Brick Joke

"See, only made you wait a year before explaining what was up with that."

Named after an old joke, which seems at first blush to be a pair of unrelated jokes. At the end of the first joke, a brick is tossed away, leaving the confused listener without a punchline. At the end of the second joke, the brick returns and the listener falls on the floor laughing. For bonus points, the teller can tell an actual unrelated joke in between. Sometimes, the Brick Joke structure — introducing a seemingly irrelevant feature only to return to it much later, after the audience has largely forgotten about it — can be used for drama as well as comedy, only in drama, it's known as the Chekhov's Gun.

Popularized in early 20th-century Newspaper Comics by Krazy Kat.

The Stinger usually consists of one. Compare and Contrast with the Overly Long Gag, where the humor is in how long it takes to get to the punchline. See also Late to the Punchline, which is where a character who doesn't get a joke finally gets it, making it a kind of Brick Joke for that character. See Comeback Tomorrow if the character finally delivers their late comeback to a confused opponent. See also Something We Forgot.


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  • There were two different "The World is Just Awesome" ads run by the Discovery Channel. The MythBusters make an appearance in both of them. In the first, Adam lights Jamie's arm on fire (at about :50). In the second, at about :32 in, Adam's tied up in a cauldron, which Jamie has just lit a fire underneath.
  • One ESPN commercial about Shaquille O'Neal and Scrabble premiered when he was playing for the Phoenix Suns, in 2008. In October 2009, after he had signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers, this commercial aired. The videos are filled with other gags if you notice them, such as different analysts in the commercials suggest that he plays Scrabble the same way every game.
  • In a Swedish women's magazine, there was an ad for "mini-baguettes", baguettes you baked in the oven. It said: "If you put six mini-baguettes in the oven now..." About ten pages later, there was another ad for them, saying "...they'll be done by now."
  • In the US, AT&T wireless aired a commercial boasting about how extensive their service is. The announcer starts flipping through postcards of places they cover onto an 8-foot-wide map of the US on the floor. The commercial ends. You think that's the end, but three or four commercials later it cuts back to the man. He's still flipping the postcards, and the map is nearly covered.
  • The 2011 Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial displays a kid dressed up as Darth Vader. The 2012 Volkswagen commercial displays a fat dog that gets fit...and Darth Vader choking a viewer for saying it was cuter than him.
  • Hulu had an ad for a Toyota vehicle that was excited about the "limited commercial interruption". The woman in the commercial asks, "Have you ever seen a 5-second ad before?" When it gets to the first commercial break...
    Woman from earlier: Mashed potatoes...oh, you're back! Does this mean it's time for the 5-second a— [commercial ends]
  • A magazine ad from 1977 shows two adjacent mansions (one of which looks remarkably similar to a mini-White House) and two distant human silhouettes in one of the doorways. The ad copy reads: "I was wondering if I could possibly borrow a cup of Johnnie Walker Black Label." About 10 years later, another ad appeared with the same two mansions, but this time with the human figures in the other doorway, and the copy reading:
    "I was wondering if you could possibly return the cup of Johnnie Walker Black Label you borrowed."
  • Polaner All Fruit preserves makes a ten year Brick Joke, starting with this commercial in 1989, and ending with this one in 1999.

    Anime and Manga 
  • AKIRA has a scene very early on where someone pulls the pin out of a grenade to blow himself up (as well as half the gymnasium). However, when the grenade doesn't explode, he's pounced on. After Kaneda, his friends, and Kei leave, the grenade goes off in the gymnasium behind them.
  • The original Digimon Adventure has one between Joe and Gomamon. It starts in episode 7 with Gomamon offering to lend a hand when things get too hard, to which Joe replies he kind of...doesn't have hands. Cut to the season finale, where Joe offers to shake Gomamon's hand, and jokes when he actually pulls it off.
    • A bit of Lull Destruction actually put this one in Digimon Adventure 02. Early in the episode "His Master's Voice", the principal says, "Would the person who put the jelly donuts in the swimming pool please report to the office?" Later in the episode, someone runs by Kari and says "...And then I put the Jelly Donuts in the swimming pool."
  • Happens in the Touhou manga Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth. Kaguya needs to lose weight, so Tewi fixes her a Banana Yogurt Natto Drink. She doesn't drink it. Ten strips later, after she's tried several other means of losing weight, she comes back from a run with Mokou, thirsty, and Tewi hands her a drink...
  • Episode 6 of Durarara!! has Togusa try to track Kazatano with a sock for his scent. It seemed like the dog just ran off... but it turns out he did track them down at the end of the episode, just a bit too late.
  • In a chapter of Katteni Kaizo, Yoko Tanaka hid behind a brick wall, unnoticed. The series was then cancelled due to a lack of readership. In a completely unrelated chapter of Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei seven years later, she finally smashes through the wall and yells her name. Turns out that they share a common fanbase.
  • In Persona 4: The Animation, after Yosuke asks Yu if he'd seen Yukiko's Midnight Channel show, Yu responds that he wishes he'd taped it. Some episodes later, when Rise's is being broadcast, the camera cuts to Yu mashing the record button on his TV's remote.
  • During Death Note, it's made clear that Ryuk loves to eat apples. After a few offhand remarks about this, it is left out for a while. When Light voluntarily becomes incarcerated, Ryuk asks "So, I guess apples are out of the question now?"
  • In Gakuen Babysitters, after mistakenly believing Kotarou to have experienced his first love and needlessly preparing red beans and rice (see The Other Wiki on sekihan), Saikawa promises Ryuuichi that he would prepare sekihan as well for when Ryuuichi actually does experience his first love. A few chapters later, he does prepare the dish when Ryuuichi receives a love letter in his locker the very day he returns home, as if he were prepared to make the dish for that very moment.
  • The Duel Masters dub was specially designed to lampshade the hell out of this trope during its television run. When the series was initially premiering on Toonami, there was one new episode a week. The closing line for one episode has a tournament announcer placing the game on hold for a commercial break, then the opening line for the next episode:
    "That commercial break seemed to last a week."
  • The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer had one that spanned most of the series. In an early chapter, Sami catches Yuuhi out with a feint while sparring and comments on how bad he is at them. Cut to the second-last chapter where Yuuhi and Mikazuki are having one last big rematch as Beast Knights, and Mikazuki gets the final blow by calling a punch but throwing a kick, planting his foot straight in Yuuhi's face.
  • In the animated adaptation of Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!, there was the twisted game of house that Touka and Yumeha were playing together where they are divorcees keeps popping up in random places.
    • It's first brought up in episode 5 after Yuuta comes back home after tutoring Rikka and sees them playing house in his room.
    • He finds them talking about it again when he comes back after he and Rikka confess to each other in episode 10.
    • The two of them talk about "being able to see the kids" in front of everyone in episode 11 before Touka leaves for her flight to Italy which surprises everyone but Yuuta.
  • Fist of the North Star sounds like the last series that would employ a brick joke, but it does. Kenshiro "convinces" a sleazy bartender to do him a favor and watch over some orphaned kids by hitting a pressure point with a one-month time delay, promising to come back and "turn off" the pressure point's effect. Several gory chapters later, Kenshiro goes back to check on the kids, and finds out that a village has offered to take care of the children. The orphans are thrilled to see Ken...and off in one corner of the page is the bartender, running out to meet Ken in a combination of joy and panic. The scene cuts away after that panel, so Ken probably restored the bartender after that page.
  • In the first episode of Yuyushiki, Yuzuko mentions the common trope where someone is knocked out via a karate chop to the neck, and wonders aloud if the move works in real life. A few episodes later, she unexpectedly tries to knock Yui out with a karate chop to the neck. It doesn't work.
  • Very near the beginning of ROD the TV, Maggie mentions that she's a fan of Harry Potter. Two episodes later, while staying in Nenene's apartment, she decides to move into the cupboard under the stairs.
  • In Alyosha!, Chapter 1.2: After Alyosha throws her poison tooth, Miru tells her that you must throw unwanted teeth onto the roof. 35 chapters later, she throws her blade on the roof, saying "Miru taught me 'Throw the blade you don't need onto the roof.'" The pun being that both "tooth" and "blade" are "ha" in Japanese.
  • Happen in School Rumble when Hanai fly as a human kite when their ship got lost. He returns few chapters later.
  • Fai of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle goes volumes with substituting whistling with a "hyuu~". At first people thought it was to annoy Mr. Grumpy Kurogane, but by the time Recourt comes around, he whistles for real, which unleashes one hell of a spell and saves everyone's lives.
  • In Binbō-gami ga!, Momoji and Kumagai reenact the infamous scene from Dragon Ball Z when Vegeta screams, "It's over 9000!" and crushes the scouter. Later, when trying to find Ichiko, Momoji comments that it would be a lot easier to find her if Kumagai hadn't crushed the scouter.
  • A Running Gag in the beginning of One Piece is Luffy regularly saying that their next crewmate should be a musician (over more important roles like a cook, a doctor and a shipwright.) 337 episodes and several new crewmates into the series, the Thriller Bark arc starts. By the end, they've recruited Brook, a musician.
    • Early on, Luffy also makes a crude drawing of what their next crewmate should look like. The drawing looks vaguely like Franky, who eventually becomes the crew's shipwright.
    • Most of Usopp's lies and stories have become true at some point. Not all of them, and maybe not entirely, but they are somehow true.
    • At one point in the Alabasta arc, Mr. 3 is seen floating on water, despite the fact that as a Devil Fruit user, he should instead be sinking like a rock. The anime made him float on a table to correct this error, but as for the manga version, Oda jokingly explained in an SBS that Mr. 3 was held afloat by a piece of "unbelievably floaty wood". Waaaaay later, at the end of the Fishman Island arc, the Straw Hats use pieces of that exact same wood to reach the surface again.
    • After the events of the CP9 Saga, Iceburg was shown, via cover story, to be searching for a new secretary. Among the candidats were a flirtatious young woman, a cute little girl, an ugly woman, a Miniature Senior Citizen, and a literal Fishman. Way later, another cover story reveals who he picked: the cute little girl.
  • Near the start of chapter 6 of Sakura Trick, Haruka gives Yuu a swimsuit with an Umbrella of Togetherness using their names on it, which Yuu promptly tears off. At the end of the chapter, Mitsuki, trying not to worry about Yuu, finds a certain drawing...
  • For whatever reason, the Pokémon fandom took a strong attachment to Pikachu's love of ketchup, that appeared in only one episode back in 1998. It reached Companion Cube levels among the fandom, depicting him and his love of ketchup in countless fanart over the years. SIXTEEN YEARS LATER, an episode of Pokémon the Series XY finally reunited Pikachu with a bottle of ketchup, and the audience was reminded just how much he loves it.
  • The mushroom growing on the heads of Team Natsu in the first few chapters/episodes of Fairy Tail. Fast-forward to the Tartaros arc, Happy is seen with a striped mushroom on his head that is actually one of Tartaros's demons that had latched on to Happy.
    • Remember the Great Demon Lord Dragneel? Apparently, E.N.D. stands for Etherious Natsu Dragneel.
  • In the second episode of Naruto, Naruto takes a ridiculous picture for his official ninja profile, with extreme make-up and an obnoxious pose, and the Third Hokage tells him to retake the picture. Apparently, that never happened, because in the Naruto Shippuden anime-only arc "Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops" (which follows Kakashi through the years between the day he killed his teammate Rin and into the start of the original series), the Third Hokage is seen with the stat sheets of Kakashi's next team to read in front of him, and we're treated once again to Naruto's obnoxiously-ridiculous photo. It's even funnier for being right next to Sasuke and Sakura's completely normal photos.
  • Early in Chapter 29 of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Nozaki explains to Wakamatsu the dangers of working with screentones, such as dropping a knife on one's thigh. The chapter ends with Wakamatsu dropping a knife on his thigh.


    Comic Books 
  • In Thunderbolts #15, Techno clones Baron Zemo so Techno can put his mind inside the clone. Presumably disturbed by Techno's lack of boundaries Zemo decides to kill the clone. Techno jokes maybe he should clone Kevin Costner instead. A couple years later Zemo is killed in his Central American hideout and a few weeks later Techno finds a gelatinous footprint but he hides it from the other Thunderbolts. The last issue of the first volume of Thunderbolts resolves the mystery of the footprint. A resurrected and seemingly reformed Zemo (now in a new body) shows Hawkeye that he has given his castle to the natives who lived nearby. Hawkeye notices that one of the natives looks just like Kevin Costner.
    • Another one happened in the third issue of the current Marvel Now Thunderbolts series when after Deadpool finds out that General Ross/Red Hulk is using and holding captive an amnesiac and almost depowered Leader for info and for future use behind the rest of the teams backs. Deadpool notes to Ross that if their teammate The Punisher finds out, he'll put a bullet right into Leader's forehead. Come the end of the issue, Deadpool is proven right, who happily responds with with "HA! Told you!"
  • In Invincible objects Mark tosses across the world with his super-strength will occasionally crash down several issues later, with humorous results. For example, when Mark's powers first manifest in issue 1, he is throwing a bag of garbage into a dumpster; it lands in issue 6, in another country, with no explanation. And then we return in issue 20, and...
  • In Transmetropolitan #1, a toll booth operator calls Spider a hillbilly. Spider responds, "I'll be back for you, shiteyes."
    Five years, 60 issues, a renewed career, two assistants, an impeached president and some brain damage later, he comes back and has the guy beaten with bricks.
  • In one issue of Batman, The Joker is in Arkham Asylum, seen talking to his therapist in a bit involving a literal Brick Joke.
  • About once an issue of Groo the Wanderer, someone will call Groo "slow of mind", and near the end of the comic Groo will suddenly remark "Wait, what did they mean by 'slow of mind'?"
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds has Faith suggesting she uses stakes as dildos. For anyone remembering that small detail this comes back on her big time when Giles' aunts stay with her in the season nine comic series: one of them tells Faith she found earplugs where she keeps her sex toys.
  • In Bone, the reason why the Bone cousins were run out of Boneville is because Phoney's campaign balloon ran amok, among other things. This is quickly forgotten as the Bones get caught up in the conflict of the Valley, with the mysterious Hooded One seeking Phoney because of an 'omen'. Halfway through the story it is revealed what this omen is; a giant balloon of Phoney with a torn banner that reads "Phonicible P. Bone Will Get You" Turns out the campaign balloon drifted across the desert into the valley. The banner used to read "Phonicble P. Bone Will Get Your Vote"
  • Zipi y Zape: The "Around the world" story has one. When the family wins a free trip around the world and they're told that any extra cost will also be covered. Once they finish the trip, they find that the company that gave them the trip is now in bankrupt after paying for all the destruction caused by the twins.
  • Tintin:
    • Captain Haddock's difficulties with sticking plaster in The Calculus Affair are briefly referenced in Flight 714.
    • In Destination Moon, Thompson and Thomson believe that there's a skeleton sneaking around the moon project, due to a misunderstanding involving an x-ray machine. In Explorers on the Moon, when The Mole has been revealed and is being interrogated, they break in with a vital question: "The skeleton, Wolff. Was that you?"
    • In The Red Sea Sharks, a shark swallows a stray landmine and hiccups in all sorts of directions, after it gets lost by a mook trying to sabotage the ship Tintin is on. Several strips later, a hiccup immediately followed by a loud underwater explosion can be seen on the horizon.
    • In Cigars of the Pharaoh, Thompson and Thomson are shown fleeing a boat they think is about to explode due to an (unarmed) grenade. After several unrelated panels, including one labeled "Next morning," they are shown to still be waiting for the explosion.
  • During the honey harvesting in My Little Pony Micro Series Issue 3, Rarity complains about Flax Seed using "like" every other word. The comic ends with Wheat Grass calling him out on it.
    Flax Seed: Whoa! Anger.
  • In one Twisted Toyfare Theatre strip, a Smurf tells Spider-Man that "there is no Keyser Soze!" On the back of the trade collecting that strip, featuring an Unusual Suspects-style police line-up, Spidey wonders, "What the Hell's a 'Keyser Soze'?"

    Fan Works 
  • In Blind Naruto is watching Haku walk away and sees her hips swaying in an oh-so-seductive way which he tells Hinata about. It makes Hinata jealous and attempt to walk like that until Kurenai gives her a girl talk. A couple of chapters later Naruto is walking behind Hinata. Guess what he notices.
  • Examples from the Calvinverse:
    • Rupert Chill's postcards in Which Way is Where? - he sends several to Calvin, which his parents promptly discard. Later, when Chill confronts Calvin, he mentions the cards, and Calvin has no idea what he's talking about.
    • Calvin and Hobbes: The Series: When Brainstorm seems to be in a trance, Jack fails to garner a reaction from his Berserk Button. Later, when conversing with Calvin, a similar pause ends with "IT'S DOCTOR BRAINSTORM!"
      • In "Lightning Man", Socrates mentions seeing a fat woman hog the shrimp buffet. Later, when the Brainstorms have shown up, Mother Brainstorm mentions being at a shrimp buffet.
      • In one episode, a scrambled MTM says 'Kayla can't play games anymore'. Fast forward a couple of episodes- Socrates mentions that he had a message from some crazy girl named Kayla.
      • Similarly, in Wagoner's ED, Socrates asks if anyone can play an instrument called the 'doudouk'. Later that season, Jack mentions that playing a doudouk is one of his talents.
  • In Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Harry first goes to Gringotts, and learns about the wizarding monetary system, and quickly comes to the realization that one competent hedge fundie could probably own the entire wizarding world in a week, and files the notion away, in case he ever runs out of money, or has a week free. Several chapters later, Quirrell suggests to Dumbledore that Harry take Occlumency lessons, with the as-of-yet undetermined teacher to have his memory wiped after every training session and an unbreakable vow to not reveal anything.
    Dumbledore: Such services are extremely expensive, as you well know, and I cannot help but wonder why you deem them necessary.
    Harry: If it's money that's the problem, I have some ideas for making large amounts of money quickly -
  • In Tales of the Emperasque, when the Emperor meets with the Lords of Terra for the first time, he accidentally crashes Charter Captain's legs and Fabricator General promises to give the man rocket knees. Twenty or so chapters later the Captain nearly crashes into a crowd of waiting officials, as he still can't control his new rocket knees.
  • In the prologue of Kyon Big Damn Hero, Kyon compares being hit by Asakura Ryouko to being hit by a speeding minivan. Guess what happened over twenty-five chapters later.
  • This trope abounds in You Got HaruhiRolled!:
    • In Chapter 15, Gilgamesh mentions that he wound up in the Haruhi Suzumiya universe after Ultros ripped him off, so he wandered the multiverse, vowing revenge. Sixty-seven chapters later, he finally gets the chance.
    • The blood on the wall re-appears in chapter 81 after showing up in the Silent Hill parody.
    • Early on, The Stinger at the end of each chapter was, "Review, Haruhi-worshippers! Your yellow ribbon-wearing goddess demands it!" One reviewer pointed out that this was incorrect, and that Haruhi wore a headband with yellow ribbons on it, so about 50 or so chapters after this was pointed out, the writer corrected it to "Review, Haruhi-worshippers! Your yellow-ribboned, headband-wearing goddess demands it!" This was lampshaded.
  • Pink Personal Hell And Altering Fate has a mild version, where it's explained Pinkie Pie is off chasing a "Prank Bit" that bounces away every time she tries to catch it. Then at the end of the scene, it bounces right back into the magic shop...followed by Pinkie herself.
  • The First Of Many: Princess Cadance tells Celestia how her date with Shining Armor went by making out with him in front of her, so after saying goodbye to her niece's date she sneaks him a condom. When Shining Armor returns to his own house and his parents ask how his date went, the condom falls out of his jacket, resulting in Shining's mother flipping out and grounding her son for the rest of the summer.
  • Earth and Sky: Pipsqueak initially completely misses the point of Big Macintosh's little heart-to-heart about his and Soarin's relationships with Big Mac's sisters, but does eventually figure it out... twenty-eight chapters later.
  • In Chapter 12 of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Reflecting Balance the main characters try asking a group of Spinarak for directions upon arriving in Nectar Woods, but the Spinarak are too busy working on a spider web to answer their questions, mentioning that they are competing with a group of Joltik to see how can make the best looking spider webs in the forest. The characters leave them to continue with their work, and eventually figure out where they need to go. Later in the chapter, one of the outlaws they were trying to capture is trying to get away, but ends up getting stuck in a spider web made by a group of Joltik.
  • In the first chapter of the Medaka Box fanfic World As Myth, Zenkichi snaps his head around "at a speed that promised severe neck pain later on." At the start of Chapter 2, he is complaining of neck pain. At the chapter's climax, he loses his fight with Jounan due to whipping his head around too quickly.
  • Two-fold in The Stalking Zuko Series has Iroh scarring Jet, who's spying on him, with Naked Iroh Time. Two chapters later has Zuko and Iroh's Ba Sing Se neighbors begging him to make the "nasty old man" stop. At the story's climax Jet realizes that Iroh has to be the firebender since it's too cold for someone to be going constantly naked.
  • In the Duke Forever blog-serial, at the beginning of Chapter One, a London Metropolitan policeman wanders into an elevator that is actually the main character's TARDIS, and disappears. Then, at the very end of Chapter Two, that policeman returns and does not look pleased. That Policeman, Inspector Chester Edison, becomes one of the main characters, and we actually find out what happened to him in Chapter Three .
  • In Letters from the Asylum Voldemort orders two of his minions to fetch him a Lay-z-boy chair (on Harry's suggestion no less). A later chapter has one of the Order members complains about someone breaking into her house and stealing her armchair.
  • In Wizard Runemaster after his first meeting with a Tauren, Harry decides on a whim to say, "May the Force be with you" as a farewell. Fast forward a few months and Cairne Bloodhoof bids Harry farewell with the same line.
  • Two in Warriors of the World: Soldiers of Fortune:
    • In one chapter the Big Bad (as yet unseen) goes on at length telepathically to Valkron of the Normans over-exploiting natural resources for their own benefit, resulting in the knight asking him if he was "quite done with spouting green aesops" at him. Two chapters later they meet and Valkron's first statement is "...I visualised you as more of a treehugger."
    • In another chapter a rocker (a large grasshopper that plays a violin) is heard making music in the distance. The music slowly gets nearer to where the party is until, right at a tense moment, the rocker finally reaches them and stops playing music in shock. After a Beat the grasshopper hastily makes an exit. It's mentioned later on that the rocker's music can be heard again, just a lot further away than it was before.
  • In Opening Dangerous Gates, during a battle, Levy uses Solid Script: Jail to form a cage around some demons and take them out of the fight. A later chapter shows they are still in the cage.
  • My Little Pony fic "The Birds and the Bees" has a gut busting one involving Spike accidentally sending a bag of live birds to Celestia's palace. This happens early in the story when the Cutie Mark Crusaders take "birds and the bees" literally and bring Twilight a bag of live birds and bees for elucidation of the process. The fate of the vanished birds is left unresolved until The Stinger, where it has a hilarious payoff.
  • In Shatterheart Kurogane always threatens to punch Fai, Sakura or Syaoran in the face for doing something reckless and life-threatening. When Kurogane recovers from blood loss caused by cutting off his own arm in Nihon, the first thing Fai does his punch his across the face.
  • In Vinyl and Octavia Engage in Roleplay, Octavia says that Vinyl sometimes has a slow reaction time, to which Vinyl replies that Octavia has nice hooves. Two chapters later, Vinyl suddenly bursts out "Hey, I don’t have a slow reaction time!"
  • In Ten Random Characters, there are quite a few examples:
    • In Chapter 7, Ike and Marth decide to watch Doctor Who after the rather odd circumstances leading to their love confession. In Chapter 18, they do so.
    • Marth implies Soren is a bit of a Yandere towards Ike. When he is later summoned by Viridi, this is shown to be the case.
    • Roy threatens to freeze Toon Link in one of the hypothetical situations in which Toon Link murdered Marth. Come Chapter 21, where Roy does this to Nana and Popo after insulting games which didn't get exported from Japan.
    • Peach glares at Pit when complaining about people interrupting her in Chapter 12, which occured ten chapters earlier.
  • In chapter 22 of The Glaceon and the Shadow, Sofia mentions she often finds things in her pockets she doesn't remember ever putting into them. In chapter 24, she isn't worried about the lights being off because she knows the place like the inside of her own pockets. She immediately trips over something.
  • Lampshaded by the author of Fairy Without Wings in the author's notes at the start of the chapter. He begins by flinging a literal brick into orbit before the start of chapter 48 and says it'll make sense in about 100 chapters.
  • In a Shout-Out to Crisis Core, in The Fifth Act Yuffie discovers Cloud's number and sends him spam mail about finding treasure in various improbably dangerous places. Except for a mention by Tseng, Yuffie's messages are generally ignored. Then at the very end Cloud reads Yuffie's messages and has to go rescue her from the Northern Crater.

