Genki Girl

Oh boy! Yukari's here, already!? I AM SO TOTALLY LATE! HOLY-FREAKING-CRAP!

"Your presence itself is like shouting."
Yomi (to Tomo), Azumanga Daioh

"Genki" is Japanese for energetic or enthusiastic. The Genki Girl is a character — usually a schoolgirl, but not always — who acts like she's been mainlining Red Bull and crystal meth. She is possessed of an over-abundance of energy, such that she runs everywhere (often with arms waving wildly or outstretched like airplane wings), speaks quickly (sometimes unintelligibly so), and always does everything fast, fast, fast! She's filled with confidence and determination, regardless of whether she's competent or not. Although usually played exclusively for comedy, sometimes the Genki Girl slows down for a serious or introspective moment. But not for long — she lives her life full-throttle. To sum it up, a good way of telling whether a female character is genki or not is to see if her family and peers are exhausted, astonished or even creeped out by her chronic outbursts of vitality. (A female character is by far the more common version, but this trope is not limited to females)

Despite what you'd think, the Genki Girl is usually not The Ditz. However, there have been a few blends. She is very often a Motor Mouth or a Nicknamer. If she focuses her powers on getting a boring guy to relish life, she's a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Less sympathetic portrayals often make her the Jerkass of the group. Alternatively she could be both. Some are even the resident Cloudcuckoolander.

If this is a RPG setting, she's almost always going to be the Fragile Speedster, thus fitting her personality.

If a work of fiction gives its characters symbolic flowers that represent their personalities, the Genki Girl will likely get the sunflower while her animal is the cat, though her energy won't necessarily make her go crazy.

Whatever you do, don't give them too much coffee, cola or sugar, and definitely teach them that hard drugs are very bad. This is why she may be preferred with somebody who is practical.

Voice actors sometimes become famous for just being able to keep up the role.

Compare Fist Pump and Hot-Blooded. Compare The Pollyanna for endless optimism and cheer rather than energy. Contrast Emotionless Girl.

Keet boys usually, but not always, fall into this trope as well.

Often seen performing The Glomp.

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Female examples:

    Anime and Manga 
  • The titular character of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, much to Saga's initial annoyance. Saga's cousin Kanon would also qualify.
  • Nikotama Sara from Ai no Shintairiku acts like this to come off as cute.
  • Chika from Ai Yori Aoshi.
  • Hiromi from Aim for the Ace! is a gregarious and cheerful schoolgirl, an early version of the trope.
  • Bunny from Alice in Sexland pours energy and passion in everything she does, though she's pretty chaste compared to everyone else in the series.
  • Yui of Angel Beats!. Justified in that in life, she was a bedridden cripple, so now that she has functional limbs, she's damn well going to use them.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia gives us Seychelles and Taiwan. The former has some elements of The Ditz and openly admits to prank calling her former boss England while the latter is a Motor Mouth and the Energetic Younger Sibling to the rest of the Asian countries. Both seem to highlight this element in their character songs, with Seychelles humming her song while the music isn't even playing and Taiwan singing about making problems go "poof".
  • From Azumanga Daioh:
    • Self-described "wildcat high school girl" Tomo (pictured above). We know she's a Genki Girl because "Genki!" is the first thing she says.
    • Yukari-sensei is what happens when the Genki Girl grows up. Or doesn't.
  • Miria Harvent from Baccano!, who even comes with the equally hyperactive boyfriend and partner in crime, Isaac Dian. They seem to have an amplifying effect on each other (at least their seiyuu have this chemistry.) Since they're inseparable for their entire screen time, it's impossible to tell how Genki they are individually.
  • Suruga Kanberu from Bakemonogatari fits this trope well.
  • Julie from Bakugan.
  • Kendo Team Captain Kirino Chiba from Bamboo Blade is easily the most genki member of her squad.
  • Iruka, the main heroine of Beach Stars is a ball of energy that is in constant motion.
  • Bleach:
    • Yachiru Kusajishi is Kenpachi's very own pink puffball of Genkiness.
    • Mashiro, which makes a hilarious contrast to Kensei.
    • Senna from the first movie, Memories of Nobody.
    • Nel, even when all grown up.
    • Mizuho, especially where Ikkaku is concerned.
    • Masaki was one as a teenager, in the same vein as Orihime's example.
  • Lulu from Blood+ is usually upbeat and enthusiastic — even after she becomes the last survivor of the Schiff.
  • Sakuya from Candy Boy. Particularly with respect to her pursuit of Kanade.
  • Nakuru Akizuki from Cardcaptor Sakura, who is also a Manipulative Bastard. And being a technically genderless spirit being rather than a human girl, though she more or less refers to herself as a girl.
  • Chi, the energetic kitten in Chis Sweet Home.
  • Chrono Crusade:
  • Code Geass:
  • Radical Edward aka "Ed" from Cowboy Bebop has high energy.
  • Misora Toyoguchi of Cross Manage.
  • Road Kamelot from D.Gray-Man is a particularly creepy version.
  • Mio Hio and Towa-chan of D.N.Angel.
  • Misa from Death Note.
  • Arale Norimaki from Dr. Slump. With a dose of Super-Powered Robot Meter Maids, Cute Bruiser, and definitely Cloudcuckoolander.
  • Mink and Pia from Dragon Half.
  • Cisqua when near money in Elemental Gelade.
  • Pino from Ergo Proxy, who is really more like a Genki Robot that looks like a girl.
  • Akiko from Eve No Jikan acts like this when the main characters first meet her. They automatically assumed she was human, only to discover that in public, she is an emotionless Robot Girl. This is a facade, though, so being a Genki Girl really is her natural personality.
  • Excel from Excel Saga — Jessica Calvello, her first English voice actress, got just a little too much into the role and wound up straining her vocal cords, which forced her replacement by Larissa Woolcott.
  • Haruhara Haruko from FLCL calms down for maybe thirty seconds an episode, and sometimes not even that much.
  • Lisanna Strauss from Fairy Tail.
  • Renge from Flame of Recca is also a strong contender for that title.
  • Winry Rockbell of Fullmetal Alchemist. She goes full-on Bishie Sparkle, Squee, and arm-wavy mode whenever she sees something cute or acting cute (Elysia Hughes weeded this mode out of her the first few minutes after she met her), something's caught her interest (mainly anything involving automail, i.e. Rush Valley, or a shopping spree in Central), or a rather vicious (and comic) argument with Ed (again, mainly over automail). The times that she's not Genki mode are when she's realized something tragic or an error in her construction (i.e.: learning about Maes' death or discovering the missing screw in Ed's newly constructed automail arm after he left to go investigate Laboratory #5), or when she's concentrating on building a new automail body part.
  • Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi.
  • Asuka from Future GPX Cyber Formula is rather cheerful and lively, especially when she cheers Hayato on. However, her genki-ness has been toned down in the OVAs when the dangers of racing becomes more apparent.
  • Nano-Nano Pudding of Galaxy Angel II.
  • The Tachikomas from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex are Genki tanks. This actually becomes a plot point in the first season, as having a combat vehicles behaving like this is fairly alarming to the human characters.
  • Mileina Vashti from Gundam 00. Louise Halevy used to be one, but later she's not so genki anymore. And Nena Trinity looked like a Genki Girl, but was actually Cute and Psycho, with heapings of THAT INGRATING VOICE!!!
  • Haruhi Suzumiya:
    • The title character is a very avalanche of Genki Girlness, who drags everyone nearby along with her. This is expressly stated in the audio drama's main song "First Goodbye", which is, in-canon, written by Haruhi herself (and just as autobiographical as "Lost my Music") with the line "Igai to genki!".
    • Tsuruya-san, a minor character, is somewhat of a Motor Mouth and a cheerful Genki Girl, with emphasis on the 'cheerful'. A natural co-conspirator with Haruhi. (When Haruhi isn't working with Little Sister.)
    • In the 9th/10th novel introduced Yasumi absolutely qualifies. No surprise, considering her true identity: Haruhi's subconsciousness.
  • Sakuya from Hayate the Combat Butler, a genki girl/tsundere combo.
  • Miyako in Hidamari Sketch. While she's prone to sleep in class and can sometimes sleep for 12 hours in one go, once she is awake, she's quite energetic. One episode shows her coming into Yuno's apartment, showing no signs of having awakened two minutes ago; another has Yuno pointing out that she's hyper even in the morning. "That was quick!" is a common phrase applied to her actions, whether she's gobbling down food or making art (usually impromptu). But despite all her teasing, she's a likable person, a good friend... and surprisingly, does well in school!
  • Torako from Hyakko. She's of the Genki-Ditz blend, considering she makes her debut by leaping out of a window. It's a second story window, but she definitely chooses the quickest way to get from point A to point B.
  • Hyouka gives us an interesting example in Chitanda Eru, who is so vivacious and bubbly that Oreki often perceives her as having an inner glow.
  • Ritsu from K-On!, essentially holding the club together with her enthusiasm.
  • Sora from Kaleido Star is amazingly energetic. Emphasis on amazingly. Her friends Rosetta Passel and Marion Begnini try to keep up with her, but they still have a way to go.
  • Ayu in Kanon, contrasting Nayuki, Makoto, Shiori and Mai.
  • Tamayo from Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer.
  • Mako Mankanshoku from Kill la Kill is one of the genkiest girls of later anime, and is the perfect foil to resident angry Hot-Blooded Badass Ryuko Matoi. Whenever Mako opens her mouth, you can be sure that she will say something either crazy, hilarious or both sooner or later. Really, this girl is a walking Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Chizu of Kimi ni Todoke is hyperactive to the point where she involuntarily knocks people down in the school corridors and gets irritated comments from other characters on a regular basis.
  • Kurata Sana from Kodomo no Omocha is the archetypical Genki Girl. The Fan Vid Caffeine Ecomium gives some inkling of just how energetic she is; none of the sequences in this video have been sped up.
  • Haruna from High School Debut is so genki she's almost Badass Normal. One of her recurring sentences is "let's work hard!" — cue to high-fiving everyone, running around doing more physical work than the guys and tiring everyone out. Oh yeah, and she can put up a physical fight with guys including potential assaulters. Her over-the-top genki-ness is arguably part of what makes her such an endearing character.
  • Hikari from Lamune. Noted by the male lead (her cousin) that she acts much like a kid, despite being a year older than him.
  • Kaolla Suu from Love Hina. When she latches onto Keitaro in the second volume of the manga, the other girls note that Motoko's the only one with the stamina to keep up with her for very long.
  • You could consider Akira Kogami from Lucky Star fit into this trope, but you aren't seeing her true personality.
    • Yui would also count. Minami muses that innocent little Yutaka will take on her personality as time goes on, upon meeting her for the first time.
  • Lyrical Nanoha:
  • To a lesser degree, Hikaru Shidou from Magic Knight Rayearth. She's incredibly friendly, energetic, and upbeat. It's even more so in the anime, where she has some No Indoor Voice moments.
  • Several characters in Mahou Sensei Negima! count; Makie is the most notable example. The entirety of Mahora Academy is described as such, even the boys, by the teachers themselves. It was stated that during a previous School Festival, they arranged an academy-wide game of tag, and afterwards decided not to do that again because there were too many injuries. That year, they were going for a (slightly) more sedate game of Hide-N-Seek, until the Big Bad of that arc provided an army of robots, and they decided to unleash the students on them instead.
  • Mikoto from Mai Hi ME subverts this trope nicely by simultaneously being a Dark Magical Girl. (Push this type of subversion even further, and you wind up with the Perky Goth.)
  • Manabi from Manabi Straight.
  • Miki from Marmalade Boy.
  • In The Ditz variation, Kana in Minami-ke steals the show from her Little Miss Snarker and Onee-sama sisters.
  • Misaki from Misaki Number One.
  • The titular Cute Ghost Girl from My Lovely Ghost Kana is a strange example. In the back story, she gruesomely took her own life, stabbing herself in the chest many times, and her ghost remained behind, trapped in the apartment building where she died. By the time the real story begins many years later, Kana has forgotten most details of her life, including why she decided to end it. When Unlucky Everydude Daikichi (unable to afford to live anywhere better) moves into the allegedly haunted building, he has a hard time accepting that this cheerful, energetic girl (overjoyed at finally having some company) is actually a ghost.
  • Both the girls, but especially Mei, in My Neighbor Totoro. Justified in that they're a couple of kids exited about a new house and giant, friendly nature-gods.
  • Hachi from Nana is called a puppy by her roommate for her energy and desire to please.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: In a number of Lighter and Softer adaptations, Rei, of all people, gets this treatment.
    • The first Girlfriend of Steel Gaiden Game keeps her in character. The set-in-episode-26's-alternate-universe sequel, however, plays this trope straight.
    • She gets the same treatment in the alternate universe manga Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days (also based on episode 26's AU).
    • Asuka Langley Soryuu and Misato Katsuragi qualifies. They counterparts on the Rebuild movies are a little more serious.
  • Niea from Niea 7 arguably qualifies, even though she mixes her energetic nature with being a total jerkass.
  • Komugi Nakahara of Nurse Witch Komugi.
  • Hana-chan and Doremi (and a few others) from Ojamajo Doremi.
  • Tomoko Arikura from Oniisama e..., in contrast to her best friend Nanako.
  • Himeko from Pani Poni Dash!. Maho!
  • Pokémon has a bunch, human and Pokémon alike, though Best Wishes character Iris takes it further (she's this way in the games too).
    • Bianca, your female rival from Black and White is even worse, especially when compared to her game counterpart.
    • Elesa was made into a Genki Girl for the anime.. Which is ironic considering she's The Stoic in the games.
  • Pixy Misa and Washu in the Pretty Sammy series.
  • Ahiru from Princess Tutu — who is a duck that can magically turn into a girl — spends most of the show running at top speed, squawking out words so fast it's hard to keep up. She's not even aware that her energy level is unusually high, judging by her confused reaction when another girl from her school fails to keep up with her. This may be because her friends Pique and Lilie are about as energetic as she is, or it may be because she's a duck and doesn't know any better.
  • C-ko Kotobuki from Project A-Ko.
  • Excel Saga's director also gave us Poemi from Puni Puni Poemi. Impossible as it may sound, at times she surpasses even Excel in genki-ness. And this time, Poemy's dub actress strained her voice on the first day of recording.
  • Shampoo, from Ranma ˝. Of all the Ranma fiancées, she is the most active and energetic.
  • Wakaba Shinohara from Revolutionary Girl Utena.
  • Lime from Saber Marionette J and its sequels.
  • Usagi Tsukino of Sailor Moon is an obvious example. Eternally cheerful and loud. Her monologue from the first anime's Stars season perfectly expresses it. Here's just the end:
    Oh, it's almost 7 o'clock on Saturday! Dinner time!
    All right!!
    With mom's food, and the TV on, my cheerfulness goes up a hundred times! The peace of school, and the peace of my family, and the peace of my sweetheart, and the peace of the universe, I will protect them all together!
    Time to eat!
    Yes! Energy level at two hundred percent! Cheer bursting at ten billion horsepower! Transform!
    • Minako is even more energetic. She's usually (apparently) calm, but whenever something sets her off...She once outran a car while weakened by having donated blood, having ran all the day and with her Pure Heart Crystal extracted (the latter has instantly knocked out everyone else. Including Usagi).
  • Lirin from Saiyuki.
  • Yuki from Saki, though it's actually a bit of a problem for her Mahjong playing since she loses focus after the initial rounds causing her game to drop.
  • Misaki from Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo. It also helps that she looks almost like Minori Kushieda with brown hair.
  • Hinata Kawamoto from Sangatsu no Lion is described as one by Rei's narration in contrast to her behavior around Takahashi, pointing out her "lively" mood swings.
  • Tenma Tsukamoto from School Rumble is this combined with The Ditz.
  • Mamoru from Sister Princess.
  • Princess Amelia from Slayers is a truly terrifying mix of this trope and Love Freak. HAMMER OF JUSTICE!!
  • Mihoshi Akeno from Sora No Manimani, who's full of energy and passion about two things: astronomy and Saku. She also has a tendency to hug him without warning.
  • Patty Thompson from Soul Eater maintains a cheerful attitude in any situation. Also she laughs like crazy.
  • In Street Fighter II V, we have Chun-Li in this role. Justified, as this is an Alternate Universe where she's much younger than in canon.
  • Momoko Kuzuryu in Sumomo Mo Momo Mo.
  • Ran Kotobuki from Super Gals, she runs everywhere and shouts all the time.
  • Nabatame Renge from Sweet Ninja Girl Azuki. Also Azuki herself, to a lesser extent.
  • Natsumi from Taiho Shichauzo (aka "You're Under Arrest") is genki and loud most of the time.
  • Noelle from Tenshi Ni Narumon is an extreme version of this.
  • Tomoka, Kurumi, and to some extent An (if you don't piss her off) in The Prince of Tennis.
  • Ayumi from The World God Only Knows. The first time we see her, she sprinted into the main character, sped through the conversation, and ran off. Into a wall.
  • Last Order a.k.a. MISAKA #20001 from A Certain Magical Index originally started as an Emotionless Girl like her fellow Misaka clones but when the scientists in charge of Project Radio Noise uploaded a personality program into the Misaka Network, Last Order (the network admin) intercepted the program for herself. Hence the genkiness unlike her Emotionless Girl Radio Noise clones, Dark Magical Girl Misaka Worst and Shorttank Misaka Mikoto.
  • Huang Bu-ling from Tokyo Mew Mew, whose sprinting and flailing is often accompanied by circus tricks like running on top of a ball or breathing fire. As Mew Pudding, most of her fight scenes consist of jumping around and climbing things.
  • Nina from Tona Gura is so annoyingly Genki, she nearly causes Emotionless Girl Marie Kagura to punish her, something she never does to anyone outside of her brother Yuuji. In his Chivalrous Pervert mode, Yuuji asks that he be punished in her place. If Marie were to choose this option with Tojo Haya, like as not no one would stop her.
  • Minori from Toradora!. Approaches everything with so much energy that she makes the surrounding people look lifeless.
  • The first time we meet Sakura in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, she jumps on Syaoran and rapidly asks him a series of questions about how he's doing.
  • Dita from Vandread fills this role, right down to frequently falling over while running.
  • Chizuru Sarashina from Wandering Son is a wacky and eccentric girl who does what she wants to, even going against her school's clothing rules (she wore a bikini instead of the school swimsuit once, sometimes wears a tie instead of a ribbon, and wears the boy's uniform occasionally).
  • Nozomi from Yes! Pretty Cure 5. With each "Kettei~!", you know she's going to drag the team into some good-hearted but implausible plan, and somehow, her pure energy makes it work. On the other hand, from the following seasons, we have Love Momozono, Erika Kurumi and Siren/Ellen Kurokawa (post-Heel-Face Turn).
  • Mana, the Egyptian past life of the Dark Magician Girl from the fifth season of Yu-Gi-Oh!.
  • Yotsuba from Yotsuba&! is a Genki Girl with training wheels. And to drive the point home, several moments of the story show her with sunflowers.
  • In Yuyushiki, Ditzy Genius Yuzuko does this regularly. Yukari does it occasionally, usually when Yuzuko is doing something crazy.
  • Aero of 12 Beast is extremely excitable and cheery.
  • Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?:
    • Cocoa, who often gets excited over the most seemingly trivial things, such as latte art and ordering three cups of coffee just to get an excuse to hug Tippy.
    • Sharo turns into one whenever she drinks coffee.
  • Clover/Chima from "Happy Happy Clover" is very optimistic and very hyperactive. It's shown mostly in earlier stories of the manga and in episodes of the anime. However there are times where she would get serious during certain situations.
  • Umi Monogatari has Kanon's perky, lively mom, Miyako, who acts much younger than her age and is always full of energy.
  • Tina from Tonari no Kashiwagi-san is a happy and energetic girl who jumps into any social situation, and will do what she can to cheer people up.
  • Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]: A grown up version (kinda) in Taiga.
  • Maria is one in Shinmai Maou no Testament.
  • Ranjou acts much in this way in Seiken Tsukai No World Break.
  • Akiho from Robotics;Notes is an extremely enthusiastic robotics prodigy who wants to build a fully-functional life-size mecha based on the one from her favorite anime. Her boundless ambition and enthusiasm contrasts jarringly with her best friend Kaito, a lazy video game enthusiast who would rather play games than build robots.
  • Kirin of Koufuku Graffiti is very upbeat at every moment. Shiina compares looking at her to watching the circus in Chapter 24.

