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    Live Action TV
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    Does anyone know the name of the kid's TV show that had an elf living on a bookshelf? One of the main characters was an old grandfatherly man who was very soft-spoken and gentle. The show had children's level mysteries and personal setbacks, etc., which the elf would solve by the end of the show.

    The actor who played the elf looked *exactly* like David Krumholtz, but I see no mention of such a show on his IMDb profile.

    Thanks. Reply

      I just remembered that the show took place in a toy shop. The owner was a gentle, grandfatherly old man who was very soft spoken and friendly. The elf lived on the shelf, and knew everything that went on in the store.
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    Oh boy, will this ever be a long shot. It's been long since I last saw this, so excuse me if my memories are vague. Also, yes, I'm trying to find a work that isn't a foreign TV show or cartoon of some sort for the first time.

    So, back when I was younger, I saw a YouTube video of some kind of a video game. For starters, the video game was possibly a Japan-exclusive game, which probably explains why I can't find it. The game is a 2D platformer, and the levels looked like the insides of anthills, or ant farms, or something similar to those. I'm not sure what the player character looked like, but he/she/it could climb up walls in these anthill-like levels, so he/she/it was probably an ant. The only other thing I can remember is that there was also a world map, which was a big island, I think. As for what console this game was on, I certainly have no idea, but I think it's an arcade game.

    Again, sorry for the extremely vague info, but that's all I can really remember of it. I really can't confirm if this was just a dream I had, but who knows? Happy searching either way! Reply

      The PC character being an ant and crawling around inside an anthill sounds like SimAnt, which is certainly not a Japan exclusive- not exclusively a platformer either, because the overworld takes place in a top-down perspective. But it does have a world map, though it's a backyard instead of an island.

      Nope, it's not SimAnt. Like I said, the levels were platformer levels that resembled the insides of anthills or ant farms, but now that I think about it, the player character may not have been an ant. If this helps, the levels in the game I saw were probably much more colorful than an actual anthill's interior, and the game graphics had a "kawaii" feel to them, if I remember correctly; hence, the game is very likely from Japan, if not Japan-exclusive.


      Earth worm jim ?

      No, it's not Earthworm Jim. I'm familiar with that series, and would've recognized it if it were what I'm looking for.

      Bump 2: Electric Bumpaloo.
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    I have a recollection of a scene in which two people are talking across a table and one pulls a gun on the other under the table, who responds by pushing the gun to the side, person A then pulls another gun in the other hand which is again pushed aside. They then deploy either a gun or knife from their shoe which the other person is also able to push away. Weirdly I remember them face to face by the end of the scene so I don't know quite how it works with the table in the way. I first thought of Indiana Jones, but it doesn't seem right, it may be from a comedy/parody thing instead? Trying to google this seems impossible, so hopefully the explanation is clear enough. Reply
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    i remember having a pin as a child and it had a cartoon blue sofa on it. My gran told me it was a tv show but couldn't recall which one. I no longer own the pin however i have always wanted to know this show!!! Reply

      there's a blue sofa in Molly and the Big Comfy Couch

      In your subject line, you said "blue sofa character"— does this mean that the sofa was alive in some way?

      Pee-Wee's Playhouse has a blue talking chair, not a cartoon though. It might be what the other poster suggested, though I do not remember that being a cartoon, but if not, then perhaps Pee-Wee's Playhouse.
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    I watched half of it on Netflix several years ago. I remember reading on Wikipedia that it's an adaptation of a play, or something to that effect.

    I think it was about a baby being the Sole Survivor of a royal family and being raised to kill his parents murderer. All I clearly remember was this scene where a guy kills a newborn by throwing him on the floor. Reply
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    I want to know the name of a tv show where a band investigates supernatural cases. I am sorry I don't remember many details. I just remember there's an episode where they got friends with a girl who looks identical to a school friend of someone's mother and this girl says she is her daughter but actually she is the same girl and never gets older. (I think the band name has dog in it's name, I used to relate them with Snoopy Dogg but I can't remember the exact name I just know it's similar). Reply

      josie and the pussycats? ive never actually watched it tho, i just know its about a band who solves mysteries

      I think that's So Weird. According to this episode list, the episode about the girl who never grows old was called "Rebecca".
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    There was a kids VHS I had when I was really young, I can't remember what it is, all I remember was it was a cartoon about one man who lives in the woods and there was loads of animals, one scene sticks in my head of the animals making a home in a huge tree.. :S Reply

      Oakie Doke?

