some (or all) articles would need to have a summary statement written specifically for the previews (which would would create a new maintenance burden).

    So I understand that this is a pretty big ask, but I think it would really improve the accessibility and user-experience of TVTropes, and thus it might be worth the effort. Reply

      I recall someone made a firefox plugin that shows an article's laconic page when you hover over it. That's sorta similar, right?
  • 0 Mar 23rd, 2018 at 10:10AM
    It can be a problem if you make a comment and you click twice assuming that there's something wrong with the connection, and voila, a duplicate comment. So, I'm thinking we could have something to remove these duplicate comments, save for "Bump"; like, a "Delete Duplicate Comment" feature or a popup that says "Duplicate comment". Reply
  • 2 Mar 22nd, 2018 at 11:11PM
    Lastest Reply: 23rd Mar, 2018 10:30:23 AM
    Fairly straightforward — I'd like to see something akin to the Trope Launch list but for recently launched works pages. It'd be a great way to see easily see pages that could probably use Wiki Magic, for instance. Reply

      EDIT: Please igore. Misread your question.

      Especially for collecting tropes.
  • 2 Mar 21st, 2018 at 6:06AM
    Lastest Reply: 21st Mar, 2018 06:21:45 PM
    Prevent the creation of pages with underscores in their names, like how hyphens and ampersands are blocked.

    Because http://tvtropes.org/VideoGame/Ghost_of_a_Tale, was just created today, and I thought they were blocked, but apparently not. Reply
  • 1 Jan 1st, 2018 at 3:03AM
    Lastest Reply: 21st Mar, 2018 06:19:49 PM
    Namespace indexes are a very good way to show all pages in a particular namespace, however, sometimes they get a little too big to load. The Main namespace index, having 40K+ pages, only shows a message "The Main namespace is too big to display", but the YMMV Index also exceeded 40K+ pages, and it is a heart attack for weaker, pre-2010 computers (it's almost 8 megabytes according to a page size checker). I think I have a solution for massively used namespaces. If a namespace contains more than 5000 pages, it gets automatically split alphabetically to subpages, like "Namespace Index: YMMV: A", and only display pages that start with their letter. If someone would go to the Namespace Index for a huge namespace, they would instead be defaulted to A and find a bunch of letter icons that would look like the ones on Page Type Per Namespace. And it's clear the system can recognise what letter a page starts from. There's currently 23 namespaces with 5000 pages or more, so this would find some use. And it will allow us to display the Main Namespace Index again. Of course, this system is only for namespaces with more than 5000 pages, since doing this for lesser used namespaces would be overkill. Would such a feature be possible? Thank you. Reply

      The same thing could be done for "related to" pages with over a certain amount of links, since the biggest Overdosed Tropes have the exact same problem - the "related to" page for Big Bad, the most-linked trope on the wiki, had 40,000+ links and is 4 megabytes.
  • 0 Mar 11th, 2018 at 6:06PM
    An automatically-generated list of the longest pages on the wiki, like this. Reply
  • 0 Mar 11th, 2018 at 3:03PM
    The blue links at TLP are hardly readable in Dark Mode. Can we find a more eye-friendly color? Like the standard green? Reply
  • 1 Mar 5th, 2018 at 10:10AM
    Lastest Reply: 11th Mar, 2018 12:05:22 AM
    I've noticed that TV Tropes doesn't have a secure site connection, meaning usernames and passwords could be compromised by hooligans on the Internet, and I'd sleep easier, as it were, knowing I'm logged on even if I'm not using the site at the moment if this were rectified.

    IMDb doesn't have a secure connection (yet, at least; I was told they're working on that, but who really knows?), but it also allows you to log in with either Facebook, Google, or even Amazon; just today, I logged onto IMDb with my Google account and, voila, secure site connection. So is there any way I and anyone else could be able to log onto TV Tropes with our Google accounts? (One thing to consider: Not everyone has a Facebook account.) Reply

      secure connection or not, if you have secure internet (your own wifi router, or a public password-protected one) then it is secure.
  • 4 Dec 27th, 2017 at 7:07PM
    Lastest Reply: 8th Mar, 2018 06:09:40 PM
    Currently, Overdosed Tropes has to be updated regularly, and even then it's probably outdated as you read it. (The description acknowledges this). Same thing goes for Trope Overdosed, although it doesn't list the pages in exact order, nor does it list their exact number of wicks. What if there were a feature that listed all pages typed as "work" or "trope" by the number of wicks they had, which would be automatically determined by the wiki software instead of created manually. It would probably have to be a non-wiki page, but I wouldn't have to visit each page individually, opened the "Related to" tab, and wait minutes as the wicks loaded. For an idea of what it would probably look like, see the list of all namespaces and the number of pages in them. A similar feature for inbounds could also work. It's just an idea... Reply

      And if listing all tropes would make it too long, it could be paginated. Or only list, say, the top 100, or only tropes with at least 2,000 wicks, or some other limit.

