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    I heard this song about four years back in one of the shops at Disney's Boardwalk Area in Orlando. It had kind of a dubstep sound to it and sounded like something you'd hear while people are jumping up and down, that sorta thing. It was being sung by a man and the only notable lyrics that I ever heard were "We were born to fly....Fly away" with the words born and fly away elongated. Everytime I search it I only end up finding old country songs with no match to what I heard. Reply


      Could it by any chance be a remix of Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz?

      Unfortunately no, it had a much heavier beat, no guitars that were noticeable, and had a more early "pop" feel to it, if that helps any. I tried seeing if any remixes of that song sounded like what I heard and still found nothing similar to it.
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    Live Action TV
    Hey. I know this might not get that many answers, but I'm hopeful. Mexican tv show, 2009-2010. The only thing I remember was that there was a part where they said "Alto voltaje!" (High voltage). It was one of those variety shows shown on afternoons, I think. Reply
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    The story stars with the spawning/creations/purchase of a expensive princess unit, and continues mostly from her world view for the first major arc.

    Her country does fall, and the second arc continues after a longtime (very large amount rounds) later to follow a new cast, that after a lot of adventure, happen to find and capture the old capital from arc 1, with a small weak force. Not being able to hold it they raise the capitol for the resources. They also found a note from the old king's fortune teller, address to them. Not long after they run into the princess who is still alive an operating a a rouge/wild/barbarian unit

    This is a mostly text based comic similar to Paul Gassis "R-505 Flying Cloud". Reply
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    I remember when I was in elementary school my teachers would sometimes show this web series (probably on YouTube, but I'm not sure) about these three birds. The first was a yellow one who was the one who was always asking questions and lived in a can. The second was a female red bird that couldn't fly. The third was a purple bird with a sailor's cap who kind of reminds me of Roger from American Dad!. The only thing i can remember about the opening sequence was the yellow and red bird jumping on top of the purple bird in the water. Most of the time the last scene would be real life kids doing something similar to what happened in the cartoon, like planting a tree or something. I remember one episode that had the yellow and red bird following their shadows, and that's all I know. Reply

      Sounds like Peep and the Big Wide World.

      Peep and the Big Wide World?

      That is Peep and the Big Wide World.

      It should be noted that Peep and the Big Wide World was not a web series (or at least I've never known it to be), but Western Animation.

      It might be in YouTube.
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    i think i saw this on food channel (or something similar) a year ago.

    Its a english speaking show where a white guy reviews several restaurants and tries their full course, at the end he writes a review on what he thinks the best one is (i think he is a columnist and writes for a large paper)

    this guy is very impatient and is not your typical foodie, anyone know what show im talking about? Reply
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    Um, so, there was a Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy slash fanfic I read a while back, but I can't find it anymore.

    It's an after-the-war fic from Malfoy's POV, and at least part of the story takes place during Eight Year, but I think the story starts with both Harry and Malfoy working at the Ministry of Magic. Harry tries to talk to Malfoy and ask him out, but Malfoy rejects him.

    It's later revealed that Malfoy and Harry were somewhat in a relationship during the summer prior to Eighth Year, but on the train to Hogwarts, Harry hides from and ignores Malfoy, because he didn't want to deal with his friends' reactions.

    At Hogwarts, during Eighth Year, the Slytherins are mistreated by students from other houses (and even some teachers, I think) who blame them for the deaths of their loved ones. Harry frequently rescues younger Slytherins, and even Draco's friends, from bullies, but Draco wonders why Harry never comes for him when he needs help. (Later, we find out that Harry was the one who found Draco after he passed out from getting hexed, and was the one who took him to the infirmary.)

    In the end, Malfoy forgives Harry, and agrees to go for drinks sometime with him. (Or something like that. But they do get together again, somewhat.)

    I might have gotten some facts wrong, since it's been a while since I read it, and I was reading a lot of Harry Potter fanfics during that time. But does anyone remember reading this fic? Thanks in advance! Reply

      Sadly fanfic requests don't get answered a lot, but at least with it being HP fandom you've got a better shot— I haven't read the fic you're talking about, but you could maybe try googling for 8th year rec lists (since 8th years is an exclusively fanfic-based term) or sorting on AO 3 by both the tags "Hogwarts Eighth Year" and "Ministry of Magic" (or whatever a more appropriate post-canon adult lives fic tag might be!) In any case, here's a big list of 8th year H/D fic I found from a quick Google, though it might be older than what you're needing: http://karala.livejournal.com/8009.html
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    Hello, I am looking for an old Sci-Fi movie/Tv show. All i remember is a desert setting(planet?) and a protagonist in a red space jump suit meeting The Big Bad who turned out to be his thought dead brother/friend. The Big Bad had black hair and a silver jump suit. Don't recall what exactly transpired between them, just some blaster action, but in the end the big bad realised his mistakes and did something heroic(possibly sacrificed himself) to save the day. I think he survived and after a heartfelt conversation with the protagonist flew away in an old-school little space ship. I probably got some facts mixed up, so even if you know of something even a little simmilar, i would still apreciate it.


