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    Anyone knows what is the music played in the future on Bill and Ted (1989)?? Any similar? Reply

      It's "In Time" by Robbie Robb.
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    A few years ago, I read a fantasy book in which there was a vampire who wanted to be human again. He accomplished this by refusing to drink blood; I don't remember if there was precedent or if he was just trying something outside the box, but apparently starving oneself would eventually cause a vampire to become human again.

    I remember he was a teenager, complete with pimples—everlasting ones that never changed on account of being a vampire. I think he'd become oddly fond of them over the years, and was even a little sad when, once his vampire-ness started fading, they did too.

    He wasn't THE main character—I think he was one of several, like a D&D adventuring party—and I don't think his progression as a vampire-turning-human was incredibly prominent, but it was the most unique part of the book so that's all I really remember from it.

    I THINK it was set in a medieval-ish world, but I'm not sure. Reply

      I think I know this one! I recall that this character was also well-endowed (which kept getting mentioned), and that the villain had a stone or something that could annihilate countries? The vampire went human then ended up being a vampire again, I think. If this is thr same book, it was part of a series (I read the first, but only got partway through the second).

      I'll do my best to find it!

      FOUND IT! FINALLY. "Voyage of the Shadowmoon" by Sean Mc Mullen. (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1150501.Voyage_of_the_Shadowmoon)
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    Western Animation
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    Hi, Sorry for the length of the post, but this TV show really matters to me.

    I saw this TV show around 8-11 years ago as a kid, because of that I vaguely remember some parts of episodes and some other things. I was really moved by this show as a kid and I really wish I could re watch it. I'l try my best to describe it . This TV show is about some guy in the future who works as a part of a company or group I think that travels time using a time machine on his ship. I remember that he had a boss or supervisor or so that If i'm not wrong his "thing" was that he was always chewing on an apple or so. The show begins when the guy travels to the medieval times. His task was just to spectate a wedding I think between some king and a woman. That woman had red hair if I'm not wrong. During the wedding I can recall him sitting on a branch of a tree in a brown hood spectating the wedding or ceremony when something happened and he intervened with it although he wasn't allowed to. This resulted in him escaping with the woman with red hair back to the ship and they then time traveled someplace else. During the show they are most of the time in the future and I can recall them visiting a sort of futuristic city with a lot of different types of aliens and I can recall that in one episode the woman asked one of the aliens if they knew someone from earth and the alien said that he never heard of a planet called earth and he has never seen someone like her ( a human) (I'm not that sure about that last part though). In the end of the series the guy figures out that the present he knew is gone forever I think and eventually they travel back to 19th or so century Paris and the woman decides she wants to stay there and quit adventuring with the guy. Throughout the series the go through many adventures together and they also try to find a way to get back to the guys present because his time machine broke after the first episode I think. To be honest I'm not even sure if its western Animation of Japanese anime but I'm pretty sure that its western. I know that this is a long shot but I swear I remember watching that as a kid. If anyone has the slightest clue what this could be it will be extremely helpful. Reply

      I assume you've checked all the pages for Time Travel and so on to see if any of the examples seem familar?
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    Live Action TV
    Kids show somewhere in the later 2000s that I have yet to find the title of, though I loved it as a kid. I vaguely remember it being odd for a kids show, I remember garbage filling the frame as a backdrop and then a human shaped garbage figure moves in stopmotion. One episode I remember had a skit in which an animated hotel showed characters in silhouette of each window, it was meant to be scary I believe. There was also a narrator that spoke from time to time. I think doors opening was either in one episode or commonly used to transition from skit to skit. Reply
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    I'm pretty sure that's what it is, anyway. The one I read was about the main kids (2 boys and a girl) and a little sibling go to visit the uncle of the girl, who lives by a cliff, and go searching for treasure. Reply

      Over Sea, Under Stone?

      No, that's not it. Another thing I remember is that there was a crazy cat lady.



      Sounds like one of the Famous Five books. Julian, Dick and their sister Anne go to stop with their Uncle Quentin, his wife Aunt Fanny, and their daughter George who live by the sea, and they get into various adventures involving crooks, treasure, castles and secret passages. There's about 20 books in the series.

      Maybe A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0339291/

      No, not those either. Um, I think there was a guy posing as a scientist or something that visits them who is actually a fake looking for the treasure. One of the boys figured it out because part of a book was ripped out or something. And for some reason the kids teddy bear seems like it was important?
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    What is that song often used in comedic chase scenes? this video has it at about 13:30 https://vimeo.com/110219399 Reply
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    I watched it in 2001 but the movie was 60s, 70s or early 80s. I remember seeing a film about time travel, Agroup of scientists use a "claw" or "footprint" of a "lizard like" humanoid that lived among dinosaurs to fix the "position in time" and go back in that time... After some time there they kill a Tryranosaur Rex (don't remember if it was and accident or not), they try to come back and the Present is ruled by those "lizard" creatures... Quickly they defeat it and they manage to go back to the T-Rex time and kill the humanoid-lizard (or not kill the Trex, can't remember), in the end they come back to their original time and everything is fine.

