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Haiku: TV Tropes Will Ruin Your LifeFixed formatting on my haiku Alexia2nd Jul 15 06:03:54
Haiku: TV Tropes Will Ruin Your LifeAdded my haiku! Alexia2nd Jul 15 06:03:21
Video Game: Serpent In The StaglandsAdded more tropes andrenukem2nd Jul 15 05:57:38
Dork Age: Video GamesEdits to Sonic, Tony Hawk Yeow 952nd Jul 15 05:56:06
Video Game: Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom PainTesting a thing Yo Kab2nd Jul 15 05:55:06
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Video Game: NBA 2 KGuest Fighter does not apply, as classic players are par for the course in sports games. bwburke 942nd Jul 15 05:43:54
Playing With: Improbable Aiming Skillsminor indentation fix V Phantom2nd Jul 15 05:31:22
Named Like My NameTypo fix bwburke 942nd Jul 15 05:30:42
Playing With: Automatic Crossbowsminor indentation fix V Phantom2nd Jul 15 05:26:41
Dork Age: Video GamesModified Mortal Kombat entry Yeow 952nd Jul 15 05:22:43
And The Fandom Rejoiced: Project X ZoneNope, we're getting it early 2016. salvadorfranz2nd Jul 15 05:19:39
Manga: Angel SanctuaryCrapsack World, Council of Angels & Cruel and Unusual Death Katan2nd Jul 15 05:15:45
Wall Bangers: The Mysterious Mr Enter"Explain why it's a Wall Banger." Silverblade 22nd Jul 15 05:10:54
Literature: Mother Of Learningadding tropes, adding details Door Into Summer2nd Jul 15 05:08:48
Characters: Jurassic WorldSorry, but "Kalista" appears to be pure fanon. Consulting the Junior Novelization reveals the claim that this is where the name comes from is apparently untrue. Kooshmeister2nd Jul 15 04:49:44
Recap: Game Of Thrones S 5 E 10 Mothers Mercynot lethal = Not An Example Silverblade 22nd Jul 15 04:48:07
YMMV: Jurassic WorldThis goes in the CMOA page, allow me to move it for you. Additionally, we're not allowed to refer to ourselves in these entries anymore so it'll require some tweaking. CJ Croen 13932nd Jul 15 04:45:35
Seasonal Rot: Western AnimationEdit to Johnny Test entry Yeow 952nd Jul 15 04:34:08
Series: Ozno critical reception on the main page Silverblade 22nd Jul 15 04:29:33
YMMV: The Nostalgia CriticBase Breaker are for characters (I will put the last two here first) flamemario 122nd Jul 15 04:29:20
Western Animation: Star Wars RebelsOff Model is about animation errors due to limited resourses, not about an intentional design change between original work and adaptation. Werebazs2nd Jul 15 04:21:55
Freudian Excuse: Live Action TVfixed link, moved example to the correct page Seanette2nd Jul 15 04:13:26
Game Of Thrones: Tropes A To BRemove duplicate line Dcoetzee2nd Jul 15 04:06:18
High School AUSunrider Alex Churchill2nd Jul 15 03:52:58
Characters: Haruhi Suzumiyause nor with neither beneficii2nd Jul 15 03:52:50
WMG: Dragonball XenoverseOr, in other words, goddammit Japan. Zoey Posthuman2nd Jul 15 03:47:54
Pantheon: Children And SiblingsDid anyone even approve of it? TPPR 102nd Jul 15 03:45:41
YMMV: The Lost World Jurassic ParkTop of the page says "If you want to argue about the Designated Heroes and Villains, do it on the discussion page." This suggests we don't need a counterpoint for every item on here, especially since YMMV entries are contestable by definition. Aquamarine Gavial2nd Jul 15 03:45:39
Game Of Thrones: Tropes A To BFix doubled line Dcoetzee2nd Jul 15 03:44:40
Useful Notes: Professional GamingSome League and Counter Strike edits Flamingo Kai2nd Jul 15 03:40:17
Arc FatigueExample Indentation In Trope Lists. Repair Dont Respond. Morgenthaler2nd Jul 15 03:35:18
Film: The Lost World Jurassic ParkMoving to YMMV and changing to What An Idiot. Aquamarine Gavial2nd Jul 15 03:31:00
Characters: SplatoonUnderstatement. tmantookie2nd Jul 15 03:30:32
Closed CircleAdded example from "Mystery of Mortlake Mansion". Anodyne2nd Jul 15 03:23:54
Recap: Steven Universe S 1 E 12 Giant Womanformatting mistake Hanii Puppy2nd Jul 15 03:23:24
Hassle Free HotwireSplit animated films and live-action films. Morgenthaler2nd Jul 15 03:20:58
Funny: One PieceI copy-pasted the question from a website which translated the latest SBS, but I also corrected a few things. totoofze 472nd Jul 15 03:19:31
Black MagicAdded example from "Mystery of Mortlake Mansion". Anodyne2nd Jul 15 03:16:30
Western Animation: The LEGO MovieThe piece isn't a LEGO piece it's the cap to Krazy Glue ("Kragle") myoron2nd Jul 15 03:09:45
Automatic CrossbowsCamel Case jormis 292nd Jul 15 03:08:01
Characters: Fire Emblem Fates NohrFits fine. Maverick 002nd Jul 15 03:06:50
Characters: TerrariaUFO is not a trope jormis 292nd Jul 15 03:05:40
Quotes: You Shall Not PassI thought of the Black Knight scene when this page came up on the Quote Picking thread, and was appalled it wasn't already on here. It may not fit the actual trope description, but STILL. calmestofdoves2nd Jul 15 03:04:01
Big Fancy HouseAdded example from "Mystery of Mortlake Mansion". Anodyne2nd Jul 15 03:02:13
You Shall Not PassQuote Picking approved this poem as better exemplifying the spirit of the trope, rather than simply reiterating the Trope Namer quote. calmestofdoves2nd Jul 15 02:58:02
Quotes: You Shall Not PassQuote Pickin' decided to change the quote from the Trope Namer to something that actually conveyed the meat of the trope, so I'm moving the old one here. calmestofdoves2nd Jul 15 02:50:15
Characters: Batman Arkham Series Rogues Gallery CityAfter reading OOC Is Serious Business, I realized this was a more appropriate trope. Hey Fella2nd Jul 15 02:48:45
Child ProdigyMoved from Teen Genius page. He's right at the age border of the two tropes, but pinning the actual age down is fandom speculation. Since he's been recognised as one from a much younger age, and it's hard to know whether he's currently just younger or just older than 12, I've moved him into this trope as more reflective of the history the story's given us. Wyldchyld2nd Jul 15 02:46:13
Exposition FairyGadd serves as Mission Control, not this trope. Karjam P2nd Jul 15 02:35:56
Teen GeniusMoved this example to Child Prodigy. His age is a fandom guess but seems to be right at the age border of the two tropes. Flashbacks do show he's been recognised as a prodigy since a much younger age, so I've moved him to the Child Prodigy page as probably being more reflective - although, only just. Wyldchyld2nd Jul 15 02:30:31
Characters: Bleach VandenreichIn other words, he wasn't this trope at all. Wyldchyld2nd Jul 15 02:24:07
Tetris: The Grand MasterPhantom ptitle redirect. This will be added to the cutlist. Morgenthaler2nd Jul 15 02:23:17
If You Die I Call Your StuffTropes cannot be inverted "brutally." This is cruft. Sheora2nd Jul 15 02:16:29
Music: Dixie ChicksTropes cannot be inverted "brutally." This is cruft. Sheora2nd Jul 15 02:10:46
Music: Chief KeefTropes cannot be inverted "brutally." This is cruft. Sheora2nd Jul 15 02:10:23
Anime: M 3 The Dark MetalAdded a few tropes Lemonardo2nd Jul 15 02:09:19
Western Animation: Mary And MaxNot an example; the father ''left'', not died, and the trope doesn't stretch to including Max as the guy the baby is a reminder of. Arcane Azmadi2nd Jul 15 02:00:14
Funny: The Runaway Guys Super Mario BrosI felt like the moment wasn't complete without mentioning that part. Little Cat Steps2nd Jul 15 01:58:56
Funny: Reactcorrected some quotes arnoldmcguire 3352nd Jul 15 01:54:42
Music: Steely DanSquare Peg Round Trope - it's not one at all, but does deserve to be mentioned Rather Random Rachel2nd Jul 15 01:49:40
Anime: M 3 The Dark MetalFixed errors, removed a few tropes that didn't really fit. Lemonardo2nd Jul 15 01:48:37
Items: Team Fortress 2Saxxies are awarded annually at this point, so they aren't Lost Forever; the upcoming Gun Mettle update changes the revolver animations, and for all it's worth the Spy-cicle could be an icicle looking device, just like the Sapper and RTR resemble a radio and a tape recorder Barth Vader2nd Jul 15 01:29:23
Nightmare Fuel: The Infinite LoopsNoticed a typo - verr to very True Zero 232nd Jul 15 01:26:58
Stuffed Into The Fridgecruft Sheora2nd Jul 15 01:17:38
Fan Fic: ReticenceTropes cannot be inverted "brutally." This is cruft. Sheora2nd Jul 15 01:16:56
Nightmare Fuel: SCP FoundationNatter Kuruni2nd Jul 15 01:15:48
Curb Stomp Battle: Death BattlePreview function? What's preview function? Manic Oppressive2nd Jul 15 01:10:54
Nightmare Fuel: Warrior CatsMapleshade's novella is further down on the page. Also organizing the order to try and avoid spoiling things for newer readers Dawnwing2nd Jul 15 01:10:05
Characters: Naruto The New Era lycropath2nd Jul 15 01:09:28
YMMV: Demolition ManSink Hole. maxwellsilver2nd Jul 15 01:01:22
Unfortunate ImplicationsJustifying Edit Eagal2nd Jul 15 12:58:38
Characters: Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Part 4We don't seem to have a Greater Scope Villain version of Big Bad Duumvirate Agent Skyblue M 72nd Jul 15 12:57:30
Dumb Blondecruft Sheora2nd Jul 15 12:56:25
Western Animation: Justice LeagueOops. Rockatt2nd Jul 15 12:43:46
All Jews Are Ashkenazicruft Sheora2nd Jul 15 12:37:55
Awesome: NarutoWrong page. Two Dollar Bill2nd Jul 15 12:27:42
Good Colors Evil Colorscruft Sheora2nd Jul 15 12:27:40
Literature: Black BeautyParaphrase no more Sparky Lurkdragon2nd Jul 15 12:26:43
YMMV: Gravity FallsSchrodinger Hamiltonian allium2nd Jul 15 12:26:25
YMMV: Mad Max Fury RoadI considered adding "despite what people think" but i wasnt sure I should. Sunchet2nd Jul 15 12:25:20
Video Game: Puzzle QuestEdited folder names to make them more consistent with other video game pages Lady Norbert2nd Jul 15 12:25:12
Western Animation: Justice LeagueHe's right. It is pretty corny. Rockatt2nd Jul 15 12:24:37
Babies Ever AfterInfo from Chapter 700+10 Deadly Doctor2nd Jul 15 12:20:26
Characters: Revolutionary Girl Utenawe only met Kozue for like a few minutes in episode 5, not really a lot to say she was exaggerated. no we just got to know more about in the the black rose arc. m 00922nd Jul 15 12:18:29
YMMV: Yu Gi Oh Card GameJust some spellchecking. I really don't want to say this... but we really should know the difference between "you're" and "your" by now. Eldritch2nd Jul 15 12:13:23
Series: Pan Amcruft Sheora2nd Jul 15 12:08:32
Jail BakeDannemora meat "cake" jeffq2nd Jul 15 12:03:47
David Versus Goliathcruft Sheora2nd Jul 15 12:03:25
Anime: Yu Gi Oh 5 Dstense Gavyn Sykes2nd Jul 15 12:02:42
Video Game: ShenmueI take back Throw The Fight, edited own entries so spoilers aren't so apparent. Sestren NK2nd Jul 15 12:01:23
Anime: Revolutionary Girl Utenaboth the dub and sub are on youtube now! yay! m 00921st Jul 15 11:57:07
Video Game: HAWXAdding example. ATK1st Jul 15 11:53:46
Series: Modern FamilyTropes cannot be inverted "heavily." This is cruft. Sheora1st Jul 15 11:52:56
Sequel Difficulty Dropcruft Sheora1st Jul 15 11:52:12
Genius CrippleIt's a horrifying thought to lose your legs that way, but shouting it at us won't help. System Cellar1st Jul 15 11:51:45
Trivia: Naruto GaidenIt was a red herring. Gamermaster1st Jul 15 11:50:47
Film: Mean GirlsNo natter. Arcolops1st Jul 15 11:45:02
Characters: Naruto Takagaiden chapter 10 pave 171st Jul 15 11:42:44
Critical Psychoanalysis FailureTropes cannot be inverted "heavily." This is cruft. Sheora1st Jul 15 11:41:48
Fanfic Recs: Adventures Of The Galaxy RangersTropes cannot be inverted "heavily." This is cruft. Sheora1st Jul 15 11:41:13
Film: Terminator 2 Judgment DayIt was Dyson trying to open the door, not John, he was already busy hacking for the key. Whistler1st Jul 15 11:38:48
Reality Ensues: Western AnimationNot seeing any reality in that. Ferot Dreadnaught1st Jul 15 11:36:53
Headscratchers: Splatoonundid the previous, as it seems going deeper than 3 asterisks has no effect. damn. BURGINABC1st Jul 15 11:33:18
Headscratchers: Splatoonindentation correction: should be indented deeper than what it's replying to BURGINABC1st Jul 15 11:31:45
Characters: Haruhi SuzumiyaIt's either subverted or it's not; there is no scale or spectrum of subversion beneficii1st Jul 15 11:31:09
What Kind Of Lame Power Is Heart AnywayJust trying to make the entry a little more succinct, as it was getting kind of bloated. Afraid1st Jul 15 11:30:10
Everythings Better With PrincessesTropes cannot be inverted "heavily." This is cruft. Sheora1st Jul 15 11:28:34
Reality Ensues: Western AnimationIf anyone remembers the name of the episode, please put it here. plcthecd1st Jul 15 11:25:00
Video Game: A Boy And His BlobContent Free Examples BURGINABC1st Jul 15 11:24:44
Cybernetics Eat Your SoulTropes cannot be inverted "heavily." This is cruft. Sheora1st Jul 15 11:23:33
Trivia: Taiko Drum MasterMinor edit Yuuyatails1st Jul 15 11:23:04
Series: That70s ShowTropes cannot be inverted "heavily." This is cruft. Sheora1st Jul 15 11:22:17
Video Game: Fragile Dreams Farewell Ruins Of The MoonTropes cannot be inverted "heavily." This is cruft. Sheora1st Jul 15 11:21:31
Western Animation: The HobbitTropes cannot be inverted "heavily." This is cruft. Sheora1st Jul 15 11:20:23
Music: The CorrsTropes cannot be inverted "heavily." This is cruft. Sheora1st Jul 15 11:19:54
Overshadowedbyawesome: SmogonDeoxys D is relegated to the "outclassed uber Pokemon ranking" right now Loekman 31st Jul 15 11:19:02
Video Game: A Boy And His BlobI don't think it's really a World Of Pun because the puns are concentrated into the Theme Naming of the jelly beans. this example was redundant and wrong. Also the puns weren't stealthy. BURGINABC1st Jul 15 11:17:31
The Sociopath: Video GamesPresenting evidence that may show that the (Younger) Princess Shroob is NOT a sociopath Lord Zoroark1st Jul 15 11:17:01
Trivia: NarutoGoddamnit, Kishimoto. Eagal1st Jul 15 11:15:21
Video Game: Taiko Drum MasterAdded recent game list Yuuyatails1st Jul 15 11:14:52
Series: Robot Combat LeagueTropes cannot be inverted "heavily." This is cruft. Sheora1st Jul 15 11:13:59
Video Game: A Boy And His BlobI really need to get better at consolidating my changes into one edit... this may be getting a bit out of hand. Anyhoo, added context to an example. BURGINABC1st Jul 15 11:12:36
Friendly Tickle TortureThe Aristocats Mysterious Mr X1st Jul 15 11:11:00
YMMV: Million Dollar BabyElephant In The Room plcthecd1st Jul 15 11:10:11
Fridge: The TerminatorMoved to Terminator Salvation maxwellsilver1st Jul 15 11:09:46
Film: Million Dollar BabyPlease give a reason before deleting, until then. This goes back plcthecd1st Jul 15 11:09:16
Series: I Love LucyRemoving line that actually refers to one of Lucille Ball's other shows, not I Love Lucy. Aftanith1st Jul 15 11:09:03
Last Note NightmareWhat the heck is "PIF"? People outside the UK may not know, so avoid using such an acronym without explanation. fllthdcrb1st Jul 15 11:06:55
Drives Like CrazyAdded a trope Eoppen1st Jul 15 11:06:46
Literature: ShatterpointWhoops, wrong trope Herald Alberich1st Jul 15 11:06:33
We All Live In AmericaZero Context Example thatother1dude1st Jul 15 11:04:46
YMMV: RavenKanyon was ''not'' the first openly gay pro wrestler. Not even close. Indirect Active Transport1st Jul 15 11:03:03
Love MartyrUpdated with info from Chapter 700+10 Deadly Doctor1st Jul 15 10:57:19
YMMV: Fruitvale StationNot a YMMV trope. creader1st Jul 15 10:54:38
Video Game: A Boy And His BlobContent Free Example. also the song the plays during the first part of the credits definitely wasn't a medley, though the less memorable music from the second part of the credits might have been, so I'll leave it to someone else to flesh this out rather than remove it. BURGINABC1st Jul 15 10:54:10
Literature: ShatterpointA few examples and quotes Herald Alberich1st Jul 15 10:48:31
Manga: Naruto GaidenSakura is confirmed to be Sarada's biological mother. Karin was the midwife and the sample used to conduct the DNA test was Sarada's umbilical cord that Karin kept after she helped Sakura deliver Sarada. Yeah. digiblackraven 931st Jul 15 10:47:00
Pantheon: Profession Lesser GodsScrew it, the order of them in the title would give it away TPPR 101st Jul 15 10:46:37
Video Game: A Boy And His BlobI'm going to just go ahead and remove this. It's probably too opinionated for the main page. BURGINABC1st Jul 15 10:40:34
Trivia: Inside OutNot Trivia. Mr Media Guy 21st Jul 15 10:39:56
Characters: Naruto The New EraNewest/Last chapter of Gaiden is out. keyblade 3331st Jul 15 10:35:37
Pantheon: Fighting StylesReally? Quoteleft? TPPR 101st Jul 15 10:33:50
Dethroning Moment: Web OriginalFixing the grammar while keeping the original point harryhenry1st Jul 15 10:32:25
Video Game: A Boy And His BlobWrong trope BURGINABC1st Jul 15 10:31:53
YMMV: The Saga Of Avatar KorraI spoke with my fellow tropers about most of these examples, and I think they are fitting. Knowledgeseeker1st Jul 15 10:29:57
Recap: Steven Universe S 2 E 9 Sworn To The Swordmisspelled Connie Deaths Apprentice1st Jul 15 10:29:37
Video Game: A Boy And His BlobOK, so apparently I shouldn't pothole that here. Also I'll defer to whoever edits this next as to whether the sarcastic comment at the end of the example is completely inappropriate, so remove if you think it's too ymmv BURGINABC1st Jul 15 10:27:52
Characters: The Saga Of Avatar Korra Red LotusEditting Knowledgeseeker1st Jul 15 10:18:38
Pantheon: Personality Intermediate GodsWrong picture TPPR 101st Jul 15 10:12:35
Literature: The Generalmoved the shoutouts to their own page, cleaned up that ugly Lady Whitehall entry at the start, standardized the entry formatting, removed some misuse. Still needs work, but that's for later. Nohbody1st Jul 15 10:12:01
YMMV: SplatoonExample Indentation. homogenized1st Jul 15 10:09:48
Characters: Naruto The New EraIt was of course a Fake Out lycropath1st Jul 15 10:09:35
Shout Out: The Generalmoved from Literature.The General Nohbody1st Jul 15 10:08:39
Video Game: Rhythm HeavenExample Indentation. Someone didn't know to Repair Dont Respond. homogenized1st Jul 15 10:04:51
Unintentional Period Piece: The NinetiesSince the simpsons spans multiple decades, moving this to the special cases section harryhenry1st Jul 15 10:02:36
Unintentional Period PieceThis is from 2008 harryhenry1st Jul 15 10:00:16
Literature: The Generalcleanup, part 1 Nohbody1st Jul 15 09:59:59
Video Game: A Boy And His Blobcapitalize BURGINABC1st Jul 15 09:59:44
Video Game: A Boy And His BlobAdded context BURGINABC1st Jul 15 09:58:30
Video Game: Rhythm HeavenRedundancy. homogenized1st Jul 15 09:58:02
Video Game: Rhythm HeavenFixing alphabetization. homogenized1st Jul 15 09:53:24
Web Video: Titansgrave The Ashes Of ValkanaZero Context Example Koveras1st Jul 15 09:48:55
Light Novel: Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A DungeonWon't change it back, but I thought "chienthrope" ''was'' just their name for beast man. Also grammar correction of beastmans to beastmen. sgamer 821st Jul 15 09:46:36
YMMV: Grand Theft Auto Vice CityRemoved Natter. harryhenry1st Jul 15 09:46:21
Manga: My Love StoryHm.. not quite. "Suna" IS short for Sunakawa, so it's more like a nickname. Both he and Yamato refer to Takeo by first name. sgamer 821st Jul 15 09:45:27
Death Battle: Tropes A To COh wait, my bad... Kuruni1st Jul 15 09:45:01
Death Battle: Tropes A To C...does it really count? Vader is from Marvel too, you know... Kuruni1st Jul 15 09:44:13
Nightmare Fuel: Comic BooksUpgraded image from something a little more horrifying than a bloodier and gorier proto-Invader Zim comic. nightshade 12181st Jul 15 09:43:20