      Only thing i can think of that vaguely fits is, "earthstar voyager" it was and wonderful world of disney/mini-series/failed pilot show in the 80s.

      It sounds a lot like Zoom, a movie about a bunch of kids with superpowers who are being trained by an ex-superhero to fight said Big Bad. The ex-superhero's played by Tim Allen, and I think it's a disney movie.
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    Like the title says. It was a short story I stumbled across years ago in high school. The narration was first person limited, detailing a man standing in line for some unspecified paperwork. As the tale progressed we heard of how long the line was (years in some cases) how society functioned along the line (further back people will swap spots for sexual favors but near the front no one dares give an inch) and the rules of the line (you can sleep, but one foot must be on the ground and below you. Special hammocks have been made for this purpose). The story ends with the narrator handing over his paperwork, a moment of nervousness wondering if he did it wrong and will have to go to the back of the line, and then handing his tent/hammock thing to someone a few spots down before leaving to see his family. Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? Reply

      This is a biiiig stretch, but could it have been My Petition for More Space by John Hersey?

      I can't say that the title sounds familiar, but it does sound like that has many of the same concepts. One of the reviews on goodreads mentions someone remembering it from their high school. So either there is a short story that explores the same ideas (it was inside a much larger english lit textbook) or the textbook just contained a portion of it.

      I remember such a story, but with a different end: having finally finished his paperwork, he has no idea what to do with his life, so he just starts over. I can't remember the source though.

      I've read the story FiliasCupio mentions, but I don't think it's the same one the OP is asking about. (Unfortunately, I don't remember the name either.)

      ...say, I've just realized there's a trope page about people standing in line.

      It mentions "In the Queue" by Keith Laumer, which sounds like it might be the one the OP is after.

      Read it online here.

      [edit: And that's definitely the story I remember having read, so it looks like I was wrong about it not being the same one.]

      Thank you Paul A. I had a feeling that such a trope page existed when I began this odyssey but couldn't quite find it. You've not only found the trope but the exact story I was remembering. Thank you. Apparently I misremembered the ending a bit.
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    Print Comic
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    Our "Bruce Wayne Held Hostage" page has this in the list.

    " A variation occurred in a Silver Age Superman story. During an attempted heist at a museum, some goons take a bystander hostage and force Superman to help them. Only the "Superman" they have is a lookalike in a Superman costume on his way to his son's school, and the "hostage" is Clark Kent, who they grabbed before he could change clothes. The real Superman ends up having to use his powers to covertly make his kidnappers believe the fake one is the real deal until he can get him safely away. "

    Anyone know which story/issue that was? it sounds like a good read, but google has failed me.

    EDIT: pasted wrong one; fixed Reply

      Maybe this one?

      Oh crud, that was the wrong one! I HAVE read that one before, but what I MEANT was...

      " A variation occurred in a Silver Age Superman story. During an attempted heist at a museum, some goons take a bystander hostage and force Superman to help them. Only the "Superman" they have is a lookalike in a Superman costume on his way to his son's school, and the "hostage" is Clark Kent, who they grabbed before he could change clothes. The real Superman ends up having to use his powers to covertly make his kidnappers believe the fake one is the real deal until he can get him safely away. "
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    Live Action TV
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    Since my old post has over 50 replies, I decided to make them two different posts hoping that it will be easier.

    A 2001 short-lived kid's TV show somewhat similar to Sesame Street (I think it was on either PBS, Nickelodeon) with hand puppets and mascot costumes and 2D animation. One episode includes kids (in pajamas, I think) dance-sitting holding a toy (possibly teddy bears) in a classroom, while two life-size puppets in front of a blue tarp or sheet. NOTE: the whole song is played the first time; the second time is the same thing, but the video quickly fades to black and the credits roll while the song is still playing. Does anyone know what the show is? And if so, what episode was I referring to?

    Like the first show, this has also been bugging me for the majority of my life, Unlike the first show, however, I have not found any information about it. Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    Since my old post has over 50 replies, I decided to make them two different posts hoping that it will be easier.

