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    I'm trying to find a closeup shot of a sword or knife emerging from a man's mouth. Trying to depict a visual from the book of Revelation. Any ideas where I could find a scene like that? Reply

      Sometimes in The Addams Family. Gomez would try to swallow a sword. Is that useful?

      Do you mean something like Guernica?

      Thanks Unicorndance, I'm searching for something a little more cinematic than that. Omeganian, ideally it would be live action, albeit, surreal live action.

      The movie Altered States has a lot of surreal imagery based on religion and Revelation, maybe it will have something. It's been ages since I've seen it, so sadly I can't say for sure whether or not it has the "sword from the mouth" imagery.
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    What is this film (before 2006) that have pumpkin face or looks like it in near opening minutes.May or may not have fire on the pumpkin or the face zooming. Maybe halloween-theme or demon-theme movie Reply

      This isn't horror but...the nightmare before christmas?

      The opening credits of Halloween 2 (1981) has a slow zoom-in on a Jack-o'-Lantern that splits open to reveal a skull. Could that be it?


      It's not animation film, also i think it's not halloween 2. I think the pumpkin face is on center of the screen and not slow.

      If it's a kids movie could be Halloweentown?

      it's not that


      Halloween III: Season of the Witch [1]?

      i think not

      And just to be clear, its not any of the Pumpkinhead movies- because this is closer to a Jack o lantern only in the beginning credits - correct?


      Was it an adaptation of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow? If not, there may have been a pumpkin head in Trick 'r Treat, although that film is post-2006.

      not them either
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    It Had Some Kid Trying to Defend a House from a Guy in a Beanie and His Dumb Friend Reply
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    I remember watching this scary movie when I was a kid. A bunch of teenagers or adults adventured into this abandoned factory which was haunted by a ghost who killed people in gruesome ways. The first person she killed was some guy who offered her a cigar. The teenagers were picked off one by one and on the way, they bumped into some mercs or military men who were at first hostile but eventually sided with the teenagers. They all died and eventually we were left with 2 adult or teenage girls. One girl was killed and the ghost was about to kill the final survivor but she was somehow rescued and she woke up in a room that was occupied by another woman. I can't remember the room that well, but does anyone know what movie this is? Reply

      It was around 2004-2009

      Sounds so familiar

      Before I try Googling - was this American made and can you remember the reason why they were in an abandoned factory- did they work there, were they partying, etc.

      They looked American, but I can't remember their accent. I can't remember why they were in the factory, from what I remember they were exploring, the factory was abandoned too, the only people there were the kids, the mercs, and the ghost.

      It was mostly white and I'm pretty sure there was a black cast member in it as well.

      It cold of been an older movie but it was on demand on tv
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    Back in Middle School (around 2002-2003), my teacher put on this anti-drug video where people pretended to "be" different types of drugs. For example, Cocaine was played by a Scary Black Man and Crystal Meth was played by this weird, ditzy fairy lady. I've looked for it ever since and couldn't find any info. Help? Reply
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    I'm trying to find out the title of an old black-and-white movie about two men plotting the perfect murder, as a purely intellectual exercise — or so it seems. It turns out that one man intends to employ the scenario on the other, in revenge for the death of a woman he loved.

    It takes place in an isolated mansion, and at the climax the victim finds himself locked inside, while a recording of his own description of the perfect murder plays over and over. ("He is told he is going to die. He is told why he is going to die..." etc.) Finally, he breaks out and begins driving away at top speed, thrilled at the prospect of escaping and surviving (which was part of the plan — allow the victim hope, then kill him.) The other man appears on the road with a rifle, intending to shoot the victim as he rounds a bend, but has second thoughts and doesn't go through with it. However, the victim loses control of the car and crashes, dying anyway. (There was also a minor plot element about stamp collecting, because the final scene shows the victim's prized rare stamp burning in the car wreck.)

    I keep thinking this might be one of Alfred Hitchcock's movies, or maybe an episode from his TV series, but I can't find anything that matches it in his filmography. I also thought the leading man was either Cary Grant or Robert Mitchum, but none of their films match this plot either. Reply
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    12-ish years ago I watched a movie with my family, it may have been foreign (I live in the U.S.). It was probably rented from the library or blockbuster, so I don't know when it would've actually come out. It was either oddly animated 2D or cel-shaded 3D animation. I don't remember much about the plot, but it had a steampunk aesthetic that reminds me of the non-atlantean tech from Disney's Atlantis. People lived in the sky, on floating islands and in airships. There was a war, or an attack or something. The story was a little intense, too; there was some death, and some blood. The main characters were a boy and a girl, one of them loses their father. The boy had to use a turret on a ship at some point. I'm thinking it was probably an anime movie, but I don't remember enough about it to confirm. Reply

      Could it be Castle in the Sky? I know the main characters are a boy and a girl, and there's both airships and a floating island. I don't remember if it has death or blood because I haven't seen it in years.

