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    I only remember the main character, and one episode, but the main character is some blonde male that from what I remember was a good detective, and in one episode he faked his own "death by heart attack" after the some dude tries to scare the MC away by spooking him from inside a mirror, to which the main character then gets back up, and somewhere later or probably right after the scene they explain how he did it and it said something like he trained to stop his heart for a short amount of time without dying. I think there was another 1 or 2 main characters, but if I give details about them I could be wrong Reply
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    It was about 2015, and I believe it was on Cartoon Network, not sure.

    There was this movie playing about this little ginger girl with a cane (never explained) and her dog (it was white with black spots if I remember correctly) who was in some sort of hellhole. I don't remember much because I was very tired and it was two years ago, but if you have any idea what I'm talking about, please tell me. Reply

      What do you mean by "some sort iof hellhole" - a bad town, a literal infernal pit or something else?

      Was it animated? I mean, I don't think Cartoon Network airs live action movies anymore, but I'll ask just to be sure. And, if so, was it CGI, Flash, or traditionally animated? When you say hellhole, I almost want to guess a Billy and Mandy movie, but that doesn't fit your description of the main characters, so probably not. P:
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    I remember seeing this black and white film, horror I think, with a skeleton wearing a jester outfit. Search 1998 Illusive Concepts Catalog jester skull in Google image. I cannot provide a hotlink. Please help, thanks. Reply

      Is anyone seeing the image on the catalog?

      I found the image you mentioned, but have no idea what movie you're talking about.

      Thank you for your response. Can anyone else make this out?
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    I saw this film in a world cinema class during college. It's a Bollywood Musical about a British born Indian who meets this Indian girl during a European school trip. They fall in love but have to go their seperate ways. That's the first half of the movie. The second half is him going to India to meet with the girl's family and have her not get married to another guy.

    At least that is what a vaguely remember, so I may be be wrong on a few details. Reply
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    I have seen this movie a long time ago and somehow it came in my mind but I can't remember the title anymore. All I can remember that it was a drama, shown on Hallmark if I am not mistaken. There was this badass criminal guy, had a son who had leukemia I think and needed a blood transfusion. The woman in lead was a blondie. I can't really remember much, just some moments. If you have any tips, please help me out. :) Reply
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    I watched this scene from what I think is a movie a long time ago. It featured a senior man dancing at a wedding, and a gunman appears from behind and starts firing shots every so often. The man says, "Ooh! Ah!" as if he's showing off, but when he notices the blood on his outfit and notices the gunman, he falls to the ground in slow-motion as the entire crowd panics. What is this from? Reply
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    Hey guys this has been bugging me for a while. When I was a kid I would go over to my grandma's house and watch this one specific film about I would say four human sized animal friends hanging out. It was on a vhs tape. All I really remember is that there was one scene where the friends were lying in some grass looking up at the could sand every one said what they saw (example: a bird or a dog) well this blue bird character said I see a cloud in a kinda deep voice. That's all I remember I've tried contacting all family members that I remember watching it with to no success and I've even tried looking for the actual tape but nope I can't find it

    I really hope someone can tell me what I'm thinking of so I can watch it again and maybe even show it to my kids one day. Reply
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    I vaguely remember seeing this skeleton wearing a jester outfit in a horror film. Can anyone please tell me what it is? Thanks. It is seen in this catalog.

    (please disregard) Reply
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    I saw a badly made movie once, and I don't remember how or where, but I'd like to be able to track down the name of it if possible. As I recall, a young adult or teen, along with some of his friends, get their hands on a new piece of military technology. It's a special pair of heat vision goggles. Once he puts them on, he can't take them off again, so he can only see heat, and not light. Then, at some point, the goggles turn invisible. They all go on some kind of adventure, and the goggles are both an advantage and an obstacle, so he and his friends have to help each other out. At some point, as he is failing to get used to seeing only heat, I remember him saying in a half-crazed voice, "I am at one with the UNIVERSE!"

    Any ideas? Reply

      Hmm. I wonder if this could be a late-seventies movie called "Laserblast" which I remember very little about. I had read about it in Starlog magazine which I believe falsely reported that Mark Hamill was the star, and therefore I watched it when it was listed to air a short time later on New York's Channel 9, discovering it did have Roddy Mc Dowall in a supporting role. But the main (Mark Hamill replacement?) role was a blonde-haired boy named Kim Milford who sadly passed away at an early age. I don't recall the night vision glasses, but the storyline was similar to what you say.