    It's "vibe" is like 'The Time Travellers' but it is NOT, nor 'A Sound of Thunder', 'Journey to the Center of Time', any 'The Land That Time Forgot',

    Thanks for any clues! Reply
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    Western Animation
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    I used to watch when I was little. It was about a boy with black short hair who had these robot cell things in his blood that would allow his arm to change into stuff. His sidekick was a talking monkey who would shoot guns and he had a secret agent man watch over him. They would fight bug like monsters while he would search for his father. Reply

      What you're looking for is Generator Rex, the second work of Man Action, the creators of Ben 10, it's one of the best originals of CN in recent years.
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    I read a book when I was little that I got from the library about a boy and his dad who are ostensibly immigrants to England. The boy records the day's events in a diary his dad makes him write in every day. He doesn't know why his dad's so insistent, but he does it anyway. He gets bullied or something, I don't know. Anyway, to make a long story short, the kid's dad eventually tells him that they're not really immigrants, they were aliens sent to study Earth, and it is time to go back to their planet to return to their True Forms.

    What really stuck with me was at the very end, the kid is nervous that their "True Form" will look like the alien monsters that he and his dad just saw at the movies. His dad assures him that while humans do many things very well, imagining creatures from other planets is not one of them. Reply
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    I know this is going to sound like it could be Night of the Living Dead or one of its remakes, but it is not. I'm not even sure if the film I'm thinking of has zombies in it or something like giant bugs.

    I saw it on the SyFy channel several years ago. It is in color. The scenes I remember are of a small group of people who barricade themselves in a farmhouse against... something... My memories aren't clear enough to know if it was zombies. Could have been some kind of giant bug.

    I know this movie is not Night of the Living Dead, Arachnia, Infestation, or Eight-Legged Freaks. This would have come out probably within the last 10 years or so.

    I know it's not much to go on, but who knows? Maybe someone will be able to figure it out. Reply

      The film wasn't in color, but the first thing I thought of was perhaps The Giant Gila Monster? There is a scene where they hide in a barn/dance against it and it breaks its head through the window.

      Thanks for the reply, but no. This was a modern movie.

      Almost sounds like it could be Tremors. There are structures kinda like farmhouses in that one, and the slug monsters do sort of resemble giant bugs. It's also fairly recent and the kinda thing SyFy airs a lot.

      plus it has two sequels, so it could be tremors 2 or 3.

      No, not Tremors or any sequels. Sorry.

      Do any The Day of the Triffids adaptations match?

      My first thought was Mosquito with Gunnar Hansen, but that's from 1995. At one point, they bar themselves in a farm house to get away from a swarm of giant mosquitos, and Gunnar Hansen's character finds a large chainsaw in the place, smiling as he picks it up and saying "It's been a while since I held one of these, but it feels right."

      It sounds kind of like "The Happening."

      No, none of those, sorry. I'd have remembered if it were any of them. I'm sorry I just don't have enough detail in what little I can remember to be much help. Thanks to those who tried, though.

      Are you sure it isn't 'Signs' or 'War of the worlds' (2005) ??

      It sounds like the near end of the South Park Ginger Kids episode when Stan and Kyle were in the barn. They were parodying a zombie movie called Zombi 2 I think. When I look it up online, everyone says they are parodying Night of the Living Dead - but I thought when the episode first came out Zombi 2 was mentioned.

      No, it's not any of those. I'd have recognized those. Sorry.

      Pumpkinhead? its older but seem to recall the final showdown happened on a farm..

      You said wasn't NOTLD because it was in color... but there is a 1990 remake of Night of the living dead, and is pretty much what you described anyways... and in my opinion, is better than the original! (of course, made by the best people, 22 years later, it better be)

      If no more details are given, will be impossible to guess.

      Looking in IMDB I found this, the description matches: The Day (2011) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1756799 The Pack (2015) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4167720 Critters (1986) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0090887 Night of the Living Dead (1990) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0100258 Inbred (2011) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1723124 The Dead Outside (2008) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1206082

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    This isnt a show but an online game. it was a cute dress up game, i think it was multiplayer. You made an avatar and dressed them up, you could buy new clothes and accsesories. you earned money to dress your character up. i played it a few years ago, i think around 2010-2012? i remember there was a "fame" meter, thats one way you could earn powerups. and you walked around a map. not much to go on, i know, but i wonder if it rings any bells.

