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    I'm trying to think what type of Chekhov's Gun an entire city might be. A town or place that is mentioned ages and ages ago as an aside, but crops back up as a majorly important part of the plot. Any ideas? Reply
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    Is there a trope for the situation when a character meets someone looking identical to them (a clone, a doppelgänger, a twin separated at birth etc.) and the two stand face to face, stare into each other's eyes and act as if one of them is the other's mirroring reflection? I've seen this multiple times and I believe there must be a trope for it, but I didn't find anything like it in the Our Clones Are Identical index. Thank you in advance. Reply
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    In multiple games involving melee combat, such as Mount&Blade and For Honor, I've noticed that one is capable of blocking attacks perfectly from some very heavyweight weapons (such as war hammers and long axes) with lightweight weapons like shortswords and hatchets. Is there a trope for this? Reply
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    This has to be a troupe but I can't find it. One the functions of this character is to explain technobabble. But they don't provide the information but ask questions that allow other characters to explain to this person and by default the audience the topic at hand.

    Best explained as a few examples. On Bones one of the squints would say something about some evidence and Booth was there to say "Huh????" so in explaining to Booth they also explained it t the audience. Other wise there was no need for explanation since everyone in the scene knew exactly what they said. Angela also sometimes filled in this role.

    This could be thought of in a larger context where in the Harry Potter movies, at least for the first few movies, "Harry" had this role. Reply
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    What is the name of the character archetype where a character hates those who aren't honest with themselves? Reply
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    What's this trope about?

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    In movies and TV, television sets are often seen showing old films or cartoons. Is this a listed trope? Reply
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    In this sort of plot, a group of people taking part in an outdoor adventure story that would normally be a Hero vs. Nature conflict (either willingly as with camping, hiking, mountaineering, etc. or stranded and in a Fight to Survive) stumble across bad guys who have chosen the same remote area to do something bad/illegal away from the eyes of the law, and now the heroes must struggle to escape and/or thwart these human antagonists. I'm thinking of the smuggler plotline in Gordon Korman's Island series, the film Extreme Ops, and most of the poacher episodes in The Wild Thornberrys. Is there a trope that covers this plotline, and if not, do you think it's specific enough to create one? Reply
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    A way to indirectly show a character's badassery/awesomeness/intimidation ability from seemingly unrelated events (sometimes the narration follows a bystander's train of thought in case the audience didn't get it).

    • For example, The Fifth Elephant has Carrot steal a wolf from an angry mob by claiming it's already dead. Someone points out it whimpered when Carrot threw it on his horse, Carrot says corpses do that, it's the air rushing out of their lungs. The narration describes the thought process of the mob, which ends along the lines of "This guy must have seen plenty of freshly-produced corpses, let's not stick around him any longer than we have to".
    • The first Assassin's Creed uses the level of synchronization with Altair's memories as a health bar. Since every hit taken is a deviation from the actual events, it means Altair's entire life was essentially a No Damage Run.
    • Kaamelott has Leodagan, a General Ripper whose strategies boil down to overkill, brute force and Attack! Attack! Attack! in every situation, and would seem like an easily-outwitted and out-maneuvered foe. Yet one episode shows a clan tradition where a defeated chieftain must give up his eldest daughter to the victor... and Leodagan's daughter is still a virgin.
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    What is it called if an odd event is written off as someone being drunk?

    If someone is out of touch with how stuff is drunk or eaten and puts coffee in the tea? Reply
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    Are there any tropes that talk about a a character who's characterization is different between the original version and its remake?

    For example, in the first version of a movie, a character was meek and helpless throughout. In said movie's remake, which is a movie, too, said meek character takes a level in badass.

    I know this isn't Adaptational Badass since an adaptation is when a piece of media is translated to a different medium, and the example has both the original and remake as movies. Reply

      I think it's still Adaptational X. A remake is still a derivative work from a source material that involves new incarnations of the characters, whether or not it's a different medium. Ask in Ask The Tropers to be sure.

      an adaptation is when a piece of media is translated to a different medium

      —No; a live-action movie can be remade as another live-action movie and that IS an adaptation. The Trope you're looking for is still Adaptational Badass (or Adaptational... Whatever, regarding on what's the case).

      ^^ I did some a year or so back. I can't remember off the top of my head, but I think they may have agreed with me.

      ^This is the definition of adaptation in the context I'm using: "a movie, television drama, or stage play that has been adapted from a written work, typically a novel."

      This is the definition of remake in this context: "a movie or piece of music that has been filmed or recorded again and rereleased."

