• 2 May 15th, 2017 at 6:06AM
    Lastest Reply: 26th May, 2017 06:58:50 AM
    This was a novel around the early '80s, I heard it during story time in primary school. There's this city full of magicians and this new arrival does magic tricks. The other magicians can't figure out how he does the tricks, and he doesn't understand what there is to figure out since unlike the others he is doing real magic. I think it was a Christian novel because I was at a Christian private school and I think the point of the story was to believe in miracles, not deceitful trickery. Reply

      Could it be The Man who was Magic, by Paul Gallico?

      Sorry to be late. I forgot to check back. That sounds very much like what I was looking for. Thank you.
  • 1 May 25th, 2017 at 7:07PM
    Lastest Reply: 26th May, 2017 06:14:10 AM
    its a movie about a bunch of guys and chicks (punks?) living in a single abandoned house like a commune, they get in trouble with cops, have parties, and the thing i remember the most is the statement which ends the movie in italian, the translation is something like "the pisa tower is not leaning, whats leaning is the world" i saw it with subtitles the languaje is italian for it is a italian movie. thanks you. Reply
  • 0 May 26th, 2017 at 4:04AM
    There is a manga where a young boy becomes the butler to the Empress of Japan in the 1800s and eventually a servant at the palace to stay there and serve her. His brother is a louse regularly getting the family into debts with his bad behavior. And recently his maid has come to like him. Reply
  • 1 May 26th, 2017 at 12:12AM
    Lastest Reply: 26th May, 2017 03:59:00 AM
    There was a TV show on regular tv about a couple on a quest in medieval times? He had short dark hair and she had long dark hair and wore a green dress. He had a special sword. I don't remember the channel it was on. I remember one episode where they went into a painting to save someone. I don't remember much else. Not sure if anyone can help from such little detail. Reply
  • 0 May 26th, 2017 at 12:12AM
    Does anyone remember a cop show with a vampire named Angel, he was a cop with blue eyes. No, not Forever Knight and no, not Angel. I'm thinking late 80s, early 90s.... Help. Reply
  • 2 May 25th, 2017 at 2:02PM
    Web Original
    Lastest Reply: 25th May, 2017 10:26:14 PM
    There was a series on Youtube a few years ago that was about a woman and some of her fellow female actor friends trying to find a paying role that didn't cost her too much dignity and I can't remember the name of it now, nor are searches helping.

    At least one episode is her at her apartment just reading awful real casting calls off of a fake casting site and her boyfriend not seeing what the problem with them is, at least if she got one of them she'd be able to pay her share of the rent.

    At least one episode is a gross audition experience.

    The last episode has her come across a listing for an actual human character, go to the audition, find pretty much every woman in the industry also came to audition, so the casting department locked the overflow in what's essentially a closet, and after an awkward silence they start singing "Do You Hear The People Sing" and then march out to demand they be heard, only to be told the role has been filled and would any of them be interested in the bimbo on this other production? Reply

      It doesn't quite sound like it fits the bill, but possibly The Actress, with Ann Carr? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3812854/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_17

      I can see how you haven't had any luck searching so far— this one is oddly hard to google for without actually getting real casting calls for various Youtube web series!

      In a similar vein, but no. This wasn't in documentary style, and I think it was one season of six to twelve episodes.

      I dimly remember it possibly having a title like "Working Girls", which is also thorougly ungoogleable.
  • 1 May 25th, 2017 at 5:05AM
    Western Animation
    Lastest Reply: 25th May, 2017 09:00:39 PM
    I can vividly recall an episode of a kids show about office supplies that travelled to Machu Picchu in an episode, and talked about an ancient form of communication involving strings and knots.

    I remember there were about four characters; a pen, a pencil, and a paperclip, but I can't remember the fourth character if there was one. I watched it in fourth grade around 2010-2011. Can anyone help me out? It's an American cartoon and I've scoured ever possible search query I can think of. Reply

      Were the characters hand-drawn or CGI? Someone made a query here a while back for something similar to what you described. The answer was a show called Doodle. I don't know if they traveled to Maccu Picchu since this show focused on art and not geography/world history, and it came out in the late nineties, but is this what you are looking for?
  • 2 May 18th, 2017 at 8:08PM
    Lastest Reply: 25th May, 2017 08:41:52 PM
    There's this anime where the characters use familiars made out of the elements to fight each other.

    I don't remember much about it but the main guy could summon a fire fox and one of side protagonists had an ice wolf.

