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    Mainly looking for tropes involving: 1.) A character trait and/or 2.) Gossip that prompts others to react or spread it, especially negatively. (I'm under the impression this could easily be Poor Communication Kills, but I'm wondering if there's a specific one for gossip.) Also, any other gossip-related tropes are cool, but the two mentioned above are what I've been wondering about lately. Reply
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    Is there a trope for major characters in a TV series, video game or film series in which they are played up to be major protagonists - but when it comes to missions or major storyline events they go along for the ride but don't really do much? An example from video games if Franklin from Grand Theft Auto V. Despite being one of the three major protagonists of the game, there are numerous missions in which he actually doesn't do much of anything, or if he does, it happens "off camera" and is not actually controlled by the player. Reply
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    Is anyone aware of a trope that is essentially Named After Their Planet, but specific to a region or nation instead of a planet?

    Note - While I get that the people of a nation are more logically referred to by the nation's name (Canadians, Russians, Germans, etc.) in the particular setting I'm asking for, this practice is not common. Reply
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    Basically a trope for any time there's a scene with a character standing on the edge of a cliff, skyscraper, or other really tall thing looking out over it for no plot-related reason- the scene doesn't tie into the events in any way and the character has no reason to be there, either for the plot or for symbolic or metaphorical purpose. Like a specific form of Scenery Porn. Reply
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    I wanted to know if we have a trope where how a character is drawn changes based on their development? Like say that a character starts innocent and they're drawn more child-like with soften features. As they loses their innocent and become even villainous, the way their drawn changes like drawing them with more angles or even making their skin color dark. I don't think its Art Evolution. Reply
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    What's the trope when a character is asked to search for/hack something, and they're like "Wow, a system like that could take awhile...done!" Getting into the system in seconds when it was supposed to take several minutes or even hours. Reply

      Scotty Time?

      I dunno, that seems more like the outside person gave them an insane deadline, then they somehow pull it off. The one I'm talking about, the person doing the hacking claims it's going to take a long time (or alternately someone tells them it will), then is almost immediately done.

      An example I'm thinking of, is on a recent episode of Scorpion. Ralph is trying to hack into the biodome's security. Head guy for the biodome is like "That's cute, son, but we have a state of the art securi-" "I'm in."

      Or on The Great Indoors, Emma was asked to track someone's movements. "Wow, that's a tough one, that could take awhi-done."

      I know of another example from The Abominable Bride which is currently listed as Instantly Proven Wrong: Mycroft tells Sherlock it would take weeks to find out where Emelia Ricoletti was buried, only for Mary to interrupt him telling that she just found the information in the MI-5 archive.

      Would that fall under Hollywood Hacking?
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    Alice was so good at Defense of the Tropes (Dota parody, of course.) that she become a pro player who make an earning all while being idolized by many of her fan as the best player this world could have, Bob who feel like he isn't "those people" who are destined to be successful in DOTT grow bitter of Alice's success plus the fact that he's been trying to get better through a sheer effort but it never pay off for him and as the time passes, Bob hated Alice even more as she become more successful than before. And one day, Bob happen to be in the same match with Alice (who are playing on her smurf account) being his opponent's teammates, Alice alone as we all know have no problem trashing entire Bob's team. After the defeat, Bob decided to give in to his personal demon and download that match's replay and keep analyzing it until he is beginning to understand how Alice is godlike in DOTT, everything behind her play. Now that he finally figured out how to be godlike in DOTT like how Alice do, Bob set his path on the road to become a pro player like Alice but unlike Alice who climb the rank to the top with Positive Mental Attitude and never blame her teammates whenever she lose, Bob will climb it through a selfish, cruel, and jerkassish method, he will taunt his teammates for making a stupid decision which almost screwed him over and will taunt his enemies whenever they failed to stop him from winning ("The Reason You Suck" Speech can be expected if he stomp the enemy's team without breaking a sweat at all.) and he won't hesitate to throw his teammate under the bus for the sake of his own if he had to. Bob is climbing the rank at a frightening rate and he won't ever stop until he become a pro player and get to fight Alice again and when that time comes, he will make her kneel before him in the game. (Who would dare telling somebody to kneel before them after they beat the opponent in real life?) Reply
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    When what looks like clothing or an accessory turns out to be part of a character's body.

    Do we have this? Reply
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    It's like "We Are Number One" writter all over it. What's the reason all over it, and what tropes do apply on this? Reply
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    Is there a trope for this? Two siblings raised in luxury who have always gotten everything they ever wanted, which leads them to want the only thing they can never have: each other.

    This is specific to royalty or aristocracy-like families. The characters don’t have to be literal royalty, but the common theme is that they are the children of individuals who are ridiculously wealthy or powerful in this universe, and they are interested in hopping in the sack with each other. Distinct from Royal Inbreeding and Royally Screwed Up in that it predates procreation.

    These behaviors can range from the “weird but not that ooky” end of the spectrum (Sharon/Boone from Lost or Kathryn/Sebastian from Cruel Intentions having sex, when both sets of siblings only became siblings as young adults) to the “unbelievably disturbing” end of the spectrum (Dolls in the Attic and Blue Bloods series both end in questionably-consensual encounters between biological siblings). The only thing that these cases share in common are the two children of a powerful family getting it on behind closed doors.

