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    I'm trying to remember the name of a show I remember watching as a kid waaaay back in the late 80's. I remember we had it on VHS and I'm not sure if it was a show or a movie. The basic premise from what I can remember is that it was a family in who traveled through a land full of dinosaurs inside a tank like vehicle. I can only remember bits and pieces of the show seeing as how I would only havce been around 4 or 5 at the time. I'm pretty sure it was animated but with live action sections similar to Thunderbirds. I'm pretty sure it seemed like a Japanese prodiuction of some kind too. Its also possible ive imagined this whole thing but any help would be great. :) Reply
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    I don't remember much more then the main character being blonde, he accidentally breaks a vase and finds his dad's necklace which can summon a monster, I remember he fights medusa one episode but I can't really remember much more. Reply


      sounds like Huntik: secrets and seekers. it's on netflix now, blond kid, named Locke.

      thank you both so much

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    So this show I used to watch in the early 2000's when I was a kid, the problem is it only came on around 3-4 in the morning and not always consistantly on what I think was Cartoon Network. The only thing I remember is there being a lot of action with large robots. Any help is appreciated. Reply

      Since it was (probably) on CN late at night, have you tried checking lists of Adult Swim programming for titles that ring a bell? There's a list of all their current/former shows on Wiki with years listed, and they've shown several actual Gundam titles as well as other mecha shows.
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    I am trying to remember this movie or tv series I used to watc when I was a kid , I loved that movie but cant remeber the name all I remeber is that its animated, has adventure and a group of friends, a boy has a main character , has a sword involved , I believe they are in a library and pick a comic or a book and that becomes the adventure, and I know the main aim to that was they prisoned a dragon Reply
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    I am looking for a cartoon where monsters are controlled by bracelets Reply
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    A friend of mine remembers reading this relatively obscure manga a while back. He describes it as follows: "Itís about a guy and a girl. The guy starts off being able to see ghosts. Then one day he meets the said girl and it turns out that they knew each other as kids and that they had promised each other to go on a world tour together one day. Then the girl gets hurt badly. So much that sheíll die. Than the guy summons a Reaper to trade his life for herís. The girl then goes on to save the guy since she is in love with him. However now that she has come back from near death she now has the power to see ghosts and also leave her body at will. But when she attempts to save the guy he gets badly hurt and doesnít remember anything and loses his ability to see ghosts." Does anyone know the title? Reply
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    Okay, so a while back (about 4-5 years), I binge watched those weird/creepy Japanese "Ran Ran Ru" Ronald Mc Donald ads on Youtube. There was this one that stood out to me and I just can't seem to find it:

    There was an anime girl who was standing in front of her mother saying "ranranru ranranru ranranru" and then her head turned into a Ronald Mc Donald head and she said "remember this" Cue the mother screaming at the top of her lungs as the camera panned out to show a view of a Japanese style house. Reply
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    Sadly, I don't remember a ton about this but it's been bugging me. I recall it having the typical staple of a boy and a girl with superpowers fighting monsters or some other sort of enemies. I'm almost certain the girl had red hair, and I think she was sealed and maybe altered her physiological age after waking up. I know though that the guy has a soft-spoken little sister and one opponent (temporary I think) is a tiny blonde with a kind of beastly look to her, probably used lightning powers, and had lots of panty shots. Reply
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    Ok I need help with this one. I have been searching for a long time and I have found actually nothing. All I can remember was it was about some kids fighting using their shadows, their shadows turned into giant monsters that moved when they moved. It was like two kids fighting with giant puppets. Note: I say kids it could very well be adults. Its very hazy. I can't even remember what channel it was on.i was hoping it was so unique that it would be hard to find something similar. Reply

      I know of this, there used to be a game of it on the xbox 360 that my brother played, but I can't remember the name. I'll get back to you.

      Was it this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Dragon#Anime

      Though it looks more cartoonie than I remember it's looks right. If someone comes up with something else. It might be closer. Thanks though!

