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    I remember reading the book in high school (2004-2008) so it's either published during that time frame or before. I remember a passage a having a country girl who drives a truck goes out with a unique boy who I think ignores her at one point to get drunk and hangs out/dances with a older lady/groups of older woman. The girl washes her hands of him and is angry by the betrayal and takes a truck to buy ice cream to drown her sorrows out. The boy finds her again and tries to apologize and grabs her arm to keep her from leaving but she is still holding a grudge so she wrenches her arm free, throws the ice cream in the trucks seat, gets in, and slams the truck door in his face. That's all I remember. Does anyone have any idea as to the books title? Reply
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    Live Action TV
    I'm trying to find an oil painting series that was broad cast on PBS during the mid 90's. It was a woman who painted animals like birds, squirrels, puppies, etc.. she would prepare the canvas with a gray background and would use qtip to remove the gray for white shapes that she would paint over it and turned into beautiful animals. At the end when she would add the eyes, she would say "puddle puddle puddle" that's all I remember. But I can't find anything on google to give me a clue what the show was called or who the instructor was. TIA Reply
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    Print Comic
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    There was a series of graphic novels in my elementary school library, I would have read them between 2004 and 2008. The plot was that there was an author similar to L. Frank Baum who wrote books similar to the Oz books, and a girl discovered the world he wrote about was actually real when she found herself there.

    The main character was the girl whose name I can't recall, she was black and I think wore overalls and maybe had pigtails? There was a boy who was made of wax who I think was named Wicks or something like that, and I feel like he betrayed the girl somehow. I also seem to remember the main characters riding in a hot air balloon

    Sorry I don't recall more, anyone know of a series like this?.

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    My mom remembers reading a story years ago. It was about a kid who was sending messages from her colonized planet, trying to reach Santa Claus, and they AI sent the items they needed to protect themselves and bring a truce with the indigenous sentient species. The AI was also investigating the santa claus entity for insurgency.


      I think this was by Alan Dean Foster. I think.

      That looks right! Thanks!
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    So back in 2nd grade before I moved to a different state, my teacher gave me a book as a farewell gift, but during moving it was misplaced somewhere. Basically it was about a kid who dreaded going to what I believe was an art museum and while he walks around, he meets a bright red haired girl who giggles a lot and was described to be wearing squeaky rain boots. At first he thought she was annoying, but then they talked more and he didn't think so anymore. Later, she is revealed to be a mermaid (and I'm not 100% sure she was a mermaid, but I know she wasn't human) and when being driven back, the boy said that he had an amazing time. The art used watercolor paint I believe. Ugh, If only I had more solid memories of this book! Does anyone know of it? Reply
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    I remember we had one of these in my old elementary school. it was a parody of the animorphs series, but they turned into vegetables. the book in question was called something like "the fungus among us". apparently also a shoutout in Arthur? Reply

      Do you have a question...? Vegemorphs: The Fungus Among Us apparently is exactly the right title, from a quick Google search.
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    I saw a short film on the short film channel one night when I was incapacitated and I remember thinking how funny it was, but I haven't been able to find it since!

    I'm a bit fuzzy on the details but I remember it taking place in medieval times. MC was a guy who had an awful life. I think he was responsible for the death of a kid's father, but I'm not too sure on that part. The part I remember most vividly was where the man had to go on a journey to buy some wood and he had to bring the kid with him. It was a trip that lasted several days and the kid had a lute and he played it nonstop the entire trip, driving the man nuts, in montage form.

    It wasn't in English, but I believe it was some European language.

