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    I watched a fairly mature anime (there was smoking, drinking blood, etc) on SBS anywhere from late 90s to the 2000s. Key points I remember:
    • This woman goes to this private detective-type to find her brother
    • The brother has white hair and he was having these massive headaches that cause him to kill people with Psychic Powers against his will
    • When confronting the brother another guy takes off a cloak(?) and he is a man in military uniform with white hair. The military man reveals that the brother is actually a clone of him and he was sort guinea pig for the process for giving Psychic Powers. The military man boasts that the experiments on the clone allowed him to have the powers without the headaches

      Not entirely sure about this since I haven't seen the series (I know there is some cloning involved there though), but could it be Gilgamesh?

      That's not it


      Chrno Crusade?

      Not it


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    I can't remember the name of it it's already been more than 5 years since I watched it. It had a captain and a unique crew and a little child(who could be a boy or girl it's not clear 😅) the child wanted to join to them but I remember the captain wasn't so nice to him/her and didn't want him to join because it's too dangerous but he joined anyway I think he sneaked in the spaceship i also remember one of the crew was short and wore something like iron suit he was good at computers his personality is funny and silly and another one was really huge and had a long face (i forgot about the rest 😢)all i remember is that they find a naked frozen man in the space i think and they take him into the ship and they notice he isn't human he have something like a glowing number on his neck and that's all what I remember 😅 oh and the anime have a bit of dark and sad feeling to it.if anyone out there who have any idea of what the anime is called please let me know i have been thinking about this none stop🙏 Reply
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    OK, so when I was little there was this really cool tv show, and I can't remember its name. It started with a kid putting a disc like object on the flor and it opened a gate to a different world, and on that world there where pokemon like creatures, and his companion was a little white grey and blue wolf that later transformed into a bigger one. I remember that they had to travel somewhere to close the gate(i'm not sure) and they went through a snow storm. I know its not very specific but if there us anyone that knows the show please let me know! I would love to rewatch it! Reply
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    The main-character has a talking ball of fire that his life is connected to, and there is a scene with witches and blimps. I don't know much more but this has been bugging me for ages now. I have tried googling all sorts of different things to find it, I'm not even sure it an anime but its definitely animated. Please help and thank you! Reply

      Howl's Moving Castle

      Dude you are legit a legend, this has bothered me fore years and Boom you got it right on the head. Props to you good sir.
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    So this one's about a chick, still in school, who kicks ass at night and pretends to be a guy at school for... Reasons. Maybe for identy security. She wears all black, black fedora, and cape, and has a black panther for a companion. Reply
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    So its a show that the main character is a red head guy with a red sweater usually and they find monsters and get rid of them its like archies mysteries and like scooby doo ive been trying to find it but i never could and it was a cartoon that would scare me but it was soo good. Reply
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    two characters going to fairy tales Reply
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    It was an animated show don't remember if it was an anime or cartoon though the main character has time powers and he has an orc friend I think he was an orc he might have not been one anyways there was some villain trying to steal his power and this is set in a fantasy type of world where there's magic and spells and what not Reply

      Do you remember when and where did you watch it?

      Idk couple of years ago I remember it was on abc3

      Idk couple of years ago I remember it was on abc3

      the orc btw becomes good because of a spell and the spell breaks in one of the episodes and they try to bring him back to normal

      Then you are looking for Lanfeust Quest, the series loosly based on Lanfeust

      Thank you soo much :3
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    I'm looking for an anime that I saw an episode of sometime back. It had a boy and a girl that seem to be competitors. The boy seems to have a crush on the girl. The bit that I saw had them chasing a monster that was kinda like a porcupine. They set up some barriers to defend themselves, but the monsters attack pierces through it. The boy tried to set up more, but was stopped by the girl who helped him make a reflecting barrier. The boy tries and eventually manages to replicate it back at home base. The barrier sent a boulder up into the air which came crashing down and broke some pieces off that showed that it looked to be made of metal under the rock. One of the people there asked someone about it and they said that they would tell them later. Reply