    An American sitcom (sometime between the 1960s and 1990s) with one episode involving two friends (both female) at a party with a snobby woman (I assume she's wearing blue) and then they 'accidentally' push the snobby woman into the fountain (which was in a courtyard in the middle of a house, so it was a patio type area), it was at nighttime but really bright as if lit by moonlight as well as the lights of the house. Does anyone know what the show is? And if so, what episode was I referring to?

    This has been bugging me for the majority of my life and I have yet to find more information about it. PLEASE HELP ME! Reply
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    Hi, a couple of months ago I heard of a book about two Russian deserters in WW2 and their journey to escape from the red army. Or maybe it was just about two Russian soldiers trying to survive in Stalingrad? It was supposedly a comedy.

    I think it would make a good present for my dad if it's what I think it is, but the date is getting closer, so quick help is appreciated! Reply

      City of Thieves?

      And then I go and forgot that I wrote this.. *Sigh*

      You're right, it's City of Thieves, but all editions in Swedish are sold out.
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    Live Action TV
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    I barely remember anything about this; hopefully someone does. I watched this show (possibly movie?) when I was perhaps 2 or 3, and I distinctly remember a few details. There was a hotel with many floors, in which th camera would zoom out of one floor and on to another. Each floor contained a character who had a song or something like that. One of the floors had a rainbow monster. This scared me to death when I was little, and I can't for the life of me remember it. Any ideas? I lived in Bermuda at the time so it was most likely a British show but may've been American. It was either a tv show or a movie. Reply
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    I read about this game in a magazine a while back. There were three groups of players, or rather, two and a monster. One group of players was all about flying or something, and the other team was more of a sea based team. If i remember rightly, the entire goal was to get the other team eaten by the monster, or kill the monster. It's really hard to remember, as it was about 5 to 6 years ago. It was in a some kind of gamer magazine, with the focus being about Supreme Commander 2. I can say without a doubt though, that it isn't Omegalodon, Reply
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    Western Animation
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    I have this memory of a Simpsons episode I saw as a child (anywhere between 2002 and 2005 I suppose) in which Bart turns a certain age that he considers the beginning of adulthood. He therefore starts abandoning different childish things such as his favorite childhood cereal, and learns to drive, only to end up in prison because of road offenses. I can't seem to find such an episode and am wondering if maybe it was a different show altogether, which seems unlikely. Reply

      One of the episodes that I recall Bart growing up in is Holidays of the Furture past-However this episode aired in 2011-I'll keep researching and see if I can find anything

      The years you said you had seen it reveal that it aired possibly between seasons 13 and 17

      Are we discounting re-runs though? Could be from an earlier series than 13. That said, it sounds to me like a combination of Little Big Girl and The Wandering Juvie, but I can't be sure and neither of those have the 'Bart grows up' plotline.

      I'll check, Sir Boris
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    Western Animation
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    Okay, so this has been years, but I remember the concept of the Fanfiction. Aelita made it into Heaven (literally, I'm afraid). Then Jeremie (having taken a sleep pill) falls asleep, heartbroken that she died. Suddenly he sees her there. It more or less ends with Jeremie entering Heaven as well (only one chapter) and Odd discovering the death of the genius the next morning. (In that fan fic, XANA was already dead.) Problem is, I am having difficulty finding which one it was. All I remember from the ending is that Odd ran down the hallway screaming Jim's name in a Say My Name fashion.

    Anyone want to help me out with this? Reply
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    Live Action TV
    Lastest Reply: 26th Aug, 2016 08:16:35 AM
    The exact airdate of the program I'm trying to find was December 31st, 1999, at some time between 6:00 pm and 11:50 pm US central time. (Very specific, I know. I remember the date because it was Y2K and I was a little kid who had no idea what Y2K was, just that I was super excited to get to stay up all night long.) My parents thew a party and left the TV on in the living room so we could watch the ball drop in Times Square. Whatever was on TV before we watched the ceremonies was some sort of entertainment-documentary show, likely on MSNBC or ABC or the History Channel. It was a run down of some of the most famous world-ending prophecies, like Nostradamus' predictions and the Mayan sunstone "end of the calendar = end of the world" hogwash. The medieval segment had tons of lurid illustrations from biblical manuscripts of the devil and the end times and probably some slow zooms on Hieronymus Bosch paintings thrown in too. I think it was all narrated by a man's voice, who may or may not have been the presenter of the program. And I believe it ended by talking about how silly the whole Y2K bug was, with the caveat of "we'll have to wait until the clock strikes midnight to see for sure..."