    Comic Books 
  • The Regency Elf in Cerebus the Aardvark.
  • Misfit from Birds of Prey not only embodies this trope, she hangs a huge pink candy-striped lampshade on it.
  • Harley Quinn, both in the comics and the DCAU.
  • Cyclone from Justice Society of America.
  • Sun from The Great Catsby.
  • Casey from Strangers in Paradise. It may or may not be a part of her Obfuscating Stupidity.
  • X-Men:
    • Villain Mojo has a Deadpan Snarker assistant, Majordomo, who in turn has a Genki Girl assistant, Minordomo. Minor can be expected to say "Ohmygosh, OHmygolly..." at least twice per appearance, and will get worked up over something (complete with arm-waving and rapidfire talking — her version of it goes from sentences to short phrases strung together in the end) more and more until finally having a heart attack. Luckily, she's an artificial human, so Majordomo just has to hit her reset button to get her up and genki again.
    • Early appearances of Kitty Pryde started her out as a Genki Girl, though she actually matured during her run with the team.
    • Her best friend Illyana Rasputin tended towards this when she was in an honestly good mood, which it must be admitted was not all that often after her... growing pains.
    • Megan Gwynn (Pixie) follows both girls in starting this role, then she met Illyana a few times, and she's slowly being broken out of this trope.
  • Deconstructed in Young Liars. Sadie acts the way she does because a bullet in her brain destroyed her inhibitions and ability to realize consequences.
  • Ripley in Lumberjanes.

  • Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials.
  • Tania Gunadi in this Target commercial...and this Honda one.
    "So much glitter!"

    Fan Fic 
  • A Pikachu in Love gives us Pichi, a rather hyperactive Pikachu who, if not for her much nicer disposition and lacking of reality warping powers, could be mistaken for the Pikachu equivalent of Haruhi. Gets BRUTALLY Deconstructed later on when her wacky and carefree antics nearly get Pikachu killed by an Ursaring and cause her to suffer a Heroic BSOD due to feeling like it's all her fault. She gets over it a little as the fic goes on, but is noticeably a lot less carefree and perky for the rest of the fic.
  • Evangelion 303: Before the beginning of this story, Rei Ayanami was incredibly cheerful, energetic and sunny the whole time, but an accident rendered her emotionless.
  • Alyssa from Keepers of the Elements.
  • Lyra Heartstrings in The Cadanceverse is pretty much always like this. Vinyl is like this too when she's onstage.
  • Nobody Dies takes this treatment of Rei and gives it a few twists.
  • Gabrielle/ Takako from the Tamers Forever Series.
  • Some Semblance of Meaning has the District Twelve tributes' escort/makeshift mentor, Lavinia Gilden ( also known as Tansy Leefinch), who is highly energetic and bubbly... although this lessens later on as Vale and Kit go into The Hunger Games and Lavinia has to watch them suffer in the arena.
  • In The Lunaverse, the character Pinkie Pie's Genki Girl qualities are deconstructed- far from her "Friends to everyone" quality that this grants her in canon, these traits make just as annoying as a Genki Girl would be in real life.
  • Kumiko Akamine from Despair's Last Resort.

    Film — Animated 
  • Agnes from Despicable Me.
    • And now Lucy Wilde in Despicable Me 2.
  • Dory from Finding Nemo. Ellen Degeneres, her VA, is a real-life example.
  • Boo from Monsters, Inc..
  • Rapunzel from Tangled is pretty lively. Her never having been outside before only makes her more excitable.
  • Despite being much older and smaller than most of the other examples listed here, Edna Mode from The Incredibles definitely qualifies.
  • The Little Mermaid has Ariel, who frustrates her father with how energetic and adventurous she is. Years later when she's grown out of it, she ironically describes herself as "a real fish out of water".
  • Charlotte from The Princess and the Frog is a Genki Girl that seems to move entirely too fast for her brain to catch up.
  • Jessie from Toy Story 2 and 3. What we see of her Show Within a Show character is pure Genki; in her real-life personality, though she displays quite a bit of cynicism and remorse, she still manages to fit this trope.
    • Trixie the Triceratops from 3. Bonnie from the same film seems like she'll grow into one of these as well.
  • Young Ellie from Disney/Pixar's Up! is definitely one of these. Her wonderful mania for living makes you feel for her all the more when she finds that she can't have children.
  • Vanellope Von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph is certainly this. Considering that she's a game character from a Candy-themed Racing Game, it would be downright bizarre to have her be anything but hyperactive.
  • Kiina's portrayal in BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn qualify her as one. It's in stark contrast with how sour she behaved in the novel that takes place before the movie's events — however the movie was written first. It was also the only time we saw this side of hers, but it had already stained her image in the fans' minds.
    • The writer offered justification: one, she has every right to act that way in the movie considering the events, and two, according to the Novelization, she's something of a Stepford Smiler.
  • Princess Anna from Frozen is extremely hyperactive and impulsive to the point of being dangerously reckless, even at the age of five. Being all alone in a castle with nothing to do and no one to talk to for 13 years has only exacerbated this, to the point where her second "I Want" Song is damn near exhausting to watch.
  • Unikitty from The LEGO Movie.
  • A rare adult example, Cass Hamada from Big Hero 6.
    • Honey Lemon shifts into genki mode whenever she's doing anything chemistry-related.
    • Fred counts as well, thanks to his extreme fanboy tendencies.

