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    Is there a trope for when a character either dies or is presumed dead, only to return later as a villain? Reply
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    Western Animation
    Would the Air Conditioner from The Brave Little Toaster be considered a Knight of Cerebus since the film got a bit darker when he entered the picture? Reply
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    Is there a trope when a title is repetitive, instead of a name? The latter is Repetitive Name...

    Although, as the only example I have is VideoGame.Crush Crush, it might be Too Rare to Trope? Reply
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    Quick question: is there a trope where a character makes a bad situation better (or at least tries to) to make it easier to go through? Here's an example of what I mean:
    Alice and Bob are cornered by a large monster and have no way out of it, and as such are slated to die very soon. But as the monster slowly closes in on them, Bob suddenly pulls out a bag of popcorn and starts eating it while waiting for their demise, which prompts Alice to go "Why are you eating popcorn at a time like this?!" and to which Bob responds with "Might as well sit back and enjoy the show as if it were a really good horror movie".
    I hope my example makes sense. Reply
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    Is there a trope for when women kiss or pretend to be bi to attract guys? Would it be Girl-on-Girl Is Hot? Reply
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    There have been a lot of Queer Romance songs related to lgbt rights and pro-lgbt rights songs lately. Is there a trope for that? Reply
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    This can seem weird. Why doesn't the villain just walk next door and start killing people?

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    It's the trope where people are at each other throats but it's very clear that there's a threat that is bigger than all parties combined, yet they still fight each other rather than band together to face the threat.

    Case in point, the Reapers from Mass Effect, or White Walkers in Game of Thrones, or even Zombies in... just about every damn Zombie movie ever where the main villain isn't tied to the zombies. Reply
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    Is there a trope for when a living (i.e. not undead or a zombie) character has a corpse-like appearance, reminiscent of decay or mummification (but does not necessarily have Skull for a Head), usually as a result of some past disfigurement or, less often, an inborn deformity (though normal-looking characters affecting this appearance with masks or make-up aren't uncommon, especially in slasher flicks and superhero comics).

    • Erik, the Phantom of the Opera
    • Most depictions of the Batman villain Two-Face, especially the version from The Dark Knight
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    Live Action TV
    Before most ad breaks in "The Expanse" there's some sort of dramatic scene happening like a fight or someone's at a dilemma and there's a very fast paced/loud track getting louder and louder until it cuts to an ad break where it suddenly goes silent. Is this a trope? I think it's pretty common and I'm sure it happens in other shows like Designated Survivor to build cheap tension. Reply
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    Disregard Reply
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    Is there a trope where aliens come to a planet and then leave after making only one person on Earth special? I looked at Touched by Vorlons and Super Empowering, but neither touches on the idea where only one person is made special. For example, in the film Arrival, only the woman is made special and no one else. E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial has E.T. touching Eliot and making him special and, again, no one else. Reply
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    Is there a trope for a city that is more technologically advanced than the rest of the world?

    Like Academy City of A Certain Magical Index, which is said to have technology from 20 years in the future for the rest of the world,

    And Amami City of Soul Hackers, where every home has a networked computer, in possibly 1997 (when the game first came out)? Reply

      There is Decade Dissonance

      Yes... But I guess it's not applying directly to cities... I guess I'll have to TLP And here's another example, perhaps:

      Anime/Metropolis: "the most advanced and wealthiest city in the world"
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    It's like and/or a part of Nothing but Skulls, but there's a skull/head on a spear that has been impaled into the ground. Reply
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    i used to love this cartoon as a child..it involves starting scene in a jungle , probably with a fight..antagonist ius a wicked lion,i suppose. three friends are there; i can remember only 2;one is deer with stars on its body and a lion cub.i think they have some magical power. and they defeat that wicked lion in the last.. anyoe knows this anime?????????? Reply
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    Do we have tropes for Inception or the bass drop noises that appear in Hollywood trailers? Reply
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    All female charaters in the medium are seemingly flawless and attractive in all regards. They are not necessarily in love with the main character, like Harem tropes would suggest. They are too perfect for the standard of human society. What is this trope? Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    Is there a trope for when you have two (or more) warriors or experts on the same side, and they both recognize that while they are teammates, they are also each other's rival, and they end up in some kind of contest to prove which one is stronger, faster, smarter, or whatever. But rather than actually pick one of them and declare that one is better than the other, particularly if they are regular non-guest characters, the show avoids resolving it by throwing something else at them - a third character interrupts or something - and the contest is canceled/aborted. An example of this is season 14 of NCIS. Post-Tony Di Nozzo (Michael Weatherly) departure, the show has added two "alpha"-type male characters portrayed by Wilmer Valderrama (Torres) and Duane Henry (Reeves). In one episode, they finally go at it with an arm-wrestling contest, but it is canceled by the arrival of other characters and a case with assignments for them. Reply
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    Is there a trope for when a characters jumps above another and ends up disembowled, or at least their stomach/neck gets scratched or thorn apart? Reply

      How do you get that by just jumping over someone, like doe he get the horns or?

      Both examples were cats. I think this type of attack only works if the one jumping isn't bipedal.
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    Throws the fax machine, sweeps a desk full of papers onto the floor....even as small a gesture as throwing a pen at the wall. Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    Is there a trope that covers when a character is conspicuously absent from a single episode of a show because the actor was taking a vacation or in rehab, or whatever? Maybe covered by a lame excuse. Reply
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    Not holograms that are capable of interacting physically with the world thanks to Hard Light, but an an analogous sort of three-dimensional image found in the same places you'd expect holographic displays, but which are made out of physical components that rearrange themselves to generate an image rather than being made out of light. Like sort of high-tech animated bas relief.


    • Instead of being a hologram of a giant floating head, the version of Zordon in the recent Power Rangers reboot (or at least in the trailer) is a giant head made out of tiles sliding in and out of a wall to create depth, not unlike a Pin Screen toy.

    • The graphical interfaces in Man of Steel's Kryptonian technology, which appear to be made of nanobots or something, forming themselves into highly stylize pictures. The article I liked to above claims that these were also Pin Screens, but they didn't look like it to me.

    This seems to be a rather new idea in science fiction, so it would make sense for it not to be a trope yet. Reply

      le bump

      These aren't holograms. Just being a changeable image doesn't make something a hologram.

      I know. I specifically mentioned that they weren't actually holograms, but rather, functionally analogous to holograms.
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    Is there an opposite of Misbegotten Multiplayer Mode? Reply

      As in a well regarded multiplayer mode, but a mediocre single player mode?

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    Is there a trope for when people hear that their loved one has been hurt/is in danger in a way that hasn't been softened for them? Like seeing something on the news or overhearing gossip or even being TOLD gossip when that person doesn't know they know them. E.g. in 3rd episode of Sherlock or last episode of Wonderfalls Reply



      Doesnt seem to be one for it. There is Bearer of Bad News and Exact Eavesdropping which is half way there, and Breaking Bad News Gently which is the opposite of what you want. You should submit this as new trope.
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    Live Action TV
    1) Mainly centered around a detective duo, where they are giving a brief to a large group, or there is a team of detectives in the background - all these detectives appear to be doing a lot of important work for the case, even though it is is the main detectives doing all of the leg work (and pretty much solve the case single-handedly). I feel like this happens in almost every police detective/murder mystery show I have ever seen.

    2) Where the lead detective when trying to find a lead suspect, makes an overly specific and dramatic demand as to how detailed the search has to be. For example: "I wanna know what he is doing! Who he talks to! Where he goes! Hell, if he so much as takes a crap I wanna know about it! now get to work!!! Reply