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new postpinnedWelcome to the Trope Repair Shop: 1Fri, 25th Nov '11 1:30:42 AM
new postNot Thriving: Failures On Ice 6 Thu, 24th Apr '14 12:58:13 AM
new postUnclear Description: Hachiko 30Wed, 23rd Apr '14 8:10:40 PM
new postDuplicate Trope: Role Association
5th Apr '14 11:59 PM
32Wed, 23rd Apr '14 6:05:49 PM
new postDuplicate Trope: Gosh Hornet 16Wed, 23rd Apr '14 3:40:52 PM
new postComplaining: Designated Protagonist Syndrome
27th Feb '14 11:59 PM
54Wed, 23rd Apr '14 8:35:38 AM
new postAmbiguous Name: Ravens And Crows 49Wed, 23rd Apr '14 4:54:55 AM
new postNot Thriving: On Site Procurement 70Wed, 23rd Apr '14 3:07:09 AM
new postUnclear Description (page action crowner 3/21/14): Quirky Bard
10th Dec '12 11:59 PM
111Tue, 22nd Apr '14 7:36:54 PM
new postUnclear Description: It Was A Dark And Stormy Night
20th Apr '14 11:59 PM
16Tue, 22nd Apr '14 7:34:39 PM
new postNot Thriving: Design Compromise
16th Mar '14 11:59 PM
26Tue, 22nd Apr '14 11:12:47 AM
new postAmbiguous Name: Characters.The Amazing Spider Man 1Mon, 21st Apr '14 7:17:55 PM
new postNot Tropeworthy: Everythings Better With Spinning 15Mon, 21st Apr '14 3:24:19 PM
new postNeeds Help: Stronger Sibling
24th Apr '14 11:59 PM
15Mon, 21st Apr '14 3:17:45 PM
new postNeeds Help: The Republic 10Mon, 21st Apr '14 12:59:00 PM
new postDuplicate Trope: Convenient Misfire
24th Apr '14 11:59 PM
10Mon, 21st Apr '14 11:20:48 AM
new postNot Thriving: Dont Give Me That Altitude
24th Apr '14 11:59 PM
16Mon, 21st Apr '14 11:18:05 AM
new postMisused: Easy Mode Mockery
23rd Mar '14 11:59 PM
25Mon, 21st Apr '14 9:28:47 AM
new postNeeds Help: Mommy Issues
12th Oct '13 11:59 PM
34Mon, 21st Apr '14 8:26:33 AM
new postNeeds Help: Absurdly Youthful Mother
23rd Apr '14 11:59 PM
79Sun, 20th Apr '14 1:43:13 PM
new postAmbiguous Name: Swiper No Swiping 30Sat, 19th Apr '14 6:25:33 PM
new postAmbiguous Name (Titles Crowner 7/6): Sic Em 53Sat, 19th Apr '14 6:31:55 AM
new postMisused: Item Get 11Sat, 19th Apr '14 6:30:21 AM
new postNot Tropeworthy: Plumbers Crack 1Sat, 19th Apr '14 1:50:44 AM
new postAmbiguous Name: Fighting For Survival 10Fri, 18th Apr '14 3:47:19 PM
new postNot Thriving: Family Rivalry 9Fri, 18th Apr '14 3:26:34 PM
new postMisused: Body Horror 38Fri, 18th Apr '14 9:18:58 AM
new postAmbiguous Name: Shamgri La
9th Apr '14 11:59 PM
41Fri, 18th Apr '14 8:47:10 AM
new postMisused: Bilingual Bonus 78Thu, 17th Apr '14 3:22:44 PM
new postMisused: Shoot The Fuel Tank 12Thu, 17th Apr '14 9:13:46 AM
new postMisused: Light Feminine And Dark Feminine 7Wed, 16th Apr '14 7:15:31 AM
new postMisused: I Want My Jetpack 5Wed, 16th Apr '14 6:56:07 AM