    Films — Animation 
  • The stop-motion animation film A Town Called Panic features a literal example when Cowboy and Indian try to order 50 bricks to build a barbecue for their friend, Horse. They accidentally order 50 million bricks, and the day wears into evening as truck after truck deliver loads of bricks, until there is a pile as large as the house. Horse returns home to a brick-free yard, except for the newly constructed barbecue. His birthday party runs well into the night, and it is not until the lights are out at bedtime that we find out where the 49,999,950 other bricks have gone. They are neatly stacked on the roof, forming a cube larger than the house.
  • Megamind:
    • Bernard, the curator at the Metro Man Museum, is zapped into a small cube with Megamind's dehydration gun and kept in his pocket, and Megamind spends much of the movie impersonating him. The real Bernard doesn't reappear until the credits, where he is accidentally rehydrated while Minion washes Megamind's laundry.
    • In an early scene, snarky Damsel in Distress Roxanne complains that the titular villain's gimmicks are getting old, and he needs to make things more exciting. The thing is, Megamind has a habit of mispronouncing and misinterpreting words. So later in the movie, while exploring Megamind's lair (with Megamind, disguised as Bernard) she opens a door marked "EXIT" to reveal a deep pit full of alligators, some random toys on the ground, and a disco ball hanging overhead: "Bernard, you were right about that room being exciting!"
  • Mulan:
    • Remember how Mulan does her chores at the movie's beginning? At the end, we see that the chickens now associate Little Brother with food.
    • The decapitated ancestor also makes a humorous comeback in the ending.
  • The Incredibles:
    • Syndrome's death by cape in a jet turbine. When was this set up? During Mr. Incredible's conversation with Edna Mode on the danger of capes and one of the deaths mentioned is the cape caught in a jet turbine.
    • Bob's rage over a broken car is seen by a kid on a bike. Guess who shows up at the climax of the film?
  • In The Lion King, following Scar's little self-righteous speech at the beginning of the movie, Zazu casually comments about the villain lion that "He'd make a very handsome throw rug." 3 years later in the 1997 Disney movie Hercules, a short clip of a stressed Herc shows him tossing a familiar lion's pelt onto the floor in frustration. One of the many shout outs to previous movies.
    • The Lion King granted us another brick joke that took something like fifteen years to hit: after Hakuna Matata, when Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba are laying on the grass, looking up at the stars, Timon comments that they are "fireflies. Fireflies that got stuck up there in that big bluish black thing". Cue Princess And The Frog, when not only does Ray believe the Evening Star is another firefly called Evangeline, but he himself becomes a star, too, right beside her. It also goes off to show that Evangeline is the "second star on the right" you follow "till morning" to reach Neverland. Two brick jokes for the price of one.
  • The Emperor's New Groove
    • In the beginning of the movie, Yzma announces to Kronk to "Pull the lever", and it sends her down a trap door into a moat with an alligator as she shouts, "WRONG LEVER!!". Then she angrily storms back in saying, "Why do we even HAVE that lever?" and smacking an alligator who was clinging to her. About ¾ of the way through the movie when Pacha and Kuzco walk back into the palace to enter Yzma's "Secret Lab", the first thing shown is a drenched Kuzco walking back in grumbling, "Why does she even HAVE that lever?" and smacking an alligator who was clinging to him.
    • This ends up being an Overly Long Gag AND a Brick Joke in the tie-in Series, where every single time someone pulls that switch, they will always pull the wrong one and comment on how it still hasn't been fixed. Per usual, Subversions, Inversions and Aversions are abound.
  • In Brave, Merida tells the witch she'll buy all her carvings. Much, much later in the movie (after the credits) the crow comes up to the castle to deliver all of them.
  • In Piglet's Big Movie, during one of the flashbacks, Roo is drifting downriver and Eeyore tells Roo to grab his tail so he can pull him out. Roo tries, but misses. Later on at the end, Christopher Robins asks, "Where's Eeyore?" and it cuts back to him still hanging by the river asking Roo if he had grabbed on yet.
  • One scene of Coraline has Coraline visit Spink and Forcible, who give her a bowl of saltwater candy that is decades older than Coraline, so old the candies have melted together. Coraline tries to get a piece of candy out only to accidentally send the whole bowl flying onto the ceiling, where it gets stuck. When Coraline is leaving their flat, it falls to the floor and shatters.
  • Early on in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, an old man is freed from a cage and falls into a stockade saying, "DANG IT!". During the climax of the movie, the stockade's knocked loose and he's free. Then he falls into the sewers and shouts, "DANG IT!"
  • In Aladdin and the King of Thieves, when Aladdin mentions his father, Genie turns into a waiter and asks him if his father would like chicken or sea bass at the wedding. Later, when Aladdin tells Genie that his father is the King of Thieves, Genie seriously demands Aladdin's father to let him know one thing... before turning into a waiter and asking if he wants the chicken or the sea bass.
  • In Robin Hood, Lady Cluck jokes that when Maid Marian married Robin, that will mean King Richard will have "an outlaw for an in-law". At the end when Robin and Marian get married, King Richard himself makes the same remark to Friar Tuck.
  • The bubble-clucking chicken ends up this way in the beginning of The Book of Life while Maria, Manolo and Joaquin are children. The whole movie takes place, and far on the outskirts of town, just before the camera zooms in for the end, the bubble-clucking chicken makes another appearance.
  • The Mansions of the Gods: Asterix and Obelix first appear arguing over who gets to catch a boar, later having much the same conversation (substituting a legionary for the boar).

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In A Guy Thing, Paul gets beat up by Becky's ex-boyfriend. His fiance insists on calling the cops but Paul doesn't want to tell the truth so he gives them a completely ridiculous description. In the last scene of the movie Paul and Becky get into a cab and the driver matches Paul's description exactly.
    • Actually, this guy appeared in the police lineup earlier in the movie, soon after Paul gave the ridiculous description, but Paul said "It's not him."
  • In Airheads, the useless metal band that's holding a radio station hostage decide to make deliberately bizarre demands to the police, in the hope that they can later plead insanity. One of them is for "naked pictures of Bea Arthur!" Much later, when the record company exec who rejected them earlier finally comes to the radio station, he passes a couple of people staring in combined awe and bafflement at some pictures that we can't see. He peers at them and says "Bea Arthur? Outstanding!"
  • In Airplane!, Stryker leaves a passenger behind in a cab to catch his plane in time. At the very very end, after all the plot has happened, the guy gets the girl, everybody is rejoicing and the credits have rolled, we cut back to his passenger, still in the cab: "Well, I'll give him another twenty minutes. But that's it." And the meter's running, too.
    • While the joke is lost on audiences today, the guy in the cab was Howard Jarvis, who pushed for California Proposition 13 in 1978, an initiative which made massive money-saving cuts to public services.
  • Lloyd of Dumb and Dumber says he's sold Harry's dead parrot to a blind kid to help fund their trip to Colorado. Later, a news report has the "heart breaking story of the Rhode Island blind boy who was duped into buying a dead parakeet" as a headline. Especially funny is that Lauren Holly's character sees the report and rhetorically asks "who are these sick people?" right before said Lloyd knocks on her door.
  • Forrest Gump:
    • Bubba's momma serving dinner, then being served to.
    • At the beginning of the movie, Forrest tries to get to know the bus driver, Dorothy Harris, because his mother has told him not to take rides from strangers and, Forrest being as dense as he is, figures introducing themselves means they won't be strangers anymore. At the end, Forrest Jr. immediately says upon being greeted onto the bus: "You're Dorothy Harris, and I'm Forrest Gump."
  • Pirates of the Caribbean:
    • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl:
      • In the beginning, Will Turner is working on a sword to present to the governor, who remarks on its unique quality. In the third film, James Norrington stabs Davy Jones with the same weapon, who then calmly removes it and remarks, "mmm... nice sword." Later, Davy Jones uses the exact same sword to stab its creator, Will Turner.
      • When Jack and Elizabeth are marooned on a desert island during the rising action, Elizabeth burns all the rum that smugglers have stored there to attrack the Navy's attention, prompting Jack to ask "Why is all the rum gone?" for the first time. In Dead Man's Chest, Elizabeth (dressed as a man) and Norrington arrive at the dock where the Pearl is moored, and Jack and Gibbs begin to talk to Elizabeth without realizing who she is. When she reveals herself, the following happens:
    Jack: "Oh, Elizabeth, how delightful!" (aside, to Gibbs) "Hide the rum."
    • As Jack is about to be arrested by the British after arriving at the port at the beginning, Norrington comments on how he's the "worst pirate he's ever seen". Several scenes later, after Jack stole a British ship, Lt. Groves declares Jack to be "the best pirate he's ever seen", earning him a Death Glare from Norrington.
    • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest: Former Commodore Norrington introduces his story to Gibbs as "Same as you, just a chapter behind." At the end of the scene, once he's been knocked out by Man!Elizabeth, he's heaved into the pigsty, where Gibbs woke up at the end of Curse of the Black Pearl, making him truly just a chapter behind Gibbs.
    • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End: Captain Teague summons a dog to bring the key for the Pirate Codex book (the dog itself is a bit of a Brick Joke, showing up out of nowhere after appearances in the first two movies). When Pintel and Ragetti wonder aloud how the dog managed to get there, Teague responds, "Sea turtles, mate."
  • Early on in Sky High, it's mentioned that the only way for kids of superheroes that don't get powers is to fall in a vat of toxic waste. This is mentioned again later. At the end of the movie, Ron Wilson, Bus Driver falls in to a vat of toxic waste and does, in fact get super powers.
  • The ZAZ trio also had a few in The Naked Gun trilogy, specially the second: in a scene, Frank Drebin breaks out animals from the zoo after destroying the wall. After the villain is saved from a Disney Villain Death, a lion mauls him!
    • In the first The Naked Gun movie, Frank Drebin impersonates a tenor opera singer named Enrico Pallazzo, who was scheduled to sign the national anthem at a baseball game being attended by the queen (against whom Frank learns about an assassination plot). Pallazzo's (a la Frank) rendition of the anthem in front of the sellout crowd is comically horrible, as he flubs nearly all of the song's lines. Later in the game, Frank impersonates an umpire in order to remain close to the action and try to stop the queen's assassination. After Frank, dressed as the umpire, manages to foil the plot against the queen, he removes his umpire's which point someone in the crowd shouts, "Hey! It's Enrico Pallazzo!" and the entire stadium begins to chant his name.
  • In Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the opening credits are botched, and the audience is told that the people responsible were sacked. At the end of the film, there are no closing credits, just a blank screen with music.
    • The same person who botched the credits in Monty Python and the Holy Grail returns at the end of the closing credits of Life of Brian.
    • Another well-known example: Shortly after assembling, Arthur and his knights are spurned by a castle populated by Frenchmen. Their lord is uninterested in the search for the grail because "he's already got one". At the end of the film, the French get to the Grail first.
    • A better-known Brick Joke is how in the beginning King Arthur is distracted by castle guards arguing over coconuts and sparrows. Towards the end when he's confronted by the Bridge Keeper, Arthur is able to use a trivial bit about sparrows to trick the Bridge Keeper to his doom.
    • Not to mention the coconut tied to a swallow by a line that Benevier releases just before being brought a witch.
    • Or the bit about European and unlaiden swallow flights by a short lived narrator.
  • In another Rowan Atkinson project, Johnny English, gets two in one. Johnny invents an assailant to explain how a guard was knocked out. He uses things in the room as inspiration for his description, leading to an incredibly implausible appearance. At the end of the film he accidentally ejects Lorna from his car. Roll credits. Halfway through, Lorna lands in a hotel pool in the ejector seat. Sitting on the side of the pool is a man who matches the imaginary assailant's description perfectly.
  • In Spice World when a movie producer is pitching ideas about a movie involving the girls (interspersed with clips of the girls actually acting out what he says) he says "and that's when they find the bomb". The manager rejects that idea. During the end credits Mel C suddenly says "what happened to the bomb on the bus?" and it goes off.
  • In the movie Dutch, starring Ed O'Neill, the movie starts off with an antagonistic relationship between the title character and a stuck-up schoolboy. When they first meet at the beginning of the movie, the boy shoots Dutch with a BB Gun, and Dutch tosses off a line in frustration that he is going to shoot him in the ass with the same gun later. The movie takes place over a long and arduous journey, where the two warm up to each other. An otherwise heartwarming talk between the two midway through the movie has the boy asking whether Dutch is still going to shoot him in the ass, to which Dutch replies 'Yes.' Eventually they are best friends, but the last scene of the movie has Dutch sitting at the table holding the BB gun in the kids view, who obviously thinks Dutch is joking, but it is clear from Dutch's face that he isn't. After a cut to black for the credits, a 'thwippp! OWWWW!!!' is heard.
  • In Problem Child 2, Big Ben shacks up with Little Ben and Junior after confessing that his latest scam for "millionaire starter kits" has driven him to poor house, lamenting that he only sold one of the kits. Later, when Junior calls up the ex-husband of Little Ben's date, we see the poor guy living in absolute squalor and eating dog food out straight out of the can. Care to guess what's sitting on his counter?
  • In a Russo-Finnish film Jack Frost (later made into an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000), the superhumanly strong hero Ivan, when facing a band of thieves, throws a bunch of clubs into the air. Months later, when he wins the heart of Nastinka, he and his love are attacked by the same thieves. At which time the clubs fall down on the thieves' heads.
  • The King's Speech is filled with these, from the shilling that Bertie owes Lionel for much of the film to "When waiting for a king to apologize, one may wait a rather long time."
  • In She's All That the main plot is a bet between Zack and Dean to make Lanney the prom queen. When she finds out about this, the bet is forgotten. The second to last scene has Lanney asking what the bet's outcome was. We cut to graduation where Zack accepts his diploma stark naked.
  • Around the start of Cabin Fever, a store owner causes an awkward reaction when asked about a gun, saying only that it's "for niggers". At the end, three black people (two men and a woman) are walking along, seemingly unaware that they're in the middle of Hicksville, Nowhere. The store owner frantically reaches for the gun... the visitors enter.. then the store owner places the gun on the counter, greets the visitors and says "I got it all fixed up just like you wanted!" Followed by "Whazzap my niggaz!"
  • The western spoof Support Your Local Sheriff starts with some pioneers burying a man named Millard Frymore. The funeral is permanently disrupted when gold is discovered in the grave. Later in the film, it's mentioned in passing that the resulting mine was named after Millard.
  • In Super Mario Bros., after the titular duo find themselves in Dinohattan, a cyclist is seen making a head-on collision with a taxicab and getting electrocuted by the engine. Towards the end of the movie, after escaping from Koopa's Tower, the same taxicab appears with a skeleton on the hood.
  • Rental clerk Benard giving Naps the wrong size skates in Roll Bounce. The first time he gives Naps, who wears a 9, a pair of 12's. At first, it looks like he's just being a jackass (not that he isn't.) The next time, he gives the boy a pair of size 15's(!) and he complains, Benard's motive is revealed.
    Naps: "Man, why do you keep doing me like this!?"
    Benard: "Check this out. The ladies 'round here? They like a brother with a big... (glances down) skate."
    Naps: (realizing a bunch of cute girls are checking him out) "You got a size 17 back there, Benard?" (clears throat) "A SIZE 17 THERE, BENARD?"
  • Anger Management has the main character almost taking a seat between two fat passengers before Buddy offers him one. The air marshal that assaulted the main character with a tazer had taken that seat, shown at the end of the film.
  • The Hunt for Red October : When Ramius asks Ryan to manage the direction of Red October, Ryan tells him he can't, because he "just writes books for the CIA". A few scenes later, under extreme tension from an incoming torpedo, Ramius calmly asks : "What books ?"
  • At the very start of Return of the Killer Tomatoes, there's a Framing Device wherein the movie is presented as a cheap television showing, complete with phone-in competition. In the first actual scene, George Clooney tosses pizza dough into the air and wanders off to do something else, with the pizza never coming down. In the 'climactic' showdown at the end of the movie, a telephone rings, and it's the presented of the TV spot. Another character comments about how smoothly they paid off the things they set up earlier in the movie...and the pizza falls out of the sky.
  • The Dark Knight Rises:
    • Alfred tells Bruce that he needs to learn to make his own bed. The first room Alfred checks in a search for Bruce is his bedroom - with the bed made.
    • When Gordon is trying to convince Foley to join the resistance, he says something along the lines of, "I'm not asking you to parade down Main Street in your dress blues." Guess what he does in the climax.
  • In Batman Begins: "Nice coat."
  • Fight Club, when the narrator and Marla are watching the buildings collapse, right before the movie ends a penis flashes on the screen (Tyler, while working at a cinema, would slide porno stills into kids' movies)
  • Dark Shadows features Barnabas reading from a book, back in the 19th Century, with a symbol deliberately similar to the McDonald's Golden Arches. After his return from the grave during the 70's, he is mystified when seeing the same symbol from a McDonald's sign.
  • In Apollo 13, astronaut Jack Swigert is reassigned to the mid-April mission at the last minute, and sheepishly admits on a broadcast from space that he forgot to file his income taxes before he left. Days later, as the astronauts are shivering and miserable on a crippled spacecraft limping towards Earth, Houston radios up:
    CAPCOM: Jack. You'll be happy to hear that we contacted President Nixon, and he's gonna grant you an extension on your income taxes since you are most decidedly out of the country.
  • In Goon, when Glatt is being told about his teamates, one of them is described as playing hockey to work his way through med school. Later towards the end of the movie, one of their players gets checked hard in the tournament, and rather than trainers and the team doctor, the med student rushes over, takes off his helmet and gloves, and then administers first aid and calls for a stretcher.
  • In Jumanji, there's a single tired rhinoceros walking behind the animal stampede. It's later seen again when the stampede runs past in front of Aunt Nora's car.
  • From Scott Pilgrim vs. The World:
    Stephen: [as they are about to face Crash and the Boys] We can't beat them! This is a nightmare!
    (later on...)
    Scott: Oh my god...THIS IS A NIGHTMARE.
    • Another one:
    Wallace: You have to use the L-word.
    Scott: Lesbian?
    Wallace: The other L-word.
    Scott: ...Lesbians?
    (later on)
    Scott: [to Ramona] I'm in lesbians with you!
  • In The Kid (2000), the main character's younger self asks why the moon sometimes looks orange. At the end of the movie, a caption appears explaining why.
  • Now You See Me: Hypnotizing someone to think they're performing in the Philharmonic upon hearing the word "bullshit".
    • "Freeze" "QUARTERBACK!"
    • Henley's weight.
  • Pacific Rim: When Hannibal Chau is eaten by Otachi Jr., one of the shoes is the only thing left. Cue The Stinger...
    Where is my goddamn shoe?!
  • In The Addams Family we discover the family motto, "We gladly feast on those who would subdue us". In its sequel The Addams Family Values the summer camp counselors try and subdue Wednesday, and last we see them they're being cooked alive.
  • The World's End: In a Black Comedy way, the death of Gary's mom.
    • And especially with the final scene when he orders water.
  • The Heat: Ashburn taking her neighbor's cat, to the point where she fools Mullins into thinking that is really her cat. During The Stinger, Mullins kidnaps the cat for Ashburn, only to realize that Ashburn was lying.
    • The drug-sniffing dog being unable to find the drugs over the smell of fresh meat.
  • In The Party, Bakshi (Peter Sellers) relieves his sore hand in a mound of crushed ice - when he pulls it out he finds it was holding caviar, now covering his hand. Wanting to wash off the offending smell, he hovers awkwardly outside an occupied restroom, shaking hands with another guest at one point. Several handshakes later, someone shakes Bakshi's hand as he's sitting down to dinner, and he finds to his horror that his hand smells again.
  • In District 9: "Hey, leave that fucking prawn, man! I will shoot a pig!"
  • In the live-action adaptation of The Guyver, Lisker brings the briefcase containing the Guyver back to Balcus' office, and Balcus opens it to discover that Dr. Segawa swapped the device out for an old toaster. In a later scene, though, when Balcus is eating lunch in his office, he's using the same toaster; it burns his toast.
  • Lord of War has a very dark variety. Early on when Baptiste Jr. first meets Yuri, he asks him if he can get "the gun of Rambo" (the M60). Later when both Baptistes go to Yuri's house to get him to return to the gun trade, Jr. says he's still waiting for the gun. Eventually we finally see Jr. with the gun...which he promptly uses to gun down innocent civilians while Yuri looks away cringing.
  • In Bruce Almighty, Bruce uses his God-powers to train his dog Sam to use a human toilet, to stop the dog from urinating behind the sofa. Later in the film, Grace walks into the toilet to find Sam sitting on it, reading a newspaper.
  • X-Men:
    • In X2: X-Men United, when Logan volunteers to open the doors to Stryker's base, Magneto says "What are you going to do, scratch [the controls] with your claws?" This is exactly how he closes the floodgates at the end.
    • In the beginning ofThe Wolverine, Logan is shown clearly distressed and nervous whenever he's on a plane, vigorously clutching the arms of his chair in terror. In one of the movie's final scenes, he can be seen clutching his chair yet again.
  • Serenity:
    • The first we see of Serenity is as they're hitting atmo, during which a panel falls off. The final scene is the ship flying off into the black as another piece falls off. Both are followed by Mal asking, "What was that?"
    • Mal instructs Jayne not to bring grenades to a meet because they aren't trying to blow people up. Jayne pouts, and then gets in an "I told you so" when the Reavers show up. Much, much later, on Miranda, the Reavers attack them, and this time he brought the grenades.
  • In Transcendence, the quote below, directed at Will after he's uploaded, is first said to PINN, the AI upon which Will's program is based. It's intentionally invoked by Will:
    Joseph Tagger: Can you prove you're self-aware?
    Will Caster: That's a difficult question, Dr. Tagger. Can you prove that you are?
  • Gregory's Girl begins with the boys spying on the night nurse as she changes clothes. Later on, the photo sales booth has a sign that says "Next Week: Naughty Night Nurse."
  • In Scream, Sidney says that, when they make the inevitable Ripped from the Headlines movie about the Woodsboro killings, she'd like Meg Ryan to play her, but knowing her luck, she'd probably be played by Tori Spelling. Sure enough, come the second film, the Woodsboro massacre has indeed been made into a horror film called Stab, starring Heather Graham as Casey, Luke Wilson as Billy, David Schwimmer as Dewey... and Tori Spelling as Sidney.
  • Annie (2014):
    • One of Hannigan's rants early in the film was that she was once part of C + C Music Factory. The entire movie goes by, and near the finale, there's a lull, into which she shouts the band's iconic Catch Phrase: "Everybody dance now!" only to get shut down and told it's not about her.
    • Annie tells Grace about how Pepper punched a boy whom she liked in the face and now plays with him in the park. Later on, Grace punches Guy in the face and Pepper, of her own accord, clarifies that "It's not because she likes you."
  • In Beetlejuice, the first scene of the afterlife waiting room has a man with a Shrunken Head. It appears perfectly normal in the context it's in. Near the end, Beatlejuice himself dies (again?) and finds himself in the waiting room, sitting between the shrunken-head guy and the guy fourth in line. His position in line is in the millions or higher. He attempts the switcheroo on the guy fourth in line, but is caught and the guy sprinkles powder over his head, shrinking it to shrunken head's size.
  • In Into the Woods, when the Baker's Wife insists that she needs Cinderella's shoe to have a child, Cinderella says that that doesn't make any sense. Then, during the wedding, when Cinderella and her Prince are riding in the carriage, the Baker's Wife yells, "Thanks for the shoe!" and the Baker points to the baby. Cinderella gives the most hilarious look of befuddlement.
  • Early on in Kingsman: The Secret Service, Valentine says that he hates the sight of blood, claiming that it makes him projectile vomit. When he's impaled and sees his own blood, out comes the vomit.
  • In Summer School, one student asks to use the bathroom in the middle of the first class. He isn't seen again until the final exam. He says he was stuck in the bathroom for six weeks because his zipper got stuck. Hilariously, he gets the highest score on the exam.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • In Iron Man the first thing Rhodey says to Tony after the latter has just escaped from spending 3 months in captivity is call-back to the last thing Tony said to him before being captured.
    Rhodey: How was the fun-vee?
    • Iron Man 2:
      • "He should be giving me a medal!"
      • Happy chides Tony for "dirty boxing" during their workout. Later, when fighting a guard at Hammer Industries, Happy gains the upper hand by biting his ear.
    • The Avengers:
      • When Captain America and Nick Fury meet at the gym, Cap tells Nick that, by that point, nothing could possibly surprise him, and Nick bets $10 that Cap's wrong. Several scenes later, after watching a carrier lift off out of the water, Cap hands Nick a ten dollar bill without either saying a word.
      • The Hulk gets a little payback on Thor for their little fight on the Helicarrier. After they take down a Leviathan at Grand Central Terminal, Hulk punches the God of Thunder's jaw and sends him flying off-screen.
      • The second stinger has the group go to the shawarma place Tony recommended earlier in the movie. The shawarma place was nearly destroyed by the battle. No one speaks.