Video Game: A Boy And His Blobfound the right trope. I'm gonna go ahead and switch it. BURGINABC1st Jul 15 09:41:46
Characters: The Brave Little ToasterI don't really think that would count if they're both tiny. Sammettik1st Jul 15 09:41:43
Characters: The Brave Little ToasterLet's see: Missing punctuation, slashed examples, a subjective, and a bio for a character that doesn't really exist. Sammettik1st Jul 15 09:40:09
Sibling Yin YangMoved from Polar Opposite Twins, due to ambiguity in "twin" status. Berrenta1st Jul 15 09:39:52
Webcomic: Waste Of TimeI love this webcomic and decided to start up a webpage for it Ctrl Alt Del Gmr1st Jul 15 09:39:47
Video Game: Rhythm HeavenIt's not a mode, but two challenge gauntlets unlocked by beating most of/all the others. homogenized1st Jul 15 09:38:31
Video Game: A Boy And His BlobSwitched this to the correct trope. Although I would question that world 3 could be considered Level Ate, to me it seems more based on Dr. Seuss book illustrations. But I'll leave it alone for now. BURGINABC1st Jul 15 09:38:25
Polar Opposite TwinsUnfortunately, there's no way of telling whether they are really twins. Moving this example to Sibling Yin Yang. Berrenta1st Jul 15 09:35:19
Terror HeroNo potholes in page quotes Ferot Dreadnaught1st Jul 15 09:29:37
Video Game: A Boy And His BlobInteresting, but I don't think examples can come from press reactions, but only from the work itself. Maybe someone could refactor this into a or Trivia or YMMV entry? BURGINABC1st Jul 15 09:29:21
YMMV: BloodIf you have to use a cheat to access it, it's not a bug. REV 6 Pilot1st Jul 15 09:28:13
Awesome: Death BattleFou bullets natter Kuruni1st Jul 15 09:26:02
Video Game: A Boy And His BlobSounds like an aversion. If the devs originally intended it to be more casual, or marketed it as being so, or something, I think that might probably better go on the trivia page? Something seems wrong about this example, but it might be fixable, so I'm going to just comment it out. BURGINABC1st Jul 15 09:17:38
Trivia: Three Two One PenguinsAdding to the tropes. Julayla 641st Jul 15 09:17:27
Trivia: Three Two One PenguinsAdding to the tropes. Julayla 641st Jul 15 09:17:27
Victory FakeoutNo potholes in page quotes Ferot Dreadnaught1st Jul 15 09:15:16
Poke In The Third Eyesp Furry Kef1st Jul 15 09:13:21
Tear Jerker: Survival Of The FittestWrong Quincy, sorry. Kami Kaze1st Jul 15 09:13:09
Laconic: Persona 4That's more for the entire series. Dirtyblue 9291st Jul 15 09:10:03
Video Game: A Boy And His BlobIt's actually just a remnant of an otherwise scrapped gameplay mechanic and no longer serves a purpose besides being adorable. More importantly, it's not actually an example of that trope (though it may have originally intended to have been, before they scrapped the whole gameplay mechanic of managing the blob's emotions); it's just an adorable hug. BURGINABC1st Jul 15 09:09:36
Music: Wendy Carloscorrecting error; didn't that troper read the discography at the top of the article? Trueman 0011st Jul 15 09:06:52
Karma Houdini: Fan FicAdding an example Knowledgeseeker1st Jul 15 09:03:37
Video Game: A Boy And His BlobSmells like a natter; Conversation In The Main Page is not good. Also the conclusion it draws seems like wishful thinking and that the Blob still being there is Gameplay And Story Segregation, but in any case discussion of whether it's just that or he actually came back belongs on WMG or Headscratchers, not this page. BURGINABC1st Jul 15 09:01:37
Western Animation: Steven Universewhoops DRCEQ1st Jul 15 08:59:52
YMMV: Murder On The Orient ExpressIf we're not even spoilering Everybody Did It, why would we spoiler Daisy Armstrong's murder? Arcane Azmadi1st Jul 15 08:58:44
Film: Ant ManThose are just common gags for situations featuring shrinking. Harpie Siren1st Jul 15 08:57:48
Video Game: Rhythm HeavenDon't just leave it where it is, also put it in proper alphabetical order. homogenized1st Jul 15 08:49:52
Disney: TangledI just want to be a ZCE, Morning Star 13371st Jul 15 08:49:23
Heads Up Displayhyperlinks Herald Alberich1st Jul 15 08:42:47
Characters: Beware The BatmanKiller Croc as a character was created in 1983. Known Unknown1st Jul 15 08:40:03
Trivia: Bad BoysI am editing the spelling of "notoriously" because it was previously incorrect. Dream Cord1st Jul 15 08:36:31
Trivia: Bad BoysI am editing the spelling of "notoriously" because it was previously incorrect. Dream Cord1st Jul 15 08:36:21
Justified Save Pointgrammar, links Herald Alberich1st Jul 15 08:35:50
Useful Notes: BasketballAK-47 is now retired. At least for now. KY Cubbie1st Jul 15 08:33:02
Diegetic Interfacehyperlinks Herald Alberich1st Jul 15 08:28:43
Diegetic Interfacehyperlinks Herald Alberich1st Jul 15 08:27:48
Useful Notes: National Basketball AssociationThe T-wolves now have THREE #1 overall picks on their roster. KY Cubbie1st Jul 15 08:27:06
Useful Notes: National Basketball AssociationDanny Ferry got bought out by the Hawks' new ownership. KY Cubbie1st Jul 15 08:24:04
Comic Book: All New All Different Marvelrogue not rouge alliterator1st Jul 15 08:22:11
Theme Music Power UpNew entry under video games Xandemaru1st Jul 15 08:18:27
Comic Book: All New All Different MarvelCharles Soule said that it doesn't look like Gambit. alliterator1st Jul 15 08:14:00
Broken AesopIt's an anthology. "Man in the Mirror" isn't part of the narrative segment, "Smooth Criminal" is. The messages aren't in conflict because they're not actually connected to each other. Ego Proxy1st Jul 15 08:12:30
Deep Space Nine: The Dominionjust trying to expand a bit on the point of the above posters Time Traveler Jessica1st Jul 15 08:10:20
Music: Anna TsuchiyaIronic. Physical Stamina1st Jul 15 08:09:12
DeuteragonistOk, the trope refers to at least TWO characters, pretty sure Jin & Noel trump everyone else as far as secondary importance goes. Black Yakuzu 941st Jul 15 08:07:35
Hack The Traffic Lightshyperlink "Spooks" Herald Alberich1st Jul 15 08:07:31
YMMV: Clone HighTropes cannot be inverted "heavily." This is cruft. Sheora1st Jul 15 08:07:09
Animation: Shitty The CatTropes cannot be inverted "heavily." This is cruft. Sheora1st Jul 15 08:06:30
Alpha BitchI noticed that there were some contradictions in the description about whether the Alpha Bitch is supposed to be more Obviously Evil or a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, so I created two types based on how outwardly rude they are. I didn't really get rid of anything, but I moved things around and added on a bit. Prettyin Pink1st Jul 15 08:02:01
Funny: The Adventures Of Duane And Brand OAdded a few more funny lines. Dark Phoenix FF 41st Jul 15 07:56:53
Video Game: Blaz BlueOk, this entry is way too big; Its a description about the morality of the setting, not individual characters. Black Yakuzu 941st Jul 15 07:56:16
Web Video: Cinema SinsThat's not Cinema Sins. That's GCN in the style of Cinema Sins. Trogdor1st Jul 15 07:53:39
Film: Terminator GenisysThe fact that they don't know who sent him is a plot point. Azure Owl1st Jul 15 07:53:17
Web Video: Cinema SinsThat's not Cinema Sins. That's GCN in the style of Cinema Sins. Trogdor1st Jul 15 07:52:55
Humans Are The Real MonstersNo potholes in page quotes Ferot Dreadnaught1st Jul 15 07:49:54
Characters: Fist Of The North Star First SeriesIt's not exactly averted. King Zeal1st Jul 15 07:43:43
Humans Are The Real Monsters: Video GamesTropes cannot be subverted "heavily." This is cruft. Sheora1st Jul 15 07:43:02
YMMV: Pokemon AnimeReplacing a potentially Flame Bait entry. Very Melon1st Jul 15 07:42:52
Western Animation: Inside OutAdd Staraptor 3251st Jul 15 07:37:37
Roleplay: HeartfeltTropes cannot be subverted "heavily." This is cruft. Sheora1st Jul 15 07:35:30
Fan Fic: Through The Looking GlassTropes cannot be subverted "heavily." This is cruft. Sheora1st Jul 15 07:34:49
Literature: Starship TroopersGiving exact numbers from the book kumorigoe1st Jul 15 07:31:26
Film: Jupiter AscendingNo potholes in headline quotes My Final Edits1st Jul 15 07:29:22
Law Of Chromatic SuperiorityOnce again, Example Indentation My Final Edits1st Jul 15 07:26:27
Characters: SpaceballsRemoving word cruft beack 71st Jul 15 07:26:12
Crack Pairingfixing links in caption Willbyr1st Jul 15 07:24:40
YMMV: Grand Theft Auto II"Suspicious" or not, punching people is supposed to be problematic in and of itself, so that's more along the lines of Police Are Useless. There is, however, another thing that's supposed to be problematic AND suspicious... neo YT Pism1st Jul 15 07:21:59
Wiki: UncyclopediaOops... Llygodenfawr1st Jul 15 07:14:36
Western Animation: Rugratsfixing link rot Yasmin Perry1st Jul 15 07:13:54
Bias SteamrollerWrong place. :) Purr Elise1st Jul 15 07:10:04
Sleeper HitIt's perfectly okay to be excited about a game you're a fan off, but that's no reason to let it leak into article editting this much. No need to sound so masturbatory in these entries. Elbruno1st Jul 15 07:09:46
Threesome SubtextExamples Are Not Arguable My Final Edits1st Jul 15 07:07:23
The World Cup: Tropes Q To ZWord Cruft My Final Edits1st Jul 15 07:05:03
Gone Horribly RightExample Indentation My Final Edits1st Jul 15 07:02:16
Gone Horribly RightExample Indentation My Final Edits1st Jul 15 07:02:06
Characters: Kill BillAs explained on the main page, this movie did not name the Roaring Rampage Of Revenge trope; Tarantino was referencing a blaxploitation movie stuffedninja1st Jul 15 06:54:24
The Immodest OrgasmRedundant. Parodies ARE meant to be hilarious. Also, indentation My Final Edits1st Jul 15 06:53:54
Awesome: TerrariaFormatting fix. Wolfman 20001st Jul 15 06:51:29
Video Game: TerrariaMinor touch-up. Unsure if "time as of this writing" is proper. Wolfman 20001st Jul 15 06:49:33
Characters: TerrariaNot sure why Dungeon Guardian wasn't added. If technical bosses aren't counted as characters, feel free to remove it. Watcher CCG1st Jul 15 06:49:02
Happy Ending OverridePretty much a case of Word Cruft My Final Edits1st Jul 15 06:48:49
Characters: Regular ShowPetting Zoo People refers to the physical level of humanization, not behavior. Specifically, it means a human body with an animal head, which Mordecai does not have. thatother1dude1st Jul 15 06:48:04
Time SkipFixing the ungrammatical colon disease Prfnoff1st Jul 15 06:46:39
Sugar Wiki: Mood Of WinI am adding an example from The Lost World: Jurassic Park because I think the scene in which Sarah Harding falls onto glass in the RV and it slowly cracking under her is a masterpiece of tension, and is one of my favorite parts of the film. Dream Cord1st Jul 15 06:46:24
Mooks But No BossesSinkhole My Final Edits1st Jul 15 06:45:29
Light Novel: Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A DungeonThere're several kinds of beastman; Bete is a wolf-person and Ahnya is a Cat Girl. Sam Curt1st Jul 15 06:44:14
Video Game: TerrariaFixing italics in my All Your Powers Combined addition. Ianator1st Jul 15 06:43:29
Trivia: Aaliyahit's -> its Furry Kef1st Jul 15 06:43:28
Pantheon: Villains Intermediate GodsGI is bareboned and Golbez is moved to Narrative. r-lock 2561st Jul 15 06:37:33
WMG: Death BattleThere's already a separate section for One Minute Melee, which this entry focuses on. Zeh Monsieur1st Jul 15 06:36:38
Painted On PantsDon't delete red links to work pages that might be created Prfnoff1st Jul 15 06:34:03
Everybodys Dead DaveJust watched the scene. Dialogue's a little different. Dirtyblue 9291st Jul 15 06:33:34
You Shall Not PassThat's not a "beam me up" when he ''actually says it''. Dragon Quest Z1st Jul 15 06:33:29
Heartwarming: Life Is StrangeI feel like the Victoria-Taylor thing was too much of a projection on my part. Ultimate Jasper1st Jul 15 06:31:57
Heartwarming: XKCDConsolidating a duplicate entry. Sonic Lover1st Jul 15 06:30:57
Drinking Game: Tomodachi LifeThe downside of playing TL constantly. Berrenta1st Jul 15 06:29:05
Useful Notes: Binary PrefixImage spacing xenol1st Jul 15 06:27:22
Broken Base: Fire Emblem FatesAdding some tropes to this. I've seen this type of debate happen a lot, before. Carls 4931st Jul 15 06:19:11
Items: Team Fortress 2Gun Mettle Update part 1 dancnbna1st Jul 15 06:17:58
Bread Eggs Milk SquickThen it's Arson Murder And Jaywalking. thatother1dude1st Jul 15 06:13:28
Series: Brooklyn Nine NineAnd not but. Bobonofa1st Jul 15 06:11:09
Web Animation: Death BattleEe Cakeman1st Jul 15 06:08:44
Didnt Need Those AnywayAll Blue Entry, Example Indentation My Final Edits1st Jul 15 06:08:39
You Killed My FatherSee latest edit of Prepare to die. y2k 8901st Jul 15 06:06:32
My Name Is Inigo MontoyaSee latest edit of Prepare to die. y2k 8901st Jul 15 06:06:02
Prepare To DieThe all blue entry of the page quote restored. y2k 8901st Jul 15 06:04:59
Retroactive Recognitionpretty sure Will Graham's alto ego is Hugh Dancy, not Darcy Randee 151st Jul 15 06:02:22
Alone Among The CouplesToph is a she, not a he. bobwolf1st Jul 15 06:00:48
Pantheon: Sports Lesser GodsBoth Balrog and Hakan are now in the House of Combat. Balrog can be found in the sub-house of Fighting Styles and Hakan can be found in the sub-house of Combat Wrestling. Dragon-Kid1st Jul 15 05:57:41
Sugar Wiki: No Problem With Licensed GamesWar of the Ring was based on the books not the movies. It's also arguable that the game was better than just 'not-so-bad' though I suspect that the person who originally wrote that meant War in the North shakenhaitian1st Jul 15 05:56:56
Malicious MisnamingAdded the Cats Dont Dance example because it applies. oneuglybunny1st Jul 15 05:55:59
Interservice RivalryWe discussed cutting whichever page quote was inferior on the GPQD thread, and the second one lost. calmestofdoves1st Jul 15 05:55:26
Light Novel: Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A DungeonHephaestus is spelt two different ways, and Miach is spelt two ways just within the novels. Shiroi Hane1st Jul 15 05:54:29
Seven Dirty WordsNo Circular Links, please. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 05:43:57
Recap: Gravity Falls S 2 E 11 Not What He SeemsPotholing in page quotes isn't allowed harryhenry1st Jul 15 05:42:17
Characters: Five Nights At Freddys Fourth GenerationTrue Final Boss is a final boss that appears when certain conditions are met. Not a final boss for an entire series. Thepenguinking 21st Jul 15 05:42:16
Demonic Spiders: Resident EvilSploders, Splashers and Glasps count as Camera Screw, not Interface Screw. Wandering Browser1st Jul 15 05:42:05
YMMV: Nintendo Capri SunBeen ages since I last watched NCS. But there's a HIH moment. Berrenta1st Jul 15 05:39:08
Wake Up Call BossOh Crap is a trope, not an Audience Reaction My Final Edits1st Jul 15 05:37:56
Light Novel: Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeonhe's been compared to a rabbit long before getting the armour, Shiroi Hane1st Jul 15 05:37:27
Deader Than Disco: FilmI'm not sure about this one, considering the film is still popular, and it's only this one aspect that's controvertial harryhenry1st Jul 15 05:33:57
Deader Than Disco: FilmI'm not sure about this one, considering the film is still popular, and it's only this one aspect that's controvertial harryhenry1st Jul 15 05:33:56
Deader Than Disco: FilmI'm not sure about this one, considering the film is still popular, and it's only this one aspect that's controvertial harryhenry1st Jul 15 05:33:54
Characters: Red Vs Blue Charon IndustriesConsidering that this was revealed to be kind of a joke, it shouldn't be up there. Satoshi Bakura1st Jul 15 05:29:33
Playing With: Children Are InnocentParodied doesn't mean simply exaggerated, nor does zigzagged mean downplayed. Tricky Troper1st Jul 15 05:26:13
Characters: Red Vs Blue ChorusReal names should never ever be thrown to the side like that. Please do not revert these. If you do, please explain why. Also, titles do not need to be on the folders. Satoshi Bakura1st Jul 15 05:24:50
Deader Than Disco: FilmI asked on the discussion if this qualified, but no one answered. If anyone wants to improve this example, please do so. If you want to remove it, give a reason why. Mr Media Guy 21st Jul 15 05:15:08
Darker And Edgier: MusicThere's a little more to the Grande saga than this, though. ANT Muddle1st Jul 15 05:14:57
Headscratchers: Buffy Season 6Saw that someone else asked. Mous1st Jul 15 05:14:52
Series: HumansTypo. (Wouldn't have happened if the perfectly good first version had been left alone, admins). Digifiend1st Jul 15 05:12:38
Series: HumansWhy on Earth was Creator/Channel4 delinked? Digifiend1st Jul 15 05:11:32
Music: Aphex TwinThe long title trope isn't complete until I add Syro to it The Cheese Dragon 981st Jul 15 05:10:44
Series: HumansRe-adding something I already added - thanks a lot, Mr Jumping The Gun to the Cut List. Digifiend1st Jul 15 05:10:06
Film: Event HorizonCorrected the Lewis & Clark's medical doctor and added possible explanation to Not That Kind of Doctor being subverted. shakenhaitian1st Jul 15 05:08:01
Characters: Red Vs Blue Red TeamReal names should never ever be thrown to the side like that. Please do not revert these. If you do, please explain why. Satoshi Bakura1st Jul 15 05:07:22
Characters: Red Vs Blue Blue TeamReal names should never ever be thrown to the side like that. Please do not revert these. If you do, please explain why. Satoshi Bakura1st Jul 15 05:06:11
Trivia: HumansRecreating page - the series page shouldn't have been cut in the first place, therefore neither should this one! And as the creator of this subpage, why the hell was I not notified!?! Digifiend1st Jul 15 05:05:55
Film: Mad Max Fury RoadSee Discussion. High Crate1st Jul 15 05:05:05
Characters: Red Vs Blue Project FreelancerReal names should never ever be thrown to the side like that. Please do not revert these. If you do, please explain why. Satoshi Bakura1st Jul 15 05:03:26
YMMV: Harvest MoonYou can't just say, "silkworms". You have to describe why that qualifies for that trope. Woofthe Wolfie1st Jul 15 05:00:21
Series: FireflyPlayed With means it's subverted or inverted or something. Either it's straight or say how it's Played With. lexicon1st Jul 15 04:57:28
Film: Dark Night Of The ScarecrowMoving the alternate theory to the YMMV tab. Miracle@St Olaf1st Jul 15 04:55:30
Western Animation: The Book Of LifeExample Indentation and Natter Anddrix1st Jul 15 04:53:10
YMMV: Mr Peabody And ShermanIf someone can write a better version, please do so. Mr Media Guy 21st Jul 15 04:48:02
YMMV: Yandere SimulatorSNES, not a toploader NES Chaos Hatagami1st Jul 15 04:46:08
Recap: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 5 E 11 Party PoopedNo incident. There's just a lot of cheese. Rognik1st Jul 15 04:45:29
Title Drop: Western AnimationName of group; not a proper title drop. uknownada1st Jul 15 04:39:50
Film: Event HorizonCorrected the Lewis & Clark's medical doctor and added possible explanation to Not That Kind of Doctor being subverted. shakenhaitian1st Jul 15 04:38:05
Characters: Naruto The New EraWhat The Hell Hero isn't "Character does something bad" and how the fandom reacts to his actions is irrelevant to the trope. Eagal1st Jul 15 04:33:46
Characters: Heroes Of The StormUm, do you have source that Hale did Sylvanas? Otherwise, per Blizzard's tradition of Role Reprisal, the old VA get called back, and apparently Sylvanas' was the previous one Chris X1st Jul 15 04:33:02