      It wasn't Zatch Bell! was it?
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    A friend told me years ago about a show she liked. I can't remember if it was an anime or a western cartoon, but I believe it was one of the two. According to her, the premise is that there's a school for people with some kind of magic, but there are specific limitations to this magic. I believe there might have been four kinds of limitations, but I can only recall three; with every time you use the magic you lose a bit of your lifespan, with every time you use your magic it hurts greatly, or you can only use a small amount of magic at a time. I remember she also told me about a specific character, a boy who could bring stuffed animals to life at the cost of part of his lifespan but wouldn't tell anyone he did it for this was the cost. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Reply

      I'm pretty sure you're talking about Gakuen Alice! It's a manga turned into an anime :)

      Yes, that sounds like it! Thank you!

      Yes, that sounds like it! Thank you!
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    Hi guys, could you please help me with this one? Twenty years ago I watched an episode of a strange anime: the protagonists were four mech pilots, two boys (one of them was a short boy with thick glasses and manned a fish-like mech) and two girls (one of them was a little girl that manned a scarab-like mech), and there was some race of humanoids that in Italian were called "Signori degli Abissi" -it means "lords of the abyss"- (in the episode that I saw they looked like featureless charred humanoids, which for some reasons turned to dust starting from their head). It had the graphics of Future Boy Conan. Thanks in advance! Reply


      Please guys, this thing is bugging me since I was six

      Based on your description, I found an Anime made by Nippon Animation, the people behind Future Boy Conan. It's called "Blocker Gundan 4 Machine Blaster", in Italy it's known as "Astrorobot Contatto Ypsilon". The protagonists are 4 Mech Pilots who fight against an invasion. It's also pretty old, I'm speaking of the 70s.

      I'm sorry, but it's not the one. If it was not for the creatures I saw (the charred men were quite creepy) it could have been even a non-serious anime: the boy had the classic "Opaque Nerd Glasses" complete with spiraling lines and his mech was literally a metal fish (like a big metal carp). In the episode that I saw they fought against against a giant tentacle monster inside a tunnel: it was pale, with smooth tentacles that crawled and whipped at an impressive speed and with some discoidal central body that the younger girl (a chubby short girl that lost a tooth during the fight) tried to attack with her bug-like mecha (another funny-looking mecha, it was roundish, with two eyes and two pick-shaped frontal appendages). This anime must have had some notoriety, otherwise none couldn't have been bothered to translate it in Italian.

      I found it! It was "Gowappa 5 Godam"!
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    It is an anime where the first episode is like this guy and hey is jumping from somewhere down to fight or escape some bad guys or something, and a girl sees him bc she is in a plane that he passes on the way down, and the guy is the main character and the women is like a kinda main character but pretty side. Anyways, he is like a guy with a special power and he fights a bunch of guys in lab coats, so he is like a rebel. The main antagonist is his arch rival and he has a special power too (this guy semi-looks like Kiba from Yu-Gi-Oh!). The MC has a "little sister" (orphan he found) that he really cares for, and she gets taken away by a super evil guy. Then she is revealed to have a power too, but unlike MC and antagonist her power is like a mental power. So they save her and then there is ending scene where she is suddenly like a young adult, but they other 2 guys (MC and rival (antagonist)) are still fighting, and she is casually using her power saying something like "wow things never change" Reply

      The first few sentences sounded like Gundam Wing, but the rest not at all— what kind of special powers does the main character have? Do you remember what he looks like at all? Around what year was it when you first watched it?

      I watched it in like 2011 but the graphics looked a lot older than that. The MC had a special power with his arms (maybe specifically his right arm), and he kinda looked like Chad from Bleach.


      I wouldn't say it is Gundam Wing as I don't recall the characters having special powers (the Newtypes from the main franchise are conspicously absent, although Quatre can be somehow classed as a Newtype but I digress).

      I'd say that it is s-CRY-ed (Kazuma kinda looks like Chad and his power do come from one of his arms, Ryuuhou - the antagonist - looks like Seto Kaiba)

      Duo Chan I love you so fucking much rn
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    My brother let me watch it around 2008 though I'm not sure when it actually came out.

    -The sea was pink because of some kind of chemical reaction or natural disaster that altered its colour. In one scene a character commented on it ("I can't believe the ocean actually used to be BLUE.")

    -There were solar panels everywhere? Like, there was a scene where the sun was coming up and all these solar panels were activated and started facing towards the sun.

    -In one scene there were a bunch of people eating a meal and one said "It's not bad for 99% artificial beef!" and the guy who made it said "yeah, you just have to cook it right."

    -Angels are evil.

    -There were giant robots.