    Film — Live Action 
  • Every role Bollywood actress Genelia D'Souza has done. Ever. Even in the non-Bollywood Indian movies. Her most famous Genki Girl role was in the Telugu film Bommarillu. It was remade into three different languages, and she played the same character in all of them.
  • Bullets Over Broadway. Eden Brent is a giggly flapper.
  • Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray.
  • Toyo from Ikiru is one of these, with her exuberance breaking Watanabe out of his death-inspired angst.
  • Ashley in Junebug is one of the more realistic versions of this trope.
  • Elle Woods in Legally Blonde is this trope personified.
  • Bahia Ben Mahmoud in the french movie Le Nom des Gens.
  • Sophie in Mamma Mia!. Donna and her friends are quite energetic as well, despite being in their fifties.
  • Jordan Cochran in Real Genius.
    Jordan: I never sleep, I don't know why. I had a roommate and I drove her nuts, I mean really nuts, they had to take her away in an ambulance and everything. But she's okay now, but she had to transfer to an easier schor I don't know if that had anything to do with being my fault. But listen, if you ever need to talk or you need help studying just let me know, 'cause I'm just a couple doors down from you guys and I never sleep, okay?
  • Toby Walters from Romy And Michele's High School Reunion.
  • Basanti from Sholay - one of her main character traits was that she doesn't stop talking
  • Christine McIntyre's character in The Brideless Groom. She doesn't even have a name, but she leaves one heck of an impression.
  • Quorra from TRON: Legacy is very much one when not in a life-threatening situation.
  • Tianxin, the overly-energetic thief in the Wushu film Wu Dang.
  • Clementine in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Subverted in the sense that it's due to severe mental health issues and her boyfriend finds it grating at times.
  • All About Steve has Mary who is constantly cheerful, talks at a mile a minute about every bit of trivia that goes through her head, and has a tendency to flail when she gets excited.

  • The eponymous character of Anne of Green Gables, who has a tendency to spout monologues lasting for more than a page. She stops this in the later books.
  • Andrew Vachss's Burke books have Pepper, although speaking to Burke somehow puts a damper on her energy.
  • Permanent Rose Casson from the Casson Family Series. She is described as recklessly boisterous (going so far as to cause a traffic jam just to meet a boy her brother knows - and she's only eight!) and when told that her father is going to New York, she about bursts with energetic excitement.
  • One of the first eccentricities Winterbourne notices about Daisy Miller is how she's just overflowing with energy and enthusiasm. "It was many years since he had heard a young girl talk so much."
  • Prilla from the Disney Fairies series.
  • Piggie from Elephant & Piggie.
  • Pauline Stoker from P. G. Wodehouse's Thank You, Jeeves.
  • Mizal from Spaceforce, even though she's dead.
  • The eponymous character of the Junie B. Jones series. So. Much.
  • Suzy Turqoise Blue from Keys to the Kingdom is almost perpetually cheerful.
  • Andy from the "Goosebumps" story, Monster Blood.
  • Amaranta Ursula of One Hundred Years of Solitude, but specially Remedios The Beauty, also the Cloudcuckoolander.
  • The eponymous heroine of Pippi Longstocking.
  • The eponymous character of the Ramona Quimby series is rambunctious and noisy and described as "the cheerleader type" by her older sister. Her excitable nature has been known to clash with her friend Howie's stoic demeanor.
  • Beverly Brook in Rivers of London: her enthusiasm frequently leaves protagonist DC Grant exhausted. Especially when she is near a river (well she is an Anthropomorphic Personification of the river by the same name).
  • Birdie Boyer, the main character of Strawberry Girl.
  • Quite a few of Anne Tyler's heroines qualify, especially Pauline in The Amateur Marriage (one of the many reasons why she and her husband Michael are so mismatched). There's also Maggie in Breathing Lessons, Rebecca in Back When We Were Grown-Ups, Pearl and Jenny in Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant, and Muriel in A Patchwork Planet.
  • Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games.
  • Kate Weatherhall from The Mysterious Benedict Society.
  • Twilight: Alice Cullen.
  • Squirrelflight from Warrior Cats. Also, Cinderpaw (before she is hit by a car and becomes crippled), and most of the newer Warriors and Apprentices.
  • Wendy from John C. Wright's War of the Dreaming.
  • Of all possible people in Warhammer 40,000, we are given Magos Felicia Tayber.
  • Elin from Of Fear and Faith is joyful, bubbly and enthusiastic with No Sense of Personal Space, sometimes to her friends' chagrin but usually not.
  • Tansy in Mira Grant's Parasite combines this with Dark Action Girl. Justified by her having suffered some brain damage due to flawed resurrection.
  • In the Rainbow Magic series, Addison the April Fool's Day Fairy is always bursting with excitement, and has to be reminded several times that she can't be spotted by other humans.
  • Nahruahn in The Quest of the Unaligned is a male version of this, due to the mental effects of his wind magic. His Establishing Character Moment comes when, upon being introduced to the hero, he gives an eleven-line monologue in a single sentence, without stopping to breathe.
  • Firefight: Mizzie is...oddly cheerful for someone who grew up in a post-apocalyptic world.

