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    Live Action TV
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    All I can recall about the show is that a teen boy and teen girl communicated through a computer. I believe, but could be mistaken, he was on Earth and she was in space or of another planet but then I seem to remember that it was futuristic on both sides. The boy had dark hair. I also think it aired on Saturday mornings on a regular network, not pbs. Thanks. Reply
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    I remember seeing a bit of a movie on tv once but I can only remember one scene: a character (probably the protagonist) is looking for a place. He asks a passerby " do you know how to get to (place name)" and the person says "yes". instead of waiting for his response the other character just says "ok" and leaves. What movie is this? Reply

      Any idea of what the character looks like young or old? It would help me know if its a Leslie Nielsen movie or not - sounds like that kind of formula. Any idea how long ago when you saw this scene and/or if it was recent at the time?

      I don't remember what they looked like. It was in the 90s I saw it but of course the film could have been much older

      I don't remember what they looked like. It was in the 90s I saw it but of course the film could have been much older
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    All I know is there was a game on the App Store which no one seems to realise Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links (3 Monster and S/T zones only) bears an UNCANNY resemblance to...and it used to turn up no matter what I searched, and I never wanted it, but now I can search anything from "YG Opro" to "Duel Monsters", and it only appears Konami must've gotten it removed? I want it now because it had all the TRUE classics.

    To paint a picture, I only really vividly remember Yugi, Kaiba and Curse of Dragon. But it was like a chess board or a grid, they weren't cards, but the artworks. Lined up, square by square. And the best part is, they showed off all my Duelist Kingdom favourites! Only the TRUE classics.

    Any idea, anyone? Has it truly been lost to the sands of time? Or has the app store simply misplaced it? I can hope... Reply


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    I recall that Disney Interactive had an art game, and there was a couple of paint brushes, (or many) but the main bulk of it for me was that you had characters like Mickey, Minne, Donald, Daisy, and Pluto. You could also change the background. I'm positive that it exists, I even played it with my older brother sometimes (well, more like with him next to me) One of the backgrounds was a shopping mall. The characters were actually animated, on screen, Mickey was taking pictures for example. You could also print it out what you made. It was 2003-2006ish I think I played it? Well, probably closer to in 2006, as I could read the logo, but I don't actually know the real release date, I just know that it worked on my family's computer. I don't really even know what it's called, just that it exists. It might have been for Windows 98 or XP? I have a couple of other games I have vague memories of, but can't really piece together, like an educational game that taught a few things, and one where you could make virtual sock puppets with buttons and other items, probably googly eyes? Reply
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    So, back in like, 2005/06/07/Somewhere around there, I used to watch YTV. There was this show back then that was basically like a rip-off of Power Rangers (The characters were teenagers and went to highschool) and Ghostbusters (The characters had a bunch of monster fighting special effects tools instead of martial arts). The characters were like, four teenagers who fought monsters. And by monsters, I mostly just mean really big CGI animals. The most I can remember is that the main villain was a B-movie director who had a machine that could bring monsters from his movies to life. Also aliens were involved at one point, I'm pretty sure.

    I can remember bits and pieces of it, like specific monsters that showed up, but I can't remember any plots. The title was also something super generic. Please help, this has been haunting me for a decade. Reply
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    I remember a sort of RTS game that was bought on Big Fish Games (or some other online seller of similar quality) many years ago which I could never beat, but now I can't remember what it was called. It was sort of like Starcraft, but single player and set in a world not too dissimilar to Moana. It had the following traits.

    1. The setting was tropical, at least at the start, and each level was a different island.

    2. The main character was a woman who had come into possession of an artifact which spoke to her, telling her to go... somewhere important and mystical. Again, can't remember.

    3. While regular mooks were typical fantasy enemies (I distinctly remember dragons the size of my little warrior units), the biggest, nastiest recurring enemies were the massive shadows. They were pitch black, only vaguely humanoid (more like blades of grass than man), and really put the game's limited animation on display, having only four or so sprites to indicate movement. The big ones liked to make little ones, which were the same sprite, but smaller.

    4. The game followed the typical style of RTS games with a bird's eye view, constructing barracks for different types of troops (like warriors, archers, cave men, etc.), and gathering resources to prepare for the impending waves of monsters.

