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    Name of a show similar to Warehouse 13 Reply

      Never seen Warehouse 13, but I'be heard Eureka is similar.

      Don't trust the B*** in Apartment 23? The title is pretty close.

      There is The Librarians 2014 and The Lost Room which both involve an Artifact Collection Agency

      I can't tell whether you're asking for a show with a similar premise to Warehouse 13, or just one with a name that's similar, but either way Friday the 13th: The Series might fit?

      Its a show I use to watch, had a main male and female lead, but there was a group of them that fought against supernatural situations. There was a head person of the group that was an older gentlemen, very buffy meets warehouse 13, cannit for the life of me remember the name

      11 Somerset?

      Could be Sanctuary, which I've often heard compared to it.

      I googled 11 summerse and Sanctuary, both not my show

      The X-Files? Fringe?

      Neither of those, my memory seems to think it played around the same time as Relic Hunter, same genre.

      Bonekickers, by any chance?

      I looked that one up, Bonekickers, this isn't the show

      Haven, maybe? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haven_(TV_series)

      One other thing I remembered is that the title of the show was long, like 3 or more words. So far I've reviewed, haven, bonekickers, sanctuary, warehouse13 (which show is similar to), librarians, and all kinds of others, lol, still can't figure it out, garble!!
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    It's basically you see this lady with brown, curly hair and glasses drink a cooler of water and go to bed and she wakes up with a Potty Emergency and is waiting outside the bathroom while the song plays (the one about 'shake, shake, shake, seora') and then she tries to pee outside but someone sees so she gives up. Her name was in the description and I think it was 'Misha' or some other semi-unusual but not too out there name. Reply


      Come on.

      There is a trope called Potty Emergency. You might want to try to search under that, or the other trope, Urine Trouble. Good luck.

      It wasn't under Potty Emergency...

      I still haven't found it.

      Don't know if this will help, but the song you were talking about is called "Jump in the Line"

      Sounds like some Omorashi fetish thing

      It didn't have anything sexual in it, and I don't know who "Omorashi" is.

      Sounds like an Anime character and this definitely wasn't an anime, and also as I said there was nothing sexual in it, just weirdness.

      I think that's a fan speak term, not a character name.

      Please speak regular talk, and explain what "omorashi" means. I think it was just Played for Laughs, not Fanservice, although I'm not an expert on that stuff because I'm asexual, so yeah.
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    i read this manga when i was young but can seem to find it anymore. It was a shoujo manga about a group of schoolgirls who all in the student council of a all- girls school. Due to the trouble they make they was forced by the school principle to become female ninja and go steal something from the all- boys school nearby.

    The main girl have a cat that actually her father but she don't know about that. There a science-loving girl who is nice but kinda clumsy, a tomboy girl and a girl who like money and very good at music. Can anyone tell me the english name of this manga pls? Reply
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    Western Animation
    I've seen it in about 2011-2014, but I don't know much about it. It was a children show, PC-animated cartoon (I don't know the proper term, but it was not live-action nor 2-D) and I think it was running on Mini Max.

    It was about two boys. Their uncles (or grandfathers) were archaeologists and the boys were living with them in a tent (or tents). I think one of the boys was native there and the second came to spend holidays with his uncle. It was probably in Arabia or Egypt. If I remember it well, one of the boys was keen on computers and technic. I think they weren't friends immediately, but they became in the first episodes.

    They met a girl, who was a ghost. Her name could start with I, but I'm not sure. Something was wrong with her, as she was more and more weak with every episode. They had an amulet/a device/something and they traveled in place/time and searched for ancient relics. The uncles didn't know about it.

    The villain in the show was a rich trader, I think he was fat and wore light suits/maybe a hat. He had a niece, who was always chewing bubblegum. She was skilled in martial arts, I don't know which kind. I remember he always yelled at her for the bubblegum. I think she jumped through a window in one episode, and she survived it. The two were going after the boys and the ghost girl, trying to steal the relics they were looking for.

    In one episode, the boys were forced to stay in the tent as a punishment, but they disappeared into another adventure using the amulet/or-what-it-was. *note- if it was an amulet, it was probably star shaped, but I'm really not sure

    In the same episode (probably), the uncles were kidnapped. They were in a catacomb-like place, if they weren't in a tent. I don't know, but they had a lamp there and a chess. They played the chess and then made a chess-playing device, shade of which, using the lamp, looked like the uncles to the guard(s). They escaped somehow.