    Thanks in advance, sorry it's such a tough description! Reply
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    I have been looking for this song and commercial for awhile now, so I decided to ask you all. I think it was either advertising a car or headphones, I'm not sure. At the end of the commercial two halves of a picture are slowly spinning on rope and eventually line up to form a picture, maybe of a crocodile. I tried to remember was many details as I could, I just really want to find this. Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    So it's this live-action show that sorta reminded me of The Addams Family but it was in colour. There was this gothic-style mansion; its design was sorta fancy and with a lot of black and grey. And there were visitors (maybe a couple with a child, or just a couple, there were definitely more than one) who were scared when an old lady in a black dress (who looked kinda witchy) showed them a smoking skull while chanting. There was one lady who was an Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette with a black dress on, a man in a suit, and a bunch of others who were wearing sort of formal, gothic clothing. And those guys were sort of friendly and intimidating at the same time. Again, it reminded me of The Addams Family, but it was in colour and I can't remember any specific characters or plot points, nor do I remember anything that specifically correlates to the Addams Family (like I don't remember a butler called Lurch or anything like that). That's all I remember. Reply

      Where did you see it? When did you see it?

      What year did you see this?

      There was an updated version of The Addams Family in the mid- to late-90s after the movies came out.

      Likewise, I think there was a brief revival of The Munsters as well in the 80s.

      It was in about 2009 I think, but I don't remember.
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    Live Action TV
    There was a Disney channel show that came out in the 2010s but I can't remember the title .it was scary and involves a ghost (of a mother ) who lost her child and the ghost takes another child from the sea .the guy and girl try to find the child and there's this creepy library place and they want to leave but can't .there is one episode when the ghost is haunting the lighthouse Reply
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    I'm looking for a song that may be from the 80s or just had a retro kind of sound. I can't make out the lyrics but the chorus had a repeated phrase that sounded kind of like "hold it on the line" or "holding on tonight" or something like that (I could be way off but it definitely had five syllables). This was followed by a catchy synth line and also vocals like "oh-ohh ohh ohh". The singer was male but it was sung in a falsetto. Before anyone says it, it was definitely NOT "Hold the Line" by Toto. Reply

      A bit of a stretch, but Take Me Home Tonight by Eddie Money?

      Also a stretch, but what about "Your Love" by the Outfield?

      Peter Gabriel San Jacinto?

      It was none of those, sorry. The Peter Gabriel one was way off. The Eddie Money song was closer but it had more of a pop sound than rock (I don't think there was any guitar, just keyboard) and I think it was in a minor key.

      I just realized that the singer's voice sounded a lot like The Weeknd so it may be a song by him. I think it's more likely to be contemporary than really from the 80s.
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    Song from The '80s, male singer, genre maybe rock. All I remember is the chorus consisted mainly of nonsense words and he would say the words in pairs like "eeda eeda, unga unga" though I think the rest of the song was real words. Reply

      It's possible he was saying real words and I just misheard it

      “De Do Do Do De Dah Dah Dah” by The Police?

      It’s from the 70s but, maybe “#9 Dream” by John Lennon?

      Neither one sorry

      Could it be you're remembering the "Ooga Chaka" introduction to "Hooked on a Feeling" by Blue Swede?

      Nope I checked that and it's not it. It has a faster tempo than that song if that helps

      The Witch Doctor maybe? "Oo ee, oo ah ah, ting tang, walla walla bing bang".



      Here is a clip of me singing in case someone recognizes the tune http://tindeck.com/listen/bfrxx


      Even if I got the lyrics completely wrong does the tune sound familiar to anyone

      "Walk the Dinosaur" by Was Not Was? what a stupid song.

      no sorry




      Hooked on a Feeling?


      does the tune in my recording sound familiar to anyone?


      You know, it's not from the eighties, or rock, and it's sung falsetto, but I can't help but think of the mock cell-phone noises from "Dragostea Din Tei."

      no that's definitely not it

      Your clip doesn't really help much but I can't help but think of the intro to 'Rock of Ages' by Def Leppard.

      The more I think about it the more I feel it was NOT nonsense words and I am in fact remembering wrong. does the tune in my clip at least sound familiar to anyone?