    YMMV but it could also describe the mere strong implication of sexual feelings between powerful siblings. For instance, Ryan and Sharpay (High School Musical) sing each other a love song, which is kinda odd. Sometimes the vibe can be primarily a product of context or implication (Joy and Ward from Iron Fist being weirdly touchy-feely when getting dressed, Azula showing up on Zuko’s bed in At LA wearing a somewhat-revealing kimono) but it’s this would be unique to powerful families. (Wincest would not apply; YMMV on Luke/Leia.) The idea’s older than dirt (Zeus and Hera) and has its foundations in real life (Cleopatra, the Hapsburgs). Reply
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    Is there a trope for when a character is Put on a Bus and no longer present in the plot, but the actor playing them sticks around because the character's likeness still appears in flashbacks/dreams/visions/hallucinations/hologram simulations/whatever on a fairly regular basis (and not just as an entirely separate character who just happens to look like them or is otherwise played by the same actor)? Reply
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    I found some similar tropes like Planet Spaceship or City Planet but I am wondering if there is something that would fit for Artificial Worlds. Some examples could be Cybertron from Transformers or Iokath from Star Wars the Old Republic Reply
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    Seperate from any of the tropes I've found, I think. When one character says, "it's not funny!" and after a beat, either they or another character says, "It's kind of funny." Like the elephant lamp story in The Breakfast Club? BRIAN: (angrily) It's not funny! (Andrew attempts to stifle his laughter) BRIAN: (laughing) Yes, it is...f***kin' elephant was destroyed.

    Sorry if this is already a trope that I missed. Thanks for your help! Reply
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    Coughing fit? Here, have a glass of water. Labor contractions? Here, have a glass of water. Concerning abdominal pain? Here, have a glass of water. Headache? Here, have a glass of water. Anxiety attack? Here, have a glass of water.

    Is there a page that already exists for characters who witness someone experiencing some form of mild-to-moderate mental or physical pain and immediately pour them a glass of water? Reply
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    I can't really think of any examples, but are there any tropes for works which include aesop(s) about changing your life on your own, not just waiting around for fate or something else to change it? Like an aesop about stepping outside your comfort zone? Please and thank you! Reply
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    Do we have a trope for when someone tries to record some great event or great performance only to discover that their recording equipment didn't capture it for some reason (e.g. lens cap was on, recording equipment wasn't on, ran out of film/memory, etc.)?

    Relatedly, do we have a trope for when the person succeeds in recording the event only to have their record or recording equipment ruined somehow? Reply
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    ~What trope could be described as devices, machinery, and robots that undergoes transformations in where something very large emerges from a small space or many devices are stored inside a small space, more than could conceivably fit. Like between "Hammerspace" and "Telescoping Robot".

    ~While I'm here, Is there a trope for that one rotten plank on every rope bridge ever that some character always steps on? Reply
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    Which trope should be used if the voice actor plays so often that you can hear it almost in every new work?


      That's not a trope. At best it's a Trivia item, but we've cut several trivia "tropes" that amount to, "Hey, I recognize that actor."

      Thank you, just recently, Saori Hayami plays in almost every new anime, so I wanted to display it in her tropes

      Hey Its That Voice
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    What do you call it if there are subtle hints someone is alien, including their eyes changing color and blue liquid trickling out of them? Reply
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    Is there a trope where someone comes to the defense of the offender when they blatantly did something wrong? Or should it only be Horrible Judge of Character instead? Expect Victimblaming and Made Out to Be a Jerkass, with obvious hints of Cassandra Truth. If the defender is the audience, then this is Draco in Leather Pants and Rooting for the Empire. Reply
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    What's the trope for when music has magical properties? Reply
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    I'm looking for a trope for when The Virus or something is spreading and then the protagonist goes to The Mentor or some Reasonable Authority Figure for advice or sees them in the hallway or something and finds out that they're infected or whatever too. Often followed by Oh, Crap!, related to The Worf Effect. If crazy eyes or something like that is a symptom, then the authority figure will usually be facing away from the protagonist and reveal they're affected by turning around. If not, expect their voice to be different or for them to be saying something decidedly out of character. Stock Phrases that often occur during this incident are "Oh, [person], not you too" and "I'm not [name]" If you want examples....
    • In a children's game named Moshi Monsters there was this storyline arc where NPC monsters were being driven mad and the symptoms were weird squinty blinking and saying Non Sequitur's. The player's monster goes to Elder Furi (who's basically this old guru type) for advice and finds he's infected too.
    • In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Game", a whole lot of people are playing this game that you wear on your head and play with your mind. When Wesley Crusher and his friend (who's a brainy girl his age who may or may not be a Love Interest) find out it's addictive and messes up the part of your brain that makes you reason, they both go to Captain Picard for advice but find out he's affected too. (P.S. That scene scared the heck out of me when I first watched it!)
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    Is there a trope where someone (maybe an internet reviewer) is defending something only to then realize that the example they are using is something they hate?

    Example: "Wow, the special effects is this thing are crap. At least The Phantom Menace had good CGI. ...and now I just realized I used Episode I as something positive in a comparison! You see what this movie is doing to me?" Reply
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    Is there a trope that can apply to someone who's distrustful or resentful of the press? Reply
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    Do these fit Moral Myopia?

    • One Piece: Doflamingo has some cases like this.
      • He was pissed about all the crap Luffy and the Straw Hats, and Law, put him through, ruining his control over the country and trying to mess up his business partnership with Kaido. Never for a second does it occur to him about what he's done to his own country for 10 years, including enslaving people, tearing families apart, removing the royal family from their position of power, having them hated and feared, and hunted down, with them either being killed, or again enslaved; and indirectly having dozens of children taken from their homes and experimented on for his own shady business deals.
      • Despite having been on the end of horrible treatment when he was younger, he decides to do even worse actions as an adult that make what the mob did to him and his family seem like child's play.

    The first is reasonable; who want their country be overrun and wrecked anyway? The second sounds more like revenge. Reply