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    I remember watching an animated movie or tv series about future or weird animals. It might have been on animal planet or the Discovery channel, but it featured living boat animals amongst others. Anyone know what it's name was? Reply
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    Saw this movie at a convention in my hometown a few years ago, and I've been trying to figure out what it was ever since. It was a really bad fantasy movie, probably made in the 70s or 80s, live action, and in color.

    It was about a group of 4 or 5 people, mainly dudes (but there was definitely at least one girl), in a typical medieval-ish setting. They were on some quest, but I don't remember the nature of it. Some of them were spellcasters, with the accompanying laughable sfx lots of cheap coloured beams and auras (which were very sparkly, iirc). The only actual scene I can remember is a bit towards the end, where the characters were all transported to a weird hellish dimension. There was a fight scene on a bridge above a cavernous pit, during which someone fell off the bridge and died. I also remember one random detail: at some point they found a stone gateway with white light coming out of it.

    I've described this film on another site before, and people suggested that it might be Krull or Hawk: The Slayer. I don't think it's either of those movies. Reply

      I don't remember it so well, but might it be the second Dungeons and Dragons movie? Although I don't think there's a bridge fight in it.

      is it okay to bump posts from three years ago lmao

      (it's not the second D&D movie)

      The Lou Ferrigno Hercules movies? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvPYToFoU2M
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    So, when I was a kid, I saw an ad on TV for what I think was a movie. In the ad there was some alien-looking character, who was short, pinkish-purple, and had a green dress. She also had what might have been tentacles on her head, and tentacles for legs. Does anybody know the name of this movie? Reply
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    So this might be a challenge, but -

    I remember a series of animated shorts that was aired on, I believe, spike TV or maybe Bravo or some other smaller cable channel sometime in the mid 2000s. It featured two animated characters, both men, both a little old, one skinny and one fat. I think they were wearing white tank tops and either a beret or a newsboy hat. The show/special featured short animations, and the two men would talk about them inbetween the animations.

    It was not spike & mike's twisted festival of animation, I don't think, but i'm not ruling it out - it's been on for 30 years but it's hard to tell what year it would be. probably before 2006, let's say.

    The animations may have been made all around the world, I remember that being the reason why they were compiled into a special. I only remember one animation shown in the collection:

    it was claymation, and a clay man was sitting in a chair, in front of a table full of food or something similar. He was overeating, and there would be shots of the inside of his stomach, simplified and stylized as filling up with yellow clay stars. Eventually his stomach rapidly fills up with these stars, so much that he farts a hole in his chair. He picks up the chair in front of his face and looks through the hole, at the camera. Reply

      The characters kinda sounds like Eustace from Courage the Cowardly Dog

      I can't tell if youre saying it is courage or that it just sounds like courage, but no it's not that.
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    Takes place in a world where the sun and moon have stopped moving, and a knight must take part in a ritual to restart them. He goes to a desolate, ruined temple inhabited by living statues who put him through several trials. In one trial, he fights a giant, mechanical, dragon-like puppet. In the end, he completes the ritual at the cost of his own life. He sits on a throne at the center of the temple, and it impales him with spikes that suck out his blood, powering a mechanism that moves the sun and moon. It is suggested that after many years, when his blood runs dry, he will be replaced by another knight who goes through the same ritual.

    The film is 20-30 minutes long. I saw it on Vimeo about three years ago, but I can't find it anymore. I think the title was in French or Spanish. Reply
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    I apologize ahead of time because this is pretty vague but here goes: When I was fairly young (sometime in the 90s) I saw my dad watching some movie (or maybe it was a tv show but looked like a movie) I only saw 2 scenes as far as I can remember which were 1. A Drill Sergeant type guy yelling at some privates and 2. Said drill sergeant guy getting in a hand to hand fight with a female soldier who outranked him (she won the fight). I remember the girl soldier had blond hair and was pretty hot but don't remember what the drill sergeant guy looked like. Reply

      full metal jacket?

      I don't remember any female soldiers in full metal jacket. Maybe G.I. Jane?
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    Hi, I remember seeing a short segment from a movie set in the medieval era, the hero (who kinda reminded me of igo Montoya) entered an old big house and in the house lived an old witch, there were spider webs everywhere and there was a kind of desk or table between them (the desk and the witch were some steps higher) and the hero was pointing the sword at the witch, maybe saying he wanted revenge, or trying to rescue a girl (I recall the witch had a girl prisoner) Sorry, that's all I remember :( Reply


      You mean "The Spiderwick Chronicles"? No, that's not it (and it has nothing to do with my description)


      What sort time period did it come from?