    Also, I think the witch from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles was in it too but not sure. Reply

      Did you watch it dubbed in the early 2000s, or subbed online? Also, if you think that Yuuko was in it, you could check a list of CLAMP's other works, but the premise you've shared doesn't sound familiar. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Clamp_works

      Super huge guess here, but could it be Shaman King?
  • 1 May 25th, 2017 at 10:10AM
    Lastest Reply: 25th May, 2017 06:17:42 PM
    I've been trying to find a lot of old anime that i used to watch but one that I cant put my finger on is this one that I think is either early 2000's or late 90's. I remember this one scene from it that creeped me out (I think it made me stop watching it but now I'm really interested). There was this guy crying because his wife died and then this creepy monster thing showed up. The monster asked the guy if he wanted his wife back. The guy said yes so the monster brought her back as this robot thing that then proceeded to kill the guy and crawl into his body. The whole scene happened in a foggy place, and the monster had a huge smile. I'm fairly certain it was dubbed but I cant remember the names. Reply
  • 2 May 25th, 2017 at 5:05PM
    Lastest Reply: 25th May, 2017 05:54:33 PM
    Does anybody know a movie that feature Alan Thicke as a scientist who created a robot son. I think there were three films and aired on the Disney Channel back in the 90s. Reply
  • 1 May 24th, 2017 at 2:02PM
    Lastest Reply: 25th May, 2017 03:35:28 PM
    My teacher read us this in middle school in 1996. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the cover or much else of the book, but I remember a baseball boy team, I cannot remember how old the boys were. I think they were just playing baseball, not at a stadium just on field. The new guy was being made fun of by the rest of the team, and one of the guys was helping the new guy out, trying to fit in, but he later made fun of him as well. I cannot remember why. I know this is very vague, but I cannot remember much else. Does this seem familiar to anyone? Thanks. Reply
  • 2 May 25th, 2017 at 6:06AM
    Western Animation
    Lastest Reply: 25th May, 2017 02:58:26 PM
    I can vaguely remember seeing this show back in the mid-to-late 2000s in a morning cartoon block, and the 2D animation looking like it was done digitally makes me think it was probably recent at that time.

    The main things I remember are that it was maybe set in South America (think Aztec or Mayan, ancient civilizations) and there were four main characters (either two boys and two girls, or three boys and one girl) that were superheroes with animal-themed identities and powers. I distinctly remember one of the girls being green and lizard themed, and for whatever reason her power was that she could stretch like Mr Fantastic - in the episode I remember she tried to stop a dam from breaking by stretching out wide to plug the holes.

    The others I'm not entirely sure about, but I think one of the boys was red and bull themed, the other was yellow and some kind of large cat, and the last kid's power was flight so they were probably a bird but I honestly can't be certain. Reply

      Combo Nińos?

      That's it! Thanks dude, you have no idea how long I've been plugging strings of keywords into Google trying to find this thing.
  • 2 May 24th, 2017 at 11:11AM
    Live Action TV
    Lastest Reply: 25th May, 2017 01:57:49 PM
    There is this series I can't seem to remember the name of, its set on some alternate universe, or in the future, society is separated between "normal" humans and some humans who work for the govt who are secluded in some hood and they are alien type or more evolved and they have blue marks on their faces / skin like patterns, there first episode happens when some govt program tries to include some teens that belong to that race to a college of "normal" human teens, so one of the guys falls in love with a "normal" human girl and eventually shows her in his hood that's secluded from the city. I can't remember much more but it was dope and I just can't remember the name. I think the series ended up cancelled... Reply


      @Amynta YESSSSSSS!!!!! Thank you so much <3
  • 4 May 24th, 2017 at 5:05AM
    Live Action TV
    Lastest Reply: 25th May, 2017 01:41:27 PM
    I'm looking for the name of a TV show. I do not remember any actors or character names. It's similar to Eerie Indiana, the RL Stine shows, and is geared towards young adults. It takes place in a town where weird things happen. A kid moves their with one of his parents. (One of the parents is missing or presumed dead and they are moving back to their hometown.) The main character of the show befriends two characters that are odd. They know weird things happen in the town. The girl is nerdy. There's also a wealthy family that the town seems to think is evil and avoids. I know they spend time at a little diner. It was on a streaming service and I can't find it again. It was a serial show. I don't know how many seasons. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I think it was made past 2000, but I'm not positive. Reply

      It's a long shot, but it might be Hemlock Grove (a Netflix original)

      Definitely not Hemlock Grove. It was meant for a younger audience and was slightly campy. It was more like a Disney or Nick show, but I know it wasn't either of those.