        Also, in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment earlier in the film, Tony crash lands outside that same shawarma place after destroying a leviathan.
      • During a scene on the SHIELD Helicarrier, Tony goes on a long-winded rant and specifically calls out a SHIELD agent for playing Galaga on a computer. The scene ends with said agent returning to his game of Galaga. This moment is paid off in an impressively subtle way during the climax, where the heroes fight an army of aliens and their ships coming down at them from above. The filmmakers had them playing a city-wide game of Galaga. They thought we wouldn't notice. But we did.
      • When Tony Stark is talking with Loki in Stark Tower near the end of the movie, Stark offers Loki a drink and he declines. Later, when the fighting is over, he comments that he'll have that drink now.
    • Iron Man 3:
      • Happy Hogan and Downton Abbey.
      • The Mark 42 knocking into something and falling to pieces.
    • Thor: The Dark World:
      • A literal one. One of the kids throws a brick into one of the portals in the warehouse and it doesn't return. After Jane wakes up in the middle of the warehouse after being possessed by the Aether, you can see a brick appear out of thin air in the background and fall.
      • In the same scene, Ian and Darcy start throwing various things into the portals that also don't come back, which include their car keys and shoes. They are all found by Thor and Jane later in a cave on Svartalfheim.
    Thor: "Why are there so many shoes in here?"
    • Avengers: Age of Ultron:
      • Steve using strong language in the final battle and being jokingly called on it by Fury, after he chides Tony for using strong language in the first battle.
      • The vision effortlessly lifting Thor's hammer, much to the other Avengers' shock. At a party during the beginning of the film, every single one of them failed to do so.
  • At least two occur in One, Two, Three:
    • Coca-Cola exec C. R. MacNamara is annoyed because Commies keep buying Coke in West Berlin, drinking it in East Berlin, but don't return the bottles. When he and his crew drive to East Berlin to spring Otto from prison, they have an uncomfortable few minutes waiting at the Brandenburg Gate because the border guard makes them wait so he can fetch the emptied six-pack of Coca-Cola (that MacNamara had given to him earlier to let him through with no questions asked) from the guard-room.
    • When MacNamara wants to make a phone call to East Berlin, his assistant Schlemmer tells him that it is very complicated, as there are no direct lines and the call will have to be routed on a circuitous route via Stockholm and Warsaw. And then you often get the wrong number. At a later point in the film Schlemmer cheerfully announces to MacNamara that the call finally got through. "And like I told you: Wrong number."

