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    I remember watching this show when I was younger, it had to have been anywhere from 2000-2005, and it was a show about two children, one male and one female, and I believe they were siblings? They lived in a treehouse on an island by themselves. This was not a cartoon, there were actual people portraying the characters. I'm not 100% sure but I think every episode there would be pirates or different bad guys trying to get to them or capture them and because they had lived on the island so long, or even their entire lives, they knew all the hidden passages and booby traps and were able to get rid of the bad guys and not get caught. I'm pretty sure it's a show because I remember watching it every day, but it may very well have been a movie but I was just too young to remember. Reply
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    A tv show I saw in the 80s or early 90s, looked like a crime/mystery show. There was a woman in a room being questioned by a guy kind of threatening her, he stood behind her and kept saying "You have 5 seconds to tell me", he could have been a cop I'm not sure but the woman was planning her move, she noticed the retractable cord of a hoover nearby and kind of moved to the right so the guy would have to move too- he put his leg into the electrical cord of the hoover and she turned around and hit the retract button so he was swept off his feet, she used the moment to bang something off his head as he fell to the ground and knock him out...next scene the guy is half stripped and tied down tightly to the bed with the whole length of the hoover cord, and he is gagged too. The woman leans down to him and taunts him by saying "5 seconds? I have 5 years" then walks out. That's all the detail I know. The woman seemed in her 40s, the guy a bit younger. Could have been a British dhow.

    Can anyone recognise this tv show or movie please? Reply
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    I need help finding these:

    1. A life-size puppet show, possibly PBS Kids, aired in either 2001 or 2002. The intro of the show is somewhat similar to the Hoobs, although it is not because I checked. The episode of that particular show involves kids sitting in front of blue tarp or sheet (Video is somewhat similar to [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdGL4hbWV4Q]); does include animation, somewhat similar to Sesame Street. The ending shows the same clip of kids in front of blue tarp or sheet (1st half shown), and 2nd half shows credits with audio of clip still playing.

    2. An American TV sitcom (1960s through 1980s); A woman dressed in blue falls in water, probably a fountain. The next scene shows the same woman, still dressed in blue, being questioned by another person.

    If any of these descriptions are wrong, please let me know. I have been trying to find these for a very long time. Please help me. Thanks. Reply

      So far, I have no one replying for mine, and I do not want to bump this at all.

      I have no clue, sorry. Are there are any more things you remember?

      For the first one, I remember watching it in Gadsden, AL. The show was somewhat similar to Sesame Street, it might be "Play with Me Sesame". For the second one, it was from an episode of the sitcom with the same description.

      I just don't know the names of these shows, unless I was just imagining about them. That's all.

      It could be "Play with Me Sesame", I think there was also a Spain version of "Sesame Street."

      Many, many, many countries have their own version of Sesame Street, often just called whatever "Sesame Street" would be translated to in the local language.

      It's American, but is show is similar to Sesame Street, but I don't think it's it. Also, how is it going with the second one? Any ideas yet?

      You may have to give us some more info about the second one.

      The second one is from a retro television program. I think the woman also wore something that looked like a shower cap, which was also blue. Probably still airs on either TV Land or Hallmark. I think that's all that I can remember.

      A woman, in blue, with a cap on her head, lands in water, then is later interviewed. The clip is notable enough to be reshown. Your very vague description makes me think of Lynda Carter's appearance on "Battle of the Network Stars" where she competed in a swimming event. The way her blue swimsuit fit her was quite memorable. If that's not it you are going to need to give us a better description.

      The woman was wearing either a blue dress or miniskirt, and she was interviewed in a different room after the commercial break, so I don't think that is it. I think it was more of a retro sitcom.

      Why was she being interviewed? I think there is a show that cuts between Lynda's appearance on Battle of the Network Stars and a later interview with her about that appearance.

      Why do you think it was a "retro sitcom"? What about what you saw and heard made it seem like that to you?

      That is not it! It was a retro television sitcom that still airs reruns. The woman accidentally fell in a water fountain, making her dress wet, at a party somewhere. She was really wearing a blue dress or miniskirt. I actually believe that she was also wearing a blue bonnet on her head. In the next scene, one man was asking the same woman, dressed in blue, about the incident. It took place in a different room and she was sitting on a stool. That's all I know for now.

      Also, the party was indoors. I checked Lynda Carter's appearance on Battle of the Network Stars and it was not it. I know for a fact it was a retro television sitcom.

      Maybe you should explain to us what you mean by the phrase "retro television sitcom".

      A retro television sitcom, in my definition, is a comedy or drama that has aired between the 1950's and the 1990's.

      The show that I am struggling to find aired in either the 70's or the 80's. I am pretty sure of that.

      I decided to separate into two different topics so each user can figure out much easier.

