Western Animation: Toy Story 2

You never forget kids like Emily, or Andy... but they forget you.

Toy Story 2 (1999) is a sequel to the first film, which takes place a year or two later. Woody is accidentally damaged during one of Andy's play times, which causes him no end of concern about becoming an unwanted "broken toy." Later, Woody gets stolen at a yard sale by greedy toy collector Al, so Buzz leads a group of Andy's toys to go rescue him. Meanwhile Woody finds out he's a piece of merchandise from an old kids' show called Woody's Roundup after meeting three other tie-in dolls based on his sidekicks on the show, and that he himself is a valuable collector's item. Woody discovers that they're all going to be sold to a toy museum in Japan, and he has to decide whether to go back to Andy — who will eventually outgrow him — or go to the museum and last forever, but never be loved.

It is notable for being Pixar's first sequel, and for spawning a spinoff television series, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. In 2009, it was re-released alongside Toy Story as a double feature in stereoscopic Disney Digital 3-D, with the two films completely re-rendered to match the level of detail of Toy Story 3 (the UK had to wait until January 2010 for Toy Story 2 to come out in 3D).

The film provides examples of:

  • Abuse Mistake: Mr. Potato Head mistakenly believes Jessie and the new gang are torturing Woody; really, they're just tickling him.
  • Accidental Hero: Rex accidentally knocks Zurg off the elevator shaft with his tail.
  • Acting Unnatural: Woody tells Buster the dog to "Act casual" while Woody hangs on his collar to rescue Wheezy unseen by humans. Buster begins to strut leisurely, and Woody hisses, "Not that casual!"
  • An Aesop: The toys watch Al half-crying during an Al's Toy Barn commercial on TV after losing his Woody's Roundup dolls.
    Hamm: I guess crime doesn't pay.
  • Affirmative Action Girl: Jessie. But she's still awesome.
    • Arguably, Mrs. Potato Head fits this trope since she never actually appeared in the first film, and was only mentioned briefly at the very end.
  • All Animals Are Dogs: Bullseye was originally going to have a voice, but John Lasseter decided to make him like a giant puppy-dog.
    • RC may also (sort of) qualify.
  • An Axe to Grind: When Stinky Pete sees that Woody and his pals are going to ruin his trip to Japan, he breaks out the (pick)axe...
  • Animated Actors: The "Hilarious Outtakes" in the credits.
  • Armor-Piercing Question: When Woody tells Buzz that he's staying with the Roundup Gang and going to Japan is his only chance for fame, Buzz replies with this:
    Buzz: To do what, Woody? Watch kids from behind glass and never be loved again? Some life.
  • Award Bait Song: "When She Loved Me", by Sarah McLachlan.
  • Bag of Holding: Mr. Potato Head's backside was turned into one in Toy Story 2's Hilarious Outtakes.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: Al, Zurg and Stinky Pete.
  • Big "NEVER!": Woody shouts this when ordered by Stinky Pete to get into the case bound for Japan when it's in the baggage conveyor area at the airport.
  • Big "NO!": Buzz after Zurg tells him he's Buzz's father, and Zurg as he falls down the elevator shaft.
    • Andy's Buzz has one as well when he witnesses the other toys riding off with the wrong Buzz while he's stuck inside a box.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Andy may inevitably grow out of his toys in the future, but when it happens, at least Woody will still have Buzz Lightyear with him, for Infinity and Beyond.
  • Blinding Camera Flash: The toys use flashes to stop Stinky Pete from hurting Woody.
  • Boring Return Journey: After the climax, the next scene shows the toys back in Andy's room. Earlier, just crossing the street caused mayhem.
  • Bottomless Magazines: Zurg fires a LOT of little Nerf balls at Buzz 2.0 in the elevator shaft.
  • Bowel Breaking Bricks: Mr. Potato Head
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Mr. Potato Head does this in the Dutch dub.
    [Translated from Dutch]
    Buzz: Come on, men! Did Woody give up when Sid had me strapped to the back of a rocket?
    The Other Toys: [Glumly] No.
    Buzz: And did Woody give up when you threw him out of the back of that moving van?
    Mr. Potato Head: Well, that was the other movie.
  • Call Back: Several:
    • Buzz bringing up how the other toys tossed Woody out of the moving van.
