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    The protagonist was a blonde guy in a suit of armor, I think. I don't remember much about the plot, but I remember the gameplay was just like Fire Emblem, except you attacked by moving through enemies, and you could attack multiple at a time. Reply
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    I remember some months ago I heard about an indie videogame which was basically an eroge, but the point was that you had wholesome sex and there were no creepy elements to it. Here's what I remember:

    -I think it was very likely hosted on itch.io, though I searched through the nsfw tag and I couldn't find it.

    -The art was 2D, and it was either anime or animesque, but I'm pretty sure the game itself was western in origin.

    -There were four possible partners, three boys and one girl. The promotional image depicted the four, one next to the other. They were demons/succubus-like (?) so it probably had fantasy themes.


      Cute Demon Crashers! It's a visual novel about consent that matches your description.
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    My sister recalled a game she'd discovered some time ago, but she can't seem to remember the title and is wondering if she just made it all up. So I figured I'd see if anyone on here knew what she was talking about. Here are the facts she gave me:

    -The game takes place in either an orphanage or a school for "special" kids, though there's also a town you can explore.

    -The player character comes across dead people several times, but doesn't seem to realize they're dead.

    -At one point, a set of rules are put into place by the game in order to help you avoid a blue rabbit; if the rabbit catches you, they'll hypnotize you, which will send you to an "Other World".

    -If you're sent to the "Other World" while exploring the town at night, it will be day there, and you'll be able to talk to the townsfolk.

    Does anyone recognize this? Reply

      Rule of Rose?

      My sister checked, and claims it’s not the right game.

      Fran Bow?

      I don't think it's Fran Bow. There's no blue rabbit in that game.

      I do! It's called "Harvey's new eyes". Or at least that game shares a lot of things with the game you described.

      - First chapter is set in a strict, religious boarding school. The next chapter takes place in a town, the last one in a mental asylum.

      - Lots of characters die, but the dead bodies get "censored" (painted over with pink paint) and people coming across them either deny that they are there or deny that they are dead.

      - The rule thing is actually reversed; The blue rabbit puts them in place and you have to hypnotize him in order to break them. Hypnotizing him and yourself sends you to a twisted alternate version of reality.

      - If you get hypnotized in chapter two (the one in the town, which takes place at night), the other reality will look like a sunny, wild western town.

      Hope this helped!

      My sister’s sending me enthusiastic thank-yous, so yeah, “Harvey’s New Eyes” is the right one! Thank you!

      No problem, I'm glad I could help!
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    So I just remembered these games I played some years ago, a bunch of browser flash escape room games by a specific creator/dev - I think the developer had their own site (in which case would be where I most likely played it) but the games might also have been on an browser game site under an "escape room" section, in which case they were likely also tagged with the creator's name. The creator was Japanese and I remember there being occasional Japanese text in the game (at least I think so? Not in anything that needed to be understood during the gameplay, but in game over screens, help menus and such)

    The graphics were drawn in what I'd call a "simple but kind of unstylized" 2D style with no shading, and were overall known for being kinda... weird compared to a lot of escape games, in terms of having weird elements and imagery appear as background objects or items. A recurring element across the games (and a big part of the weirdness) were people just standing around various places for... no real reason, sometimes dressed in costumes (I think one game had a guy in a frog costume?) Usually they had nothing to do with the scene, but a few times they would also be part of giving you hints

    Several (most?) of the games also had (usually obvious, but sometimes not) ways to die or otherwise get a game over, like pushing a suspicious button, walking into the wrong room ect. Reply
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    I remember seeing a crowdfunding trailer (not sure if it was Kickstarter or another website) for this game on Twitter back in 2014ish i think,it was a first person shooter with melee and third person for driving (the demo had the character driving a scooter), I remember them saying it was about a guy going to a town where Dead people are coming back as reanimated monsters I remember a butcher type zombie with a cleaver and some other zombie types,the guy was trying to find his wife in the town i think and it was being caused by an evil doctor or something, in the video they mentioned many of them were ex bioshock devs, i think they were from spain or italy. Does anyone know this? What happened to it? Did it succeed? Because it looked pretty good Reply
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    It's vague, but I remember very specific points about it for some reason.