    I'd really like to know the name of this show, as I can't remember for the whole world what happened to the girl in the climax episodes and it just bugs me that I can't recall the name of the show. Would you please help me?

    ps: I don't know if the show was in English originally, but probably was. I've seen it in Czech, so it was probably widely translated.

    pps: if a show resembles you only if a bit of what I wrote there, it can be the show I'm looking for, even if it has only something in similar. I have memory for such details as I wrote, but not for the whole plots, so if you have a longshot guess, I'd like to read it.

    ppps: thank you:)

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    Live Action TV
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    I remember a show when I was a little kid in the 90's where someone had an incredibly large head and might have been in a hospital or something, but it might also have been a control room I might be remembering wrong, but his head was going to explode or something I think until he calmed down or something like that? He might not have actually been psychic I might be wrong on that. I think a woman was talking to him and his head might have returned to normal after that. Reply

      Your probably thinking of the jimmy neutron episode Sheen's Brain which has a very similar plot to what you describe.

      I think it's most likely "Dexter and Computress Get Mandark!" from Dexter's Laboratory, since it was broadcasted in '98. (starts at :28, also the pitch has been shifted a whole step and a half/3 notes higher than the original)

      This is live action, which makes those two seem unlikely. This is the second "head-explode" we've gotten lately.

      Nonono, it's Live Action. I think the heads were kind of egg shaped at the top or something, I might be remembering some details wrong they might not have been psychic at all but I do remember a man with a large head that extends at the top, it's not like a blown up head it's like the top part of the cranium is larger or something.

      This makes me think of DC Comics' Hector Hammond but no live-action versions existed in the 90s.

      Weird Science?
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    Western Animation
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    There's this old stop-motion film I remember seeing on TV when I was younger, but the only part I remember with any clarity is the ending. It's about this old man and his two grandchildren in a hut in the snowy woods, where he sits by the fire and tells them a story from when he was young, and working with a puppet show. One of the puppets 'dies' during a performance, and then the audience wanders away, leaving him alone with the puppet. Then, during the night, the puppet's ghost appears and scares the bejesus out of him. Then, once that's done, the old man and grandchildren just sit there in dead silence, staring at one another, until the camera pans out of the hut and the film ends. Reply

      This vaguely reminds me of Aardman's 'Stage Fright' (I haven't seen it since I was a kid so my memory is hazy too), however I don't think it is what you are looking for. Worth a shot anyway.

      I've seen Stage Fright too, so no, not the one. But thanks anyway.
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    Live Action TV
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    I saw this once a long long time ago at my daycare and it's way back in my memory. It was a show for kids with a catchy theme song that I can barely remember. It was about two kids and a wiener dog that would solve crimes, and I remember one scene where one of the kids were looking around with a magnifying class near a mirror. I only remember one episode where they were in a circus. I'm pretty sure it was on a VHS tape and the quality wasn't too great, this is the only information I remember about it. Reply
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    It's all about a boy (in high school I think) who becomes completely invisible and intangible to the world around him. I think there's a scene where he tries to knock over some books and they snap back to where the were the second he does it. The only one who can see, hear or touch him is a girl and they end up banging in the shower at some point. Reply
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    First one all I can remember is a lady sitting 'outside' either in chairs or a sofa. She would have people/children visit her and chat about things. I vividly remember the song 'round and round the garden'. I think it mah have been early 1990's-2000's. For all I know it could have been a childhood dream but it's been bugging me for months.

    Second tv show, I remember there was a 'magic' handbag what two miniature people lived in. Same time range.

    If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated as it's bugging me so much! Reply

      I've actually done a lot more digging and found the first one! She featured in teletubbies as 'the funny lady' 😂

      Now I just need help with the magic bag
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    I remember my family rented some DVD from Redbox (this was probably 2010 or so.). I think the protagonist was a young teenage boy from modern Japan, and there was time travel or something of that ilk, but what I do remember is a scene (the climax or very near to it) where a main character is fighting the big bad who has magic of some sort, and the main character retaliates by using their own magic to make the water in a nearby lake go up in hundreds of rivulets, like gravity got flipped in a polka dot pattern on this lake, and this display of power had something to do with an (Eastern) dragon. The movie ends with the protagonist taking a groupie with a flip phone of himself and a few friends, possibly friends from the past/other world, and the boy returned to his own world/time. One of the people in the pic puts up a V sign next to their face. I think there was an Eastern dragon on the top of the cover, and the title was a Japanese word, not something translated into English words. It's not a lot to go on and vague, but does anyone know what the movie was? Reply

      Enough of the details fit that I'm going to suggest Nerawareta Gakuen, but the timeline is wayyyy off and some of the details don't quite match, so kind of a longshot!