    5. The final level has the artifact turn out to be evil, the shadows good guys trying to stop it, and takes place in a big, red cave of sorts. The artifact attunes with a giant statue which reveals itself to be a giant octopus alien that shoots lasers and, while goofy by my standards today, really unsettled me at the time due to its Giant Space Flea, "Outside-Context Villain" style (and also because the thing was about 80 feet tall and was using beam spam against my tiny, helpless troops).

    I'd really like to know if anyone else remembers a game like that. If it helps, I remember playing the game a little after I got my first DS. The time period is likely late-2008 to 2009. Meanwhile, I'm going to go search for it online. I'll let you know if I find it. Reply
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    I remember this side-running game from at least 5, or 6 years ago for the iphone, where you played as a purple haired anime girl, with music that sounded like that of tecno kitten adventure.

    can someone please tell me what it was called? Reply
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    I have this short animation: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/112656377/

    can someone tell me where the background music is from, please? is it from a show, a movie, a game's title screen, or is it an original youtube song?! somebody has to know! Reply
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    I'm thinking of something like "What you gonna do about it, OLD MAN!?" It's more like in italics than all caps though, like with disdain. That's probably not an exact quote and it might not even be the correct phrase, but do you know any show or movie or video on Youtube with an animation or something where someone says something like that with "Old man!?" at the end of the sentence? Reply

      I can think of like 50 off the top of my head. That's a pretty generic, common "bully" character quote. Do you know what it was from? Like was it live action, animated, etc? When did you see it? I know people call Mr. Miyagi "old man" in a derogatory way in Karate Kid, but again, your question is pretty vague.

      I forgot, I just remember the way it was said. I did see a Nostalgia Critic episode of Karate Kid though so maybe it was from there.

      My first thought was the scene in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers where the evil Green Ranger is tearing apart the Command Center and Zordon says something like "I can protect you" and the Green Ranger says "You should worry about protecting yourself, old man!"
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    I'm trying to remember the name of a show I remember watching as a kid waaaay back in the late 80's. I remember we had it on VHS and I'm not sure if it was a show or a movie. The basic premise from what I can remember is that it was a family in who traveled through a land full of dinosaurs inside a tank like vehicle. I can only remember bits and pieces of the show seeing as how I would only havce been around 4 or 5 at the time. I'm pretty sure it was animated but with live action sections similar to Thunderbirds. I'm pretty sure it seemed like a Japanese prodiuction of some kind too. Its also possible ive imagined this whole thing but any help would be great. :) Reply
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    Young adult or juvenile fiction (I don't remember exactly where it was in the library), about a girl who lives in a world where everything is grown from plants. Like, she waters the light bulbs on her ceilings and computers are bonded to you so they get bigger as you do. Even the buildings are giant plants. The library is this clear plant that they only got to grow once; it was hit by lightning. So this girl has vines in her hair which means that wierd things are going to happen to and around her. She has some minor wind power, like things blow around her some times, and then she learns to fly. She can only hover and her friend helps her practice and stuff, but then the friend gets sick. The only cure is the egg of this really dangerous animal, I think it's some kind of giant bird, and it's born angry. The animal lives in the jungle which is also super dangerous, but the girl goes to get the egg anyway. She ends up with a bunch of gorillas for a while, I think she almost gets eaten by a plant. There's this one mention of her peeing shortly after she heads out; it's not important, but i did notice it because mentions like that just don't exist usually. Anyway, she gets the egg and almost is killed by the animal, but she escapes when she learns how to fly in different directions, not just up. Her friend is saved and she is lauded as a hero because now the scientists have an egg to study. Meanwhile, a mentor-like woman, I think she showed up earlier too, but I'm really not sure, who has the same powers as the main character tells her about this other world (Earth, though I don't know if it's mentioned by name) and she starts thinking about going there and that's where it ends. The book and the main character have the same name, it starts with a "z" Reply
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    Web Original
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    This one might be a bit obscure, but there was this video of a funny custom Guitar Hero III song I saw that was just a bunch of rapid-fire 5-fret chords, all star power notes, set to AC/DC's Thunderstruck (it was kind of a pun, since each star power note would summon a lightning bolt from above). Not sure who made the video, but chances are it could be Exile Lord, since some of his videos feature him customizing the game. Reply
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    Web Original
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    I remember watching this cartoon about a yellow, shaggy haired boy, with shiny blue eyes, and a blue-green outfit, who looked somewhat like beaker if he fused with tweek , as a child sometime in 2011 online. I swear one of the mario characters was in it. The only part I remember is one where I think he was singing about something related to dinosaurs, or something, and i'm pretty sure it has its own page on this site.

