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    Western Animation
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    Frequently on 60's Hanna-Barbera cartoons, especially The Flintstones, whenever teens would dance to what passed for rock and roll on the show, they would use an image of the boy and girl dancing back and forth to a bouncy-sounding repetitive theme that I obviously have a hard time ID'ing here but it went like—doo-doo/doo-doo-doo-doo—ad infinitum. Assuming this piece even had a title, can anyone help? Reply

      No idea of the titles of any of their in-house production music. This page might be of (a little) help.

      Thanks. I used to think it might have once had lyrics ala 'Hip Hop - They Did The Bop', but now I see that as unlikely, given that bop is a euphemism for sex.
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    Live Action TV
    voice actors d&d

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    there was a show, probably a movie. it had live action characters and animated characters (this was not "Who framed Roger Rabbit by the way) i remember being this one girl in it (live action, not animated). i don't remember much outside of those things though. Reply
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    Hey guys, I'm new here. I need you to help me. This past week, I went on a vacation to Florida and I stopped on Pensacola Beach. I went and ate at Flounder's and there was this song that was playing there. It went something like:

    Something that (something something) is you

    Something that (something something) is you

    Something that (something something) is you

    Something that belongs to you/Something that seems to be you

    The song I would describe as country/tropical/rock/I really don't know. If it helps, the song that was playing after that was "Manic Monday" by the Bangles, so it could be around the same genre as "Manic Monday". Thank you! Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    Alright, so I remember a lady in a ladybug costume, looked a lot like one of the hosts of Play School if memory serves, I think with black hair. The aesthetic of the set is very watercoloury, similar to Blues Clues, but I think the set was animated in that show, it's not in this one. I also distinctly remember a mouse hole, the camera panning up to it often, presumably to talk to a mouse I don't remember. i've thought maybe this was simply a segment from Playschool but damn do I remember it strongly, and lovingly, and I want to see it and get my nostalgia fix. Super slim details, I know, but hey, if you saw it you'd know what I'm saying. Been trying to figure this one out for atleast six years. Reply

      I think that I remember what you're talking about, but I can't be sure. Maybe it was one of the Monica Trapaga videos?

      I don't think there's a ladybug on this show, but could it be The Huggabug Club?

      Yes it was ladybug that aired for a limited number of episodes....my son zach was on the opening song of the show

      Actually it was called "the ladybird"with pat wilson
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    I'm looking for a really low quality CGI animated movie from the 2010s - I remember it had a bunch of mismatched characters like a green bug protagonist, a pig, and a 'sexy' wolf anthro with a fake Russian accent. I'm pretty sure there was also a spaceship and aliens involved? I've been looking for it everywhere; if anyone can help me find it, that would be amazing!

    EDIT: I think the title (or maybe the tagline) involved something along the lines of heroes, defenders, etc. Hope that helps? Reply


      Judging by the Space theme and the protagonist being a bug, it could be Fly me to the Moon (2008)

      It isn't Fly Me To The Moon, it definitely had a much cheaper look and wasn't made by any big production companies. Thank you though!
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    I remember watching this kiddie VHS with puppets that taught the viewers about safety (you know, "stranger danger," that kind of thing). It's NOT Safe-Side Super Chick, though. It was made up like a radio show, with musical segments and whatnot. I only remember two of them:

    One featured this girl (puppet) who just stared out of a window, singing about something like "don't talk to strangers/don't answer the door," then there was one kinda towards the end where a boy (also a puppet) rapped about tv and what to watch and not watch (he mentions not to watch scary movies/shows).

    In between each segment was the radio disc jockey guy (again, a puppet) who would announce the tracks/artists he was going to play. I distinctly remember whenever he would come on, he would always talk about dialing 911 when there was an emergency (every time he said it, "911" in white would appear onscreen).