      I'm afraid not, but thanks for trying! I don't think any aliens were involved in the movie.

      Maybe you're thinking of Laserhawk, which did have a cameo by Mark Hamill.
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    I don't remember if this was a movie or a tv show. There was some kind of voting and only one person didn't agree. Then someone said that he want it to be an unanimous decision and that last person raised his hand reluctantly. Probably that one person was a main character. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance. Reply

      That sounds like the end of Twelve Angry Men.

      This happened in one of the season 5 episodes of Lost.

      Do you remember anything else? When did you see it, what might the genre have been?

      Thank You all! It is Lost. Now I remember. It was Sawyer :)
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    There's this movie about this guy and his nephew (whose autistic) does anyone know the name of that movie? Reply

      This isn't much information. Do you remember any other details of the film? (e.g. where and when did it take place, what year do you remember seeing it, do you remember any particular scenes, etc.)

      The part where the guy tells his nephew that his artist mother died at an airstrip and where the boy's babysitter gets caught by the guy.

      Fielder's Choice

      that's the movie thank you.
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    I remember seeing a live action movie probably from the 80s or 90s where someone communicated with ghosts using a children's toy phone. Probably something family friendly and not r rated because I saw it with my parents, but we had the exact toy phone in the movie and it creeped me out for awhile. The phone was one of those Fisher Price rotary ones like this:

    http://www.swiss-miss.com/2007/12/fisher-price-cl.html Reply

      That sounds like the "Long Distance Call" episode of The Twilight Zone. Billy Mumy talks with the ghost of his dead grandmother. That was in black and white and I'm trying to see if it was ever re-made, but I'm coming up blank.

      Poltergeist II: The Other Side?
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    Hi guys, I watched this tv show around 2008 and I believe it only lasted for a season. I was about a couple of smart people who were brought together and sent up to an international space station to study an alien force. I believe that they discovered the small alien force on a planet that looks similar to Mars and it might even have something to do with the title. The force has chosen each of the characters specially for some reason. It is set in the future with awesome future gadgets and technology, such as stem cell regrowth. Scenes I remember: 1. The astronauts discover from a pile of rocks a beautiful glowing alien small bodyless cell is found. 2. On of the girls gets a business card and scanned it over her phone and it automatically starting calling the Nasa like agent. 3. On of the males gets a bucket tattoo on the bottom of his foot because of some inside joke he has with one of the female characters. 4. During an argument in the space shuttle a character gets her finger accidentally cut off. But not to worry, there stem cell technology healed it up in no time. 5. Flash back to a female character working on a desert project and she hears a super high pitched sound and passes out for a couple days. Later we find out this is the alien force choosing her.

    Thanks I have spent lots of time trying to find it I hope someone remembers it!! Reply
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    sorry tht this is a very vague description, i cant seem to recall much of the movie as i saw it yrs ago. There was this scene where 2 robbers try to streal a painting, they were portrayed as stupid robbers(outfit and all tht). in another scene someone removes outer layer of the painting to reveal the signature of an artist. i guess there is also a scene where a girl throws pink paint ( not very sure of this). Reply
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    The only thing i remember is that it started in a car. It was driving through a tunnel and there were lights flashing on both sides, then it drove out of the tunnel and turned to the left. On the right there were barriers and behind them a forest i think. You could not see them but in the car there was a child and his parent(s), they were talking and the parent(s) started to tell the kid a story when they got out of the tunnel. Please, if anyone has any suggestions, write them! Thank you. Reply


      Please, I really need to know!


      Sounds like the beginning of Spirited Away.

      Was going to say Spirited Away also.

      Thank you very much for trying, but sadly, thats not it. Im sure that it was not an anime. But please keep trying, because I really want to know.







      Bumpity Bump

      What year did you see it? Was it CGI or traditional animation?

      I saw it around the year 2008 or so, but it was probably older than that. Also Im pretty sure it was not CGI. Anyone got a clue?

      Hey everyone, just another bump.

      A totally hopeless bump.