new postAmbiguous Name: Even Mooks Have Loved Ones 13Wed, 16th Apr '14 6:55:18 AM
new postUnclear Description: Cursed With Awesome 1Wed, 16th Apr '14 5:27:52 AM
new postNot Tropeworthy: Cop Boyfriend
2nd Feb '14 11:59 PM
23Wed, 16th Apr '14 5:05:45 AM
new postNeeds Help: Seen It A Million Times 12Wed, 16th Apr '14 4:13:02 AM
new postAmbiguous Name (titles crowner 12/16/13): Mac Guffin Girl 178Wed, 16th Apr '14 12:18:38 AM
new postUnclear Description: Pitbull Dates Puppy 13Wed, 16th Apr '14 12:02:55 AM
new postMisused: Rule Abiding Rebel
15th Mar '14 11:59 PM
39Tue, 15th Apr '14 11:56:33 PM
new postNeeds Help: Supernatural Fiction 45Tue, 15th Apr '14 11:52:10 AM
new postNot Thriving: The Inspector
27th Jan '14 11:59 PM
26Tue, 15th Apr '14 9:18:56 AM
new postUnclear Description (titles crowner 4/15/14): Spiritual Licensee
13th Oct '13 11:59 PM
44Tue, 15th Apr '14 6:09:44 AM
new postNot Thriving: It Came From Beverly Hills 19Tue, 15th Apr '14 5:44:15 AM
new postNeeds Help (new crowner 11/25/13): Medieval Japan 51Tue, 15th Apr '14 5:40:21 AM
new postAmbiguous Name: When She Smiles
6th Nov '13 11:59 PM
76Tue, 15th Apr '14 4:03:11 AM
new postNeeds Help (supertrope titles crowner 3/9/14): Wet Sari Scene
9th Mar '14 11:59 PM
71Tue, 15th Apr '14 2:04:57 AM
new postDuplicate Trope: Strong Family Resemblance 9Mon, 14th Apr '14 12:34:43 PM
new postNeeds Help: Somewhere A Palaeontologist Is Crying
11th Apr '14 11:59 PM
37Sun, 13th Apr '14 6:06:03 AM
new postNot Tropeworthy: Phallic Weapon 12Sat, 12th Apr '14 9:51:00 PM
new postNot Tropeworthy: Ladyella
9th Apr '14 11:59 PM
58Sat, 12th Apr '14 4:47:22 PM
new postAmbiguous Name: George Lucas Altered Version 13Sat, 12th Apr '14 10:05:13 AM
new postUnclear Description: Adult Fear 85Sat, 12th Apr '14 8:24:04 AM
new postMisused (Single Prop Crowner 08/17/13): Early Bird Cameo 134Fri, 11th Apr '14 6:01:37 PM
new postNeeds Help: Shot On Shitteo
14th Apr '14 11:59 PM
80Fri, 11th Apr '14 3:14:54 PM
new postAmbiguous Name: Dark Chick
7th Mar '14 11:59 PM
43Thu, 10th Apr '14 5:36:30 PM
new postMisused: Game Breaking Injury 1Tue, 8th Apr '14 2:40:00 PM
new postMisused: Least Common Pizza Topping
23rd Mar '14 11:59 PM
43Tue, 8th Apr '14 12:08:49 AM
new postAmbiguous Name: Always Save The Girl
30th Mar '14 11:59 PM
26Mon, 7th Apr '14 12:18:43 PM
new postMisused: Ms Fanservice
24th Mar '14 11:59 PM
133Sun, 6th Apr '14 10:28:25 PM
new postMisused: Country Matters 18Sat, 5th Apr '14 5:42:05 PM
new postMisused: Genre Motif.Hip Hop 3Sat, 5th Apr '14 2:17:09 PM
new postNot Thriving: What Do You Mean Its Not Cosmetic 5Fri, 4th Apr '14 4:38:04 PM
new postNeeds Help: Red Fish Blue Fish 13Thu, 3rd Apr '14 12:54:47 AM