      Betting Kekkaishi (specifically "A Day in the Life of Yoshimori")
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    There was a anime that aired here in Brazil in the early 2000's on cartoon network i think on the weekend mornings, to be honest i don't know if it was an anime or western animation but it looked in my memories more like an anime. It was set in fantasy kingdom (i think) and it was about more than one character character but the only episode i remember was the one of a prince, a young prince that was in a kind of exile and in this episode he is confronted by an entity that i don't remember well but this entity takes his forms, although he defeats it, this entity by the end of the episode makes him thinks like he is not himself (the prince) anymore. For some reason the designs, i can remember, reminds me kind of like Zelda wind waker but i'm not so sure. Reply
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    like 4 / 5 years ago i would watch this tv show and it was ehh stupid but i liked it since i was like 7 at the time and the show was basically abt these dogs, like there was a village or a town and i totally forgot most of the details except that it was 3d and that there was some princess dog who was in love with the main character whose name was also the title of the show and they were dating and some other dog appeared and started to fall in love with him its really confusing but if anyone could help me out that'd be great. It was on this like OK kids program thing i dont remember tbh but if any of you know a similar show please tell me . Reply
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    I'm putting this under anime because I remember watching it on a website that hosts anime, but it could've been a cartoon. It was about this group of four or five kids that in the first episode walked into an antique shop (though I can't remember if all four or five were together in the first episode. I think only three of them were there) and found what looked like Lego pieces. The pieces were blue yellow and red i believe but I could be wrong. Anyway these 'lego pieces' bonded with the kids and the old man that owned the antique shop showed them a portal to a different dimension and when they went through it they turned into lego-like characters (everyone else in the dimension were also Lego like people). At the end of season one I faintly remember them turning gold and becoming much more powerful because of it. Sorry if I'm bad at explaining it English isn't my first language Reply
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    I'm not sure if this was anime or just a cartoon because I was pretty young at the time, like early 2000's. The scene I remember is a group of 4 or 5 people, with a mix of girls and guys, were in this multi-story room with wooden barrels and and wooden floors and similar things, fighting this vampire-esque thing that could possess people, and possessed each of the members of the group so they would fight each other. There was a younger girl and a large guy in the group and a few others. The fight scene had a part where a bigger guy was thrown through some wooden barrel or support or table, and ended with one of the group bursting out of a door from that room and running away down a hallway. I get the feeling that the vampire was just the bad guy for that episode or arc, not to the show in general. Any ideas? Reply
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    OK. The show involved this guy piloting a small mecha in a setting with a bunch of floating islands. I renember that the same mecha came to try and either kill or kindap him, and that he left his mother or some other female relative behind. The bad guys had some kind of floating brick wall ship (not actually a brick wall, I renember it looked a lot like one) and the show was definately a dubbed anime. It aired on channel 3 of the Australian Broadcasting Company, back during the Roller Coaster era. I've been trying to find it ever since. Please help!!! Reply


      THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've been searching for this for sooo long. I just remembered one specific scene but I would've never been able to find it like that.
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    I remember once reading a oneshot (?) about a woman in her 20s or 30s who was in a relationship with a woman in her 60s or 70s. Reply
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    So there's this clip of some dude feeling up a girls skirt(and it's from an anime) and he goes 'what's this? i can feel a bulge...' and the person who looked to be a girl goes 'i'm a boy. you know?' Any clue what that's from? Sorry to bother// Reply
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    Hi... So, this might be a bit of a challenge and it has been bugging me for a while now. I remember watching this anime when I was younger, it wasn't on TV so I can't really tell any channel, I downloaded it from a website... I think it was around 2000 and something.

    What I remember: There was 3 main characters, a girl and two guys (one dark haired and one blonde, I think), the two guys were protecting or escorting the girl somewhere. The guy with black hair didn't talk much and the blonde haired guy was very friendly and talkative (And he later betrays them). They used this black robots to fight (something like a mecha, but not very big) and I remeber this scene where, after one of the fights the black haired guy is sitting in the robot with the cockpit open and tears are coming from his eyes... One guy said that it was a sign he could be trusted since when you pilot these robots there's a lot of emotions flowing (?). Other scene I remember is some kind of explosion happening and the black haired guy protecting the girl from incoming debris, he got a scar on his back after that. And lastly, I think later was revealed that there's was something related to actual children brains being used in the making of these robots, which was the explanation about all the emotions you feel when you pilot them Anyways... It's a long shot, but I really wanted to remeber the anime and I can't find anything about it. Thanks in advance Reply
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    Hi, i'm here because i can't remember a show i was watching when i was younger (also i'm french so excuse my language, i'll do my best) The base plot was 3 high school kids (two boy, a little smart one, a dumb one with sunglasses, and a girl) in a town where creepy thing append. The design was kinda like 90's nicktoons like Ginger, Rugrats or Real Monsters!. One of the kids was writing everything that appened in the episode in is diary. I can't remember names but i've got the set up of one episode and the pretty much full plot of another one. The set up for the first one was one of the kind buying Chinchillas because he reads he can make money with them (not realising it mean killing them and selling their fur). While the main 3 are in the pet shop, another kid show up. Can't remember which pet he buy but when he came back in his home we can see he got lots of pets, and he don't take care of them at all, actualy when his mom ask him to feed them he take a piece of moldy bread (with disgusting mushrooms on it) and drop it on the top of his turtle's shell how desperetly try to eat it... pretty depressing. For the episode i actualy can fully pitch,here it is. One of the kid (not the one who write a diary) try to set his watch (he found it in the Lost Property Office) and find out it's actualy a time travelling device. He start screwing around with it and finally find himself somewhere in the wood in the 19's century with snow everywhere an a little house. He get in it and try to light up the wood stove and set the cabin on fire. In the present time where his friends still are, things stats to change and a memorial plate pop up in front of their school telling how the first school of the town burn in a mystery fire in the 19's century. I don't know if the idiot travel a lot in time but i remember how things end up. He found himself on a desert island somewhere in an apocalyptic futur, the watch break down and he spend the rest of his life trying to fix it. Finaly, while he's realy old with white beard and all, some dude shows up, he's the keeper of time. the idiot ask him if he can fix his watch and the keeper say no, since he's not the master of time but just the keeper. He bring him back at the begining of the episode, the idiot look at his arm and see a different watch than the first one. He give it to his friend so he never get into trouble because of a time traveling watch ever again... the end. Here it is, this is all i can remember about this show but i can't find the title... Thank you for your help Reply
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    This animation was aired about 10 to 13 years ago. I watched this in France. This animation was about a teenage girl who has two older brothers; one of them is a step brother, and both of them go missing after they leave the house for business. One of the brothers sends a letter with a blue stone in it. When the girl drops tears on it, it changes to blue dust. After this happening, this girl decides to go on an adventure to find her brothers with accompany of one of the butlers. She eventually meets her step brother but later realizes he was doing a business related to the blue stone. She later meets the other brother and tries to block the step-brother's business, which eventually leads to a destruction of the whole business. During this destruction, the two older brothers sacrifice to save this girl from the destruction. After this incidence, she goes back home and starts her normal life again. She eventually succeeds in making a hang-glider and flying, and the animation ended here. This is the summary of the animation that I remember. I am sorry if some of it is weird because these memories are from more than 10 years ago, so they are all kind of blurry. One of the main features of this girl was that she had a pink brooch she got from her step mother and kept the blue stone in it. I don't know whether I have given enough info, but if anyone knows what this anime is, I would be grateful. Reply