      It's probably that one, thank you!
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    Im thinking of a VHS tape that was around by the mid-1990s. It taught young children how to dance simple ballet and tap steps. Part of the movie took place on a farm-themed set and part was on a pond or lake set. Thanks! Reply

      I Wish I Were A Ballerina?

      No, but thanks anyway.
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    I was in about third grade. We watched an educational program during the 80's (Maybe 89). I think it was a spelling/grammar/english lesson. I don't recall much about it other than there was a little boy, and I think there may have been a wizard and some magic involved. I remember the little boy always used the catch phrase "holy chromole." Reply
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    This was a movie I believe, but it could have been a television show, which aired on the Disney Channel during the mid-1980's. I'm not certain if the movie was made in the 80's or not. I recall there was a mix of animation and non-animation. There were some children (non-animated) who somehow shrunk down and began interacting with animated insects. I am definitely not thinking of Honey I Shrunk the Kids. I'm pretty sure this was a made-for-TV movie that revolved solely around insects. I remember one particular scene where the brother was stomping on an ant hill, and his sister tried stopping him, and then once the kids shrunk down, the ants took revenge. There were lots of other insects besides ants. I have searched and searched all over the internet and cannot find the title listed anywhere. Not sure if it was even a Disney original program, just know it aired on Disney. Reply

      Dot and Keeto?

      Omg!!! That's it! Thank you so much! This has been bothering me for years!
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    I'm trying to find a film I watched a long time ago in which a black man and a white man "swap" race groups (via special makeup) so they can date the women they liked (who liked the other). In one scene, the white man (disguised as the black man) dropped a fake eyeball into a person's drink. Reply


      Maybe "White Chicks" or "The Watermelon Man"?

      It's neither of these. Sorry.
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    Hi, basically I vaguely remember this film, it's quite old. I remember the kid draws a red gun or something on money and then he goes and shoots all the gang members as they ran over his friend in the street with their car. Reply
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    It was a live action tv or film adaptation of Shakespeares A Midsummers Night Dream where Theseus was abusive and kept Hippolyta in a straightjacket. Turns out at the end that this was because Hippolyta was a fairy (she had wings under the straightjacket) and Titania, Oberon and the other fairies broke in to Theseus palace to set her free. Once Hippolyta was free, she and Titania flew up to the ceiling and kissed, while Oberon and Puck followed Theseus down a dark corridor and it was implied that they murdered him offscreen. Id be very grateful if anyone knows the name of this film. Reply
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    I started watching a trailer on FB last night. It began with a beautiful young black woman going for a job interview with a rich socialite. It was set in the 20s or 30s. The socialite was going to dismiss her, even though she'd done everything including sing for her. She must have needed the job because she begged her to reconsider. She told the socialite that she had one more talent. She had the butler with a blind eye and scars sit down and she speaks telepathically to him and heals him. Instead of being grateful he tells his boss not to trust her but the socialite takes her downstairs to see if she can heal a young man with growths on his face. Meanwhile, the crazy butler is upstairs reslashing his face with a razor blade. I jumped when I saw him cut his face and lost the feed and now I can't find it anywhere. I don't know if it was a tv show or movie and Google is no help. Reply
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    When I was younger I once saw a movie on TV that was totally cool , and that was about some guy that was found to be Peter Pan or something like this, and I remember a scene where he flies over something that looks like the Arctic Ocean , but in some kind of magical world. Oh and if I remember well he didn't know at first that he can fly , and he met Tinkerbell , somewhere at the quarter of the movie or something like that. Reply


      NOPE , Peter Pan was literally 13 there , he wasn't an adult , and he didn't grew up to be one.

      Pan or Neverland?
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    The movie where the main character has a beard Reply

      Hmm. This is extremely vague. Are you sure there is nothing else you remember?

      They ate food also

      Probe Me Roger Smith, what is today? I think wool is trying to be pulled over our eyes. Bootlebat, if you are truly trying to find a movie, we need much more information than a bearded main character who eats food. That could be any movie.

      Look at the date...

      Yeah I've seen you around here before posting sensible stuff so I figured this was a joke.

      I know Bootlebat, that is why I asked, what is today, I was well aware it was a joke.
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    Are there any films that composite live action characters with built miniature sets? Reply
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    I'm trying to find the title of this old movie from the '80s I saw as a kid. I only remembered some parts here and there There was a man and a woman trapped in a mansion/castle. There's lots of traps and secret passages. The place was run by a very wrinkled old man with white hair. He monitored everything with secret cameras and a command console (I think). His large(?) daughter served as a henchwoman and she had a crush on the man, who was creeped out. The man and the woman eventually escaped and went to the the police. They frantically gave explanations on a board. The police was just too confused and asked them to take them directly to the mansion/castle. Many police cruisers surrounded the place and things didn't ended the way the man and woman expected. That's all I remembered. Any ideas? Thanks. Reply

      This sounds like the movie Nothing But Trouble from 1991.