    Live Action TV 
  • Rachael Ray from her eponymous talk show. She purposely avoids "sob stories" and almost always has a smile on her face. She also works 100-hour weeks and is a rather shrewd businesswoman, and her energy and determination are usually quoted as the source of her success.
  • Giada De Laurentis is a somewhat more sedate Genki Girl, also on Food Network. What probably helps is that, with that largish head and especially large eyes of hers, she even almost looks like a real-life anime girl. Or, to put it visually....
  • Sandra Lee, once again from Food Network... She fits the "dosed up on caffeine" requirement .
  • Ingrid Hoffman is relatively sedate on her English-language show, but watch her in Spanish... it's like Rachael Ray raided Giada's closet.
  • Similarly, Ellen DeGeneres is very energetic.
  • Kat, who never seems bothered by her constant loss of memory from Alphas.
  • Momoyama Lily in the Japanese drama Anna-san no Omame (a.k.a The Best Friend of Beautiful Anna).
  • Daisy Wicke from Bones manages to pull it off by being endearing when she isn't being incredibly annoying.
  • Valeria Ferrer in Carrusel.
  • This is a common trait on Coronation Street right from the first episode with Linda Chevski (which aired December 9 1960) to today's Kylie Platt. Combine this with Really Gets Around and you get one of the shows favourite archetypes the classic "Tart with a Heart".
  • Dharma from Dharma and Greg is the most energetic flower child you can imagine.
  • Doctors:
    • Cherry, particularly in her early appearances. When she first started work at the Mill, Michelle got her to put away all the medicine that had been left out, expecting to have to sort it out herself later. Not only did Cherry get it done in record time, while she was at it, she alphabetized all the cabinets to make things easier to find.
  • Kaylee on Firefly.
    Jayne: Captain, can you stop her from being cheerful, please?
    Mal: I don't believe there's a power in the 'Verse can stop Kaylee from being cheerful. Sometimes you just want to duct tape her mouth and dump her in the hold for a month.
  • Kimmy Gibbler from Full House.
  • Lorelai from Gilmore Girls. Funnily enough, her daughter Rory is the more grounded one, but Rory has her genki moments as well.
  • Riley Matthews from Girl Meets World is full of it.
  • Rachel Berry from Glee is the triple threat Genki Girl.
  • Lilly from Hannah Montana. To a lesser extent, Miley is this as well. Emily Osment often carries this into her 2014 show, Young & Hungry, too.
  • Surely Daphne from Heroes must have been written with this trope firmly in mind.
  • Carly from iCarly, with her loud and spastic nature and her Large Ham tendencies, can be considered this. Their Loony Fan Mandy as well.
  • Jennifer Coates from JAG.
  • Emma from Jessie.
  • Jessie Combs of Mythbusters. Kari slightly less so, but she also delves into this a lot.
  • Abby Scuito on NCIS.
  • Chuck from Pushing Daisies.
  • Scrubs:
    • Elliot Reid was for the most part of the first few seasons highly enthusiastic and quick-talking, tempered with bouts of self doubt (audience: AWWWW!). Her enthusiasm was more of a mask. She was very neurotic on the inside, due to bad childhood experience, overbearing parents, etc. She could be considered a Genki Girl later on, the way she pushes her boyfriends about (sometimes literally). This is a case of Characterization Marches On and Early Installment Weirdness. Elliot was initially portrayed as a competitive and smug know-it-all - her Genki tendencies didn't show up until the second season.
    • Played for Drama with Denise - a paramedic Dr Cox is forced to work with. She's eternally cheerful and babbles on and on about everything. Though it turns out her young son died in an accident years ago.
  • CeCe and Rocky in Shake It Up.
  • Smallville's Chloe Sullivan and Lois Lane are like this, and it's become a rather endearing trait in both of them.
  • Sonny Munroe from Sonny With A Chance.
  • Brook from Season 17 of The Amazing Race, who talked nonstop while working a speed bag and jumping rope. Also, Mallory from the same season.
  • Taylor Townsend of The O.C.
  • Kelly and Erin from The Office (US).
  • Patty Lane on The Patty Duke Show.
  • Cat Valentine from Victorious.
  • Claudia Donovan, a hyperactive, always-getting-into trouble techwiz from Warehouse 13.
  • Kang Jong Hee in Wild Romance is bipolar, so she goes through periods of excitability and depression. When she's happy, she's exceedingly happy and takes to biting people.
  • Nicole Bristow from Zoey101.
  • Mikayla from Open Heart. She's super excited about helping Dylan find her dad. And also most other things.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Mickie James, though she fit the bill more when she was playing her psycho character. Her entrance theme was a Suspiciously Similar Song version of "Hey Mickie" and she would literally bounce all the way to the ring. She calmed the bouncing down after her Heel-Face Turn, but still fit the trope.
  • AJ Lee when she was on NXT season 3. Overly perky and energetic and she once appropriately had to give a speech about caffeine. "Caffeine will perk you up, but I'm some natural dynamite baby".
  • Christy Hemme from the first Diva Search was like this, standing out as the only girl who actually had a lot of personality. Trish Stratus even told her with her winnings she could go buy herself some decaf. Christy responded "it's all natural".
  • Jessica James from the indie circuit and SHIMMER fame is like this as well. It rubbed off on her tag team partner Rachel Summerlynn when they formed Rachel And Jessica's Excellent Tag Team.
  • The appropriately named Amber Lively from Wrestlicious, the perky and fun loving cheerleader. What's hilarious is that the woman who plays her (Madison Rayne) is known for playing the exact opposite in TNA.
  • Canadian wrestler Jennifer Blake is in full on Genki mode whenever she works face. As a heel, not so much. It's still very appropriate that her nickname is "Girl Dynamite".
  • As a heel Layla wavered between this and The Fool. After her Heel-Face Turn she was a proper Genki Girl. She would even enthusiastically kiss a child in the crowd during her entrance.

    Tabletop Games 
  • A Wizards of the Coast free online supplement for Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 describes Mercury Dragons as such.
  • Pathfinder's Curse of the Crimson Throne AP gives us allied NPC Laori Vaus, the disturbingly enthusiastic cleric of a god of Pain and Loss. So genki, she creeps out other members of her church.
    • The book she's introduced in includes the wonderful description of how she made her pilgrimage "Armed only with her indomitable optimism and an appetite for pain."
  • From the list of Things Mr. Welch Is No Longer Allowed to Do in an RPG:
    48. The elf is restricted to decaf for the rest of the adventure.

    Video Games 

  • Hilde Wangel in The Master Builder of Henrik Ibsen is probably one of the oldest examples. She is irresponsible, playful, and clearly after amusement. And when she gets Solness to climb the highest tower, like she has urged him to, she can`t keep herself from jumping and waving her hat - and making him lose balance and fall to the ground in the process. Her reaction is more bewildered than guilt-ridden.

