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    Okay, so this was years ago and I traded the game away but I'm really interested in finding out what it was. The game had I think pixel graphics and I can't remember much about the story besides that maybe the main character had amnesia but I'm not sure. The main mechanic of the game that I can remember was there were two magic rings, and one was red and would make people wild in combat and the other one was blue and would make them kind. Please help me out here :') Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    I've searched all over trying to find this, but came up with nothing. It was a live-action show about high-school aged kids, but the main character, a blonde, fit, guy, solved mysteries or something. I seem to remember him having a british/australian accent but I am not sure. I think near the series finale he and his friends end up breaking into his dad/uncle/someones secret room and uncovering the truth behind someone's death? I know it's not a lot to go off of but it's been driving me crazy. I think it was the mid 2000's to early 2010's and was on cartoon network or discovery kids or something like that. Reply
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    Oh boy, this is going to be a tough one. There was this show that was being aired on Channel 4 in the UK in the dead zones about 1am-3am ish, I recall that it was originally a webshow that was being shown on TV. It was entirely still images made with 3D models, about a man and a girl, and I recall they were travelling across some sort of post apocalyptic America. It was narrated by the main character, who I believe was a Doctor, and he may have had something to do with the state of the world, and might have been looking for his wife, and his model looked suspiciously like Mass Effect 1 default Shepard. Really hope someone can help me out here as it's been bugging me for years. Reply
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    Very vague memory of a cartoon movie/show that featured villains that look like the mayor from a nightmare before Christmas however more regular cartoon like. The villains met or lived in a black space like area. I used to rent it at blockbuster when I was a young child. Their heads popped off at times Iím pretty sure. It could have been its own video tape or possibly an extra before some other video. The villains are far triangular prisms with pointy heads and hats. Reply
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    Hi, my first post ever!

    I want you to help me find these two movies, this is all I can remember about them:

    1. A grim dark animated kids movie, little dance numbers included, with a kid who happens to kill a cat and then its ghost haunts and talks with him during the rest of the movie. Pretty messed up, I know.

    2. An animated puppet movie (series?) with the, I would like to say, children of well known monsters. I think the protagonist was the son of Frankenstein's monster and that it happened in their school (which I think was a castle).

    Any clue would be much appreciated, these two wreck my mind the days I remember them! Reply

      The second makes me think The Mini-Monsters, but that's regular animation.

      yes, it isn't what I was searching for but thanks for bringing those back!

      1 Could it be Gahan Wilson's The Kid?

      2 Could it be Li'l Horrors?

      My dear lord, I'm so excited right now! THOSE TWO WERE, ALMOST TWENTY YEARS, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

      Hmm, I wonder where you watched Li'l Horrors (I don't know if it was exported or not)
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    Many years ago I remember watching this strange anime with an evil teacher that looked like some sort of monster, just a brown mass with a misshapen head and no hair and a girl who I think was called something like "Kitty Jam" or something like that. I kind of remember a scene of her being attacked with a pencil and her skirt falling off but I cannot find the whole scene. I just want to know the name of the anime so I can find more of it Reply
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    Western Animation
    I remember watching a cartoon targeted towards small children about very tall monsters but they were basically kids. I also remember that there was an older child or possible teenager that watched after them. I remember watching it on more than one occasion but the one episode I remember involved them trying to figure it a word that rhymed with pudding. Reply
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    What are the names of the songs remixed in this video? I recognised the "Gummi Bear Song", "It's a Wonderful World", and the music from Wii Sports, but what are the rest? Thank you. Reply

      1 - Hitimpule - I'm in Love with the Coco

      2 - Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop

      3 - Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World

      4 - Lana Del Ray - Summertime Sadness

      5 - Kendrick Lamar feat. MC Eiht - m.a.a.d. city

      6 - Rihanna - Only Girl

      7 - Will.i.am feat. Britney Spears - Scream and Shout

      8 - One Direction - Live While Your Young

      9 - Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles

      10 - Omi - Cheerleader

      11 - Gummi Bear song

      12 - Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth - See you Again

      13 - Taylor Swift - Blank Space

      14 - Michael Jackson - Billie Jean

      15 - unknown

      16 - Bobby Shmurda - Hot Nigga

      17 - Wii Sports theme

      18 - Thomas the Tank Engine theme

      19 - Adele - Hello

      very sorry for that one unknown

      The unknown one is Gangsta Rap ‚Äď N*gga N*gga N*gga
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    Live Action TV
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    it was some tv show only a couple seasons max, i can't remember if it was real or actors, i think it was actors though, like a mockumentary, it was like a small town, think of it as if every character / actor was nick offerman, that type of comedy. either very late 2000's like 08/09 to about 2015 at the newest, i can't remember, i know my clues have been useless i apologize but i NEED to see whatever this show was again, or i'm checking myself in. Reply