      That's the one thanks!
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    This was a horror movie with evil werewolves, unsure if it was an entry in the Howling or Underworld franchises or something else entirely. This scene had them staging a rave or wild party in a junkyard. The werewolves were in Gregorian-style cult hoods, and a dozen of them start walking on stage. The leader was making a speech about being tired of "technological advancement" and such, while the hooded cultists started to pull out green-fluid filled syringes. They have to use this chemical or drug to induce their transformation. Once they transformed, they slaughtered the party-goers, as it was all a front to deliver a convenient meal right to them. Reply
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    About four years ago, one of my professors was previewing a YouTube upload of this film to show to her French class later that week; I had arrived to my class early and caught about 10 minutes of it. It piqued my interest at the time, and she had told me, yet I never got around to watching it somehow, it crossed my mind tonight.

    I'm 99% certain the film was Belgian, it was definitely not from France (I've checked the Belgian Films index, and it's none of those). There's also a possibility it was Canadian, but stylistically it had a very European indie/art house/experimental vibe.

    It featured a boy as its main character, but by the words of my professor "about a child but not a 'children's film' in the American sense", either meaning children weren't the target audience and/or contained content that wouldn't fly with American parents. It had a weird premise and a feeling of strangeness/mystery I found intriguing, and while a drama film (there may have been a serial killer or stalker involved) it seemed to have some dark comedy elements, too.

    I don't think it was a recent film, I would place it in the eighties or nineties, the early 2000s at the latest. Reply

      Do you remember any details on the plot?

      Maybe Ma Vie en Rose?

      ^ that's not it, sorry!

      Plot details: not much beyond I've already said, but there was a possible potential kidnapping and typical coming-of-age focus on dealing with a bully. I should add the protagonist was fairly young — not very good at determining kids' ages, but he was probably eight at the oldest, maybe younger. His friend/companion/maybe sibling was a little blond girl around the same age.
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    It's a French romantic comedy, centered mainly around the two deuteragonists, I think the man's name was Julian... And Edith Piaf's La Vie En Rose was a common leitmotif throughout the movie. There was a music box I think that one gave to the other as a gift that played it. And the film was kinda trippy and surreal, because there was a sequence in it where, I think, the dude imagined them being encased in cement with the tin box/ music box...

    Thanks in advance! Reply

      Never mind, I just googled and found it again. It's Love Me If You Dare (French title: Jeux d'enfants. I'm an idiot

      Eh happens to the best of us.
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    This horror movie involved a 4 foot robot designed by high school kids. I want to say it aired on Sci-Fi during or before the new millennium, and it may have had "Revolt" in the title. I forget if it was a sports training robot or for a science class, however the bot starts learning... I remember a scene with it activating in one of the kids' rooms and vacuuming up metal balls (about the size of a pinball) off a table and loading it into its arm tube overnight (maybe it was for sports and training ping pong players?).

    The next day it shows up at school and faces off against the local bully in a hallway locker area. He laughs it off as it comes at him, but it starts firing the steel balls at high velocity, making a dent in one of the lockers. The bully looks at the damage, realizing the situation and immediately bolts. It gives chase while firing and striking him. It doesn't slow him much, but it scores a critical hit hitting him right in the eye. He covers it with his hand and keeps running, but soon after he stumbles down stairs and breaks his neck. The robot rolls by the top of the stairs and scans his corpse and we see our gory indiscretion shot of him from its POV. Reply
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    This has been bothering me for years since my mom threw out all our VHS tapes, but does anyone remember a movie that was animated and the main character was a middle aged looking man with glasses I believe, I'm not 100% but I believe the film was black and white as well and there was no dialouge whatsoever just scenes and the man was traveling to weird trippy places and met some prehestoric animals somehow and had to run from them in one scene and the film was more for adults and I have a strong feeling the movie started with a G please please help? Thank you Reply
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    I remember having watched this movie in school. It's about a guy trying to solve a mystery, but I don't remember what it was. He gets a pocket watch and goes to a specific room, where he stays for hours, and have to keep saying something that will make him time travel. That's the only thing I remember. I want to know the movie's title just for the sake of it. Reply

      I think this is Somewhere in Time.

      That's probably it. Thanks!

      The Girl, the Gold Watch, and Everything? Or its sequel, The Girl, the Gold Watch, and Dynamite?
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    I'm trying to find a short film where a college guy wears perfume around his school to pick up another guy and his dad thinks he has a girlfriend.At the end the guy finds a new perfume bottle in his room with a note from his dad that says (I know.I love you) Reply