    Visual Novels 
  • Ace Attorney:
    • Maya Fey in the Phoenix Wright arc.
    • Trucy Wright in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.
    • Kay Faraday in Ace Attorney Investigations.
    • Pearl Fey in the second game. The trip to Kurain Village takes two hours by train. She ran all the way.
    • Ema Skye was this in her first appearance in the first game, being very enthusiastic about everything (though especially scientific things). She's less so in her reappearance in Apollo Justice.
  • Nelie and Orpha in Eien no Aselia. Nelie's twin Shiah looks like she's trying, but she's a little shy.
  • Hagino apparently has this role assigned to her in Canvas 2 and is required to be cheerful or Hiroki will get upset.
  • Da Capo II has Yuzu, one of the characters in Nanaka's route, who is as genki as they come, despite being an Ill Girl.
  • Fate/stay night:
    • Fujimura Taiga is an adult Genki Girl.
    • Ilya is too, except she's a genki not-quite-evil girl who likes dismembering Shirou a bit too much. Shirou also realizes after spending a little time with her that it's all an act and that in reality she's immensely conflicted inside about whether to treat Shirou as a brother or an usurper.
  • Tsuzuriko/Tojiko in Kara no Shoujo is your everyday genki girl, going to school at an academy full of near zombies. You might say she stands out a little.
  • From Katawa Shoujo, Emi and Misha. However, they are rather...interesting variants of the trope. The former, while she indeed is a cheery girl, it turns out she's not as drama (or trauma)-free as she initially seems. The loss of her legs was traumatic, but she learned to cope with that well. The loss of her dad she did not cope with at all. Part of getting her happy ending is to help her deal with her loss. And for the latter, it's partly a pretense to hide the emotional trauma of Shizune rejecting her love confession, as well as being a coping mechanism for said trauma.
  • Haruka from Little Busters!, oh so much. Constantly running around causing mischief? Penchant for broadcasting her emotions at the top of her lungs? Acts like she's incapable of being serious for ten seconds at a time? Check, check, and check. She has Hidden Depths, though - she's well aware that she's very noisy and feels awkward around people like Rin who can't deal with that, and can be quite savvy when she puts her mind to things. The whole thing is covering up a very screwed up, insecure individual who has very, very good reasons for priding herself on causing commotions.
  • Sachi in Sharin No Kuni. Natsumi used to be one as well until she was accused of 'seducing' an upper class boy and receiving her obligation. Natsumi gets hers back at the end of Chapter 5 and keeps it in the fandisc
  • Asaga Oakrun from Sunrider.
  • Arcueid Brunestud in Tsukihime when she's not out killing Dead Apostles and is spending time with Shiki instead.
  • Beatrice from Umineko: When They Cry deliberately invokes this trope as per Ronove's suggestion at the start of the fourth arc to cheer up Battler after she crushingly deceives him by the end of the third arc. However, it turns out that Battler got over that very quickly, and Beatrice just ends up making a complete idiot out of herself.
  • Ibuki Mioda from Super Dangan Ronpa 2.
  • Tillie, the Team Mom of Ascension. Her relentless joie de vivre is frequently lampshaded by the other characters; The Heroine even refers to her as a "sugar-crazed alchemist dwarf". Proof: her reunion with The Heroine in the second chapter, in which she goes in for a big ol' glomp:


    Web Animation 
  • RWBY: Nora is an energetic non-stop talker who doesn't appear to have an off-switch even at the crack of dawn. She's even accompanied by her own unique zany music score for when she really gets going. It contrasts with her partner Ren who needs to be kicked out of bed in the morning and who barely talks. Not even cleaning teeth or eating breakfast slows her down. The quietest and most still she gets is when the Headmaster is explaining their first task, but she even interrupts him on one occasion and can be seen in the background bouncing energetically on her heels as she waits for the task to begin. Ren seems to tolerate her energy and Motor Mouth with good humour and affection.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 

    Real Life 
  • Lindsey Stirling is a very extroverted and energetic musician whose vlog is devoted, in significant part, to her antics involving pranks she plays on those around her, and special occasions like "half Christmas".
  • Boxxy. Internet wars were started over her newfound popularity, with many users (rather hostilely) asking the question "how much genki is too much?"
  • Miley Cyrus. Her little sister Noah is also extremely bubbly, energetic and confident, but she's just 13, so who knows how she turns out.
  • Ariana Grande.
  • Comedian Elvira Kurt breathes genki.
  • Kristen Schaal seems to have forged an entire career out of playing Genki girls. Her real life persona is slightly less Genki than her various animated ones, though not by much.
  • Hayley Williams of Paramore, so, so much, if the way she answers interviews, tweets, and acts on stage is anything to go by. Not many people would Tweet about how much underwear they're going to buy or make jokes about their own chest during an interview.
  • Felicia Day: Her promotional video for Dragon Age: Redemption is marked by energetic smiling, bobbing, and annotating.
  • Karen Gillan.
  • Amanda Tapping, who never seems to slow down and is always bright, bubbly, enthusiastic, and an all-around goofball.
  • Demi Lovato, when she's in a good mood or with her fans, especially in regards to her fans.
  • Michelle Creber, who voices Apple Bloom on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Just listen to her interviews.
  • Grey DeLisle. Some of the characters seen in the "Western Animation" section were voiced by her. That cannot be a coincidence.
  • Similarly, Tara Strong isn't too far removed from some of her more genki roles in real life.
  • Japanese singer and actress Tomoe Shinohara. "Mikakuru-kuru-kuru-kuru-kuru-kuru ~!"
  • WWE's ring announcer Lilian Garcia, as a glance at her web show with Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle will demonstrate. It rubbed off on actress Maria Menounos when she guest starred. Unless she was waving beer cans and asking the others to feel how warm her chest was just to impress "Stone Cold" Steve Austin...
  • Delta Goodrem can barely sit still during her interviews and appears to be endlessly bright and cheery.
  • Rebecca Knox is like this in real life. In the ring, not so much.
  • Ellen DeGeneres
  • Milla Jovovich. Just watch her interviews or listen to her DVD Commentaries.
  • Kirsten Dunst
  • Cameron Diaz
  • Mila Kunis
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt
  • Kimi Ward Encarnacion, lead singer of Nineties alternative band Moonpools & Caterpillars. Her signature live performance move was hopping up and down on stage. Even a 15-year hiatus couldn't slow her enthusiasm.
  • In general, the cast majority Disney Channel actresses tend to fall under this, but Sierra McCormick is right up there with the best of them. Rowan Blanchard broke it Up to Eleven.