      Could it be strange days at Blake holesey high? I think it had a slightly different name in the us, maybe black hole high?

      It's definitely similar. The kids were trying to solve a mystery in it, but I don't remember them being in school. It may have taken place during the school break.
  • 0 May 25th, 2017 at 1:01PM
    Western Animation
    This was a children's tv show or web series that starred math symbols such as a red addition sign, a pink or purple multiplication sign, and a division sign which i believe was blue, and a subtraction sign. it was a 3D animation most likely from the early to mid 2000's and it's characters have been haunting my nightmares ever since. I need help finding this show. The characters look like they're made of felt and the eyes look like they're from veggietales. The episode I remember was about building a house or tall building in the shape of a pentagon or octogon. If you know what i'm talking about, please help!!! It was made for kids around the ages of 1st grade to 3rd grade as I recall. Reply
  • 2 May 11th, 2017 at 7:07PM
    Western Animation
    Lastest Reply: 25th May, 2017 11:52:07 AM
    I'm looking for an episode of Arthur with this conversation:
    Francine: "(something I can't remember)"
    Muffy: "What does that word mean?"
    Francine: "Nothing. It's a made-up word."
  • 3 May 23rd, 2017 at 11:11AM
    Lastest Reply: 25th May, 2017 11:07:06 AM
    I heard a song on the radio years ago, during an NPR folk song program. I think it was about old people in a nursing home asking a fiddle player to play for them because they are sad. Does anyone know the title? Reply

      The refrain/chorus has a line something like 'Play us a tune/So we can forget'

      Oh hell, I know what song, but I can't remember it. If you ask round at http://mudcat.org/, they'd know for sure.

      I asked there two days ago, and have yet to receive a response of any kind. Is that normal?
  • 7 Apr 12th, 2017 at 9:09PM
    Lastest Reply: 25th May, 2017 10:17:39 AM
    Does anyone remember this children's book (80s or 90s?) about these two little bears siblings (90% sure they were bears). Their parents went out for the evening and then the bear children got really scared because they thought there was a monster outside, and they couldn’t wake up their babysitter who kept sleeping on a comfy chair.Eventually, their parents came back and they found out the monster was just a kite that got stuck in a tree and then they all ate cookies. I'm pretty sure the big babysitter bear says "me three" when the parents ask who wants cookies. It s driving me absolutely insane trying to remember. Please ease my pain. Thank you. Reply

      It wouldn't have been one of the Berenstain Bears books, would it?

      Nope. Not Berenstain Bears. I had a bunch of those, but this one was a little square book I think. I am almost certain the cover was bordered in a light blue.

      Is it a Little Bear book, perhaps?

      its not Little Bear...

      Now it's driving me up the wall too. I clearly remember this book, but my brain keeps remembering it as a Berenstain Bears one. But it's not, and I have no clue what book it is.

      Are you dead certain it's not the Berenstain Bears In The Dark? I remember this book too, i know I've read it, and I could swear it's this.

      I am certain that it isn't the Berenstain Bears. I had tons of those, including the "In the Dark" one, and that isn't it.
  • 1 May 22nd, 2017 at 12:12PM
    Lastest Reply: 25th May, 2017 09:04:20 AM
    I recently remembered about a toyline I loved years ago, but I forgot the name.

    It was a series of buildable creatures that looked like anthropomorph dinosaur skeletons. There was a battle game between the creatures that involved cards that represented the attacks of the two opponents and pink spines that represented the dinosaur's health: you detached one of them every time you lose a battle and the first remaining without spines is the winner.

    There was also some kind of lore for them in the instruction booklet: basically it talked about humankind travelling in space to find a new home after Earth became overcrowded, and then they find this planet inhabitated by the dinosaur creatures. A scientist creates the pink spines as cyber implants to tame them, and with the help of the now-tamed creatures they manage to build buildings on the planet and make it the new home for humans. Many years later, the scientist's grand-grandson (who was named Trey IIRC) opens a Pokémon-like fighting league between tamers with their creatures.