new postNeeds Help: Muscles Are Meaningful 2Wed, 2nd Apr '14 7:48:04 PM
new postNeeds Help: Literal Music Video 10Wed, 2nd Apr '14 1:36:59 AM
new postNot Thriving: Suit With Vested Interests 35Tue, 1st Apr '14 12:38:52 PM
new postNot Tropeworthy: How Do You Like Them Apples
18th Aug '13 11:59 PM
73Mon, 31st Mar '14 2:20:28 PM
new postDuplicate Trope: Instant Awesome Just Add Ninja 63Mon, 31st Mar '14 9:40:37 AM
new postAmbiguous Name: I Am Not Leonard Nimoy 17Sat, 29th Mar '14 7:49:35 PM
new postMisused: Always Night
6th Mar '14 11:59 PM
31Fri, 28th Mar '14 5:24:07 PM
new postNeeds Help: Parent Service
30th Mar '14 11:59 PM
9Thu, 27th Mar '14 6:52:52 PM
new postNot Thriving: All Adult Animation Is South Park
24th Feb '14 11:59 PM
40Tue, 25th Mar '14 9:33:20 AM
new postNeeds Help: Defector From Decadence
1st Dec '13 11:59 PM
38Tue, 25th Mar '14 4:05:39 AM
new postComplaining: Purple Prose
27th Mar '14 11:59 PM
82Mon, 24th Mar '14 7:41:59 PM
new postMisused: Asshole Victim
26th Apr '14 11:59 PM
31Sun, 23rd Mar '14 2:52:49 PM
new postDuplicate Trope: The Nameless
24th Mar '14 11:59 PM
20Sat, 22nd Mar '14 12:27:37 AM
new postAmbiguous Name: Who Is This Guy Again 26Mon, 10th Mar '14 9:32:19 PM
new postAmbiguous Name: Two Words Obvious Trope 60Sun, 9th Mar '14 7:49:00 PM
new postAmbiguous Name (titles crowner 3/8/14): Forgotten Birthday 46Sat, 8th Mar '14 5:44:55 AM
new postNot Tropeworthy: Hell Is That Noise
20th Sep '13 11:59 PM
80Wed, 5th Mar '14 1:36:14 AM
new postMisused (new crowner 8/9/13): Fail O Suckyname
13th Jul '13 11:59 PM
88Thu, 27th Feb '14 5:26:53 AM
new postNeeds Help (new crowner 9/23/13): America Wins The War 113Wed, 26th Feb '14 9:25:29 AM
new postSnowclone: Upper Class Wit
16th Jan '14 11:59 PM
60Sat, 15th Feb '14 1:23:11 PM
new postDuplicate Trope: Sympathetic Criminal 16Sat, 8th Feb '14 3:06:50 PM
new postMisused: Just Eat The Mac Guffin
4th Dec '13 11:59 PM
24Wed, 5th Feb '14 1:43:20 AM
new postTwo Tropes In One: Oral Tradition
2nd Jun '13 11:59 PM
105Wed, 29th Jan '14 1:03:08 PM
new postMisused (titles crowner 10/13/13): History Marches On 37Mon, 13th Jan '14 9:34:46 AM
new postUnclear Description (titles crowner 11/9/13): In Its Hour Of Need 45Fri, 10th Jan '14 1:38:02 AM
new postNeeds Help (New Crowner 8/18/13): Stop Helping Me 125Thu, 9th Jan '14 2:42:01 PM
new postMisused: The Messiah 96Fri, 13th Dec '13 6:31:13 AM
new postNot Tropeworthy: Dying Like Animals 99Fri, 13th Dec '13 5:35:25 AM
new postMisused: Lady In Red 63Fri, 6th Dec '13 3:35:36 PM
new postNeeds Help: Bondage Is Bad 62Tue, 19th Nov '13 8:37:39 AM
1 pages in this list

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