Male examples:

    Anime and Manga 
  • Kakeru, The Protagonist of Area no Kishi, is a student who channels his love of football into working tirelessly first as manager for his high school football team, and later in the series to overcome obstacles becoming a player himself.
  • Just like Taiwan is the Genki Girl from the Asian Group in Axis Powers Hetalia, her "brother" South Korea fits the bill.
  • Bleach: Asano Keigo is constantly active and cheerful (or entirely down in the dumps), to the point that he gets on Ichigo's nerves. Though he does have some introspective moments, they are few and far between.
  • Jackie Gudelhian, Johji Ohtomo and Bleed Kaga from Future GPX Cyber Formula are adult versions of the trope. The latter, however, drops off his genki-ness in the ZERO arc when he began to become serious.
  • Genki from Monster Rancher. His Catch Phrase is "My name means energy and I've got lots and lots of it!"
  • The ever-enthusiastic Naruto attacks everything with great energy—believe it!
  • Luffy from One Piece is always energetic and getting in to trouble, and his nakama are always dragged along with his enthusiasm.
  • Raphael from Tenshi Ni Narumon, to a lesser degree.
  • Soul Eater has Black☆Star. He's so hyperactive he is annoying to some and endearing to others.
  • Captain Tsubasa has the younger Tsubasa and specially Shingo Aoi.

    Comic Books 
  • Most of the Robins have this to some extent, although this was most obvious in Golden Age Robin (which was translated into that of the TV series.)

  • Because of his accelerated perception of time, Quicksilver from X-Men: Days of Future Past, seems to get bored easily. Xavier calls him a pain in the ass because he refuses to stay still, running circles around his guests and generally amusing himself at their expense.

  • Jeko from The ColSec Trilogy is a small, wiry, hyperactive young man who's always trying to rile the resident Tsundere. (On an off note, although it's not anime, it's mentioned at one point that he's Japanese-American.) Enough said.
  • Fregley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
  • Billy Deep from Goosebumps, who constantly dreams of becoming an underwater explorer. Unlike most protagonists, he actively seeks out adventure.
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Ludo Bagman is energetic and enthusiastic; he is also described as resembling and acting like an overgrown schoolboy.
  • Journey To Chaos: Aio acts like he's on a perpetual sugar high. Pudding is his favorite food.

    Newspaper Comics 
  • Beetle Bailey's Asian Token Minority character Corporal Yo sometimes has the trait of getting really, really excited about anything he finds interesting, and he likes to run around doing everything as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Hammy in Over the Hedge is a Genki Squirrel.

     Professional Wrestling 
  • FFPW in Ireland has three cases:
    • Phily The Kid - an energetic cowboy who comes out dancing to Steps's "5,6,7,8", square dances with the referees, you get the picture.
    • Bobby Calloway - a high flyer who can't seem to stop clapping, frequently shouts out "Oi Oi Oi" and likes to make the referee wear his bandanna.
    • The Ringer - the above two cranked Up to Eleven with a dash of Keet in there as well.
  • Kofi Kingston can't seem to go two minutes without jumping around and clapping. He doesn't seem to be capable of doing a wrestling move without 200% Genki-energy behind it.

     Puppet Shows 
  • Squacky on The Pajanimals tends to speak very quickly and loudly; he's possessed of very high energy and often has trouble getting to sleep at night.

    Video Games 
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Bartz from Final Fantasy V is the first protagonist to start a trend of cheerful heroes throughout the series.
    • Zell from Final Fantasy VIII whose character introduction is literally him backfipping into the room. He apparently used to zoom down the hallways on a hovering skateboard and has been known to throw really aggressive tantrums when the cafeteria is out of hotdogs. Adding to the effect, he also talks like he's Pretty Fly for a White Guy.
    • Zidane of Final Fantasy IX overlaps with The Casanova. His Genki side really comes out whenever he's trying to woo the princess. It's no surprise that Eiko (mentioned above) develops a crush on him.
    • Tidus from Final Fantasy X certainly fits. Our first proper impression of him is enthusiastically signing autographs for his fans and he manages to shock all the people of Spira with his attitude. Lulu remarks "you really do come from a world where there is no Sin" after having experienced a few weeks with him. Surprise surprise, him and Rikku (mentioned above) are Like Brother and Sister.
    • Vaan of Final Fantasy XII fills in this spot alongside Penelo in an otherwise very no-nonsense group.
    • Sol from Final Fantasy Dimensions whose optimistic energy is impossible to dent.
    • Jack from Final Fantasy Type-0.
  • Kieran from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn: a Genki Boy who is obsessed with glory. Unfortunately, he and Mia never interact.
  • Surfer Dude Gym Leader Marlon from Pokémon Black 2 and White 2.
  • Both Mario and Luigi.
  • The Scout from Team Fortress 2.

  • Normally, Elliot from El Goonish Shive doesn't qualify for this trope. But he can shapeshift into various female forms, a few of which have their own personalities. There's one called the "Party Girl Form," which is Elliot on a shapeshifting Gender Bender, with a Motor Mouth and Elliot feeling like he just downed a hundred shots of espresso. This form has been dubbed "Heidi" after another character got caught trying to warn party-Elliot to "hide" note  and covering it up by pretending it was the party girl's name. The name works on another level, as well: "Heidi" is very similar to "Hyde", which works since this form and personality is so radically different from Elliot's own.
  • Mulder turns into Genki Guy in Monster of the Week. It's visible from the very first panel, although he gets calmer as the series progresses.
  • In Rusty and Co., Prestige.
  • Taisei from Sakana, who is extremly cheerful, light-hearted and energetic.
  • The Order of the Stick's Elan is happy-go-lucky and energetic.
  • In Three Jaguars, Marketer, with her boundless energy.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 

  • Ross Noble's stage persona
  • Ditto Russell Watson.
  • Numerous scientifically-minded fellows, promoting scientific approaches to life with their playful, geeky demeanor:
  • Youtuber PewDiePie, known for rather MORE-than-maniacal energy
  • Minecraft Youtuber Sl1pg8r, whose stated mission is to brighten his viewers' days
  • Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham's puppet, Peanut.
  • Marty Lublin, the traveling host at Wheel of Fortune auditions. He is fond of jumping around the stage and yelling. The show wants enthusiastic contestants, so why not get a very energetic guy to determine if they're good enough for the show?

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Genki Boy, Genki Guy, Genki Girls