  • A Series of Unfortunate Events: The phrase "red herring" is introduced in The Ersatz Elevator. That is not funny on its own—however, it is still crucial to a Stealth Joke pulled off in The Hostile Hospital. All the names on the patient list are anagrams—one of them, when rearranged, becomes the phrase "red herring".
  • Harry Potter:
    • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: Near the beginning, Mrs. Weasley tells the twins that she doesn't want to hear that they've blown up a toilet. George says that they've never done that, but he thinks the idea is excellent. In the final chapter, when Harry is in the infirmary, it's mentioned that the twins tried to send him a toilet seat.
    • Upon first meeting Snape, he thinks that it is as if Snape can read minds (he thinks this again in book 2 as well). In book five, we find out that Snape is a master of Legilimancy and Occlumency.
    • Early on in book 6, while the trio are having a discussion while doing homework, Ron Weasley's spell-checking quill wears out and corrects the spelling of his name to "Roonil Wazlib", much to Hermione's amusement. About 3/4 of the way through the book, after Harry has hidden his dark-magic-graffitied copy of Advanced Potion Making and replaced it with Ron's, we get this priceless moment:
      Snape: This is your copy of Advanced Potion Making, is it, Potter?
      Harry: Yes.
      Snape: You're quite sure of that, Potter?
      Harry: Yes.
      Snape: This is the copy of Advanced Potion Making you purchased from Flourish and Blotts?
      Harry: Yes.
      Snape: Then tell me, why does it have the name "Roonil Wazlib" written inside the front cover?
    • This is common with Ron Weasley. When he first introduces Scabbers to Harry in The Philosopher's Stone, he says of Scabbers, "He could have died and no one would know the difference." In Prisoner of Azkaban we learn Peter Pettigrew/Scabbers did just that. In Chamber of Secrets, he jokes that Tom Riddle got his award from the school for murdering Moaning Myrtle. We learn later that's exactly what happened.
  • There's a picture in The Last Straw, the third Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, that reveals that Greg once turned in a book report 4 pages long (cover included), and only a few sentences long because he took up more than half of the last page writing "THE END" in big letters, using the excuse that he was running out of paper. That spoiler-tagged part comes up at the end when Greg admits that he was ending his story on sort of a generic happy ending note, but he admits that he's running out of paper.
  • The world of Harry Dresden drops these sometimes, to great effect. Perhaps the most memorable is in White Night, when Harry has to pose as Thomas' disgruntled lover when he is caught in his apartment, because while he had a key he was breaking in. The policeman called up to handle the situation spreads the story around the station, whereupon Murphy immediately ribs Harry about it the next time they meet. A short time later, they have to visit a—[ahem]—"health club", and find out Harry unknowingly possesses a lifetime membership.
    Murphy: What's that all about?
    Harry: Don't ask me. I'm gay now, remember?
    • In Death Masks, there's a discussion in the narration about how Harry used to stargaze with Ebenezar McCoy when he was living on the old man's farm, and Harry reminisces about how they discovered an "asteroid" that turned out to be an old Soviet satellite. Halfway through the book, Ebenezar calls Harry up and, at the end of their conversation, offhandedly asks where the telescope they used to use got stashed. At the very end of the book, "Asteroid Dresden" falls out of the sky and obliterates a powerful vampire intent on killing Harry, along with his manor house and his thralls, in what may be the first time a Brick Joke combines with Colony Drop.
  • At one point in the first A Song of Ice and Fire book, Shagga threatens to "cut off [a man's] manhood and feed it to goats." In the next book, Tyrion tells him to do this to a prisoner, despite not having any goats nearby. Shagga obliges, and takes his ax to the prisoner's beard.
    • Another is set up from a character's first appearance and takes almost the entirety of three books to land: Lord Tywin Lannister did not, in the end, shit gold.
    • In the first book, Catelyn Stark hears the legend of Alyssa Arryn, a mythic figure whose tears were said to have been turned into a waterfall after her death for her unwillingness to shed them in life. Catelyn asks "When I die, how great of a waterfall will the gods make of my tears?" She gets her answer two books later when she is murdered in the Red Wedding and the Trident river overflows in a massive flood the likes of which hasn't been seen in a thousand years.
  • In the second Percy Jackson and the Olympians book, Sea of Monsters, Percy can't pronounce "Laistrygonians", so Annabeth proclaims the Laistrygonian giants to be "Canadians". Five books later, in The Heroes of Olympus series, this is brought back up in Son of Neptune, where Percy calls them "Canadians" in front of genuine Canadian Frank Zhang. Frank is not pleased.
  • Wayside School loved this trope:
    • When Louis gets all the cows out of the school, someone comments they can still hear a moo. 19 chapters later, it's revealed there's a cow in Miss Zarves's class.
    • When they test the theory of gravity, showing that objects fall at the same speed despite different masses, they throw a coffee pot out the window. Much later, Mr. Kidswatter asks where the teachers' lounge coffee pot went.
    • When Benjamin reveals he's really Benjamin Nushmut, Mrs. Jewls gives him the lunch that was on her desk from the first day of class.
    • In "A Story with a Disappointing Ending", Paul is hypnotized not only into not pulling Leslie's pigtails, but into trying to eat her ears whenever she says the word "pencil". About ten chapters or so after this, Leslie throws the classroom pencil sharpener out the window while learning about gravity, and mentions they'll need a new pencil sharpener...
  • Dark Future: Early in Krokodil Tears a news report mention the death of Wally The Whale, last living cetacean in the Atlantic and major tourist attraction for the Isle of Skye. The Mayor of Skye plans to have the whale preserved and open up a restaurant in his stomach named Jonah's Snackbar. Two hundred pages later, during the climactic fight between Jessamyn and the Jibbenainosay, Wally the Whale comes back to life. In the middle of the Bolivian ambassador's birthday party.
  • In the Doctor Who Expanded Universe short story collection Transmissions, the story "Only Connect" is about the Fourth Doctor working as a taxi driver and chatting to an architect, in the process learning the weak point of Chase Manor. The architect also mentions that a mad old lady claims the housing estate he's currently working on is being built on a plague-pit and this will awaken the restless dead, but he dismisses this as nonsense and the Doctor doesn't seem interested. The final story of the book involves the Eighth Doctor reliving memories related to all the other stories ... including the time the Fifth Doctor had to fight zombies on that very estate.
  • An example of the drama type: in the ninth book of the How to Train Your Dragon series, a seemingly-small mark on Hiccup's forehead called the Slavemark which he gets in the seventh book. It remains dormant in the eighth, but in the ninth, after he wins his swordfighting tournament against his father, wins the crown of King of the Wilderwest and delivers a speech on how the dragons need to be freed so they won't attack the humans, his enemy Snotface Snotlout throws a rock at Hiccup's helmet, showing the Slavemark to everyone, forcing him to join the other slaves and throwing the Barbaric Archipelago into turmoil.
  • In the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Relaunch: At the conclusion to The Left Hand of Destiny, Chancellor Martok promises to repay a debt to his comrade/valet Pharh by sending a Sporak ground vehicle to Pharh's family on Ferenginar. In a later novel, Worlds of DS9: Ferenginar, a destitute Brunt gets a job driving a Sporak on Ferenginar...a Sporak which the owner insists was paid for by the Klingon chancellor, a claim Brunt finds dubious.
  • Discworld loves its brick jokes. Some play out within the same book, but some play out in later books. In Men at Arms, the sign on the post office has missing letters, for example "GLO M OF NI T" (instead of "gloom of night"). In Going Postaleighteen books later—the protagonist notices the missing letters and gets to the bottom of it.
  • At the beginning of the first book in The Bartimaeus Trilogy, the title character explains that he has multiple conscious trains of thought (as opposed to humans, which only have one), hence the Footnote Fever used in his sections of the narrative. This isn't mentioned again until the last book, in which he's Sharing a Body with a human. As he goes off on yet another footnoted tangent, he is interrupted by that human, who heard both thoughts simultaneously and found it very disorienting.
  • The Twits: Turns out the Shrinks is a real disease you can get from being upside-down for too long.
  • In Little Women, Jo March gave a dinner party where she messed up the cooking. Several years later, in Little Men, when Jo, Meg, and Laurie are now married with children of their own, they laugh over that dinner party again when setting up Daisy's toy kitchen.
  • The Mammy combines this trope with Stage Names. Agnes sends her boys to collect a pension cheque from the hotel where her recently deceased husband worked and they cause havoc before being helped by a guest called Harry Webb who gave them tickets to a show to give to their mother. When she learns who they got the tickets from, she faints in shock. It's stated on the very first page that Agnes Brown is a massive fan of Cliff Richards and part of the story is her trying to go to his concert. Guess who Harry Webb is more commonly known as?
  • In the first Origami Yoda book, Kellen gets water on his pants, and asks Lance to tell people that it's not actually pee. Lance replies, "What am I supposed to do? Follow you around and tell people, 'It's not pee, it just looks exactly like pee'?". 5 books later, Lance accidentally gets dew on Kellen's pants, and Lance jokingly says to Kellen, "It's not pee, it just looks exactly like pee!". The dew incident happened in front of everyone, so Kellen is not amused.
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series:
    • Early in Mostly Harmless, we're told about Ford's principles, one of which is opposition to cruelty to all animals except geese. Much later, he calls room service in a hotel and asks them to buy London Zoo on his behalf, release all the animals that would be able to make it in the wild, and find more natural surroundings to care for the ones that wouldn't. Oh, and all the fois gras they have.
    • In the first book, a bowl of petunias falls to its death and thinks "oh no, not again!". It is not clear what that means, until the third book of the (5 book long) trilogy, Life The Universe And Everything when it turns out the bowl is the umptieth reincarnation of a creature that in all its incarnations gets killed directly or indirectly because of something Arthur Dent did.
    • Fenchurch, Arthurs Love Interest in So Long And Thanks For All The Fish, turns out to be the girl in the cafe in Rickmansworth who had discovered the solution to all the world's problems.
  • At the beginning of Warprize, Keir remarks that the best part about being a warlord is "getting exactly what you want." By the finale, the protagonist has risen to a similar position of power, and muses that he was right.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Season 5, Episode 5 of Breaking Bad, "Dead Freight" features a brick joke. The punchline is a ten-year-old boy getting shot in the head.
  • Brødrene Dal comes with an excelent one in the first season. They start off going the wrong way due to Brumund holding the map the wrong way but he claims that it was printed the wrong way, then the journey finally starts when they go the oposite way than they've planned. Everything that happens is oposite, like the bride carrying the groom etc. When they go back in the end and are going "the right way" will it being the groom carrying her, albeit not in Bridal Carry like she did.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • "Passions" has a throwaway line about the Orb of Thesulah being sold to dumb New Agers as paperweights. In the Season Finale, Giles mentions he has been using one as a paperweight.
    • Buffy remarks that she could use a snack after killing The Master. In her debut episode, Faith, another Slayer, says that slaying always makes her "hungry and horny."
    • The origin of Chanterelle's name.
    • Xander looks forward to leaving school so he can finally tell Snyder what he thinks of him ("What's My Line, Pt. 1"). This never happens, but in "Restless" Xander does have a cathartic exchange in his Dream Sequence. ("You know, I never got the chance to tell you how glad I was you were eaten by a snake.")
    • In "Lover's Walk", Spike wails that Dru left him for a Chaos Demon. ("All slime and antlers!") The spat between Spike, Dru and Antler Guy is shown in "Fool for Love".
    • In "Choices", Xander is reading Jack Kerouac, inspiring to him to go on a road trip after graduation. However, as Buffy learns in Season Four, he only makes it as far as Oxnard when his car breaks down.
    • In Season 5, Spike tries to hide his Stalker with a Crush obsession with Buffy with a Lame Comeback; "I never liked you anyway, and you have stupid hair." In Season 6, after finally making out with Buffy, Spike gushes over how good her long hair looks (Buffy responds by getting a bobcut).
    • The story behind Once More, With Feeling's "The Mustard" from Season 6, is given a little exposition in Season 7, with "Mustard on my Shirt" ("Selfless").
    • In Season 7 Episode 9, "Never Leave Me" we see Warren (actually The First Evil) coaching Andrew on sacrificing a pig for its blood in the basement of Sunnydale High, at which Andrew fails miserably ("That'll do pig!"). Later in Episode 16, "Storyteller" we find Buffy and Principal Wood in that basement trying to figure out why strange phenomena are happening... when a a squealing pig runs by.
    Wood: God, I hope that's not a student…
    • Also from Season 7: in one episode, Dawn is eating pizza and accidentally stains one of Buffy's shirts. She then shrugs it off by saying her sister will probably think it's blood or something. A couple of episodes later, we see Anya and Buffy trying to clean the stained shirt (and Buffy presumes it's blood, of course).
  • In Malcolm in the Middle, Dewey releases the hamster in a ball full of food so he has a chance at survival and won't be taken care of by the class bully. Throughout the rest of the season, you can spot the Hamster Ball rolling in the background. By the end of the season, you can even see it roll by as Francis and Piama leave Alaska.
  • Seinfeld was full of these.
    • "The Marine Biologist" has George date a girl who thinks he's a marine biologist while Kramer goes to the beach to hit golf balls into the ocean. Later, Kramer comes home angrily because he hit several balls and only one of them got any distance. Meanwhile, George continues to date his girl and pretend to be a marine biologist. As they're walking along the beach, they come upon a crowd gathered around a beached whale. George decides to look into it to maintain the facade. In an unusual turn of events, he actually manages to save the whale's life. He does so by removing something blocking the whale's blowhole. It's a golf ball.
  • The Big Bang Theory: One episode has Sheldon tell the rest of the guys how wealthy Raj is and they complain about how cheap he is, like having Howard buy him a churro. When they go out to eat at the end of the episode, they run out and leave Raj stuck with the check.
  • Father Ted, has a literal brick joke in the episode "Speed 3". Father Jack gains a pet brick, which later becomes critical in Ted's plan to rescue Dougal from an explosive milk float. Post-credits, Ted is taking out the trash when he spots something in the sky... and is struck head-on by the same charred and smoking brick.
  • A throwaway joke in Agents Of Shield where Ward comments that Skye keeps confusing the safety with the magazine release in firearms training comes back in a combat situation later in the episode where Skye attempts to shoot the target and ejects the magazine.
  • Friends:
    • "The One With Frank Jr" has Ross consider adding Isabella Rosselini to his list of celebrities he can sleep with but eventually bumps her because she's "too international". At the end of the episode, guess who walks into the coffee house?
    • In one episode, the girls are on the balcony drinking and telling stories of older times, when Rachel accidentally drops a cushion to the street. At the end of the chapter, someone calls to the door, and Chandler opens. A man returns the cushion.
    • Where they're at Jack and Judy's anniversary party, Phoebe is urged to eat an oyster by her annoying boyfriend, so she throws it away while he's not looking. Ten minutes later Joey reports his annoyance that he was about to get food, but 'slipped on a giant booger'.
    • One brick joke several episodes in the making; at the ending of an early episode, Monica stumbles upon a disturbing video of her parents having sex. Jump several episodes later, Monica hides in a bathroom which her parents stumble into...and with her hiding behind the shower curtain, they proceed to have sex. When Ross finds her later, she tells him, "Remember that tape I found of Mom and Dad? I just caught a live show."
  • A short one in the pilot episode of Castle, where Castle quips that his safe word is "apples" when Beckett arrests him for stealing her files, and then yells "apples" when Beckett grabs his nose after their meeting with Tisdale.
  • Blackadder "Potato" has a literal example where Percy (weakly) throws a boomerang away, only for it to return and strike him on the back of the head after an unrealistically long delay.
    • In the episode "Born To Be King", Edmund dismisses Baldrick's seemingly lame plan to deal with Mc Angus by getting him to stick his head in a cannon. At the end of the episode, after all other plans have failed, Edmund tries the cannon, and succeeds!
  • M*A*S*H: Near the start of the episode "It Happened One Night", Hawkeye puts a can of beans on a stove in post-op, to heat it up. At the end of the episode, after a busy night dealing with patients, and shelling, and other things, just as things are settling down, the can of beans explodes.
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia:
    • One episode has Dennis "hypothetically" stating for all anyone knows, he might be a maniac with a trunk full of duct tape and zip ties. Five episodes later during the Season Finale, Dennis reveals that he does indeed have multiple rolls of duct tape in his trunk, which he plans to use to kidnap some former classmates who were rude to him.
    • Another episode has Dennis mention to his Girl of the Week that he and the gang had tried to shoot an unauthorized sequel to Lethal Weapon 4. It's treated as a throwaway line, but a later episode revolves entirely around the film in question.
    • In "Pop-Pop: The Final Solution", Dennis and Dee liberate an animal shelter and release a bunch of stray dogs into the streets, reasoning that it's more humane to let them die naturally. At the very end of the episode, a doctor mentions that the E.R. is swamped because the city has become stricken with a rash of violent dog attacks.
  • Community:
    • A brick joke three years in the making: over the course of three episodes across three seasons, a certain word is said three times. Only on the third time does the brick pay off.
    • In "Remedial Chaos Theory," Annie tells Troy and Abed they really shouldn't be using a brick to hold their door open. Fifteen episodes later, a policeman coming to their apartment tells them the same thing—because it's an antique brick and could sell for up to $60. May be an intentional reference to the term "brick joke" as Dan Harmon is an admitted Troper.
    • Abed helps Shirley deliver her baby stating that he's done this before. When rewatching Season 2, you can indeed see him helping someone do so in the background.
    • In Remedial Chaos Theory, Pierce calls Annie's (somewhat feminine) revolver a "woman's pea-shooter". In Digital Estate Planning, a full 16 episodes later, it's revealed that Pierce is always carrying a semi-automatic pistol (except in the shower, of course) No wonder he was unimpressed...
    • There's a massive one concerning Britta. In the first season, there was a joking "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue which stated that Britta (who never has any money and thus uses generic or outdated products) would finally own an iPod Nano in 2014. The writers remembered this, and in fourth episode of Season 5, Pierce left Britta his iPod Nano in his will.
  • My Name Is Earl: While Randy is fishing junk out of the river that a storm drain flows into, he says, "Another doll's head, Earl! That makes four." Eight episodes later, in the next season, an orphan girl tells Earl, "I used to live in a storm drain; rain washed my doll heads away."
  • In one episode of That '70s Show, Jackie has Kelso reading Cosmo magazine, hoping that it would give him insight into women (specifically, Jackie, and what she wants at any given moment). A bit later, Eric is griping about Donna to Kelso, and Kelso spouts off some helpful wisdom, and, when Eric is incredulous, Kelso explains that he's been reading Cosmo, and offhandedly mentions that there are some diagrams to women's internal organs that look like a map to Six Flags. This isn't mentioned for the rest of the episode, until the very end...
    Fez: Oh look! Six flags!
  • Near the beginning of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode Q-less, Q sends Dr. Bashir off to sleep. Potentially several days, power outages, and graviton disturbances later, Bashir shows up at the end of the episode, to Dax's amusement, yawning and announcing "I feel like I've been asleep for days." *beat* "Did I miss something?"
  • In Star Trek, there's one which could be the longest Brick Joke ever; in TOS, Kirk distracts a group of gangsters by teaching them Fizzbin, a complicated card game which he improvises on the spot. Years later, Deep Space Nine makes a reference to the game.
  • The Star Trek: Voyager episode "Riddles" does this with an actual joke. At the beginning of the episode, Neelix asks Tuvok a riddle about how an ensign could survive being stranded for a year on an L-class planet with only a calendar—he ate the dates from said calendar, which Tuvok hardly finds amusing. At the end of the episode (which Tuvok spent as a Fun Personified pastry chef after being brain-zapped until he was restored), he refers back to the riddle and says that the ensign could've also eaten the Sundays/sundaes.
  • Doctor Who:
    • In "The Crusade", a serial all the way back in season 2 of the classic series, Ian is knighted by Richard the Lionheart, with the First Doctor remarking that he'd like to be knighted himself, one day. 41 years later, the Tenth Doctor is knighted by Queen Victoria.
    • In series two, the Tenth doctor develops a fondness for the French phrase "allons-y" (let's go), and wishes he had someone named Alonso to say it to. Over a year later, in "Voyage of the Damned", he finally meets an Alonso. He is overjoyed.
    • In series one "The Empty Child", Captain Jack Harkness says that Pompeii's a great place to visit, except you have to set your clock for volcano day. In series four "The Fires of Pompeii", The Doctor says "We're in Pompeii, and it's volcano day."
    • This one has three parts: In the first series of New Who, there's a brief, off-hand mention of the Face of Boe being pregnant. In the first episode of Torchwood, aired about a year later, Jack vows that he's never going to get pregnant again. In the finale of the third series of New Who (another year later), it is strongly hinted that one day Jack might be the Face of Boe.
    • At the very beginning of the episode "Smith and Jones", Martha Jones first meets The Doctor when he jumps out in front of her in a crowd of people and says "Like so." Then he takes his tie off and waves it in her face. When she arrives at the hospital, she sees the Doctor being examined. Technically, this is when the Doctor first meets her. The rest of the episode consists of the hospital being sent to the moon, avoiding an army of rhino-men and fighting a vampire. When that's finally over, the Doctor explains to Martha who, and what, he is, and that the police box is a time machine. When she doesn't believe him, he says he'll prove it to her, and gets inside the TARDIS and it disappears... only to re-appear seconds later, and he steps out, holding his tie in his hand and waving it at her.
    • In "Time of the Doctor", Clara notices the TARDIS phone is off the hook. At the end of "Deep Breath", several months later, she gets a time-travelling phone call from the Eleventh Doctor reassuring her that the new Doctor is still him, implied to be a phone call made just before Clara entered the room and noticed the phone was off the hook.
  • The Dick Van Dyke Show did this in the third season premiere episode, "That's My Boy??" Mel's sister-in-law has just had a baby, which prompts Mel to make a Switched at Birth joke. Laura prods Rob into a Whole Episode Flashback retelling of how, a few days after Ritchie's birth, he became convinced that they took the wrong baby home from the hospital. They contact the other parents — who have the similar last name of Peters — and invite them over to discuss the possibility. The doorbell rings, Rob opens the door and is stunned at the sight of them. Then he invites the Peters in. Their entry is the brick joke. They're African-American.
    • Kenan & Kel did an episode based on that Dick Van Dyke episode, but changed it a bit. The plot involves Kenan being suspicious of his parents (most of his baby pictures and things were washed away in a flood) and finding out there's a closely named person around his age named Kevin. The brick: since Kenan and Kel are African-American, Kevin and his parents are Asian.
  • How I Met Your Mother:
    • Marshall's slap bet with Barney turned into a Brick Joke spanning the entirety of the series. Marshall has been granted three additional slaps (one of which he used immediately). One was used in the final season.
    • In S2E02, Ted enthusiastically tells Robin that he found a 1945 penny in the subway. Many episodes later, we see a flashback of Ted and Robin buying hotdogs with the money they just got from selling a 1945 penny Ted found on the subway.
    • In "The Pineapple Incident", Marshall is curious about why is there a pineapple in Ted's bedroom. In "The Third Wheel", we see a flashback fom that night where Ted and Trudy are making out while Ted holds the pineapple.
    • In "The Pineapple Incident", Ted claims he's "vomit free since '93". In "Game Night", Ted confesses that he threw up on Robin's carpet:
      Marshall: I thought you were vomit-free since '93. So that was a lie?
    • At one point Ted simply shows up in a green dress and tells Barney "Now we're even!" with no explanation whatsoever. A season later it's finally explained.
    • Several times, the series has "flashed forward" in its retelling, showing minor events that nobody would be expected to remember, then showing the events transpire exactly (or close to exactly) as they were depicted. In the season 4 episode "Three Days Of Snow", Ted makes a reference to "Other ill-advised 5 word sentences" a man might say. One of them is shown at the end of that season (20 episodes later). Another is shown nearly three years later, in season 7.
  • The cold opening for one All That episode has Kenan blowing up a scarecrow, causing the Big Ear Of Corn to be kidnapped by Elvis and professional wrestlers. Later on, Lori Beth Denberg (as Miss Fingerly) kisses a stuffed monkey despite the superstition about what happens... then Elvis and the professional wrestlers come out and beat her up.
  • The IT Crowd has quite a few of these:
    • In one episode, Roy gets caught in the handicapped bathroom at a theater and pretends to be disabled so he won't get in trouble. He tells the theater staff and police that his wheelchair was stolen by a bearded, red-haired man with glasses. Later, the police see a man matching that description leaving the theater and quietly take him away.
    • In the same episode, Moss is caught using the employee bathroom and is mistaken for a new employee. Later, Jen goes to a party at the theater to find Roy in a wheelchair and Moss tending bar.
    • At the start of the same episode, Jen is asked out by a man she thought was gay. Moss replies "don't take this the wrong way, but could it be because he thought you looked a bit like a man?". Right at the end of the episode, after Jen is convinced he isn't gay, she asks him an Armour Piercing Question that causes him to breakdown and admit he is gay, saying he thought it could work because she looked a "a bit like a man."
    • Another episode has Moss have a Eureka Moment, in which he decides it would be better to leave his phone in his shirt pocket rather than his back pocket, for easier access. Later in the episode, he leans down to flush the toilet and his phone falls out. Even later in the episode, Moss gets stuck in a toy crane machine while trying to get an iPhone, and it isn't until the end of the episode that Jen realizes she forgot to get him out.
  • Saturday Night Live:
    • On the last episode of 36th season, Seth Meyers leaves for summer vacation with Bill Hader's Stefon character. About three episodes into season 37 (the episode hosted by Ben Stiller with musical guest Foster the People), Stefon returns and Seth mentions that the vacation they took last summer was bizarre (and when Stefon asked Meyers if his back was okay, Meyers quickly changed the subject).
    • When Kevin Hart hosted in 2013, he appeared in a sketch with Tim Robinson which is a commercial for something called Z-Shirts. Tim asks what he has. Kevin asks "Is it an A-Shirt?" then "Is it a B-Shirt?" and so on. The sketch ends around "I-Shirt". A few sketches later, we see Tim officiating at his grandmother's funeral and invites the attendees to pay their respects. Kevin comes up and asks "Is it a W-Shirt?" and finally gets to "Z".
    • An episode from the leadup to the 1996 election (hosted by Dana Carvey) opened with a sketch showing a few third-party candidates, the last of whom was the nominee of the Female Circumcision Party. Later, a sketch shows Bob Dole using a time machine to stop Bill Clinton from starting his political career. After his attempts fail, Clinton himself goes back to stop him and his presence makes his younger self change his mind about politics. Dole returns to the present, seemingly triumphant. Only then does he discover that his new opponent is even more popular than Clinton. Who is it? The nominee for the Female Circumcision Party.
  • One episode of Corner Gas had Davis and Oscar trying to catch a mouse in the gas station. Oscar was going for the traditional mouse trap, while Davis was advocating being humane and letting the mouse go. He mentioned that, once, he'd nursed an owl back to health and released it. At the end, they catch the mouse, they let it go, they watch it scamper off into the world...and the same owl Davis rescued swooped down and carried off the mouse.
  • Eureka:
    • Over three seasons, characters occasionally refer to something called an "Einstein-Grant Bridge" until in the season four opener, when they accidentally pull Dr. Grant into the future from his original timeline in 1947. Thereafter, they use the term we normally use for that object, the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, thereby proving that the timeline they had been in was different from our own.
    • In the series finale, Eureka gives us what may be the ultimate brick joke: We see Jack and Zoe drive out of the town and see themselves drive into it - this explains the same thing happening in the series pilot when they drive into Eureka for the first time.
  • In the Stargate SG-1 episode "The Fifth Race", Jack spars with Teal'c in a boxing ring. Teal'c knocks Jack over with one punch. Fast forward to "Upgrades", where with the benefit of a bodily-capabilities-improving Atoniek armband, Jack KO's Teal'c.
  • In Season 5 of The Office (US), in the episode "Prince Family Paper": Under instructions from the CFO David Wallace, Michael & Dwight travel to the small privately-owned Prince Family Paper to gather intelligence on the company. They initially revel in their "shark-like" mission but by the end of the episode, when he realises what the consequences of his actions will be, it's only reluctantly that Michael faxes Prince Family Paper's client-list and company structure to corporate. 7 episodes later in "Two Weeks", Michael, having given his two weeks' notice is looking for another job and brags to the camera that he's built up a number of contacts in his years in the business. The first number he calls is Prince Family Paper where he's greeted by a tearful recorded message regretfully informing their customers that after 40 years serving their community, they've been forced to close. Cut to Michael crossing off "Prince Paper" on his pad, leaving "Other Companies".
    • Also, Jim's letter to Pam from the Christmas episode in Season 2. He takes it off her desk before she sees it and puts it in his back pocket. In the second last episode of Season 9, he gives it to her. The audience isn't told what it says, so it's a sort of MacGuffin of their romantic relationship.
      • From the same Christmas episode, Jim shows a golf pencil that was a part of the romantic trinkets he had included in Pam's Secret Santa gift. In a talking head, he says it would "take too long to explain." He brings the pencil back in the penultimate episode in the series, where Pam explains that she had thrown it at him during a minigolf outing and he had kept it for years.
    • Throughout the show, it's hinted that Creed has been involved in various illegal activities over the years, including an implication that he had murdered the REAL Creed Bratton and stolen his identity. This finally comes to a head in Season 9, where Creed is forced to go on the lam after the cops show up with a warrant for his arrest. He returns for Grand Finale, where he is arrested and sent to prison.
    • In the second season, the crew discovers Michael's unfinished screenplay Threat Level Midnight, and have a joking table reading to mock it. In season 7, it is revealed that they had actually shot the movie offseason during the events of season 3, and the majority of the episode is devoted to airing the film itself.
  • The first episode of It's Your Move opened with Matthew organizing an operation selling term papers. After looking at the sign advertising the service, he chews out his friend for misspelling "special" as "specal". Later, after Norman starts a relationship with his mother, Matthew tries to get rid of him by sending him a letter claiming that Newsweek is offering him a position. However, Norman turns it down and when he's alone with Matthew, he reveals that he knows Matthew wrote the letter. What tipped him off? Newsweek would never spell special "specal". (And he borrowed Matthew's mother's typewriter, so he recognized the typeface.)
  • Parks and Recreation had an episode where Leslie and Tom find marijuana growing in a community garden and try to find out who planted it. (They don't.) Later that season, Leslie meets with the former heads of the titular department for a picnic and one admits to planting marijuana in community gardens.
  • In a December 2012 intro to the BBC quiz show Only Connect, host Victoria Coren names four things she's not allowed within 100 yards of. The first sequence of round 2? Those four things, in order. (It was correctly guessed for 2 points.)
  • In a fall 1987 episode of Wheel of Fortune, at the top of the show Pat Sajak mentions that because he was talking to one of the show staffers right before going on air, he forgot to put a belt on. While signing off at the end of the episode, his pants fall down.
  • The West Wing has this memorable Brick Joke:
    Donna: Oh my God, you're putting my mother's cats on the Supreme Court!
  • In a literal example, a first season episode of The Middle explores Brick's habit of forgetting about schoolwork until the last minute and leaving Frankie to do it for him. In the episode he runs for Class Historian, a role requiring him to document the lives of he and his schoolfriends for the next four years. The role isn't mentioned again until a season four episode where Brick, realizing his Class Historian presentation is due and he forgot to take even a single photo, goes to Frankie for help. After four years, she finally refuses and tells him to sort out his own problems.
  • During the The Quest Of Ki live challenge episode of Retro Game Master, Arino takes a break from the game to play Spelunker, until a fan orders him by fax to "DO KI". Arino then beat the game and replied "I did Ki. I DID IT!". This trope came in effect later on the Takeshi's Challenge live challenge, in which another fan orders Arino to DO KI. Arino loudly refuses, but praises the joke.
  • Jeopardy!:
    • About once a month, Jeopardy! will have one category in the Jeopardy! round and a similar titled category in the Double Jeopardy round (i. e. "A Seedy Category" & "A CD Category", "Nothin' But A's" & "Anything But A's", "Story Problems" about book plots, & "Story Problems" about story problems, and so on).
    • Taken Up to Eleven in the Halloween 2008 episode: the Jeopardy! round had ordinary categories like "Famous Counts", "Morse Code", and "Just Say No". In the Double Jeopardy! round, they used the exact same board... but with "Re-" added to each category making them completely different ("Famous Recounts", "Remorse Code", "Just Say Reno", etc.). The Final Jeopardy! category continued with this theme ("Movie Makers and Remakers").
  • Married... with Children is known for Brick Jokes no one saw coming or even noticed.
    • In an early episode, Steve shows Al a newspaper clipping for a hair-loss clinic causing Steve to think he's going bald. Al reads the other side of the clipping, which says that tuna fish is on sale. At the end, when Steve tells Marcy, she meant side of the clipping on the tuna fish.
    • In the beginning of "How Bleen Was My Kelly", Bud has to correct Kelly when she pronounces the "c" in "science". At the end, the Fox TV announcer calls a made-for-TV movie "Madam Curie: Renowned Scientist or Syph-Ridden Whoremonger?" Guess how he pronounces "scientist".
    • In "Kelly Breaks Out", the subplot starts with Al buying episodes of The Avengers just because of Emma Peel. Guess who ended up winning Kelly's audition at the end of the episode?
  • Reba:
    • One episode had an already funny scene of Brock complaining about Barbara Jean's stuffed animals, particularly that two of her stuffed animals can't sit together because "they have history" and lamenting that, in spite of himself, he wants to know what that history is. Other shenanigans happen and the stuffed animals are forgotten until the last scene in the episode, in which a teary-eyed Brock sticks his head in the living room to tell Reba, "Barbara Jean told me the story with Blinky and Lou-Lou and it is so sad!"
    • When Brock is skeptical about the treatments the family therapist is proposing, the therapist claims "You'll be the first to cry". When Brock says the above line, the therapist responds "Told you"
  • An epic Brick Joke on Whose Line Is It Anyway?: During a Scenes From A Hat in the Drew Carey era, the topic was "Tattoos You Don't Want To See On Your Date". Ryan says "Come out of there, you crazy rabbit." Years later, in the Aisha Tyler era, during a playing of Scenes From A Hat, and with a similar topic, Ryan, playing a tailor, reads the exact same tattoo.
    • During a game of "Two Line Vocabulary"note  one of Ryan's lines is "I'm sorry, I wasn't listening." Later, during a game of "Foreign Film Dub"note  Drew says something in mock Swedish and Ryan translates it as the above line. Drew and Wayne are both on the verge of breaking down.
  • In a first season episode of Modern Family, "My Funky Valentine," Mitchell (a lawyer) plans out a closing argument in one of his cases where he would dramatically point to the court seal and shout "Shame!" Unfortunately, he never is able to actually use the line in court. Fast forward three seasons later to another episode, "Goodnight Gracie", where Gloria convinces Mitchell to represent her in a court case in Florida, and Mitchell ends up representing everyone else on the court docket in their own cases. In a quick montage of the various cases, at one point Mitchell is seen pointing to the court seal and shouting "Shame!"
  • In an episode of Yes, Minister, when discussing a memo, Bernard explains that "Consignment of Geriatric Shoe Manufacturers" is Civil Service speak for "a load of old cobblers" (meaning nonsense, for those across the pond). Minister Harker then announces that he shall use his own code, and scrawls "round objects"note  on the memo. Later in the episode, the brick lands when the memo comes back with a question from Sir Humphrey: "Who is Mr. Round, and to what does he object?"
  • In "Teen Wolf", Scott attempts to literally sniff out the other werewolf on his lacrosse team. He crashes into his teammates, causing them to fall so that they are in one place long enough to smell them. When he falls on top of Danny, Danny says, "It's Armani," referring to his aftershave. Scott flirtatiously says, "It's nice." Viewers are left to simply see this scene as Ho Yay/Fanservice until four episodes later, when Scott is chasing down the villain using his sense of smell, and realizes he smells... Armani. It leads him to realize that the villain is seeking out Danny.
  • A staple of the running-gag-filled Arrested Development.
    • For example, a scene early in "Meet The Veals" has Buster mention that Uncle Oscar loves his hook. We then see a flashback of Oscar using the hook to smoke a joint. At the end of the episode, Buster gets attacked by a drug-sniffing dog.
  • In a Season 2 episode of Noels House Party, the Gotcha Oscars involved footballer Garth Crooks, who believed he was doing a piece about football for a CBBC show starring Mr Blobby (this was the first appearance of Blobby, a parody kids' TV character whose central gag was that he was ridiculously impractical and cheap-looking ... before he became the star of the show). The most memorable bit of the skit was him completely failing to explain the offside rule to Mr Blobby. A few weeks later, there was a storyline in which the manager of Crinkly Bottom football team was explaining his woes to Noel. Noel pointed out he'd given the team a new coach, and the manager replied "And they love Mr Blobby. But he don't understand the offside rule." To cap it, Crooks then poked his head round the door, yelling "I've worked it out!"
  • In "Bad Blood" of The X-Files, Mulder and Scully are arguing about their differing memories of Sheriff Hartwell. Scully remembers him as flawlessly gorgeous Southern Gentleman while Mulder recalls an imbecilic buck-toothed hick. When Scully calls Mulder on this, Mulder sheepishly claims that he "had a slight overbite". Later, when the audience finally meets Hartwell for real, he does in fact have a slight overbite, but does not have buckteeth. When they first see him after returning to Texas, Scully gives Mulder an immensely snide look and taps her own front teeth. Mulder pulls a grimace and mimics buckteeth.
  • On an installment of the '90s HBO show Dennis Miller Live, while Dennis is doing his "Big Screen" segment, he shows a picture of then-Attorney General Janet Reno, saying she claims "there is no truth to the rumor that she is getting a complete head-to-toe makeover." After audience silence, he says, "All right. Sometimes I miss one. Wasn't funny. Let it go." Two pictures later comes a photo of a gorgeous supermodel. Dennis says, "And, Attorney General Janet Reno stunned the crowd when she...." When the roaring and applause die down a bit, Dennis says, "You think I'd miss it that badly? I'll always take care of you."
  • Paul Merton: The Series: in one of his comedic monologues, he explains that he lives across the street from a prison, and one of the inmates has made a tunnel to the back of his fridge, and he's kept up at night by the sound of prisoners escaping out of his fridge. In another comedic monologue several scenes later, he says that he is frequently visited by beings from outer space and tells the story of how a blob showed up on his doorstep and started telling him that it could show him things beyond his wildest imaginings before exclaiming "Blimey! You've got prisoners jumping out of your fridge!"
  • In the first season of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, every time Harvey and Sabrina study biology they start to say, "Mitosis is...", but the sentence isn't completed until the last episode of the season, at the last line: "Mitosis is the process of cell division."
  • Mock the Week has many examples, but this Milton Jones routine about history stands out:
    • "1896 - H. G. Wells publishes the book The Time Machine. 1897 - H.G. Wells writes the book 'The Time Machine'." Then, later, "3642AD - H.G. Wells is born!" Then, even later, "We are ten million years in the future! H.G. Wells has just got married."
  • Once Fred and Carrie from Portlandia finish their Battlestar Galactica binge, they decide to push Ronald Moore into writing another episode of the show. When they look him up in the phone book, they are vocally surprised that he (actually just another man with the name Ronald Moore) just happens to live fairly close by. It sounds like they're just Lampshade Hanging until the end of the episode where they hold a cold reading for the script of their new BSG episode, and one of the performers is "a local actor" who is actually being played by the REAL Ronald Moore.
  • The Red Dwarf episode "Stoke Me A Kipper" opens with Ace Rimmer (What a guy!) bailing out of a plane with his Nazi opponent and the bad guy's pet crocodile Snappy, with only one parachute between them. Ace finally ends up with the 'chute, floats down, lands in a base with more Nazis, engages in a gun battle, rescues the local Distressed Damsel and finally zooms away on a flying motorbike. Two surviving Nazis watch him go:
    "He got away! I can't believe he got away!"
    "That was Ace Rimmer! We're lucky to be alive!"
    [Snappy falls out the sky and crushes both of them.]
  • A literal one in Lost. At the start of Season 2, Locke meets Desmond in the hatch, who asks the code phrase "What did one snowman say to the other snowman?" Locke doesn't know the answer to this, leading to this payoff at the end of the season when Desmond returns.
    Locke: So what did one snowman say to the other snowman?
    Desmond: [chuckles] "Smells like carrots."
  • In one episode of Primeval: New World, the cold open shows a coed taking part in a game of capture the flag as part of a Vancouver university's rag week. She encounters the monster of the week during this. About half an hour later in the episode, the ARC team is searching for the monster on campus, and you see a trio of coeds running by and crying out in triumph in the background, holding a giant flag.
  • One episode of The Kids in the Hall features a recurring bit set at Hotel La Rut, in which a forlorn French-Canadian woman repeatedly gives a rambling speech in which she is “thinking about Tony...” The episode ends with perky Nina from Joymakers, a party-planner helping some stiff businessmen throw a surprise birthday party for their co-workers. When the plan goes horribly awry, she looks forlorn and one of the businessmen asks her what’s wrong. She then begins the “thinking about Tony” speech.

