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    I'm looking for a anime tv show that aired on Cartoon network in the 2000's maybe the 90's it was a tv show Where they World have these cards and a thing on their arm Where they Would sjove the card on top or in the thing on the arm and they would transform into monsters and there were also gold form/edition of the monster they were Reply

      Yu-Gi-Oh!? Cardcaptor Sakura? Duel Masters?

      The device wasn't actually strapped to their arm, but the kids in Digimon Tamers would use cards to control their Digimon, and could turn into Digimon themselves.

      To add to potential 'mon anime, could it be Bakugan? I don't think there were arm things, but I didn't see the later seasons. There were gold editions of the monsters, though.

      Gormiti: The Lords of Nature Return had kids becoming monsters and, in season 2, also get golden armors, but they had no arm things with cards.
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    I saw it in an AMV years ago (like 2008-2011) but can't find the original anime or the video. It's a 2000s anime about a girl and a feathered monster. I remember it having a Tvtropes page.

    I remember the bird was in a cage and the girl befriended it. It attacked her for some reason. Later on it escaped (?) but died by falling (?). Reply
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    This was some time ago, early 2000s and this anime really intrigued me younger but I could never find it. I'll say everything I can remember: This anime had a mix of 2d and 3d, the 3d part seemed to be some kind of matrix, virtual reality world where there were three people fighting an enemy. One guy, one girl who was some kind of ninja girl and another girl who wore pink. They were heading to some special room, but ended up fighting someone. The first 2 were defeated and were vaporised in the virtual reality world and returned to real world (in 2d). The pink girl made it to the room will lights, like an upwards tunnel and floats upwards. The 3d stops and everything is 2d again, as if everyone is in the real world. If anyone knows the name of this anime please tell me as it has bothered me for years. I'm sorry it's so vauge, but thanks anyway. Reply

      Code Lyoko?

      It's a dead ringer for Code Lyoko, althoough that's not really an anime, but an animesque French show.

      You sure it wasn't Code Lyoko and you're remembering incorrectly? That sounds exactly like Code Lyoko.
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    I looking for an anime about a magical girl with a pervy penguin sidekick who has a rival who is also a magical girl with a sidekick as well. I don't remember too much about the show, but there was an episode where the girl used her power to lift up a car that I think was crushing someone. Reply
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    I'm trying to find an anime about a group of (I think)students that have to fight off monsters whenever a red moon appear. I don't remember much of it, but there is one part in an episode that stands out. The students are relaxing someplace when the moon appears. Some of the students go into some tomb like place where there is a door and two torches. I believe there were some murals or hieroglyphs saying that to get the door open they have to change the color of the flames from red to (I think)blue and green. They do this by putting something in both of the torches. I asked this question before and got the 11eyes anime for an answer. I watched it, and it was not this anime. Reply

      Maybe it's Night Wizard? From what I understand, it's pretty similar to 11eyes, at least in concept.
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    I'm looking for this anime where a girl with red, short hair that lives in the same house of a monster with a skull head. Do you know the name? Reply

      The Ancient Magus' Bride?

      Sorry it's late but is it ruby gloom?

      I second ruby gloom. She lives with death.

      I'm not the OP but I'm 100% sure that this is The Ancient Magus' Bride, so please, people, stop bumping this to say it's Ruby Gloom. (it's not even an anime wtf)

      From what I've seen of the work page and the cover of the manga, Ancient Magus's Bride seems likely.
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    uhm I have serched everywhere but can't find it. So if none of u guys can't find or remember it either I am pretty sure I have just a crazy mind and I have wasted like nearly a whole day trying to find it.

    So it was anime and it was about this girl who loved to dance and was living with orphans or other girls and they treated her super bad and mocked her. She was like a maid for them. And one day she got like these ballerina shoes// shoes form her mom and this was all she had left of her, bc she had disappeared or something. And I remember one episode she got a visit from a man and said he was going to help her. Again I am not sure I it even exist but I am sooooo sure I watched it when I was little.

    Sorry for my bad English, It's not my usual language. Reply

      Loulou De Montmartre?