    • Impostor Buzz thinking he's suffocating when the real Buzz opens his helmet.
    • Buzz climbing up to see the new Buzz with the utility belt is the same way Woody came across Buzz in the first film.
    • The hold Jessie puts Woody in during their fight is the same one Buzz used when he and Woody fought under Andy's Mom's car.
    • The "Buzz-Buzz-Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!" phrase is uttered again at one point during the 'battle' between Utility Belt Buzz and Zurg.
    • Buzz saying You. Are. A Toy! to Woody.
  • Catapult Nightmare: Woody, after he wakes up from a nightmare where Andy throws him away.
  • Ceiling Cling: Buzz hangs onto the underside of an elevator to reach Al's apartment.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Buzz and company thought that the green baggage they were after in the baggage conveyor area carried Woody, but all they find is a camera set. A couple of scenes later, they catch up with Woody at the mercy of Stinky Pete with that camera set. Cue a temporarily blinded Stinky Pete.
  • Closer Than They Appear: "Dinosaur overboard!"
  • The Collector: Al.
  • Continuity Cameo: Look twice and you'll recognize the toy restorer as the old man from Geri's Game. He even has chess pieces in his toolkit.
  • Continuity Nod: Stinky Pete mentions how Woody's show was cancelled once the moon landing happened and kids went crazy for space-things. Woody says he knows how that feels.
    • When Buzz is attacked by the Utility Belt Buzz (who believes he is actually Buzz) in Al's Toy Barn, he wonders if he was really that deluded.
  • Conveyor Belt-O-Doom: The airport conveyor belts. It's all way more dramatic when the protagonists are toy-sized and at the mercy of massive suitcases.
  • Creative Closing Credits: The Hilarious Outtakes.
  • Dance Party Ending: With Wheezy singing "You Got A Friend In Me".
  • Deadly Disc: Buzz Lightyear throws discs at Emperor Zurg during the video game opening sequence and the fight on top of the elevator.
  • Demand Overload: In universe. When the Buzz Lightyear action figures originally came out, "short-sighted retailers" underestimated just how big the demand would be, and the initial run completely sold out in a few days. By the present, stores like Al's Toy Barn have caught up with demand by devoting an entire aisle to Buzz Lightyear.
  • Dinky Drivers: Buzz's team of toys commandeer a Pizza Planet truck to pursue Al to the airport.
  • Dirty Old Man: Stinky Pete in the credits with the Barbies.
  • Disney Villain Death: Subverted with Emperor Zurg.
  • Disproportionate Reward: "You have saved our lives. We are eternally grateful!"
    • They say it again in 3, but the roles are reversed the second time and it's much more proportionate.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Watching the film today, some of Stinky Pete's dialogue to Woody before his reveal as a bad guy, and Woody's dialogue back, was very reminiscent of a counselor talking to a victim of domestic abuse. Doesn't help that Pete's being voiced by Frasier.
    Pete: Was it because you're damaged? Hmm? Did this Andy break you?
    Woody: Yeah, but — no, no, no, no, no! It was — it was an accident — I mean—
    Jessie: Sounds like he really loves you.
    Woody: It's not like that, okay?!
    • The way in which Geri (the cleaner) cleans up Woody is almost like Woody was at a high-class stylist.
  • Do I Really Sound Like That?: Buzz encounters another Buzz who believes himself to be the real Buzz.
    Buzz 2: All Rangers are to be in hypersleep until awoken by authorized personnel!
    Buzz 1: Tell me I wasn't this deluded.
  • Double Vision: Invoked in many of the shots containing two Buzz Lightyears, which are staged as if a Split Screen was necessary. Especially notable when they're both shouting "I'm Buzz Lightyear!" at each other; in that shot, the background is made to look as if there's a seam between them.
  • The Elevator from Ipanema: When Al is riding the elevator down to the lobby, the music playing is a "Ipanema"-style version of the main theme from A Bug's Life.
  • Eureka Moment: How Buzz figures out who took Woody.
    Mr. Potato Head: Let's leave Buzz to his toys.
    Buzz: Toy... toy... toy... Hold on! (Types 'Al's Toy Barn' into Mr. Spell)
  • Everything's Better with Monkeys: Invoked on the DVD Commentary.
  • Everything's Better with Penguins: Wheezy.
