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    Does anybody remember the the show that revolves around a small imp/pixie with a sidekick or two? Her wish is to become a beautiful princess one day. She goes around the fairytales / fables trying to help them or do good deeds. At the end of every fairytale / fable she is rewarded by getting heart cards for each good deed she did. She has to earn 100 heart cards so that her wish will be granted. I do not know what animation house made it. It's definitely not ANIME. It was shown in my country, Philippines, about early 1980's. 2D animation. The imp/pixie was small and pink with a pig nose and bat wings and a crocodile tail with hooves and hands. She could change her shape at will but there was a catch with her power which I can't remember. Again she may have had only one sidekick but there might have been a second sidekick. Can anyone tell me the name of this cartoon series? Thanks! Reply
  • 4 Jun 19th, 2016 at 5:05PM
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    I remember hearing a song that was Pokémon-related, but only remember part of the chorus: "Oh, come on, try to catch me. Oh, catch me if you can." If it helps any, it played during the "Pikachu's Vacation" short at the beginning of Pokémon: The First Movie, during the scene where Squirtle is racing Marill. Reply
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    I've been trying to remember a game, PS2 or Gamecube-level graphics, that I saw gameplay of on YouTube years ago. For the life of me, I can't remember the title, butI remember you played as a human in a run down, sort-of haunted hotel out in a dark forest. The hotel is populated with anthropomorphic animals and is managed by a bespectacled, old rat. Other things I remember:
    • You meet a cat with purple fur, a red and black-striped shirt and stitches in his face.
    • The first night, the main character has a dream where a Grim Reaper offers to help him leave the hotel in exchange for collecting a number of a kind of object
    • The game eventually starts running on an internal clock and the other characters have certain routines set to that clock
    • The first "boss" of the game was dressed as a nurse and carried a huge syringe

      From a little googling, this sounds like it could be Gregory Horror Show.
  • 2 Jun 23rd, 2016 at 6:06PM
    Live Action TV
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    Someone posted on this on the amazingly embarrassing parents trope page, and it looks interesting to me. Unfortunately, I have not watched much British TV or film to know this, but I noticed (and I saw this when I happened to edit the page, because I was temporary going to provide an example, but forgot what it was) that it was posted in 2008):

    "Many years ago there was a one-off British TV play, not played for laughs, about a boy who is so embarrassed by his mother's erratic hyperactive behavior that eventually he can't even bring himself to tell people she's his mother and calls her "a sort of aunt"."

    I asked this on the IMDB and one person responded with "Travels with my aunt", but they were not entirely sure. Does this seem familiar to anyone? Please help, thanks. Reply

      I'm confident that it isn't "Travels With My Aunt" — the main characters in that are an adult man and his actual aunt, who he reconnects with after they both attend his mother's funeral.

      I don't know what it really is, though.

      Thank you for replying, but that is very disappointing to hear. Does anyone have any ideas at all?!
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    Movie from the 1980's where a plane crashes in a cornfield. Amongst the survivors is one boy, who knows his parents are dead.The focus of the movie is about the rescuers, but it is not a documentary. Reply
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    I'm trying to remember a story from my English textbook in... Middle school/junior high, I think? I remember that there was a black cat and a white cat, I think the black cat was nice and the white cat was mean, and one of them (I think the white) was named Angel, I think. That's about it, though... Reply
  • 0 Jun 25th, 2016 at 10:10AM
    So quite a while ago there was this one tv show with a name similar to Mythbusters but the difference was that it was made with an adult male and a girl and boy in their teens and they went to various locations answering myths from the viewers but also tested out urban legends and myths often to do with horror subjects like at certain times you can see a ghost or something happens at a certain type of day out of the ordinary. I cannot remember the name or channel of this but used to really enjoy it can anybody help me with this Reply
  • 3 Jun 6th, 2016 at 6:06PM
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    A while ago, maybe about a year, I saw an utterly ridiculous film on Netflix. It's since been removed, and I can't remember its name. It opens up with a man being given the chair for a long series of murders and rapes. Right before he fries he speaks in a low voice about how he'd raped "your" children and committed other acts of violence, and how he'd come back I believe. Jump forward some time (I don't remember how long), and a bunch of kids are alone in a high school when things start to get weird. After a lot of standard horror chases, we wind up seeing a "monster" that looks just about as real as a Power Rangers monster (at least in my humble opinion). As I said I found this to be utterly ridiculous and hilarious to watch, if only I could remember what it was. I think it might have had "angel" in the name, but I'm not sure; I was kind of binging on dumb horror flicks at the time. Reply



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    Specifically the one that plays on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6S2Tj-3nmw

    I don't want to ask on Youtube because all I'll get is Darude: Sandstorm and other memes as answers. Reply

      According to the Spongebob Wiki, it's Happy-Go-Lively: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=H7At4X6qq8M

      Thank you!

