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    Live Action TV
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    What I'm looking for is which episode of this show has a scene I remember: Buck and a friend crash their fighters in a desert planet. They survive unhurt, look around and the friend says there's no civilization around and if they can't call help fast they'll starve. Buck points at a small animal and says "no we won't". The friend is horrified that people used to eat animals in the 20th century but ends up eating the meat along with Buck out of necessity. This scene estaablishes that 25th century society is vegetarian. Which episode is this from? Reply

      "Journey to Oasis"?

      Doesn't look like it. In that episode's ship crash, there were more characters involved. Besides, I believe it was from season 1.
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    Print Comic
    A scene in a comic from the late 70s to mid-80s. May or may not be Secret Wars. A few heroes are talking, and a difficult choice is being debated. Professor X says, "If we did that, we'd be no better than Hitler, Stalin, or Doctor Doom." I remembered that while reading the Famous, Famous, Fictional trope and I'd like to include it there, but my recollection is vague. Reply
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    So I remember watching this show years ago, when I was around 7 or 8, and I can't find it anywhere (to the point where I'm questioning if it exists) and I'm 15 now. I remember small things about it. It was about these two girls (or maybe one girl) and they had these pendant things. I believe they were green and pink. They were able to speak as well. I also remember that they used to them to defeat bad guys or something. I think in the last episode, the girl was really upset because the pendant or locket closed because it was like "you don't need me anymore". I know it was animated. I am also fairly sure that they played lacrosse in the show. Please help Reply
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    Anyone know what song this is? I'm pretty certain it's a Hollywood Undead song but I don't have the patience to go through their discography.

    A few months ago I heard a song on Youtube and was surprised it was by Hollywood Undead (if I'm remembering right). It was a lot tamer than their usual fare. I can't remember much else though. I thin it was from one of their newer albums. Reply
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    There was this animated adult cartoon on late at night yeeeears ago (i'm thinking early 2000s) & it kind of reminded me of South Park. It was a bunch of elementary or middle school kids & they would swear. I remember a blonde hair kid & there was an older kid who was basically the bully. I remember a specific episode where the blonde kid (who was basically the main character of the show) went into a diner & saw the bully & the bully told him "I'm undressing the waitress with my eyes !" & the blonde kid is like "How do you do that ???" & he tells him to stare at her, rip off her skirt with his mind, then the shirt, & it's "as easy as that" apparently. But, when the kid does it, he sees blank spaces where her body parts should be. So he finds a porn magazine with his friend & they find out what a woman's body looks like. So he undresses the waitress at the diner with his eyes again & "sees" how she looks naked. But, then he can't stop doing it to literally every women that approaches him, so he freaks out & runs home. He doesn't want to inagine his parents naked so he keeps his eyes closed & his parents are like "What's wrong ? Why are your eyes closed son ??" & he's like "They are ? Oh, so they are !" & his parents convince him to open his eyes, & when he does everything is back to normal.

    The theme song was the kids walking around with their arms in the air or something going "Nyeah nyeah nyeha nyeah nyea nyeah nyea nyeah" & it would pause every couple seconds for the blonde kid to talk.

    Weirdest show, but for some reason I can't find it online anywhere ??? Even with how specific I remember the episode. I remember another episode was a halloween one &the blonde kid dressed up as some weird fish thing. He ends up running into someone with the same costume as him & freaks out running. & The bully kid goes "Ha ha ha, what a fucking idiot !"

    It wasn't a popular series or anything, I literally only saw it once . Reply

      Do you remember what channel you saw it on?

      Not at all ...Possibly HBO or Showtime or something...it was on at like 2 or 3 am & it was only about 4 episodes I think being played in a marathon. So i believe I watched the same episodes over & over again. I had comcast & it was in the something hundreds channel...definitely not Spike or Comedy Central.

      On the list of Showtime programming I found Free For All which has a blond kid as the main character. Maybe it's that?

      It's not Free For All. The animation style was different. The kids were all in like middle school or elementary school. It MIGHT have been a special. I THINK it was based on the creator's life ? I THINK the show was something like " __(name here)—'s life of something"....or like __(name here)__ presents something something"...

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    Hey all!

    My friend and I are looking for an old game we played together in elementary school. It was a tactics-based where you would deploy your units near a building of importance. I can't remember if it was a church or a castle, but it was definitely something of the sort.

    These units were often assigned into companies, or squads - or, in the case of the 'superman' as we called him (he wore a red cape, don't judge us!), all on his lonesome. You could deploy archers, swordsmen, and the 'superman', whom I now understand to be a Wizard of some kind; he created fireballs/meteors. - I believe there was cavalry, and a commander, too, but don't quote me on that.

    Anyway, after having placed our units, the skeletons would spawn. These skeletons also moved in groups like your own units. They had units that mirrored our own; archers, footsoldiers, and a skeletal wizard, etc.

    During the battle, little portraits would come up of the units - depicting them shouting orders, like "Open fire!", the skeletal mage saying something about "You're surrounded", or maybe it was "close around them" - we really didn't have a good enough grasp of english to understand back then. It would also depict them when an entire unit was wiped out, or when they were fleeing in surrender.