      Percy the Park Keeper?
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    Hi. I am trying to remember an old tv cartoon in which a man, while playing the piano, hears a sound from inside it and goes INSIDE the piano to investigate. Once inside the piano, he goes on different adventures. I believe it was a silent cartoon with just music and sound effects. Saw it some time in the 80s. I have googled it to no end and can't find it. Can someone please help, Have been thinking about this for days but not been successful. Reply
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    their was a tv show I can't remember if it was a Netflix original but anyway the plot was there were these kids and they were in detention on either Saturday or Sunday and basically a virus broke out I know it was a smoke and I'm pretty sure it was yellow but can you PLEASE help me find it? Reply

      Freakish. And it's on Hulu, not Netflix.
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    i am struggling to remember a tv show where these cartoon characters are above surface but then they go underground to a sewer. thats all i remember, think it may be oscars orchestra but i have no way of watching that?/ Reply
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    I used to have a pin of a cartoon sofa which was animated into a character (like items in beauty and the beast) i no longer own the pin yet i have always wondered what the show/film may be? Most likely early 00s or 90s. Reply
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    i can't remember the name of the show/ movie but i remember the line "how could i be upset, i'm having a baby girl" Reply

      That seems too vague. Do you remember anything else?

      The line's not exact, but the Friends episode "The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath" has a scene with Ross convinced Rachel knows the sex of their baby, and when trying to get her to admit it, lets it slip, and then realises she didn't know:
      Ross: I'm so sorry.
      Rachel: I'm not! We're having a girl! Sometimes I can't believe it's with you, but still! We're having a girl!
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    I'm looking for a anime tv show that aired on Cartoon network in the 2000's maybe the 90's it was a tv show Where they World have these cards and a thing on their arm Where they Would sjove the card on top or in the thing on the arm and they would transform into monsters and there were also gold form/edition of the monster they were Reply

      Yu-Gi-Oh!? Cardcaptor Sakura? Duel Masters?

      The device wasn't actually strapped to their arm, but the kids in Digimon Tamers would use cards to control their Digimon, and could turn into Digimon themselves.

      To add to potential 'mon anime, could it be Bakugan? I don't think there were arm things, but I didn't see the later seasons. There were gold editions of the monsters, though.

      Gormiti: The Lords of Nature Return had kids becoming monsters and, in season 2, also get golden armors, but they had no arm things with cards.
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    cartoon about kid who moves to a new town and finds a robot in his garage and he brings him and fixes him to be with other robots and I think the robot he finds is. White and he has different colours on him and he might be made out of squares I think it was a 3D animated show Reply

      Found it it was called cubix weird little show I watched when I was younger probably on some dogey DVD from the pound shop 😂
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    ı cant remember the name of a sitcom which contains an old mom and dad and their 2 daughters one is blonde one is brunette and their husbands. Please help if you know this show!! Reply

      Do you have any other details that might help? Any names or storylines or things that might have happened them?
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    I saw a movie a couple of months ago and went to show my mum and can't for the life of me remember it, hoping you guys can help.

    I'd say it was made it the 80s but was set way before then in America at a time that getting a job was difficult. A guy is sent to this prison and befriends one of the new guards. The new guard enters his cell and drops his baton but the inmate doesn't attack him, he just hands it back to him. The inmate befriends an older guy at the prison and also gets friendly with the head of the prison who is trying out a new rehabilitation technique of sending prisoners out to town for good behavior and trusting them to come back. So the prisoner is allowed to go to the library everyday and in civillian clothes but he ends up sexually assaulting the lady he met at the library and isn't allowed out anymore. The head of the Prison lost his job because of this and was really angry.

    I remember the prisoners beat a guard to death in the laundry room and I remember the prisoner ended up asking for the death penalty and talking to a priest a lot.

    I know it sounds depressing as hell but it's really really annoying me and the only similar movie I can find is the Shawshank Redemption which it isn't. Please Help! Reply

      Do you remember if any of these prisoners you described were in a gang? Did the sexual assault prisoner survive the money? Is sexual assault guy the main character in this movie? These 3 items will help my google search a little more.

      None of the prisoners were in a gang but they all helped murder the prison guard in the laundry room. The sexual assault prisoner was the main character along with an older prisoner he befriended and the guard he befriended. It would often show the prison guards life outside the prison with his wife who didn't like his new job in the prison. I can't remember if the library girl survived the sexual assault but I'm pretty sure she did. I remember she'd meet the prisoner in the library most days and I remember telling him he could get a library card, he just needed to give her his address which he didn't because it was the prison. They got close and she invited him to her house one day in town. As part of the rehab program he was only meant to go straight from the prison to library and back so he broke the rules leaving the library. The sexual assault happened in her house but I can't remember for definite if she survived or not.
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    Western Animation
    I'm trying to find an animated children's show, where the characters lived on some kind of space station. It looked just like a residential neighborhood, except it was in space and there was a control room where they controlled the weather and turned on and off the "sun" and such. I think the guy who worked in the control room had a Russian sounding name.

    It would have been on in 2006-ish, and I think it was on one of the children's channels (maybe Disney, but it may have been Nikelodeon something as well). I've tried to google it, but the only suggestions I get are The Jetsons and Lloyd in Space, and I know it wasn't either of those. Reply
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    Hey all!

    My friend and I are looking for an old game we played together in elementary school. It was a tactics-based where you would deploy your units near a building of importance. I can't remember if it was a church or a castle, but it was definitely something of the sort.

    These units were often assigned into companies, or squads - or, in the case of the 'superman' as we called him (he wore a red cape, don't judge us!), all on his lonesome. You could deploy archers, swordsmen, and the 'superman', whom I now understand to be a Wizard of some kind; he created fireballs/meteors. - I believe there was cavalry, and a commander, too, but don't quote me on that.