Names To Know In AnimeCleaning up the Dub Voice Actors folder and moving all information regarding a creator’s work to their respective page. A lot of this information is already on the creator’s page or should be moved there if not already stated. Seraphine1st Jul 15 04:31:50
Video Game: Pokemon Trozeicorrection Golden Alex1st Jul 15 04:29:00
YMMV: WormX Meets Y is Just For Fun, not a real trope. Eagal1st Jul 15 04:26:33
Out Of The InfernoExpanded on the laser point in Worm Dwoem1st Jul 15 04:23:35
Series: The Golden GirlsJudaism doesn't count as a disability. Terrie1st Jul 15 04:18:34
Wiki SandboxWow was that a weird folder mess-up. greatpikminfan1st Jul 15 04:17:03
Series: FireflyRestored and rephrased Sadistic Choice. This trope is present, even if Zoe doesn't respond the way Niska wants her to. Beacon 801st Jul 15 04:16:25
Justice By Other Legal MeansThe blank lines at the beginning and end of folders are unnecessary. Also cleaning up Word Cruft and misspelling of "heyday". mlsmithca1st Jul 15 04:14:03
Video Game: Monster HunterYou don't need to add the Main/ namespace to tropes. MJ Trooper1st Jul 15 04:13:13
YMMV: DishonoredRumor no longer bravo 1041st Jul 15 04:11:52
Manga: Angel SanctuaryOne trope per bullet; Venom Lancer Hae1st Jul 15 04:09:29
Laconic: El Spanish OLaconic! Woo ianremsen1st Jul 15 04:08:35
Recap: Battlestar Galactica Reimagined S 02 E 05 The FarmName change. Mark Lungo1st Jul 15 04:08:32
Video Game: Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom PainOne trope per bullet; X Meets Y is just for fun page, not a trope; Venom Lancer Hae1st Jul 15 04:05:35
Characters: Gravity Falls YouthFits more of Pacifica's NMM personality Cavery 2101st Jul 15 04:04:53
Characters: Jurassic Park FilmExamples Are Not Arguable. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 04:02:19
Video Game: Pokemon Trozeicorrection Golden Alex1st Jul 15 04:01:48
Characters: Angel Sanctuaryremoving some ZC Es (to be added again with actual content) Rosiel1st Jul 15 04:01:25
Recap: Battlestar Galactica Reimagined S 02 E 04 ResistanceName change. Mark Lungo1st Jul 15 04:01:12
Characters: Jurassic Park FilmThe Big One is not "the cause of all bad happenings in the story". The closest to that is Nedry (or his secret employers), but he still doesn't quite fit. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 04:01:11
Last Episode New CharacterAdded Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell example. Taedran1st Jul 15 04:00:32
Tear Jerker: The Untouchables"Persona" is only spelled with one N. mlsmithca1st Jul 15 03:59:24
Recap: Battlestar Galactica Reimagined S 02 E 03 FraggedName change. Mark Lungo1st Jul 15 03:59:08
Video Game: Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom PainX Meets Y is a just for fun page, and therefore not a trope. Venom Lancer Hae1st Jul 15 03:58:05
Recap: Battlestar Galactica Reimagined S 02 E 02 Valley Of DarknessName change. Mark Lungo1st Jul 15 03:56:06
Recap: Battlestar Galactica Reimagined S 02 E 02 Valley Of DarknessName change. Mark Lungo1st Jul 15 03:55:50
Film: Jurassic WorldMass Oh Crap isn't an Audience Reaction. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 03:55:47
Discontinuity: Video Gamessorry, counting error deimos 4151st Jul 15 03:55:29
Video Game: Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Painstray gray line. and make that Phantom Pain version. ashlay1st Jul 15 03:51:17
Recap: Battlestar Galactica Reimagined S 02 E 01 ScatteredName change. Mark Lungo1st Jul 15 03:49:46
Film: Jurassic WorldShoehorned Example. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 03:47:05
Video Game: Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Painwould rather go with some final version of the design than concept art. How about this? Still the MGSV version, but final design from covers of special editions ashlay1st Jul 15 03:46:35
Manga: Angel Sanctuarydeleting Nightmare Face Rosiel1st Jul 15 03:44:28
YMMV: La HaineAdded BLAM Albert Cole1st Jul 15 03:44:27
Recap: Death Battle S 02 E 24 Darth Vader Vs Doctor DoomMore to come Earl Of Sandvich1st Jul 15 03:43:31
Video Game: Mass Effect AndromedaLet's wait until the game addresses it (or doesn't) until calling it Fridge Logic. Ferot Dreadnaught1st Jul 15 03:42:34
Characters: Mass Effect 2 Party MembersWrong trope. Canon Sue is always about a fictional character within a fictional work; to be in-universe, it has to be a character from a Show Within A Show. Marq FJA1st Jul 15 03:38:12
Mood DissonanceMoving to Lyrical Dissonance. Karjam P1st Jul 15 03:37:27
Franchise Original SinThis trope can't have real life examples. Ferot Dreadnaught1st Jul 15 03:37:22
Recap: Two Best Friends PlayHow appropriate therealjackieboy1st Jul 15 03:35:04
Characters: My Little Pony Equestria GirlsThe first "Friendship Games" trailer has shown Sunset's new outfit to be correct. King Lyger1st Jul 15 03:34:52
Light Novel: Maoyuu Maou YuushaAnd don't shout the examples. One form of emphasis markup is plenty. mlsmithca1st Jul 15 03:33:38
Light Novel: Maoyuu Maou YuushaYour Mileage May Vary was perma-redlinked precisely because of this sort of misuse. Please preview your edits for redlinks next time. mlsmithca1st Jul 15 03:29:52
Plot HoleJust because a character makes a poor decision shouldn't make it a plot hole. There IS a logical reason for it: The character chose not to. uknownada1st Jul 15 03:29:24
YMMV: Ant ManCleaning up a bit, and making the Never Live It Down entry far less rambly. ablackraptor1st Jul 15 03:27:19
YMMV: Superman TruthI wasn't aware of Character Derailment being Flame Bait trope and I have removed it (although I don't think it would really cause a flame war, given that I've only used it as an audience reaction in which context I have seen Flame Bait tropes being used on this site).). strejda1st Jul 15 03:26:55
Suddenly VoicedSamus spoke in the very first game. The only game where she was a "silent" character was MP 3. She belongs on the opposite of this category. uknownada1st Jul 15 03:24:06
Video Game: Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Painformatting ashlay1st Jul 15 03:23:02
Administrivia: No Real Life Examples Pleaseas per the RL section thread Nohbody1st Jul 15 03:21:30
White Anglo Saxon ProtestantNo Real Life Examples Please as per the RL section discussion thread in the Long Term Projects forum. Nohbody1st Jul 15 03:18:44
Jewish And NerdyNo Real Life Examples Please as per the RL section discussion thread in the Long Term Projects forum. Nohbody1st Jul 15 03:18:10
Fangs Are EvilNo Real Life Examples Please as per the RL section discussion thread in the Long Term Projects forum. Nohbody1st Jul 15 03:17:47
Pantheon: Support MagicShe going to be in both houses Whirl RX1st Jul 15 03:17:01
Shes A Man In Japanon Alice, following Denisova's Влияние гендерного фактора на перевод имен художественных персонажей Ihnatus1st Jul 15 03:14:50
Rouge Angles Of Satinack! those aren't words — how ironic that they should appear on this page Llygodenfawr1st Jul 15 03:14:39
Ambidextrous SpriteA Dded "The Banner Saga" Tedly Anderson1st Jul 15 03:13:38
Trivia: AI Artificial Intelligence... wolfofthewinter1st Jul 15 03:13:10
Avatar The Last Airbender: Tropes Q To ZI understand that there are potential justifications for some of these examples, but I very much doubt that the writers intended everything to turn out this way. Plus the fact that we have to search for or imagine such explanations shows that the writers likely did not intend for things to turn out the way they did, otherwise they would've probably given us an explanation. Thorfinn Rowle1st Jul 15 03:08:37
WMG: Splatooni feel stupid for not considering this before i hit save Agent Muffin1st Jul 15 03:08:06
Characters: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Main CharactersI thought a little bit of an update in regards to the example change was necessary. (Might need some cleanup for better presentation, though.) Also changed the reference to the Anti-Spirals in "Meaningful Name" from singular to plural. And added Pepsi Al1st Jul 15 03:06:44
WMG: Initial DWanted to add my own 2 cents into the time issue B.J.Blazkowicz1st Jul 15 03:03:54
WMG: Splatoonnew wmg, hooray Agent Muffin1st Jul 15 03:01:09
Western Animation: BraveOn second thought, moving this to characters. Generality1st Jul 15 03:00:38
Disney: FrozenOn second thought, moving this to characters. Generality1st Jul 15 02:59:11
Tele Fragnot this trope R1ck1st Jul 15 02:55:07
Characters: Saints Row Saints Row The Third GangsRemoving spoilers tags and potholes in trope names, Example Indentation Nervous Shark1st Jul 15 02:53:09
Film: Whip ItTechnically it's legal to use arms - just very awkward because everything from your elbows down is out of the question. Widdershins Daughter1st Jul 15 02:49:34
Video Game: XenogearsCorrecting some indexing weirdness Billy MT1st Jul 15 02:49:22
Leaning On The Fourth WallEdited MLP cartoon reference. Wanderwolf1st Jul 15 02:48:52
Purple Is The New Blackproperly alphabetized Webcomics and Web Original; added detail to EGS and Metroid Prime Herald Alberich1st Jul 15 02:48:14
Fanon: My Little Ponyreplaced persuasive with pervasive Emptybee1st Jul 15 02:47:40
Characters: Mega Man Star ForceOkay, done with this page. Onto the others. Phantom Heartless 51st Jul 15 02:46:05
Fan Fic: Twila The Girl Who Waz In Luv With A VampyrePosthumous Narration Llygodenfawr1st Jul 15 02:45:32
Call BackMeaningful Echo Silverblade 21st Jul 15 02:44:53
YMMV: Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons Of LibertyNot YMMV Ferot Dreadnaught1st Jul 15 02:43:38
Did Not Get The GirlKuroko isn't the protagonist, she's the stalker side character. Arha1st Jul 15 02:41:56
Video Game: TerrariaAll Our Powers Combined: Added the PDA and Cell Phone. Ianator1st Jul 15 02:36:04
Girl Genius: Tropes K To OBad indentation. St Fan1st Jul 15 02:31:49
Portal SlamNot an example R1ck1st Jul 15 02:28:14
Tropers: Metroid PeterMaking my own trope page and listing associated tropes. Metroid Peter1st Jul 15 02:25:25
YMMV: A Very Long Rope To The Top Of The SkyCorrections for the major update. Fools Edit Account1st Jul 15 02:25:01
Purple Is The New BlackAdded El Goonish Shive entry Kiloku1st Jul 15 02:22:39
YMMV: BlindspringsAs it turns out, Groups are disqualified form moral event horizon, who knew? Morning Star 13371st Jul 15 02:20:14
Designated Hero: Western AnimationYeah, no. A designated hero is supposed to always be seen as right, even if he or she is wrong. Your hate for a character doesn't make the example fit. Ms CC 931st Jul 15 02:19:17
Rubber ManAdding a specifier Trocheetroper1st Jul 15 02:16:08
Video Game: A Very Long Rope To The Top Of The SkyReformatting this so it still makes sense. Fools Edit Account1st Jul 15 02:13:31
YMMV: Welcome ToUpdated a dead link due to the owner closing the account. It's worth noting that if you check the comments (notes) it got, you'll come to find that some of the Tumblr users who re-blogged the original post called the SJW out on this. Yes, even some of the people on Tumblr enjoyed the original video and are fed up with that group. GB Aura Rebirth1st Jul 15 02:13:18
Heartwarming: Steven UniverseSounds more like Nightmare Fuel. creader1st Jul 15 02:05:16
YMMV: Superman Truthcharacter derailment is listed in Flame Bait Mag Bas1st Jul 15 02:01:57
YMMV: My Little Unicorncharacter derailment is listed in Flame Bait Mag Bas1st Jul 15 02:00:36
Creator: Warner BrosTMS wasn't a main producer of WB shows; it merely animated the shows, even if they did have say in the episodes of B:TNA and S:TAS they animated Buzzinator1st Jul 15 02:00:29
YMMV: Lex Lugercharacter derailment is listed in Flame Bait Mag Bas1st Jul 15 01:58:50
Pocket Dimensionmoved to correct spot. wille 1791st Jul 15 01:58:11
Film: Monty Pythons Life Of BrianGuessing is not a trope, and that pothole is complaining. Dragon Quest Z1st Jul 15 01:58:06
Pocket Dimensionadded example wille 1791st Jul 15 01:57:30
YMMV: Harvest Moon Back To NatureF Lame Bait Mag Bas1st Jul 15 01:57:04
Arms Dealerunfortunate implications need citations Mag Bas1st Jul 15 01:55:27
Fan Fic: Split SecondAdded tropes wille 1791st Jul 15 01:52:12
YMMV: Tiny Toon AdventuresAmerica isn't the only place where the original soundtrack was heard in. Buzzinator1st Jul 15 01:52:01
All Hail The Great God MickeyRemoving word cruft beack 71st Jul 15 01:49:58
YMMV: Playmobil Figuresunfortunate implications need citations Mag Bas1st Jul 15 01:49:44
You Didnt AskLet's stay polite Chaotic Novelist1st Jul 15 01:49:40
YMMV: P 2unfortunate implications need citations Mag Bas1st Jul 15 01:47:27
YMMV: A Swiftly Tilting Planetunfortunate implications need citations Mag Bas1st Jul 15 01:46:29
Quotes: You Didnt Asksinkholes Chaotic Novelist1st Jul 15 01:45:35
Video Game: ARK Survival Evolvednvm the dossier was updated. Ultimate Jasper1st Jul 15 01:45:26
Franchise Original SinRemoving word cruft beack 71st Jul 15 01:44:10
Butch LesbianAdmits that it's Not An Example. lexicon1st Jul 15 01:43:20
Utopia Justifies The MeansAdded Delita from Final Fantasy Tactics patoezequiel1st Jul 15 01:43:19
Film: Jurassic ParkNot A Trope. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 01:43:19
Characters: A Very Long Rope To The Top Of The SkySpelling Corrections Malady1st Jul 15 01:43:06
Laconic: You Didnt AskThis is more laconic. Chaotic Novelist1st Jul 15 01:43:02
Characters: Five Nights At Freddys Fourth GenerationFollowing the rule as stated on the main character page: "NEVER put spoiler tags in folder titles or the description of characters above the list of trope examples. Ever." Gavitro1st Jul 15 01:40:20
Growing The BeardI still beleive this quote best sums up the feeling when a show Grows the Beard. Lunacorva1st Jul 15 01:39:56
Characters: Jurassic Park FilmThat's a territorial response to an enemy threat. Nothing establishes that she's lovingly concerned about the other raptors, having killed almost all of them and bossing around the other two. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 01:39:38
Growing The BeardI still beleive this quote best sums up the feeling when a show Grows the Beard. Lunacorva1st Jul 15 01:39:36
Film: Jurassic ParkMisuse of Getting Crap Past The Radar. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 01:34:21
Video Game: TerrariaMy mistake. It's actually Schmuck Bait, not Press X To Die. Black Mage1st Jul 15 01:33:38
Video Game: DestinyExamples Are Not Recent (or upcoming). There's no need for examples to be of the moment. Ultra Lad1st Jul 15 01:28:10
Series: Granite FlatsCan't conceal the tropes; Big Boom isn't a trope Venom Lancer Hae1st Jul 15 01:26:31
Video Game: Damage IncorporatedTropes cannot be subverted "heavily." This is cruft. Sheora1st Jul 15 01:25:19
YMMV: Super 8Not YMMV Anddrix1st Jul 15 01:24:00
Creator: Natalie HooverAlphabetizing roles and adding namespaces. Seraphine1st Jul 15 01:20:25
Video Game: A Very Long Rope To The Top Of The SkySubbullet tropes not allowed; cannot conceal the name of the trope Venom Lancer Hae1st Jul 15 01:20:24
Video Game: Star Trek OnlineI think vendors only sell Common gear, but it's been a while since I bought anything Winter1st Jul 15 01:19:07
Supreme Chefoops nebagram1st Jul 15 01:18:17
Supreme ChefJames May nebagram1st Jul 15 01:17:49
Combat TentaclesFixed spelling errors. Meadyaon1st Jul 15 01:14:07
YMMV: SomecallmejohnnySaid years ago, and he's been getting better at it. M 31st Jul 15 01:11:16
Droit Du SeigneurExample Indentation, Complaining, redundant (the trope description already mentions that "ius primae noctis" is a myth). Lord Gro1st Jul 15 01:10:33
YMMV: Dragonball XenoverseI took them on like 20 something times, grinding in between some attempts, until I finally beat one of them. Then it was much easier Metal Shadow X1st Jul 15 01:10:10
Video Game: Zombies Runseason 4 is out! stardust rain1st Jul 15 01:08:56
YMMV: Dragonball XenoverseI took them on like 20 something times, grinding in between some attempts, until I finally beat one of them. Then it was much easier Metal Shadow X1st Jul 15 01:07:13
Kim Possible: Tropes A To Fcrosswicking Micah1st Jul 15 01:04:09
Series: Daredevil 2015removed a double entry. T His example is listed higher on the same list. Masami Phoenix1st Jul 15 01:01:54
Awesome Music: Super Mario GalaxyReplaced dead video malter1st Jul 15 01:01:19
WMG: Steven Universespelling mistake Wolfy 0981st Jul 15 01:00:48
Fanfic: Da Ivy Cuvrd Wals Uv Higwsrtsoops Llygodenfawr1st Jul 15 01:00:39
Fanfic: Da Ivy Cuvrd Wals Uv HigwsrtsSally-Anne Llygodenfawr1st Jul 15 01:00:30
Made Of IronExamples Are Not Recent, and this especially applies to Homestuck since the author apparantly once said it was meant to be read as an archive anyway. greatpikminfan1st Jul 15 12:50:10
Characters: Warship Girls US NavyI was wondering why the hell Helena was getting lumped in with Brooklyn. Hashiriya R 321st Jul 15 12:49:01
Recap: Kim Possible A Sitch In Time S 2 E 15typo Steve MB1st Jul 15 12:46:42
Trivia: ShenmueCorey Marshall confirmed Sestren NK1st Jul 15 12:43:02
Fanfic: Or Something Seriesadded a trope The Anguished One1st Jul 15 12:39:20
YMMV: Frank MillerNot important to the example, don't have to mention him everywhere. Mr Death1st Jul 15 12:33:03
YMMV: Whose Line Is It AnywayWhat made you think he's trying to do a moral about it? Mr Death1st Jul 15 12:32:15
Series: Granite FlatsFixed spoiler tag on second Living Mac Guffin example. Expack 31st Jul 15 12:28:37
Addressing The PlayerOh, yeah, forgot... Heroic Jay1st Jul 15 12:28:35
Addressing The PlayerAha, I see what happened. Someone confused "the original Japanese game" for Mother 1. No no no no no. Heroic Jay1st Jul 15 12:27:30
Video Game: A Very Long Rope To The Top Of The SkySome Major Update Changes Notes Malady1st Jul 15 12:24:22
Unhand Them VillainAdding a page quote Trocheetroper1st Jul 15 12:23:23
Website: Game Show GarbageAdded the Tooncrap inductions. Wario Barker1st Jul 15 12:18:44
Characters: Hatoful BoyfriendRemoving potholes in trope names (seriously, that whole replace "man" or the like with "bird" was funny maybe once.) Nervous Shark1st Jul 15 12:18:22
Characters: Final Fantasy VIIInatter Chaotic Novelist1st Jul 15 12:17:32
Videogame: Pokemon Gold And SilverFixed the caption of the remake's image Deis The Alcano1st Jul 15 12:17:06
Manga: Poison Berry In My BrainNot funny. Monolaf 3171st Jul 15 12:16:16
Addressing The PlayerUh, this isn't Earth Bound Beginnings, this is just Earth Bound. Actually, from context, it's specifically Mother 2. And is mentioned immediately afterward. Heroic Jay1st Jul 15 12:16:01
Awesome Music: Garfield And FriendsHopefully that's enough context. thevisualboy 371st Jul 15 12:15:53
Fridge: Inside Outmy own opinion/addition furubatsu1st Jul 15 12:15:34
Video Game: TerrariaUndoing defacement, may have missed something taikowolf1st Jul 15 12:13:05
YMMV: A Song Of Ice And FireI don't see how that was an improvement. Captain Crawdad1st Jul 15 12:11:36
Useless SuperpowersAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 12:10:45
YMMV: Jurassic WorldHonestly, the force of that smack and how hard Blue hit the wall had me convinced that Blue had been killed on impact - evidently the raptors are far hardier than they appear Sir Adamus1st Jul 15 12:08:36