      Lots of familiar background music used in cartoons can be found on the Standard Snippet page. It's a must-visit page for anyone looking for the name of a song they hear over and over again in cartoons going back decades! :)
  • 2 Jun 18th, 2016 at 7:07AM
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    Movie, probably from the 1980's. A boy who becomes 18, his parents, he knows he is adopted, he gets an expensive watch, he starts travelling through America, he finds a family where he eats with them and there's a strange feeling that they know each other. There are flashbacks, the boy as kidnapped when he was two years old. I don't know the ending. Reply
  • 4 Jun 23rd, 2016 at 8:08PM
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    I want to find manga/anime/comic/film... with plot like this: AFTER the heroine KILL the Big Bad, she found out she is pregnant with his child and decide to raise him/her to a better person than his/her father. More describe emotion, better example. Reply

      Please clarify: Are you looking for a specific work and this is what you remember about it? Or are you asking for any work that fits this description?

      I need material to write fanfic, so any show with that plot is fine.

      I... don't know that there's a ton of non-porn stories where a main character gets impregnated by a main villain. You could check out the trope pages for Child by Rape, mmmaybe What If The Baby Is Like Me, and Raise Him Right This Time, or just check out stuff on the Pregnancy Tropes page in general to get ideas?

      Fullmetal Alchemist (the manga, and the Brotherhood anime) has an example of Raise Him Right This Time at the very end, and Orphan Black S2 has a character inseminated (literally, with medical equipment) by a villain, but while the character does want to raise the child, she doesn't even spare a moment of thought about the father or his DNA's impact on the child. But if you're just wanting to write fanfic anyway, you could just check out the Rape As Drama page and pretend a conception happened where one actually didn't in canon. (Or just write an AU in general for a series that didn't have even that much to set it up? Or just write an original short story about the concept! Not sure why you need a canon set-up for this.)

      @livewithstyle : thank you, but i already check and there are no example that i need (What If The Baby Is Like Me is half the bad guy is the alive parent and other half about the parent not bad, just non-human. Raise Him Right This Time is mainly about age regression, not a new baby...). My intent is write a fanfic about a yin-yang child raised by a mother both love and hate him (like Harry Potter with a less-abusive Pentunia as his birth mother. She does want to raise the child, but also does thought about the father or his DNA's impact on the child)
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    I have a recollection of these children's books. They looked somewhat like the Mr Men books, being the same size and shape, but they all had these monster things in them. There was this one which was long and (I think) orange, and which ate golf balls, and a purple one which ate a house in the story. Those two are the only ones which I remember. I would have read them in the early 2000s but I assume they were from further back than that time. I read them in England as well, and they were in English. Reply

      Bump after a whole bunch of months

      To anyone who may read this, I found the media in question. It was 'A.Mazing Monsters'.
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    I'm looking for two animes. 1) I only know the basic story for this. A guy has a childhood friend, who's a girl, who comes back into town and stays at his place.

    2) I only know a couple of details for this. There's this guy with a sword, a girl, a bunch of animal people, and giant blue whale monsters.

    Anyone know what these are? Tell me if you do. Reply
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    For some reason, the title of this Creature Feature album eludes me. It was one with a well or some other brick structure on it and I think had a decayed tree visible near it. I didn't recognize it as artwork from the other albums, so help would be appreciated. Reply

      According to their website, that's the cover/slipart/something-or-other for the deluxe version of their American Gothic album.

      Ah, thank you! Maybe I was just too used to the one for American Gothic with the house on it...
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    I watched a terrifying clippet of a film as a kid, and am trying to find it for closure.