    Anyway, after having placed our units, the skeletons would spawn. These skeletons also moved in groups like your own units. They had units that mirrored our own; archers, footsoldiers, and a skeletal wizard, etc.

    During the battle, little portraits would come up of the units - depicting them shouting orders, like "Open fire!", the skeletal mage saying something about "You're surrounded", or maybe it was "close around them" - we really didn't have a good enough grasp of english to understand back then. It would also depict them when an entire unit was wiped out, or when they were fleeing in surrender.

    The Game was among the many demos on a cereal-box promotion disk (I seem to recall it being a small disc). And we cannot for the life of us remember what it was called. We do know that we played it roughly 15 years ago, as we did not have that good an understanding of the english language and that was around the time we began to have english in elementary school. (We thought 'Open fire!' meant that there was a literal open fire burning somewhere. We never found one and it puzzled me for years afterward.) I also believe there was a demo of Descent amongst the other games on the disk, as we played that too, and I firmly remember it only having three levels. Reply
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    12-ish years ago I watched a movie with my family, it may have been foreign (I live in the U.S.). It was probably rented from the library or blockbuster, so I don't know when it would've actually come out. It was either oddly animated 2D or cel-shaded 3D animation. I don't remember much about the plot, but it had a steampunk aesthetic that reminds me of the non-atlantean tech from Disney's Atlantis. People lived in the sky, on floating islands and in airships. There was a war, or an attack or something. The story was a little intense, too; there was some death, and some blood. The main characters were a boy and a girl, one of them loses their father. The boy had to use a turret on a ship at some point. I'm thinking it was probably an anime movie, but I don't remember enough about it to confirm.

    EDIT: It was Aero-Troopers and even though it was steampunk, it wasn't like Atlantis much at all so I don't know why I thought that. Reply

      Could it be Castle in the Sky? I know the main characters are a boy and a girl, and there's both airships and a floating island. I don't remember if it has death or blood because I haven't seen it in years.

      Definitely sounds like castle in the sky! It includes pretty much all those elements.

      Castle in the Sky does seem like the story fits, but it doesn't look quite right... I'll have to find the full movie and watch it to see, but in the meantime, if anyone has any other guesses?

      Maybe Steamboy?


      That's definately Castle in the sky/Laputa. Disney's Atantis totally ripped off the design LOL!

      Oh my god it was Aero-Troopers. I was just going to revive this because I saw Laputa again recently and it definitely wasn't it. It looks much more horrible than I remember, and not at all like Atlantis, but it's definitely Aero-Troopers. Thank you.
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    The main character was a bug catcher and his talking dog. The premise was finding this rare bug for a competition against his rival who taunted him in the intro with a hologram message. The rare bug was a character which could speak and had jet engines/some sort of mechanical elements in it.

    There was an optional sequence involving the characters feeling bad for a moth getting closer and closer to a candle, leading to them putting out the candle to spare the moth. Reply
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    This is probably super obvious but I can't for the life of me remember what it's called. It's a German language film, a secret police guy crushes on the girlfriend of a guy he's spying on so he tries to get rid of the guy somehow. Reply
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    Western Animation
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    I'm trying to remember the name of this show that I used to watch years ago, I remember it was on very early in the morning and was a cartoon about a little girl and an adult male who I think was a fireman, and in each episode they'd go to different places and they would do multiple choice questions. I only remember two very tiny parts of two episodes, one where they went to see sugar cane fields (but I don't remember where), and one where there was a man outside possibly hypothermic and one of the answer options was to put him over a heater grate and one was to give him a strong alcoholic drink such as whiskey Reply
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    there was this one show that was on netflix that had a love story in it and it had to do with a band, maybe a boy band, but now its off netflix and i cant rember it Reply

      Do you remember what any of the characters looked like? Was the main character a boy or girl? Off the top of my head, I know that Nana has been on Netflix, and it features romantic subplots and a character in a punk rock band.

      EDIT: I didn't think of it before because I figured you would've mentioned if it was a same-sex romance and I didn't think the show had been on Netflix, but from your description it could also be Gravitation.

      That does sound like Gravitation.
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    I've got this vague theme stuck in my head recently, and I just cannot remember what is it from. There's a girl (aged 8-12), her parents died (probably in an accident). After their death, she was adopted, but her new parent(s?) also died after a while (a year? two years?). Following that, the girl doesn't want anyone to adopt her anymore because she has a huge fear that her next guardians will also die.

    I can't remember where I read it (I'm 90% sure it was a written medium). I read it a decade ago or more. It could've been a book, but could have been just as well a magazine article (in the latter case, I'm probably not ever going to find it again; but I'm asking this query in case it was a book/story after all...) Though, it's also possible that I was reading about a TV show/movie's plot. Also, it was NOT horror or thriller, nor did it have anything supernatural going on; the tone was more of a heart-wrenching drama thing. Does anyone know any book or story with a plot like this? Reply