      Definitely sounds like castle in the sky! It includes pretty much all those elements.

      Castle in the Sky does seem like the story fits, but it doesn't look quite right... I'll have to find the full movie and watch it to see, but in the meantime, if anyone has any other guesses?

      Maybe Steamboy?
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    please help me ive been looking for this series for yeats. It's about a couple of soon to be criminologists that have to solve murders that have already happened but remade in the same exact way for them(they do not know about these murders) Their job is to get the right killer, I cant remember a lot more but I really hope its enough btw sorry for my bad english. TY Reply

      How many years? When did you first see it? In what country?
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    I remember watching a movie at school when I was younger (around 7-10 in 2007-2010, but I could be wrong). I don't remember much of it, but I remember "Sparrow Hawk" or something like that being said in the movie and that it had something to do with the main character. I also remember the main character encountered some evil demon-looking thing and revealing that it was actually "Sparrow Hawk"/a part of him. I can't remember anything else of it.

    Anyone who knows what I'm talking about? Reply
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    My friend told me about a movie with a bunch of serial killers with animal masks, mainly one in a cow mask. That's really all the details he gave me. Any ideas? Reply

      There is You're Next

      How recent is it? Any chance its YOU’RE NEXT? One of the masks looks like it could be a cow's mask. There are multiple movies where the horror movie villains where animal masks - including Saw.

      I got to talk to him again, and he did say it was You're Next. Thanks!
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    Can't remember too much about this one. The main character was the head of a mafia group. He had black hair, a white shirt, dark pants, and possibly suspenders. I think the mafia base was situated in a bar. At the end of the film, the mafia gets caught and/or sent to jail. At some point they are walking to (or from) a courthouse. There are a bunch of people on both sides of the steps leading to the courthouse. A boy in the crowds asks the main character for his autograph, then it cuts to a newspaper article featuring MC. Reply


      Any idea how old it was or where it was set - LA, Chicago, or New York for instance?

      Not sure where it was set. The movie could have been from the 80's. It looked a bit too recent for the 70's, though it could have been from maybe the late 70's as well.

      Im leaning towards one of the movies that had Lucky Luciano as a character- but I cant find any script write-ups for any.

      Any of those films that you have in mind?





      Was it Johnny Dangerously?

      Aargh, did not mean to double post.

      It wasn't Johnny Dangerously. It didn't have Michael Keaton in it, nor was it a comedy. Thanks for the guess, though.

      Johnny Dangerously ?

      Nope, not Johnny Dangerously (I just had someone ask if it was).

      One last bump for now.
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    I can't remember it name but the plot of the film is that a boy is given a diary and a revolver of his great great grandfather. The diary contain the story of his great great grandfather when he was a boy, together with his family they traveled to the wild west to search for a new life. The father is clueless about the brutal nature of the wild west. During their effort to make a home for themselves, they made friend with an old indian, a gunslinger whom the boy idolize. Together they defend their home from a group of outlaw that thinks they were prospector and tried to kill them for the gold they don't have.

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    Can't remember much, there was a scene where the kids are told "no toys allowed" or something along these lines, and there is a scene where a bunch of wind-up toy soldiers attack a town I think. Reply
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    I saw only a trailer or a review of the movie. The main poster or image for that movie had 2 people under a tree in the woods under a big tree in some animal customs ? I'm not quit sure, maybe it was a different movie....

    It was a foreign movie where 2 or a group of teens runaway from a foster group home. They end up in the woods in a cabin where and they are caught by the owners . Then they are locked underground ,but they escape.One girl ends-up in the hospital , but at the end she possibly runs away from a hospital.

    It wasn't a horror movie, more like drama, hostage,,,probably Scandinavian .

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    I remember this movie about a few mice growing a sunflower, though all I remember from it are one mouse counting the time it took to grow, saying "One, Two/Too, Much", as well as a scene where one character woke up to a leaf tickling their nose, only to find that their house was lifted up by the sunflower they were growing. Reply
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    I searched in the Care Bears page and none of the sequels listed is the one I need. Listen. It starts with a father telling his sons a story. It ends with the same dad saying "they always fall asleep before the final" and then a zoom on the window, to see the bears in a cloud car.. Could or not involve a kid seeing something terryrifing in the middle. I'm not sure Reply

      The Care Bears Movie, maybe?