    P.S. For future reference, should straight-to-VHS things like this be listed as "Film," or "Live-Action TV?" While it probably never aired on TV, it isn't exactly the quality of a movie. Reply
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    does anybody know of a cartoon tv series, probably very unpopular, for adults or teenagers and has cartoons sort of similar looking to total drama island but all the girls look slutty kinda and and it's quite funny and it was sort of centred around the kids in the show Reply

      You probably need to give more information like: Do you remember what sort of things did the people do on the show? Where did you watch the show? What year did you watch the show? etc etc

      Shooting from the hip, 6teen was around the same time period and had a similar art style to total drama.

      I second 6Teen.

      ^^ Going by that sort of guessing, Stoked is also from the makers of 6Teen and Total Drama
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    so there was this cartoon i used to watch. all i can remember is that there was a girl ( forgot her name ) who was really rich. she lived with her parents and on her birthday they gave her a doll. There was this episode where the doll breaks and another episode where the girl had a picture of her mother . her mother had really thin eyebrows but the girl had really thick ones , so she cut them up with scissors so then everyone found out about it so one worker put black tape over it. later they had to go to europe ( i think ) and so they had to leave their home. the mother and some other people went by a small boat but the others had to go by the ship. the others were in Europe but they couldn`t find the mother and the others that went by the boat. apparently there was a storm and they died. that was all i can remember and it was pretty old * not black and white *. i don`t think it was really popular soo.. help?? Reply
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    So all i remember is that it was a movie where someone or multiple people (not sure) are trying to escape death (maybe death not sure) and if they kill someone else they get there remaining life and i remember one of the people or the one guy killed someone and it worked but the guy he killed had an illness of some sort and he was going to die anyway, Any help would be nice cause my memory is awful. Reply

      Are you thinking about "In Time"?

      After looking at the page nothing there rings any bells except for the guy that drank himself to death but i want to say it was death by illness not drinking himself to death.

      I didn't watch the movie, but you're maybe referring to The One ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_One_(2001_film)

      It's not The One even if that sounds really cool, I remember it being at the very least one guy killing another guy who is not a clone or other dimension version etc etc, just someone completely unrelated to the character who killed him.


      One more bump for good luck.
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    Live Action TV
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    There was a show on in the early to mid '90s that mixed puppets and human actors. The only other distinguishing feature I remember is that there was a dungeon with a puppet head mounted on the wall that talked. Reply

      Was it aimed at kids or adults? Because right now the only thing I can think of was Greg the Bunny

      Kids. And I'm certain it was not a Sid and Marty Krofft show.

      Eureeka's Castle?

      No, there was an element of the occult in this one. I think the humans entered the puppet world through some lion, witch and the wardrobe sort of mechanism, whatever that trope is called.. and there was magic involved, among the puppets. I'm sure the lead villain was an evil wizard.

      I've been searching for the name of this show for years, with no results. What I remember is roughly the same; aired in the late 80s or mid 90s, puppets with humans, and above all else: the mounted, talking head in the dungeon. I have the impression that the talking head was a sort of bumbler... the comic-relief sidekick of the Evil Wizard who would crack wise if (when) the Wizard's plans fell apart.

      I had doubted my own memories of the lion/witch/wardrobe stranding of the kids, but seeing you write the same I think I can confirm that you're on the right track with that as well. I feel vindicated that at least I didn't dream the existence of this show after all..

      What country was this in? What network?

      Was it aimed at younger kids or older kids? I.E. how serious were the villains threats, or was it more of a comedy?

      Was it a TV show or a movie? In Labrynth, there are some puppet heads mounted on walls and doors, but that's a movie, not a TV show.

      Blizzard Island.

      Holy moley, I think 'Blizzard Island' is the right answer. I should've posted here sooner! I'm not exaggerating when I say I've been looking for this (off and on) for years!

      Oddly enough, the head on the wall/table doesn't look all that familiar, but that purple fuzzy guy with the cowardly voice seems *really* familiar. And overall, the feel of the show just fits.

      Thanks very much!!