    For one, it was based off science and botany (for that one, I think I remembered there being more on different subjects, but I could be wrong) it started you off in a room with some characters and a list of options (I dont remember all of them, but I do remember one where you're basically reads it out loud to you and ocasionally gives you a multiple choice thing to answer based on it)

    The second thing I really remember though, were the songs...parts of them anway. i know two song names and one lyric from each. This is the part I'm hoping will help someone figure it out

    That's how they grow: "Some plants grow in the hot, desert heat. Some plants grow in the cracks in the street"

    This is how a plant grows: "They come in different sizes, they come in different shapes. A big, old avocado or a tiny, little grape" Reply
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    So I remember playing an MMO on Miniclip somewhere around the 2010s that had a crazy name. It was all one word and very hard to remember. I remember that it had pixel art and that you could buy/make snowball turrets. I also remember being able to transform into a slime for 1M coins (Or a similar amount) and then you could go around turning others into slimes. The goal was to infect as many people as possible within the time limit. If you were turned into a slime to could press a button at any time to transform back. There was a paper bag accessory that you could wear on your head. There was some stores and there was a glitch to get on top of one of them. I don't know if you had your own house or not. It might have been in an isometric perspective. I don't think it was Habbo Hotel though. Reply



      Maybe this is one of Nitrome's games (all of which have a pixely art style)? Last time I checked, Miniclip carried Nitrome games.

      It isn't Nitrome; They have made any MMO games, as far as I know.




      It may be listed here.

      Nah, it's not on Miniclip anymore


      Pretty sure I played this, although unfortunately I too can't remember the name. I feel like it might have started with an S or something?

      Yeah, Either an S or a P
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    There was a game released for the Super Nintendo somewhere between May 1994 and May 1995. Basically, you guided a mech through a level, basic platforming. If you found another mech, you could get out and use the new mech, but it was advisable to destroy which mech you didn't use, so the enemy couldn't use it against you. While outside your mech (and there were times you would need to), you could only take 10 hits. Reply
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    I know what the name of this game is, it's called Combat, but theres so many games out there that likely have that name it's probably flooded out, so I'll just describe it's gameplay, you're this floating tank thing that shoots other floaty tanks through a synthwavy-esque futuristic world, the game ran on Windows XP and I think only ever saw a CD release. Reply
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    My memories about this game are very fuzzy, so it might not be exactly as I remember it. I played this game around 2005 or 2006 on Windows XP. I don't know when it was made, but it didn't look really dated. When you start a new game, there are three pictures representing the three classes you can choose. First is a warrior or something like that, I don't remember the second, and the third is a wizard or a mage or something. Every class gives you a different story, but I only played a little bit as each one, so I don't know whether there are three completely separate campaigns or they all eventually lead to the same plot, like Dragon Age: Origins. Anyway, in the game you control a single character in a top-down perspective in real time. The camera is un-moveable and un-rotatable and follows your character.

    In the "warrior" campaign you start in a village with some NP Cs, and a bit later you go to a cellar or some room like that, and there are big poison spiders (their attack caused you to take damage over time). In the second campaign you start somewhere outdoors, but then you spend a lot of time going through some winding tunnels of a cave or a mine. And in the "mage" campaign you are on path going through some forest, and as you go, wolves attack you and kill you very quickly (or at least me, who sucked at games back then). In all campaigns, the environments were more or less linear, but you could explore a bit and find equipment or food. I know this is not much but it's all I can remember. Reply


      Yes, that looks like it! Thank you very much!
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    So I believe this was not the plot of an actual thing. I think it was mentioned in a game like Frog Fractions, where the game is comedic and switches between game play sections (Beginning of the game, then swimming underwater, then the courtroom scene, etc., To use frog fractions as an example). It was a joke, I believe on a computer, about the kid of a space trucker docked at (I believe) a space diner. While talking on the CB radio, the other truckers start to talk about what they're going to do to the son (Rape him, fuck him in the butt, etc.). This enrages the father, who leaves the ship and (I believe) attacks, and is killed by, the other truckers. This was from the son's point of view. I believe the son tried to stop his father, but the dad ignored him. This was presented completely serious in the game, but it wasn't supposed to be serious. Either this was a biography, or it was a story in-universe. Thanks! Reply
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    so I remember watching a video review by a youtuber similar to LGR of a game that looked kinda like Myst. I mean that the graphics were 3D and kinda shiny, like Myst. I remember that the desktop icon involved a crescent and/or a spike (Think the Quake logo and the Riven logo). The youtuber talked about how their dad or someone had it on their PC, so they would play it. They talked about how bad and confusing the game was, even when they were a kid. The game took place in an underground tomb, with the player being an explorer. They're not the first, however, and I believe a journal written by the first explorer contained hints and backstory. The puzzles were really confusing and convoluted, with the 2 I remember being a sliding puzzle and one involving pressing keys to play music in a certain way. The game was very dark and brown, seeing as the game was set in and underground tomb. Reply

      Edit: It was a first person puzzle/point-and-click game and I believe it had an inventory system.