    -There was some girl (I think she was brown-haired with glasses) who was piloting a giant robot-mech-thing trying to tear through... something. A portal? Near the end she screamed "Just one... more... LAYER!"

    -Some people were preparing to fight in the giant robots and as something was counting down (preparing the robots, I guess?) most of them had their eyes closed, keeping calm, whereas one of them was complaining very loudly.

    -I think the one who was complaining was also the one who complained about the doors not locking before being told that they don't because in Japan, people care about privacy.

    -In one scene this girl chugged a can of beer and said "There's nothing like an ice-cold beer after a hot bath!". I think she was still in a towel. Reply
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    An old animated TV show with a little Asian girl in a fuzzy hat who runs up the stairs with a boy who she gets along with very well and they both have spears. Reply
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    It was anime episode with a stereotypical group of kids investigating an old laboratory where they find piles of cogs and machinery, and it turns out that they are the remains of defective robots which suddenly begin shimmering and vanish into those piles. I recall an image where there are robots lining up, a few flickering into rusty machinery, and brought into a crushing room where scientists destroy them due to being defective. I recall them showing a robot being crushed while screaming Nooooooo! I think they made friends with some robot, then there's a huge gap in my memory. Anyway, they find themselves in a plateau surrounded by robots, the one they made friends with then flickers and vanishes into a small pile of machinery. They then walk away really depressed, but then suddenly they (for either a reason I don't remember or absolutely no reason) they begin laughing and run cheerfully away. I think it might have involved magical animal trainers, maybe not. I recall absolutely loathing this show and avoiding every airing episode like it was the freaking plague. Reply
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    So i remember seeing with my dad an western animation film or an anime movie (pretty sure it was an anime movie) long time ago, and for whatever reason some parts of it stucked to me. And now im trying to remember it and see it again. Here is what i remember: -The protagnist was a girl, she was a student i think. -it was set in the near future where small bot like tech exists, and are something like siri if i remember correctly. -virtual reality world exists, (similarly like Sword Art Online.) -the little bot thing that the girl has makes her an male avatar for her to try out the game, -i think she starts grinding levels so she can stand a chance against stronger enemies in the virtual reality game. -the girl sees an female figure and with her interaction with the figure the game i think. -at the end there is some virus and 1 or 2 users die or get in a coma because of it.

    Thats all i remember, im sorry if its not enough or if my English is bad. Reply

      I kind of got a Code Lyoko vibe. I realize that that's not Code Lyoko but I was getting vibes from it.

      Summer Wars?

      The first part of that description sounds like Serial Experiments Lain, but the description of the virtual world sounds more like Log Horizon or one of the .hack series. The Log Horizon character page mentions the lead female character originally had a male avatar.

      Sounds like .hack//sign.
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    Series in which the protagonist is able to see (with magic eye) creatures (some humanoid i believe) and joins a 'terrorist' group of them to combat more sinister ones. His sister is to some degree disabled and is featured reading a letter from the protagonist whilst looking out over a lake. I believe the city has been cut off from the rest of the world.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Reply

      Dude i know that show. I watched it about half way through last here I'm trying super hard to find the name but i remember it having a really long title...

      Edit: Found what it might be

      Kekkai Sensen - Blood blockade battlefront

      Here is a trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMe0J7c8uOU

      Yep, that's the one!

      Many thanks ;)
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    So, it's a story about a flower (a morning glory, I think?) who falls in love with a human guy after he almost steps on her, but the guy really likes flowers so he apologizes. So, she gives up her stem, leaves, petals, etc. for a human body, a family, and a house (I think, it's been forever since I read it). Then she meets the guy and they bond over popsicle stick wishes? I think? I also believe an author's note said it was inspired by the Little Mermaid. I know this has been five sentences of unhelpful but I don't remember much. ^^; Reply
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    I remember watching an anime, at least I'm pretty sure it was an anime, when I was about ten, I don't remember a great deal of it, but bits of the ending have stuck with me for twenty plus years, so bit may have changed. It was about a magical girl who some how ended up in a cabin in the forest, I think she might have been a princess and she may have been in hiding, I'm not quite sure of that. Suddenly it cuts to a villainous dark shadowy figure on horse back riding fast through the forest, the image I have in my head is of his face, he has quite pointed angular features, maybe looks a little like Vampire Hunter D, and there are speed lines behind him. He gets to the cabin and the magical girl comes out sees the dark figure and opens a large ravine in the ground with lava at the bottom, there is a battle and the dark shadowy man ends up falling into the ravine and the last shot I can remember is of a skull sinking into lava. I have scoured the internet looking for any kind of clue, hopefully someone her can shed some light. Reply

      Well, hmm, what year were you ten years old?