      Any chance it's "Pop Muzik" By M? It's got a weird sing-song thing going on that might be what you're describing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPoiv0sZ4s4

      No sorry

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    Live Action TV
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    A children's show with a man with black hair and a mustache, he was an artist and he used to literally paint things around him on white background. I vaguely remember the show but I watched it early weekend mornings between 95' & 03'. I'm not sure if it was a show or a short within a show but I remember it and its buggy me. Reply

      Sounds like The Joy of Painting but it ended in 94

      That's Smart Arty, or Art to Art with Arty Art (same show but different names, I think one was the American version and one was the Canadian or something). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoJ91XZLwe4

      Neil Buchanan playing Smarty Arty on the TV Show Zzzap! - Zzzap! was like a "sketch" show for kids (for lack of a better description) - and it's funny how many people on here have described things they remember that turn out to be from that show. If it is indeed Zzzap!

      Neil Buchanan also did the same gimmick without the Smart Arty persona, see Art Attack.
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    So, it's a story about a flower (a morning glory, I think?) who falls in love with a human guy after he almost steps on her, but the guy really likes flowers so he apologizes. So, she gives up her stem, leaves, petals, etc. for a human body, a family, and a house (I think, it's been forever since I read it). Then she meets the guy and they bond over popsicle stick wishes? I think? I also believe an author's note said it was inspired by the Little Mermaid. I know this has been five sentences of unhelpful but I don't remember much. ^^; Reply
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    I think this was some kind of MMO game I used to play years ago. Like, at least >6-7 years ago. It was a thing that kinda reminded me of Second Life, but I'm pretty sure was different (then again, I've never really played second life, but that's neither here nor there). The main things I remember about it were how there was one point where I think you were on the moon, and you could ride around in a moon buggy. And there was another area that was like a forest, and maybe in that same area you could drive regular cars. Reply
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    I remember watching a television show or maybe movie where there was a couple who was ready to get engaged. The girl was really expecting it and the guy told her it would come at a surprising moment I think. There was a scene where they go to the top of the Empire State Building and she really thinks it's going to happen but it doesn't and she gets really disappointed. So then they get to the bottom and he pops it there! I totally thought it was Jim and Pam from the Office but I just watched it again and it wasn't. Looking to find out what tv show/movie this is from! Reply

      This reminds me of an episode of True Jackson, VP entitled "Max Mannequin. It's a little different from what you described, but the premise is a man tries to propose to a woman, but the woman wants the proposal to be out of the ordinary, so the man goes to the top of a building and sits in midair in front of it on a lawn chair held by balloons.

      Unfortunately I know it's not that because I don't think I have ever seen that show before. Thank you though!
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    I remember watching an anime, at least I'm pretty sure it was an anime, when I was about ten, I don't remember a great deal of it, but bits of the ending have stuck with me for twenty plus years, so bit may have changed. It was about a magical girl who some how ended up in a cabin in the forest, I think she might have been a princess and she may have been in hiding, I'm not quite sure of that. Suddenly it cuts to a villainous dark shadowy figure on horse back riding fast through the forest, the image I have in my head is of his face, he has quite pointed angular features, maybe looks a little like Vampire Hunter D, and there are speed lines behind him. He gets to the cabin and the magical girl comes out sees the dark figure and opens a large ravine in the ground with lava at the bottom, there is a battle and the dark shadowy man ends up falling into the ravine and the last shot I can remember is of a skull sinking into lava. I have scoured the internet looking for any kind of clue, hopefully someone her can shed some light. Reply

      Well, hmm, what year were you ten years old?

      And when you say anime and pointy faces it reminds me of Revolutionary Girl Utena, but that's just a random guess.

      I completely forgot to say, i thin its from the early to mid 80's

      That's not Revolutionary Girl Utena. Unfortunately I don't know what series it actually is.

      Where did you see this anime? Dubbed on TV, dubbed on VHS, subbed online...? (I'm assuming here that you mean the anime itself was from the 80s, and not that that's when you saw it, haha.)
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    Western Animation
    There was a bunch of shorts on Disney Channel from 1998 to 2002 starring the "Zoogs". Does anyone want to add a page. Reply
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    Can't remember too much about this one. The main character was the head of a mafia group. He had black hair, a white shirt, dark pants, and possibly suspenders. I think the mafia base was situated in a bar. At the end of the film, the mafia gets caught and/or sent to jail. At some point they are walking to (or from) a courthouse, and a boy asks the main character for his autograph. Reply


      Any idea how old it was or where it was set - LA, Chicago, or New York for instance?