Creator: Nathan FillionThis one needs to be first so the underneath description makes sense. Dark1st Jul 15 12:08:12
WMG: Todd In The Shadows"Fight Song" just moved down a spot on the chart, so I'll add its new peak once it begins rising again. Burnt Mario1st Jul 15 12:06:58
Characters: Jurassic WorldShoehorned Example. In Gen's mercenaries are not police officers. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 12:05:37
Pantheon: Knowledge Lesser GodsRe-ranking Jade Curtiss. charcharmunro1st Jul 15 12:04:55
Characters: Jurassic WorldIt's "All Love Is Unrequited", not just one love. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 12:01:17
Funny: Super Smash BrosI found this fact kind of funny and felt like adding it. Soul Drinking Kaboom1st Jul 15 11:58:56
YMMV: Orange Is The New BlackLabeling them as No Yay is honestly an overreaction. There are people who liked them. Lancelot 071st Jul 15 11:58:31
YMMV: Bleach MoviesMoved to the anime section. Frozen Wolf 21st Jul 15 11:41:28
Disney: FrozenSubbullet tropes are not allowed, certainly not subbullet tropes that are the exact same as the primary. Eagal1st Jul 15 11:39:56
Film: Terminator GenisysForgot about Nightmare in Silver completely Eagal1st Jul 15 11:35:53
Characters: Pokemon XYHow To Write An Example. Also not a Canon Immigrant. Karxrida1st Jul 15 11:32:47
Translation ConventionIncluding a bit about no Russian being spoken in a Russia-set film Darcy Foster1st Jul 15 11:31:49
YMMV: Death BattleDVD commentary is still canon. And the episode has three times more likes than dislikes, so 'general consensus is, they were wrong!' is wrong. Am open to Parvum Opus being readded, but please don't phrase subjective things in a way that is objectively wrong. Elmo 30001st Jul 15 11:30:20
Characters: Death Battle Season Two Part 2While he lived with no injury, he hardly 'No Sell'd the attacks from Thanos and Silver Surfer. Elmo 30001st Jul 15 11:22:47
Film: Mad Max Fury RoadAdded a link to an interview with Fury Road's costume designer that explains Nux's scars Dannykat1st Jul 15 11:22:47
Awesome: Three Amigos"Its" and "it's" are NOT interchangeable. Please learn the difference between them. mlsmithca1st Jul 15 11:22:16
Funny: Three AmigosAssorted formatting fixes. mlsmithca1st Jul 15 11:21:32
Video Game: A Very Long Rope To The Top Of The SkyPrecision F Strike Malady1st Jul 15 11:19:15
Comic Book: AsterixAdded Clingy Jealous Dog Sombrefloe1st Jul 15 11:16:10
Epic Ship On Ship ActionFixed then/than mistype. jayoungr1st Jul 15 11:14:56
Wrestling: Ric FlairMoving to YMMV johnnyfog1st Jul 15 11:13:31
Literature: Player Two StartIt's not yet been revealed when Anna Gunn begins portraying Samus. Ry Senkari1st Jul 15 11:06:22
Three Stooges Shout Outfixing Kid Dynamite1st Jul 15 11:05:09
Three Stooges Shout Outaddition Kid Dynamite1st Jul 15 11:03:49
Characters: StarfoxBig Badass Bird Of Prey is obsolete Chaotic Novelist1st Jul 15 11:02:00
Useless SuperpowersAdded collapsible folders. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 10:56:23
Big Guy Little GuyAdded collapsible folders. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 10:51:34
Mini GameMario Party has gameplay outside the mini-games. poi 991st Jul 15 10:50:08
Tier Induced Scrappy: High TiersRank 4 engine hate goes further and further and further... sui cho1st Jul 15 10:47:01
The Worf EffectI'm not sure the Sisters really count as a Worf, since they aren't really hyped as a badass army, they just tend to die a lot Tacitus1st Jul 15 10:45:53
Useful Notes: LuxembourgMore on Radio Luxembourg Lee M1st Jul 15 10:45:39
Video Game: Dead Or Alive 5Jacky's new costume in Last Round is a T-shirt with the hem pulled up behind his neck. Sudden Frost1st Jul 15 10:45:35
Minigame ZoneNo trope potholes allowed in page quotes. poi 991st Jul 15 10:45:13
Magic From TechnologyExample Indentation In Trope Lists. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 10:45:05
Smart BombAdding a mini game from SM 64 DS and NSMB. Agent Muffin1st Jul 15 10:43:27
Film: Terminator GenisysTechnically, the advanced Terminator didn't have the task of killing them until they refused his offer. woodwardiocom1st Jul 15 10:42:02
A Dog Named Dog: Anime And MangaCan't do anything without BREAKING something. Sorry 'bout that Braden Best1st Jul 15 10:41:40
Frictionless ReentryCut natter. Repair Dont Respond. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 10:41:05
A Dog Named Dog: Anime And MangaGurren Lagann was originally in the T's because "Tenga", but since I used the shorthand, I'd better move it next to Gunslinger Girl Braden Best1st Jul 15 10:40:48
A Dog Named Dog: Anime And MangaAdded Gurren Lagann, which has Buta/Boota (lit. Pig) Braden Best1st Jul 15 10:38:52
Tabletop Game: Psionics The Next Stage In Human EvolutionRemoved Iron Woobie for the time being. Will elaborate on it and move it to the YMMV tab. The Good Doctor1st Jul 15 10:37:04
Literature: Empress TheresaIn Universe Examples Only Mag Bas1st Jul 15 10:33:21
Characters: Pokemon XYShould've specified the first time. J-Kenn1st Jul 15 10:28:44
Commercial Break CliffhangerBOOM! Inco G5nito1st Jul 15 10:17:48
Action CommandsWow, you guys are really running this "achievements = Cosmetic Award" joke into the ground. poi 991st Jul 15 10:17:01
Superlative Dubbing: English Dubsyou forgot these two: Orochimaru, in particular, rocks in the dub. pave 171st Jul 15 10:16:24
All Or NothingBOOM! Inco G5nito1st Jul 15 10:15:40
What The Hell Is That Accentadded an example Duffan1st Jul 15 10:15:33
Nightmare Fuel: Steven UniverseBad bad writing and she was just projecting her own issues onto Connie. emeriin1st Jul 15 10:13:31
Awesome: TerrariaAdding things from the 1.3 update kj 12251st Jul 15 10:13:05
Green Aesopchanged it a bit because the description only fitted the Space Whale Aesop trope Deis The Alcano1st Jul 15 10:10:12
Recap: Steven Universeblank edit meme-asaurus1st Jul 15 10:09:13
Recap: Steven Universeblank edit meme-asaurus1st Jul 15 10:09:08
YMMV: Pokemon Black And WhiteExample gives no explanation for how that's offensive. Clanger 001st Jul 15 10:03:43
YMMV: The Order Of The StickThere's a point in there, but I think it's against policy to rant against the author like that. If not, well, bleh. Nikumubeki1st Jul 15 10:02:20
Characters: Death Battle Season Two Part 2Adding subtitles and quotes, removing a couple things not factored into analysis or the fight Earl Of Sandvich1st Jul 15 10:01:16
Funny: Code MENTEdit for quote accuracy. mystery kcad1st Jul 15 10:00:58
Logical WeaknessWhat does that even mean? Mr Death1st Jul 15 10:00:21
Comicbook: Star FoxBig Badass Bird Of Prey is obsolete Chaotic Novelist1st Jul 15 09:57:26
No Place For Me ThereNo potholes in page quotes Ferot Dreadnaught1st Jul 15 09:54:03
Recap: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 1 E 3 The Ticket MasterNatter Ferot Dreadnaught1st Jul 15 09:50:53
Troubled Production: MusicIf the title is a single word followed by a number, the parser views that as one word, so it needs to go in double curly braces. mlsmithca1st Jul 15 09:47:07
Video Game: Star FoxBig Badass Bird Of Prey is obsolete Chaotic Novelist1st Jul 15 09:45:47
Roleplay: Sporum Dimensional ClashBig Badass Bird Of Prey is obsolete. Repair Dont Respond Chaotic Novelist1st Jul 15 09:44:33
Trivia: Hibike Euphoniumsp. von Peterhof 31st Jul 15 09:40:25
Pantheon: Travel Intermediate GodsAs other Flashes, they should be under 'Heralds', just as Freddy's fellow animatronics are his heralds. nightelf 371st Jul 15 09:39:30
Get On The BoatNamespaces Prfnoff1st Jul 15 09:39:23
Website: Spec WorldBig Badass Bird Of Prey is obsolete Chaotic Novelist1st Jul 15 09:38:56
Funny: Dwarf FortressA more accurate interpretation for the "confronted by a dog" thread Shin Quick Man1st Jul 15 09:38:36
Characters: Spartacus Blood And Sand The RomansBig Badass Bird Of Prey is obsolete Chaotic Novelist1st Jul 15 09:38:34
Characters: Ninja SlayerInstead of giving 9th Outworlds Man1st Jul 15 09:37:49
Characters: Spartacus Blood And Sand Antagonists War Of The DamnedBig Badass Bird Of Prey is obsolete Chaotic Novelist1st Jul 15 09:37:18
Puppeteer ParasitePAKs are not parasites at all, they are the Heart Drives of a post-singularity race. thatother1dude1st Jul 15 09:36:31
Fridge: Yu Gi Oh Arc Vthe implications of joint liability can be scary ABE.Crudele1st Jul 15 09:35:11
Video Game: Yandere SimulatorTrope appears twice. Orcaon1st Jul 15 09:34:31
Characters: Soul EdgeBig Badass Bird Of Prey is obsolete Chaotic Novelist1st Jul 15 09:32:00
Characters: Soulcalibur IVBig Badass Bird Of Prey is obsolete. What Could Have Been is trivia. Bigger Bad was redefined. Chaotic Novelist1st Jul 15 09:26:48
Chronic Hero SyndromeFan Myopia. Always show the work's name. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 09:24:45
Anime: Space Battleship Yamato 2199one screen mentions "Pan-Archelias protolanguage" so I added the third way of spelling it Preda1st Jul 15 09:24:04
Heartwarming: Modern Familythe person who did most sorting forgot to make a Season 5 folder, which was where I wanted to add something. Nazetrime1st Jul 15 09:23:46
Webcomic: Gunnerkrigg Courtadded a Mood Whiplash example. Crorad1st Jul 15 09:22:44
Recap: Steven UniverseSource. The Tropper1st Jul 15 09:18:51
Film: Weird ScienceReplaced Persian with Pershing. Beppo1st Jul 15 09:16:04
Radar: Pokemonthought this should be mentioned, even though i know XY has its own page (good god) Amethyst Leslie1st Jul 15 09:14:28
Ho Yay: Hibike EuphoniumCorrected to actual Portmanteau Couple Name used by fanartists on pixiv. von Peterhof 31st Jul 15 09:13:31
The ConsigliereWe're not children R1ck1st Jul 15 09:13:26
Web Animation: Death BattleWith a rematch on the horizon, no need for this note really Earl Of Sandvich1st Jul 15 09:12:58
Lets Play: Pink Kitty RoseOops, that flagged YMMV. This should fix it. Berrenta1st Jul 15 09:09:09
Discworld: Moving PicturesOops Mr Death1st Jul 15 09:09:03
Lets Play: Pink Kitty RoseThe first "Berserk Button" is a different trope. Also, alphabetical order. Berrenta1st Jul 15 09:07:46
Obvious Pregnancynot really necessary. the meaning gets through without that little addendum Minister Of Sinister1st Jul 15 09:07:37
YMMV: Maoyuu Maou YuushaAdding Polyamory here since it really is debatable and therefore more of a YMMV thing. Lord Zoroark1st Jul 15 09:06:51
Naked People Are FunnyGrouping the "Events conspire" examples together. Odacon Spy1st Jul 15 09:06:45
Naked People Are FunnyGrouping the "Events conspire" examples together. Odacon Spy1st Jul 15 09:06:01
Always Someone Betternot an example R1ck1st Jul 15 09:05:07
Video Game: Super Smash BrosHow To Create A Works Page "Things not to include: quality judgements (don't say how much it sucked/how awesome it was), critical reception (that's just a specific variant of quality judgements), recommendations (don't tell us whether or not we should check it out)" Silverblade 21st Jul 15 09:01:01
Characters: Ninja SlayerSorry, but this one's just too much grasping at straws. There have been dozens of such works featuring erotic Spycatsuits, whether they be hentai or live-action softporn. 9th Outworlds Man1st Jul 15 09:00:23
Survivor GuiltMaking it all caps to trigger the custom title for MASH and some namespacing. Also edited Doctor Who examples sgamer 821st Jul 15 08:59:19
Literature: The Good Soldier SvejkDressing As The Enemy example isolato1st Jul 15 08:58:43
Video Game: Dreamfall Chapters
  • tropes from book 3
yellowukulele1st Jul 15 08:57:15
Always Someone Betternot actually better, just a lier R1ck1st Jul 15 08:56:32
Theatre: Henry VI Part 3No Circular Links, please. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 08:52:57
Pantheon: Profession Lesser GodsIt's about time we added Clementine. nightelf 371st Jul 15 08:51:52
Theatre: Henry VI Part 2Added namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 08:51:50
Theatre: Henry VIAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 08:51:35
No Such Thing As Alien Pop CultureConstellation Games Alex Churchill1st Jul 15 08:51:31
Theatre: Henry VI Part 1Properly alligned the image. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 08:51:11
Literature: Jonathan Strange And Mr Norrellmoving TV examples over to that tab johnnye1st Jul 15 08:49:15
YMMV: Earth Boundtrivia Silverblade 21st Jul 15 08:48:21
Pantheon: Villains Lesser GodsIt was about darn time that KP's Season 4 was adapted into this profile. nightelf 371st Jul 15 08:46:57
Film: Das Testament Des Doktor MabuseNot A Trope. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 08:46:41
Tomboyish NameAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 08:43:29
Web Video: STARThe link SHOULD work, but it's hard to tell, as TF 2 wiki seems to be running on a potato server. Barth Vader1st Jul 15 08:41:40
Convenient Replacement CharacterAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 08:40:04
Characters: Strawberry PanicNo tagging the trope itself as a spoiler. creader1st Jul 15 08:38:54
Series: Jonathan Strange And Mr Norrellwork in progress johnnye1st Jul 15 08:38:11
Et Tu BruteAdds Nothing R1ck1st Jul 15 08:34:01
Multitasked ConversationReplaced my "square peg round trope" example with a legitimate example. zoop1st Jul 15 08:33:25
Funny: Jane The Virginmadre des dios why is this not already here Lord Aaronus1st Jul 15 08:33:09
YMMV: Pokemon Diamond And PearlThis isn't the place to gush about Gen 5. Clanger 001st Jul 15 08:22:05
Recycled In Space: Video GamesRemoved "MS Flight Sim" as "Gran Turismo WITH PLANES!", as MSFS is by FAR the older title. 80-watt Hamster1st Jul 15 08:14:11
Comicbook: AnnihilationDrax has always had the ability to home in on Thanos, as he was created specifically to kill him. Codiak 7231st Jul 15 08:11:43
Trivia: Wreck It Ralph2D animation tests are standard for Disney's CG films. Easier way to get a sense of how well a character design works before modeling and rigging. Figment Jedi1st Jul 15 08:07:57
Added Alliterative Appeal"Dr-" = "Jer-", dissimilar to hard "D" sounds. These aren't alliterative. Sean Murray I1st Jul 15 08:07:43
Video Game: Super Mario SunshineSquare Peg Round Trope, Sinkhole My Final Edits1st Jul 15 08:06:17
Video Game: Big Bang BeatTen years = a decade, so it's fine to use Decade Knuckle instead of Ten Years Knuckle. Also, some grammar fixes to the latest entries. Zero Sennin1st Jul 15 08:05:57
Characters: Homestuck Trolls TwoSo it seems that a word-swapping extension I have for Chrome interfered with the last couple of edits I made. I've gone and fixed that. Sorry about that. God, how embarrassing... Snipertoaster1st Jul 15 08:02:16
Series: Dads ArmyFurther quote corrections. Anodyne1st Jul 15 07:56:13
Western Animation: Hellboy AnimatedCorrected spelling. It's pronounced 'broom', but spelled Bruttenholm. Azaram1st Jul 15 07:53:40
Characters: Initial DAdding namespaces and links (some of them deliberately red) Prfnoff1st Jul 15 07:53:37
Monster: Live Action TVPer edit requests thread. Septimus Heap1st Jul 15 07:50:10
Useful Notes: American Political SystemPer edit requests thread. Septimus Heap1st Jul 15 07:49:53
Manga: Seraph Of The Endnone of the earlier names are official translations. The official ones use the latter ones from the beginning sasagane alan1st Jul 15 07:49:41
Administrivia: Permanent Red Link ClubPer edit requests thread. Septimus Heap1st Jul 15 07:49:09
Characters: Shuriken Sentai Ninninger The Kibaoni Army CorpsNamespaces & links Prfnoff1st Jul 15 07:48:19
How We Got HereSplit animated films and live-action films. Added namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 07:47:13
Monster: FalloutPer edit requests thread. Septimus Heap1st Jul 15 07:46:06
Western Animation: The Wild ThornberrysExample Indentation My Final Edits1st Jul 15 07:45:51
Monster: The WitcherPer edit requests thread. Septimus Heap1st Jul 15 07:45:13
Monster: Western AnimationPer edit requests thread. Septimus Heap1st Jul 15 07:44:16
Monster: Live Action TVPer edit requests thread. Septimus Heap1st Jul 15 07:43:48
Fans Prefer The New HerAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 07:43:25
Welcome To CorneriaNot a trope Prfnoff1st Jul 15 07:42:53
Monster: Literature M To ZPer edit requests thread. Septimus Heap1st Jul 15 07:42:02
Video Game: SplatoonIt's "splatted", not "splattered". I'm guilty for this one; took me long enough to notice. | Defense up increases resistance to weapons that splat in less than 3 shots, like the .52 Gal. Elbruno1st Jul 15 07:41:39
Monster: Film F To OPer edit requests thread. Septimus Heap1st Jul 15 07:41:30
Honorable ElephantContext for the examples Snicka1st Jul 15 07:38:32
Series: Dads ArmyCorrected formatting of several quotes. Anodyne1st Jul 15 07:38:21
School Is For Losersymmv Mag Bas1st Jul 15 07:38:15
YMMV: HarvesterPlease read the rules about This Troper and Conversation In The Main Page supergod1st Jul 15 07:38:11
Improbable Aiming SkillsTrope that doesn't exist. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 07:37:26
Badass Creed: FilmFan Myopia. Always show the work's name. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 07:36:37
Funny: Star Wars Legendsthou shall not insert thyself into the article. Lentil Sand Eater1st Jul 15 07:36:01
Badass Creed: FilmFan Myopia. Always show the work's name. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 07:35:45
Dark Souls: Tropes A To FSmall typo thevoiceofjamesearljones1st Jul 15 07:34:57
Sandbox: Wet Sari SceneAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 07:32:00
Trivia: PaybackAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 07:31:23
Cold CashAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 07:29:19
Film: The Trip To BountifulEdited faulty link and a typo Rheine1st Jul 15 07:29:17
Combat MedicThat was already explained in the initial paragraph. thatother1dude1st Jul 15 07:27:20
Creator: Asylum Visual EffectsAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 07:21:30
Why Cant I Hate YouAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 07:19:50
Series: Two Broke GirlsAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 07:19:11
Western Animation: A Little CuriousReplacing sinkhole. Venom Lancer Hae1st Jul 15 07:18:56
Analysis: Romantic ComedyAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 07:18:55
Film: The Trip To BountifulCreated the article Rheine1st Jul 15 07:18:39
Series: Ninja Warriorstatistics fail navaash1st Jul 15 07:18:22
Magical QueerAdded work page links and namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 07:17:29
Music: Adam Antmisuse, don't trope musicans as if they were characters. we trope their work only. X Fllo1st Jul 15 07:17:13
Irrevocable MessageAdded work page links and namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 07:17:03
Comic Book: BoneAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 07:15:18
Characters: Diamonds Are ForeverWhite Haired Pretty Boy is no longer a trope. Use White Hair Black Heart is it applies. X Fllo1st Jul 15 07:14:22
Techno BabbleWord Cruft. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 07:14:16
Manga: Donten Ni WarauWhite Haired Pretty Boy is no longer a trope. Use White Hair Black Heart is it applies. X Fllo1st Jul 15 07:13:47
Useful Notes: Local StarsAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 07:13:29
