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    It may have been a Jumpstart game. It was a 3d free-roaming/open world edutainment game where you wandered around a small area and played minigames. I remember clearly a minigame with an elephant girl (possibly Eleanor the Jump Start All-Star?) where you'd run around in a field catching flutterbyes- not butterflies, that's what she called them. I also vaguely remember a 2d space-themed minigame where you'd press the spacebar to do something. I think it was a space invaders rip-off. There was... something involving tubes? And something with keeping pets? And a restuarant/cafe thing I could never enter without the game crashing? That's about all I can remember.

    EDIT: i found it its jumpstart 3d virtual world pack it up boys were done for the day thanks Reply
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    A bit of a dumb question. Does anyone know the name of the song that plays in the background during the infamous "Big Smoke's Order" scene from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? Judging by the vocals it sounds like a song by Gang Starr, but I don't know the name of it. Reply

      It's likely that it's a song from the Radio Los Santos playlist.

      Not a dumb question at all. If you were still wondering, I believe the song is "B.Y.S." by Gang Starr.

      Edit: Whoops, didn't see the answers.

      Have you tried a song-finder app? The best one for iOS seems to be Shazam, while the best for Android is Sound Cloud. If you don't have a smartphone, iPad or android tablet, then there are sites that do it as well but they feel and look cheap and have quite a few ads/tracking cookies.
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    Most YKTS are for stuff you remember but can't find the name of. What would a YKTS look like as an Inverted Trope? Well, exactly like this... https://player.vimeo.com/video/98081922

    This little video is quite obviously an Alternate Reality Game clue. The only issue is that I have no idea which game that would be. Even /r/arg didn't respond (though that may be due to their customs or the way I worded the question in my post), and search engines, wikipedia/infogalactic and This Very Wiki have given literally no results of use. The Vimeo account holder is a fake name with no photo, and some other "True Art" videos are also on the account with no rhyme or reason; either the owner is a professional marketing designer posting miscellaneous works to attract clients yet has no face to the name nor lists themselves as having an occupation, which makes little sense, or its an ARG clue of unknown origin.

    Additional Info usually considered important in AR Gs: "Project Vrij" "Groep 4" Is there even an IRL person behind the videos actually named "Keni Voermans"? Or are they simply a character in the game's plot?

    NOTE: This is under video game because the creepy 3D graphics part that interrupts the main video clearly has arrow buttons on both the left and right side of the screen, which suggests it has a smartphone app component or at least an interactive thing for plugin-based browsers. Reply

      The creator apparently has a website here: http://www.keniv.nl/ with a link to their projects, you could try finding it there.

      She also has a dA account. Apparently she's a Dutch game artist. I can't find anything like that video among the things she has posted across the internet, so it may have been a one-off for a school project or something similar.

      Hm? I'm surprised, the video had all the trademarks of an obscure clue in an ARG. Well, I guess it's good to know instead of wondering. Thanks for the help, you two.
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    Hi guys! Some years ago I stumbled upon the wikia of some games and, If I remeber correctly, under the section "objects" or "creatures" there was a thing called Salt Statue or maybe Salt Pillar. I'm sure it was the crystallized body of a once-living thing. The game had the graphics of Tibia or Space Station 13. Please help Reply





      Could it have been Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup? The graphics are definitely similar to what you're describing. http://crawl.chaosforge.org/Pillar_of_salt

      Was it some sort of a Bible-tainment game? It sounds like a reference to Lot's wife in Genesis chapter 19; she was turned to salt after looking back at Sodom when the clan was leaving the city just before it was destroyed.
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    I played this one CD-ROM game in the 90's that starred a trio of colorful cartoon dinosaurs who traveled through space. It was animated in a 2-D pixelated way similar to early Reader Rabbit games, but with a simpler drawing style. I don't remember the characters' names, but I distinctly remember that one of them was a brontosaurus whose best friend was his tail- that is, he would talk to his tail like it had a mind of its own.

    One of their adventures took them to a planet inhabited by these tall, purple aliens with flattened, oval-shaped heads. One of the aliens took them through a tour of this building full of big glass tubes, each one housing a different alien species for study or collection or something. There were about ten floors with ten tubes each, each one with an alien except for the last three tubes- in which the alien then trapped the dinosaurs inside. They escaped when the brontosaurus asked his tail to hit a switch on a nearby wall, which it did.

    I only played it once or twice way back in early elementary school, and haven't seen it since. Anyone remember?

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    You know that game that I think came out in the late-90s or early 2000s, where your goal was to take these little creatures to a new home? The creatures were made up, and you could design them. I used to play it at the library back in the early 2000s. I remember it was set on some kind of island, and the puzzles had you find ways to get all your creatures to their new home safely. (I lost. A lot.) Reply
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    Alright, this might be a little vague, but I'm looking for the name of a side-scroller game for PC featuring the Power Rangers. It would have been made/ released between 1998 and 2005. Probably.