    The Game was among the many demos on a cereal-box promotion disk (I seem to recall it being a small disc). And we cannot for the life of us remember what it was called. We do know that we played it roughly 15 years ago, as we did not have that good an understanding of the english language and that was around the time we began to have english in elementary school. (We thought 'Open fire!' meant that there was a literal open fire burning somewhere. We never found one and it puzzled me for years afterward.) I also believe there was a demo of Descent amongst the other games on the disk, as we played that too, and I firmly remember it only having three levels. Reply
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    I'm looking for an old movie from around the timespan stated above. All I remember is a woman is the main character, and two scenes.

    First scene is about the lead woman as a child looking at a flower vase. The vase burst into flames several seconds later, and an older woman asks someone else "You believe that's a set up, didn't you?" (Paraphrased)

    The second scene is set as a huge fire is about to reach a male character (I think). The lead female then approached the fire and the fire retreated. At the end of that scene, the woman disappeared, presumably dead, and leaving a memento I cannot really recall. I remember the memento is a jewelry, though. What kind, I'm unsure. Reply

      Never watched it, but the time matches Firestarter: Rekindled.

      Pretty sure that's not it. The girl from the movie you mentioned is different from what I remember.


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    I'm not talking about We Remember it For You Wholesale. It was this novel about a tv show host whose wife and daughter were murdered and he was bashed. When he returns to consciousness, he can't remember what happened to him. Reply

      "Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said" ?? Both from PK Dick
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    The only thing i remember is that it started in a car. It was driving through a tunnel and there were lights flashing on both sides, then it drove out of the tunnel and turned to the left. On the right there were barriers and behind them a forest i think. You could not see them but in the car there was a child and his parent(s), they were talking and the parent(s) started to tell the kid a story when they got out of the tunnel. Please, if anyone has any suggestions, write them! Thank you. Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    It was a TV show about two best friends (maybe even brothers?) who would dare each other to do stuff. Early 2000's, probably on MTV. They were either American or Canada. Live action. Reply
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    Western Animation
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    I've been trying to search this for years now, perhaps it's western animation. anyway, back to the point. What I can mostly remember is that it was a TV series released somewhere between 2000-2008, and it was a bout a crew of 4, maybe 5 different characters who lived on a ship, that was used mainly as a cargo ship, I can remember that there was your captain, and a mechanic who happened to be a cyborg. It may also help that they lived in space with many aliens, and the main character had a father from the so called "federation" from the series. thanks! Reply
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    Idk the name of the show but I think it's a British children TV show. My children used to watch it on Netflix in 2015 or 2016 but I don't see it on their anymore. It's not really cartoon like but it's more like animated puppets but not hand talking puppets, you can see the black sticks walking them in the show lol it's mainly about three children ( 2 boys one Caucasian and one African American and one girl who's also Caucasian I think she has glasses) in school doing crazy things, going on wild adventures. I remember one episode they were cleaning the restroom and found like a secret wall and a magic toilet or time machine toilet. lol an episode about an evil baby I want to say idk if anyone knows what I'm talking about please help. I searched through my Netflix watched list and it won't go past August 2016. I've been searching on Google for days as well and no results. Reply
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    Live Action TV
    I remember a scene where a woman has a man at gunpoint and they exchange a few words and she pulls the trigger multiple times but the gun wasn't loaded, he then ties her to a chair and leaves. Later on, a different guy shows up to rescue her and she throws a thumbs up sign Reply
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    Western Animation
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    All I can R Emeber is some sort of animated animal going into bed and going under the covers, crawling under them and then popping out into it's own world with friends and things.. then it would crawl out somehow and end back at home at the end of the night?? I thought it was Little Bear but I don't think it is anymore after trying to YouTube an episode. Reply

      If it's live action I believe it is little monsters, if it's a cartoon then that show is king, where or when did you see this

      i thought it was more like the berenstain bears or franklin. Maybe I made it up, maybe king. Some time in the early 2000's.
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    help me find it Reply
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    Before you say it it's not power rangers zeo or rpm, the first show I am looking for features these chrom colored robots with some flashing color square on their chests lead by two giant robots, one robot can turn into a jet while the other had some fangs or something, the heros were a group of soldiers that looked like a cross between starship troopers and judge dredd and they had this phrase that had "power" in it. The other show and no it is not Sabrina, featured a girl doing all sorts of random adventures but had the ability to turn into a puddle of either water or mercery, and I think she can shoot lightning out of her fingers Reply
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    I think the game came in a set of similar educational games that I played in the school computer lab (Australia). I probably played this game in the late 2000s too alongside ones like Kid-pix and Numbers Up... The main one I'm thinking of was a strategic turn-based game with wizards and dragons and you had to set up all your moves before activating them and the battle would play out and you would see if you countered everything. There were different types of wizards and dragons which had different abilities. I think wizards got burnt to a crisp a lot. The levels got progressively complex. I think it was set in a forest? The graphics weren't high quality but I loved the game. I think some of the games with it were stacking acrobats? Or a seal pool? I think they had minimal text and a predominantly white background. I really loved this game I hope someone knows it! :) Reply
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    There was this show I saw as a kid. It was about three aliens, don't remember if they were brothers or not, that each had a respective color theme of yellow, red, and blue where they could call on personal robot exo suits to fight in with a catch phrase I don't remember. Reply