YMMV: One PieceFlame Bait mrbits1st Jul 15 07:13:29
Characters: J Stars Victory VSWhite Haired Pretty Boy is no longer a trope. Use White Hair Black Heart is it applies. X Fllo1st Jul 15 07:13:09
Video Game: Fury 3Added namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 07:12:57
Earth Shattering KaboomAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 07:12:30
Video Game: Kingdom Hearts XWhite Haired Pretty Boy is no longer a trope. Use White Hair Black Heart is it applies. X Fllo1st Jul 15 07:12:25
Funny: Pokemon Ruby And SapphireWhite Haired Pretty Boy is no longer a trope. Use White Hair Black Heart is it applies. X Fllo1st Jul 15 07:10:58
Darth Wiki: Children Of The MillenniumWhite Haired Pretty Boy is no longer a trope. Use White Hair Black Heart is it applies. X Fllo1st Jul 15 07:10:08
Teacher Student RomanceAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 07:05:38
Dress CodeAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 07:02:39
Cursed With AwesomeExample Indentation In Trope Lists. Cut Natter. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:58:52
Pretty Boynot sure this counts as deconstruction, but at least the spellning is corrected :-) X Fllo1st Jul 15 06:57:13
Mistaken For GayAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:52:50
Gush: Live Action TVthis show was listed twice X Fllo1st Jul 15 06:52:22
Recap: Doctor Who S 33 E 4 The Power Of ThreeThis isn't a trial; it's an excecution. removing tangents. Chaotic Novelist1st Jul 15 06:50:44
Logical WeaknessAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:50:12
Gush: Live Action TVthis show was listed twice X Fllo1st Jul 15 06:48:48
Video Game: Final Fantasy VIIIPotholing trope names to shoehorn examples is against wiki policy, and examples like this are the reason why: the example given is not applicable to the Trailers Always Spoil trope, which is about spoilers in promotional media. The Triple Triad cards aren't even really spoilers, since the images appearing on the cards are not given any context that would give away any surprises or plot developments. Joie De Combat1st Jul 15 06:48:44
Heroic FatigueFan Myopia. Always show the work's name. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:48:37
Heroic FatigueAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:48:16
Made Of Indestructiumredundant Chaotic Novelist1st Jul 15 06:48:16
Cursed With AwesomeAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:48:04
Useful Notes: Canadian Provinces And TerritoriesAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:47:32
Western Animation: Porky PigProperly alligned the image. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:46:39
Weirdness MagnetAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:46:17
Feel No PainAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:43:55
Egg SittingWord Cruft. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:43:00
YMMV: PokemonWith Chlorophyll... technickal1st Jul 15 06:42:59
Gush: Live Action TVThis Troper removed — don't refer to yourself while editing, please. Use italics for seres titles and double quotes for episode names. X Fllo1st Jul 15 06:42:53
City Of WeirdosFan Myopia. Always show the work's name. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:42:03
City Of WeirdosAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:41:37
Phony NewscastAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:40:40
Fan Fic Recs: Steven UniverseMoving Everyone Makes Mistakes to Dark Fics because of the seriously messed-up stuff that happens in the later chapters. Also, the reccomender didn't leave a name, but I'm going to ignore that. meme-asaurus1st Jul 15 06:40:40
Characters: Fallout 4The Fallout Wiki claims it's Howard. Donny KD1st Jul 15 06:40:12
Politically Incorrect VillainAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:38:59
Western Animation: The Secret ShowAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:35:37
YMMV: Five Nights At Freddyslead -> led Furry Kef1st Jul 15 06:34:34
Kung Fu KidAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:33:17
GonkAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:32:50
Creator: Big StarAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:32:03
Recurring TravellerAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:29:47
Deadly UpgradeParentheses misuse. Berrenta1st Jul 15 06:29:29
Killer Rabbit: Western AnimationAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:28:01
Wall Bangers: Ace AttorneyAdded a corrected version of an old info that was wrong. Alien Patch1st Jul 15 06:27:22
Nice Hat: Western AnimationAdded work page links and namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:27:02
Our Dragons Are Different: Western AnimationAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:26:18
Honest Johns DealershipAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:25:14
Fat And ProudAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:24:32
The SymbioteAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:19:43
Playing With: Devour The DragonFormat fix. Berrenta1st Jul 15 06:19:23
WMG: Who Framed Roger RabbitAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:17:39
GaslightingNo she's not, she was just doing her job. emeriin1st Jul 15 06:17:34
Self Demonstrating: The JokerAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:13:58
Film: The PlayhouseNo Circular Links, please. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:07:46
Proscenium RevealAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:07:30
Painted Tunnel Real TrainAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:06:35
Everythings Better With MonkeysAdded work page links and namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:04:30
Alternative Character Interpretation: Western AnimationAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 06:01:38
YMMV: Fire Emblem FatesShe could just be bi. Sara Jaye1st Jul 15 05:58:56
Western Animation: Waking LifeDo not spoiler tag trope names on work pages or the names of works on trope pages; please see Handling Spoilers for more information. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 05:58:03
Western Animation: Waking LifeAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 05:57:29
Adults Are UselessAQ Agogobell1st Jul 15 05:53:21
Man Of A Thousand VoicesCorrecting a typo. Moleoman1st Jul 15 05:52:19
YMMV: Men Women And ChildrenBrevity Is Wit sanfranman 911st Jul 15 05:50:47
Passing JudgmentAdded namespaces. Example Indentation In Trope Lists. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 05:46:13
Magical SocietyAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler1st Jul 15 05:41:54
Video Game: SplatoonOne Hit Polykill involves bullets, or ink blasts in this game's case. The fling attack doesn't count. Elbruno1st Jul 15 05:34:27
Sheep In Sheeps ClothingCorrected a typo. Alien Patch1st Jul 15 05:31:44
Series: Orangeisthenewblackchanging it is to possessive its Nostalgic Mom1st Jul 15 05:28:24
Memetic Badass: Video GamesHiding work names behind potholes and examples without context. I have never played Lo L. The One Who Tropes1st Jul 15 05:28:10
Video Game: Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcasttrope misuse Lentil Sand Eater1st Jul 15 05:16:43
Video Game: EitrAdding a page for the videogame Eitr Analt1st Jul 15 05:13:17
Landmarking The Hidden BaseFunny. Seiraryu1st Jul 15 04:51:58
Playing With: Let Them DieAnother grammar fix. Yvejuzul1st Jul 15 04:46:25
Video Game: SCP Containment BreachThere's something nasty waiting for us Ispotaflaw1st Jul 15 04:45:28
YMMV: The RescuersUnfortunate Implications require citations. Anddrix1st Jul 15 04:36:05
Film: The Kentucky Fried Moviecombine duplicate entries Geoduck1st Jul 15 04:34:54
Do Anything SoldierGeneric "examples" are not allowed. Also a shoehorned example. Another Duck1st Jul 15 04:32:06
Characters: Fire Emblem Fates Main CharactersGenius Bruiser is for characters who look muscular and strong, but are also highly intelligent. Considering both the Avatar's builds, Badass Bookworm is a better fit. Oecchi1st Jul 15 04:26:34
YMMV: The RescuersSink Hole. maxwellsilver1st Jul 15 04:26:13
Outranking Your JobSecurity clearance isn't the same as rank. Another Duck1st Jul 15 04:23:06
Blog: Things Mr Welch Is No Longer Allowed To Do In An RPGNatter. DRCEQ1st Jul 15 04:15:00
YMMV: The Breakfast ClubNot YMMV Anddrix1st Jul 15 04:10:56
YMMV: Long Live The QueenJust in case... Mireia1st Jul 15 04:00:55
Characters: Batman Arkham Series Rogues Gallery KnightZero context. Please expand before readding Eagal1st Jul 15 04:00:27
Poor Predictable RockThat's an aversion of Elemental Rock Paper Scissors, not this trope. Aquillion1st Jul 15 04:00:18
AVGN: Tropes U To ZI think this is more about taking something extreme and exaggerating it further. In the example given, I don't think that's quite as significant. Someone can prove me wrong, though. Super Sauce1st Jul 15 03:58:49
YMMV: Pokemondid you confuse Leaf Guard with Chlorophyll flamemario 121st Jul 15 03:50:49
Morph WeaponMaybe just expanding an existing bullet point is the key... (no pun intended). Karjam P1st Jul 15 03:45:43
Characters: Smite Hindu PantheonRavana has been released jboone 931st Jul 15 03:33:18
Fanfic Recs: BleachThe rec template says "Dormant" means at least a year without updates. Pastykake1st Jul 15 03:22:08
Disney: FrozenWhat Bilingual Bonus is: Hidden messages that are different from what might be expected in-context. What Bilingual Bonus is not: There's a foreign language in this!!! Eagal1st Jul 15 03:19:24
Fanfic Recs: BleachThe rec template says "Dormant" means at least a year without updates. Pastykake1st Jul 15 03:15:10
Deus Ex Machina: Western AnimationEnergybending isn't deus ex machina, as it doesn't solve an unsolvable problem. Problem: Stop Ozai. Solution: Kill Ozai. Mind you it hits the other two requirements perfectly. Eagal1st Jul 15 03:11:50
Characters: Long Live The QueenDoing a little bit of math shows that Bennett was 13/14 at the time of Gwenelle's birth. I'm starting to think Bennett might have been her third husband. Mireia1st Jul 15 03:11:46
The StingerAdded Detective Conan Roach1st Jul 15 03:03:51
Self Demonstrating: Blind Idiot Translationooops Screaming Nyet1st Jul 15 02:59:59
Trivia: The Witcher 3 Wild HuntShout-outs aren't trivia. St Fan1st Jul 15 02:58:35
Characters: Ruby GloomEpileptic Trees is YMMV. Sammettik1st Jul 15 02:46:30
Characters: Ruby GloomIn what episode? Sammettik1st Jul 15 02:44:37
Western Animation: Ruby GloomSlashed examples don't look pleasant. Sammettik1st Jul 15 02:42:06
Franchise: KirbyI highly doubt Mr. Shine is really one of Popstar's moons. Sammettik1st Jul 15 02:38:13
Franchise: KirbyExamples Are Not Arguable. Sammettik1st Jul 15 02:36:30
Characters: Shadow Heartstypo Aribter-Nelson1st Jul 15 02:35:32
YMMV: Game Of Thronesbringing this back to the trope Captain Crawdad1st Jul 15 02:26:03
Go Karting With BowserTypo fix Niria1st Jul 15 02:22:52
Pantheon: Video GamesTrying to index the Senran Kagura page rin 141001st Jul 15 02:22:08
Politeness JudoAdded missing link for Mirai Nikki/Future Diary Gamma 0971st Jul 15 02:19:31
Playing With: Let Them DieGramm Yvejuzul1st Jul 15 02:16:23
Characters: Heroes Of The Stormadded some upgrades Skarmory The PG1st Jul 15 02:13:34
AVGN: Tropes N To TThis feels more like Critical research failure, rather than Strawman Product harryhenry1st Jul 15 02:11:27
Viewers Are Geniusesget your apostrophes straight Door Into Summer1st Jul 15 01:56:26
YMMV: SomecallmejohnnyRemoving this example since all of these are in-universe reactions harryhenry1st Jul 15 01:54:35
Characters: Doctor Who Revival Series CompanionsWith River, Jack and various other new series characters joining Big Finish (and more of them to join soon), I'm adding this line that's also on the Classic Series Companions page. :) Solle1st Jul 15 01:53:49
Literature: Empress TheresaCut out negative opinions from work description. Regardelss of how bad the book is, the work description is not a review and not the place to complain about it. Gnome Titan1st Jul 15 01:38:41
Summary: LiteratureFitzpatricks now has a page Troper No 90011st Jul 15 01:37:38
Franchise: Kirbyi might've deleted a line somewhere No Username1st Jul 15 01:35:16
YMMV: Harvest Moon Back To NatureNatter. Please write in one voice and preferably one brief paragraph, and Repair Dont Respond. Septimus Heap1st Jul 15 01:34:06
Video Game: ShenmueAdded The Rival (Gui Zhang and Ren), Throwing The Fight (Gui Zhang), Blood Sport (Vs Chunyan), and Worthy Opponent (Baihu), Dirty Coward (Terry among others) Sestren NK1st Jul 15 01:34:06
Summary: Video GamesWe've sprinkled some Wiki Magic on these pages! Troper No 90011st Jul 15 01:33:03
Disney: The AristocatsSquare Peg Round Trope. Sammettik1st Jul 15 01:29:08
Aluminum Christmas TreesUpdate Midna1st Jul 15 01:24:19
Video Game: XCOM Enemy Unknownnatter Zaptech1st Jul 15 01:18:07
Ascended Meme"The articles aren't a chatroom. Do not put 'LOL' or emoticons in your edits." Vir1st Jul 15 01:17:21
DefictionalizationNot an example of Defictionalization; the Red Lobster food chain has nothing to do with the inn in Pinocchio. Scraggle1st Jul 15 12:58:17
Tropers: ScraggleThe hell? Scraggle1st Jul 15 12:50:47
YMMV: KSI OlajidebtEdits. Risefrom Your Grave1st Jul 15 12:39:21
Characters: Ultimate SidemenMore minor edits. Risefrom Your Grave1st Jul 15 12:29:31
Creator Breakdown: Live Action TVDon't link to opinion tropes please Midna1st Jul 15 12:27:09
Characters: BrainbentMoving Base Breaker to Trivia page.. intastiel1st Jul 15 12:23:55
Characters: Ultimate SidemenEdits. Risefrom Your Grave1st Jul 15 12:23:27
Trivia: BrainbentAdding Accidentally Accurate example, moving Base Breaker from Characters page. intastiel1st Jul 15 12:18:03
YMMV: SplatoonExample Indentation. | Don't alter trope names in trope lists. homogenized1st Jul 15 12:11:36
YMMV: Emilie AutumnMinor grammar fix. Exagge1st Jul 15 12:06:52
YMMV: ShenmueFixing minor grammatical errors on my end. Sestren NK1st Jul 15 12:03:26
Groundhog Peggy Sueadding “Mother of Learning” Door Into Summer1st Jul 15 12:03:26
Video Game: Rhythm Heaveni wouldn't say the final remixes are boss rushes, since we're going by "remix = boss" here No Username1st Jul 15 12:00:58
Fan Fic: Tangled Adventures In Arendelleexaggeration Eric W30th Jun 15 11:57:51
YMMV: BlindspringsThe wrestling match is over. If you want to add Harris, then please keep it contained in one bullet. Also Moral Event Horizon =/= Complete Monster Morning Star 133730th Jun 15 11:52:29
Characters: Homestuck KidsDe-potholing trope title. intastiel30th Jun 15 11:51:49
Characters: SplatoonExample Indentation. homogenized30th Jun 15 11:46:42
Useful Notes: Collegiate American Football ConferencesConference changes now official. Also added an extra BYU note. KY Cubbie30th Jun 15 11:38:56
Video Game: SplatoonExample Indentation. homogenized30th Jun 15 11:38:18
Characters: Pokemon RangerDerpity-derp Anomalocaris 2030th Jun 15 11:32:30
YMMV: One PieceFixed up some indent and Word Cruft issues with the Americans Hate Tingle. Fixed indentation with Angst Dissonance, and tried to make the spoilers for the Rebecca example work a little better. shrikelet30th Jun 15 11:32:24
Fire Emblem Tellius: Radiant Dawn Protagonistsadding titles acrobox30th Jun 15 11:31:04
Film: Disciples Of The CrowAmbigious Ending —> Ambiguous Ending jormis 2930th Jun 15 11:26:02
Quotes: Titansgrave The Ashes Of Valkanamoving from main page Koveras30th Jun 15 11:23:13
Web Video: Titansgrave The Ashes Of ValkanaThat quote is longer than the description of the show, i.e. waaay too long to be a good page quote. Moving it to the Quotes tab. Koveras30th Jun 15 11:22:59
Franchise: Children Of The CornNull edit jormis 2930th Jun 15 11:21:04
Characters: Spirited AwayMisuse of subverted Octoya30th Jun 15 11:20:16
Ice Breakeradded an example Duffan30th Jun 15 11:19:18
Series: KilljoysShe's stated to have killed in self-defense, so she's not completely that trope. Mad Cat 22130th Jun 15 11:17:59
Characters: Putin PImage will have to come later Price Check30th Jun 15 11:17:41
YMMV: A Forceadded YMMV Strix Obscuro30th Jun 15 11:17:22
Desecrating The DeadRemoving information unrelated to the trope. intastiel30th Jun 15 11:16:53
Trivia: KirbyWhoops, must've dragged the mouse a bit too far. Sammettik30th Jun 15 11:11:44
Amplifier ArtifactNo potholes in page quotes Ferot Dreadnaught30th Jun 15 11:04:17
I Hate Past MeThat really doesn't count, because it's missing the most important element of the trope- ''actually meeting your past self.'' Merely regretting things you did in the past isn't even CLOSE. Arcane Azmadi30th Jun 15 11:02:35
YMMV: One PieceI am starting to work through the page trying to fix indentation, natter, and (incidentally) not-so-great-English issues. As always I am attempting to preserve the intent and flavor of the original editors text, just improve the overall adherance to guidelines. shrikelet30th Jun 15 11:01:09
Fire Emblem Tellius: Main Charactersadding titles acrobox30th Jun 15 10:59:38
YMMV: Wall EOvershadowed By Awesome is not a subjective trope. Sammettik30th Jun 15 10:53:44
Not Always Right: Tropes A To FMoving trope. Venom Lancer Hae30th Jun 15 10:51:53
Characters: Harry Potter MugglesWhoops. Spectral Time30th Jun 15 10:50:54
Fandom Berserk ButtonEntry Pimp for Gurk. Zelot30th Jun 15 10:49:27
Memes: Bio WareThe phrase is part of all experienced voice sets. I've gotten it with my experienced female elf. Little Fall Of Stars30th Jun 15 10:48:45
Not Always Right: Tropes U To ZWriters Cannot Do Math is about writers not being able to do math, not customers, unless I missed something. The closest trope I could find that actually fits the examples is Everybody Hates Math, so moving examples there. Venom Lancer Hae30th Jun 15 10:48:35
Marathon LevelNatter My Final Edits30th Jun 15 10:34:41
Franchise: Evillious ChroniclesThis is the actual translation, not the Google Translate translation someone made a long time ago. Octoya30th Jun 15 10:34:00
Implied Love InterestFixing the link Apocrypha30th Jun 15 10:32:53
Useful Notes: Abusebeyond the purview, not beyond the overview spark 230th Jun 15 10:30:18
Trivia: A Forceadded trivia Strix Obscuro30th Jun 15 10:27:13
Film: The Thing 1982Moved the "The Computer Is A Cheating Bastard" text to "Sore Loser". The former doesn't match the trope. Text unchanged. Polymeron30th Jun 15 10:26:51
Not Always Right: Tropes M To TMisused trope. Venom Lancer Hae30th Jun 15 10:23:19
YMMV: Batman Arkham Knight...Eh, we can compromise. Just so long as every bloody point in "Scrappy Mechanic" doesn't need a patronizing "Some players..." in front of it. Spectral Time30th Jun 15 10:16:34
Nightmare Fuel: Doctor WhoAdding more family friendly nightmare fuel! Have fun kids! Trocheetroper30th Jun 15 10:16:23
Ambiguous DisorderWord Of God said it was the upbringing, not the potion. intastiel30th Jun 15 10:11:16
Characters: Worm OthersNo spoiler tags outside of examples Eagal30th Jun 15 10:08:51
YMMV: Virtua FighterRemoving legalese. luisedgarf30th Jun 15 10:02:32
Recap: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic"Trade Ya!" is actually 4x18, and "Maud Pie" is 4x19 (both broadcast order). Someone correct their respective pages please. Upgrader30th Jun 15 10:01:04