  • Evil Laugh: Zurg, after killing Buzz in the Fake-Out Opening.
  • Evil Overlord List: In the opening action sequence, Zurg obviously read the List and put in a fake "Source of Zurg's Power" battery (a hologram) in his lair to trap Buzz.
  • Eye Scream: Even knowing Woody doesn't really feel anything, it's hard not to flinch when his eye is being cleaned.
  • Fake-Out Opening: The beginning with Buzz Lightyear infiltrating Zurg's planet.
  • Fake Static: Al uses this while talking to Mr. Kinoshi on his cell phone.
  • Fantastic Racism: With the launch of Sputnik and the Space Race in the 1960's, children became obsessed with toys related to space and all other toys fell into steep decline quickly. This isn't true in modern times, but the old cowboys-themed toy Stinky Pete hasn't quite got over this old grudge, and in his own words, "space toys" like Buzz are upstarts.
  • Fat Bastard: Al
    • Also Stinky Pete
  • Five-Man Band: The toys who go in search of Woody.
  • Flat "What.": Probably a lot of viewers' reaction to "Buzz" getting blown up in the Fake-Out Opening.
  • Foreshadowing: During Andy's playtime, Woody has to choose whether Bo Peep gets eaten by a shark or killed by monkeys, which ends with him taking a third option.
  • Frickin' Laser Beams: Zurg's Ion Blaster, particularly in the video game, shoots yellow-green "plasma". Zurg also fires green, ping-pong-like balls in his fight against Impostor Buzz at the elevator shaft in Al's apartment (probably supposed to represent plasma bullets). Buzz can usually dodge these by jumping across the air, tumbling acrobatically, etc. Averted by Buzz's laser. which instantly hits the target.
  • Friendly Tickle Torture: Jessie (and Bullseye) does this to Woody. Unfortunately, his friends walk in and believe her to be torturing him.
  • Furry Confusion: A brief moment of this happens when Buzz uses an out-of-the-box, yet apparently non sentient or even alive Cymbal-Banging Monkey in his attempt to catch up with the other toys as they leave Al's Toy Barn.
  • Genki Girl: Jessie. On "Woody's Roundup", Jessie is pure Genki. Even in the real world, though quite cynical and remorseful, she still has shades of this trope.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: The bit in which Woody climbs into the yard sale's 25 cent bin.
    Rex: He's selling himself for 25 cents!
    Slinky: Aw, Woody, you're worth more than that!
    • Also "Oh Mr. Mike! I'm sorry I damaged your equipment!
    • As well as in the outtakes Mrs. Potato Head stuffing items ... inside Mr. Potato Head.
    • Mr. Potatohead has to remind himself that he is a married spud after he encounters the beautiful Barbie dolls.
    • Buzz trying to cheer Woody up when he's missing his hat:
    Buzz: Just think: Pretty soon you'll be sitting with Andy around a campfire, making delicious hot schmoes!
    Woody: .... They're called smores, Buzz.
  • Gilligan Cut: This little exchange when the toys need to get through a ventilation grate to rescue Woody:
    Rex: What are we gonna do, Buzz?
    Fake Buzz: Use your head.
    (cut to Rex being used as a battering ram)
    Rex: But I don't wanna use my head!!!
  • Guide Dang It: Rex believes that the Buzz Lightyear video game is using extortion to get him to read a strategy guide. He unwittingly defeats Emperor Zurg in person at the elevator shaft, and once he gets home, he declares, "I don't need to play; I lived it!"
  • Hammerspace: From the Hilarious Outtakes mentioned below: "And a rubber ducky, and a PLASTIC STEAK, and a yo-yo!"
  • Hand or Object Underwear: Bullseye, after his saddle falls off.
  • Harmless Villain: Al is a jerk and thief, but he otherwise poses no active or knowing threat to the toys (especially Woody, who care is in his best interest, if just for the money he would nab by selling him).
  • Hello, Nurse!: Barbie, complete with the jaw drop.
    Mr. Potato Head: I'm a married spud, I'm a married spud, I'm a married spud...
    Hamm: Then make room for the single fellas!
  • He's a Friend: Woody to Andy's other toys when they arrive to rescue him.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Slinky Dog is Ernest P. Worrell. Rex the Dinosaur is Vizzini from The Princess Bride.