    The game mechanics are pretty simple: you navigate a Power Ranger riding on a flying jetski (a jetjammer?) up/ down to avoid obstacles, while shooting at the enemies who are flying in from the right side of the screen. I think the enemies had grey, humanoid bodies (perhaps putties from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers?). The blaster had only one sound effect and I can remember it clear as day: two mechanical clicks followed by two muted explosions, like "chick-chick pew, pew." (My siblings, who remember the game about as well as I do, used to joke that it sounded like a robot saying "kitty-bow-bow," with stress on the "KIT" part of "kitty.") I think the scrolling background was of pixelated brick walls, fire escapes, and other generic urban scenery.

    The game was very cheaply made/ cheap looking, and I think it might have been the sort of game you get as a CD that comes in a box of cereal. Any help figuring out what this game was called would be appreciated! Reply

      The Jetski thing suggests that it was a Lost Galaxy game (they had the Jet Jammers)

      ^ It's entirely possible that the game was based on Lost Galaxy, but google searching for "power rangers 'lost galaxy' 'computer game'" and variants thereof hasn't helped me find the game I'm looking for. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

      Phantom, Lost Galaxy never had a proper video game.

      Leporidae, I believe you're looking for a Flash game called Power Rangers in Space: Red Ranger to the Rescue.

      Download it here: https://mega.nz/#!IRUkzSwY!BBst_Zwmi-ovaTp3hyrZkAQqlxy35P6yvKsS3vBx4E4

      Found it listed here: http://www.powerrangerplanet.org/secretarea.html

      ^ Digifiend, thank you for the link, but "Power Rangers in Space: Red Ranger to the Rescue" is not the game I'm looking for (though it was fun to play just now!). In the game you linked, the Red Ranger is standing on a surf board/ hover board instead of seated on a flying jet ski (jet jammer?), and he's getting shot at instead of shooting at enemies.

      There are two Lost Galaxy games on that site:

      Terra Venture Rescue: https://mega.nz/#!JNMixDwL!pAWVMTK6UPt1dVNhbCP2JWFGUYN3C3IKiKVn79nenPE

      And Evil Planet: https://mega.nz/#!oRdkHZgA!eRNRsuMubqy4-i9p8GSjbiVhJZElhydJ3jDKyILOWtw

      If it's definitely Lost Galaxy, it must be one of those two.

      ^ "Evil Planet" is not the game I am looking for. And unfortunately, "Terra Venture Rescue" won't load beyond the intro screen and a bit of flavor text from the villains. I've checked the rest of the games listed in the link from your first comment and none of them seem to be the game I remember. That being said, thank you for linking me to the list.

      Go Go Ranger Super Bump!

      I think there was something like that in the CD rom of Power Rangers Time Force

      ^ Yes! That is the game I remember! Thank you bomberman121890.
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    I played an online game back when I was in elementary school (so in the range of 2006-2008). The main characters were yellow and spherical. I don't think they were emoji-based, though; this was before emojis were popularized. The name was rather cutesy/whimsical, if I remember correctly. I think there were mazes/quests involved? It might have been available on Big Fish Games, but I'm not sure about that. Sorry if it's not enough information. Also, I'm pretty sure it had absolutely nothing to do with the Pac-Man franchise. Reply


      Nope. Thanks for answering, though!

      personally, that sounds like MIDI Maze/Faceball: 2000 to me.

      Thanks, but that isn't it. :/

      Hrmm it's not snood or Faceball and it has nothing to do with the pac-man franchise. It's not based on Q*Bert either?

      No, not Q*Bert. I don't think it was very popular, tbh. So I'll understand if it's never found. :/

      What year did you go to elementary school? I know this sounds personal but this might help us narrow down which decade this game was out at, at the very least we would know which decade to NOT look for.

      From 2006 to 2009.

      It doesn't match everything you said, but I'll throw Chuzzle out there just in case.

      I also HIGHLY doubt mine's correct, as I played it when I was a kid, around 2000-2002 and the characters are blue, not yellow, but.... Zoombinis?

      Not Zoombini, and not Chuzzle (but I remember that one too.)

      Oof, I was hoping it was an older game. Narrowing down the game to a decade like the 80's or 90's might've made things easier. As it stands the only decade that can be ruled out is the new tens. Everything else is valid on up.

