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"The fact of the matter is that most actors are shy people."

Sir Roger Moore, thank you.

First and foremost known for the Television series The Saint...

Wait, what? That's not why you actually clicked this page, did you.


Born October 14th 1927, he is the Quintessential British Gentleman who first dabbled in the TV series Maverick as Beauregard Maverick, one of the interchangable brothers for which the series was well known for. He also headlined a version of Ivanhoe. As previously mentioned, his role on The Saint got him his biggest role for which many people still know him to this day:

Bond, James Bond.

Roger Moore's relationship with the series started with Live and Let Die and lasted until A View to a Kill. He was 45 when he started out, and almost 58 when he wrapped things up, with the longest tenure in both years and number of films to datenote . His era is known being very light hearted, often to the point of self-parody, making him somewhat divisive among fans of the series, and it is often debated how much of the self-parody was him and how much of it was the studio.

Unfortunately Sir Roger's affection for the role comes and goes. It seems on one hand he loved the job, but on the other hand a great deal of I Am Not Spock feedback came from him. Reportedly, "Who's the best Bond!?" questions tend to leave a sour taste in his mouth because it's such a Base Breaker being him (despite, you know, George Lazenby already having been there).

Nowadays he's retired as an actor, but seems all right with doing a cameo here and there. However, he's been putting his celebrity to good use in humanitarian activities (most notably as a UNICEF ambassador), earning a knighthood in the process. He also filmed a role in the pilot for a new series based on The Saint, after having provided a voiceover for the ill-fated 1990s movie version.

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