  • Hilarious Outtakes: Continuing from the popular gag from A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2 features bloopers as though these are real actors performing on set.
  • Hit Scan: Buzz's laser. Unlike Zurg's Ion Blaster, it hits its target instantly.
  • Homage: When the toys are at a toy store and driving around in a toy car, Rex at some point falls off and starts running after them to catch up. Mr. Potato Head spots Rex in the side mirror with the text "Warning: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear" written. This is clearly a parody of a scene in the original Jurassic Park movie where the island visitors tries to escape a T-Rex in the same manner, mirror warning and all.
  • Hope Spot: Towards the end of the "When She Loved Me" sequence, a grown up Emily finds Jessie under her bed. For a moment, it seems Jessie is about to be played with again but instead she is put in a box to be donated. Jessie then watches in horror as Emily drives away.
  • I Knew There Was Something About You: The toys are trying to find out who took Woody when Buzz recognizes the thief as Al of Al's Toy Barn, who appears in his commercials as "The Chicken Man", which the other toys dislike. Hamm says "I knew there was something I didn't like about that chicken."
  • Ink-Suit Actor: Voiced by Wayne Knight, Al bears more than a passing resemblance to him.
  • I Owe You My Life: Mr. Potato Head acquires a trio of squeaky alien hangers-on in the second movie after he rescues them from falling out of a car. The Little Green Men then pester Mr. Potato Head with the line, "You have saved our lives! We are eternally grateful!" until the conclusion in which Mrs. Potato Head decides to adopt them in which the LGM respond with "Daddy!"
  • Ironic Echo: Buzz repeats what Woody told him in the previous movie when the latter is concerned that the Roundup Gang will go back into storage forever if he doesn't go to Japan with them.
    Buzz: (to Woody) Woody, you're not a collector's item, you're a child's plaything. You. Are. A TOY!
    Woody: For how much longer?
  • Jerkass: Al and Stinky Pete.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Mr. Potato Head risking himself to save three of the Little Green Men (who he had just met!).
  • Kitschy Local Commercial: The commercial for Al's Toy Barn.
  • Left the Background Music On: Sort of: When Buzz is giving his Rousing Speech, an American flag appears behind him and patriotic music plays... which stays after he walks off camera. It takes a few seconds before it's revealed that it's just Al's TV playing a "And thus concludes our broadcast day" thing.
  • Licensed Game: A particularly notable aversion of The Problem with Licensed Games, as it blends the "sandbox-platformer" gameplays of Super Mario 64 and Spyro the Dragon, and then works surprisingly well.
    • The Game Boy Color version, on the other hand, suffers from horrible music, poorly-drawn graphics, and broken controls.
  • Lord Error-Prone: The second Buzz Lightyear doll.
  • Luke, I Am Your Father: Parodied with Zurg and Buzz (the one they meet in the Toy Store) in the second one. They later play catch with Zurg's ball-shooter.
  • Makeover Montage: Woody getting fixed up.
  • Malevolent Architecture: Zurg's underground fortress is designed this way. Firstly, there's a spiked wall closing in on Buzz, really fast, to the point where he needs to sprint and jump out the closing door at the other end of the corridor. There's a really scary Bottomless Pit to deal with (but there are temporarily floating platforms to jump on). However, the platforms suddenly fall off (with Buzz). Fortunately, he is reminded of his utility belt and suddenly presses a life-saving button to suddenly fly back to the platform containing Zurg's "source of energy".
  • Match Cut: When Buzz's rousing speech causes the Stars and Stripes to appear, he then leaves the camera, and the image turns grainy, then the camera pulls back from Al's apartment TV
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: Stinky Pete in the outtakes.
  • Motive Rant: "Fair?! I'll tell you what's not fair! Spending a lifetime on a dime store shelf watching every other toy be sold! Well, finally my waiting has paid off, and no hand-me-down cowboy doll is going to mess it up for me now!"
  • Motor Mouth: The marionette version of Woody in Woody's Roundup:
    "What's that? (in one breath) Jessie and Prospector are trapped in the old abandoned mine and Prospector just lit a stick of dynamite thinkin' it was a candle and now they're about to be blown to smithereens? "
  • Neck Lift: Emperor Zurg to the 2nd Buzz while they're on top of the elevator.