      I think the one you're talking about is called Secret of Cerulean Sand in English. I have been looking for it as well as I watched it when I was younger and I happened to stumble upon it again recently.

      I hope this helped!
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    I'm desperately trying to remember the name of an anime show. The show had a group of characters that centered around a male character a sword fighter. He was confident, and very powerful, there was also in his group a female character young in age and manorisms and another male who is the strong silent type. In the episode I remember, the group is trying to save a 2nd female character from a city of bad guys. They must complete her rescue in a time period and the city is shaped like a labyrinth. They all split up and come across a set characters of bad guys. The main male character fights off two bad guys over a endless dark pit , bad guys are goofy and banter back and forth with him in the end he wins but saves them. The girl they are trying to rescue is in the center of this city I a very high tower. Unfortunately that is all I remember. I hope someone can help find this for me. I believe it aired sometime between 2004-2011, I know it was on adult swim. Reply
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    Once upon a time among several anime dvds I was probably too young to watch, there was an anime involving a bland main character dude and his older father in the middle of no where when suddenly a ship crashes outside of their house on a hill. They rush otuside and it turns out to be a police officer lady alien, whom they kindly give hospitality to. Then a fugitive alien lady also crashed, who they also give hospitality to, but it's slightly unwelcomed as she keeps hitting on bland main character guy. There was also something about some mysterious thing in a cae which was what drew both to the little hill or something. It was a very old anime, that I remember, too. Reply

      One of the Tenchi Muyo! series'?

      I do not know, as I'd have to view the first episode, but the description is so close to memory, it must be it.

      I do not know, as I'd have to view the first episode, but the description is so close to memory, it must be it.

      Yes! Thank you very much, stranger for this sudden boost of nostalgia!
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    It was a cartoon kinda like avatar style with a red spaceship ( the colour can be different ) but itís shaped with two points on the front. There was a boy and a girl that can bend some kind of source. But they canít bend when itís sunlight or night. And the boy learned somehow to bend in the sunlight or night. In the end of the show the spaceship explodes i think. Please someone help me to find the name Reply
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    Many years ago I remember watching this strange anime with an evil teacher that looked like some sort of monster, just a brown mass with a misshapen head and no hair and a girl who I think was called something like "Kitty Jam" or something like that. I kind of remember a scene of her being attacked with a pencil and her skirt falling off but I cannot find the whole scene. I just want to know the name of the anime so I can find more of it Reply
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    All I remember about this anime is this one episode it's about I think these like 3 or 4 kids that are like going into this cave thingy that's guarded by this possessed knight of some sort to get this magical flower for something but I'm not sure what oh and also I think it's a kid book series but that's the only thing I remember about it and it's bugging me that I can't figure out what it is so of you know it please share Reply
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    hi there, when i was a child like 6 years old am 18 now i used to watch a cartoon show about two goblins or ogers friends they take adventures in the woods and forest can someone help me find the name of the show its like disney stuff i cant find it in the internet ! Reply