    Multiple Media 
  • In one of the BIONICLE comics from 2004, the Kaiju Tahtorak randomly awakens in the city of Metru Nui, and goes on a rampage, demanding the other characters to answer a question that no one knows. In 2005, that question is revealed to be "How did I get here?" Later still, in one of the 2006 books, Brutaka reminisces about teleporting a Tahtorak into Metru Nui out of fun.

  • New Age composer Vangelis invokes a Brick Joke structure in his Albedo 0.39 album. The first track, "Pulstar", ends with the British Post time recording. A voice is heard intoning "At the third stroke, it will be ten-three and forty seconds" followed by three beeps. Likewise for "ten-three and fifty seconds". At "ten-four precisely", the second track kicks in right where the three beeps should be. Just before the ending of track eight, "Nucleogenesis (Part II)", the music pauses and the listener hears a rotary telephone dial. The dialing is followed by three beeps and the climax of the track.
  • On Yes's album "Fragile," Jon Anderson's solo track "We Have Heaven," which starts out simply enough but quickly moves into an ever-increasing multitracked loop of Jon's voice, ends with a closing door blocking out the sound and footsteps running away. At the end of the final track, "Heart Of The Sunrise", which finishes abruptly on an imperfect cadence, there's a pause...and then the door opens, revealing "We Have Heaven" still going on, as presumably it has been throughout the rest of the album. Who says prog rockers have no sense of humour, eh?
  • In the song "We Like Sportz" by The Lonely Island, Guy #2 says "...except for that cunt-hole Steve." Later, during "We'll Kill U", Guy #1 says "You're still a cunt, Steve. Go fuck your snake."
  • The Canadian Progressive band, Rush, pulled something akin to a Brick Joke: the last song of their album, A Farewell To Kings, is "Cygnus X-1", the tale of an astronaut who pilots his vessel into the eponymous black hole, hoping to use it as an "astral door"; it ends with him seemingly torn apart. The "A" side of their next album, Hemispheres, details the struggle between the gods of Reason and Passion to "rule the hearts of man". The struggle erupts into all-out war, which is only interrupted when... the astronaut from "Cygnus X-1" emerges into their midst.
  • The "Weird Al" Yankovic song "The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota" details the road trip the narrator once took with his family to the eponymous attraction. Early on, he makes brief mention of picking up a hitchhiker named "Bernie". Numerous verses later, they finally reach the twine ball.. and ask Bernie to take their picture. He instead runs off with their camera.
    • Another Weird Al song, "Albuquerque", starts with him explaining that the only problem with his early life was that his mother fed him nothing but sauerkraut until he was twenty-six and a half. Over the course of the eleven minute song, Al details his move to the eponymous city and the changes in his life. Near the end, he finally admits the entire song was a roundabout way of saying "I HATE SAUERKRAUT!"
  • Peter Schickele did this with the P.D.Q. Bach grand opera "Oedipus Tex". In the introduction speech at concerts, or alternatively in the introduction track on records/CDs, he mentions that, while concert halls and lecterns and various parts of theatres often get corporate sponsorship, it's generally considered uncouth for them to sponsor the songs themselves. This digression is completely forgotten until forty-five minutes (or six tracks) later when suddenly one of the lines of one of the songs is replaced with "Drink Pepsi."
  • The Dubliners' "The Sick Note" could arguably work as one of these. The song is sung by a man who calls himself "Paddy" and in the first verse he states that this is a letter written to his boss to explain why he won't be coming to work today. Over the course of the song, he continues to get into various forms of accidents, such as darting fourteen stories to hit a trolly with his head and having broken bricks land on him. The final words of the song then go: "Me body is all black and blue, me face a deathly gray / so I hope you'll understand why Paddy's not at work today."
    • Also known as "The Bricklayers's Lament", "Why Paddy's Not at Work Today", or "The Barrel of Bricks", the song is based on a comic monologue by the comedian, musician and cartoonist Gerald Hoffnung, delivered at The Oxford Union on 4th December 1958.
  • The Lonely Island does this in their song "Dreamgirl". The song opens with a monotone voice stating "The following song is brought to you by Chex Mix". They then proceed to sing a song about a "dream girl" who's actually horrible in every way, and for the last couple verses of the song (and the final chorus), it switches to a full-on song about how delicious Chex Mix is.
  • On one of Christine Lavin's live albums, she performs her song "Doris and Edwin: The Movie", which has a rather dark ending. She offers the audience the choice of having it turn out happily due to Doris wearing something that saves her from her fate. They usually say 'no', and do here. Later in the show (about 20 minutes later), she performs "Shopping Cart of Love- a play" in which the song's protagonist passes an accident-scene and the song's love-interest suggests everything would've been okay if only she had a prototype airbag-dress.
  • "I Hope You Die" by The Bloodhound Gang has one of these.
    I hope you flip some guy the bird,
    He cuts you off and you're forced to swerve...
    • Then later...
    And when you finally regain consciousness,
    You're bound and gagged in a wedding dress,
    And the prison guard looks the other way,
    'Cause he's the guy you flipped the bird the other day!
  • The Genesis album Duke has a short track at the start called Guide Vocal where the eponymous character claims that "nobody must know my name, for nobody would understand, and you kill what you fear." At the end of the penultimate track the guide returns to complete his statement: "Nobody must know my name, for nobody would understand, and you kill what you fear, and you fear what you don't understand."
  • Captain Beefheart's album Strictly Personal begins with a blues parody called "Ah Feel Like Ahcid". The song goes into a phased section which leads into the next track "Safe As Milk", meaning we don't hear "Ahcid"'s real ending. Or so it appears at first. After the third track, "Trust Us", we hear more of "Ahcid", but it fades out and much later on, after the last (8th) track, Kandy Korn, we hear the final words of "Ahcid", "I ain't blue no more, wooo it's like heaven ahcid, ahcid" which close the album.
  • Power Metal band Dragonheart does this on their album Vengeance in Black. The first song on the album, Eyes of Hell, begins with a heavy, mid-tempo riff. The last song on the album, Spreading Fire, uses the same riff during the bridge section.
  • The video for Fall Out Boy's Thnks fr th Mmrs includes Pete Wentz getting a phone call from William Beckett of The Academy Is.... The video for We've Got a Big Mess on Our Hands, by The Academy Is..., has William making the call.
    • In the video for "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race" pretty much everything from their previous videos shows up at Pete Wentz's dream funeral, including Pete rising from the casket as a vampire, which he was in the "Less Than Sixteen Candles" video.
  • Queen's album "A Day At The Races" starts with an "Intro" of which the last 20 seconds are exactly the same as the last minute of the last track "Teo Torriate".
  • The insert for the Alex Day album Parrot Stories include the out-of-nowhere line "No horses were drowned in the making of this album." You finish the last listed track... and you hear the secret track The Drowning Horse Song.
  • An odd one occurs on Pink Floyd's The Wall album. The last thing you hear at the end of the album is a quiet voice asking, "Isn't this where...?" This matches up with the first thing you hear on the album: the same quiet voice saying, "...we came in?"
  • Jimmy Buffett pulls this off with two of his songs, released a year apart. 1986's "Who's the Blonde Stranger" (from his album Riddles in the Sand) details the travails of a husband and wife, Frankie and Lola, who each cheat on each other during a vacation trip to Galveston Bay, Texas. 1987's "Frankie and Lola" (from the album "Last Mango in Paris") returns to Frankie and Lola's life just as they're patching their marriage up after a short-term separation by taking "a second honeymoon in Pensacola", when each realizes that they truly do love each other.
  • Arlo Guthrie does this several times in "Alices Restaurant".
  • Ben Fold's "Rockin' the Suburbs" warns that he's going to curse in the first half of the song. Half a song later he says fuck.
  • The Moody Blues did this at least once: On the album On the Threshold of a Dream, the first track ("In the Beginning") begins with a howling-wind sound effect which also ends the last track, "Have You Heard? Part 2".
  • While not a joke by any means, Nine Inch Nails had a very weird line that stood out in the song "The Wretched": "The clouds will part and the sky cracks open and God himself will reach his fucking arm through." Eight years later, the album Year Zero had as one of its central concepts The Presence, a giant otherworldly hand that reaches down from the sky. It was featured on the cover art and several of the Alternate Reality Game sites, plus the song "The Warning" specifically is about it. The last song on Year Zero ("Zero Sum") seems to echo the lines from "The Wretched" directly: "They're starting to open the sky / They're starting to reach down through."

    Newspaper Comics 
  • Once in Garfield, Garfield kicked Odie into next week for eating his food. Odie was absent in the strip for the remaining two days of the week (and in the Saturday strip, Garfield comments that "Lunch isn't the same without Odie"). Sure enough, on the Monday of the next week, Odie came crashing down into the strip. Onto Garfield.
  • In Pearls Before Swine's 10-Minute Retirement, Stephen Pastis was sent to court and sentenced for life, because Rat advocated the overthrowing of the government. He convinced the judge to run one more Croc Story Arc. Said arc was about Zebra building a wall to keep the Crocs out, and eventually they strap tons of dynamite to a Croc named "Melvin", but he goes in the bathroom to read the newspaper and do the crossword. So, to keep their house from blowing up, two Crocs drag him out of the house, and launch him a great distance with Junior's see-saw. Where did he land? The courthouse Pastis was in. The dynamite then exploded, blowing it to smithereens and freeing Pastis.
    • There was a short arc at the very end of 2003 where Pig teaches his army men toys to be Oprah-loving hippies, much to Rat's annoyance. It heavily influenced the Viking characters that would appear a few years later. 3 years later, there was a strip where Rat gets a bunch of girl magazines in the mail, and says they had better not be for The Vikings. He then enters the house to see that Pig is reading a magazine about guns with them. Rat says "Uhhh...Nevermind." and leaves. After a Beat Panel, we see that the same army men are next to him, with one saying "If that Cosmo's not here today, I will just SCREAM."
  • In an old Baby Blues strip, Wanda thinks she should wean Hammie off of the pacifier because she read a magazine article that says babies could become too attached to it. In a later strip, Zoe learns that Hammie still sucks his pacifier in secret, at six years old.
  • In For Better or for Worse, Mike bought a doll named Naked Ned at a yard sale, thinking it an interesting curio. During college, he kept the doll suction-cupped to his dorm window; when he graduated, Mike and his roommate, Weed, argue over who gets to keep the doll. After Mike has retrieved the doll from Weed's girlfriend, it is flushed down the toilet. Years later, it's removed from the pipes.
  • The January 15, 2012 Brevity featured a pair of kids stepping out of a box. The boy points at something, and says "It worked!". Many readers were perplexed, others thought it to be a reference to the 2011 Doctor Who Christmas special. Come January 22... The same pair stand in front of the closed box, which reads 'Time Machine'...on the 15th, he'd been pointing at the strip's date.
  • Bloom County once had a string of 4 strips where Opus repeatedly called 911 for non-emergency purposes like "There's a 465-pound woman across the street pruning her azaleas wearing pea-soup-green hot pants!!" Five days later, Steve Dallas was abducted by aliens, and the punchline to the scene was Opus calling 911 and their immediately hanging up.
  • Doonesbury did a literal brick joke in August of 1974 at the height of the Watergate scandal. As dialogue from President Nixon's secret tapes were shown, a brick wall was built in front of the White House. After Nixon's resignation, another strip was published on September 2nd showing the wall coming down.
  • A week-long arc of The Boondocks sees Huey and Riley struggling to find the perfect birthday present for their Granddad. Every potential gift turns out to be too expensive or hard to find in the suburbs; at the end of the week, they surprise Grandad with...absolutely nothing, to his disappointment. Later, Riley starts a campaign protesting rapper Shyne's jail sentence. While Riley's sitting outside with a sign that reads FREE SHYNE, a white man (who assumes that Riley can't spell) asks the boy to polish his Prada shoes. Riley steals the shoes and runs back home...where he gives them to Grandad as a belated birthday present.

    Print Media 
  • In Issue #41 of MAD (from 1958), the cover picture of Alfred E. Neuman is half-finished because the artist got a call from Time magazine. Cut to the article "The Next Day's Headlines" which shows disastrous headlines based on the advice columns shown on the previous page... and one about Time firing their new artist because all their people looked like Alfred E. Neuman.
  • The Onion did it with pictures. The front cover of the February 21, 2011 issue shows a picture of Blake Griffin jumping over a car with the headline "Car Blake Griffin Dunked Over Vows Revenge". Cut to the March 21, 2011 issue which has the cover showing a picture of Blake Griffin run over by a car with the headline "Car Blake Griffin Dunked Over Exacts Bloody Revenge".

    Professional Wrestling 
  • In one episode of WWE Monday Night RAW, The Hurricane was trying to teach his sidekick, Rosey (an over-300-pound Samoan), how to be a superhero. His lesson for the day was how to change into his costume in a phone booth. Roughly an hour later in the show, we see Steve Austin walking backstage... and he happens across the phone booth, in which Rosey is trapped by his own girth.
    Rosey: (pleading) Can you let me out? Please? I'll pay you!
  • Near the beginning of an episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, Booker T starts his Catch Phrase ("Can you dig that... SUCKA!") to Chris Jericho, who cuts him off and leaves. About an hour and a half later, as Jericho's heading to the ring for his match, Booker pops up to finish: "—SUCKAAAAA!"
  • In 2009, Edge mocked Sheamus, comparing him to Beaker. Two years later, when the Muppets appear on Monday Night Raw, Sheamus tells Beaker that he "can't make it to the family reunion this year."
  • During the three-way John Cena, CM Punk, and Alberto Del Rio feud for the WWE Title, Cena and Punk would frequently mention mullets and skateboards to new General Manager John Laurinaitis for seemingly no reason. After the jokes became less frequent, CM Punk played a montage of Laurinitis clips from the early 90s, during his time wrestling in the Dynamic Dudes with Shane Douglas, complete with skateboard and mullet.
  • WWE pulled off one of the longest Brick Jokes in history — a 14-year long joke. Back in 1998, Mae Young gave birth to a hand in an angle that has never been spoken of since. On the 1000th episode of Raw (2012-07-23), AJ Lee and Layla El opened their dressing room door to a guy dressed as a hand and Mae, introducing her "son". There are no words.
  • One potential Brick Joke stems from a segment on the June 23rd, 2003 edition of Raw in which Kane breaks a mirror shortly before his unmasking against his will. A seven year run of big losses and bad breaks follows this, concluding on the June 22nd, 2010 edition of Smackdown where he loses to CM Punk. Immediately after this seven year run ended, he went on an eleven match winning streak, including his first World Heavyweight Championship victory in over a decade. The incident is never brought up or referenced in any way until one Reddit user notices in late 2013.

  • A brick with relatively short air-time — in one episode of Hello Cheeky, Tim announces that they'll be broadcasting Rigoletto in two parts. This is immediately followed by a cry of "Rigo—", and fifteen minutes later, we hear a yell of "—letto!"

  • "Round the Horne" managed a clever two-stage joke: early in the episode, Kenneth Horne is phoned by a listener, and Horne asks him "can you give me your name?", to which the man replies "Elias Mooseblaster." Elias then asks Kenneth to give him his name. They then say goodbye, apparently literally having given each other their names. Later on, the Australian character, Judy Coolibah, makes fun of a man called "Dunnet", which sounds rather like "done it", and she remarks that men with suggestive names should have them changed. She then asks Horne what his name is. Horne then gives his name as "Elias Mooseblaster."

  • Destroy The Godmodder has a handful of these. Namely Dave, a mostly pathetic robot who was repeatedly summoned, and repeatedly destroyed. Not many people found it funny though.
    • More successful recently. Upon being reminded of this by the tvtropes page (stated by him in the post), the owner of Dave proceeded to summon him again. One game after his most recent death.

    Stand-Up Comedy 
  • Ron White had one happen to him, thanks to being a smartass. When Ron was 17 years old, he was arrested, and the arresting officer asked if he had any aliases. Ron responded "Yeah. They call me 'Tater Salad,'" as a joke. Seventeen years later, after getting thrown out of a bar in New York City, Ron was arrested again. The arresting officer asked "Are you Ron 'Tater Salad' White?"
  • Many Comics may point out something in their anecdotes then later on use it as a punchline, leading those that come in later confused at why people are laughing so hard at something that seems unimportant.
  • The first Blue Collar Comedy movie has Jeff Foxworthy recounting a story told to him about a man who, upon hitting a beaver with his car, picked up said beaver upon mistaking it for dead, and managed to have it bite his nipple off. On a signature redneck joke to close the movie: "If you've ever had your nipple bitten off by a beaver, you might be a redneck."
  • In Margaret Cho's stand-up special I'm The One That I Want, she talks about how her gay friends taught that the best way to quickly finish a guy during oral sex is to finger his ass while blowing him. She quotes, "You wanna go home don't you? You can wash your hand at home!" and mimics driving home with one finger off the wheel. Much later in the show, she mentions how someone once asked her if she's worried about embarrassing her Korean family. She replied, "I'd embarrass any family!", and once again starts "driving" with one finger up.
  • Gabriel Iglesias tends to have these for each standup special he does. The longest Brick Joke he does references a gag he did in the previous stand-up special about his friend Philippe, who always gets Gabriel in trouble.
  • On Hannibal Buress' album My Name is Hannibal, Hannibal talks about buying prosthetic metal arms just in case something happens to his real arms. Near the end of the album, after joking about one of his cousins flipping out and cutting his arms off, Hannibal brushes it off with "Whatever, I got these metal arms!"