      I don't think that's it but thank you very much for taking the time to reply :)

      It sounds sort of like Kyou Kara Maou. The main character is a modern-day teen from Japan who travels to a medieval fantasy-esque world, where he discovers he is their king. His magic ability involves jets of water that take the form of Eastern dragons. I'm not sure if there's actually a film; I'm only familiar with the anime series and a bit of the manga.
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    I remember a few things about the anime ; It aired on the Anime Network on demand service in about 2011-2012, it involved aviation, two of the main locations in the show was an (aviation?) academy, and an old aviation museum. It took place during WWII, I think. Another thing I remember was one scene where a character who was thought to be dead by his two siblings is sitting by his mothers grave, putting down flowers, whilst his siblings plot to kill him for inheritance. Somebody on Yahoo Answers suggested 'Pumpkin Scissors', but I vaguely remember the opening for this show, and it didn't match. Any ideas as to what it could be? Reply

      I hardly ever go on here, so if you know, can you tell me on my email, Torterrafan5676@Hotmail.com?

      i remember seeing it in about 2011.


      Does anything on either of these two lists ring a bell?



      @ragecheer Nothing in particular. I remember the show had an odd name. I think it started with the letter Q or something.

      I hate to keep bumping this up, I really do... But I REALLY wanna find this show.



      Bump. Remembered something else. Part of the intro had a scene in a hangar or something, as well as a man in a test tube. I remember a scene where the planes in the show race.

      Bump. Remembered something else. Part of the intro had a scene in a hangar or something, as well as a man in a test tube. I remember a scene where the planes in the show race.

      Bump. Remembered something else. Part of the intro had a scene in a hangar or something, as well as a man in a test tube. I remember a scene where the planes in the show race.

      Was it one where the characters turned into planes ?

      No, not that I remember.

      Here's a list of all the anime in the "aviation" tag on anime-planet.com. Perusing the list might help?

      Someone suggested that earlier. None of the names sounded familiar.

      I was thinking possibly Strike Witches?
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    I am looking for the name of an old TV show. It was a TV show on Cartoon Network. (or Nickelodeon but I'm pretty sure it was CN) It was about a brother and a sister who were secretly superheroes. (I think) There is one short scene I remember: the sister was sick in bed and called her brother. She said that there was really something wrong because she was never sick. She told him she was drinking a lot of water and tea. (I don't know if it helps but it's something) I thought it had something to do with a monster in the sewers but I'm not sure. And I thought the name started with a G. Something like: The G ... or: G ... Does anyone know the name because I've been looking for it a really long time XD THANK U! Reply
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    I've just remembered a show, but all what I remember is an episode where main heroes (or hero) find themselves in a village. In that village lives a man who already have beaten every swordsman around and took their swords. Main hero also loses to him and loses his sword, which is very important. So he has to borrow a sword from a local blacksmith and win the next duel to bring all the swords back to their owners. Reply

      Nevermind, I've found it. It's Thundercats(2011).
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    Live Action TV
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    I remember being on vacation once and looking at TV stations I wasn't used to, and there was this one episode of some show I watched that I can remember over a decade later. It had to do with the good guys always fighting off bad guys, that kind of a show. The good guys were a small group of men, 3-5 I'd say. And *at least* one of them had a motorcycle, more of a street/sport motorcycle, definitely not a Harley kind. They might have all had it, but I can't be certain. The episode I remember is that one of the good guys was by himself, he was the blue one and had his blue motorcycle, and he came upon/was ambushed by a couple of the bad guys. They froze him to not be able to move (not with ice, but some weird kind of technology/ray gun) and he was stuck. They carried him back to their lair, and after that I don't remember any specifics but of course he was unfrozen and all of that.

    So yea, old live-action children's tv show, there was one of the good guys that had a blue outfit/persona (not Power Rangers) and a motorcycle that in one episode got frozen (not with ice) and he couldn't move. Can't remember the name of the TV show at all. Reply

      I think this one may have been asked before. Could it be The Bots Master?

      EDIT: Nevermind, you said it was live-action. Gosh, why do I keep overlooking that?

      Gitaroo, no, he said it was live action, that's a cartoon.

      So, we're talking some sort of tokusatsu show... you say were on vacation, where?

      Team Knight Rider had two motocycles.

      Happy Days?

      Might be VR Troopers or something else along those lines. If it was, it was probably season 2 when they used footage from Space Sheriff Shaider (that would be the blue guy).
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    Who's the artist who drew the characters for the videogame Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords? Reply
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsqsOf3-b7Q Reply
  • 0 Dec 2nd, 2016 at 10:10PM
    Could you both identify and translate this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R32RWThhjk Reply
  • 10 Oct 17th, 2016 at 11:11AM
    Live Action TV
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    All I remember is a dark-haired lady saying "Oh! I forgot to close the fridge door!" and then something spooky happens (LOL, that's all I remember). Reply

      I think that there was an episode of Freaky revolving around something to do with a fridge, but I'm not 100% sure that it would absolutely match your description.

      Probably a long shot since it's not a TV show but are you thinking of the fridge scene from Ghostbusters?

      No, I don't think so. It's possible but unlikely as I don't think Dana exactly said "I forgot to close the fridge door".