      Bump. BTW, this is the old version of my long-waited topic.

      Bump. It's been a long time since I last used this. And now, I'm still on a mission to figure out what these two shows are. If anybody here has an idea, please let me know.

      Would the first one maybe be Puzzle Place? I know that aired on PBS and had some Sesame Street qualities to it.

      I know, but it's not it unfortunately.

      Is #1 "Elliott Moose", "Storytime" or "Someday School"?


      Oh my god you're still looking for this.

      I'll try to investigate this further when I can lol

      Thanks Automation. Yeah, I'm still having trouble figuring out what these two shows are.

      I think I also remember about the second show mentioned that the woman who fell in the fountain was elderly (I think). And after the commercial break, the next scene had the same woman (I think she was still wearing the same clothing from the party) and I think she was interrogated by a man in a suit and tie (at least that's what I think). I think it was also on TV Land at some point, so it may or may not be rerunning.

      Yes, KEVP, so many countries have their own version of Sesame Street, but that does not mean it was a terrible suggestion. I have this account, but I vaguely remember posting that, anyway. Can you remember anything else Ipbtheactor?

      To answer your question, I believe that the tarp was held on each side vertically by the two mascot-like puppet characters. Unfortunately, I don't remember the characters' names. I think it also took place in some sort of classroom if I remember correctly. The kids were sitting on the floor dancing (almost like swaying), and then cuts to another puppet in front of the action. So there would be the intro, a live-action segment, an animation segment containing a certain number of objects, then the song performed by the kids and puppets, then the same animation segment with the same number, then another live action segment, and it ends off with the same song performed earlier. And in about the last quarter of the song (the shot when the puppets does its little dance in front of the action), the footage fades to black and then the credits roll. And I think that's all I can remember.


      I did a quick bit of digging on the PBS kids channels as I remember you mentioned Sprout last time. I found this intro, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ELdEwV1wSE which leads me to believe that you might be misremembering?

      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sprout_Sharing_Show Wikipedia says it aired in 2008 which is well out of your timeframe though :/

      Ooh what about this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07sNn9avpNw

      Has an animated intro and a fake blue window you could've mistaken for a tarp

      If it wasn't either of those then you might like to have a browse of this list if you haven't already: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_programs_broadcast_by_PBS#PBS_Kids

      Now that I think about it, I don't think it may have appeared on Sprout because that show was around before Sprout existed. And I do remember seeing two mascot-like puppets holding a blue sheet though.

      I know that PBS airs a decent amount of British programming so it could very well be something that I am familiar with.

      What other channels could it have been on?

      Not that I can recall, unfortunately.


      oops, I already suggested Someday School. Sorry for the double post.

      1. 1 kind of sounds like the old Muppets tv show to me. I never watched it so I might be wrong
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    I've got this memory of an old, I think American TV show, in the intro a man jumps into a spinning black and white spiral then spins with it and maybe goes back in time or something, my brain hurts please help Reply
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    I think it was a british show from the 90s.

    Some guy (a prisoner I think) has something done to him and he turns invisible when he gets wet.

    He also has an invisible motorbike at one point as well I think Reply

      Betting The Vanishing Man
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    Help please. Have tried searching in vain for the name of an old cartoon. The story centres around this woman who has magical powers. She lives with her father. Her wand has a star at the tip and his is shaped like a wooden spoon. Both of them are ‘password protected’ in that you have to move the star or spoon bowl around in a certain combination in order to be able to cast any spells. The cartoon is about an evil wizard trying to steal both wands and their unlock codes in order to use them in a scheme. I also remember a scene where the daughter is in a shop and they sell these coloured balls which I think are supposed to be enchantments. She runs into a man and has a meet ute where they knock all these balls down and try to sort them out. Please help, can’t find anything throughout the google. Reply

      Any idea where and when you watched it?
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    So yeah, I'm trying to remember the name of this horror game for the PS 1 that came out probably between 1997 and 1999. The most I remember about it was that it was on a demo disc and it was something like a gothic style setting where you're a character who's able to transform into this demon-like creature. The word Primal keeps coming to mind but nothing on Google is helping me. Reply

      Paranoiascape or Hellnight?

      It's definitely not Paranoia Scape and I don't think it's Hell Night. The game felt like a mix between Tomb Raider and Medievil with the protagonist being female. I think her being able to turn into a demon had to do with a mix of rage and some kind of genetic mutation deal. If I remember correctly, the demo had you in a kind of dark wooded area next to a mansion maybe.

      Is it this?