    If it can help, the toyline was released around 2004-2005 and the same company also released a series of regular dinosaur figures, using the same building pieces as the "cool" ones described above. Reply

      I found them by myself. They were called Makrobion. Turns out they were released only in Italy, albeit the packaging was in multiple languages.
  • 1 May 25th, 2017 at 8:08AM
    Lastest Reply: 25th May, 2017 09:01:13 AM
    I want to find the name of this show. It's about these four boys who find these glowing stones from a shop. In the basement of the shop there is a portal to another world. Using the stones the can travel to the other world when the stones glow. They transform into these warriors and the other planet, which was square. They have to protect the planet from this evil person on it. The heroes can form together into a giant hero or planes and other things. Reply
  • 1 May 24th, 2017 at 3:03PM
    Live Action TV
    Lastest Reply: 25th May, 2017 08:30:56 AM
    does anyone think they're a 90's kids tv expert? I'm failing at google right now. I'l trying to find this show where the host was like, a bald guy in a t-shirt in a warehouse. People would write him silly questions and he would sort of mythbusters things for them.

    One episode he painted himself gold because a kid asked if being painted gold would kill you ala goldfinger.

    He looked alot like Steve Martini from Major Payne.

    It's driving me crazy! Reply

      He's not bald but could it be Beakman's World?
  • 1 May 24th, 2017 at 2:02PM
    Lastest Reply: 25th May, 2017 08:26:28 AM

    I remember reading it so long ago, the protagonist was a freckled(?) short dark blonde haired glasses wearing girl who didn't understand the big deal of relationships and the like, or wanted one really badly. it involved cell phones, dealing with rumors and her meeting a girl with a bad reputation, she had long black hair and isolated because it was rumored she had sex with guys. last time i read i was near the part where the protag starts to realize something is off with her feelings towards the other girl. I think it may have had something to do with strawberries in the title? Either way it was maybe about ten chapters and unfinished, but it seemed to have been created Very Long Ago.

    Things I remember about it, very old art style, like Yu Yu Hakusho, with all the little things about 90s manga. The protag had these really iconic dad glasses! like these : (http://d111vui60acwyt.cloudfront.net/product_photos/44937467/silver_20Oculos-Vintage-Eyewear-Frame-Myopia-Glasses-Clear-Lens-Women-Spectacle-Frame-Men-Eyeglasses-Optical-Glasses-Frame_20imatterial_large.jpg) The other character looked at lot like hell girl but with dark eyes. Their school outfits were a plain short sleeved button up blouse with plaid skirts. It was under the Yuri tag.

  • 8 May 21st, 2017 at 12:12AM
    Live Action TV
    Lastest Reply: 25th May, 2017 07:43:21 AM
    Well there was this"non animated cartoon" that I used to watch 5-6 years ago basically there ware these people with powers of elements like fire 🔥 rain ☔️ thunder an some more and those powers were concealed in a locket for ex the fire mans power was in a locket shaped in fire an etc ........and the bad guys wanted those therefore they challenged them and whatever they do they go into anathor dimension and fight there the good guys had their element shape on their chest more like their locket and whenever they are about to lose they get dragged over the bad guy but they win again .......so I basically don't remember any more but one thing is for sure I loved that cartoon ......so please let me know if anyone knows its name.......pls .......and remember it is an non animated cartoon ......thank you very much Reply

      You do not have to make duplicate queries, instead you can "bump" your existing query up the list by replying to it

      Just don't do it too often - leave a reasonable time period between replies

      (Shamelessly copying Medinoc's question from previous query)

      Can you elaborate on what you mean by "non-animated cartoon"? Do you mean it was more like a slideshow of drawings, or it was Stop Motion Animation, or simply a live-action series/film that had a cartoonesque ambiance?

      Was it a series or a one-shot?

      ok .i will bump from next time it is a series not a one shot it had episodes and its like just normal movies where people talk and move more or less like power rangers

      I wonder if this query is looking for the same show

      well......it might be or might not , well only somecharecteristics of that cartoon are same........but i dont really remember too much about it


      Pretty sure it's xiaolin showdown

      I said it's non animated
  • 2 May 24th, 2017 at 5:05PM
    Lastest Reply: 25th May, 2017 06:25:02 AM
    I remember playing a pc game. It had a robot and you had missions. The biggest memory I have of it is the music. It had the music called "In the hall of the mountain king" by Grieg. Reply
  • 0 May 25th, 2017 at 6:06AM
    Web Original
    In the same vein as my other question Two distinct clips were one about how when we're throwing a ball when lying down, we try not to hit the ceiling whilst throwing it as high as possible. And then imagining a thing running along the scenery outside your car window, never touching the ground.

    I don't know if it was a trailer but I cannot for the life of me find it again Reply