      Yeah. I was implying that over time your memory of that may have been confused with a scene from something else.

      But I distinctly remember those seven words being said, LOL.

      Hm. Sorry, I'm no help then.

      The woman had straight hair and brown eyes. She was wearing dark colours and I think she had a skirt or a dress or something on, and if I remember rightly she was in a house and it had generic furniture.



      I'm guessing that was Wait Until Dark.
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    I remember seeing part of a movie that was set in a country/golf club. Something happened which caused streams of water to shoot from the toilets and launch the toilets themselves through the ceiling. I believe that a major character may have been responsible for this and another (possibly minor) character was using one of the toilets at the time. Reply

      Like the Simpsons episode The Crepes of Wrath?

      This was definitely live-action.

      Did this happen in Caddyshack? It's been awhile since I've seen that movie.

      I don't think so. I don't think the movie was golf-centric or that the main characters even visited the club itself. I could be wrong though because this is the only scene I remember watching and as a kid I found it funny because toilet humour.
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    I just remember that the owners upped and moved and left all their old appliances in the old house. Then they come to life and then they travel who knows how long and I don't remember how it ends. Reply
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    I can't remember this show I watched when I was younger and it had these two girls, they possibly may have been sister, well one was evil the other one was good. And I remember one episode, the evil girl took a test to see how evil she was and the good one did it for fun. Turns out the evil one didn't do too well and the good one got a good grade, so the evil one tried to find out how she did so good so she hanged around her and look trough her stuff. At the end the evil girl finds out the good girl just mad a drawing out of the multiple chose answer sheet. Reply

      It was an animated show

      Do you remember what time period you watched the show or what you watched it on?

      Do you remeber anything about the style of the cartoon"

      I watched it in the early 2000's

      Mmmmmmmmaybe Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi? It's not actually about an evil girl and a good girl, but I can see how a kid might assume that if they didn't really know the set-up of the show. Do you know what network you saw it on, or remember what the girls looked like?
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    Almost thirteen years ago, a boy told me about a game he downloaded from who-knows-where. He said that it was quite old, since it had graphics like Final Fantasy VIII or maybe older: he said that it started <<with the protagonist inside a town crawling with shadow figures, that basicaly one-shot if you came close to them. One of the most cool things that you see is a strange abomination perched high above ground, literally absorbing the light of the Moon (he explained that it was because moonlight, being just a reflection, mocks the Sun rays); some times later this creature transforms into some clawed fiend and you have to defeat it; after this, a Grim Reaper-style character appears and scold the protagonist for his action, stating that killing that thing has set free/broke the seal of something, then he commits suicide with his own scythe>>. Last thing that he told me is that the protagonist go (or maybe is teleported) somewhere else, in the wild, in a spooky place with big serpents. I know that is not much, but I really need your help, not knowing which game is this! Reply
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    Live Action TV
    Lastest Reply: 1st Dec, 2016 07:47:13 AM
    The exact airdate of the program I'm trying to find was December 31st, 1999, at some time between 6:00 pm and 11:50 pm US central time. (Very specific, I know. I remember the date because it was Y2K and I was a little kid who had no idea what Y2K was, just that I was super excited to get to stay up all night long.) My parents thew a party and left the TV on in the living room so we could watch the ball drop in Times Square. Whatever was on TV before we watched the ceremonies was some sort of entertainment-documentary show, likely on MSNBC or ABC or the History Channel. It was a run down of some of the most famous world-ending prophecies, like Nostradamus' predictions and the Mayan sunstone "end of the calendar = end of the world" hogwash. The medieval segment had tons of lurid illustrations from biblical manuscripts of the devil and the end times and probably some slow zooms on Hieronymus Bosch paintings thrown in too. I think it was all narrated by a man's voice, who may or may not have been the presenter of the program. And I believe it ended by talking about how silly the whole Y2K bug was, with the caveat of "we'll have to wait until the clock strikes midnight to see for sure..."

    Any clue what this program might be? Reply
  • 0 Nov 30th, 2016 at 8:08PM

  • 1 Nov 30th, 2016 at 6:06PM
    Live Action TV
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    Hi, in what was probably the late 70s or early 80s I watched what I believe was a few episodes of a British sci fi series (although my memory may be so flawed that it was a movie) and the images I have from is are: - it was post-apocalyptic - all the survivors were living underground in a big complex - all the women wore silver metallic wigs (like the green ones from moonbase on UFO), I think because they were all bald - except for the protagonist who had long dark hair that she had to keep hiding under her silver wig so that no one knew she was different - she came out onto the surface through a manhole and went exploring

    Ring any bells for anyone?

    Thanks in advance. Reply

      A lot of UFO pics came up when I (fruitlessly, I'm afraid) searched for that, because of the silver costumes they wore. The wigs were purple, not green.