    There was a young woman with brown hair and a white jacket. (My child mind identified her as Lindsey Lohan, but that may not be right) She went into a garage looking for somebody. She slipped on blood and found the person she was looking for suspended above her. A zombie stands up and uses a garage door closer to close the door behind her. She is stuck with him in there. I believe the scene switches, and when it returns she is cowering in a corner while the zombie is holding a fire extinguisher or flame thrower. She shouts, "No, NO!" and screams as he sprays her with it. The cinematography reminded me of a movie, but it may have been a tv show in the same style of CSI.


      Not an exact match but is it this scene from Scream (1996)?

      No, but I think I can use it to provide a clearer example.

      The girl had brown hair and a white jacket and entered through the large door, not the small one. There wasn't a cat, and there was a car or table in the way middle of them. The killer wasn't Ghostface, but it was a humanoid figure with rotting grey flesh. I was too scared to look at his face, so I don't remember the features there, but he either didn't change his face shape or kept the same look throughout. It was also a lot darker than this, in terms of lighting.

      Thank you very much for the attempt, though! It should help to paint a better image.
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    The other day in Hollister one of the songs playing was really good, but I can't find it like anywhere. I believe some of the lyrics are "getting close to Indio" and "go to California", breaking the word California into its staccato syllables. There were A LOT of oh oh-oh's. Help? Reply


      a long shot, but maybe California Gurls by Katy Perry?

      it wasn't that, but thanks :')

      Another long shot, but "Miss California" by Jack's Mannequin?

      no, but that is a seriously good song, so lots of thanks for the rec, bro

      The OC theme song sang about California.

      I would go in and ask myself. Stores here usually have their own set playlist so it'll either be on their system or staff will have probably heard it enough to know it.

      Yeah I've got a lot of the playlist (what they could give) but it's really really long, and all the songs have super similar and rather non-indicative names. Indie, I guess.

      Probably not, but was it "Get Free" by The Vines?

      no, but thanks :)

      Maybe Matt May's Indio

      still no, but I now love that guy
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    This was a song that some people I occasionally hung out with in the early/mid 1980s would play on their boom boxes. They said it was by Violent Femmes; I very specifically recall that I was told that the band used a Mariachi bass (aka guitarrón mexicano). The thing is, I've just finished listening to every song that Wikipedia lists as being on their first two albums - plus the singles "Ugly" and "Gimmie the Car" - and none of them struck a chord with me, so to speak. The only thing I really remember is that the song has an Epic Riff, though I don't remember what the Riff sounded like, merely that it had one. The song "Blister in the Sun," their only song listed on this wiki as having an Epic Riff, doesn't sound familiar to me. I went off to school in 1985 and stopped hanging around with them, so it must have been released before that year.

    Three options I see:
    1. It was a single that they recorded, and it's not listed on their Wikipedia page.
    2. It was a song incorrectly credited to Violent Femmes, in which case I'll probably never find it.
    3. It was indeed one of those songs from one of their first two albums, but The Fog of Ages has rendered it unfamiliar.

      do you remember any lyrics
  • 11 Jun 5th, 2016 at 3:03PM
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    i have seen a superman story were clark and lois lane goes to a party, anbd while they are there clark thinks it would have been nice to do more normal things while he do hero work, and next day when he arrives at locations he are needed, he are already there and doing the work..... can someone tell me were (what supermanshow) i have seen this, i know there are 2 supermens in superman 3, but there they are differnt Reply

      Is this a comic book or a cartoon?

      its a live action

      "Vatman", the Lois and Clark Bizarro episode?

      vatman are wrong, like i wrote clark wish too be two places at same time on a party, there are a strange lady on that party and after the party it happens



      Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman?

      are there any episode you know thats have something like i told since you just say lois and clark new adventures of superman, its many episodes there



      bump, i have given all the info i have, so why are there not anyone that know what i try too find
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    Live Action TV
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    I'm trying to find a TV show that featured puzzles throughout, hosted by some guy who looked like a magician, and with a floating purple orb that talked cryptically. Reply

      I don't remember the floating purple orb.