      At this point, I'm not sure, it might be but I do remember the demo being on the PS 1 so unless they changed a few things and put it on the PS2, I don't think it is but it does seem to fit everything I described.
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    There was something happening where everyone was acting high or something, including a kid who had some very important control that was essential for getting everything back to normal. This is a paraphrase of their exchange:
    Man: [Child's Name], you are not in your right mind.
    Kid: Is that why I feel all hot...and weird?
    Man: (Getting hopeful) Yes! That's it!
    Kid: (Big, goofy grin) So I'm drunk!
    Man sighs/facepalms/something of that equivalent

      was it a book? A tv show? movie? what media?

      I think it was a TV Show

      Was it educational or was it a special episode of a show? Was it live action or animated?

      Could you be thinking of Star Trek: The Next Generation, particularly "The Naked Now"? The child in question would be Wesley Crusher.
      Picard: Wes. Are you aware that you're acting strangely, that a kind of infection was brought over from the Tsiolkovsky which acts like intoxication?
      Wesley: Are you saying that's why I feel so hot? So strange?
      Picard: That's a very adult bit of reasoning, Wes.
      Wesley: So you mean I'm drunk!
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    going down the stairs Reply
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    This is a show that I believe aired on Nickelodeon in the early 2010s for one season. It was something of an Indiana Jones style semi-"history" based show, where the main character had all kinds of adventurey skills because they had been raised all over the globe doing crazy things. The main character was going to high school in a normal area, living with maybe a cousin (definitely not his parents), and on the side finding cool things, going on adventures (and maybe sometimes solving crimes) I believe it may have been set in North Carolina, because I remember one episode was definitely set in Roanoke, where they were doing some sort of archaeological dig. Any help? Reply
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    Live Action TV
    I saw a movie on TV, live action in U.S., of where two girls, I think they had blonde hair, were affected by daylight each time they were exposed. I think they did not eat, which was why they were affected, I saw it in the early 90s, so I might not have all the details correct. They had a father, mother, and older brother, I remember a part where the two girls were in back of a van, and this jerk opened up the back of the family's van, intimidating them, which made the girls upset. The parents were outraged and the brother kept on telling him to back off and kept on trying to shield the sunlight. I think there was a sequel, in which they were also affected by the darkness, but I could be hazy on the details, there was a hotel scene. I thought it was an actual story, but I think I am wrong. Please help, thank you. Reply
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    Hey so there is this Show/TV series i watched as a kid when i was younger, but i don't remember the name or much about it. what i do remember is a part of the beginning of the first episode. I watched on a cable network around 2008-2011. anyways the part i remember is that there were three kids and they were in a park one of them fired off a model rocket. They were standing talking about how cool it was and the they heard cop sirens. suddenly a ship popped out of a wormhole like thing and crashed basically right in front of them the kids then got on the spaceship with a girl and they went time traveling. at on point in a later episode they came back and realized they came back right to when they left and decided to keep going with the girl time traveling. Sorry i don't know much but i would like to figure out what this show was. its been bugging me for years. Reply
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    Western Animation
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    So i just remembered this one cartoon i used to watch a lot on VHS when i was 4. The remember it being in Cgi with this cast of animal characters(i think one of them was a horse?).

    I vaguely remember one of the episodes involving a character’s birthday Towards the end, there were elephants who sang “We love cake”

    If i had to guess, it would probably be from between 1995-2002

    I don’t really know anything else about this show as it wasn’t on any cable networks i knew of Reply
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    Okay here is what I remember I saw this early 2000's, it was a 2d animated foreign film [Either French, Japanese or something else] and it had a vibrant colour palette [with a watercolour-esq style?].

    Fantasy with futuristic technology A young boy with blonde hair and pale skin is the last of his kind of a people who could fly He meets a girl with dark hair and she helps him He is hunted down by an evil military guy who is a leader/general of sorts in a giant red skyship In the end, the boy is naked and flies up embracing the girl while he is being targeted by stationed military He is shot down and struggles to bring the girl back down safely The boy dies I THINK his spirit does something to the ship to ruin it and then he passes on while being welcomed by the spirits of his kind.

    This is a special, nostalgic film to my childhood as it is one of the first things that moved me. If you know anything please share! Thank you so much for your time. Reply
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    I saw this when I was very young, hence why my memory is blotchy and it may not be a film, could be a short or a TV episode.

    A boys/childs aggressive dad ( or another male figure) chases them into their bedroom, where the kid slams and locks the door on the man's face. The kid hides in their bed, while the man starts pummeling on the door with his fists, shouting and cursing. After a few seconds, the walls of the room start to shake. The room starts to shunt and after a minute, it literally is pushed out of the apartment block where it falls and lands on the street a few floors below. The kid is fine. He gets out of the bed, looks up at the hole where it used to be and then runs away. There are some other people around on the street but they don't interact with the boy, other than looking in confusion at the scene.

    This was colour, live action. And likely American ( due to the appartment block but it could be a foreign film with similar architecture). This would have been mid 1990s at the latest I'd think as I was very young when I saw it. I remember being scared of the scene as it was very tense.