      The only thing I know of is the freeware game Spherez and I'm not even sure that's the way to spell the title!
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    I've looked for this site/game for years now! It was around in the early 2000's. Basically, you had to choose different customizable features for a new bird species (I remember beak shape and foot structure), then choose where it would live, like a swamp or a forest, etc.. You'd get a score/message telling you how well your bird would do based on its adaptations. It is NOT "build-a-beast"—but that's a similar idea! It's also not "who wants to live a million years", although I enjoy that one. I think the pictures were realistic/almost watercolor-like, but I was four or five at the time, so that detail is a little sketchy. Reply



      I remember this game. It might have been some educational link through a textbook or something that we did in school during "computer lab". Can't remember the title though, sorry

      Now that you mention it being a link through a textbook, I think it might have been mentioned in one of those Usborne educational books. I don't know for sure, but it's something, anyway. Thanks! :D

      Was it Project Beak's Build-A-Bird?

      That looks like it could be an updated version of the site I remember. Consider this solved. Thank you so much! :)
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    Hi guys. I'm looking for a game (if I remember correctly it is 2D and has graphics like Final Fantasy VI) where there is one or more example of monsters that are basically tentacles that peek outside a dimensional rift. Please help Reply

      Well there's a few attacks like this in Darkest Dungeon, but that's all I can remember off-hand, sorry.

      Sorry but it isn't that. The one which I remember had almost pixelated graphics, not hand-drawn
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    Playstation 1 was the first cd-based gaming system I can remember my family having when I was a kid, and one day I suddenly got curious about what would happen if you put a game disc in a CD player: Normally the answer is "nothing" of course, but in the case of the game I happened to try it with, the developers actually did put a short audio track on the disc: It was simply a few seconds of silence followed by someone saying "Hey, this isn't a CD that you listen to, this is a CD that you play!" (or something along those lines). Reply
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    I'm looking for a game, pretty sure it was Final Fantasy (Like 80% sure). All I remember is right after you name your characters one of them betrays you, that beats the garbage out of your, that part took place in like a castle. I don't remember much more about the game but it was the 2d Final Fantasy style and I think it had 16-bit graphics. Please help. Reply

      Sounds like Final Fantasy IV.

      Edit: Oh wait, didn't see "right after you name your character". Sorry.

      Don't think so :/
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    A game we played on the old Apple computers in elementary school. This was prior to the 2001-2002 school year, when those computers were replaced with iMacs. You played as a Sherlock Holmes expy (deerstalker, pipe, etc.) wandering around an old house. If you talked to an NPC, they'd ask you a math problem. Solve it, you got a clue to solve the murder (I think). The graphics were 2D cartoons, but rather well-done. Does anyone know the title? It might have been made by The Learning Company, but I'm not certain. Reply

      Super Solvers?

      No, it wasn't that. It wasn't anything that could be described as an 'action game', and the cartoon people looked more realistic than that, with fairly normal proportions and less bright colors.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVA1sqF_17Y Reply
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    Please help! Only saw heaps of snippets on Facebook talking about how the main character was the oriogional feminist. Real acting set in high school America about a girl with long blonde hair and a boy with a funny name who she was with. She made her own world where all the men lived underground and everyone wore togas, another part I saw she was getting angry at cutting her hair. Pleas help me ! Reply

      Sounds like Topanga from Boy Meets World! She describes the "utopian" lady-dominated world to her teacher, and she cuts her hair purposely-badly at one point to prove a point to the main character.
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    A Video Game that had a page on here, where you play as a wizard who can edit levels, by altering their programming or something?

    Programming Game doesn't seem to have it? Reply

      There is Hack 'N' Slash

      That looks right! So, I guess I just got the protagonist wrong...
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    Years ago, in the early to mid 2000s, I remember playing this very gritty and dark tactical flash game. I was only 6-10 years old, and my memory of it is somehow both specific and vague at the same time. I'm almost positive it was Flash, since I remember installing it and Shockwave to play other games on the same website. I'm pretty sure it was the Cartoon Network website, it had to be related to an anime on Toonami but I can't find which one. This would have been somewhere from 2003-2007, maybe as late as 2008.

    Since I remember it as Toonami, I looked up the shows they ran. This game had giant robots, so I know a lot of people would think it's related to Gundam, but I don't remember the robots being brightly colored.

    The game may or may not have had music, I know it had sound effects. You picked a character, and there were something like 4-6 of them, all outside their powered exo-suits. Once you picked a character, I can't remember how it handled levels, but when you got into it, it was a turn-based isometric thing. You had several characters under your control at once, and you each had points to spend on moving and attacking. There were melee attacks with huge swords, or various ranged attacks with guns. When you defeated an enemy, a pod would launch out of the top of the exosuit, and the exosuit would explode or fall over, I think. There were ruined buildings as obstacles, and I just remember getting this sense of dread from playing the game. Though, to be fair, I was a very frightful child... Dexter's Laboratory used to give me nightmares, and I'm still traumatized by Courage the Cowardly Dog to this day.