      Is it a game show?
  • 2 Jun 23rd, 2016 at 11:11AM
    Western Animation
    Lastest Reply: 23rd Jun, 2016 11:46:38 PM
    A long time ago, I remember watching a show of some sort about a teddy bear. the only part I remember from it is once scene: The teddy bear was running from his house, he might have been looking for someone/something. It was night time and there was a blizzard/snowstorm. He ran into the woods near the house and it became very difficult for him to walk. He became very cold and there was a lot of snow. He was very cold and shivering. I think he tripped over a twig or rock and fell down on his stomach. He had gotten a big cut on his stomach area and his stuffing was coming out. He was crying and screaming I think,and he might have had a British accent, not sure. And there was very sad music in the background. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks so much <3 Reply
  • 0 Jun 23rd, 2016 at 9:09PM
    Live Action TV
    Canadian comedy show in 70s or 80s, which always ended with a woman in a rocking chair talking about a man Tall and erect, erect and tall.then she fell off her chair. Reply
  • 5 Jun 8th, 2016 at 11:11PM
    Lastest Reply: 23rd Jun, 2016 08:43:15 PM
    I need find two show: 1. A man is accused for murdering his wife. But when he went to prison, after sleep he awake in yesterday and continue like that ( like travel-back-one-day-in-time variant of "Groundhog Day" Loop). After he prevent his wife murder, time flow normallly. 2. A woman steal and transport a frozen fetus by unfreeze it and implant it to her own womb. Reply

      I am not sure my memory is exactly, so you can list every show you think similar.

      Number 1 sounds like "Redrum", Season 8 Episode 6 of The X-Files.

      Thanks. #1 was right. Anybody have idea about #2 ?


  • 1 Jun 23rd, 2016 at 5:05PM
    Lastest Reply: 23rd Jun, 2016 08:36:38 PM
    I remember having to read something for school. I actually remember a lot about it, except for the title. I'm fairly certain the protagonist was female, but I could be wrong. I'll just refer to her as female. So, our mouse protagonist meets a frog named Magic Frog, who tells her that she can assist her in finding a fabled land called the Far-Off Land. She then names the protagonist Jumping Mouse. On her travels, Jumping Mouse meets a bison who went blind from drinking poisoned water. Jumping Mouse names this bison Eyes-of-a-Mouse, which causes her to go blind and giving the bison his vision back. To repay her, Eyes-of-a-Mouse takes her as close to the Far-Off Land as he can go. Travelling further brings Jumping Mouse to a wolf who lost his sense of smell due to his pride. She names him Nose-of-a-Mouse, and sacrifices her sense of smell for him. Nose-of-a-Mouse takes Jumping Mouse as close as he can get to the Far-Off Land. Eventually, Jumping Mouse makes it, and Magic Frog appears to her again. The story ends with this quote:
    Magic Frog: I shall give you a new name. Your name shall be Eagle, and you shall live in the Far-Off Land forever.

      That's a Native American legend, so there are a bunch of versions of that story floating around. The one you're probably thinking of is a book called "The Story of Jumping Mouse" by John Steptoe.
  • 12 Jun 12th, 2016 at 12:12PM
    Lastest Reply: 23rd Jun, 2016 06:26:12 PM
    Well, I guess I'll abandon my last two queries and focus on this one. There's this iOS-only (iPod/iPhone/iPad) app I downloaded years ago (and still have it) called "8Bit Drum," which is made by a company called Elefante Geografico. The app has these sample riffs you can play along to that are recreations of real songs. I'm trying to figure out what all of them are. Here's a recording I made of the remaining riffs (EDIT: Riffs 1, 6, 8, 13, and 16 have been found): https://clyp.it/drzqc1cs. <—-Be sure to check out the description for time stamps. Here are the ones I already know/haven't found yet:

    • 1. "Stage Theme 01" from Spelunker
    • 2. "Pollyanna" from Mother/Earthbound
    • 3. Theme from Balloon Fight
    • 4. Theme from Super Mario Bros.
    • 5. "World Map 1" from Super Mario Bros. 3
    • 6. "Goonies 'R' Good Enough" from The Goonies II (NES Game)
    • 7. "Green Hill Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog
    • 8. "Magical Sound Shower" from OutRun
    • 9. Theme from Space Harrier
    • 10. Theme from Knight Rider
    • 11. "Derezzed" by Daft Punk
    • 12. "One More Time" by Daft Punk
    • 13. "Born Slippy" by Underworld
    • 14. "Children" by Robert Miles
    • 15. "The Hustle" by Van Mc Coy
    • 16. "Samba de Janeiro" by Bellini
    • 17. ??? (Oh boy, one left!)
    • 18. "Home Computer" by Kraftwerk
    • 19. "Funkytown" by Lipps, Inc.
    • 20. "La Femme Chinoise" by Yellow Magic Orchestra
    • 21. "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith
    • 22. "Dani California" by Red Hot Chili Peppers
    • 23. "Heart of the Sunrise" by Yes
    • 24. "Six Days War" by Colonel Bagshot/"Six Days" by DJ Shadow