    Any clue what this program might be? Reply
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    Live Action TV
    Lastest Reply: 26th Aug, 2016 07:42:15 AM
    Wasn't there this episode in Lizzie Mc Guire (I think there was also one in Braceface) that involved a pool except unlike the "Pool Party" episode, it was at the school pool, Lizzie's class (which were there) and Lizzie and her friends WERE in bathing suits (Animated Lizzie's bathing suit was like this Cyan Blue tankini), it had a "Revenge of the Nerds"-esque plot with these enemy girls, it's comparable to The Mighty B! episode "Dragonflies" (if you've seen both episodes), it had this moral dealing with harassment, i believe it had these British enemy girls rudely interrupt them at the pool and go as far as taking over the school, it was one of the first episodes of the show (i think), and i believe it exists, yet i just can't put my finger on it. I've talked to other people on the internet and they say they remember an episode like that and they found the correct source and it was at a pool. (Same for that Braceface episode but not that much, i've talked to others and they say they remember it also.)

    Wasn't there an episode like that?



      Odd. I couldn't find the episode on either of the two show's Wikipedia episode lists, but if you talked with some people about this already, then I'm sure they're there.


      Bump Sorry. Oh, by the way, i talked to someone i know and he said "I found the right source, yes it was", so that means the episode might actually exist. Same for the other episode which i told that same person if he was watching it and he said "Yes, it was about a pool".

      What does he mean by "the right source"? Like, he found the episode, but he's not telling you the episode title for some reason...?

      Oh, and it's plot was similar to "Revenge of the Nerds"



      Bump. I'm sure it exists, considering how i've talked to other people and they say they remember it.

      "Odd. I couldn't find the episode on either of the two show's Wikipedia episode lists..." I think that pool scene was a scene at the start and end of both episodes and not part of the main plots.

      I'm sure it exists>? Does it?

      Oh, and I remember there was a scene in that L Mc G episode where Kate was telling those enemy girls where the kiddie pool was to distract them. There was a similar scene in that Braceface episode that had Nina doing the same thing, telling them where the kiddie pool was to distract them

      Honestly, I think that your best bet is to just watch every episode of Lizzie Mc Guire to check and see which one it is (or at the very least fast forward through them). If the wiki synopses aren't giving you anything then just go straight to the source. It's not a neat solution, but if you're sure that it's Lizzie Mc Guire, then it's your best solution.

      Edit: Huh, for some reason it started to randomly link words in my reply. Anyone know why this happened?

      ^ The way links are made on this wiki is by ramming words together, so the wiki software thinks any word that starts with a capital letter and has at least one capital letter inside it is meant to be a link. There's a markup to tell it that you want the word left how it is, thus: [=McGuire=]

      Cool, never knew that. The more you know, I guess.

      I've been hearing about people who remember both episodes.
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    I used to volunteer at my local library, reshelving booms and movies and such. Anyway, I came across this one film once that kinda sparked my interest, but I never did watch it, and now I can't remember what it's called and can't seem to dig it up by plot. It's a period drama, set in the late 1700's or very early 1800's, before the slave trade was abolished in the UK. From what I remember reading the back of the VHS box (yes, this was on VHS, just before they become fully obsolete in favour of DV Ds and libraries still stocked them) the plot concerns a young women, an intellectual, who's in a loveless marriage with man who's very much not an intellectual. Her husband's job is receiving slaves and training them for service in upper class households in England and the heroine aides him in this, reluctantly I think. Anyway, she meets one of the slaves, a man who happens to be very educated, and as intellectual as she is. And anyway, supposedly, forbidden romance blooms. The box cover had a still of the said slave carrying the women over some water, I think, if that helps. Reply
  • 2 Aug 26th, 2016 at 1:01AM
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    Hi, I'm looking for a book. Must have read it about 10 years ago (god I'm getting old).

    Anyway, I have no clue about name or author. But I remember the content fairly well. I guess it would qualify as a thriller. It started with a woman walking her dog and suddenly she got this intense panic attacks out of nowhere. Eventually it turned out there was a psychiatrist who would condition his patients with haikus, so that reading a specific haiku would hypnotise them, and then he would condition them to have panic attacks or depression or whatever. Reply
  • 0 Aug 25th, 2016 at 8:08PM
    I was watching a show-Not sure if it was an anime or live tv-This woman was with this guy, she liked him-he didn't notice she liked him tho-and she was being all flirty and sat down beside him and smelled his breath and it stunk like onions. I don't recall many details, just that one. Reply
  • 3 Aug 23rd, 2016 at 3:03PM
    Lastest Reply: 25th Aug, 2016 05:54:36 PM
    Hi, him looking for an old cartoon from the (maybe) 2000 era. It’s about a team of detectives that track a genius criminal with a (golden?) mask. It takes place in Europe if I remember correctly and the main appeal is the mystery surrounding the identity of this criminal.