  • Never Live It Down: In universe case. The other toys cringe after Buzz brings up how they turned on Woody in the first film in his "uplifting" speech:
    Hamm: Oooh, he had to remind us of that.
  • Noodle Order: How Buzz gets Utility Belt!Buzz to do a Heel-Face Turn:
    Buzz 2: Could somebody please explain what's going on!?
    Buzz 1: (referring to Woody) It's alright, Space Ranger. It's a Code 546.
    Buzz 2: *gasp* You mean it's a—?
    Buzz 1: Yes.
    Buzz 2: *gasp* And he's a—?!
    Buzz 1: Ohhh yeah.
    Buzz 2: (runs and kneels at Woody's feet) Your majesty!
  • Not the Fall That Kills You: Happens at two situations:
  • Other Me Annoys Me: Buzz is annoyed when a duplicate toy of himself is as deluded as he was in the first movie.
  • Pac Man Fever: Averted — the game is quite on-par with the movie's graphics (despite running in an SNES!) and Rex doesn't even mash buttons!
    • Then again, since the movie came out in 1999, the choice of an SNES is still somewhat anachronistic. By then the Nintendo 64 was already in full swing. Though it could be argued that it seems to take place a short time after the original, which came out in 1995, back when the SNES was still the most popular system.
  • Pair the Spares: Buzz and Jessie at the end of the film.
  • Photo Doodle Recognition: After Woody is taken, the other toys are conducting an "investigation", with Etch drawing a sketch of the guy who took him. When Buzz asks him to draw the man in a chicken suit, everyone gasps as they recognize Big Al, the owner of Al's Toy Barn toy stores.
  • Plank Gag: Rex accidentally knocks Emperor Zurg off an elevator with his tail while shuddering in fear as Zurg is about to destroy the two Buzz Lightyears (one of them has a plastic belt around him).
  • Prepare to Die: Zurg says this to Impostor Buzz.
  • Record Scratch: Used when Pete tells Woody about the museum. Granted, he was running on a record player at the time, his shock causing him to stop suddenly.
  • Red Alert: Called by the Sergeant during the yard sale.
  • Redemption Quest: The presence of the non-Buzz toys on the mission to rescue Woody can be read as one of these, in light of the events of the first movie.
    Buzz: Come on, fellas! Did Woody give up when Sid had me strapped to the back of a rocket?
    The Other Toys: [Glumly] No.
    Buzz: No. And did Woody give up when you threw him out of the back of that moving van?
    Mr. Potato Head: [Guilty] Oh, you had to bring that up.
    Buzz: No, he did not! We've got a friend in need! We will not rest until we're safe in Andy's room ! NOW LET'S MOVE OUT!
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Emperor Zurg.
  • Remember the New Guy: When Woody meets Wheezy the Penguin from Toy Story 2, his reaction is why he's up on the shelf with him instead of being away to get his squeaker fixed. Justified in that either Andy or Molly may have gotten Wheezy either for Christmas or their birthdays between the first two movies, maybe even for the Christmas they were celebrating at the end of the first one. After all, Buster and Mrs. Potato Head were also Christmas gifts at the end of the first one...
    • Oddly enough, Woody and Buzz do mention being friends with Wheezy prior to this movie — in an "out of character" interview with the characters about the "filming" of the first movie.
  • Road Trip Across The Street: Al drives his old V8 from his apartment building's parking lot to his toy store, which is literally on the other side of the street. And he grumbles about having to drive to work on a Saturday!
  • Rousing Speech: Buzz to the other toys while going after Woody in 2. It's so rousing that the Stars and Stripes unfurls behind him out of nowhere. (In the non-US version, the Stars and Stripes is replaced by a spinning globe and fireworks).
  • Rummage Fail: While Potato Head reaches in to get his "angry eyes", he puts on the extra shoes.
  • Rump Roast: In a "Woody's Roundup" episode, Stinky Pete tries to put out a dynamite fuse by sitting on it, resulting in a Shout-Out to Who Framed Roger Rabbit: "My biscuits are burning!"
  • Running Gag: "You have saved our lives. We are eternally grateful."
  • Say It Again: Jessie dares Woody to repeat the words "If the boot fits" when he suspects her of trying to sabotage his escape.