    Once, when I was little, I saw this show on treehouse with a lady, and a raccoon puppet, making crafts out of things like, cups, paper, and other things you'd find around your house. I think at one point, there was a tiger.



      someone has to know what i'm talking about

      Well, the color scheme is off, but Ferb from Phineas and Ferb sort of looks like beaker.

      no, he was shaped differently, was from a web series, had more hair, and his eyes were all blue


      the animation was fluid, but crude looking, and it was 2d
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    idk what this show is called but i think it was only up for a little while.. maybe in the 2005-2010 era?? it was either on cartoon network or nickelodeon. i just remember that it was kinda ugly and the art style was similar to Flapjack. i remember that the main character was a female who was always bitter and was fairly short. i think she had a twin but i'm not too sure. i remember one episode where she sang a song about how much she loved eating onions.. the fact that i can't find this show anywhere is killing me! please help! Reply

      Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi? Art style's not exactly what you described, but it's the only thing I can think of at the moment.


      no thats not it. it had a very grunge vibe to it. i'm not even 100% sure about the evidence i gave you but I'm trying my hardest

      is it chowder?

      Could it be Making Fiends? The main character doesn't have a twin, but she is small and ornery,, it did air on nicktoons, and it looks like there was an onion song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cu98DkCLdBM
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    12-ish years ago I watched a movie with my family, it may have been foreign (I live in the U.S.). It was probably rented from the library or blockbuster, so I don't know when it would've actually come out. It was either oddly animated 2D or cel-shaded 3D animation. I don't remember much about the plot, but it had a steampunk aesthetic that reminds me of the non-atlantean tech from Disney's Atlantis. People lived in the sky, on floating islands and in airships. There was a war, or an attack or something. The story was a little intense, too; there was some death, and some blood. The main characters were a boy and a girl, one of them loses their father. The boy had to use a turret on a ship at some point. I'm thinking it was probably an anime movie, but I don't remember enough about it to confirm. Reply

      Could it be Castle in the Sky? I know the main characters are a boy and a girl, and there's both airships and a floating island. I don't remember if it has death or blood because I haven't seen it in years.

      Definitely sounds like castle in the sky! It includes pretty much all those elements.

      Castle in the Sky does seem like the story fits, but it doesn't look quite right... I'll have to find the full movie and watch it to see, but in the meantime, if anyone has any other guesses?

      Maybe Steamboy?


      That's definately Castle in the sky/Laputa. Disney's Atantis totally ripped off the design LOL!
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    Live Action TV
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    hi I was born in france and when I was little I remember a series very power rangers alike I just remember a scene where they are in a building and monsteres destroy it and some vortex appears and the girlfriend of the guy (teamleader) gets taken by the monsters and after a while she comesback as a villain without memories. that's how the show starts. I think it was channel m6 or tf1, its not the power rangers or the japanese version It aired in 90's so it was a long time ago. I would thank if someone recalls it, Reply

      Well the classic three are the three Super Sentai series published in France under the Bioman name: Choudenshi Bioman (probably not this one), Hikari Sentai Maskman, and Choujuu Sentai Liveman. This would be the first place I'd look.

      Vr Troopers occasionally used some kind of vortex to travel to another dimension for big battles but I don't think the leader was ever shown to have a girlfriend. Choujin Sentai Jetman, the sentai produced before the one that became MMPR, did have the leader's fiancée get kidnapped and brainwashed into one of the bad guys, but I don't know if a vortex was involved.
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    Live Action TV
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    I only remember one episode, this white guy and this black native guy are on this jungle like beach area and then more native black guys show up and try and convince the other native guy to leave. He disagrees and they say he is becoming a slave, things happen and the white and black guy fight the other black guys with swords or something. I remember the black guys has an accent. Reply
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    I don't remember much about the show I just know it was very creepy and mysterious and it was about kids who went to a boarding school and in every episode the head of the school would say "it is now 11:00 and i should hear nothing but pin drop silence" and then he would drop a pin. I remember in the very first few episodes a girl would wonder what was behind a closed door that she could not go into and she would have dreams about black feathers ?? Reply
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    Western Animation
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    I was just randomly reminded of a snippet of a cartoon I once saw ages and ages ago. What I can remember is that some people were in an exotic location — I think an alien planet, and had lost their pet dog, but were going to a restaurant. They find the dog's collar in the food they order, and assume the dog was caught and cooked... but in the reveal, it turns out that only the dog's collar was cooked — apparently, the red leather it was made of was considered good food (possibly even a delicacy) by those running the restaurant. Reply


      The amazing once-again bump of story guy!