    Edit: oh yeah and the avatars had big heads, they were maybe 4 heads tall, not realistic proportions. and it was flat (2d) not 3d rendering. Reply
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    Western Animation
    Okay, I'll try my best to relay my memories of this childhood favorite of mine. I remember the opening really well: It showed a hilly, grassy area (all CGI'd very cheaply of course, I mean come on, it was the 90's,) and the intro song was sung to the same tune as the Howdy Doody theme. As the children began singing the song, a big top circus tent (I believe it was blue) began to inflate like it was hooked up to a bicycle pump, along with the appropriate sound. The song ends when the tent finishes inflating and the camera zooms through the door. I don't remember much of the program itself, but I DO remember a segment where two disembodied, gloved hands (think Master Hand and Crazy Hand from Smash Bros.) would show the steps to a simple task, like squeezing orange juice. I also think the show is where 64 Zoo Lane came from, but I can't confirm it. Reply
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    Western Animation
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    Please help me find a cartoon: The heroine transform by a pair of shoe. Her costume have a big question mark on it. Anybody know that? Reply

      That's a French cartoon, Enigma
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    Western Animation
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    I hope it's fine if I ask about an episode. Anyhow, I was looking around on the character sheet page of The Smurfs and saw trope entries that mention Gargamel beating the crap out of his godfather Lord Balthazar (who otherwise frightens him) for hurting Azrael, and I want to see the episode where it happens so bad. The page suggests it's the second Christmas special, but I've looked around on the Internet and neither the Christmas specials nor regular Christmas-based episodes (Baby's First Christmas and The Magic Sack Of Mr. Nicholas) even mention Balthazar on their Wikia pages (though it's possible it might be misleading info). I'm not entirely sure where to continue searching without resorting to watching every single episode. Could anyone please tell if they know what episode is this? Reply
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    Western Animation
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    The intro always started out on how a good guy turned bad and joined the baddies. I don't even really remember how the fighting was done. Maybe swords? It was kind of futuristic as in the main character basically lived in a flying ship thing with his friends. It was blue vs reds if i remember correctly. Sorry this is so vague Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    (this is going to be very vague sorry) Does anyone remember this live action kids tv show? It's Australian and it was probably on in the mid to late 2000's. I can't remember a lot of specifics but there was an episode where a boy got turned into a dummy, and another were a brother and sister were washing the dishes and the sister ended up being a robot or something. I'm pretty sure there was also an episode where these boys found like a glowing thing that helped them with their maths test or something then one boys parents used it for the lottery and then they died or something. Any help would be really appreciated because it's been annoying me for so long.(I'm also pretty sure it's not Goosebumps) Thanks Reply

      Freaky (it's from New Zealand}

      Round The Twist?

      The miraculous Mellops?

      It sounds like "the nightmare room "show

      It is definitely Freaky

      Agreed. It is definitely Freaky. I remember the episodes being described.

      much probable that it is Round The Twist, or you are mixing things together...

      Maybe they are mixed up, but one of those examples is definitely in an episode of Freaky.
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    Live Action TV
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    I saw this many years ago. I want to say it was the mid to late 90s. The main characters were a brother and sister and they traveled dimensions with a big mirror thing they sat around. I think. In one episode they arrived in a forest on an 18th century-looking estate ruled by an evil mistress type woman wearing a time period appropriate dress. But she owned these pale-skinned robot butler type dudes that dressed like Mozart with the powder wigs and stocking socks and frock coats and sunglasses (to cover up that they had no eyes). Also, their knees didn't bend when they ran. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm pretty sure I didn't dream this up. Thanks. Reply

      Not all details match up, but some of this reminds me of the Doctor Who episode "The Girl in the Fireplace". Maybe you're mixing up two shows?

      I've seen that Dr Who episode. There are some parallels here with the fancy robots, but I'm certain it was an old show from several years back. like 15 years or so. Thanks for your help.

      The robots sound exactly like the ones from the Immortal World of Spellbinder

      Ok, yeah it's Spellbinder. Thanks so much for your help!

      To be absolutely pedantic, Spellbinder II: Land of the Dragon Lord.
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    Western Animation
    Lastest Reply: 29th Apr, 2016 01:10:41 AM

    Many years ago, I once stumbled on an animated short that was probably part of a series. In it, some purple or mauve creature announced the entrants and eventual result of a song contest. IIRC, there were only two entries:
    • The first constestant was an ant colony, with an elaborate song I didn't understand because it was in what I assumed to be unsubbed English, which I was too young and too French to get.
    • Their opponent was a Dastardly Whiplash type whose "song" was just his Evil Laugh put to music: The only lyrics were "Nyah-hah-hah".
    In the end, the announcer creature was given a card and made a grimace before announcing the winner, the ant colony. Reply


      Bump too.