      Neither says a remake is a type of adaptation, so it might be a misconception to think remakes are such.
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    Is there a Trope for this:

    A parent tries to talk to their child (usually a child who's about to go into puberty) about sex (the "birds and the bees" talk) and is comfortable about that subject, but the child refuses to discuss the subject saying they really don't want to talk about that with their parent. This is NOT Parental Sexuality Squick because it's not about the sexuality of the parent but rather of the child; but what is it? Reply

      The Talk, Type 1 should cover this.

      Ah great... that doesn't cover the specific negative / squick reaction of the child I was looking for. Still, probably the best-fitting Trope yes and will do for Works pages I need it on. Thank you.

      The description mentions kids reaching for the Brain Bleach which is the squick reaction you are looking for.
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    Is there a page for the Inverted Trope of Happily Married, where characters are unhappy in marriage? And if that's too specific, is there a trope for where marriage in general is painted as miserable? Reply

      Awful Wedded Life

      If the character is male, see also: Henpecked Husband.

      Awful Wedded Life is a genre of domestic comedy according to its description and Henpecked Husband is a character trope, not a theme or plot device trope.

      Hmm, well, Awful Wedded Life has some very non-domcom examples (A Brother's Price, A Song of Ice and Fire, etc). The gist of the trope is the same for what you're looking for. I think it just needs a description update noting that it can be played for laughs or drama, and is not restricted to domestic comedies (although it did get its start there).

      I'll mention Awful Wedded Life on the Trope Description Improvement Drive forum.
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    Live Action TV
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    What is the trope called when a person that's being accused of something says "i never stole [specific item]" and the interrogator says "well we never said that [specific item] was stolen, lock em up, boys!" Reply
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    I'm looking for the name of a comedy trope where two characters are face-to-face at close range, and after Character One finishes talking/yelling, Character Two wipes his or her face off.

    It feels like something that would happen in a military comedy, after Drill Sergeant Nasty finishes yelling at his recruits. Or something that would happen after a Sadist Teacher was yelling at you. It also seems like it would be closely related to the phrase, "Say it, don't spray it." Reply
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    Is there a trope for when a known landmark can be seen from everywhere in the country or city where it's known from? For instance the Eiffel Tower being viewable from anywhere in Paris, Big Ben appearing at every street corner in London, or the Golden Gate existing on any span of water near San Francisco. In short, Artistic License – Geography meeting The Eiffel Tower Effect. Reply
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    The kind of character who when they let their imagination run free, comes up with inanely improbably causes or outcomes of a particular scenario. As in, my socks are missing, the green painted red nightbugs stole them, or maybe it was the invisible microkitty or the ninjapuppy. And they just keep going until someone makes them stop theorising.

    Where they differ from Cloud Cuckoo Lander is that they're otherwise fairly grounded in reality most of the time. Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    Is there a page for the sci-fi trope where all the members of the same species wear the same kind of clothes, have the same kind of haircuts, etc? The most obvious example is Star Trek, where Vulcans almost always have bowl-cut hair, Romulans always wear jackets with shoulder pads, Klingons always have long hair, and so on. This trope is related to Planet of Hats and People of Hair Color, but neither of them covers it; the former is about what the species does, and the latter covers physiological traits, not style. Reply

      So there's no trope page for this? If not, I'm thinking of taking to Trope Launch Pad.
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    Is there a trope for someone using a voice modulator?

    This often appears in crime dramas and thrillers by criminals making calls and using a modulator to disguise their voice. It's also used in Batman: The Telltale Series by Batman to disguise his voice, making it sound deeper than his normal speaking voice. Reply
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    A character spends all episode disparaging an inuniverse fictional property. Then they say something only someone who was a fan would know and the truth is revealed. Followed by an attempt to dismiss their knowledge as casual curiosity, which nobody believes. Reply
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    When someone want to say to a person about another person whom suffer mental disorder, but unable to tell him/her properly (because they young/inexperienced), so they explained about the person's condition in simplified term ((about depression)"He become very sad because a virus is corrupting him"). Reply
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    When actors play a couple in a romantic relationship, and they're also together in Real Life. Reply
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    Imagine the following: Finn is hiding and overhears Poe and Kylo having an argument. He hears what sounds like a punch and sees Poe fall to the floor. Unable to check the situation, he believes Poe is dead and is devastated, but it later turns out Poe was only injured. Do we have a trope for that? Reply
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    I'm looking for a trope where a character has decided to work harder to train himself so he'd improve at his sport, but in the process he gets too busy to hang out with his friends and gradually becomes isolated. Reply
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    Is there a meta trope for Insult Backfire? A parody or quote is supposed to offend fans of something but they like it.

    Also, is there a trope for when fans like a parody of a work a lot? Reply