      come on, nobody knows? maybe it wasn't actors, maybe it was regular people. but i don't think so. and maybe it was just funny like in a stupid way and not in a dry way, i don't remember, Could have been either way. and i still don't know what they were, park rangers, cops, sheriff? something else? pretty positive it was a small town

      Probably not it, but when I think of shows set in small towns I think of Corner Gas. That had 6 seasons though

      I know it's a bit recent, and it has no cops, but could it possibly be Letterkenny?

      Neither of those are it, I still need help desperately

      please help
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    Which Final Fantasy scene is this? I remember seeing it years - like, circa 2003 to 2005 - ago on E4.

    It's from one of the PS2 titles. X I'm guessing. All I remember is Rikku being in a stadium and some fighting (?) happening. Reply
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    A children's' book about sentient praying mantises from the future who come to Earth in the present and live among humans, using special pheromones to keep humanity from noticing. The protagonist, a grade school kid immune to the masquerade-inducing chemicals, has a mantis for a teacher and iirc has had him for a while, though doesn't say anything because no one else can tell.I want to say there's also an invasion by sentient wasps that the kid and mantis teacher have to stop, but at this point the details get fuzzy.

    I think I remember the cover being a hand-drawn image of a mantis in front of, like, a chalkboard or something, and I thought I remembered it having an Exactly What It Says on the Tin title but google hasn't given me anything so I'm inclined to say I misremembered. Reply

      My Teacher's a Bug from the Spinetinglers series?

      Yes thank you, thank god.
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    Print Comic
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    I read it about a year ago, but it's about some teenager/young adult girl working for a villain. She wore a black jumpsuit and there was a guy that could turn into a mannequin, but he got smashed when he was in that form and survived as a ghost or something. Pretty sure there was time travel involved near the end of it. There was also another girl that could grow sentient carrots...? Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    I remember watching an advertisement for this show when it was on the ION network in 2011. One episode has a quick time change shot of the past smiling mother lifting her smiling toddler, both had brown hair, Roz was standing next to the mother looking up at the child also smiling, change to present adult son with older mother. Does anyone know this episode? Thanks. Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    1) Boy wrestles, has accident where he cannot hear. Scene where House brings a radio into the patient's room and he is told to knock it off, but does not, because it actually helps the boy get his hearing back.

    2) Boy and his mother come to the hospital. Scene boy is standing by his mother lying in the bed, she suddenly throws up blood constantly.

    3) Harder to describe. Guy, must be in 20s-30s, goes to hospital with his father (50s-60s, probably), I think his tonsils were being removed, something was happening to his mouth. The two or three doctors were doing surgery, I think they were either putting something down his throat (tubes probably) or giving him something to put into this mouth, the young guy was scared and asked his father what was going on. 'Dad, what are they doing", or "Dad, what is happening", the father told him to calm down, it was alright. I am sorry that is all I can remember.

    Can anyone please help me? Thanks. Reply

      I'm not sure about three. I think one is "House Divided" and two is "The Socratic Method".

      Thanks, so that's two. Anyone knows the third one?

      Can anyone please help with the third? I cannot describe it any better, but it could be from one of the two episodes as mentioned, I did not see those episodes entirely, so I cannot confirm that, but perhaps there are some House M.D. fans here.

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    I remembered these days about a TV show or a movie that I used to watch when I was a kid and the only thing I could remember is that there was a necklace and the person (or a specific person) who wore it could read minds. Any ideas?