      Oooh my fricking god! Thats IT! Wonderful! I will bow on my knees to this site and ppl
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    I've been searching for this anime/cartoon since like 2010. There are few things I remember so this is a long shot but here goes. It was a anime that children watched, like Naruto or One Piece, but it wasn't as well known. What I remember about the characters is, the first season, there was a antagonist in a red mecha-like suit and the protagonist had a green one. There was another character with a pink suit, the pink one was quite shy and had an evil brother that tries to take over in the second season (I think the brothers name was Phoenix). All through the first season, the red and the green characters were rivals, but in the second season they become friends. What I remember about the plot is that it's a fighting arena/tournament series, and the characters are quite young. The series was either dubbed or recorded in English. I watched this show all the time as a child and I wish to revisit it. If you have any ideas that could help me, I would really appreciate it. Reply
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    I am trying to remember an anime or cartoon, i have no idea about the name, but the title looked like Korean or Japanese. It was about a boy carrying a pendant and his toy friends, but they looked more like plushies. The most memorable toy was a blue cat afraid of snakes. Also there was another toy that was kind of obsessed with the boy. I remember a girl too, she had a weird ball shaped toy with three(?) legs and an antenna that was the antagonist for a long time, but she was unaware of that. the last thing i remember is a professor assisting the boy. I think the way i told it was kind of messed up but i can't remember anything else. Thanks for anyone trying to help. Reply

      Check the Living Toys page. Doraemon sounds like the best match. He is a robot cat who does resemble a stuffed animal, and there have been other living toys at various points in the series.

      Thanks, i will check the page, though it is not Doraemon, i know that series.

      Nope, sadly i couldn't find it there.
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    I remember a few things about the anime ; It aired on the Anime Network on demand service in about 2011-2012, it involved aviation, two of the main locations in the show was an (aviation?) academy, and an old aviation museum. It took place during WWII, I think. Another thing I remember was one scene where a character who was thought to be dead by his two siblings is sitting by his mothers grave, putting down flowers, whilst his siblings plot to kill him for inheritance. Somebody on Yahoo Answers suggested 'Pumpkin Scissors', but I vaguely remember the opening for this show, and it didn't match. Any ideas as to what it could be? Reply

      I hardly ever go on here, so if you know, can you tell me on my email, Torterrafan5676@Hotmail.com?

      i remember seeing it in about 2011.


      Does anything on either of these two lists ring a bell?



      @ragecheer Nothing in particular. I remember the show had an odd name. I think it started with the letter Q or something.

      I hate to keep bumping this up, I really do... But I REALLY wanna find this show.



      Bump. Remembered something else. Part of the intro had a scene in a hangar or something, as well as a man in a test tube. I remember a scene where the planes in the show race.

      Bump. Remembered something else. Part of the intro had a scene in a hangar or something, as well as a man in a test tube. I remember a scene where the planes in the show race.

      Bump. Remembered something else. Part of the intro had a scene in a hangar or something, as well as a man in a test tube. I remember a scene where the planes in the show race.

      Was it one where the characters turned into planes ?

      No, not that I remember.

      Here's a list of all the anime in the "aviation" tag on anime-planet.com. Perusing the list might help?

      Someone suggested that earlier. None of the names sounded familiar.

      I was thinking possibly Strike Witches?

      No, wasn't Strike Witches.


      I doubt it's this, as all it has in common is that it takes place in WWII and I seem to remember it had a scene with the main character in an aviation academy, but worth a shot, I guess. Do you think maybe it could be The Wind Rises?

      No, this was about 2012 or 2013. It wasn't a movie, I had several episodes of it on my old DVR. It at least made it to about 7 episodes.







      I asked a friend who likes anime a lot and this is what he said:

      "The Princess and the Pilot? Allison and Lillia? The Sky Crawlers? Fractale?

      Yeah I was thinking Strike Witches as well originally"

      I know almost nothing about anime but I kept seeing this here and I figured he could possibly help you.


      not one of the macross series?

      Bump? I'm curious about this one.
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    I remember one of my absolute favourite cartoons as a child (in the 90s) was about this boy and this creature. The creature was shaped like a human but it had a large, puffy face and it carried a striped umbrella which he could spin, and I think it allowed him to fly. The creature had entered the boy's/our world through his closet. I watched it in Arabic and it was called "Sumbul" (how I pronounced it anyway). I have tried to find it with no luck. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Reply

      Sounds familiar.

      Kiteretsu Daihykka?

      It wasn't anime, but that sounds sort of like Mot.

      I think found it, it must be Parasol Henbei. Or عودة سن$ل الحلقة (return of Sumbul?) in arabic.

      I think found it, it must be Parasol Henbei. Or عودة سن$ل الحلقة (return of Sumbul?) in arabic.

      I think found it, it must be Parasol Henbei. Or عودة سن$ل الحلقة (return of Sumbul?) in arabic.

      I think found it, it must be Parasol Henbei. Or عودة سن$ل الحلقة (return of Sumbul?) in arabic.

      I think found it, it must be Parasol Henbei. Or عودة سن$ل الحلقة (return of Sumbul?) in arabic.