      And when you say anime and pointy faces it reminds me of Revolutionary Girl Utena, but that's just a random guess.

      I completely forgot to say, i thin its from the early to mid 80's

      That's not Revolutionary Girl Utena. Unfortunately I don't know what series it actually is.

      Where did you see this anime? Dubbed on TV, dubbed on VHS, subbed online...? (I'm assuming here that you mean the anime itself was from the 80s, and not that that's when you saw it, haha.)
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    It was either an Anime or Western Animation Film, I think it was the former. After a Princess dies, a young soldier is ordered to guard the body for three nights until the funeral, but on the way is warned to hide in a different specific location (In the church) each night, so the demon or evil spirit possessing the princess won't find and eat him. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Reply

      Kind of sounds like the classic story "Viy".


      Impressively similar, but that wasn't it.


      It does sound familiar, but only because I've read a version of the fairy tale; I don't know of any animated versions. But the one I read was called "The Princess in the Chest" or "The Princess in the Coffin", depending on the translator, and was from Denmark, in case that helps.
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    I can't remember the name of the anime, but, some kid got a blue jewel stuck in his arm, I think, and thanks to it, he turns into what YouTube comments I saw call "orange dolphin". Reply
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    Okay I've been stuck remembering once chunk of a scene from an anime, and have no clue where it's from. All I remember is a close-up-ish of a guy's face, the guy has the happy squinted-but-not-closed eyes and is crying a little and is saying "My Son!" [possibly "Son's name? My son!"] ...any suggestions? Reply

      Okay, this turned out to be the reunion between Sokka and Hakoda on Avatar: TLA
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    So I saw this as a young teen (2007/2008?) and I remember watching this really sad anime that my sister borrowed from a friend, but she doesn't remember it at all. Basically parents don't have genetic children, only test tube babies, and it's very very rare that any of them are siblings. There's a group of teens/young adults that are mentored by (I THINK) a silver haired guy in glasses that dies. I think they're all orphans, but I'm not positive. The mentor ends up coming back multiple times, but every time he comes back, he's more violent and starts killing the group. Two of the boys are siblings and very very close, one maybe 18 or 19, the other probably 12 or 13. The older brother is trying to stop one of the bad guys on a space ship and blows himself up with the ship to stop them. His brother is obviously devastated. That's the main scene I remember. The other one is when a girl is bleeding heavily and crying, running away from the mentor. She goes in a spacious room with a ship in it to hide. While she's there, she starts hallucinating from the loss of blood, thinking her mom is there for her (her mom died) and she gets really happy. The mentor finds her and as soon as she comes back to reality, he shoots her. I feel like this is sort of vague, but I've been looking for this for freaking ever and I only remember it because one of the songs playing in the background of this movie is similar to a song I listen to frequently, but I could just never remember the damn name! Reply
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    I remember watching this when I was little. So, the main characters were three teenagers- two male one female. I remember one of the guys has black or brown hair with blond tips, or something? He also wore yellow sports clothes. I also remember one episode where the same guy snuck into a fortune cookie factory or something, and apparently the cookies turned you into a demon monkey, it looked like something from The Wizard Of Oz. Anyways, he ate one, turned into a demon monkey, and somehow an army formed and tried to take over the city? I remember that the girl always had her hair up, a ravenette. Always wore red sports clothes. I also know that their boss was this over wight dude that always wore a white tank top and hair up in a man-bun. Usually he had grease stains on the shirt. Oh! Also, I think they were training to become ninjas? It's hard to remember... I also think the area was Tokyo. I can't really remember anything else... Reply
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    And no it is not a certain railgun. i say this trailer on YouTube a year ago and i really liked it but i lost it. it was about a girl with electricity powers who who is anti social and tries to stay away from people because she doesn't want to hurt them but a boy falls in love with her anyway and doesn't mind being shocked by her. i think it is based on a tv show. Reply