    I never remember getting very far into the game, but I do remember two maps distinctly; A large square map, which was large enough that you needed to scroll around to see it all, and at least two sides of it had cliffs on the edges. The middle had ruined buildings, the ground was mostly grass and open so you could walk anywhere. I think there were 3-5 enemies on this map, and you had at least one ally. The other map was a narrow strip, you still had to scroll but only diagonally. There were the same number of enemies, but I can't remember if there were any allies. I remember it as having sandy hot desert terrain.

    If I saw a picture from the game I'm sure I'd recognize it immediately, I have a good visual memory. I've wanted to go back and play this game to completion because looking back on it I remember it as being really fun, and something I'd enjoy a whole lot more now than I did back then. Reply
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    A PC racing game with in universe ads. Ones a pizza company that lasers a hole in your apartment to deliver the pizza? One of the follow up ads was a glass repair company that fixed the hole the Pizza drone makes. Reply
  • 4 Jun 2nd, 2017 at 11:11AM
    Lastest Reply: 3rd Jun, 2017 09:47:02 AM
    I remember briefly seeing/playing some kind of RPG/Adventure game on the PC. Probably a DOS game, limited color pallet (most likely 256), early to mid 90's. I remember a handful of facts about it.

    It was entirely first-person view. I don't know that you had a specific visible avatar or face. I assume there was some kind of equipment screen as you could probably upgrade your weapons and shields.

    Everything was 2-D. You could move around, but it was from one static screen to another, Myst style.

    The setting was some kind of sci-fi dystopia. You could buy personal shield generators at a local shop (~10 versions of increasing power), but they were all very expensive.

    There were crowds of people around the starting area. If you clicked on the crowd, you could speak with a man identified as "Skunk" (perhaps some kind of gang member), with Ambiguously Brown skin and a wild hairdo (mohawk or similar). You could grill him with a list of simple questions, but I most remember him saying "This place stinks!" to one question. You could also attack him. This was a bad idea as the game entered some kind of special combat mode where a number over the man rapidly counted down from 5, and he killed you in about two seconds. Perhaps a speed setting was too high, or it was made for 486-speed machines.

    I also remember being able to talk to some kind of robot (possibly could have been someone wearing a helmet/mask), and if you attacked someone and fled, the police would come arrest you a moment later. Reply

      Could it had been one of the earlier "Fallout" games?

      Unless there was one before the Fallouts where your first quests are to find a water chip or go through a Temple of Trials, I'm afraid not. It was also not Wasteland

      I wanna say it might have had a vaguely comic book or graphic novel feel. When you spoke with people, they talked with a white speech bubble.

      This is just a guess, but could it have been B.A.T. (or its sequel)? I don't think we have a page for it, but there are some screenshots here.

      B.A.T. looks 100% correct. Thank you!
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    I remember a game a friend had on his Master System; a top-down shooter in a maze. I initially thought it was Maze Hunter 3 D (in my memory it did make use of the 3D glasses), but the only video I found of MH 3 D didn't have any bosses, and I distinctly remember the game I saw having bosses.

    The first boss was some monster that fired fireballs/energy blases in three directions at once, except the times it suddenly morphed a dragon-like head and fired a single shot in a completely different direction. Reply
  • 2 May 24th, 2017 at 5:05PM
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    I remember playing a pc game. It had a robot and you had missions. The biggest memory I have of it is the music. It had the music called "In the hall of the mountain king" by Grieg. Reply
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    I can vaguely recall a PC computer game I used to play at school in kindergarten, so probably around 1999. The basic gist was that you were watching a diver explore the ocean. You didn't move around so much as just click the screen and a new view would pop up. I can't recall if any of the animals in the background moved at all or if they were stationary. The game started at the surface and then went deeper and deeper until eventually the diver went back up. The animation was pretty basic, no CGI or anything flashy. I can't seem to find any trace of it online and am wondering if it wasn't a program that was unique to our school's computers or something. Reply
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    Lastest Reply: 22nd May, 2017 08:39:33 PM
    I remember some time in the '00 I read this review on Gamespot. It was some kind of space sim that had a "Blind Idiot" Translation that resulted in stuff being given really weird descriptions such as a ship described as having "mirrored antiquantums" or something weird like that Reply
  • 3 May 18th, 2017 at 11:11PM
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    Okay, this might sound really stupid, but I remember a weird game on the internet where a human crash lands on a planet and has to get home (I think). The planet is inhabited by talking monkeys in a school, and you often had multiple dialogue options or actions to pick from in certain scenes, all with different results.

    I don't know why I remember this since I played it around like, 2007-2009, but it made me curious of what the name of the game is. Anyone who knows what I'm talking about? Reply


      Highschool of the apes on newgrounds?

      Yeah, I think that's it! Thanks!
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    I remember playing this at an arcade during my childhood. It is a soccer-themed game with a string-bound ball as one of the controls. Whenever the game ends, it shows an anthropomorphic soccer ball on the bottom-right corner of the screen yawning and pulling down some blinds in disgust before showing the game over text. Reply