      If it has 3D like animation, almost like cubix, the the show you are looking for is "butt ugly martians"
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    Live Action TV
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    The show was either live action or animated. It aired during either the late 90's or the early 2000's. The main character was a boy. I don't remember much about the show, but I know that the toys had removable arms, heads, and legs that could be swapped between different toys. The toys included, a human boy, a human girl, a robot, a green alien, an orange alien, and a lot more. I think the main character had the ability to turn his body parts into other people's body parts or something. I remember that some knockoff versions of the toys were released as happy meals. The robot only had one eye. I can't remember much else.

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    ok so a friend watched it and I watched it with her it was like the 13th episode and I don't remember much it didn't had many episodes it's a shoujo there was a "rival" who is a model she had light hair (maybe blonde or light brown) and wore it in pigtails and she was tall. I don't remember how the main characters looked like. but there was a scene where the main guy (i think it was him) met his old bullie and he was mad at him but when he aproached him he didn't know him and was Nice so he left him. another scene i remember is that they were in a room together (the two Main protagonist) and then they went on a theme park (not really sure about this part but they were on his or her apartment). really wanna find this Anime again it wasn't childish drawn and it was a school daily life kind of anime amd yeah thanks mah dudes Reply

      Say "I Love you" (english title) or sukite li na yo (Japanese title)
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    Live Action TV
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    So I really can only remember one episode, and vaguely at that. It had a very animorphs feel to it, and it was set in some kind of dystopian land. These kids have some kind of power I think, and are wandering/running away from a villain in the desert, when they meet this hermit like man, and he teaches them how to keep a part of their mind if the villian takes it. I'm pretty sure it was a form of psychic lobotomy or something. I think there was narrating at the end of the episode. It aired in the US sometime in the late 90s early 2000s. Vague I know, but it's driven me crazy for years so any help would be great. Reply
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    I'm looking for a cartoon about bugs, and in 1 episode the worm in the show gets stuck in a hole/tunnel in the dirt and cant get out. its made with 3D animation and its from late 90s to early 2000s Reply
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    Ok, so between 1994 and 2002 there was a mini series, from what I remember about short music videos about singing animals, can't remember the name but I'm sure I saw it on either teletoon or ytv. From what I remember this show featured this: -A hippy lion singing about how the world needs to change, -An arastafarian alligator (if I spelled that right) singing about his love for Africa - a waitress hippo singing about how she wants payback and get out of her job due to some scam - a tap dancing flamingo singing about how great his life is - a vampire bat girl singing about how she wants to see the sun and escape the dark castle she lives in - a news anchor turtle singing about how great the weather is - a club owner gorilla singing about how hot he is - a Jessica rabbit clone cat girl singing about something I don't remember And if I'm not mistaken, two female chickens, not sure if they were sisters or lesbians but there was a scene where they were both in wedding dresses running down the stairs waving. I can't find this show at all. Please help Reply
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    Western Animation
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    I saw a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic clip on YouTube where Pinkie Pie, who's holding a basket, stares Applejack in the face for a long time and then says "okey-dokey-lokey" and leaves, then Applejack sighs in relief for some reason, then Pinkie Pie pops back up and says "okey-dokey-lokey" again, but this time very slowly. Which episode is this? Reply

      Party of One (here's the transcript)
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    Live Action TV
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    I am desperately trying to identify something I saw as a kid. This is everything I remember. This would have aired on local TV (not cable/satellite) in either the late 80s, or early 90s (not after fall of 1992). A man is near or at a railroad. He's offered a place to stay for the night and is taken to a house. In front of the house are three crosses, one smaller than the other two, I believe it is said a family was killed there. While the man is staying there overnight (I think I remember a deck of playing cards for some reason?), two ghosts, possibly one white and one red, appear and fly towards the screen. This is all I remember. Scared the shit out of me, and I would kill to find out what this is. Major thanks in advance. I listed it as "live action TV" but I can't rule out it was a movie. I know it was on at least twice. Reply

      Bump (if that's allowed). Desperately trying to identify this... never got to see the end.

      Not exactly what you described, but there could be a slight chance that it was "The House of No Return" from Goosebumps.

      Not Goosebumps, sorry. This was before that. Thanks though.


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      Star fleet

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      Can you remember anything else? Right post.

      I have been trying to find out what this is for years! I can't believe that someone else is too. I remember the cards, because I believe he was trying to make a deal with them for his life. I also remember another show (that I think is part of the same series, maybe?), where a man is trying to win the heart of a rich man's daughter, but the father says no, so he performs magic or tricks to win her over. I remember it having an all black cast. I watched both of these around 96-97. Believe it or not, I watched this in school, so it had a vhs release