      Yeah. I can't believe I forgot the creepy woman face of the book.. I don't know, I just wanted to see that man of the stories again, thanks
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    I can only remember one scene from the movie and it also freaked me out. Two friends (maybe sisters?) are attacked by an evil person who is able to morph into looking like one of the girls. The other friend has to try to figure out which is the real friend and spray some kin of hose or magic or something at the evil one but she chooses wrong. I'm guessing it was from 1995-2001ish? HELP Reply

      It sounds like an Episode of' Series/ Are You Afraid of the Dark?. , namely The Tale of the Chameleons. Is that it?

      Oh my gosh YES!!!! I had been searching for years. I thought maybe it was a weird dream because no one knew what I was talking about. THANK YOU
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsqsOf3-b7Q Reply


      Seriously, anyone?

      Someone must know.



      It says that the video is unavailable.

      Well, basically it's a woman peeing into a bucket and crying on request of a man speaking a foreign language, while a man with a nosebleed stands outside.

      Not meaning to be rude. Haven't found it. It's in an Asian language and subtitled.

      ^^ I can't see the video, but based on that short description, I'm lead to think the video might be part of the kidnap/ ransom scene from the film Suzhou River - I last saw the film years ago, but I remember the kidnap victim being given a bucket in lieu of a bathroom break.

      I watched the clip when it was still available and didn't recognize it, but if it helps ring any bells for anyone, the cinematography, lighting and video quality were pretty bad— I imagine it's from a very old (but post-color) movie, a soap opera, or something in the "straight to VHS" range of products.
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    Hi, I 'm looking for a 90's TV series comedy about teens in high school , 25min long,probably not usa made -It had probably 10-20 episodes, -I saw it dubbed in polish , but the show could have been Australian New Zealand ,Finnish,Dutch,Belgium, Norweign, Danish maybe Hungarian ,, probably EU made, -The Main character was a blond guy about 16 who had formed a HS pop-rock band with 3 other friends and a girl. -The main character played an electric guitar or a keyboard , the blond girl was a singer and possibly playing a keyboard (she was singing in English) ,they had a bass guitar and drums as well. -This group of 4 were also constantly fighting other group of 3-4 teens, -The main character was dating the blond girl , the singer who had longer hair -Some possible names might have been kelso,lazlo,,,not sure -The band was always singing at the very end as well when the credits rolled.Really cheese songs too, -it was a cheaper production style, not like Parker Lewis show That's all I can remember,thanks.


      any chance it's "California Dreams" (92-96) it was one of the earlier, and more successful 'Saved by the Bell' Clones

      Not California dreams, the show had no beach, it was 90% EU made. All the cast was white, but the songs were equally cheese, similar style. I don't think there was a laughing track either. I would probably say,Danish or Swedish,,based on the looks on the 2 main characters.

      It was sort of a cheaply made combination of Parker Lewis show without the special effects and California dreams. The main character would talk to the audience from time to time as Parker Lewis did .

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    There was a show on Netflix back in 2014 I believe where there were different scenarios, like different people going about their business and such. It was dark, and mysterious. They would show how they would live their lives but somehow they all had some type of connection, from knowing one another to living in the same building. At the end one of them would die and it would always be unexpected. I think every episode would should a new cast. I believe in one episode there was this girl who was either a prostitue who went to meet up with a guy and ended up being killed or she was in her room of a building and her window was opened and she was changing and this guy from across was starring and I think she gets killed. I don't rememebr much but it was soooo good :((( if anyone knows of this plssss Reply

      Also, I remember there being an asian woman who's like walking around some buildings, it's really dark and she happens to get killed
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    I'm looking for a movie about a boy, I think his name is Bobby? Anyway the kid is dealing with being bullied and makes a new friend, a girl, who helps him with a nosebleed. I think they eventually make up with the bully. I also think there was a scene where he sees some sort of horse out of a bus window that no one else sees?

    The kid also gets mixed up with some sort of criminals, gold was involved I think, and takes comfort in the spirit of his dead father. The criminals were two men, I think one of them is depicted as mentally challenged?