      Years later, I have an answer! Thank you!
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    Back during the 2008 election, some TV network put out cute little songs for the two candidates, Obama and Mc Cain. I think they were done by Nickelodeon, but I could be wrong. The only thing I remember about them is that Obama's started "Born in Honolulu." I know that isn't a lot to go on, but hopefully, someone remembers them better than I do. I really just want to look at the lyrics again. Thanks! Reply
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    I think there was a link to it somewhere on the Suspiciously Similar Song trope page, in one of the folders. The band name was made up of three or so random letters and/or numbers. The song was one of those weird electronic (big beat?) songs that, from time to time in the song, would play this reversed sample of a slightly high-pitched voice saying....something. The album artwork was kind of plain, with a black and gray gradient that resembled a tv test pattern and the band name in white. I wanna know what this song is again so I can hear what the mysterious voice is saying, but unreversed. Reply

      something by Cabaret Voltaire maybe?

      Good guess, but I couldn't find them on the page, nor could I find the song I was looking for. Their music does sound a bit similar, though.

      was the sample the only words in the song?

      It might have been. I think there was a good bit of samples in there. I'm not sure, though.

      could it be 808 State- Nimbus? The word said is "Nimbus' but maybe you misheard it?

      Sadly, no. It definitely sounded like a complete sentence. Also, I think the song was a bit slower.

      Only other thing I can think of is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RflA10CwoJA

      That's...quite an interesting song, but no, that's not it either. This song was probably one of those obscure underground tracks, come to think of it.


      Now Is Forever by Eiffel 65 has a few lines that are backwards. They aren't repeated though

      Not that one, either, but the song I'm looking for has about the same tempo.

      What kind of electronic music was it? i.e house, trance, breakbeat etc

      I don't know for certain. It might have been big beat. I think it was one of those really underground-type tracks, but I know for sure it was definitely somewhere on YouTube, because there was a link to it on what I think was the Suspiciously Similar Song page.

      Guys, I found it! It's on the Suspiciously Similar Song page in the "Music" section. It's called Blend the Strengths by Front 242, and it supposedly ripped off the Super Mario Bros. Underground theme. I'll post what the reverse message says later, but in the meantime, I'm hungry, and the Chicken Parmesan sitting in the microwave isn't gonna eat itself.

      EDIT: Okay, so I reversed it, but it's really hard to make out. I then slowed it down, which made things easier, but the stupid reversed snares keep getting in the way. It sounds like "And if you send from (something) using it as our guide."

      EDIT EDIT: I just found the sample. It comes from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. (It says "...with which we ascend from chaos using reason as our guide" in the song, but in reverse) I've never really watched any Star Trek, so I would have never known. All I did was just type in what I thought it said into Google, then picked an autofill, which brought me to a Star Trek Wiki page, which contained a quote. I then searched for the quote, which brought me to the video above.
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    This is quite a long shot.

    There was a collection of games for the BBC Micro advertised in a UK computer magazine in the 1980s, I think around 1986 or 1987. The advertisement was for about 20 different pieces of software, each with a screenshot and a short description. The collection was advertised as "Games Galore for 9.99", but the actual title was something like "Games Collection Vol. 1" It had about 10 games on one disk. None of them had been released separately.

    One of the games was a text adventure called something like "The Wizard" or "The Warlock". It started with an animated intro, impressive for the time, showing a 3D grid zooming around before settling underneath ẗhe camera and the letters of the title scrolled towards the camera along it.

    I didn't get far in the game itself, but I remember it had a futuristic or sci-fi theme. Near the starting location was a long metal road leading to a city in the distance.

    Another game on the collection was a Breakout-like game. You controlled two wizards on a seesaw. When one landed on one end, the other would be catapulted up into the air. If the wizard missed the seesaw, you lost a life. The aim was to pop balloons with the wizards' pointy hats.

    I'd like to find the text adventure again, if I can. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Reply
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    Western Animation
    Hi! I was wondering if maybe tropers could help me figure out this one work I recall seeing somewhere.

    It was a CGI cartoon, I don't remember if it was a movie or a tv series.

    I think it was from France? I'm not sure though; I looked through the French cartoons list on Wikipedia and nothing rang a bell.