Not Always Right: Tropes M To TCorrected placement of trope; First person not allowed unless quote; Venom Lancer Hae30th Jun 15 09:59:37
Characters: Doctor Who Classic Series DoctorsNeeded to be in alphabetical order. Eevee Girl Chey30th Jun 15 09:58:15
Big Labyrinthine BuildingNeeded elaboration Filias Cupio30th Jun 15 09:57:26
Literature: Empress TheresaA couple of nattery bits in the description. sgamer 8230th Jun 15 09:56:45
YMMV: Batman Arkham KnightBecause its supposed to be gushy? Julian Lapostat30th Jun 15 09:53:45
YMMV: Teen WolfPretty sure that to qualify as a Complete Monster, one has to have no sympathetic traits, including Jennifer's backstory NEX 730th Jun 15 09:46:08
Fanfic Recs: The Legend Of KorraAdded two fics 'Avatar: Synergy' and 'Avatar: The Realignment.' Beatman 130th Jun 15 09:44:35
Not Always Right: Tropes A To FCorrecting placement of trope; Fixing sinkholes; Useful Notes aren't tropes. Venom Lancer Hae30th Jun 15 09:41:06
Gods Need Prayer Badlyreorganizing D&D examples justanid30th Jun 15 09:38:01
YMMV: Batman Arkham KnightWhy doesn't ''your'' section need a bunch of wishy-washy qualifiers? Spectral Time30th Jun 15 09:36:37
Video Game: Sonic The Very Useful EngineGonna make this better after I get some sleep. Blue Guy30th Jun 15 09:35:25
Creator: Robert Downey JrDon't trope creators as characters. See Creator Page Guidelines. X Fllo30th Jun 15 09:34:51
Film: Terminator GenisysPresuming that's a Death in Heaven reference, but the Doctor never actually took command of the Cybermen. Eagal30th Jun 15 09:33:18
Walking TechbaneNatter My Final Edits30th Jun 15 09:29:33
WMG: My Little Pony Equestria Girls Friendship GamesPony Twilight won't play as big an important role Okapi30th Jun 15 09:27:47
Meta TwistNatter, This Troper My Final Edits30th Jun 15 09:26:54
Film: Get The Gringosais —> says jormis 2930th Jun 15 09:26:04
Not Always Right: Tropes G To LFixing sinkholes and others; Justified Trope is In Universe Example Only and that looks subjective.; Works aren't tropes Venom Lancer Hae30th Jun 15 09:25:08
Required Secondary Powers: Anime And Mangaautomail durability Cyber Skull30th Jun 15 09:20:54
Characters: Pokemon RangerStill not done. Anomalocaris 2030th Jun 15 09:17:43
Hat Of AuthorityHot Tin Roof Cyber Skull30th Jun 15 09:17:13
Fedora Of AsskickingHot Tin Roof Cyber Skull30th Jun 15 09:16:41
Nice Hat: Video GamesHot Tin Roof Cyber Skull30th Jun 15 09:15:09
WMG: Teen WolfNee theory on Parrish royalbroadway30th Jun 15 09:15:08
Video Game: Hot Tin Roof The Cat That Wore A FedoraHats Cyber Skull30th Jun 15 09:14:12
Literature: Empress TheresaI think that "author's description of his own book" was there originally, but cut it out too given its sheer length. sgamer 8230th Jun 15 09:13:30
Literature: Empress TheresaWiki Policy on authors editing their own works' trope pages: The Fic May Be Yours But The Trope Page Is Ours. You're free to edit the page, but your privileges are no different from any other Troper. If there are major disagreements about an entry or the trope page, they can be worked out in the discussion page. Big sweeping edits of "Author's Replies" can run the risk of getting someone pegged a Wiki Vandal. Also re-adding entries that are removed (regardless of reason) can turn into an Edit War. sgamer 8230th Jun 15 09:13:00
Video Game: TerrariaPeople who have defeated Skeletron (to unlock the Clothier who sells the item in question) are not really that rare anymore. Snopelol30th Jun 15 09:11:38
Bowdlerise: Real Lifenot this trope R1ck30th Jun 15 09:11:35
Breaking The Fourth Wall: Video GamesHot Tin Roof The Cat That Wore A Fedora Cyber Skull30th Jun 15 09:08:27
Characters: Pokemon RangerNot done yet. Anomalocaris 2030th Jun 15 09:07:40
Action Girl: Video GamesHot Tin Roof The Cat That Wore A Fedora Cyber Skull30th Jun 15 09:07:14
Abnormal AmmoHot Tin Roof The Cat That Wore A Fedora Cyber Skull30th Jun 15 09:05:01
Ridiculously Fast ConstructionCrosswicking Fan Fic/Origins Sovereign GFC30th Jun 15 09:04:38
I Am Not Shazam: FilmThese inversions all have their own trope: Iconic Character Forgotten Title. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 09:04:02
But Thou MustHot Tin Roof The Cat That Wore A Fedora Cyber Skull30th Jun 15 09:03:10
Characters: KirbyCleaning up Magolor's section. Sammettik30th Jun 15 09:02:20
Healing FactorCrosswicking Fan Fic/Origins Sovereign GFC30th Jun 15 09:02:08
Video Game: Hot Tin Roof The Cat That Wore A Fedoramore tropes Cyber Skull30th Jun 15 09:00:25
YMMV: Terminator Genisysremoving unecessary strikethroughs. higherbrainpattern30th Jun 15 08:59:42
Energy AbsorptionCrosswicking Fan Fic/Origins Sovereign GFC30th Jun 15 08:59:37
Visual Novel: Plumbers Dont Wear Tiescorrected one mentions of dating sims to visual novels Internetakias30th Jun 15 08:54:59
Characters: Pokemon RangerTesting... Anomalocaris 2030th Jun 15 08:53:20
Cash Cow Franchiselink is dead R1ck30th Jun 15 08:53:09
Two D SpaceCrosswicking Fan Fic/Fractured Sovereign GFC30th Jun 15 08:52:56
Characters: TerrariaA heart not attacking isn't all that strange. Snopelol30th Jun 15 08:52:23
Funny: Ultimate SidemenEdits. Risefrom Your Grave30th Jun 15 08:52:23
Video Games Of The2010sHot Tin Roof The Cat That Wore A Fedora Cyber Skull30th Jun 15 08:52:09
Shout Out: Diablo IIIRemoved the recently-added Kulle-Aid entry, as a prior entry for the item already exists. Perelandra30th Jun 15 08:52:08
Headscratchers: Batman Arkham Knightfixed typo thecarolinabull 0130th Jun 15 08:49:48
Quotes: I Love The DeadMoved from main. Berrenta30th Jun 15 08:48:13
I Love The DeadMoving to Quotes page, as two is too many. Berrenta30th Jun 15 08:47:52
WMG: Project X ZoneCome want him. Kuruni30th Jun 15 08:47:49
KongosStarted this page tandra 8830th Jun 15 08:45:17
Characters: Fairy TailThe guild section means guilds located in Fiore. Albareth is a country not a guild. jboone 9330th Jun 15 08:43:47
Trivia: KirbyCleaning up my own mess here. Sammettik30th Jun 15 08:42:13
Characters: Arrow Main CharactersTrivia Eagal30th Jun 15 08:42:13
Characters: Arrow Main CharactersBlack Best Friend is not "best friend who happens to be black" Eagal30th Jun 15 08:40:30
Franchise: KirbyMoved. Sammettik30th Jun 15 08:39:48
Funny: Devil May CryNero receives Red Queen only after that first battle with Dante; every Order of the Sword blade has a "motorcycle" gimmick. Fallen Delf30th Jun 15 08:35:55
Characters: KirbyIf this applies to "most characters" it shouldn't be in Kirby's entry alone. Moving to the front page. Sammettik30th Jun 15 08:33:50
Video Game: Monster PartyThe japanese prototype has been found to be not that censored. Only the title screen and the bosses were changed harryhenry30th Jun 15 08:24:06
Franchise: Kirbyclean-ups, part final No Username30th Jun 15 08:23:48
Radar: Fire EmblemFixed a link Apocrypha30th Jun 15 08:19:28
Tropers: Trackmania Player 11Removed content Trackmania Player 1130th Jun 15 08:18:26
Video Game: Batman Arkham KnightExcept it's not supposedly. Detective vision can check the vital status of knocked out mooks and mooks in cars can be observed leaving destroyed vehicles. Failure of the game to conform to reality is a whole other trope. Fridge Logic or something Eagal30th Jun 15 08:13:35
Trivia: The Cardinal Of The Kremlinfrom the main page Paul A30th Jun 15 08:13:29
Characters: Jurassic WorldIdiot Ball he may hold, but it does not warrantee an in-depth analysis/rant about weapons and armory when the movie in question is about Bringing Dinosaurs back to life through cloning and fossilized blood from mosquito amber. Shadao30th Jun 15 08:13:09
Literature: The Cardinal Of The Kremlintrivia migration Paul A30th Jun 15 08:12:43
Funny: Some Jerk With A CameraWhy was this removed? harryhenry30th Jun 15 08:12:23
Characters: Pokemon RangerGoing to do some revamping of this page. Anomalocaris 2030th Jun 15 08:10:37
YMMV: Bionicle 2015added Memetic Loser entry for Lo SS Valyou30th Jun 15 08:09:13
YMMV: Persona EGRemoved factual inaccuracies. Nobody has expressed these sentiments in public discussion of the story. Zef30th Jun 15 08:06:11
YMMV: Terrarianew entry P. 500030th Jun 15 08:05:24
I Uh You TooTrope: "Saying 'I love you' without saying I love you." Example: "I love you." Deleted. Great Wyrm Gold30th Jun 15 08:02:28
Comic Book: The Long HalloweenNot relevant. Gregzilla30th Jun 15 07:59:53
Literature: The Cardinal Of The Kremlinexample indentation Paul A30th Jun 15 07:52:09
Just For Fun: You Know You Read Too Much TV Tropes WhenNamespaces Prfnoff30th Jun 15 07:47:12
Video Game: Anarchy OnlineFurther clarification, particularly of the Elite Tweak section Khaldore30th Jun 15 07:46:21
Trivia: Bad BoysBefore the Sopranos, before CSI, there was Bad Boys. starwolf 9930th Jun 15 07:41:54
Swiss Bank AccountUpdating links, mostly. (And moved ''Smiley's People'' into the correct section.) Paul A30th Jun 15 07:40:50
Fanfic: Persona EGTook out the part about Leo being an Unfought. Don't add it back in again. - The Author Mythril Moth V 330th Jun 15 07:39:40
Film: Red Riding HoodX Meets Y isn't supposed to get crosswicks. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 07:38:14
Awesome: The Runaway GuysIn 3D World, Bowser is only taken down in three hits if you hit him directly. Tim only managed to hit his car. Burnt Mario30th Jun 15 07:38:01
Characters: Arrow Recurring CharactersBury Your Gays is not "A character who happens to be gay dies" Eagal30th Jun 15 07:34:29
Video Game: Anarchy OnlineUpdated the introduction to better clarify the release dates of the new engine and starter area, as well as addressing other segements with clarified information. Khaldore30th Jun 15 07:34:24
Fanfic Recs: A Song Of Ice And FireOkay, now everything is back where it's supposed to be Strannik30th Jun 15 07:28:59
Characters: Arrow Main CharactersZero context, please expand before readding Eagal30th Jun 15 07:26:46
Fanfic Recs: A Song Of Ice And FireOops, didn't realize it was already (technically) here Strannik30th Jun 15 07:25:40
Characters: Arrow Main CharactersAvoiding conflict with the bad guys by letting them commit their crimes free from harrassment. Why didn't Batman think of that when Joker first started terrorizing Gotham. Eagal30th Jun 15 07:22:26
How Do I Shot WebModifed Calvin And Hobbes example — it's not a parody of anything Lenoxus30th Jun 15 07:22:05
Video Game: Batman Arkham KnightWorf Had The Flu implies that she was able to interact but something she had personally as an issue kept her from being effective. This is not that. Gregzilla30th Jun 15 07:21:47
Characters: Orphan Black Miscellaneous CharactersThis takes longer to come into play. Coady was only cornered at the end of the season, it's just a cliffhanger, not an abandoned plotline. 42559916730th Jun 15 07:21:30
Characters: Gravity Falls Adultseveryone's thinkin' it I'm just sayin' it (this ''has'' been confirmed though) genisgone30th Jun 15 07:19:42
WMG: Terminator GenisysCredit goes to my brother, dontcallmewave :D sevenyearoldbed30th Jun 15 07:18:28
Surreal HorrorI have actually never seen this episode in whole, because it's too freaky even for me. Anyone who has can feel free to say what happens next. Brendan Rizzo30th Jun 15 07:18:12
Readings Are Off The ScaleSequential Art exmple removed because it's Walking Techbane, not this trope. dalek 95530th Jun 15 07:15:58
Creator: Michael BentineIt's Macnee, not McNee. (RIP sir. David Keel and John Steed, avenging for ITV two years before the more globally famous Marvel superheroes of the same name.) mlsmithca30th Jun 15 07:14:45
Throwing The FightCut natter. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 07:13:51
Its Short So It SucksMINOR EDIT AGAIN. U Jelly Wankstain30th Jun 15 07:13:30
Deader Than Disco: Anime And MangaNot really. It's still got plenty of fans, at least in Japan. Oecchi30th Jun 15 07:13:02
The Pete Best"Streatk"?? Whoops. mlsmithca30th Jun 15 07:12:51
Its Short So It SucksMinor edit... U Jelly Wankstain30th Jun 15 07:12:48
Characters: Fullmetal Alchemist Main CharactersDoesn't meet the trope's criteria, which excludes May-September. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 07:11:02
God EmperorConsolidated D&D examples under a single indentation. Dark Soldier30th Jun 15 07:10:11
Characters: Fullmetal Alchemist OthersDoesn't meet the trope's criteria, which excludes May-September. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 07:09:59
Underground CitySplit animated films and live-action films. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 07:05:05
Characters: Dragon Ball Z Abridged Main Characters...Seriously, Past Me? Spectral Time30th Jun 15 07:02:55
Fanfic: Ao Usagi Tribute Showmore ep7 stuff Spaztique30th Jun 15 07:01:17
Underground CityAdded collapsible folders. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 07:00:24
Raptor AttackEudromaeosauria is a subgroup of Dromaeosauridae and does not apply in most of the contexts it is being used here. albertonykus30th Jun 15 06:59:43
Playing With: Black Magician Girlnot everyone knows japanese Deis The Alcano30th Jun 15 06:55:26
American Kirby Is HardcoreNatter My Final Edits30th Jun 15 06:55:09
Science Marches OnQuick fix of an example that is mentioned twice. Exagge30th Jun 15 06:54:50
Adolf HitlariousPlease don't link to Most Triumphant Example My Final Edits30th Jun 15 06:54:17
Greater Scope VillainNatter, Examples Are Not Recent My Final Edits30th Jun 15 06:53:35
Fanfic Recs: Mai Himesadly one of the greatest dark fics ever has been destroyed by its author. Twin Blade Warrior30th Jun 15 06:51:08
Webcomic: Phoebe And Her UnicornIt seems more like G1 MLP than G4 specifically. lalalei 200130th Jun 15 06:50:04
Misaimed Fandom: MusicRestored entry. I did't know this was used for Misaimed Hatedoms as well. supergod30th Jun 15 06:48:15
Artificial LimbsAdded work page links. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 06:46:20
Playing With: Replacement ScrappyReplacements don't always have to be a Suspiciously Similar Substitute Insert Clever Name Here30th Jun 15 06:45:28
Parvum OpusNo circular links, please My Final Edits30th Jun 15 06:45:23
Fanfic: Ao Usagi Tribute Showadded episode 7 stuff Spaztique30th Jun 15 06:45:16
Recap: Steven UniverseBy TV Guide, these are the first two episodes of Stevenbomb 3. This guy says there's two more known, but I can't find that myself. thatother1dude30th Jun 15 06:43:54
Beam O WarIndentation, again My Final Edits30th Jun 15 06:43:12
Misaimed Fandom: MusicWhere's the misaimed fandom here? Also, removing justifying edits and other stuff that doesn't belong. supergod30th Jun 15 06:41:02
Vader BreathSpelling. (Yes, I looked it up. :-) Spoib30th Jun 15 06:40:29
Western Animation: The Spectacular Spider ManNatter The Lemster Pju30th Jun 15 06:37:50
Fanfic Recs: A Song Of Ice And FireAdded Dolorous Edditor to Authors suggestions Aiur30th Jun 15 06:37:24
Tear Jerker: Saints Row 2This Troper. Nervous Shark30th Jun 15 06:37:22
Film: Big Fat LiarUpdating part of the trope. Julayla 6430th Jun 15 06:34:40
Video Game: Cave StoryFanfic recs go on...Fan Fic Recommendations Bisected 830th Jun 15 06:34:35
Videogame: DoomGetting rid of the wick in the page quote and "by the way" found in an entry. Viper Acid ZX30th Jun 15 06:33:35
Winter WarfareAlphabetized and added actual folders. calmestofdoves30th Jun 15 06:33:17
Horrible: Video Game GenerationsHas a 53.25% on Game Rankings and by-the-middle reviews on Game Faqs. Doesn't really belong here. The Editor30th Jun 15 06:30:34
Recap: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 1 E 17 Stare Masterthats an animation error pgj 199730th Jun 15 06:30:20
Characters: True Detective Season TwoThis is reaching a bit too far. There isn't any evidence that he is any kind of obsessive fan. The Amazing Blachman30th Jun 15 06:27:17
Recap: The Amazing World Of GumballBy TV Guide, it's airing next Friday and it's the only episode next week that's not aired anywhere yet. thatother1dude30th Jun 15 06:26:40
Kick The Dog: Anime And MangaNami's only 18 at the start of the series. totoofze 4730th Jun 15 06:24:29
Web Animation: The Most Popular Girls In SchoolThat's not a spoiler. Monolaf 31730th Jun 15 06:23:36
Franchise: Kirbyclean-ups, part two No Username30th Jun 15 06:21:51
Horrible: WebcomicsEh... nah, Dobson doesn't really belong on this page. He has a fanbase along with his hatedom after all. We'd add Ctrl+Alt+Del under the same circumstances. The Editor30th Jun 15 06:20:43
Trivia: SplatoonX Meets Y is Just For Fun harryhenry30th Jun 15 06:15:23
Altum VideturRemoved ", which probably has to do with the derivation of the majority of Latin vocabulary from Greek" because it isn't true. Naiant30th Jun 15 06:14:59
Triumphant Example: M To OMoving The Mario to Jack Of All Trades Piando30th Jun 15 06:08:10
Lets Play: Twitch Plays Pokemon Vietnamese CrystalAdding in the effect of the leap second Valdar Sai30th Jun 15 06:08:04
Zombie Apocalypseupdated link for Robert Smith? paper E To Eye Pie Negative One30th Jun 15 06:05:19
Lets Play: Twitch Plays Pokemon ArenaAdding in the effect of the leap second Valdar Sai30th Jun 15 06:04:10
Triumphant Example: M To OMoving Mega Manning To Power Copying Piando30th Jun 15 06:03:53
Funny: The Stormlight ArchiveHas its own page, and grammar anyway. Discar30th Jun 15 05:55:21
Webcomic: Kill Six Billion DemonsNot a spoiler. Discar30th Jun 15 05:54:46
Kansas City Shufflesenator had to come to the station in the first place, which relied on a character flaw. Once that was done, the con was complete. But if that had failed, the plan would have failed too. ashlay30th Jun 15 05:54:24
YMMV: The Mysterious Mr EnterThat isn't even close to that trope. Please stop shoehorning examples just to complain about this guy. Fossils Da Da Da30th Jun 15 05:52:38
Dethroning Moment: Web OriginalDethroning Moment of Suck is for a single moment from a work, not a person's whole opinion harryhenry30th Jun 15 05:51:28
Video Game: Borderlands The Pre SequelNatter. Discar30th Jun 15 05:50:17
Characters: Date A LiveI'll try finishing my sentences before getting distracted by other edits. Watashiwa30th Jun 15 05:48:30
Todd In The Shadows: D To FExamples Are Not Arguable harryhenry30th Jun 15 05:47:42
Anti Climactic Unmaskingnot supposed to trope yourself Captain Crawdad30th Jun 15 05:45:38
The Power Of LovePotholes aren't allowed in quotes. Adept30th Jun 15 05:42:40
YMMV: Penny DreadfulUnfortunate Implications need citations. MGD 10730th Jun 15 05:36:58
Video Game: Persona 5you can't export into yourself, moving to substitute. ashlay30th Jun 15 05:36:57
Franchise: Kirbyclean-ups, part one No Username30th Jun 15 05:33:44
Just Got Out Of JailI don't see a page quote Inediblecake30th Jun 15 05:26:14
Trivia: IcoMoving Trivia from main page. Dark Elf Princess30th Jun 15 05:20:57
Video Game: IcoMoving Trivia, spelling. Dark Elf Princess30th Jun 15 05:19:35
Characters: Date A LiveThe edit to this particular paragraph was in-complete. Temporarily reverting. Hashiriya R 3230th Jun 15 05:16:59
Long RunnersThe march of time! Battle Tech is now 31. Saber 1530th Jun 15 05:01:52
Trivia: FrozenI think that this example fits this trope more. PDL30th Jun 15 05:00:13
Omnidisciplinary ScientistCorrection. Wyldchyld30th Jun 15 04:58:11