    Theater/Stage Shows 
  • British mentalist/illusionist Derren Brown did it in two different stage shows.
    • In his third show, An Evening of Wonders, during the show broadcast on TV, he played a game of 20 Questions with several members of the audience. One, he sent back, saying he was too unsure of her object (brick number 1). Later, he performed the "Oracle Act" (it's billet reading). Seems one teenaged boy, on a dare from his friends, had written only the word "cock" on his billet, much to everyone's amusement (except Derren's, obviously) (and, by the way, brick number 2, although unintentional). Both bricks pay off at the end of the show, when he unrolls a big scroll that had been in a box since the beginning. On the scroll, he had written the word "bracelet" three times, and the lady that he had sent back revealed that she had thought of a bracelet during the 20 Questions segment. Upon finding this out, Derren said, "That kid's right, I am a cock!"
    • And then in his fourth show, Enigma, at the beginning of the show, he asked people in the audience to write down a list of their three favorite things, and he would have a member of the audience draw one, and then by the audience member saying random words, Derren would guess the items. The first item that was written down on the chosen slip, he guessed was a favorite band, but couldn't identify the band. Upon finding out that the band was Mc Fly, he simply said, "Never heard of them." Guess who performed a song revealing one of his predictions at the end of the show?
  • The comedy pair Rahmens uses Brick Jokes in their routines.
    • The best example is probably this one:
    (about namehage) "Who drove the demons out of Akita?"
    "This mystery will be unraveled in... (looks at watch) 14 minutes."
    • It is indeed revealed about 14 minutes later. A pun reveals it was Momotaro.
  • Bill Cosby has a story about the time him and Old Weird Harold went to a scary movie. They got so scared that they got down on the floor and didn't get up until 10 o'clock. They were so frightened on the walk home that when a wino stumbled a little too close to them, they trampled him in terror. Later, he tells another story about a game called "Buck Buck", which involves one team trying to get the other team to collapse under their weight. After their opposing team shows confidence in the fact that they would never collapse, Cosby's team brings out their secret weapon: Fat Albert. The opposing team surrenders the second they see him. "Now, I told you that story to tell you this one". Cosby then tells the story of the time they scared Fat Albert, but Cosby forgets that he was standing behind Fat Albert. He ends up in the hospital and shares a room with a wino who was trampled by two kids, and they both agree that frightened children are very dangerous.
    • Bill enjoyed this technique. His famous "Chocolate Cake for Breakfast" starts with his wife waking him up at weird o'clock in the morning so he can start making their children's breakfast. After some protest about how it's not healthy to eat this early, he heads down and gets to work, leading to a long and hilarious story about how his youngest asks for chocolate cake and he realizes how HEALTHY it is. (Eggs! Milk! Wheat! Oh, goody!) By the time, his wife comes down, all the kids are eating chocolate cake; she grows furious and they blame him...
      "And my wife sent me ... to my room." (Smile) "Which is where I wanted to be in the first place."
  • In Ellen DeGeneres's stand up special Here and Now, early on, she talks about procrastination, and, quite appropriately, gets sidetracked. About an hour later, she returns to the topic out of the blue.
    • Also, in her later special The Beginning, she talks about needing silence in her life. Then she tells an increasingly bizarre story involving a vegan food shop, and a sex toy store, culminating in her being arrested while wearing nothing but a captain's hat and a paddle, along with her new blow-up doll named "Linda".
    Cop (In story): You have the right to remain silent.
    Ellen: And I was like "Thank you! That's what I've been looking for all along!"
  • The juggling pair Strahlemanne and Söhne do one of these at Carl-Einar Häckner's 2013 variety show and at least one another performance. At the start, they both take a bow, with Söhne reaching into his breast pocket to display his pocket handkerchief. Strahlemanne digs around in his own pocket, but finds nothing. They begin juggling, and as they do, they take off their clothes and throw them to one another. When they're both stripped to the underwear, they begin putting on the other's clothes. At the end, when they're fully dressed again, Söhne moves to adjust his handkerchief but finds nothing. Strahlemanne reaches into his own breast pocket and tugs it up with a smile.
  • In the final scene of the 2013 musical adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a bit of Breaking the Fourth Wall reveals that Willy Wonka's going to enter the audience's world to continue his creative work. This becomes a brick joke when, during the curtain call, he initially reappears in one of the theatre's box seats to applaud Charlie as he takes his bow.

    Theme Parks 
  • When Ooblar breaks into Jimmy's laboratory in Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast, he creates a large, Yolkian-shaped hole in the wall. Later, at the end of the ride, this hole is now seen patched up with a bunch of wood, only for the hole to be opened up again when King Goobot blasts his way in.
  • When the ride vehicle gets hijacked on The Great Movie Ride, the tour guide tells the riders that they’ll be back after they get some popcorn. Later after the hijacker is killed, the tour guide returns, saying, “See, I told you I was just going for some popcorn!”

    Video Games 
  • Very early in Portal 2 the Announcer discusses what to do in the event of an animal king ruling over humanity, and an accompanying video screen shows it acted out with a massive leopard-print turret wearing a crown. Then in the finale with the turret opera, you can see the animal-king turret singing in the background, every bit as massive, and even wearing the crown.
    • You can also briefly spot an unusually wide turret in an elevator early on, then see it a short while later in a hidden room next to a pair of singing turrets. Turns out it's the lead singer for the aforementioned turret opera
    • You hear a recording of Cave Johnson talking to his test subjects about the moon, the moon rocks he bought, crushed into dust and used in his experiments, how the moon rock dust he breathed in gave him cancer, and the special portal-able properties of the moon rock dust slurry he used to paint the walls of his test chambers. Much later, at the very end of the game, during the climactic boss fight against Wheatley, the facility is shaking itself to pieces. A hole opens up in the roof. Through the hole, somehow, despite being hundreds of feet underground, Chell can see...the Moon. Which is, of course, covered in the one and only substance the Portal Gun can attach portals to. There is one remaining spot of portal-able floor, directly underneath Wheatley. Hilarity ensues.
    • Every bit of dialogue in the Perpetual Testing Initiative references something from the game proper. It even has a black comedy version of it's own, where early on you are asked by a sickly boy to continue testing to help him find a cure, then (much) later Cave Prime chimes in to tell you that they had kept tabs on that universe just to find out what happened to the kid. The fact that the kid died didn't even faze Cave.
  • Tales of Graces : Asbel never gets to cleaning his desk. Ever.
    • If you use Malik's Eternal Serenade to finish off the final boss of the main arc, he will claim that that will be the last time he will use that attack. Use it again in the future arc, and Sophie will call him out on it.
  • At the beginning of The Reconstruction, Qualstio complains about the fanfare that plays when characters join the guild. Much later on, another character comments on it after joining, to the confusion of everyone else.
  • In the first level of Earthworm Jim, you launch a cow into the air. At a couple of points during play, you see that cow fly by in the background. At the very end of the game, the cow lands on Princess What's-Her-Name. The joke continues into the animated series, in which every episode ended with a cow dropping out of the sky and landing on a random person for no reason.
    • The second game features the joke as an Idle Animation; Jim throws a brick into the air, and it hits him in the head whenever he next begins to idle.
  • In the first act of The Curse of Monkey Island, Elaine is about to punch Guybrush when she finds out the engagement ring he gave her is cursed, when the curse kicks in and she turns into a gold statue. Near the end of the game, Elaine is freed of the curse and finishes punching Guybrush.
    • The Monkey Island series is full of these. Throwaway lines like "I can hold my breath for 10 minutes" can come back into play much later. We say "can" because sometimes a punchline is delivered after the player has been allowed to roam around freely.
    • Also in Curse, Guybrush sneaks aboard the Sea Monkey, but gets caught immediately. First mate Mr. Fossey says he can either walk the plank or be tarred and feathered. However, they only have enough tar to repair the ship if it gets wrecked, so Guybrush has to walk the plank. Guybrush cuts off the plank, forcing them to tar and feather him. After Guybrush wins the ship from them, he and his crew sail to Blood Island where they crash. Haggis laments that the ship's stores of tar are depleted, making it impossible to repair the ship.
  • In "Homestar Ruiner", the first episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, the episode begins with Strong Bad getting an email asking why he hasn't "beat the snot" out of Homestar yet. Strong Bad thinks it's a good idea, but he gets sidetracked by his plan to beat Homestar in the big Tri-Annual Race to the End of the Race. In the endgame, after Homestar is knocked out of a window along with a number of other uninvited guests in Strong Bad's house, he yells "Ow, my snot!"
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, early in the game the bridge across the river is blocked by a group of women chatting about how they dislike housework. One of them comments on how she's bad at cleaning her house and wishes there was someone to do it for her. A while later - after you find your Loftwing, race in the Wing Ceremony, fly with Zelda, wake up after she falls into the tornado, find Fi and get the Goddess Sword, you're finally able to go across the bridge, and if you go in her house you'll find that it's completely covered in dust and spiderwebs. Much later in the game, you finally get an item that is able to blow the dust out, so you do actually clean the house for her.
  • EarthBound has too many to count. For instance, early on in the game, you meet Orange Kid who asks you to invest $50.00 in his inventions. All you get if you do it is a worthless music box that breaks after you use it. But after you defeat Giygas, Orange Kid calls and says that someone invested millions in him, and makes fun of you if you didn't.
  • Near the beginning of the storyline of AdventureQuest Worlds, a skeletal minion by the name of Chuckles is one of the very first victims of the Big Bad, Drakath. The player base, who rather liked the little guy, launched a "Save Chuckles" campaign that ultimately succeeded in bringing back his skull. Two years and eight Chaos Lords later, Chuckles returns in a manner most awesome during the Doomwood saga. At the end of the Shadowfall War, just when things are looking grim for Empress Gravelyn and the heroes, Chuckles, who is revealed to have been Gravelyn's very first creation, knocks Noxus right off the Shadowscythe throne and frees Gravelyn, who promptly takes back control of her undead army from him so that the heroes can kick Noxus' ass. And in the aftermath of Noxus' defeat, Gravelyn gives Chuckles a promotion — by switching his skull with that of Noxus!
  • Sonic Generations has Silver throwing cars at you for him being a moron because of him thinking you're an impostor. At the end, the cars he threw at you land on him when he's defeated.
  • At the beginning of the Team Fortress 2 short "Meet the Medic", Medic finds his dove Archimedes digging around inside Heavy while he is operating on him. At the end of the short, after Medic operates on Scout and gives him his new heart, we find out the dove got stuck inside him.
    Scout: Oh man, you would not believe... how much this hurts!
    [a bird's cooing sound emits from the Scout's chest]
    Medic: ...Archimedes?
    • This itself was the punchline of another brick joke, where the week when the Medic update started, Scouts would randomly have doves fly out of them if they get gibbed with no explanation.
    • In what can be considered a ludicrously long-planned brick joke, there were raid boss strings added during the first halloween update, followed not long after by strings that gave items RPG-like stat bonuses, and references to Robots during the Mannconomy Update. Initially, these were added in the updates because people could figure out what a future update would be by simply reading the strings, which were named in reference to what they were (like weapon names or stats). Most people forgot about these until, years later, these were implemented in the Mann Vs Machine Update (which featured robots, upgradable weapons, and full-on Raid Bosses).
  • Mass Effect:
    • In the Upper Wards Market in the first game, there's a human talking to a turian shopkeeper about a refund. The turian repeatedly refuses to grant the refund on grounds that the customer doesn't have a proof of purchase. Later on in the second game he's outside a warehouse, still asking for his refund and still not getting it. After 5 years and 3 games Shepard finally has the choice to finish the guy's quest once and for all. It turns out it was for a toaster that cost 15 credits...
    • In the second game, Mordin has a throwaway line about how the cyanide pills hidden in teeth apparently issued to Cerberus agents are inefficient, with "ocular nerve flashbangs" being more effective at preventing a captured agent from being interrogated. Cut to the Alliance attempting to interrogate a captured Cerberus agent in the third game...
    • Traynor's toothbrush in the third game. It's introduced as an astonishing waste of money that costs 6000 credits and uses tiny, extremely precise mass effect fields to break up plaque. During Priority: Citadel II, as you're fighting through the C-Sec building, you can find a datapad indicating that they're being used to smuggle mass effect fields used in manufacturing illicit Talon pistols. Then, in the Citadel DLC, you find that Traynor was thrown off the ship with barely enough time to grab her toothbrush, and in order to get onto the Normandy before it's stolen, you need to open an access hatch that's designed to be opened from the other side, requiring an extremely precise mass effect field... cue Traynor holding up her toothbrush and activating it, lightsaber-style, with a "this is it, my life cannot get any weirder" expression on her face.
    Shepard: If you told me this morning a toothbrush was going to save the Normandy, I would have been very skeptical.
    • Citadel involves a chain of brick jokes. While talking to the squad between missions, James Vega will complain about the lack of food in the apartment. As Shepard is marching off to prepare to storm the Citadel Archives, s/he bumps into a volus holding a pizza box. Upon Shepard's inquiry, James informs him/her that he got the munchies. During the mission proper, Glyph will inform James that the volus is calling to demand payment, prompting James to complain about the pepperoni being burnt.
  • Maniac Mansion in the kitchen, there's a chainsaw, but the programmers never got around to programming in the gasoline can it needs. The gasoline can shows up on the planet Mars in Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders, a Spiritual Successor game which was also created by LucasArts.
  • In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, one of the City Guards' random lines is "No lollygagging." During the quest "No One Escapes From Cidhna Mine", you meet an imprisoned orc named Borkul the Beast. He's in jail for "Murder, Banditry, Assault, Theft, and Lollygagging."
  • Combined with inverted Chekhov's News in Tachyon: The Fringe. The combat portion of the Justified Tutorial consists of you fighting off a group of target drones that went haywire while you were evaluating a novice flight instructor. A news item later in the game reveals that the instructor went on to save the lives of her students when the same thing happened again.
  • In No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, Sylvia tempts Travis into rejoining the ranked fights with the promise of sex, telling him she's an expert in yoga positions. Travis's first thought was ", downward dog?" Late in the game, the two finally resolve their UST, and after the earth shaking, sign-destroying sex, Travis charges out of his apartment and screams for all to hear, DOWNWARD FUCKING DOG!!!
  • Spider-Man 2 has over a hundred Hint Markers (some not even Hints, but random trivia or possible adlibbing from Bruce Campbell), one of them says that, after every last one is collected, every marker will say "something different". Once you do... They all literally say "Something Different".
  • Golden Sun: Dark Dawn has a few. The game begins with Karis telling Tyrell that Mars Adepts can't fly. Roughly two-thirds of the way through the game, you get a party member whose signature ability is Mars-based Not Quite Flight. Karis's reaction isn't shown.
    • Amiti, upon joining the party, is told to Please Put Some Clothes On. He wonders aloud if his current attire is distracting, but is told that they're going to the mountains and it will be cold there, which sounds like a flimsy excuse at the time. Then you end up in snowy mountain village Te Rya, and sure enough, Amiti complains about the cold.
      • And even later on, when you rescue Eoleo, he takes one look at Amiti and remarks that it's the first time he's seen an Ayuthayan "wearing real clothes".
  • In Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, the second tutorial boss is the Junior Shrooboid, who is green. Later in the game, the Elder Shrooboid, who is red, shows up as the last boss before the final boss rush. Unless you realize the series's running gag with green being younger than red, you're not going to realize that the Elder Shrooboid will exist, and you'll slowly start forgetting about this throughout the game, as most of the game is in between these two bosses.
  • In Half-Life, the player can make a quick stop on the way to their HEV suit to go into a kitchen, play with a microwave and blow up whatever was inside. Three games later in Half-Life 2: Episode Two, almost ten years later real-life time, Arne Magnusson tells the player that he might forgive them for the Black Mesa incident..."involving a certain microwave casserole."
    • Early in Half-Life 2, mention is made of a cat that was used in a teleport test; all we're told is that Barney still has nightmares about it. One in-game week later, Barney will stop in the middle of the rebellion to ask you "did you hear a cat just now? That damn thing haunts me!"
      • Also in Half-Life 1 a common phrase by the guards is "Catch me later I'll buy you a beer". Later in Half-Life 2 you meet a former guard named Barney and the first thing he says to you is "About that beer I owed you."
  • In Persona 4, when the crew first enters the TV world, Yosuke nearly wets his pants in the Ominous Bedroom. During the normal ending, when Teddie is trying to find Adachi, he comments that he "smells something funny" coming from that room.
    • In the same game, Nanako believes that the weather forecasters control the weather. In the Updated Re-release, Marie becomes a weather forecaster who actually controls the weather.
    • In one instance, Yukiko jokingly says that Teddie wearing a cape will look very silly. Then comes the sequel, with Teddie actually Shadow Labrys makes his entrance with outfit that is better described as M. Bison inspired, Yukiko bursts out laughing.
  • Case 2 of Ben Jordan has a prospector lend Ben his car, which proceeds to get destroyed. When the case ends, the prospector asks "Has anyone seen my car?". Cue Oh, Crap.
  • In Freedom Wars, Carlos gets two: when you first meet him, he rags on you for having apparently pilfered his glasses. Later, when rumor spreads through the Panopticon of a mole for a rival PT, he makes an offhanded remark about being a spy. Both times, he was brushed off by other Sinners for being a Jerk Ass as usual, only for Carlos to finally get his glasses back when he reveals that he's actually a spy from On High.
  • In the Borderlands 2 side-quest "Getting to Know Jack", you track down a series of audio logs detailing Handsome Jack's rise to power as CEO of Hyperion Corporation. In one of these, he strangles an underling for bringing up Jack's late wife, and makes a note to his lackey Mr. Blake on the difference between choking and strangling. In the last audio log, the then-president of Hyperion claims to be unafraid of Jack's blackmail attempts, to which Handsome Jack responds "Maybe you could clear something up for me... do you know the difference between choking and strangulation?"
  • The ZX Spectrum game Ricochet has a ridiculously long scroller which is notorious for a joke about a yellow brick. Click the link to read it in an online emulator (requires a Java-enabled browser).
  • In Deadly Premonition, the event that foreshadows the identity of the Big Bad is styled like one.
  • In Shin Super Robot Wars, Boss is about the only one whose machine wasn't somehow handed down by the family, but Kouji observes that the Boss Borot is mainly just in the way. Boss takes umbrage at this, but with his lackeys in tow he plans to one day build the Boss Borot into one hell of a machine. Later on, Mucha shows up piloting the Borot, claiming that he's taken it without telling Boss, entitled by all the hard work he put in. He's not too worried about reprisals from Boz, who is unlikely to be able to follow all the way to space, and has even installed a Map Weapon! It also turns out that the Boss Borot's map weapon, though powerful, is totally impossible to aim.
  • In one scene of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, a commercial in the bar will say about a possible new report that zerglings are fatally allergic to lemon juice. Come Starcraft II Heart Of The Swarm, the swarm's genetic database Abathur can make an off-handed comment about "Solving Zergling lemon juice allergy".
  • In Escape from Butcher Bay, Riddick goes into Pigsville (the guards' living quarters) through an entry point in the shower room. Later in the game you can overhear two guards complaining that the showers are closed because of this.
  • In Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf, on Level 13, you shoot a sheep into outer space with a cannon. After Level 14, Marvin the Martian arrives to complain that a flying sheep broke his water tank.
  • In Blaz Blue Chrono Phantasma, Kagura's match intro has him flirting with a random girl, then when he notices the opposing character, he tosses the girl into the air and begins the fight. A bit funny, yes? Gets better. If he wins the match, he outstretches his arms and the girl lands in them. If he loses, the girl clumsily lands on him. Now, that is funny.
    • Oh yeah, GOLDEN TAGER X. Both seen in Tager's gag reels and as Kokonoe's Over-Distort
  • In Broken Sword, most players leave the faucet on in the basement in Ireland. When George recounts his experiences to Nico, he mentions having to help bail out the basement because "Some idiot left the faucet on."
  • World of Warcraft has several:
    • After you give the quest to Johnny Awesome, you find his Celestial Steed dead.
    • Kingslayer Orkus. You give him the quest, and an NPC wonders if he'll drown. Sure enough you will find him drowning in shallow water.
    • In Thousand Needles, you rescue pridelings from someone who had captured them. they follow you around for a little while because you rescued them, but then they leave. At the end of the story arc, you confront the Jerk Ass who captured the pridelings. Once he's lowered to enoguh health, the pridelings reappear, swarm him, carry him over a cliff, and then drop him.
    • In Warlords of Draenor, soon after passing through the Dark Portal, you encounter Kargath Bladefist, who traps you and your party in an arena and tasks you with killing one hundred of his minions. But you only kill 99 of them before Khadgar leads your party out into the next area. Ten levels later, in Highmaul, you enter another arena, and Kargath Bladefist is back (and he is angry that you cheated him out of a fight). Then when you defeat him, his last words are "One... hundred."
  • The House of the Dead: OVERKILL: Washington calls G "Agent Gwendolyn" at the beginning of the "Carny" chapter; G doesn't protest until two chapters later after being kicked awake.
  • Virtue's Last Reward has many, most of them subtle in-jokes.
    • The most obvious one being Phi's "man" speech at the start of the game. Not only does she repeat it right at the end of the game in the "another time" branch to "Kyle", but she also uses the punchline, "I am no man", at another time in the middle of the game in response to Dio's words.
    • There's also when Phi jokes to Sigma in one of the timelines about him seeing her in a swimsuit, just before they're all killed by a bomb. In another timeline, Sigma recalls information from this timeline, and brings up Phi's "promise" of swimsuit "action". This is also a brick joke to one of the hidden files, which is labled "swimsuit" and mentions how "Sigma, or the author, seems to be unusually obsessed with swimsuits".
    • A lot of the jokes and throw-away lines come back to gain significance later on. One of the jokes right at the start of the game involves the word "grandpa", which goes on to gain significance with the game's final, and most major plot twist: the fact that Sigma is actually 67 years old.
  • At the start of the first chapter of Mother 3, the doorknob on the front door of Flint's house comes off when Thomas tries to open it. He pockets it, only to later remark that he lost it if you talk to him. From then on, random NPCs throughout the story will mention having seen it if you talk to them, though doesn't it actually show up until the very last dungeon of the game, where it ends up falling off a cliff when you try to pick it up. You finally manage to reclaim it in the game's ending, when it inexplicably turns up in the darkness you're left wandering prior to the credits roll.
  • In Lego City Undercover, after you finish the Special Assignment "Smash 'N' Grab", one of Forrest Blackwell's sentinels is assigned to get after Chase on a tricycle. At the end of the cutscene after the final Assignment, he's just about to reach Chase... but the iris out beats him to it.
  • In A Witchs Tale, Babayaga hits Liddell on the head early on. At the end of the first playthrough it turns out that this caused her to dream the whole adventure.
  • Though not employing a literal brick, this example explores the consequences of what one might expect a brick to do when thrown into the air. The first Quest for Glory foreshadows the Antwerp as a fearsome monster, but when encountered by the player this creature appears to be a harmless, perpetually bouncing blob with a head. If the character tries to attack the creature, it will bounce away into the sky... only to appear later, after the player has moved to another screen, to instantly crush the character to death.
  • In Commander Keen V: The Armageddon Machine, there is a secret level late in the game called the Korath III Base. It can be completed via an elaborate series of platform puzzles, however near the start of the level there is also a hidden fuse. If the player breaks this fuse, the level immediately ends, and Keen says "I wonder what that fuse was for...". Later, at the end of the game, after defeating the final boss, some text appears describing the aftermath of the game. If the player broke the fuse, then instead of describing how the Shikadi escaped back to their own galaxy, the text reads: "Due to a freak fuse malfunction, they cannot take off and are arrested by the Korath III police for double-parking."
  • Grand Theft Auto III has an example on Chatterbox. A man calls in to talk about eating wildlife. At one point, he specifies eating pigeons saying "Sometimes, they come with little notes attached." Later, a woman calls into the station to promote her group which has been organized to ban phones from Liberty City. When Lazlow points out the irony of her using a phone to promote her anti-phone group, she mentions that they tried using carrier pigeons but they keep disappearing.