      Was it the parody game, Pyst?

      No, it was serous and was not directly related to Myst (I think)


      No, but similar artstyle. The game was set in a cave, so most of the walls were rock
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    I played the demo of a simulator where your only objective is to break the car a couple of years back on PC. The playing area was just flat asphalt with ramps, moving sawblades and stuff like that. The car was red and there was a button you could press to fix the car if you totally broke it down. Edit: Nevermind, I found it. Its Beam NG demo Edit 2: Wait, its actually Next car game Reply
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    I wrote this query here not long ago, but I forgot to add the medium above. Rather than bump the old one, I thought it would be better to start a new one, with the medium this time. The old one can be locked.

    Anyway, I remember reading somewhere on This Very Wiki about one of those "restaurant management" games. It was apparently released recently, but it's done in a Retraux style to look like a Japanese game from the 90's. I think the characters are all anthropomorphic sea creatures, and the protagonist is a pink crab. Does anyone know what this is? Reply

      i remember this show too....i cant remember the name though. Wasn't there an octopus and a little green guy? I rember playing a game with these characters sorta like hit the brick

      hope this isn't too late but it's Carrie's Order Up!
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    It was an old PC game (late 90s or mid 2000s) that involved playing as a tank and you would use different kinds of special attacks to take down the opponent Only thing I can remember from the game is that it had 1v1 mode and there was an attack called Spider Reply
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    I remember playing a PC racing game when I was young on my parents' computer. Its graphics are roughly comparable with Hot Wheels Micro Racers (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdLVe1t3I6Q), with low polygon counts and a top-down POV. I remember there being six vehicles or so per race, each with three-letter names. One vehicle's name is "VAC"; I can't remember the rest, but they all follow the pattern of having names of three different letters to differentiate them. There's also a monster truck vehicle, or big van, much larger than the rest of the cars. As far as I know, there's no vehicle select option; you're only able to race the same one vehicle, and the others are all AI-controlled.

    I only remember one stage, a kind of farmland countryside drive. There's a cliff face you drive along around the middle, and at the end of the circuit there's a very particular kind of shortcut involving a tractor. (I have a diagram, but no way to link it in the query.)

    The tractor occasionally crosses the track via a path cutting through a 180-degree turn right before the finish line. You can just go around the long way, dodging the tractor if it happens to be in the path, or you can be more daring and try taking the tractor's path through the middle, cutting off the turn. If I remember correctly, if you run into the tractor at any point, you explode, as well as if you fall off the aforementioned cliffside, though I also seem to remember the track jumping off the cliff to a path below, so I'm not certain if I'm confusing Micro Racers mechanics with this game's.

    A couple extra details: The computer icon is a mauve background with a yellow lightning bolt down the middle, and I seem to remember there being conditions where you can get a DNF (if you explode too much or if everyone finishes the race ahead of you) and aren't allowed to complete the course. The results, which just display on the screen as an overlay after you finish rather than being a separate screen, has pixellated icons corresponding to each vehicle, next to their three-letter name, top to bottom in the order they finished. I'm fairly sure it was on either Windows 98 or Windows 2000, and it was only installed on one computer, in a lone folder with only the app (no readme or anything), so I'm not sure if it's a small game bundled with others as a trial version of some sort or if it's its own complete game and I just never got past the first level.

    Thanks for any help you can give!

    EDIT: After doing a bit of digging I found it, it's a 1997 racing game called "Ignition"! Reply
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    This is a game for the Macintosh that probably came out in the 90s or early 2000s. It's a top-down grid based RPG. You can get weapons with different elements like fire, ice, and acid. Monsters spawn from portals in the ground and you have to find a lever to turn off the portal. The game comes with an editor, that allows you to add new monsters and items to the game, even having a pixel art function to give them graphics. Reply
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    This has been driving me insane for years. I've even posted here before with no luck.

    When I was a wee, wee kid with completely unsupervised computer access, my dad would get me a bunch of demo discs and stuff because we couldn't afford actual games.

    One of these games was an RPG-ish style game. I *think* the graphics were kinda Fallout 1/2 ish but it's been almost 20 years so give me a break.