      I think found it, it must be Parasol Henbei. Or عودة سن$ل الحلقة (return of Sumbul?) in arabic.

      I think found it, it must be Parasol Henbei. Or عودة سن$ل الحلقة (return of Sumbul?) in arabic.

      I think found it, it must be Parasol Henbei. Or عودة سن$ل الحلقة (return of Sumbul?) in arabic.

      I think found it, it must be Parasol Henbei. Or عودة سن$ل الحلقة (return of Sumbul?) in arabic.

      I think found it, it must be Parasol Henbei. Or عودة سن$ل الحلقة (return of Sumbul?) in arabic.

      Ah, excuse me, i think i accidentally spammed it :(
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    So there's this anime that i liked but I've forgotten the name, but i still remember partially of the details. It's a story where characters in the anime have to hit someone with their powers to earn 'points' that lets them continue to use their powers. And the main character has powers related to roshambo. Please help me... Reply

      Accel World or Hunter Hunter?

      Gon does have "Rock, paper, scissors" powers but I don't think there's anything like a point system. Unless you're thinking of Knuckle's power or maybe something in the Greed Island arc I'm forgetting about...

      Nope, not any of these

      It's an anime from a damn long time ago...

      Ok so here is like extra info regarding this anime to whoever that wants to help me. From what i still remember, the final battle for this anime between the MC and villian ended when the villian got ahead for himself and thought the MC was done for due to point used up and can no longer use power. However, during the fight, one of MC's skill accidentally hit his friend and gave him point secretly in which the MC used to surprise the villian and defeated him.

      Could you give us an estimate of when "a damn long time ago" was? 2010? 2000? The 80s or 90s? That could help narrow it down! If you remember what any of the characters look like, and where you saw it (online? TV? what channel?) that could also really help.

      The Law of Ueki had powers which cost something similar to points every time you hit someone not in the tournament, and the villain was defeated in the way you described. But the MC had the power to turn trash into trees

      @dutchguy1986 damn man, you really did it, thank you so much. You've no idea how much i missed this show. Words can't express my thanks but really, thank you so much. You're a true anime fan.
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    An anime where this brother and sister go across a strange mystical land, theres a woman who tries to help them each episode. Any time the children are in danger from a big monster, a man appears who says some weird stuff like "sand, is my power", then uses his sand powered gun to summon a collosul beast to fight and pretty much annihalate the opposing force. The man always uses three specifically colored sands in glass viles to power his gun. The main reason why the children are exploring this magical and dangerous land is to find their missing parents. There is also an evil looking queen character who sends out monsters to stop the children for some unknown reason, she probably stole the parents somehow. The show itself has a Final Fantasy feel to it, however, im not sure if it is or not related. Reply
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    so it's some anime where there's a pink hair girl and she has like a little creature she controls , and this guy helps her kill monsters and at one point they're at some coliseum or stadium and they kiss in it while there's a monster outside and she kisses him as says : Snap out of it! Reply
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    when i was a child i was watching this cartoon/anime at mbc3, it was about a boy who lives with his grandmother in a village. one day the boy went outside the house and found this orange glowing thing (shape like a mango/light bulb), he returned home with that thing and then in the night a dark cloud came to the village and it turned everyone into a stone except the boy because the orange glowing thing protected him. in the morning when he woke up and when down stairs and found his grandmother is a stone and went outside and noticed that everyone else is a stone. the boy saw a monster trying to attack him so the boy ran to a building and found a girl, that girl was holding a metal (looks like a huge coffee cup) they figure out they had to put the orange glowing thing into the metal thing and then a monster is summoned, that monster saved the kid from the evil monster. they had to gather other coloured glowing thingy and go to some mountain to save his village. i have been trying to find it for years, please help. Thank you.

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    I have this show i used to watch as a kid where the main character woke up finding his grandma and all of his village turned to stone and meets up with a person that is a type of witch with blue hair in a pony tail. The show involves these crystal berries that when put in a device would turn into these creatures....... Please help

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    I only saw it once in a foreign language, so I REALLY don't have much detail. It's an anime with kids that can turn into animals. One is a pink-haired girl with a pink cat-hairpiece who can turn into a pink cat with a pink crown on her head. Another girl has black hair with spiral glasses and can turn into a bunny (still with glasses) with a big clover on her chest. Then there's a boy who can turn into a mouse with a green hat and a yellow handkerchief. They all got some sort of costume (that corresponds to their animal form and has the same expression as them whenever they're shocked or some other emotion) whenever they're about to transform. Whilst wearing them, they look more chibi. From what I saw, there's an episode with them trying to find the mouse boy in a restaurant (with hungry people with animal ears) while the mouse boy tries to protect a mouse and her nest of mice from an old lady's snake Shiro. But they must hurry because if the transformation lasts more than 99 minutes, he'll be stuck as a mouse forever. Sorry if there's not enough detail >< Reply