Sour Prudesreplaced the "jerkass has point" link with "it's all about me", since there isn't much of a "point" in choosing to be chaste any more than choosing to be promiscuous: it's wanting everyone to do as the "prude" pleases imadmagician30th Jun 15 04:54:54
Characters: My Hero AcademiaOr at least a powerful being that made his efforts futile. Drope30th Jun 15 04:53:43
Only The Creator Does It Rightrepetition R1ck30th Jun 15 04:51:09
Men Buy From Mars Women Buy From Venustidying Ag Prov30th Jun 15 04:48:20
Men Buy From Mars Women Buy From Venusthe British equivalent of VS fags for women Ag Prov30th Jun 15 04:47:28
Reptiles Are AbhorrentZotz allium30th Jun 15 04:42:10
Characters: Pony POV Series Epilogue Timeline HeroesAdding to Fluttershy (Mamma Bear), in relation to events in Dark World arc. Love 77730th Jun 15 04:41:11
Video Game: Total WarIf anyone wants to start the Shogun 1 page, I could... Muted30th Jun 15 04:41:11
Characters: My Hero AcademiaThere's no Eldricth Abomination involved (yet). Drope30th Jun 15 04:39:58
We Are Not Alone IndexLiterary Allusion Title Hershele Ostropoler30th Jun 15 04:38:07
Characters: Saints Row Saints Row 2 GangsRemoving spoilers tags and potholes in trope names Nervous Shark30th Jun 15 04:37:15
Characters: Pokemon Anime Team Rocketthe series never mentioned that this is a ghost-type move and this not involves manipulation of souls Mag Bas30th Jun 15 04:36:08
Disowned Adaptationjust natter R1ck30th Jun 15 04:35:44
WMG: Todd In The ShadowsThe song has not cracked the top 20 yet, but feel free too add it back if it does. Jdawg 101530th Jun 15 04:29:07
Bayonet YaNo potholes in page quotes Ferot Dreadnaught30th Jun 15 04:28:14
Characters: Angel Sanctuaryexpanding Rosiel30th Jun 15 04:27:23
You Go GirlFirst of all an award ceremony dedicated to women isn't an example of this trope. Second of all the given example is natter complaining about said award ceremony not being feminist enough. chopshop30th Jun 15 04:26:06
Website: Ad Turdsexpanding Ag Prov30th Jun 15 04:24:07
Values Dissonance: OtherThis entry referred specifically to the portrayal of cat treatment in documentaries - hence, a media trope. Fanti Sci30th Jun 15 04:23:54
Website: Ad Turdsexpanding Ag Prov30th Jun 15 04:22:23
Website: Ad Turdsexpanding Ag Prov30th Jun 15 04:19:50
Characters: Saints Row Saints Row GangsRemoving spoilers tags and potholes in trope names Nervous Shark30th Jun 15 04:19:46
Twinmakerremoving natter, fixing Example Indentation.. and some markup fixing on page quote rodney Anonymous30th Jun 15 04:18:59
Gush: Doctor WhoJust dumping my thoughts on Troughton! Eevee Girl Chey30th Jun 15 04:18:57
Manga: Jo Jos Bizarre Adventuremakes it look a little neater Dapper Mammoth30th Jun 15 04:18:06
YMMV: Yu Gi Oh GXJustifying edit, Repair Dont Respond Nithael30th Jun 15 04:17:35
Our Angels Are DifferentClarified the bit about LDS beliefs a little—though I'd be glad if an LDS troper could check me! Narsil30th Jun 15 04:15:17
Karma Houdini: Live Action TVCorrected a mistake I had made when I added the last example in the Law & Order SVU section, which I mislabeled an Aversion rather than a Subversion Plasma Talon30th Jun 15 04:14:14
YMMV: The Hunger GamesNot a real trope, Just For Fun Eagal30th Jun 15 04:11:44
Manga: Angel Sanctuaryremoving "Casanova" Rosiel30th Jun 15 04:10:45
Characters: The Pet Girl Of SakurasouExpansion on Chihiro Sengoku, drinking during Christmas. Gorzkiewski30th Jun 15 04:09:55
Killer Rabbit: Video GamesThe art here is of another character named Parvink. Jason Paul 7630th Jun 15 04:09:45
Bi The WayDanganronpa example moved to correct category Meta Warlord 13530th Jun 15 04:09:40
Story Difficulty SettingAdding folders. Folamh 330th Jun 15 04:05:51
Quotes: Not Now Kiddoadded sly cooper 3 example imadmagician30th Jun 15 04:04:03
Video Game: Batman Arkham KnightCity and Origins already contradicted Asylum's bios. Deadly Assassin30th Jun 15 04:03:13
Enjoy The Story Skip The GameAdding folders. Folamh 330th Jun 15 04:01:06
Comic Book: Sin Citytransgender, not transgendered fq30th Jun 15 03:58:34
Characters: Pokemon Anime Team Rocketjames himself is not a public domain character lalalei 200130th Jun 15 03:57:17
YMMV: Pokemon Black And WhiteDoes This Remind You Of Anything is not YMMV. Karxrida30th Jun 15 03:53:22
Characters: The BoondocksWhy did you get rid of these tropes? They were really accurate with his character. username 252730th Jun 15 03:50:57
Cut Lex Luthor A Checkspelling Solo Mael30th Jun 15 03:46:18
Playing With: Gender Bendertransgender, not transgendered fq30th Jun 15 03:45:38
Creator: Louis Therouxtransgender, not transgendered fq30th Jun 15 03:45:16
Literature: Get In The Vantransgender, not transgendered fq30th Jun 15 03:43:09
Series: Keeping Up With The Kardashianstransgender, not transgendered fq30th Jun 15 03:42:12
Funny: Stuart K Reillytransgender, not transgendered fq30th Jun 15 03:41:40
YMMV: The Halloween HackGonna move this one because it's invoked. DA30th Jun 15 03:41:20
Trivia: Total Drama Tokyotransgender, not transgendered fq30th Jun 15 03:41:08
Webcomic: Venus Envytransgender, not transgendered fq30th Jun 15 03:40:28
Characters: The Amazing Race Canada 3transgender, not transgendered fq30th Jun 15 03:39:32
Characters: Gravity Falls AdultsAdding info to the Author's entry per the promo for "A Tale of Two Stans." Ekelai30th Jun 15 03:38:55
Overshadowed By ControversyA lot of games get greenlit on steam? Why is this the one that gets "suspicion"? emeriin30th Jun 15 03:38:27
Characters: Gravity Falls AdultsAdding info to the Author's entry per the promo for "A Tale of Two Stans." Ekelai30th Jun 15 03:37:33
Film: Kill BillDon't do that. Mr Death30th Jun 15 03:36:18
Trivia: Mad TVtransgender, not transgendered fq30th Jun 15 03:35:53
Web Video: Needs More Gaytransgender, not transgendered fq30th Jun 15 03:35:02
Earn Your TitleTightened up the "The Great" examples Narsil30th Jun 15 03:34:51
Characters: Dragon Ball Son GokuToo opinionated for main page, belongs more on YMMV page due to arguable content. Elric Keyblade30th Jun 15 03:33:12
Characters: Dragon Ball Son GokuEntry too opinionated for main page; belongs more on YMMV page due to arguable nature of content. (E.g., the statement 'he doesn't actually raise his kids' could be countered with the argument that he was dead/did raise them before/after death and before/after new enemies arrived, etc.) Elric Keyblade30th Jun 15 03:32:08
YMMV: The Halloween HackNot only is this a Justifying Edit, it doesn't address what the Fridge Logic is asking. I can't help but notice that edit this was revived after I deleted it... DA30th Jun 15 03:32:06
Characters: Gravity Falls Mystery ShackWhile the IMDB edit was shaky and possibly based on a leak, a promo has offered definitive proof as to which Stan has which name. Also, the Strong Family resemblance should be given seeing as they're twins, so I feel it a tad unnecessary to include. Ekelai30th Jun 15 03:31:32
Tear Jerker: Extra CreditsSplit by show to help organize deimos 41530th Jun 15 03:30:34
Characters: Gravity Falls Mystery ShackWhile the IMDB edit was shaky and possibly based on a leak, a promo has offered definitive proof as to which Stan has which name. Also, the Strong Family resemblance should be given seeing as they're twins, so I feel it a tad unnecessary to include. Ekelai30th Jun 15 03:30:31
Fanfic Recs: Sailor Moonactually, it's not that good fruitstripegum30th Jun 15 03:29:33
Funny: Extra CreditsReorganized the whole thing - set sections for all their shows, make it less jumbled deimos 41530th Jun 15 03:22:54
Stupidity Is The Only OptionThis is Trap Is The Only Option Shorin BJ30th Jun 15 03:19:58
Ordered To Cheatquote Deis The Alcano30th Jun 15 03:18:07
Armor Is Uselessquote Deis The Alcano30th Jun 15 03:16:34
Useful Notes: Croatiaminor edit Khazzadumm30th Jun 15 03:13:26
Series: The Office USwhoops! I actually came here to do the leitmotif urutapu30th Jun 15 03:09:58
Deal With The Devil: ComicsAdded another Hellblazer example Narsil30th Jun 15 03:07:37
Video Game: Kakuto ChojinInformation pulled from Fuzzy Boots30th Jun 15 02:59:03
Recap: Two Best Friends PlayNew series (again) and finally new Hunt n Kill therealjackieboy30th Jun 15 02:58:02
EMPFixing example Deis The Alcano30th Jun 15 02:53:15
Trivia: Run Fatboy RunMoved from main page Long Live Humour30th Jun 15 02:51:03
Film: Run Fatboy RunMoved to Trivia Long Live Humour30th Jun 15 02:50:39
Fanon Pokedex: Dratiniadded the "call him george" and "does not know own strength" links to dratini imadmagician30th Jun 15 02:49:58
Mad LoveHe abandoned her for over a decade without saying a word, leaving her to raise another woman's child. Wouldn't exactly call that a resounding success. Eagal30th Jun 15 02:43:39
Made A SlaveAdded example, commented out several ZCE examples. Miin U30th Jun 15 02:41:06
YMMV: Are You Afraid Of The DarkMore bitching than anything. Also natter. Chaotic Novelist30th Jun 15 02:36:51
Think Unsexy ThoughtsRemoved Real Life examples, since this trope is No Real Life Examples Please. phoenix30th Jun 15 02:36:31
Film: Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrowexamples, grammar, formatting, moved Billing Displacement to Trivia Herald Alberich30th Jun 15 02:34:12
YMMV: Yu Gi Oh Card GameSomeone mind filling in the blanks for the previous eras? I can get an idea from the Game Breaker page, but I'd like someone more knowledgeable to fill in those parts please. Toko WH30th Jun 15 02:32:09
Series: Are You Afraid Of The DarkThis is not a forum. Besides, that's party pooping Chaotic Novelist30th Jun 15 02:30:24
Characters: Naruto The New EraThat's not that trope that's The Scrappy if anything . Eagal30th Jun 15 02:28:54
What Could Have BeenWhoops. Wrong place. Mario 199530th Jun 15 02:25:33
Could Have Avoided This PlotCleared up some wording Jokubas30th Jun 15 02:23:20
Light Novel: Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A DungeonMoving Informed Attribute from the YMMV page to here. All Love Is Unrequited: Zero context. Commented out. Customer30th Jun 15 02:22:38
Could Have Avoided This PlotChanged my last edit to major villain to distinguish from the earlier villains of the week Jokubas30th Jun 15 02:21:48
Video Game: Persona Q Shadow Of The Labyrinthsukatora foot subverts unwinnable Heavyman 9930th Jun 15 02:20:44
Could Have Avoided This PlotCould Have Avoided This Plot is only if it is acknowledged In Universe how this could have been avoided. Ferot Dreadnaught30th Jun 15 02:19:16
And The Fandom Rejoiced: Attack On Titanis adding this page alright? Lancelot 0730th Jun 15 02:18:52
Periphery HatedomThe Genesect entry is too ranty and specific Darthrai30th Jun 15 02:17:28
Could Have Avoided This PlotAdded an earlier Railgun example Jokubas30th Jun 15 02:17:14
Mind Screw: Live Action TVA locale is the place where something occurs. A local is someone who lives in a city or town. ading30th Jun 15 02:14:01
YMMV: Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A DungeonInformed Attribute: This isn't a YMMV trope. Moving to the main page. Customer30th Jun 15 02:13:44
Periphery HatedomExample Indentation Darthrai30th Jun 15 02:13:00
Periphery HatedomRewriting to be more neutral Darthrai30th Jun 15 02:11:21
Bonus Bossadded YGH GX Tag Force divinity 7630th Jun 15 02:10:15
Nightmare Fuel: Public Service AnnouncementAdded a link to the Homefront PSA. atyxyt30th Jun 15 02:10:13
Awesome: Inside OutI'm calling bull on this one. While Cars 2 wasn't spectacular, Brave and Monsters University were certainty not Dork Age movies. nightshade 121830th Jun 15 02:10:11
Paranoia Fuel: Live Action TVNot Paranoia Fuel. It sounds more like "The Doctor is a dick". Chaotic Novelist30th Jun 15 02:07:45
Fan Fic: My Little Heta Stuck MS TsActually, this probably isn't a spoiler. CJ Croen 139330th Jun 15 02:06:21
You Are In Command Nowrepair/remove don't respond Micah30th Jun 15 02:06:20
Designated VillainCould Have Avoided This Plot is only if it is acknowledged In Universe how this could have been avoided. YMMV and ZCE Ferot Dreadnaught30th Jun 15 02:00:26
YMMV: Frozen FeverThe Fridge examples belong on the main ''Frozen'' page. dmcreif30th Jun 15 01:59:19
Headscratchers: Inside OutAdditional theory for Recalling Core Memories Yahtzee Jojo30th Jun 15 01:58:40
Designated VillainAdded the retcon of the Ascalon humans and their king being treated as villains in a desperate, Could Have Avoided This Plot situation Jokubas30th Jun 15 01:57:01
YMMV: Gran TurismoFixing Special Color/Rally glitch F Mecha30th Jun 15 01:56:54
Fandom Berserk Button: Video GamesI have NEVER seen anyone call Shadow by that name. The games just cal him Shadow, and the comcis calls him Shadow the Hedgehog. lalalei 200130th Jun 15 01:56:30
Literature: Good OmensThe Getting Crap Past The Radar examples don't fit the trope—they're just (subtle) jokes, nothing that would need to be snuck past censors for an adult fantasy novel Narsil30th Jun 15 01:55:40
YMMV: Mortal KombatIts visuals are highly regarded in their own right Scout Firefly30th Jun 15 01:55:11
Failure GambitAdded example from Good Omens Narsil30th Jun 15 01:51:46
Characters: Dexter The Koshka BrotherhoodNeedless repeating. creader30th Jun 15 01:50:59
Characters: Dexter The Doomsday KillersNeedless repeating. creader30th Jun 15 01:47:56
Characters: Far Cry 4just wanted to add something i thought was cool. Mako Mori 133730th Jun 15 01:47:07
YMMV: BatwomanThese are trivia. Anicomicgeek30th Jun 15 01:46:39
Trivia: Disney Theme ParksIt wasn't really a personal decision by Universal Hollywood's part. There was actually a dispute regarding the licensing agreement just a couple of years before Disney took Marvel over. Mario 199530th Jun 15 01:45:15
Playing With: Zero Effort BossTried my hand at making one of these things. 100pointonepercent30th Jun 15 01:44:45
Video Game: Gran TurismoNow, behold the SRT Tomahawk VGT. F Mecha30th Jun 15 01:43:50
Characters: Dexter Barrel Girl GangNeedless repeating. creader30th Jun 15 01:43:35
YMMV: Mount And Bladetypos Canaris30th Jun 15 01:43:19
Characters: The Grim Adventures Of Billy And MandyAdded Rebuttal Volvagia 42330th Jun 15 01:41:20
YMMV: Mount And BladeAdding Curb Stomp battle trope. Canaris30th Jun 15 01:40:31
Literature: Weeniesdeleted a lot of tropes due to X Just X stuffedninja30th Jun 15 01:39:51
Characters: Dexter Dexters VictimsNeedless repeating. creader30th Jun 15 01:38:41
Dethroning Moment: Teen Titans GoMoments only, no "just everything he said," or "This entire show," or "This entire series" entries. Very Melon30th Jun 15 01:37:47
Fridge: Metropolisthis is analysis, not fridge brilliance Captain Crawdad30th Jun 15 01:37:35
Pre Climax ClimaxRemoved Real Life examples, since this trope is No Real Life Examples Please. phoenix30th Jun 15 01:36:29
Phallic WeaponRemoved Real Life examples, since this trope is No Real Life Examples Please. phoenix30th Jun 15 01:34:38
Characters: Dexter Supporting AntagonistsNeedless repeating. creader30th Jun 15 01:33:41
Recap: Firefly E 11 TrashThere's no pause, she says it as one sentence. Mr Death30th Jun 15 01:33:19
YMMV: Pokemon Ranger And The Temple Of The SeaRedundant Iniuria Talis30th Jun 15 01:32:46
Designated VillainFixed a couple of things in my last edit Jokubas30th Jun 15 01:29:55
The Modest OrgasmRemoved Real Life examples, since this trope is No Real Life Examples Please. phoenix30th Jun 15 01:28:01
Video Game: TerrariaThe 1.3 update is here! Sachiko30th Jun 15 01:27:57
Shes A Man In JapanNot an Example. Sammettik30th Jun 15 01:27:55
Literature: Judy MoodyDeleting film section due to minimal context and ample Zero Context Examples stuffedninja30th Jun 15 01:26:15
Characters: Dexter AntagonistsNeedless repeating. creader30th Jun 15 01:25:40
Series: Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtSpeaking as an ASOIAF fan, it's almost certainly a reference to the show, not the books, even though Xanthippe would be too young to name after the show. Captain Crawdad30th Jun 15 01:24:07
Lovers LedgeCommented out Zero Context Examples. phoenix30th Jun 15 01:21:34
Sugar Wiki: Awesome ArtIt Gets Better is a pejorative trope. Doctor Cooper30th Jun 15 01:18:29
Characters: Dexter Recurring CharactersNeedless repeating. creader30th Jun 15 01:18:14
YMMV: Fosters Home For Imaginary FriendsIn-Universe Only and Zero Context Examples Anddrix30th Jun 15 01:17:21
On Second ThoughtAnother example. St Fan30th Jun 15 01:15:11
Theatre: AssassinsRemoving word cruft beack 730th Jun 15 01:13:47
Characters: Dexter Dexters FamilyNeedless repeating. creader30th Jun 15 01:12:58
Series: American Horror Story Murder HouseRemoving word cruft beack 730th Jun 15 01:12:19
Useful Notes: Theodore RooseveltSuper Globetrotters allium30th Jun 15 01:10:41
Western Animation: RugratsRemoving word cruft beack 730th Jun 15 01:10:25
Characters: Dexter Law EnforcementNeedless repeating. creader30th Jun 15 01:09:52
RADAR: RugratsRemoving word cruft beack 730th Jun 15 01:08:45
Series: Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtHandling Spoilers Captain Crawdad30th Jun 15 01:06:56
Literature: Alices Adventures In WonderlandA reference to bat shark repellant maybe? Makes little sense R1ck30th Jun 15 01:06:39
Theatre: Tanz Der VampireRemoving word cruft beack 730th Jun 15 01:06:30
Designated VillainMade the Guild Wars 2 example more clear for non-fans Jokubas30th Jun 15 01:05:53
YMMV: Game Of Thronesoops! Captain Crawdad30th Jun 15 01:05:47
YMMV: A Wrinkle In TimeYeah, no. If atheists can write convincing religious characters, Christian authors can write literature that isn't explicitly "Christian literature." And the next example makes the point utterly moot anyway. Spectral Time30th Jun 15 01:04:26
Video Game: Henry Stickmin SeriesI've been a Troper for so long that I can notice that sort of syntax error at a glance. Sonic Lover30th Jun 15 01:03:58
Series: DeadwoodMisquote bannermanner30th Jun 15 01:02:52
Characters: Batman Arkham Series Rogues Gallery KnightIt was Loren Lester: Anicomicgeek30th Jun 15 01:02:17
Series: DeadwoodMisquote bannermanner30th Jun 15 01:01:43
RPG ElementsRe-formatted the Advance Wars section Rubbery Chicken30th Jun 15 01:01:03
Religious Programmesadded Wretched (teaching section sounds like the best fit) Market 43 Fan30th Jun 15 12:54:23
RPG ElementsLink fixed, now goes to Diggles Rubbery Chicken30th Jun 15 12:54:03
It Is Pronounced Tro PAY"gin" is a soft "g"; a hard "g" would be "go" or "gallant" or "guess" tketch30th Jun 15 12:51:46
Frictionless ReentryAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 12:51:00
RPG Elementsassuming Spionage is a typo. fixed to Espionage. Rubbery Chicken30th Jun 15 12:50:31
Recap: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 5 E 8 The Lost Treasure Of GriffonstoneAside from being another character (not event) trope, this doesn't seem like a very good fit. Twilight is being verbose, not arrogant. Mr L 119330th Jun 15 12:50:26
RPG Elementsfixed broken link to Dragonshard to a red link. Yay? Rubbery Chicken30th Jun 15 12:48:12
Creator: Toon CityMoving this to Off Model, as I think it fits there better. speedyboris30th Jun 15 12:45:52
YMMV: The Song Of Rolandfixing indentation error Strix Obscuro30th Jun 15 12:45:49
Franchise: James BondLink (red) Prfnoff30th Jun 15 12:44:48
Franchise: Starship TroopersLink (red) Prfnoff30th Jun 15 12:44:24