    Web Comics 

     Web Original 
  • This Cyanide and Happiness video is one long four-minute brick joke.
  • Freeman's Mind does this over two episodes. In Episode 2, 'Gordon' notices the helmet of his HEV suit has gone missing... He probably won't need it, right?
    • In episode 13 he muses that he's a first generation Morlock since he's spending so much time underground. In Episode 48 he calls the soldiers surface dwellers as he guns them down.
  • Homestar Runner has a few.
    • Nearby the beginning of "Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon", Strong Sad says in a letter that he and Marzipan have a bakavla in the oven. At the end of the cartoon, Marzipan serves it to the other characters.
    • At the beginning of "Drive-Thru", Strong Bad is using an air compresser to launch a toy rocket to Europa, in the hopes that it'll return to Earth and bring him back some lobsters. At the end, sure enough, it falls back to Earth and cracks open, revealing a space lobster. The Drive-Thru Whale asks it to sever its leg, which it does, and the whale eats it (but not its severed leg, oddly) and flies into outer space. ...Yeah.
    • In sbemail #38, titled helium, we discover that Strong Mad's voice doesn't change at all when he sucks helium, to his annoyance. Exactly 114 emails later in sbemail #152, isp, we find out that Strong Bad's internet connection is so slow because Strong Mad is siphoning his bandwidth through a garden hose. Apparently bandwidth acts like "super helium" and Strong Mad finally gets his helium voice.
    • The short "The Luau" begins with Homestar peeing behind Marzipan's gazebo. Later on in the short, when Homestar visits Strong Bad's party, and finds out that he can't get the wood to start on fire, Homestar then asks if Strong Bad got the wood from behind the gazebo, in which Strong Bad answers "Yes, why?". Homestar then explains "Well it all started when I drank 32 glasses of melonade..."
    • In email #55, "cheat talk", Strong Bad waits patiently for Strong Mad (and The Cheat) to say the word "Douglas" (and jams his keyboard into Strong Sad's stomach to get him to say the word). In an Easter Egg for email #76, as Strong Bad tries to get other characters to say "Fhqwhgads", Strong Mad instead says, "DOUGLAS!", to which a surprised Strong Bad says, "Whoa! We've just had a breakthrough! You get a gold star."
    • In short "Play Date", Homestar calls Bubs, who tells him that he's in federal prison. However he shows up in two scenes throughout the cartoon. In the Easter Egg, Homestar asks why he's not in prison, and he says he got time out for "snitchy behavior".
    • In email #103, "haircut", Strong Bad, while coming up with various eyebrow-cuts for Strong Mad, randomly comes up with one looking like a character from Sweet Cuppin' Cakes, a cartoon he invented in an earlier email, whom he immediately dubs "Ready for Primetime". Fast forward to the Decemberween in July Sweet Cuppin' Cakes short; at the very, very end, guess who makes an unexpected appearance?
    • Near the beginning of the Strong Bad Email pet show, Strong Bad catches Homestar trying to put relish on his boots ("Homestar's always trying to give me the old relish-foot.") Near the end of the cartoon, Strong Bad and the Cheat are disqualified from the pet show not because of the cheating they actually did, but for "flagrant use of relish-foot" (the cause of which is implied to be Homestar).
    • In hremail7, Homestar offhandedly mentions he's contractually forbidden to even bathe in any liquid other than Melonade. At the end of the email, he walks off singing that he's going to take a bath in Melonade.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series there are many of these. One starts in episode 14: Atem warns the man attacking Tea that he looks damn good in a tutu. A few years later we get episode 53. Kaiba is forced to admit it: he does look damn good in a tutu (we even get a card/photo to prove it).
  • In Stupid Mario Brothers "The Interactive Adventure", Luigi ended up inheriting a mansion. In the first episode of Season 4 he sold it for a life supply of USB flash drives, so he could never run out of memory. In Episode 53, Mario returns after he gains his memory back, prompting Luigi to suggest a flash drive.
  • Skippys List has examples:
    113. There is absolutely no need to emulate the people from Full Monty every time I hear the song "Hot Stuff".
    131. No dancing in the turret. This especially applies in conjunction with rule #113.
  • 4chan had a few people do these—one example where someone mentioned something about Code Geass, then someone posted a Slowpoke picture saying he'll respond in two years. Two years later, he responded. He has continued to do so every year on the same date since then.
    • A similar time travel post was done once.
  • ASDF Movie:
    • 2: "I like trains. [is hit by train]" Repeated, but then later: "Ha ha! Yes you do. [glares at viewer]" Next segment: "Hey! You know who's gay? Y— [train]."
    • 2: Llama drives off cliff. 2 years later in 5: Llama finally hits ground.
  • Code MENT has a few of these:
    • In episode 3, Milly says that Kallen is being "indicted" to the Student Council. Five episodes later...
      Lelouch: Induction!
      Milly: Huh?
      Lelouch: Induction—to formally admit to an organization or group. You said "indicted". Indictment—the formal accusation that a person has committed a crime.
      Milly: But that was three months ago. And now all you did is prove that you didn't know both words at the time.
      Lelouch: D'oh!
    • And another:
    • In Episode 6:
      Guilford: Hell, I stole your watch before you got in here.
      Jeremiah: So that's where that thing went.
      Guilford: Yeah, I lost it though.
      Jeremiah: Dammit, that was a Rolex!
    • Then later:
      Lelouch: You see a Rolex I lifted off some guy yesterday? You'd better not be touching my stuff.
    • In a later episode:
      Lelouch: Suzaku, listen very carefully. I'm about to get seriously effed right now, so I need you to relay a message. Tell the girl with green hair in my room to NOT TOUCH MY STUFF!!!'
    • After meeting C.C. dressed in Lelouch's "One" clothes later:
    Lelouch: Blargh! Who are you?!
    C.C.: [unmasks] You really are a moron, aren't you? Well, what do you have to say for yourself?
    Lelouch: [...]
    C.C.: Oka—
    Lelouch: DON'T TOUCH MY STUFF!!!
  • The Phase novels in the Whateley Universe love the Chekhov's Gun tropes, so this pops up regularly. In the fourth Phase book, Phase considers the problems of a mutant-website-only web-spider. In the fifth book, Phase uses this as a trap. In the first Tennyo story, we learn something of her backstory, which is further fleshed out in a later Team Kimba adventure. Years later (real time), her backstory is weaponized against her in the seventh Phase story.
  • Contesting 8-Bit Theater for longest Brick Joke ever is Red vs. Blue, with what actually happened to "poor Florida" from the first few episodes revealed at the end of Season 10, almost a decade later.
  • The Animutation Irrational Exuberance starts by presenting a series of anthropomorphic fruit mascots under the slogan "Fruit Sells", such as "Rotten Apple Joe" ("Rotten Apple Computers"), "Applegrape Joe" ("Fruity Loom Incorporated"), and "Banana Joe" ("Banana Public Inc."). About halfway through, more fruit-themed mascots are presented, and the last one is..."fitness guru and short-shorts pioneer" Richard Simmons.
  • Captain Hammer's "Everyone's a Hero" song in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is cut short by Dr. Horrible's Freeze Ray. Horrible goes on to sing his own song before Hammer unfreezes—and when he does, he completes the line he was in the middle of.
    Captain Hammer: Everyone's a hero in their—
    Hammer: [a whole song later, and after punching Horrible across the room] WAAAAAAAAAY!
  • Glasgow disappears at the beginning of the second Marvel arc of We Are Our Adventuring Avatars, and disappears from the plot for a while. When inside Brainiac's ship, the fate of the city becomes abundantly clear: It's part of his collection now.
  • At the end of the first Charlie The Unicorn video, Charlie wakes up to discover the other two unicorns have stolen his kidney. At the end of the third video, released 3 1/2 years later, Charlie wakes up to discover they've used his horn as a snowman's nose...and the snowman also has his kidney.
    • During the musical segment of the third video, a starfish repeatedly appears proclaiming its love for Charlie. It reappears at the climax of the fourth video to save Charlie from being blown up along with the moon.
  • Used at the end of Suburban Knights. At the beginning, The Nostalgia Critic rounds up everyone at his house by tricking them into thinking that they won a car. At the end, however, everyone leaves after he finds yet another thing he wants their help in looking for. The very last scene?
    Chester A. Bum: Oh my God, I won a car!
    JesuOtaku: Oh my god, you guys, I won a car!
    JesuOtaku: I don't check my mail that often.
    • Also in the The Stinger, where Sci-Fi Guy is revealed to have survived...from his house being blown up 20 minutes in the movie.
  • What If? has a post discussing what would happen if Earth's oceans were drained through a portal to Mars. A Running Gag throughout the post is the suggestion that the Netherlands will somehow slowly take over the world. In the following post, Randall discusses what would happen to Mars. The post concludes with the Netherlands colonizing Mars as well. A few more posts down the line, we get to see what happens when gravity is misapplied to a mountain in space—it ends up impacting not Earth but Mars, AKA New Netherlands.
  • Early on in Return of the Cartoon Man, Peter asks Roy and Karen to "cut to the chase," and the scene immediately cuts to them chasing each other around the house. Much later, Roy interrupts Karen's exposition, looks at the camera, and says "Let's cut to the chase." The scene immediately cuts to the climactic chase sequence.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged has one where the Super Friends are talking about intervening in the plot. Off-screen, Aquaman suggests using whales. Several episodes later, Nappa "sinks" the whales, which prompts a Big "NO!" from Aquaman.
    • Nail and Lord Guru are introduced in a Cutaway Gag in Season 1 where Nail complains that he wishes something exciting would happen on Namek, "I don't even care what." In the next season, Frieza and his men invade Namek.
    • When Piccolo is fighting Freeza in his third form Freeza says he'll hit his glubok sooner or later. Later when he's distracting Freeza while Goku is charging his spirit bomb:
    Piccolo: No no NO AUGH MY GLUBOK.
    • When he finds out that Gohan has stolen his dragon ball, Vegeta's scream of rage can be heard across the planet, across space, in the afterlife, and 20 years later in the Bad Future Trunks comes from. When History of Trunks: Abridged came out, that scream can be heard at the appropriate scene.
  • Vegeta is seen watching the final battle of Dragonball Evolution at the start of Ducktalez 7. Guess how he ultimately defeats Julia Roberts.
  • At the start of one episode of Endless Saturdays, Robert mentions having a webseries called Bionicle vs Transformers, which has one comment. At the end, he abandons the online news show the trio is working on to continue work on Bionicle vs Transformers, after finding out it has received another two comments.
  • SF Debris: during the Star Trek V: The Final Frontier review, Chuck refers to one character's field of holes in the ground as "dry ice mines", due to the smoke they emitted. About ten minutes later, another character is described thusly:
    "Admiral Bob doesn't know his ass from a dry ice mine."
  • The King of the Hill Youtube Poop Bobby's Sanity Meter is Low opens with an edit of an intro where the beer can Hank opens shoots out an arrow that sends Hank's head to the moon. One year later, the sequel Bobby Will Never be MLG has Bobby kicking Peggy up to the moon. Hank's head is still pinned there by the arrow.
  • raocow keeps meeting old and beloved bosses from his earlier videos in the newer hacks he plays, specially Black Plague (a hilariously ugly Big Boo) and the Key Boss (a broken leftover). In some cases, their comebacks happen over half a decade after their original appearances.
  • brewstew:
    • In "Toys R' Us", Tyler kept telling customers that whatever they were looking for was in aisle 12B. While the narrator mentions that he sucked at assembling bikes, there is a clip of a girl riding one of his bikes, only to lose a wheel and explode into several pieces. When he was released after Christmas season, a customer asked about where he could go to talk about a bike that caused his daughter to explode. Tyler told him "Aisle 12B".
    • In "Neighborhood Argument"...
      Tyler: Oh my God. Michael, you are a fucktard...Jesus.
      Michael: Don't call me "fucktard Jesus"!
      Tyler: [confused] I didn't call you a "fucktard Jesus".
    • Later on, at the dream fight, there's a sign that says "Go Fucktard Jesus!"
  • Early in Season 10 of Camp Should-A-Been, the counselors hold the entire semifinals in four minutes (parodying American Idol's new one-week semifinals format) and mention wanting to get back to the Rec Cabin to catch the Phillies game on ESPN-HD. The following season, an on-going gimmick was that anyone who mentioned Adele got hit with a tranquilizer dart, and the counselors themselves get tranq'd at the end, as they say they're ready to catch their plane back to Philadelphia.
  • In the 10000 views celebration of The Most Stupid Deaths In Super Mario 64, Clone 4 says, in relation to their fight on Hyrule Castle, that if Link notices anything, they'll just leave a note blaming Clone 2. In the 20000 view celebration episode, Link finds Clone 2 and fights him for it.
  • While driving away from Hol Horse and J. Geil in Vaguely Recalling JoJo, Kakyoin mispronounces the name of Polnareff's deceased sister (i.e. Sherry) as Cherry. Shortly after running into Judgement several episodes later, he encounters his sister's cannibalistic doppelgänger who is actually named Cherry.
  • In part 3 of the reading of Even The Purest Light Creates A Shadow, Again A Fanfic Critic and RegretfullyYours talk about how Gray's first grade teacher hated his Show and Tell. In the made up ending the two critics did, Davis uses that to get Gray away from the group.