  • Second Coming: Woody's welcome by Jessie, Bullseye, and Stinky Pete is almost treated as this with all the attendant Hero Worship elements attached to Woody, until he realizes that he's going to be joining them in a museum.
  • Ship Tease: Arguably Woody and Jessie in the second movie.
    • Yet she gets paired with Buzz at the end of the movie. Since, you know, Woody already has a girlfriend (Bo Peep).
  • Shout-Out: When Buzz says "Farewell" to other Buzz, he gives him the Vulcan salute.
  • Show Within a Show (Type 3): Woody's Roundup
  • Something Else Also Rises: Buzz's wings after he sees Jessie opening the door with a full acrobatic routine.
    • Parodied in the outtakes: Woody scribbled "This Space for Rent" on Buzz's wings at some point before the scene.
  • Spin-Off: Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.
  • Spot the Imposter: When the toys realize they have two Buzz Lightyears. They're starting to cotton on when one of the Buzzes starts going on about "Star Command" and has a freak-out when his helmet is opened, but the deal is finally cinched when only one Buzz has Andy written on his foot.
  • Stepford Smiler: The Barbies in Toy Story 2.
    • Tour Guide Barbie lampshades this at the end of the outtakes seen during the end credits when, after bidding everyone goodbye, she finally stops smiling and comments on it exaggeratedly:
    Barbie: Oh, my gosh, my cheeks are killing me! I can't even keep smiling like this anymore! I am exhausted!
  • Take a Third Option: In Andy's play scenario, he has Hamm hold Bo Peep hostage and tells Woody he has a choice of either feeding Bo to a shark or death by monkeys. Woody then chooses Buzz Lightyear, who crashes into Hamm, giving Woody enough time to rescue Bo Peep.
    • Later on, Woody has to choose whether to return to Andy and let Jessie, Bullseye, and Stinky Pete go into storage or go with them to a toy museum in Japan. He eventually decides to choose the former, only to take the rest of the toys with him.
  • That Reminds Me of a Song: Happens at the end when Wheezy gets a new squeaker and feels like singing a song, to which he sings a big-band rendition of "You've Got a Friend in Me", with his singing voice by Robert Goulet. Though it does pause briefly for a heartwarming moment between Woody and Buzz.
    • The part when Wheezy gets ready to sing was also part of the blooper reel, where he hilariously fails at catching the microphone.
  • They Call Me Mister Tibbs: Mr. Potato Head saying, "Prepare to meet Mr. Angry Eyes!" Too bad he got his spare feet instead...
  • Timmy in a Well: In a ''Woody's Roundup" episode, Jessie sends some animals to get Sheriff Woody. Woody easily interprets their chatter into a complex message.
  • Tsundere: Jessie behaved as a Type B towards Woody after the latter decided leave the Roundup Gang and return home with Andy. She got out of this phase after revealing him her past.
  • Twin Threesome Fantasy: Parental Bonus in the credits sequence.
  • Two Words: Obvious Trope: "Two words. Sput-nik."
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Did none of the drivers think that moving traffic cones were a little odd?
  • Up to Eleven: Zurg's Ion-Blaster.
  • Use Your Head: Rex, to enter Al's apartment.
    Rex: But I don't wanna use my head!
  • Utility Belt: I bet you could sure use one of those.
  • Vanity License Plate: Al's license plate gives Buzz a clue to Woody's location.
  • A Villain Named Zrg: The Troperiffic evil emperor Zurg.
  • We Will Meet Again: Emperor Zurg says this to Buzz Lightyear.
  • Wham Line: "You're out of your box!"
  • Who Wants to Live Forever?: Stinky Pete certainly does.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: After hearing Stinky Pete remind the others about toys as unpopular as them sitting on a store shelf for years, watching every other toy get sold, himself an example - you can't help but feel for him. And while he attempts some rather bad things near the end, his desire to find some form of love as a museum piece instead of going back to a store shelf or storage is understandable.
    • Stinky Pete had good reasons to do what he did. Sure, he almost ripped Woody into ribbons, but even then he wouldn't have killed him, since his goals depend on Woody's survival.
    Pete: Your choice, Woody: you can go to Japan together or in pieces. If he fixed you once, he can fix you again.
  • You Answered Your Own Question: Rex: "How do you spell FBI?"