    What I do recall is two characters designs. One was an adult woman with a bobcat haircut, black-rimmed glasses, black suit, white shirt, black pants and black fingerless gloves; maybe a beauty mark too, I'm not sure. She was one of the bad guys, I think; not sure about that either. The other was a small child, pink shirt, long sleeves, brown hair and a pink hat; I think it was a beret. She was one of the main characters or a one shot character.

    As for the show, I think it involves aliens? Again, my memory is fuzzy. I drew a terrible doodle of them if it helps. http://imgur.com/a/y7NLx Reply
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    Western Animation
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    I asked about this on the old YKTS, but I don't think it was ever answered. I remember quite a bit about it, but can't find any evidence that it actually even exists. It was a short film (maybe 15 minutes, maybe a half-hour) shown in a grade school assembly in the late 1970s, as an educational film about mathematics (probability, specifically), with extremely stylized animation. It involves a nebbishy guy rescuing a little man (might have been a leprechaun, might have been a wizard, but he was definitely magical).

    The little man gives him a magical amulet (half-red, half-blue) which will grant his fondest wishes... 50% of the time. His wish involves becoming a superhero, and when he first uses it (and the blue side lights up), he becomes Probability Man, a large and deep-voiced Flying Brick with the man's face. Other times, the red side lights up, and he turns into something random. (Either way, it was for a limited duration, and he changed back on his own after a while)

    The part I remember best is when his would-be girlfriend (who knows his secret identity) arranges to have him rescue her from a burning building when she jumps from a high window, while news crews record the rescue so he can become famous, but the red side lights up, and he turns into a (talking) bed instead of Probability Man. She chides him and walks away, while he (still as a bed) moans "awwww", and crumples.

    The little man adjusts the probability a few times during the short (at one point reducing it to 33% blue/67% red, IIRC). At the very end, he raises it to a 90% chance of the blue side working, and it ends with narration along the lines of "But even 90% isn't a certainty, so every now and then..." as the red side lights up, the nebbish turns into a dog, blinks at the camera, and runs away. Any ideas? Does anyone but me remember this film at all? Google gives me nothing. Reply

      Bump #2

      Bump #3? This one's still bothering me.

      ... I can't possibly be the only person who's seen this, can I?
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    Something a few days ago reminded me of a game (or maybe a book) I saw a long time ago where there was a company that built starships for combat. Their official motto was "Built in space to fight in space", but since they were notoriously cheap (both in price and staying power), the joke motto was "Crunch all you want, we'll make more."

    I want to say this was part of some sort of card game, or maybe a video game, but I'm not at all sure. Does anyone recognize this? Reply
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    1: this isn't a show, but a character, I just remembered a white robot with a head similar to that of a Lego figure, what I mean is; there is a black stud on top of it. I think he also had small eyes with blue hair or something like that. I don't remember his name or anything.

    2: I remember a theme from a show on treehouse that starts at night, then a few seconds later it becomes day, the show might have been stop motion, and I think it was from the uk. Reply

      I believe the answer to your first question is the film Robots where the main character looks much like you described him

      update: I went to youtube, and stumbled apon a playlist called "cringe" one of the videos had a character that looked like the one I talked about...