      Sounds like Animal Detective Kiruminzoo / Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu.
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    There was a manga I read as a kid where there was some kind of princess that was in love with a servant boy. Her father didn't want her associating with him, but she went against his wishes and decided to become a servant as well so she could be near the boy she liked. I don't remember anything else in particular other than the girl's mother seemed to have no qualms about her daughter being a servant and that they wore something like tradtional Japanese kimono and such. I'm 99.99% sure it was a shoujo manga. Does anyone have any idea? Reply
  • 1 Aug 21st, 2017 at 4:04PM
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    This is immensely annoying, because I managed to track down this and the other piece I'm asking about three or four years ago, but I've lost the file in which I wrote down their details, so I need to find them again.

    The first one is an animated film shown on British TV several times during the 1980s. The film looks rather like a Japanese anim but I believe it is British. A young boy aged about eight is stranded on his onw on a planet where there are mobile plants, one of which I think acts as a boat for him. A party of people on a spaceship are coming to rescue him but there is a lot of political infighting amongst them. Eventually we learn that there is a time loop involved, and that one of the people coming to save the little boy is himself as an adult. Reply
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    At one point, when i was looking at the Anime Image Source List, I came across an anime that I wanted to check out, but now I can't remember the name of it. All I remember is that the story involves a main character who would, at various points in his life, be forced to pick from a small list of choices on how to proceed, as if he was playing a Dating Sim (It's kind of like Date A Live, except instead of the multi-choice list being Kotori's method for giving Shido 'advice', this guy's life is run by it). Reply
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    There was this anime I saw a while ago, and I've been trying to find it ever since. It was about two people, and I think they were cops or something. The two people had like animal ears and tails, and I think one of them was a rabbit and the other one may have been a fox. It's not zootopia. The cops looked human, they just had some animal features. The show was called Rabbit and Fox or something of the sort, but I'm not sure if the other character was a fox. I've looked for it on google, but I haven't found anything so it would be amazing if anyone knew what I was talking about. Reply

      Cuticle Detective Inaba? And if not, was the rabbit/fox a boy or girl? That would help narrow it down.

      No, it's no Cuticle Detective Inaba. Thank you though!! Both detectives were boys.

      Sherlod Hound?

      Yes, oh my gosh!! Thank you so much, this has been bothering me for a while!
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    ok so a friend watched it and I watched it with her it was like the 13th episode and I don't remember much it didn't had many episodes it's a shoujo there was a "rival" who is a model she had light hair (maybe blonde or light brown) and wore it in pigtails and she was tall. I don't remember how the main characters looked like. but there was a scene where the main guy (i think it was him) met his old bullie and he was mad at him but when he aproached him he didn't know him and was Nice so he left him. another scene i remember is that they were in a room together (the two Main protagonist) and then they went on a theme park (not really sure about this part but they were on his or her apartment). really wanna find this Anime again it wasn't childish drawn and it was a school daily life kind of anime amd yeah thanks mah dudes Reply

      Say "I Love you" (english title) or sukite li na yo (Japanese title)
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    I have this ache in my head, I'm still trying to figure out that one show with the gopher, pink seal, blue monkey and yellow duck with blue socks..but it also has a movie to go along with it. It has the Gopher boy playing superhero and a rose haired girl in a black cat suit is following him around..can you help me figure it out? Reply

      Bump. I'd rather do these searches on a PC, but lemme see what I can do.

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    So all I remember:

    There's like a gameboy or something in the beginning, and they play some battle game there. Later on they get taken into the world of the game and they battle in teams in a big arena and they do quests for battle items or something.. there was a dude with glasses too. The Cartoon is mid 2000s I'd say..

    I really want to watch it but I can't remember anything.. help me Reply
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    Please help! It's driving me insane and I can't find the answer anywhere!!! So when I was younger me and my sister used to watch a programme (but I swear we had it on a DVD or video) it was sort of about paint splashes coming to life! I can't find any answers anywhere and now I feel like Iv made it up!!! no idea what happens it the programme or the characters because I honestly can't remember! I remember some strange music in it though. any information or inputs please :) it had a good theme tune / introduction and it would start with the paints going onto like paper and then a strange story with them alive but I don't think they spoke! 😂 Reply