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    I remember a bit from either a TV show or a movie that I saw in the mid 90s. The only scene that sticks out in my mind is where some masked individual jumps out of a high school locker and pulls in some kid back in the locker and starts slashing him with a knife. Reply
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    Sorry for my english i hope it's not too bad so you can uderstand me . So i remember a tv show where a few teenagers were in a park . I think it was summer. The theme of the park were aliens and every one had a little house kind of. The father of one of the girls was working in the park. Later on the show that girl find out that one of the boys is an alien. The aliens were big blue like lights or something.The girl and the boy started liking each other and i think they bocome a couple. There was one person that was working on the park and was searching for the alien (he was an alien too but one of the bad ones). I can't remember much but i hope someone knows the name of the serial. Reply

      There was apparently a Dutch-Belgian show that from what I read matches your description, though since I've never seen it I can't be sure, called Galaxy Park. It took place in a bungalow park the name of which I'm sure you can guess, and while the (Dutch) wikipedia page doesn't mention blue lights the teens, summer and the fact that one of the boys was an alien are all there.
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    This is an antology horror film with at least three stories with a twist. One is of a couple who is persecuted by two criminals but it turns out the woman is on that since the begining as she wants to get rid of the guy. Another story is in a hospital with a guy I think escaping the police and at the end is a mental hospital where the inmates rebeled, killed all the nurses and medics and now run the place, making a surgery on the poor awaken guy. Reply
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    Very vague memory of a cartoon movie/show that featured villains that look like the mayor from a nightmare before Christmas however more regular cartoon like. The villains met or lived in a black space like area. I used to rent it at blockbuster when I was a young child. Their heads popped off at times Iím pretty sure. It could have been its own video tape or possibly an extra before some other video. The villains are far triangular prisms with pointy heads and hats. Reply
  • 6 Nov 10th, 2017 at 5:05AM
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    Hi, my first post ever!

    I want you to help me find these two movies, this is all I can remember about them:

    1. A grim dark animated kids movie, little dance numbers included, with a kid who happens to kill a cat and then its ghost haunts and talks with him during the rest of the movie. Pretty messed up, I know.

    2. An animated puppet movie (series?) with the, I would like to say, children of well known monsters. I think the protagonist was the son of Frankenstein's monster and that it happened in their school (which I think was a castle).

    Any clue would be much appreciated, these two wreck my mind the days I remember them! Reply

      The second makes me think The Mini-Monsters, but that's regular animation.

      yes, it isn't what I was searching for but thanks for bringing those back!

      1 Could it be Gahan Wilson's The Kid?

      2 Could it be Li'l Horrors?

      My dear lord, I'm so excited right now! THOSE TWO WERE, ALMOST TWENTY YEARS, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

      Hmm, I wonder where you watched Li'l Horrors (I don't know if it was exported or not)

      My parents had satellite tv when I was young and on pay-per-view was Lil' Horrors, with english and spanish dub
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    I remembered these days about a TV show or a movie that I used to watch when I was a kid and the only thing I could remember is that there was a necklace and the person (or a specific person) who wore it could read minds. Any ideas?

    EDIT: when: 7-10 years ago where: the national tv post in Romania (TVR) Reply

      Where and when did you watch it? (We don't know when you were a kid)

      Off the top of my head there is the mind-reading pendent from "Greeks Bearing Gifts" episode of Torchwood

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    Hi everyone, I'm searching for a movie I used to watch when I was a kid (during the 80's, but the movie itself could be older). All I remember is that in this movie a strange green pyramid appears in a kid's room and strange things happens, and the characters end in a an other world or the future, can't really tell.... Loved this thing I would like to see it again, thanks in advance for the help ! Reply
  • 2 Nov 18th, 2017 at 12:12PM
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    Ok, this is a weird one. A comedy film about a medieval knight and his crew in some other planet or a spaceship abducted by a single-gender race of dwarf orange aliens (all played by little people) with weird noses. The knight dresses like King Arthur in the Monty Python movie and at some points faces his own clon. Reply
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    Does anyone know which film this scene is from? I saw it in a documentary about Pickford. I know it involves a baby dying, or something to that effect. Reply
  • 0 Nov 15th, 2017 at 7:07AM
    I'm looking for an old POW movie, it is in black and white so probably 40s or 50s era. It is not Albert RN or Stalag 17''.

    It is a movie about a wheeler dealer in, I think, the American Military who is moved around various POW camps including being sent to a logging camp where the other POWs think he is a traitor and try to murder him with a meat hook or logging hook. He eventually escapes near the end of the war, after he makes contact with a female member of the resistance who is an optician or optometrist. He also manages to trick the German guards at the logging camp into burning down their own camp at one point.

    Can anyone help with this? Again, it is not Stalag 17 Reply