    If anyone has any clue about this show and where I can find it ( I mostly want to know the identity of the man behind the mask) tell me please. Reply


      No, it was an animated show. Now that I think about it it may be older than 2000.

      nevermind its that, I was checking the theater version. Thanks

  • 2 Aug 24th, 2016 at 10:10AM
    Lastest Reply: 25th Aug, 2016 03:25:27 PM
    I'm trying to remember a manga I once read. I can remember parts of it but not what it was called or what it was mostly about. I'm going to put what I remember about it and hopefully one of you may be able to identify the manga. The meat of the story dealt with an event that seemed to either kill people or give them power (I think it was in the form of a rain or mist). The main antagonist was a teen who could create explosions and was immortal for some reason (I think he had some magic stone embedded into his bod) I believe the author died but the manga was still finished. It may have an anime adaption. I believe there was an intelligent animal, like an owl or something. I may be wrong,

    The Fighting was not over the top shonen fair. Thanks for any help! Reply

      Probably not it, but Deadman Wonderland involves a kid named Ganta whose whole class is killed by a mysterious figure, and he has a red stone embedded in his chest, and he has a power to make explosions from his blood. Everyone in the manga/anime also has blood related superpowers, and there is a character, Nagi, whose codename is Owl. (All the characters have bird related codenames; for instance, Ganta is Woodpecker.) The manga is finished, but the anime is not. No idea if the author is still alive.

      Alive: The Final Evolution? The starting event is a black mist from the sky that makes some people either gleefully kill themselves or gain superpowers, there's a kid villain who gains an intangible body from a piece of alien macguffin and another one whose ability is making pressurized bubbles that explode on contact, though they're not the same person (the immortal kid's power was making holes in anything), plus an alien consciousness that initially inhabits the body of an owl.
  • 0 Aug 25th, 2016 at 11:11AM
    So it was a book (possibly a series of short stories?) where there was a story about a time machine. The guy is coming back to see his machine (the machine needed to be repaired) but sees himself coming out the machine and panics and shoots him. He then jumps inside the machine and takes off. It is essentially a time loop. He reflects on his relationship with his dad and talks with the AI voice and they look through his memories. If he steps out he'll get shot by past him and die. Finally he accepts his fate and forgives his dad and steps out. It turns out he didn't die from the shot. It's sci-fi obv. Reply
  • 3 Aug 20th, 2016 at 9:09PM
    Live Action TV
    Lastest Reply: 25th Aug, 2016 09:00:49 AM
    I've been trying to find 2 shows I watched when I was a kid. I watched it on a vhs tape that a friend showed me when I was visiting family in Vietnam. I don't remember the plots just some details. I know that they weren't in english that's for sure, but they had subtitles. I think it was either japanese, chinese, vietnamese, maybe even korean I don't know. They were both similar to power rangers and I want to find them because its been bothering me not remembering what the shows were.

    1. The first one had teams of three people fighting other teams of three, and they activated their powers, suits, and robots by glowing symbols on the back of their hands. Some of the team colors were I think red, purple, orange and blue(light blue?). The red team had a robot bird, I think the purple team had a robot turtle or something, blue had like a shark maybe? I just remember that the purple team were one of the bad guys and the red team were one of the good guys. The red team had 2 males and a female. The female's weapons were fans, one of the males used his fists only(I think) and the other had 2 swords. It takes a 3 members of one team to summon their robots though.

    2. The second one had 2 characters: a female and a male. The female's suit was white while the male's was brown. I think they were best friends or a couple(I forgot). I remember that their was a scene where they were fighting each other and the male was very injured by the female and another scene where the male went to the restroom and someone who looked just like him abducted the male and took his place. The only difference between the male and his doppelganger was that the male was joyful or like showed lots of energy and emotion while the doppelganger was emotionless or looked serious all the time.

    They were live action of course but had more drama and story to it for its time at least and most of the time they were fighting against others like themselves no monsters.

    It would be great if someone can help me, pls reply if you can thank you very much Reply

      I can't do anything for specifics, but you might want to check the Wikipedia pages for Super Sentai, Ultra series, and Kamen Rider series, to see if any of the titles in the lists of shows belonging to those franchises spark a memory? Those are the biggest sentai (Power Rangers-like; Super Sentai was actually the footage source for Power Rangers) franchises in Japan as far as I'm aware.

      Yeah I looked up all the seasons for super sentai, kamen rider and the ultra series but I didn't find what I was looking for

      The first one is probably Chou Sei Shin Gransazer.