      Another YKTS may have given me the answer, which would mean I was wrong about the creature being purplish. Apparently it was an episode of Beany and Cecil, with the baddie being Dishonest John.
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    ...with some Mel Brooks-esque humour like random anachronisms and homages to films like Titanic, such as in one scene when a female character used an axe to free the male protagonist off a post which he was tied on. Another scene had an attractive woman being filmed on by a bunch of males, with one brandishing what appears to be a modern camcorder. A dubbed version of it was aired on GMA News TV in the Philippines some time ago. Reply
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    Western Animation
    I don't remember the exact years, but it was most likely late 90s, early 2000s. It was for "older audiences" thus only on after midnight. I don't even remember the network it was on, but I do remember it was similar animation to John Callaghan's Quads. I don't remember the premise of the show, expect one episode: there were a small group of people on the moon and, in the one episode I remember, the scientist character (old man) was trying to communicate with his beloved pet fish and makes a mind-reading machine. The protagonist is like the modern Fry from Futurama and in this episode he hears about the dark side of the moon is creeping towards a spot he was suppose to meet the girl love interest who is waiting for him(?). There's a few other side characters, but mainly those three were the focal points. ... The more I describe it the more its starting to sound like Futurama, but it wasn't. I can clearly and distinctly see that stupid pet fish with the mind-reading machine and the image on the computer screen is a farm animal (cow? sheep? duck?).

    Thanks in advance for reading that. I've been trying to hunt down this show for YEARS because I actually think I imagined the whole thing....

    • UPDATE: after MUCH searching: the TV show is "Captain Star" on Teletoon, 1997-1998! OMG! I'm not insane! I'm not crazy! This has haunted me for YEARS!!!!!!!*
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    Hi, Looking for a fanfic - a oneshot, maybe a two chapter fic - that involves Harry after the war with Dumbledore's portrait. I think it's sitting on his desk so he can secretly gloat to it. Anyway, he reveals to Dumbledore that something about the Black family marrying into so many other families is what caused a lot of the inbreeding problems, and the same thing is going to happen again with the Weasley family, what with them having a stupid amount of kids. So he revealed to Dumbledore that he's put a sterility curse on all of the Weasleys, and there's a specific line in there about how Molly is going to be sad because she'll never have grandkids. Any help would be great, thanks! Reply
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    There are some iPhone apps that for the life off me I can't find.

    First one was a game that was like a pet simulating game. Your pet was this black piece of fuzz that would bounce around the screen. You could change the background and feed it food like strawberries. The cool thing was is that if you shook you phone hard enough then the fuzz would blow up into confetti.

    Next app is an app about a bee. You play as like a round bee and you tilt the phone to control him. You carry fruit around with you and you have to try not to squish the fruit. There were also evil bugs in some levels that would try to squish you.

    Next app is a whack a mole app I can't find. What you'd have to do this is hit the moles while avoiding the other animals. There were also gems like sapphires and rubies you could collect. Later in the game the moles get ninja masks.

    Next app is a ninja game. It had a Multiplayer arrow shooting game where you would try to shoot arrows over a wall and hit your friend's ninja. The app had an in-game trailer for the full version with the line "Time to get your big boy pants on!".

    Next game was a game where you would have to find a dog named Gumbo by touching the things where he was hiding

    Next app was an app where you had to try to stop a mouse from getting into mouse holes by placing mouse traps. If you lost a level, you would hear recorded laughter.

    Finally, there was an app where people would be parachuting and you'd have to blow wind on them to make them land on ships. They would get eatan by sharks if they landed in the water.

    Hope you can help me, and thanks! Reply
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    When I was younger, in like 2005-2007, I remember a math game that was set in a city. In the city you could work at a toy store and count toys and money I think? Then you could move around and go to a pet store and work there. It had really weird animals since most were strangely colored. There was also a farmers market area and a candy store, I think, where you could serve people different types of candy. At the farmers market you could do the same but with fruits and vegetables. Obviously it was for little kids. I think it was on a CD and made well before 2007. Reply
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    i am not sure about the name or characters but this depicted of a group of three characters i am not sure. but i have mostly remembered them wearing skates and fight monkeys i believe Reply
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    There was an edutainment game I played when I was younger with a title that completely escapes me. All I remember is that there was a fish minigame (I think about weighing and balancing) that had mahi-mahis, a PDA like device with a girl I'm pretty sure of a darker complexion, and a bus minigame where you had to pay the driver in exact change and he would say "Oh how I just love exact change! Thank you!" I know it was geared toward elementary school students. I also vaguely recall something about a city, but I'm not sure. Reply