    Based on the premise, I think it may have been a Lifetime or Hallmark movie from the late 90s early 2000s. There is a Hummer in one scene so it had to have been made after 1992. Any help would be greatly appreciated, it's driving me crazy that I can't find this. Reply
  • 1 Feb 24th, 2017 at 5:05PM
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    Okay, so this film has been driving me crazy for years. Both my friend and I have tried to find it and have failed terribly. I can remember the plot and most scenes in the movie, but not the actual title. I don't know the year it came out, but it was older, because of the cheesy practical effects, such being the whole bright red paint for blood. I also saw it on the tv channel This Tv, if that helps anyone.

    The basic plot of the movie is basically a man with a disfigured face (with a mask), due to acid being splashed onto his face during a scene in a play/musical, going on a roaring rampage of revenge in a theater, while stalking the young star of the theater. Hense why it seems so close to the (various) POTO films. However, I've looked at many, many POTO movies, and none of them are the same. The closest one that I could find was the 1962 film version, but it wasn't it. As the 'phantom.' in the movie I'm looking for, only had a half-mask and had long black hair which he put into a ponytail.

    As it turns out the the young woman is the daughter of the woman the masked man loved, and she is married to the guy who was also in love with young woman's mother, and ended up killing the mother because he couldn't handle the woman loving the masked guy. The husband was also the person who switched up the water phial with a thing of acid to burn the guy's face, hoping to make the mother love him instead. Obviously it fails, and the mother ends up getting her head chopped off with an axe, the disfigured-man is blamed, and so he falls into a river and is swept away, but survives.

    Flash foward a decade or two, and the young woman is doing quite nicely until she is stalked by the masked guy, who in the meantime has befriended a dwarf, and the masked-guy uses hypnosis on her to make her start sleepwalking.There is even a scene where the masked guy kills a woman by dousing her with acid. The woman eventurally gets to the masked guy's layer, which isn't in the sewer, and the husband follows, and is possibly hypnotised? I don't remember, but the masked guy ends up chopping the husband's head off with the same axe used in the mother's murder. The young woman is then chased by the masked guy up into the stage rafters, all the while the guy screaming that he loved her. She ends up choping a rope or two, which causes the guy to fall to his death. Then everyting goes back to normal, until it's revealed that the dwarf still lives and has an obsession with the young woman as well.

    I would be very grateful for anyone's help to find this film. Reply

      Phantom of the Paradise is the only Poto like movie I know of.
  • 5 Feb 26th, 2017 at 6:06AM
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    Does anybody that 3-5 minute per episode 3D animated series that used to spring up around 6PM all week on ABC 3? It was some strangely bulbous dog astronaut stranded on an alien planet trying to fix his ship, and he keeps getting trolled by/into getting dat on by this one big alien bear guy. All my searches consistently turn up Courage the Cowardly Dog and Monsters vs. Aliens xD it was more like Figillo Po or whatever, that guy who has nightmares daily? Real twisted train of thought, I know. Reply

      Ok, maybe not a dog, but someone/thing with a big nose and ears, a weird backpack blaster rig and he gets sat on all the time. Or thrown at. Not quite sure.

      Yeah, not surprised no one knows.

      Edit: I now vaguely remember the name like "Iggy", "Ziggy" or "Poggy" for some reason. Still my searches turn up nothing.


      Is that how people do it? Just write "bump"?



      I recognised the description but didn't know the name. That's it. Bugged.
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    I remember vaguely watching this VCR a bunch as a kid. I think it was a promotion for some new play doh toy maybe? It might've been a short film or a a tape with a couple episodes I don't remember it being very long. All the creatures were monster like, made from what looked like play doh and their would grow and shrink (since that's what the play doh toy would do) Reply


      If it actually is Play-Doh, could it be Doh Doh Island?
  • 4 Feb 12th, 2017 at 11:11PM
    Lastest Reply: 3rd Mar, 2017 11:23:19 PM
    I saw a short film on the short film channel one night when I was incapacitated and I remember thinking how funny it was, but I haven't been able to find it since!

    I'm a bit fuzzy on the details but I remember it taking place in medieval times. MC was a guy who had an awful life. I think he was responsible for the death of a kid's father, but I'm not too sure on that part. The part I remember most vividly was where the man had to go on a journey to buy some wood and he had to bring the kid with him. It was a trip that lasted several days and the kid had a lute and he played it nonstop the entire trip, driving the man nuts, in montage form.

    It wasn't in English, but I believe it was some European language.

    Thanks in advance, sorry it's such a tough description! Reply