      it was rolie polie olie

      Funny thing is that i used to watch that, I was at least close with the robot part, But on the bright side you found the answer to your first question so I wish you luck on the second.
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    Live Action TV
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    Back in the late nineties or early 2000s, I was at an ice skating rink where they had some show playing on TV. There was a girl who was scared of the storm outside at night, so her parents gave her a doll to comfort her. The doll could talk when you pulled a string and said things like "goodnight, sleep tight". At first the girl was comforted by her new toy but it kept talking, even when she didn't pull the string, which kept her awake. She put it under her pillow and in her toy box but it kept talking. She dropped the doll out the window but it bounced back up or something and kept talking. Finally she reached into her toybox and pulled out a pink chainsaw to cut the doll apart with. I was a pretty wee child at the time so I turned away in horror before the story ended, and I've been massively freaked out by talking dolls ever since. I realize that I could probably find the answer in a talking doll trope page, or something, but as dolls freak me out I figured I'd ask here before venturing over there. Reply
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    Western Animation
    I'm looking for this animated song I saw on youtube I think around 2010. I remember that in the start this woman somehow brings a palm tree to life and there is a bit about a baboon and a raccoon dating and there might have been something with monkey hand puppets, I don't think it had anything with a show but I'm not sure Reply
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    I remember this nature documentary for kids that I passed by at a museum once. They were even playing it on a TV. It had a song in it about Spring that had a line that went something along the lines of "check the clock because Spring is here", or something. Oh, and it also gave the animals voices. Gotta keep those kids entertained somehow. I also remember these frogs that told bad puns, to an audience of fish I believe? Reply
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    I'm asking about an indie film I saw in the early 2000s. It's about a horned man asleep underground who's awoken by (I think..) archeologists. He's not actually evil, a devil or a demon (an instance of Dark Is Not Evil). He's perpetually in a terrible mood, and the press follows his discovery, making him into a reluctant celebrity. After the media attention dies down, the "main" archeologist who discovered him (the other, human, protagonist) begins sleeping with some dude and from that point forward ignores him. Reply

      Is it "No Such Thing"? It was released in 2001. There's a foul tempered immortal-ish horned man hibernating in an abandoned Icelandic military bunker who is lured out of isolation by a journalist (not an archaeologist). They go to New York and get mobbed by the press, becoming overnight celebrities. (The ending is a bit different - after being separated by the journalist's boss and the government, the two reunite to perform some mad science in an attempt to erase the monster from existence, thereby ending his immortality).

      That's it, thanks! I really didn't care for the film but I occasionally think back to it. Probably the last thing I rented from Blockbuster.

      (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑
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    this tv show starts out following a guy who is searching for his wife. turns out the wife was a different person from like the 40s. i remember a girl who is trying to remember her past life and has a small black book with a number on it. in the book is her written memories of a past life. in another scene a little girl is a old man killer reincarnated and is at a house that is being rennovated. it was like a secret order of some sort that reincarnated and they were a limited amount of them. Reply

      Might it be The 4400?


      its not 4400 or intruders. i remember there were like only 6 of them that could come back from the dead? and the husband that is looking for his wife finds them in downtown building thats been owned by one of the incarnations of the people for ever. one of the scenes i remember is the little girl is going in and out of being the older person and the younger person and she calls home for her parents but then i guess the alien or other person that is trying to control her comes out and she kills the people that are with her. turns out she went to a house that her former self owned.

      they also have to read their book so they can remember who they are? each book is numbered. each book is black.

      i remember another thing. one of the characters looked alot like the icetruck killer guy but it wasnt the icetruck killer guy.

      You might want to watch this
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    This was a one-off webcomic. I remember hearing that it disappeared from one site but was saved and put on another, either by the artist or a fan. The way it was set up, you could only view one panel at a time. The style reminded me of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

    It was about the writer's childhood fears in the late Seventies and early Eighties. The comic was him telling a psychiatrist about it all, and his narration continued through a series of flashbacks. The flashbacks ended with an incongruous sex dream. The frame story ended with a lame gag where the psychiatrist was really an alien. Reply

      Halloween Bump!

      It turns out it's "Terrors of the Night" by Patrick Farley.
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    Years ago when I was younger I saw a play on PBS that I found absolutely hilarious at the time, if I remember correctly it starts out with almost everyone in the protagonists village being killed by some sort of invaders I think they were supposed to be Spanish. During that scene they find the protagonist's girlfriend I think and they throw into the air a bunch while the narrator says something along the lines of "and they threw her in the air once, twice, three times, and then they stabbed her" In the meantime shes saying something like wee yay or hurrah until they stab her when she breaks the wall between her and the narrator saying wait what? The Narrator would also take breaks from that to play the main characters master, and when he would a man in a t-shirt reading Generic Narrator would take the place of the narrator. I believe they have some recurring song where they sang everything happens for a reason or to look on the sunny side of life or some other hopeful thing. Reply