    That last riff, oddly enough, has the vocals ripped from the original song. The instrumental part, however, may be from something entirely different, so let me know if this is some sort of remix.

    P.S. The first nine riffs appear to be from video games, if that helps any. Reply




      I doubt you'll get someone to download an iPhone app (assuming they have an iPhone) just to check the song. You'd be better off recording the sound output by the app and putting it on youtube...

      I now have the tracks posted on Clyp! See above for the link.

      #16 is something I clearly know, but not by name :-(

      Riff 1 is Stage Theme 1 from Spelunker for NES.

      Riff 6 is Goonies R Good Enough from Goodies 2 for NES, which itself is an 8-bit cover of the Cyndi Lauper song of the same name.

      I don't recognize Riff 8, but it sounds kind of like something that might be in one of the Star Tropics games? I have no idea if it actually is though.

      I don't recognize the other unknown ones, but I agree that Riff 16 sounds awesome.

      Thanks, Beefcube! Those are definitely 1 and 6! Not sure if 8 is from StarTropics, but it sounds really familiar at the beginning. I'll keep looking.

      16 sounds like it could be another Yellow Magic Orchestra song. I'm not familiar with the group, so I'm not too sure.

      13 - I've heard this on the radio a lot, so I don't think it's obscure. It's probably by a British band (or at least I remember the vocalist having a British accent), and the word "boy" is definitely used (which isn't very helpful as a keyword for search engines). Can't remember the name, but I'll get back to you if I find it. Definitely one of those early-to-mid 90s electronic tracks.

      Edit: Underworld - Born Slippy

      16 - Bellini - Samba De Janeiro (they used to play this on MTV or something when I was a kid)

      17 - no idea

      24 is probably a dubstep remix.

      Yesh! That's definitely 13 and 16! Thank you! 24, actually, sounds more like a hardstyle/hardcore song to me. If that specific mix actually exists, please let me know.

      EDIT: Just looked through all of the songs from StarTropics I and II (phew, that was a lot of songs!), and I can conclude that Riff 8 is not from StarTropics. Good suggestion, though, Beef.

      8 is Magical Sound Shower, from OutRun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzsqx5uXmpA

      Thanks! That just leaves Riff 17. Riff 24 isn't that much of a priority to me; I already know it's "Six Days War," but I'm wondering if it's a certain remix or something.
  • 7 May 19th, 2016 at 7:07PM
    Lastest Reply: 23rd Jun, 2016 04:04:04 PM
    I read it when I was a kid and it's always bugged me. It has dragons who breath gas and strike something like a flint on their tongue/back of mouth or throat to make a spark and that's how they breath / make fire. Reply

      The Flight of Dragons? (the book that The Flight of Dragons is based on)

      They eat limestone to produce hydrogen gas for their fire breathing. I vaguely remeber a live-action TV show about some children finding a dragon in modren times that could be an adaption that had a similar explanation for fire breathing.

      The "How To Train Your Dragon" animated movie series has a dragon species like this and they were adapted from a book series, so maybe that?

      was it a story or more like a mocumentary (for lack of a better word) book about dragons

      Dragonology or The Dragonology Handbook?

      I second Dragonology. I remember reading a section just like that.

      Mentioned as the mechanism by which dragons produce fire in one of the Knightmare novella/game books (the first I think).

      Flight of Dragons suggests a flint, and then rejects it in favour of chemical ignition, IIRC.

      The dragons in the GrailQuest choose-your-own-adventure books have crystal and metal on their front teeth to ignite the methane generated by eating chestnut leaves.

      It looks like variants of this idea are quite common, I'm afraid...