    EDIT; Edited the title, as from some additional info from a friend, I think this is an episode of a anthology TV series Reply

      Bump :)

      Bump! With additional info that might help :). Spoke to a friend about this ( who is more knowledgeable on weird films). Says he recognized it and believes it's from an anthology series ( Like Spielberg's "Amazing Stories" show) , but doesn't know the name.

      He added that it is the dad who chases the kid. The dad also has an injured arm.

      I don't know if I can edit the medium of the original post but it seems we're looking for a TV show now
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    There was an animation in Murican TV that featured a ditzy blue haired glasses girl that ran in early 2000s, anyone know what it is? Reply

      Do you remember anything else about this show? Like, for example, can you remember any specific scenes from the show featuring the character you're describing?

      I remember some ditzy purple haired glasses girl from that time period (Gluko from Mon Colle Knights) bit not blue haired ones.

      There was a blue haired girl with glasses in Trollz...

      And one in The Law of Ueki... but Gluko from Mon Colle Knights is probably the only ditzy one.

      If there is work page for it the work has probably been referenced on You Gotta Have Blue Hair.
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    I remember watching an animated movie or tv series about future or weird animals. It might have been on animal planet or the Discovery channel, but it featured living boat animals amongst others. Anyone know what it's name was? Reply
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    I vaguely remember playing an MMORPG on the Cartoon Network website sometime from around 2008 to 2010. I know for a fact it's not FusionFall, because this game had a different interface and, to my knowledge, none of the characters were from any CN property at the time. This game had a top-down view, and you started out by customizing your human player character. I only played as a guest and never saved my progress, so I don't think I got far enough in the game to really get into the plot (if there was one). I do recall walking around an alien spaceship and some woods (the trees were blue in color, so it might've been a haunted/Halloween-themed area). There was a menu with various faces expressing different emotions you could send out for everyone to see, and there might have been a menu were you could select poses for your character to reenact (this might be a memory from a different game though). I don't think I've seen this game mentioned anywhere listing Cartoon Network's games, so it's entirely possible it was a third-party game they decided to host/promote. I wanna say it was around for only about a year or less, so I don't think it was very popular/successful either. Reply

      Fusionfall Heroes?

      It wasn't FusionFall Heroes either; that came later, and none of the characters in this game were from any CN show.


      bump x2

      bump x3

      Hero : 108 Online?

      That's not it either, I'm afraid.

      I finally found it! Turns out it was called Mini Match. From what I've gathered, it probably shut down because it couldn't keep up with FusionFall.
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    Western Animation
    I remember watching this cartoon one time, I can't remember when or what channel. It had this one episode where a girl was with two or three differently aged versions of herself. I'm certain one was a baby, and I vaguely remember one being a young girl and another being a teenager. Whatever it was, I think the main one was in the middle age wise. The other versions came to be from some sort of time machine or a time travelling spell, I just remember something about time travel. Also, if anyone does know the show, if they could post some sort of link to the actual episode, it would be much appreciated. Reply
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    I remember playing a game on miniclip with the premise of "You are what you eat". It had a Fez style of pixel art (The main character was very similar). Eating different foods gave you different powers (The only one I can remember is eating broccoli would allow you to fart as a double jump). Reply
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    I remember seeing a sort of gameshow as a kid. I remember some odd spots, first off, I remember most of a very short theme"

    "All the smarts in the universe got sucked up in a drain, then wound up in his head, now he's called Big Brain" (and yes, I tried searching up the theme, I didnt get it

    It featured an oddly colored head in space, giving off a gameshow to the audicnce, he'd ask a few multiple choice quesitons talking through them. And by the end, he'd give off a sliding tile type puzzle.

    Anyone got any ideas? Reply
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    I saw part of a series of books at a yard sale. Each book was just named after on of the sins. They had simplistic covers that depicted the sin. I believe they were all by different authors. They each talked (I believe) about the sin and examples. They were not christian books, just show how the sin manifests today (I think). They were not YA novels, but that's all I get when I google for them. Reply
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    There are super (maybe advanced, maybe aliens?) humans and the regular humans. For some reason, a huge group of people (like thousands) time travel back to modern times, but they land in water because in their time they're on land but the past (modern time) is in water. Loads of them die leaving only like 40ish left to survive. I know its on hulu, and I think the title is something like "the o_______" And everything I mentioned happened in the first 2 episodes. Reply
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    Live Action TV
    I am on a hunt for an older show from somewhere around the fifties or so. It was in black and white and often reran in the 70’s on Saturdays and Sundays. The show might have featured a man living in a closet or wall of a child’s room. It ended with the family moving away and this man throwing a knife and it sticking to the top of the family’s car. A friend of mine has been searching for the show for many years and has recently brought it up to me. Anything helps! Reply