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    Old animeted show , its about a soccer team they wear orange shirta i think they have 2 girls in the team they dancr and sing before every match ans the goalkeeper is fat Reply
  • 3 Jun 16th, 2018 at 8:08AM
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    I've seen this anime on Animax around the late 00's, where an ordinary high school student becomes a princess after wearing a crown that can't be taken off and has to carry the burden of being the princess. Joining her is her parents as servants, the crown thieves, a foreign prince trying to woo her, and a little girl claiming to be the wearer of the crown. Reply
  • 2 Jun 15th, 2018 at 8:08PM
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    I was going through the Black Jack page, when I remembered the episode where a spoiled brat crashed his car and a guy who was innocent, but was made guilty. Dr. Black Jack operated on them both by himself where the guy who was innocent had his face and hair to look like the spoiled brat, who died. In the end he meets his mother and gets his face operated again and they flee Japan as the father would be looking for his son. I tried finding it on Wikipedia and the wiki but none of the episodes listed seem to fit it. Any help to which episode it could be would be much appreciated. Reply

      A search suggests that is the "I Need a Doctor" from Black Jack Special: The 4 Miracles of Life

      Yes! That's the episode I was looking for thanks!!
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    I watched this when I was very little. It had a red haired male protagonist that was from a different world. There was a blind woman and she was looking through the portal. One of the scenes I remember was that he was leaning over in pain levitating while talking to a girl from earth. Reply
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    So sorry, I am new to TV Tropes and added this question to the wrong location originally. This is my original post: Since watching Marvel Avengers Infinity Wars I thought of a cartoon I watched that reminds me a bit of the infinity stones. This cartoon probably aired on tv some time in the 90's or early 2000's. Please note I ask you to expand that time period just incase to 1980-2015. This cartoon is a hero vs villain but I only remember the villain. This villain was raised to believe he would rule the world by gathering these stones throughout the world. He wore a metal suit & could appear & disappear at will. He gathers these stones but there is a hero that tries to stop him. The fear is that he will obtain all of the stones, each one giving him different powers. I wished could tell you more about the hero but I cant remember his powers. The hero did have friends that would try to help as well. Seems the first stone was located in a cave where the hero & villain meet.

    Jormis 29 responded You should ask this sort of thin in You Know That Show but you might want to look at the adaptaion of The 99 or Power Stone

    This is when I realized I had not posted my question to the correct location and my post was locked, again sorry! I also wanted to add a couple of notes that I did not mention above, that this was a cartoon that aired in the U.S. but neither of Jormis 29 are correct( The 99 or Power Stone). (Thank you for helping me understand where to post).

    The villain wore what I believe to be a metal suit & I also believe that metal suit allowed him to transport himself to different locations. He was raised since birth to believe he would rule (it was his destiny) the Earth after gathering the stones. The villain does not think what he is doing is wrong since he believes his actions are justified due to his destiny. Each stone gives different powers and makes him very difficult to defeat. I wished I could remember more about the hero and the powers he hasÖ.

    Thank you for any suggestions! Reply
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    I'm looking for an anime but all I remember specifically is one girl from the anime. She has yellow eyes that glow when she uses her power. She's half-demon I believe. She can eat things and then create them but if she uses the power too much she bites her tongue and has to wait a while before using it again. She wears a high school uniform and looks like Mairu Orihara from Durarara. Reply

      If I'm not wrong, the girl you're talking about is Isone Kotoha and the series is Yozakura Quartet. If it is Yozakura Quartet, you actually got a lot of details wrong. She's actually half youkai and her ability is to manifest things through speech.

      Thanks Yusa Mei! You were right!
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    What is the show where a teenager in an animated series goes into his living area when he feels sick and thereís some weird sticky substance like monster goo in his home and then his friends go see him and heís some monster now? Reply
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    (Putting this under anime because there's no fanfic option.) This fanfic involved Lithuania forgetting everything that happened since around the middle ages (I think he hit his head or something?). He wakes up in the modern day and is confused because Poland is not there with him. At one point, he vomited in a shoebox(?) because he couldn't find any other place to do so. I only read the first few chapters of this fic, and this was in the summer of 2012, so there's a possibility that it might not even be online anymore. Thanks in advance! Reply
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    About 10 years ago there was this anime running on Norwegian TV about a girl living in a world set in the time period before people learned to build planes. She was experimenting with this and got a lot of trouble from her parents for it (being 8 yo or something). Her brother went on an expedition to the eastern part of the world to look for a mystical substance and never returned. Years later she went out on a journey to find him and met a bunch of people on the way. When she found him he was a chief scientist in this utopian society. They had giant flying machines, kinda looking like trains that ran of a blue crystall they were mining.

    Can anyone remember this show or the name of the substance? Reply
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    So I remember watching this cartoon short as a kid. It seemed to have an Asian setting and Asian looking characters. It didn't have a big-eyes sort of anime look to it, though.