      Not sure where it was set. The movie could have been from the 80's. It looked a bit too recent for the 70's, though it could have been from maybe the late 70's as well.

      Im leaning towards one of the movies that had Lucky Luciano as a character- but I cant find any script write-ups for any.

      Any of those films that you have in mind?


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    Are there any shows other than Inside Out mentioning this debate on whether pineapple should be put on pizza? I'm adding those examples on Stock Yuck and Hold The Unsolicited Ingredient. Reply
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    Western Animation
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    So I have this vivid memory of (I think) Street Sharks where a brown Hammer head shark has been hooked up to a brain device and having it's it's mind controlled. Help? Reply

      It probably is Street Sharks. Where some guys were morphed into sharks by a scienetist

      I think they're asking for the specific episode.

      There were only 3 seasons - but every reference to a mind controlled scene references the Season 2 episode involving killer whale Moby Lick. Jab was the hammer head shark- but I cant find any episode where he was mind controlled.
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    Live Action TV
    This has been bothering me for years and I'm beginning to lose hope that my memories may have made it up. I only remember the beginning (which happened in every episode), and part of the reason that I want to figure this out is because I'm so curious what happens afterward. It's a series, where the protagonist is a black young boy - probably around 12, though I'm not sure. The show starts out with the boy being faced with two magical roads, each one identified by a light. I think one road was marked by a red light and one road was marked by a blue light, but I can't be sure. He would then take one of the two magical road, and that would lead him to some sort of separate magical universe (I don't remember where after that). If i remember correctly, he was almost always led by the light to take the red road - but every once in a while the blue light would come on and he would take that road instead, and that was a real treat because it didn't happen too often.

    I might be hazy on the details here - but does this ring a bell to anyone? Reply
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    I'm looking for a book that sprung back into my mind a few days ago. I wouldn't be able to tell you when it was published, but I had it last around ten years ago, I think. It was a full-colour illustrated "bestiary" of fantasy creatures - it for certain had dragons and gryphons in it, but plenty others that I don't remember. It was written in first person, possibly from the point of view of an old lady. That last point is fuzzy, so don't rely on it. The only exact phrase I remember from it was on the section about gryphons, the narrator comments that they always "reminded [her] of flying kittens". The gryphons are drawn exactly like that; my memory of the image is of them on a tree - small, fuzzy, big paws and cute faces. Please help me find this! It's been mystifying me since I remembered it. Reply
  • 3 Feb 15th, 2017 at 12:12PM
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    I'm trying to find a point and click adventure game that could be found for free online and played in the browser. It was very comedic, and used a time travel mechanic ŕ la Day of the Tentacle, if I remember correctly. Also, I seem to remember Iron Maiden's mascot, Eddie the Head, being a part of the plot. Reply

      Any of the Lenny Loosejocks games? Dunno if time travel was a game mechanic, but it may have been used in the cutscenes of the second game.

      No, I don't remember the main character being that bizarre-looking. And I'm not as certain about the time travel as I am about Eddie the Head being some part of the game. "Eddie the head adventure game" in Google proved fruitless, though :/

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    Live Action TV
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    It was an educational show that had multiple episodes. Mid to late 80s. Possibly early 90s. I remember one episode where an old man with a beard, a 12ish year old boy, and some other people were on a boat out at sea. The land on the island, and had to learn how to survive. They collected rain water and dew. The boiled water from the sea and streams. They made fire and shelter. I thought the kid was a famous actor, but I'm not sure. Reply

      I believe you're thinking of The Voyage of the Mimi, which had that plotline (I also remember the bit about rainwater collection) and starred a young Ben Affleck. It's from the mid 1980s.