      Throwing a name out there since I kinda vaguely recall it: perhaps The Brothers Flub?

      I don't think so, the impression I got was more that the show was trying to put an interesting spin on the old "diners discover they're eating their pet" urban legend, with aliens instead of foreigners to avoid Unfortunate Implications. I'm also fairly certain it was on some random premium channel or something — I almost certainly would've remembered if it was on Nickelodeon.

      Freaky Stories - "Fifi to Go"
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    In the mid-90's (so it is at least that old), I saw a French movie and I'm looking for its title now. It was set at the sunday following Daylight Saving Time starts, and the premise was how "missing an hour" affected everybody. IIRC, there was someone who missed an airplane because they hadn't realized the clock had skipped an hour forward, amongst other storylines (the movie followed multiple people / storylines). Reply
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    I remember when I was younger that I had a program on my computer that took me to a kind of game library where I could download and play games for a limited time. When you would play the games, you would be taken to some kind of screen where you had to click play or a purple coin to start playing (which would insert itself like it would in an arcade machine). It had a starting amount ranging from 1 to 4, but you could only play twice for free (or three if you had 3 coins for some reason) before you had to pay to play more.

    Yes, I realize that this was probably illegal, but I was a young kid and didn't know any better at the time. I didn't buy any more coins to play the games, though, luckily.

    Anyone who knows what I'm talking about? Reply

      This sounds like that Wildtangent Arcade thing (or other similar programs) that comes preinstalled on some computers. The logo was a purple flying "W" (which is now green), and you would get coins (which I'm pretty sure used to be purple) that would let you play a watered-down version of the game for free, and you could buy more coins, or just buy the full version of the game, with real money. I'm 100% certain this was legal, since Wildtangent was letting you play free versions of their own games for limited amounts of play. Do you remember if this program happened to have Polar Bowler as one of the games?

      Sorry for late reply, but yes, I remember Polar Bowler being one of the games.

      "Wildtangent Arcade"... I think that's it! And thank goodness it's not illegal. Because I was worried that it was. And I didn't know it came preinstalled on computers... Thanks for the help and the info! :D

      I remember playing Polar Bowler 10 years ago on Wildtangent. I remember the surprise of having to pay (my cousin and I eventually got an adult, though). The bowling "balls" were polar bear, snowman, walrus, penguin, Eskimo, and Santa, IIRC.
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    Print Comic
    I can vaguely remember a comic serial which must have been British involving a detective, who was drawn very simply, with a black trenchcoat, trilby and bug eyes - he may have been a frog. He was involved in an adventure in which he fought a Fu Manchu type villain. He burned through a rope using a watch glass. The villain had eggs with lions inside them as a weapon. "Your eggs have little lions on them - our eggs have little lions inside them!" The title may have included the words "private eye" Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    comedy 1975-1990? brothers united states I am looking for a tv show a saw a few years ago, it was about a family, mainly 2 brothers growing up in a "poor" family. the show happened in america and the time was around the cold war, i remember because one of the shows was about the going in a bunker. i think the show was mainly about their daily life and them thinking about girls and some things like that. Reply
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    I remember this hack and slash action rpg for Apple devices. It was played in landscape mode and had a touch d-pad in the lower right, and an attack button in the lower left. The story was something about a princess and a crystal I think. The world map was based around a tower north of town that you have to climb. It had several circles on the screen for special skills that depended on your class, which you could choose from warrior, mage or rouge i think. The sprites resembled something from gba or early ds. Reply
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    its around the 0:30 second mark of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gtpz7FteGNk its a clip of what appears to be a tiny girl getting stabbed vertically through her entire body by giant hands. i saw this video sometime in 2015 and that particular scene has been bothering me ever since i watched it because despite countless searches i couldnt find the anime or clip, no matter what search keywords i put in. wondering if anyone knows what anime this is from. //i also have to apologize for posting so frequently on this, im so sorry Reply