    What I remember most are parts of the plot. Three kids (two boys and one girl) are standing before an old man with a scroll. He throws it up in the air and the little girl catches it.

    Later, I remember two thieves coming into a witch's house. She feeds them 'pancakes' and they turn into donkeys.

    And then even later, the old man, the two boys, and the little girl show up at the same house to rest. The witch ends up tying them up and tries to force feed them the pancakes.

    It ends up that the two thieves get turned back into humans and the witch gets turned into a green donkey herself.

    That's all I remember. Reply
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    It's an animated series from the late-80's early-90's featuring a duck or some other bird, and at one point in the series, another duck who turned out to be the main character's enemy becomes some kind of dictator, and acts really similar to Hitler.

    I also remember that at one point, the main character finds out that the island he had been on for a few episodes is actually a giant turtle.

    I also remember the main character going deep under the see where there is a really futuristic city. Reply
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    Thanks for previous suggestions. But no prevail sadly. The show has the same quality as avatar. Like people looked the same and animals as well. It had a mystical feel. There were people and beasts living together. They may have turned into the beasts a bit hazy tho so might be wrong. Scenes i have some recollection of are a house on a floating island. A fight between monsters at a temple. It may have been aired on Cartoon network or nickelodeon about 8-9 years ago. One of the characters had short curly hair may have been blue. Tbh, just looking for a hail mary. So any suggestions or websites you can offer to help me find it would be great.

    Cheers Reply

      I don't know sorry.

      It's more helpful if you reply to your previous post to bump it to the top of the page than just reposting the same request, because that way people can see what suggestions have already been made. In any case, have you checked the Floating Continent or World in the Sky pages yet to see if the show is in the examples there?

      Was it ThunderCats (2011) by any chance?
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    I think it is most likely an anime, based on what I normally watch.

    A female character that attracts death, so that anyone near them dies. Pretty typical trope. I really can't remember much else aside from the MC promising he'd stay with her and not die. I'm sure it has been done multiple times, but I really can't remember much at all, and I don't expect anyone to just list off every example of it, but if anyone has ideas that would be great! Reply
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    I don't remember this cartoon that played almost everyday on my tv, I was so young but i remember that it had at least 1 boy and 1 girl and there was this "creature" (i guess it was a dog?) that didn't belong in the real world. It had like a virtual body, and it could enter inside the computer and then there was this huge "virtual highway" where all you could see emails being sent. I know that the boy was able to go inside the computer world with the creature and they had adventures there. Reply

      That sounds... a lot like the Our War Game section of the Digimon movie, but I doubt that would have been playing on TV every day! Maybe try the Cyberspace trope page and see if your show appears on it or any of its related trope pages?


      Summer Wars?
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    Been annoying me for years now. Its a tv cartoon show. Sort of like avatar the last airbender cartoon, with the same graphics and mystical land aura. The humans can turn into beasts of some sorts. All i can remember is that there was some floating islands and the beast bits. It was on tv around 2010ish. Cheers Reply

      Might be the Gormiti cartoons.

      I have only vague knowledge of this show, so the details might be totally off, but Wakfu?
  • 0 May 24th, 2018 at 10:10AM
    It was an anime, violent and with some mild nudity, the main character was a redhead dude, traerť was a blonde girl as companion. Thatís all I can remember since I saw it around the 2000s although this one seemed to be dated between the 1980s and the 1990s Reply
  • 4 May 17th, 2018 at 3:03PM
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    So I can't for the life of me find this anime/manga I saw a while back. Yet I can remember a bunch of the details. It's placed at a high-school I believe and it's set in typical today era. Essentially this girl has a scrapbook filled with cut out photos of her favorite children's show character, typical anime power-rangers copycat, but it was the red ranger and they were zodiac rangers. Anyway, a mean girl makes fun of her for it and somehow in the first episode, she becomes partnered with the Dog zodiac in this new race to reestablish the line of who gets what year and it's up for grabs for any animal. So she has the Dog and then ends up in a fight with this mean girl who has the Rat and they kick the rat's ass. Then in later episodes the Snake is partnered with this amusement park owner who looks pretty young and had the characters from the children's anime the girl likes to perform there. They don't fight and end up friends because they like the same kid's show. Oh also the zodiac creatures when they don't look like people can hide as their animal versions, the girl has the Dog stay a dog as much as possible. The Monkey is partnered with a librarian at her school who is pretty chill and then there's the chicken who in his animal form is just this fuzzy black chick but when human is huge and buff, is partnered with this little boy. The cat came into play in the last episode I watched and he escaped from some kind of prison thing I think? The girl was out buying more dog food ran into him and was nice to him so he decided she would be his human partner for the race and that's all I remember at this point. PLEASE help me find it every time I try to google it I just get Fruit Basket or Juni Taisen. Reply

      Eto Royale?