    I don't remember a lot of the plot, given my english at the time was probably not the best and I mostly fucked around with the mechanics, but I have some vivid imagery:

    1) You could strip buckass naked. It wasn't even censored. Just, dong on your screen. 2) I think it started with you at your house, and a maid/aid/governess would talk to you about something and then you could pick up your weapons and also meat. 3) It started in a town setting, with a woodsy area and a cavern somewhere. 4) You could kill everyone to steal their things, like clothes and money. But if you were caught, the rest of the village would attack you. So it was best to do it at night when everyone was asleep. 5) There was a big dining hall with like, roman reclining couches. 6) The fancy rich people wore purple. 7) If I actually bothered to follow the game objectives, I would travel to another area, where a priestess of some sort would talk to me and tell me that I couldn't continue because I had the freeware demo and to unlock the full version blah blah, let's go back to the village and kill all the rich people and take their stuff.

    This has been bugging me for years. It's possible it was an obscure european developed title that never saw high sales and that's why I can't find a single mention of it anywhere. The most vivid thing to me is that it felt very sandbox-y which wasn't something I was used to at the time. You could wear the clothes of people you killed and such, you could eat meals and drink mead(?). There might have been bear fighting. Reply
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    I played this about 10 - 15 years ago. It was set in a crazy house where each room covered a different kind of math. I most clearly remember the volcano room, that taught about temperature, and I believe the bathroom covered volume. It wasn't an action kind of game, I'm pretty sure it was mainly point and click. I've been googling this for a while, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Reply


      Could it be one of the Dr. Brain games?

      Millie's Math House?

      Not either of these sorry, although the style was more similar to Castle of Dr. Brain than Millies Math House. If it helps, the movie Meet the Robinson's strongly reminded me of this game. I think each room had a zany family member to tell you what to do

      Le bump, any help at all is greatly appreciated

      Could it have been one of the Rave entries in Math Blaster? Not a family, but featured several quirky houseguests in some entries.

      Ha! Found it on Serious Game Classification, it's called The Fennels Figure Math made 1996.
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    The beginning of the game starts with your character presumed dead (or actually dead) and your body is about to be disposed of by either a Gnome or a dwarf. Your character awakens and startles said G/D. Your character finds out that they have powers (time, fate, etc.) of alteration, and you travel throughout the game universe collecting (souls?) Reply
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    From SCP-1539 Comments:

    • A very old DOS game. You went around with a fairy, much like manic miner, except she had a wand - you could soak up a single square of anything on the map with one key, and shoot a beam that gave those properties to something else. If you did something specific, you could make hunks of map disappear, too.
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    There was this game on the IOS store that I played around 2016-17. It was about your avatar being in a guild, collecting and upgrading equipment and skills, unleashing boss monsters to decimate your foes, and playing alongside other players. I cant recall the name of it now, but it had either Union or Guild in the title. The game was amazingly fun, and I wish to play it again. Can anyone help me find the game? Edit: The game was 2d, not 3D. Reply
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    Just trying to remember a post-apocalyptic puzzle exploration video game that was like the Metro series.

    The bit that I remember is this: female protagonist/journalist?, underground/tunnel section, you could talk to and with a group of people of short stature and of a Russian aesthetic. The puzzle in this section was bats, you couldn't go back outside because of the radiation, so you had to clear the way with fire. Among the people you had was a Raygun aesthetic robot, whom you had to send out into the outside through a set of Fallout doors (like the one in Fallout 3 holding Fawkes) in order to do... something. Game mechanics similar to The Walking Dead, in that you walk around solving problems.

    It was on Youtube, though I no longer know the title of the game to search it up, but I think it came out within the last decade. Reply
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    I'm looking for a game I played about 10-15 years ago at a friend's house. If I remember it correctly, it was basically a collection of minigames, all of which were motion controlled via a camera. The camera filmed you, then you could see yourself on the TV screen and interact with the world. One game was beating up a bunch of enemies, another was keeping a bunch of plates spinning, etc. I think there was also the option of making a video using the camera, including sound. I don't remember the console, but it also had some Disney Hercules game, though I kind of doubt that information helps. Reply

      Eye Toy: Play?

      Yes, that's it! Thanks!
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    This one is really hard to describe. It's a game for the PS2 that has an isometric view and involves either casting magic, fighting with swords or both, similar to the Diablo games. I think it also had the ability to have four players using a four controller port. It may have been either an RPG or dungeon crawler. That's all I remember. Reply

      Could be Gauntlet.

      I think that might be it. Thank you very much. Been looking for that since childhood.