    Western Animation 
  • Phineas and Ferb has a literal one. At the end of "Toy to the World", the creatively bankrupt toy executives are frantically trying to think of an idea for a new toy to follow up Phineas and Ferb's "Perry the Platypus Inaction Figure". They settle on marketing a brick to children. In another episode, Doofensmirtz wants to destroy the billboard that blocks his view of the city skyline. The billboard advertizes the Brick. With the same theme music in the background no less.
    • In the first episode "Rollercoaster", Linda remarks that Candace is in charge in case of a satellite crashing through the roof of the house. Later, when the rollercoaster train is flung into space, Phineas spots a satellite going by and says "You know, if that thing crashes through the roof, Candace is in charge."
      • This brick joke gets a brick joke seasons later, in "Rollercoaster: The Musical, although "a satellite crashing through the roof" is replaced with "a herd of moose charging through the living room".
    • In "Sci-Fi Pie Fly", Doofenshmirtz complains that one of his attempts at getting even with a pizza guy backfired when he turned his "exploding pizza dough" into a promotional gimmick. Near the end of the episode, Candace orders a pizza that turns out to be the exploding kind.
    • In "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted", the hovercar's platform falls over and destroys a chunk of the house, which gets the boys sent to military school Later, Jeremy walks in and says he came in through the big hole in the door, to which Candace says that the boys would have fixed it by then.
    • Listing all the Phineas and Ferb brick jokes would be a page in itself.
  • Futurama: At the beginning of an episode, Fry entered the game show "Who Dares to be a Millionaire?" and the first question was about which instrument is used to hammer a nail. Option A: a hammer; Option B: a nail. Before Morbo had a chance to say what Option C was, Fry answered "nail". Near the episode's end, Fry tried to destroy an invention by hammering a nail on it... with another nail.
    • In "How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back", we see an old man waiting in line at the Central Bureaucracy for his birth certificate. Cut to "Lethal Inspection", aired 10 years later, the old man finally gets to Central Bureaucracy, only to have a heart attack right there.
    • In the very first episode, as time is passing after Fry gots frozen, we see New York being destroyed by flying saucers. In the first Big Damn Movie, it is revealed that that was Bender, trying to escape after he stole the Noble Peace Prize in the 24th Century.
  • Megas XLR loves this trope. It occurs almost Once an Episode. In the pilot, for example, Coop misfires a missile, which strikes a PoPTV satellite. When the bad guys combine their Mechs into a ridiculously huge final robot and is about to crush the cast said satellite crashes into it.
  • South Park:
    • Throughout the pilot episode, Eric keeps calling everyone he comes into a contact with "a dildo". During the beginning of the second act of the same episode, Eric yells for his mother, telling her that "Kitty's being a dildo!" Eric's mother delightfully responds with:
    Eric's mother: "Well, I know a certain kitty-kitty who's sleeping with mommy tonight!"
    • In The Movie, the boys use the promise of punch and pie to get other kids to join La Résistance. Way later, in "Super Best Friends", a Blaintologist hands out pamphlets for the Blaintology cult during a David Blaine performance. Guess what the pamphlet promises?
    • In "Jared Has Aides", Cartman pretends to be Butters and gets his parents angry by swearing at them over the phone. Later at the end of the episode, Butters' parents come to beat the stuffing out of him. Butters later refers to this very incident in "AWESOM-O", including somehow-realized knowledge of the setup.
    • In "The Poor Kid", the Agnostic foster parents make an offhand mention of a giant reptilian bird. It shows up at the end of the episode to deliver some Karmic (In)Justice.
    • In "The Biggest Douche in the Universe" Stan insults John Edwards, telling him he nominates him biggest douche in the universe. Later in the episode, John Edwards is abducted by aliens... who whisk him away to the Biggest Douche in the Universe Awards Show.
    • In "Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls", upon learning that a film festival only screens independent movies, Cartman stands by his viewpoint that independent movies are about nothing else than "gay cowboys eating pudding". It seems as though this goes unheeded, as the first movie Stan and Wendy attend for their paper is about lesbians, but around twelve minutes in, there is a big gathering at the Bijou theater for what the director calls a "visionary new motion picture". Said visionary motion picture is about, and is titled, "Gay Cowboys Eating Pudding." Though, due to plot conveniences, this movie is never shown.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: In what is possibly a parody on the Trope Namer, "The Two Faces of Squidward" has a fish gain the ability to fly out of seeing handsome Squidward, and then proceed to lose his untied shoe. Later in the episode, the shoe falls through the roof of the Krusty Krab, causing SpongeBob to push Squidward into a pole to save him from being hit on the head with it.
    • "The Great Snail Race" has one. SpongeBob, who's training Gary, calls him a lady to "humiliate and demean him". Cut to Sandy, who says "I don't know why, but I think I'll kick SpongeBob's butt tomorrow.". The next day, at the end of the episode, Sandy comes out of nowhere, kicks SpongeBob off screen and yells "That's for yesterday SquarePants!".
    • In the beginning of "The Smoking Peanut", Mr. Krabs is seen abusing the concept of Free Day, taking everything he can. At the end of the episode, it's revealed that the oyster got upset because her pearl was stolen. Guess who stole it?
    • In "Krusty Towers" Mr Krabs converts the Krusty Krab into a hotel. When Patrick stays at the hotel he orders "One krabby patty and one room with cheese" and asks if he can "have Cheese on the krabby patty too." Later in the episode when Squidward makes Mr Krabs eat what he thinks is a krabby patty with cheese, toenail clippings and nose hairs, Spongebob whispers to Mr Krabs that it's not actually a krabby patty with cheese, toenail clippings and nose hairs. Mr Krabs confidently eats it, only to discover that it's a krabby patty with just toenail clippings and nose hairs. Spongebob apologizes to a furious Mr Krabs, saying that they were all out of cheese. Cut to Patrick delighted at his cheese covered room.
  • Teen Titans: A loonnggg one. In season 1 episode 6 "Nevermore", Dr. Light angers Raven, causing her to lose control to her dark side, growing in height and using shadow tentacles to drag Dr. Light under her cloak. When the other Titans snap Raven out of it, Dr. Light is uncovered from Raven's cloak, pale and shivering, muttering about the darkness, implying some psychological problems. Three seasons later, in season 4 episode 3 "Birthmark", the Teen Titans are fighting Dr. Light again. Just as they're at a stalemate, Raven appears behind Dr. Light, again grown in height and wielding shadow tentacles (though staying in control this time). Dr. Light immediately goes pale and asks to surrender.
    Raven: "Remember me?"
    Dr. Light: [Beat] "I'd like to go to jail now please."
    • While the Titans are wandering Tokyo in the movie, Raven is handed a pack of "Super Twinkle Donkey Gum" at a newsstand. At the end, she appears on a bilboard as the brand's new mascot.
  • In the Garfield and Friends episode "Attack of the Mutant Guppies", Garfield & Nermal contend with mutant guppies, who they defeat by tricking them into stomping each other down a sewer hole. Said guppies then appear in a subsequent US Acres Quickie out of a well; after scaring that show's cast off, one guppy turns to his fellows and says "Come on, lets see if we can get a spot on the Muppet Babies" (which aired opposite the show on CBS at the time).
    • The Garfield Special Garfield Goes Hollywood has a roller-skating bear that Jon, Garfield, and Odie see as one of the acts when they enter Pet Search. Later, there is a man named Herbie who spent 18 years training his pigeons to tap-dance, but when he presents them, they immediately fly away...and, to add insult to injury, the roller-skating bear skates into the scene and knocks into him.
      • In the exact same special, when Jon happily says that there is only one more act after theirs, Garfield comments that with their luck, it would be a dog that plays five instruments at once. Take a guess what the last act of the show was. (Although, he got disqualified because he was actually a human in a dog suit.)
  • Ruby Gloom loves these. An early episode starts off with a game of hide and seek that is quickly forgotten as it becomes a murder-mystery. When the victim is finally found at the episode's end, it gets tagged by the seeker.
  • The first episode of My Life as a Teenage Robot has a scene where Jenny is playing hacky sack and accidentally kicks her sack into space. Later, she gets an alert about an asteroid about to crash into Earth. Normally it's the sort of asteroid that just burns up in the atmosphere, but this one can make it through because its mass has been slightly a hacky sack.
    • Also in one episode, whilst auditioning for the cheerleader squad, Jenny accidentally throws a cheerleader up so high, she doesn't come down. At the end, after the Iris Out, said cheerleader falls onto the black screen and asks "What did I miss?".
  • In the The Simpsons episode "Replaceable You", while Homer is talking to Roz, a beach ball falls out of nowhere into screen and Homer hits it off screen. A scene or two later, when they are in another room and Roz is meeting Mr. Burns, it falls back on screen in the room they're in, and Burns hits it off screen.
    • During "24 Minutes", Bart makes a phone call that accidentally gets crossed with that of Jack Bauer, so he leaves him a prank call. At the end of the episode, Bauer arrives to arrest Bart for the call.
    • We get a triple-whammy in "Hello, Gutter, Hello Fadder." In the opening, Moleman is seen being hassled by a pushy New Yorker, and is seen as defenseless. When he reappears later in the episode, he is revealed to be the king of the Mole People, and about to use an earthquake machine. His CMOA and Pre Ass Kicking One Liner, "No One Escapes From The Fortress Of The Mole People", is immediately dashed, as the bungee cord both Homer and Otto were on rebounds and sends them back to the surface, to which Moleman dejectedly says "Well, except for that."
    • An extreme example in the episode "Ned N Edna's Special Blend" where a billboard in the opening sequence says "Sleazy Sam's, Remember That Name". At the very end of the episode, a store owned by Sleazy Sam is opened.
    • The Mary Poppins parody has the family's nanny, Sherri Bobbins, lose her umbrella to Grandpa Simpson at the end of the second act as he's last seen flying off with it. At the every end of the episode when she leaves them, she picks it up from an unconscious Grandpa, revealing that he crashed into the house sometime after that.
    • In "Lisa Goes Gaga", Lady Gaga's birds carry off Grandpa when she arrives at the train station. At the end of the episode we see them still carrying him through the air.
    • In "Beyond Blunderdome", Homer helps make a movie and suggests making the villain a dog. He explains that the viewers would suspect the dog if he had shifty eyes. Guess what appears at the very end of the episode?
    • "Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming": Bob scoffs at the idea of the Springfield Air Show, disbelieving that anyone cares about "buzz-cut Alabamians spewing colored smoke from their whiz-jets to the strains of 'Rock You Like a Hurricane.'" Guess which song plays at the air show later in the episode?
    • Another one: "Homer's Enemy," Season Eight, Episode 23, introduced Frank "Grimey" Grimes. Homer believes Frank is his friend. Everything Homer does drives Frank mad with frustration and anger, ending with his death. Frank's tombstone features the nickname "Grimey," as Homer has accidentally convinced everyone Frank liked the nickname. Frank hated the name. Guess whose tombstone Homer kicks over during a tantrum in Season 15, Episode 2?
    • At the start of "Bart's Inner Child", Homer reads the classified ads and remarks that the Men's Shelter is throwing away their soiled mattresses before noticing the ad for Krusty's old trampoline. Upon picking up the trampoline and setting it up in the back garden, he reveals his fantasy for his own theme park consisting of the trampoline and various other pieces of junk including a maze made from mattresses. Milhouse exits the maze and remarks that it smells funny...
  • Looney Tunes:
    • In one very old cartoon staring Porky Pig, Porky is in the Navy onboard a battleship. The Commander is taking roll call after reveille, when the bugler sounds the mess call. The Commander shouts, "Last one in the mess hall is a softie!" Unfortunately, Porky stumbles and gets that dubious honor. During the rest of the cartoon, Porky saves the day by capturing an enemy sub; at the end, he is honored at an awards ceremony, and then the mess call is played again. The Commander says the same thing; this time it looks like Porky might make it there first, but he leaves his award behind and has to rush out to get it before going back.
    • Another Looney Tunes example is the classic Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner short Stop, Look, and Hasten! One of Wile E Coyote's schemes to catch the road runner is to install a large metal wall in the middle of the road. The wall is underground until Wile E activates it, causing it to immediately spring up. Naturally the wall fails to activate at the crucial moment allowing Road Runner to run past and forcing Wile E to give chase. Several more failed attempts are made to capture the Road Runner. At the end of the episode Wile E eats some leg muscle vitamins, making him fast enough to match speed with the Road Runner. A short chase follows, ending with the Road Runner running right over the metal wall Wile E had previously set up, at which point the promptly springs up and Wile E Coyote runs face first into it.
    • In another Coyote cartoon, "Beep, Beep", the coyote rigs a glass of water with explosives, but the Road Runner holds up a sign that syays, "Road Runners can't read and don't drink." After a few gags, the Coyote attempts to catch the Road Runner on rocket-powered roller skates, but he falls to the ground. He then sees the glass of water and it explodes.
  • The Legend of Tarzan episode "New Wave" has Professor Porter climbing into a tree to have a heart-to-heart with Tarzan. After this conversation ends, Tarzan swings off and the Professor wonders how he'll get back down. At the end of the episode, night has fallen and we cut back to the Professor still in the tree.
  • Often common in various Pinky and the Brain shorts, typically as the means of Brain's plan failing out of control. In the first short, "Win Big", Pinky confounds Brain with his Ralph Kramden antics, which Brain ignores. Eventually getting onto the game show to win money to fund his plan to take over the world, he gets to the final round, upon which the question involves—Ralph Kramden. Brain loses. (The episode is a Shout-Out not only to The Honeymooners episode where this happens, but a Cheers episode that was inspired by The Honeymooners one, all with the same approach to the brick joke.)
  • A season 2 episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender involved Sokka losing his boomerang after getting ambushed. He spends the first portion of the episode depressed over it and then seemingly forgets about it until during the climax he's randomly united with it, excitedly yelling "Boomerang, you do always come back!"
    • And to make that joke even better, in The Legend of Korra future!Sokka appears as a politician, commenting on a serious plot matter. But before he discusses the plot, he starts boasting about his boomerang.
    • In the same show, the episode "The Cave of Two Lovers" features the nomads singing the eponymous song:
      Nomad: ..."a mountain divides them apart!"...and, uh, I forget the next part, but then it goes..."SECRET TUNNEL!..."
      [half an episode later]
      Same Nomad: Hey, I just remembered the rest of that song! "AND DIED..."
    Made even funnier in that he remembers the part about death just as they're talking about possibly becoming lost in the cave forever.
    • In the season 1 episode "The Spirit World (Winter Solstice, Part I)", Sokka is kidnapped by a spirit and taken into to the spirit world. When Aang saves him at the end of the episode, Sokka remarks that he really needs to use the bathroom. In the season 3 episode "The Avatar and the Firelord", Aang's behavior during his spirit vision of Roku prompts Katara to ask if the spirit world has which Sokka responds that he knows for a fact that it does not.
      • In the same episode, Iroh uses his smelly sandal as a track for Zuko, who, 2 and a half seasons later, uses it to track him with June's shirshu.
    • The first series had a Running Gag about a unbelievably hapless cabbage vendor who gets his cart of cabbage destroyed everytime he encounters the main heroes, which keeps happening all across the world. Come The Legend of Korra, which takes place 70 years later, a businessman is arrested for assisting terrorists. The name of the guy's enterprise? Cabbage Corporation.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • In Swarm of the Century, one of the many instruments Pinkie Pie gathers is a trombone. It was NOT part of the parade Pinkie drove the Parasprites out of Ponyville with, but at the very end, when the ponies return to Ponyville and discover it's now in ruins, Pinkie plays the stock Losing Horns on it.
    • In Ponyville Confidential, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are under the mistaken impression that the way they will use the school newspaper to get their cutie marks is by making arts and crafts out of the paper, and Scootaloo patches up a bird's nest with it. Later, when the CMCs become writers for the school newspaper, Scootaloo, desperate for a story, decides to go to the same birds nest to get a story, but falls out of the tree and ends up covered in mud.
    • A multiple-episode spanning example: In Party of One, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash make up a story about having to house/cave sit a bear who lives in a cave that's like a house so that they don't have to go to Pinkie's party. Over a season later, in Too Many Pinkie Pies, It turns out that there really is a bear who lives in a house-like cave.
    • In "Princess Twilight Sparkle—Part 1", During a flashback to a time over a thousand years prior, when the story of how Celestia and Luna first used the Elements of Harmony to petrify Discord is revealed to Twilight Sparkle, the draconequus can be seen casually snacking from a bag of seeds as he scoffs at the princesses claims to be able to defeat him. He makes a mess as he eats, spreading the seeds everywhere In "Princess Twilight Sparkle—Part 2", Discord reveals that he is surprised the seeds took so long to germinate, and were the direct cause of the Everfree forest invading Equestria, over a thousand years after he sowed the seeds, and right in front of the princesses even.
    • Discord sets up another one in Three's A Crowd when he feels weak and asks for a fainting couch. All the ponies immediately look at Rarity.
      Rarity: What?
  • Rocko's Modern Life pulls off a few of these:
    • In "Carnival Knowledge", Rocko and Heffer decide to spend a day at a carnival. Little do they know it's full of rigged games. One game finds him trying to flip a frog onto a lilypad; pissed off by the frog's big mouth, he accidentally knocks it into the sky, forcing him to quit the game. Later, Rocko rides a roller coaster that goes so high that it leaves Earth's atmosphere. Guess who he finds up there, still calling him a loser? Then, after the diastrous roller coaster ride ends, a frustrated and spent Rocko decides to head home after being fleeced at every turn. Suddenly, there's a loud WHOOSH!, and the frog sails back down to Earth, landing perfectly on one of the lilypads. Shocked that someone finally beat one of his rigged games, the carnival's owner reluctantly gives Rocko a prize.
    • In "Who Gives A Buck?", Rocko and Heffer have difficulty finding a parking spot at the mall, and end up following a guy who turns out to be a little kid who's spent years trying to find his mom's car. Later in the episode they finally find a parking spot, and on their way to the mall pass a little old lady who mutters "Son? Have you found the car yet?!"
    • In "Teed Off", Heffer is seen goofing off at his job as a groundskeeper at the golf course by writing Crop Circles in the turf. At the end of the episode, a pair of aliens land in the golf course after dark to examine the crop circles, and one of them says "Who keep writing this stuff?!"
    • In the Christmas Episode, Ed Bighead is mad about not getting an invitation to Rocko's Christmas party, and Bev tries to assure him that the invitation probably got lost in the mail. At the end of the episode, the little elf shows up at Ed's doorstep with his invitation, which apparently really did get lost in the mail.
  • Early on in the Dilbert episode "Y2K", Wally is buying credit cards off the phone, saying that when he gets his money, the year 2000 problem will wipe out the history of the bank's computers, so they can never bill him. At the very end of the episode, Wally goes to the bank to do just that...and the cashier pranks him and gives him some exploding dye dollar packs.
  • In an episode of Justice League, Deadman possesses Superman while he's telling Wonder Woman about a restaurant ("They have milkshakes so thick...*possess* I need your help!" "That IS thick.") At the end of the episode, when Deadman finally leaves, Supes picks up right where he left off ("...You need a spoon to eat them. (Beat) What am I doing in Africa?")
  • In the teaser to one episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Steve makes fun of Dr. Weird by posing as him and shouting "Fill me with BBQ sauce because I'm dumb as hell!" A few episodes later...
    Steve: Actually, you said there's no chance this will work.
    Dr. Weird: [looks back to a contraption pumping him full of BBQ sauce] FOOL! THAT WILL NEVER WORK!]
  • In the The Cleveland Show episode "Pins, Spins and Fins! (Shark Story Cut for Time)", a man working at a bowling alley (high from huffing shoe spray) has a hallucination where one of the bowling balls tells him to burn down the local retirement home. At the very end of the episode, a newspaper headline reveals that 88 people died in the burning home because the fire department was busy saving an abandoned amusement park (which Donna accidentally set on fire).
  • In the Family Guy episode "Lois Kills Stewie", when the family is tied up in rope, they decide to pass the time by starting a celebrity rumor. Peter suggests that Rob Schneider takes illigal immigrants from Home Depot and pays them to choke him in the shower. Later, it's shown to be apparently true.
    Immigrant: Senor Rob Schneider, you must come and see this!
    Rob Schneider: I don't pay you to watch TV, now get in the damn shower!
    • In "Brian Sings And Swings", Peter, thinking Frank Sinatra Jr. is a bad influence on Brian, calls his "mother", Mia Farrow. She shows up at the end to give Frank a spanking.
    • In "When You Wish Upon A Weinstein", Peter worries about entering a synagogue with his Christian upbringing, with a group of nuns being alerted of such to illustrate the point. Then at the end, the Griffins seek refuge from an angry mob inside a bus. Guess who's in there waiting to whack Peter with rulers.
    • In "Trading Places", a cutaway gag shows Peter working as a police sketch job and making racist drawings (which got him fired). Later in the episode, when Chris gets off work and asks if his day can get any worse, he's promptly mugged by a man with Peter's drawing for a head.
    • In "Believe It Or Not, Joe's Walking On Air", Cleveland states at the beginning that he hates shows that cut from the story to "some bullcrap". The scene then cuts to an image of Adolf Hitler riding a unicycle juggling. Later in the episode, Peter says that they have to "re-cripple" Joe (Who during the episode had surgery to get new legs), and says it's the right thing to do, "like taking out Hitler". It then cuts back to the clip of Hitler riding the unicycle, but this time Peter runs in, knocks him off, and punches him in the face, stating to the viewer, "See? We had a plan for that all along".
    • In one of the longest brick jokes, in "To Love and Die in Dixie", Peter and Brian have painted the car to resemble the General Lee. When they try to jump in it, Brian just slams into the door and is knocked unconscious. Three years and a cancellation later in "The Fat Guy Strangler", during the standoff with Patrick, Peter is being held captive. Brian picks up a rock, throws it, it hits Peter in the head, and they have this exchange.
    Peter: You missed!
    Brian: No I didn't. That's for rolling up the damn window when I tried to jump into the General Lee.
    • In "The Father, the Son and the Holy Fonz", we see couple coming from a fertility clinic and the husband tells his wife to image a baby boy floating past them in a bubble, only for Stewie to go past them rolling in a disinfectant bubble, which promts the husband to tell her to imagine Lindsay Lohan doing a crabwalk naked. Later, Peter opens his door to see just that.
      • A different Brick Joke was done in the form of a deleted scene: Peter tries to get into Hinduism, but tackles the guy believing that the red dot on his forehead was from a sniper rifle. Later, the Hindu guy shows up with blood on his forehead, telling Peter "You were right!" before collapsing.
    • In "Peterotica", a man drives through the Kool-Aid Man's house, promoting him to remark that it's actually annoying from the other side of the wall. Later, when Carter throws Peter off a train, he too crashes into Kool-Aid's house just as he's finished plastering his wall.
    • "Meg Stinks!" starts with the James Woods high school principal explaining College Day is where seniors go to choose where they get HPV. In the end, Meg says she got accepted into college and on her first night, she got HPV.
  • In the "American Dad!" episode "With Friends Like Steve's", Stan awakens to mentally insane teenager Barry holding a gun to him. When Stan asks where Francine is, it is revealed that she is buried alive in the back yard. At the end of the episode, Stan is driving Barry home and remarks to Steve, "I'm hungry, let's go dig up your mother do she can make us breakfast".
    • Even better: in the Season 1 episode "Roger Codger" (aired June 5, 2005), Roger is disguised as an elderly woman and meets Gertie, who he describes as "a nasty, old, racist sidekick"; at the end of the episode, when the FBI has the family cornered, they pull Gertie's wig off and pass her off as the escaped alien. Fast forward to February 20, 2011, and the Season 6 episode "You Debt Your Life" sees Roger and Stan going to Area 51: as they walk through the military base, they pass a tube that has an unconscious Gertie suspended in liquid.
    • Another example from the episode "Joint Custody": Roger and Stan are high and Roger purchases a large bag of cat food to anchor him because he believes he is "becoming immune to gravity" and that he will float away. At the end of the episode, Roger puts the bag down and does float away.
    • In the episode, "The Kidney Stays in the Picture", Roger spooks Steve by describing how a kidney is removed for transplant. Later in the episode, when he is removing another character's kidney (the man who had sex with Francine before she got married and may or may not be Hayley's real father), it matches his description exactly, right down to the song "Hip to be Square".
    • In "Live and Let Fry", we are treated to a cow literally jumping over the moon - only to drift uncontrollably into space. The final gag of the episode? The cow comes back. In a painful, fiery way.
  • Gravity Falls
    • In "The Hand That Rocks the Mabel", Stan steals a clown painting from Bud Gleeful. Sixteen episodes later, in the season finale "Gideon Rises", the Gleeful Family takes over the Mystery Shack and Bud can be seen comfortably leaning on that exact clown painting.
    • In "Legend of the Gobblewonker", there's a flashback which shows Stan making the kids paint fake money (and end up in the county jail moments later), and Stan comments "You call that Ben Franklin? He looks like a woman!" Six episodes later in "Irrational Treasure", Dipper and Mabel find secret government documents and Mabel points out one revealing that Ben Franklin secretly was a woman.
    • In "The Love God", many of Mabel's past crushes appear in visions to her, including an unnamed boy seen briefly in the first episode who she passed a note to asking if he liked her. Here, he enthusiastically ticks all three options on the note:
    Boy: Yes! Definitely! Absolutely!
  • Adventure Time:
    • Near the start of "Evicted!", Finn shoos a worm off his bed. At the end of the episode, after Finn and Jake reclaim their tree house, they find dozens of the same type of worm crawling around the living room, and Finn says accusingly "Did you guys get on the bed?"
    • Near the start of "The Other Tarts", Princess Bubblegum mentions that she needs to find a replacement for the Royal Tart-Toter, who's getting old and senile. The episode ends with the blind, deaf, and delirious Tart-Toter barging into the Back-Rubbing Ceremony and going into a pseudo-philosophical rant.
  • Code Lyoko: In the episode "Image Problem", Jérémie jokes about the scanners having negative health effects in reference to Yumi/XANA being devitalized before she can tell the group what happened. Some 15 episodes later, XANA impersonating Franz Hopper "confirms" that the scanners have a negative effect.
  • (Blooper) Bunny, a 1991 Bugs Bunny cartoon, shows a brief dance clip with Bugs, Daffy, Elmer and Yosemite Sam. Then we see several outtakes of the dance routine. In one, Bugs stops suddenly, shouting, "Hold it, Doc! There's a loose floorboard." Later, after Elmer tries to shoot Bugs and Daffy with a real rifle instead of his prop gun, Daffy goes ballistic on Elmer(with Bugs trying to get the camera to cut). Daffy proceeds to storm off after telling Elmer, "Expect to hear from my attorneys about this unfortunate incident." He then steps on the loose floorboard, which whacks him in the face.
    Bugs: Eh, now can we cut?
  • In the Wallace & Gromit short "A Grand Day Out", Wallace tests the moon's gravity by kicking a ball into the air, but it doesn't come down and floats through space. At the very end of the credits, we see the ball still floating through space.
  • American Dragon Jake Long: At the beginning of "Bring It On", Professor Rotwood was escorting students through the museum when he accidentally broke a statue. He quickly told the students they saw nothing. Neither him nor the incident have been mentioned again until the end credits, when he phoned his mother for bail money because he was arrested for it.
  • Brier Beauty of Ever After High jumping out a window on a whim is already pretty funny. Prince Daring catching her, because it's "kind of (his) thing" is hilarious.
  • In an episode of King of the Hill Hank tries to flush his late father's ashes down a bar's toilet, but he can't because the owner says every time someone flushes ashes down the toilet, he always has to pay the plumbing bill. Later, when they succeed in doing so, Hank gets the bill in the mail the next day.
  • At the end of the Tiny Toon Adventures pilot "The Looney Beginning", Buster and Babs complain to the cartoonist asking him to give them a "Created by" credit. The Credits Gag at the end was "Created by Buster and Babs".
  • In The Angry Beavers episode, "Long In The Tooth", a bear is seen crowing at dawn during one of the scene transitions. Then at the very end of the episode, we hear the crowing again.
    Dagget: What's wrong with that bear?!
    Norbert: I have no idea.
  • The Goofy cartoon "Teachers Are People" has Goofy forcing an unruly student to hand in his various weapons, including a ticking hand grenade, which Goofy puts in a bucket of water. At the very end of the short, the grenade finally goes off.
  • In the pilot episode of Goof Troop, P.J. and Pistol make a bet to see whether their father will bust a gut or a spleen when he sees the dent the Goofs made to his boat. Later, when Pete has a Freak Out after seeing the dent, P.J. gives Pistol a quarter from the bet.
  • Bounty Hamster. Lampshaded in "The Good, the Bad, and the Adorable". A group of cute critters accidentally take off on a huge rocket engine and fly around the entire planet returning just in time to run over the Big Bad at the crucial moment, whereupon Marion pops up and says, "Bet you forgot about those guys, huh?"
  • In Barbie In A Mermaid Tale 2, the lead Stargazer vows revenge on Eris despite his shrunken size and slower swimming speed. It takes him the rest of the movie to get there, but he does so at a crucial moment to bite her nose.
  • Static Shock:
    • When Static goes to Africa, he gets excited about seeing tigers but his father tells him there are no tigers in Africa. The villain of the episode is a leopard. In a later episode, the same villain shows up and Gear calls him a tiger because he has stripes instead of spots. At which point Anansi comments, "I too have often wondered about the stripes."
    • The recurring joke about having a treehouse instead of a gas station as a base.
  • In the beginning of one episode of The Powerpuff Girls, Mojo is refusing to pay for a baguette because it is too hard just before the girls pull him away to get his help with an evil alien that's invading. At the end of the episode, Mojo takes the alien down by whacking it over the head with the baguette.
  • In an episode of Dexter's Laboratory, Dee-Dee torments Dexter by using a label-maker to claim stuff as her property. At one point, she labels the toilet as hers, leaving Dexter with no choice but to go on the living room floor. At the end, after the parents send Dexter to his room (It's a Long Story), they wonder why the floor's wet.
  • In a season two episode of Archer, Archer, annoyed with his valet Woodhouse, threatens to punish him by making him eat a big bowl of spider webs. However, the episode ends with him never carrying out that threat. Jump ahead to season four, where Woodhouse leaves Archer stranded in Montreal; when Archer finally returns home and is pissed off, guess what Woodhouse's punishment is?
    Archer: Woodhouse! I'm gonna check that bowl!
  • One episode of Scooby-Doo took place in a candy factory. At one point, the villain tries to trap Scooby and Shaggy by pouring a layer of taffy on the floor. Scooby manages to free himself, but Shaggy is forced to remove his shoes to escape. After the villain is captured, Shaggy and Scooby celebrate by eating the taffy. Scooby ends up eating Shaggy's shoes as well.
  • Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero: One gag in "Baby-Pocalypse" has Sashi throwing a spear at a presumably non-sentient rubber duck, puncturing it and causing it to sink. Several scenes later the team visits a local hospital to get Penn's arm re-attached to his body and Sashi ends up sitting next to the very same duck, who is now wrapped in bandages and glaring at her.
  • Johnny Bravo: In the first Christmas episode, Johnny mistakes Santa Claus for a burglar and breaks his arm. He is forced to take over Santa's job for the night and does surprisingly well, but Santa leaves warning him that he's still mad. In the second Christmas episode that aired almost five years later, when Johnny meets Santa again, Santa suddenly punches him out and says they're finally even.

    Real Life 
  • On July 8, 1958, New York Yankees manager Casey Stengel gave testimony before the Senate Anti-Trust and Monopoly Subcommittee. During the mid-20th century, Stengel and Yogi Berra were both thought to be Baseball's premiere Cloudcuckoolanders. However, with his Stream Of Consciousness "Jabberwocky"-like testimony, Stengel revealed that he was really the Bunny-Ears Lawyer of baseball. And the brick joke? That would be Mickey Mantle's One-Liner at the very end.
  • In 2008, someone created a Frank N. Furter Twitter account and tweeted "I see you shiver with antici..." Five years to the day later, they tweeted "...pation." Both tweets promptly went viral.
  • Admit it—you've had something like this happen in real life.

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