      Would be a good addition for the Eastern Zodiac page

      It was one of the first places I've looked and it's not there.

      I was suggesting that you are looking for Eto Royale and saying it should be on that page since it isn't currently

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    I'm looking for a manga from the '10s. It's about a group of hero's, all from different worlds who give each other advice and help through a computer network. Reply
  • 1 May 15th, 2018 at 10:10AM
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    I honestly cannot remember if it was a Western cartoon or an anime (maybe it was one of those European-Japanese co-productions), I can't even remember if it was a movie or the pilot episode of a series.

    But it was about a honeybee. The show begins with a swarm of hornets or wasps attacking a hive of honeybees. The queen flees crying as she witnesses the wasps eating her eggs. After the attack, a bumblebee mother stumbles upon a single egg laying in the grass and takes it back to her hive, alongside her own eggs. The honeybee egg is the last to hatch, and reveals the derpiest looking honeybee, with droopy eyes and buckteeth. I've forgotten the middle section entirely, there was something about general "why am I not like my siblings" angst? And in the end, the bumblebee admits that he's a honeybee, and he flies off as the narration yams about "somewhere out there his real mom was waiting".

    The version I saw had a Swedish or German voicetrack with Finnish subtitles. The main character was named Hans, but that might've been a product of a dub. It was NOT Maya The Bee, no matter how Google keeps suggesting it. Reply

      Never mind, it's The Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee, it's from the 70s.
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    Years ago, I stumbled upon an anime on Netflix (it's no longer on there). The title either started with a "k" or had a lot of "k's" in it. The cover had a young-looking girl on it, wearing a red dress (I think) and holding a gun. I can't remember much about the show's description, but I'm pretty sure it mentioned that the girl had a male classmate who was seen as a troublemaker and she was supposed to keep an eye on him. It was something alone those lines, at least. I'm sorry this is so vague, but I have the least reliable memory ever, and I can't remember this show for the life of me! I could have sworn the show was called "Kodoka" or something similar, but I've looked that up (along with multiple variations) and haven't been able to find anything. Thanks, guys! Reply


      There's an anime series called Kodocha.

      Not Kodocha (full name Kodomo no Omocha) which is about a schoolgirl who is also an actress on a comedy tv show.

      Maybe Aria the Scarlet Ammo

      On the characters page for Kodocha, the image for Sana (the main character) shows her holding a water gun, and Akito is described as a troublemaker.
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    I saw a student in my class watching this anime, and the anime mostly took place in a school with uniforms and I kept seeing this little boy with black spikey looking hair and another older teen with yellow spiked hair. It looked like a clean (appropriate) show does anyone know what Iím talking about ? Reply

      Could you be more specific? There are a lot of anime that fit that description. Best I can think of at the moment is Duel Masters though.
  • 1 May 3rd, 2018 at 8:08PM
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    I saw this one scene from a show but I don't remember too much about it, all I remember is that a young child is lost in a big city on a train or bus surrounded by adults and they were crying or teary eyed. The adult faces around them are blurred or out of shot as well. Reply

      Probably not what you had in mind, but one of the climactic scenes in Spirited Away is structured like this, with Chihiro getting on a train in which all of the other passengers are translucent silhouettes.
  • 4 Apr 29th, 2018 at 2:02PM
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    I remember watching a TV show in possibly the late 2000s on CITV. I seem to remember it was about three kid/teens that had musical instruments- 2 boys and 1 girl?- to either fight in some way or compete. One of the teens used a set of electric drums. It may not have even been anime-style but it's what my brain remembers. Reply
  • 2 Apr 29th, 2018 at 9:09PM
    Lastest Reply: 29th Apr, 2018 09:49:13 PM

    They were villains, or at least wannabe villains. They lived in an ugly house in a normal neighborhood. The leader of them was small, but grumpy. There was a big buff guy, but he waa dumb. There was also the smart one, but I donít remember anything about him. Only episode I can remember is the last one, in which they save the world.

    As for channel, I think Jetix or Disney. Not sure though Reply
  • 2 Apr 7th, 2018 at 8:08PM
    Lastest Reply: 29th Apr, 2018 12:50:55 PM
    So, I remember watching the first bit of an anime episode on Hulu before the great anime purge. I didn't see much, and my memory may not even be accurate, but I remember the main character being an emotionless-looking girl with long purple hair. She was in middle school, I believe, and had only one friend from another school. I remember a scene where she goes to visit this friend, who I believe had light, short hair, at the friend's home. When she walks in, she sees another girl on top of her friend, and they claim to have been having a tickling fight, or something similar. The main character gets angry, and that's all I can remember.

    Sorry I can't remember more, this has been bothering me for so long because I really want to watch more of this anime! Reply