    EDIT: when: 7-10 years ago where: the national tv post in Romania (TVR) Reply

      Where and when did you watch it? (We don't know when you were a kid)

      Off the top of my head there is the mind-reading pendent from "Greeks Bearing Gifts" episode of Torchwood

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    I watched a fairly mature anime (there was smoking, drinking blood, etc) on SBS anywhere from late 90s to the 2000s. Key points I remember:
    • This woman goes to this private detective-type to find her brother
    • The brother has white hair and he was having these massive headaches that cause him to kill people with Psychic Powers against his will
    • When confronting the brother another guy takes off a cloak(?) and he is a man in military uniform with white hair. The military man reveals that the brother is actually a clone of him and he was sort guinea pig for the process for giving Psychic Powers. The military man boasts that the experiments on the clone allowed him to have the powers without the headaches

      Not entirely sure about this since I haven't seen the series (I know there is some cloning involved there though), but could it be Gilgamesh?

      That's not it


      Chrno Crusade?

      Not it
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    Western Animation
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    I️ can not for the life of me remember this show in my mind. Itís about a bunch of teenagers and they duel in a high tech facility. They duel with a deck of 10 monsters on cards. They physically become these monster in a virtual world, and the duel ends when one persons deck of ten monsters is wiped out. Also the main character always uses a humanoid monster cover in fire. Please help. Ask more questions if Iím not specific enough. Thanks! Reply
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    hi there, when i was a child like 6 years old am 18 now i used to watch a cartoon show about two goblins or ogers friends they take adventures in the woods and forest can someone help me find the name of the show its like disney stuff i cant find it in the internet ! Reply
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    Okay, sorry for the details being vague. I'm trying to find a rock song. It was told from the perspective of a criminal in jail, and there's a line that repeats a lot. Something like "this is all I'll ever know" or "this is all I've ever known", something like that but I can't remember the exact phase. It sounds like it was made in the late 70s, maaaaaybe the early 80s. It kind of sounds like The Logical Song by Supertramp. I'd probably call it prog rock. Reply
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    Okay, I remember a show that I saw on TV when I was around 10 years old? The character I remember most is a girl named Kaitlyn who was blonde, short hair, and her main color was pink. The show had four super hero kids who did something? There was a darker skinned girl who had low twin buns and her theme was yellow. The title had "4" and "monsters" in it..? Help me Reply
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    I'm looking for a anime that I believe starts with C , I remember the main character was a male with black hair and he had this ability to control his "dog" with his hair ,it wasn't really a dog it had the ability to shapeshift. The only other thing I remember was there was a girl he met and at some point this ability got switched to her momentarily and there was one other guy who had the same power. When they used the power a little antenna that looks like Their hair stands up on their head. Reply

      Might be a Casshern series.
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    Live Action TV
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    It was a show from around 2009, had a ton of primary-coloured gears. I think it had like 5 men in jumpsuits and lots of doors? It was either on Nick Jr. or Disney Jr. I remember it having 'imagine' in the title somewhere Reply
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    Hi everyone, I'm searching for a movie I used to watch when I was a kid (during the 80's, but the movie itself could be older). All I remember is that in this movie a strange green pyramid appears in a kid's room and strange things happens, and the characters end in a an other world or the future, can't really tell.... Loved this thing I would like to see it again, thanks in advance for the help ! Reply
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    This was a webcomic I thought looked interesting and planned to read later but I guess I never bookmarked it. I remember only a few things about it. The main character, or a least point of view character was this blonde woman who seemed to be some sort of law enforcement. And we're introduced to her hooking up with some guy in a car. I think he might also be a cop, later he's revealed to be her foster brother,and his older biological brother disapproves of that relationship.

    There is a super hero/costumed vigilante type who is maybe the actual protagonist. Blonde lady is a fan of her and I think has posters of her in her house and stuff. They meet pretty early into the comic, maybe the superhero saves her life and I think she's met to be her love interest. The super hero lady, the blonde cop and the two brothers I think are all on different sides and that drives some of the conflict.

    Does anyone know what this is? Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    I believe this was on a TV show when I was a young child. This would have been in the earlier 2000s.

    Regardless, I vaguely recall the details of this scene. It opened with a scene of a man who was torturing people with a chainsaw and the lighting was unusual. She eventually escapes that area and goes through a complex set of corridors that is set up as a murderhouse maze. It's similar to the one found on Season 7 of Dexter when Dexter is chased by the axe murderer. There is even a scene where I believe she is chased by a dog and she ends up at some point in a room with hanging dead bodies. I also vaguely recall a scene where someone was on a table going past incinerators. I wish I could be less vague but I haven't been able to recall where this was from. Reply

      I believe that your talking about the "Legacy" episode of Criminal Minds

      Legacy it is.