      It already is >= 2500 Wicks only. And I'd advise adding date of last update, for each trope when updating...

      Big Bad got 466 new wicks... Last updated, by me, a little over a month ago. That's 15 wicks a day.

      I'd assume that's the fastest wicked trope... Shout-Out is number two, and got 414 in about the same amount of time.

      So long as we don't add a new category above > 10000, things are gonna be pretty stable, for a while? The lowest ranked tropes get 1 wick on the order of days, or more, depending on how well known they are.

      I think I'm expanding on this a little bit, but I think having a widget for Main/ page articles with over 2500 wicks could be helpful for monitoring abnormalities, preferably showing total wicks, changes in wicks (per week?), and a list of tropers who added wicks in the past period (per week, perhaps).

      Like, if you watch it periodically and see Big Bad just gained 250 wicks in a week (rather than 400 in a month), then it might be helpful to look at the troper(s) who went on a spree. I'm sure Overdosed Tropes have their own set of problems unique to popular tropes, like people jumping on the bandwagon and shoehorning examples en masse.

      I like that idea.
  • 0 Mar 7th, 2018 at 7:07PM
    A list of all unindexed pages. Reply
  • 1 Feb 1st, 2018 at 11:11AM
    Lastest Reply: 28th Feb, 2018 08:33:07 PM
    I've seen many people ban evade lately... but sometimes, I feel it could be easily avoided if they knew about the anti suspension thread (if they have only been suspended once or twice). I've been thinking about some way to help reduce ban evaders by mistake. If someone would try to register a new account on an IP that has already created an account, a message would pop up:
    WARNING! This IP already has a registered account. Making multiple accounts is good if:
    • You forgot the password for your account, in which case post in this thread, but only if you first tried the other methods listed in the header post.
    • You want to rename your account to something else. This can be done very occasionally, but don't abuse it, and keep in mind you will lose all your previous contributions and the ability to edit your troper page.
    HOWEVER! If you want to create a new account because your old one has been banned from editing, forums etc., DO NOT CREATE IT. If you do, you may lose ALL your TV Tropes privileges on your old account, any new sockpuppet accounts... and your IP. This means no editing, no posting, and possibly no reading for the IP permanently. Instead, please:
    • If you're suspended for a minor offence, and it's your first or second suspension, talk about it in this thread. If you stay calm and show you can improve, you will get unbanned and can continue doing what you've wanted to do.
    • If it's the third suspension, then you're unfortunately boned. This wiki runs on a three strike system. But trust us, it's better to lose some than to lose it all, so grin and bear it.

    The message would be shown for 1 minute with no way to skip it, giving time to rethink. After it's done, two buttons would show up at the bottom.
    I understand and wish to continue | I have changed my mind and don't want to risk getting banned
    The first one would give the standard account creation procedure, while the second one would redirect to the edit banned thread. Would such a feature be possible? Thank you. Reply

      I'm pretty sure that initial bans are done by handle and don't match with an IP, not to mention dynamic IP ranges, so it might not work, but it's a good idea.
  • 1 Feb 21st, 2018 at 10:10AM
    Lastest Reply: 24th Feb, 2018 03:58:05 PM
    As I observe a lot of new tropers getting a lot mistakes and sometimes getting suspended for that (such as grammar issues, or format issues, or using the wrong namespace; there's even one troper getting suspended for rogue launching) I think a welcome tour, or a guide, be helpful for new, especially beginner, tropers before they touch anything. Reply
  • 1 Feb 18th, 2018 at 1:01PM
    Lastest Reply: 21st Feb, 2018 09:29:19 PM
    This will probably take a lot of work to implement, but just a suggestion...

    I'd like it if, while editing a page, the "Edit Reason" thing was a drop down list instead of just a text box. Options on the list would include things like "Added new examples or other content", "Grammar/spelling fixes", "Formatting fixes", etc. Then the text box could just be used to provide a little more info if necessary.

    Then, on your watchlist, you could set it so that you don't get notified of certain types of edits. Just a thought. Reply

      Your general idea is great and makes sense, but the problem is that it would facilitate vandals and trolls to go undetected for longer...

      Most vandals are smart enough in their vandalising that they know to choose "small spelling correction" or such as an edit reason while their edit in reality is grossly vandalising a page. So if such drop-down Edit Reasons exist, and if us well-meaning Tropers who check "New Edits" rely on those drop-down Edit Reasons, tropers vandalising pages would actually be harder to catch.