The Unfair Sex1) Ross is not treated as guilty. His friends are very sympathetic. 2) Susan disliking Ross is not an example of The Unfair Sex. It's an example of her disliking Carol's ex. 3)Neither the Poker or the trivia game are examples of The Unfair Sex. They show characters being sore losers. 4) If it's an aversion it shouldn't be here. Clanger 0030th Jun 15 12:43:48
Video Game: Flight Risingchanged a four to a five in the first bullet to make it accurate piscula30th Jun 15 12:41:52
The VoicelessDouble example. Too Bad For U30th Jun 15 12:40:29
Characters: Doubt Academy Mizu RosterAdded some tropes to Jungo's section. o/ outersscience30th Jun 15 12:40:06
Characters: Total Drama Killer BassShe didnt kill any sharks username 252730th Jun 15 12:39:39
Film: Mad Max Fury RoadThe new entry for this trope seems incomplete. Sticking with the first example for now. Dannykat30th Jun 15 12:34:24
YMMV: Monty Pythons Life Of BrianBrian is not a hero. That's the point. Chaotic Novelist30th Jun 15 12:25:15
YMMVCut trope. General Specific30th Jun 15 12:24:42
The Conscienceupdated link eddurd30th Jun 15 12:23:54
Film: Monty Pythons Life Of Brianpedantic, natter and justifying edit. Chaotic Novelist30th Jun 15 12:21:15
Funny: Batman Arkham KnightThis is what I heard. I don't know if the other version is also in the game or if the original editor was mistaken, but I'm changing it just to be safe. Austin30th Jun 15 12:16:32
Characters: The Saga Of Avatar Korra Republic City ResidentsExpanding on a number of things. Knowledgeseeker30th Jun 15 12:15:00
Nazi GrandpaGoeth doesn't count since he was executed shortly after the war. Jake 1830th Jun 15 12:14:44
Video Game: Okami"Kami" - 神 - absolutely does mean "god", or more specifically "divinity". It's in the title: Okami - 大神 - means "Great God", as well as being a play on 狼, also pronounced Okami. That it's genderless is irrelevant: there is no gender construct outside of spoken idiomatic context and gender radicals from Chinese pronouns do not carry over into kanji. The kanji for "above" is “jo" -上 - but it's never used in isolation. zeroplusalpha30th Jun 15 12:14:25
Trivia: Batman Arkham Knight Lord Mortis30th Jun 15 12:14:08
Whoopi Epiphany SpeechSubversions don't get their own section Chaotic Novelist30th Jun 15 12:12:48
Crossing The Burnt BridgeFixing a typo Completely Normal Guy30th Jun 15 12:11:16
Characters: Tower Of Godpage clean-up Retloclive30th Jun 15 12:08:31
Fan Fic: My Little UnicornMoving these over to the Characters page. N.Harmonik30th Jun 15 12:07:36
Characters: Yu Gi Oh Arc V Leo Duel SchoolSpoiler tags fixed Master Chi30th Jun 15 12:04:15
Western Animation: The IncrediblesAdded Subverted Solo Mael30th Jun 15 12:00:36
Bestiality Is DepravedRemoved Real Life examples, since this trope is No Real Life Examples Please. phoenix30th Jun 15 11:58:08
YMMV: The Equestrian Wind MageNot YMMV Ferot Dreadnaught30th Jun 15 11:58:00
Characters: Kamen Rider Drive ProtagonistsGentaro is from Fourze STRX30th Jun 15 11:55:52
Swiss Army AppendagePerhaps the trope didn't exist back then when this example was added here, but it's more fitting as a Type II Blade Below The Shoulder. Bakazuki30th Jun 15 11:55:40
Light Novel: KurenaiSwiss Army Appendage applies to entire prosthetic appendages, typically with a multitude of functions rather than just one. The blade hidden in Shinkurou's arm falls more under a Type II Blade Below The Shoulder. Bakazuki30th Jun 15 11:51:52
Subliminal Seductionremoving natter, fixing Example Indentation rodney Anonymous30th Jun 15 11:51:41
Disney: Robin HoodBears are mammals E Bsessed30th Jun 15 11:50:50
Idle GameTomodachi Life removed - not an Idle Game. Confused with Play Every Day? zellisgoat30th Jun 15 11:47:10
Madness MantraNo spoilers in page quotes Ferot Dreadnaught30th Jun 15 11:46:26
Intergenerational FriendshipFace Palm myself Whirl RX30th Jun 15 11:45:46
Creator: Jessica ChastainYou know, rules of troping. Gottams Reckoning30th Jun 15 11:45:35
He Was Right There All AlongZero context R1ck30th Jun 15 11:44:16
Heads I Win Tails You Loseilrelevant to this trope R1ck30th Jun 15 11:38:56
Big No: Western AnimationOops case30th Jun 15 11:30:50
Misanthrope SupremeExamples Are Not Recent ("Upcoming" how I hate that word.) Sammettik30th Jun 15 11:29:30
Characters: Inside OutAgain, Natter Batman Kal El30th Jun 15 11:29:10
YMMV: Chicken RunNot an example. BLAM doesn't just mean, "This seen is silly." Mr Death30th Jun 15 11:26:44
Administrivia: Wick Namespace Migrationunder 250 nombretomado30th Jun 15 11:25:43
Funny: Bad Movie BeatdownAdded Moment and Page Opening Request Volvagia 42330th Jun 15 11:25:25
Western Animation: King Of The Hillhwat did you say Thousand30th Jun 15 11:23:29
Shown Their Work: Girls Und PanzerI've met a number of WWII historians, and read the works of a number more. Monty is only really respected in England, not so much in the rest of Europe (granted, most european historians don't hate him the way americans seem to, they just don't think much of him). Erivale30th Jun 15 11:16:33
YMMV: The Fairly Oddparentsremoving a few ZCEs Sixthhokage 130th Jun 15 11:16:25
Magnum Opus: Video Games"Not as much as others" means it's not a MO candidate. Also made some minor cleanup and namespacing My Final Edits30th Jun 15 11:15:55
What Would X Doand cleand up . . . Salmon30th Jun 15 11:13:30
We Have Been Researching Phlebotinum For YearsNo potholes in page quotes Ferot Dreadnaught30th Jun 15 11:12:15
YMMV: Inside OutNatter Batman Kal El30th Jun 15 11:10:58
What Would X DoTrue story. Salmon30th Jun 15 11:10:33
Recap: Doctor Who S 29 E 1 Smith And Jonesnot foreshadowing. Chaotic Novelist30th Jun 15 11:06:37
Characters: Yu Gi Oh Arc V Other Dimensions{{}} -> [[]] somebody didn't pothole right Master Chi30th Jun 15 11:06:27
Characters: Yu Gi Oh Arc V Other Dimensions{ Master Chi30th Jun 15 11:06:10
YMMV: Ape EscapeIt's been awhile since I last played the PSP port of the first game, but from what I remember the red-pants monkeys used a lot of weapons instead of punching. Cybran General Sturm30th Jun 15 11:04:45
Excuse Me While I Multitaskagh! dancnbna30th Jun 15 11:03:50
SitcomIf you know the title of the series in the bottom left, please replace the ??? with it and remove the comment-out %s. Thanks! Willbyr30th Jun 15 11:03:07
Characters: Inside OutNatter Batman Kal El30th Jun 15 11:02:01
Mighty Whitey And Mellow Yellow"Oriental" really? ironicusername30th Jun 15 11:01:01
Characters: Steven Universe Crystal GemsBroken gems ARE dead. The fusing them together was bringing them Back From The Dead. thatother1dude30th Jun 15 10:57:59
Shout Out: Resident Evil 4Indentation, again My Final Edits30th Jun 15 10:57:35
Fallout New Vegas: Tropes S To ZDeath Valley is west of Vegas Beer Baron30th Jun 15 10:57:24
Characters: Fire Emblem Fates Other CharactersArchanea has been renamed to Ylisse during Awakening in the timeline Darthrai30th Jun 15 10:55:15
The Killer Becomes The KilledAdded detail Salmon30th Jun 15 10:50:39
Video Game: Alltynex SecondPutting tropes in sub-bullets like that is not proper formatting. Dark Hunter30th Jun 15 10:49:34
WMG: Batman Arkham KnightAdded Guess Volvagia 42330th Jun 15 10:49:14
Visual Novel: Tsukihimewhy was it under church militant? Mackus30th Jun 15 10:48:06
Characters: Heroes Of The StormThere's a difference between spoilers and easter eggs. This One Sara30th Jun 15 10:45:29
Nightmare Fuel: SplatoonSeeing as it takes place during ANY boss battle... Dylanius 900030th Jun 15 10:44:45
YMMV: Game Of ThronesNot a blam. His escape attempt is part of the plot. This is more a case of fridge logic. Captain Crawdad30th Jun 15 10:41:53
Characters: Warrior Cats Thunderclan Warriors And ApprenticesI couldn't find Poppydawn on any of the other pages, and she died before the first series, so I put her here. Snowsky30th Jun 15 10:41:04
I Surrender SuckersThis came up during YKTTW discussion of The Short War, which should probably be added to this example as soon as it goes live. calmestofdoves30th Jun 15 10:40:54
Image Links Wikiadded blind idiot translation Screaming Nyet30th Jun 15 10:39:21
I Surrender SuckersIt may have been her cell phone that they took off her earlier, but as it was on the thug at the time, I think it's clearer to identify it as belonging to the thug. calmestofdoves30th Jun 15 10:35:47
Funny: Jack ReacherSometimes I despair. maximsk30th Jun 15 10:34:41
Characters: Yu Gi Oh Arc V Other DimensionsRewording Expy on Shun. Master Chi30th Jun 15 10:34:28
Funny: Jack ReacherOops, mistype. maximsk30th Jun 15 10:34:13
Video Game: Eternal SeniaI had to move Eternial Senia to this page because the title was misspelled. Bugfragged30th Jun 15 10:32:30
Pantheon: HairI had to manip the picture to make it less bright, but hopefully it will do TPPR 1030th Jun 15 10:30:25
Video Game: Mirrors EdgeReplaced broken link Azaram30th Jun 15 10:30:19
Characters: Yu Gi Oh Arc V Other Dimensions{{}} -> [[]] somebody didn't pothole right Master Chi30th Jun 15 10:27:59
Well Intentioned ReplacementImproper example indentation (Simpsons was all the same example so they are combined). randomsurfer30th Jun 15 10:27:50
Cool CarNatter. Another Duck30th Jun 15 10:26:11
Series: HumansAnd begin. MCE30th Jun 15 10:25:46
Canis Latinicus—-itas ca—- uhema30th Jun 15 10:25:39
Good ParentsRemoved Linking To An Article Within The Article N 1 KF30th Jun 15 10:25:36
Cell Phones Are UselessAdded reference to the Victorian Internet and Older Than They Think theatron30th Jun 15 10:23:36
Flash StepRestructuring slightly to make it less biased. matteste30th Jun 15 10:21:48
Quotes: Jerk AssAlready on main page Ferot Dreadnaught30th Jun 15 10:16:03
Tear Jerker: Game Of Thrones"Decimated" implies that there were survivors, which from what we saw of how they were treating anyone trying to surrender seems pretty unlikely. Meat Bag30th Jun 15 10:14:11
Dada AdFixed dead link Bart N30th Jun 15 10:11:27
Website: Not Always WorkingSplit the Bad Boss and Pointy Haired Boss sections for clarity's sake. Also, that counts more as a Mortons Fork, not a Sadistic Choice. Mars Jenkar30th Jun 15 10:08:53
Film: ReincarnationDo not spoiler tag trope names on work pages or the names of works on trope pages; please see Handling Spoilers for more information. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 10:05:29
Film: ReincarnationCommented out Zero Context Examples. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 10:05:17
Video Game: Quest For Glory IIII don't think this is actually true. The prisoner's capture is based on certain actions by the hero, not time. There's nothing in the transcript about killing the prisoner (and he's no good to the Simbani dead). KD30th Jun 15 10:04:40
Awesome Music: Street FighterExamples Are Not Recent. Or upcoming. It's possible to write this example in a way that doesn't tie it to a time frame that requires that it be completely overhauled when the game actually IS released, or even when ONE more track from the game is publicly available. mlsmithca30th Jun 15 10:03:57
Awesome Music: LostEpisode titles go in quotes, and every entry needs to end with some sort of punctuation mark. mlsmithca30th Jun 15 10:02:17
Ironic Nursery TuneShoehorned Example. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 10:01:05
Awesome Music: Streets Of Rage"Music" is an abstract noun. It makes no sense to refer to "a music". mlsmithca30th Jun 15 10:01:02
Awesome Music: Kingdom Hearts IThat's a lot of grammar mistakes. If this was an entry you wrote yourself rather than copying it from somewhere, please consider running your edits by the "Get Help With English" thread in the Wiki Talk forum. mlsmithca30th Jun 15 10:00:02
Raptor AttackItalics do not work that way Spinosegnosaurus 7730th Jun 15 09:58:06
Win BACK The CrowdHm. Either the reversion undid one edit too many or this would be considered valid use. But it's not an in-universe example, so... mlsmithca30th Jun 15 09:56:27
Machinima: Yogscast Minecraft SeriesPotholes are not allowed in page quotes. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 09:55:40
Funny: Anime Abandonfixing namespace Willbyr30th Jun 15 09:54:33
Raptor AttackUpdating the info with marched on science Scorpion 45130th Jun 15 09:53:16
X Meets Y: Anime And Mangafixing namespace Willbyr30th Jun 15 09:52:42
Character Exaggerationfixing namespace Willbyr30th Jun 15 09:52:08
Fan Fic: Core Linefixing namespace Willbyr30th Jun 15 09:51:16
Defrosting Ice Queenfixing namespace Willbyr30th Jun 15 09:51:04
The Man Is Sticking It To The Mandead links pruned Wooden Table30th Jun 15 09:50:46
Its All About Me: Fanworksfixing namespace Willbyr30th Jun 15 09:50:31
Break The Cutie: Fan Worksfixing namespace Willbyr30th Jun 15 09:49:59
Film: Laser MissionMoving to YMMV Fuzzy Boots30th Jun 15 09:49:05
First Girl After Allfixing namespace Willbyr30th Jun 15 09:48:55
Characters: GoblinsQuotes Formatting. Discar30th Jun 15 09:48:32
Locked Out Of The Loopfixing namespace Willbyr30th Jun 15 09:48:01
Hassle Free HotwireExample Indentation In Trope Lists. Cut Natter. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 09:47:58
Creator: Melissa Fahnfixing namespace Willbyr30th Jun 15 09:47:22
Red Is Heroicfixing namespace Willbyr30th Jun 15 09:47:09
Sent Off To Work For Relativesfixing namespace Willbyr30th Jun 15 09:45:55
YMMV: Sonic Colorsfixing namespace Willbyr30th Jun 15 09:45:15
Stronger With Agefixing namespace Willbyr30th Jun 15 09:44:50
Toxic Friend Influencefixing namespace Willbyr30th Jun 15 09:44:22
World Of Weirdnessfixing namespace Willbyr30th Jun 15 09:43:51
Only A Flesh WoundTropes can't be "partially" subverted/averted. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 09:43:10
Headscratchers: GoblinsExample Indenation. Three bullets are rarely necessary, and anything past three shows up as three. Discar30th Jun 15 09:42:37
Only A Flesh WoundDuplicate example. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 09:41:37
Only A Flesh WoundExample Indentation In Trope Lists. Cut natter. Added namespaces. Repair Dont Respond. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 09:41:04
Stepping Stones In The SkyI think that's right... Willbyr30th Jun 15 09:33:53
Music: Johnny CashThis Troper and nattery non-example Twentington30th Jun 15 09:31:03
Nightmare Fuel: Public Service AnnouncementThe joke gets even better with this modification. Also, other updatings. Fromthe Wordsof BR30th Jun 15 09:29:26
WargamingRedlink Prfnoff30th Jun 15 09:28:14
Tabletop Game: Victory In The PacificLinks Prfnoff30th Jun 15 09:27:14
Tabletop Game: Cosmic EncounterAdding redlink Prfnoff30th Jun 15 09:26:46
Summary: Tabletop RPGNamespaces Prfnoff30th Jun 15 09:25:54
Creator: PG WodehouseSwitching in-universe examples from YMMV and removing straight YMMV item. jayoungr30th Jun 15 09:25:34
Compulsory School AgeNatter Hidden Windshield30th Jun 15 09:23:05
Cool CrownNot A Subversion. Film and literature versions are separate. Chaotic Novelist30th Jun 15 09:22:38
Tabletop Game: Tales From The Floating VagabondLinks Prfnoff30th Jun 15 09:22:27
Tabletop Game: Betrayal At House On The HillLink (red) Prfnoff30th Jun 15 09:21:30
Magical DefibrillatorExample Indentation In Trope Lists. Cut natter. Added namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 09:20:56
Sliding Scale Of Idealism Versus Cynicism: Tabletop GamesNamespace Prfnoff30th Jun 15 09:20:33
Useful Notes: Wars Of The RosesNamespace Prfnoff30th Jun 15 09:20:24
World War IIINamespaces Prfnoff30th Jun 15 09:19:36
Comic Book: Spider GwenNo trope links in works' page quotes dsneybuf30th Jun 15 09:12:47
Videogame: Sniper Elite IIIAdding trope sovietsteel30th Jun 15 09:10:12
Blown Across The RoomExample Indentation In Trope Lists. Cut natter. Repair Dont Respond. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 09:06:56
Characters: The SilmarillionSeems silly. "Once there was a dragon bigger than Thangorodrim. The end." llafnwod30th Jun 15 09:06:52
Comic Book: UltronTo match other Marvel characters' pages dsneybuf30th Jun 15 09:06:07
Dethroning Moment: Web OriginalBennett has a page Willbyr30th Jun 15 09:05:32
Fan Fic: Lex TalionisRape Is Love is Not A Trope. Venom Lancer Hae30th Jun 15 09:05:31
Brick Jokeadding information B Kelly 9530th Jun 15 09:04:52
Characters: Total Drama Ridonculous Race NewcomersPotholing trope names isn't allowed, please use the redirects. Snowy 6630th Jun 15 09:03:53
World Buildingspelling error bobwolf30th Jun 15 08:59:58
Image Links: Cosplay Fan Artfixed a typo Necrosovereign30th Jun 15 08:58:58
Series: The Andy Griffith ShowOn second thought, I think the first one works better. wrm 530th Jun 15 08:58:46
Western Animation: Inside OutMovie Poster dsneybuf30th Jun 15 08:56:53
Blown Across The RoomCut natter, non-examples, and conjecture. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 08:56:25
Disc One Final DungeonRemoving a few misuses. The player has to reasonably believe it's the final dungeon. bwburke 9430th Jun 15 08:54:13
Video Game: Pokemon Ruby And SapphireSea Mauville is not a ship, unlike the original Abandoned Ship Swampertrox30th Jun 15 08:50:28
Characters: Detective Conan Main Charactersthis is not a Subverted Trope, it's just not an example annette 1230th Jun 15 08:48:18
Grey And Gray MoralityExample Indentation In Trope Lists. Cut Natter. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 08:48:13
Top Gear: SegmentsFinal Episode brought 2 more cheap car challenges Zottoman30th Jun 15 08:46:57
One Time DungeonIndentation, again My Final Edits30th Jun 15 08:46:40
Tough Act To FollowLess is when you're referring to a lower non-quantifiable object. For quantifiable ones use fewer My Final Edits30th Jun 15 08:46:07
Debate And SwitchGrammar. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 08:45:57
Debate And SwitchExample Indentation In Trope Lists. Cut Natter. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 08:45:11
Series: The Andy Griffith ShowThis trope fits better. wrm 530th Jun 15 08:43:21
Gravity ScrewIt appears like the troper had already reverted the image change. My bad My Final Edits30th Jun 15 08:41:56
Gravity ScrewPlease discuss the image change in Image Pickin' My Final Edits30th Jun 15 08:39:27
Characters: Sticky Dilly BunsThe Big Guy is supposed to be part of a team, and Does Not Know His Own Strength implies SUPER strength. Spindriver30th Jun 15 08:39:05
Karma Houdini: LiteratureNatter My Final Edits30th Jun 15 08:37:25
Characters: HaikyuuPromotional art for S2 lists Sumire Morohoshi as Yachi's seiyuu. Kurosaki Maya30th Jun 15 08:36:54
Adaptation DistillationWord Cruft, Example Indentation My Final Edits30th Jun 15 08:34:31
Characters: Batman Arkham Series Rogues Gallery AsylumI would need to know if the game mentions that Scarecrow will never recover from his fear toxin injection before saying A Fate Worse Than Death. Shadao30th Jun 15 08:33:36
Real Life: Mean Character Nice Actor Filmcareer not over! Daibhid C30th Jun 15 08:33:33
Recap: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 5 E 6 Appleoosas Most WantedNot a Call Back. St Fan30th Jun 15 08:32:59
Role Association: Film ItalianBack to life. Big Bertha30th Jun 15 08:28:50
Life Imitates Art
  • MB ping pong boat
flip 61930th Jun 15 08:26:01
Infant Immortality: Anime And Mangaduplicate entry Willbyr30th Jun 15 08:25:15
Characters: Teen Wolf AntagonistsAdded folder for Doctors hollygoolightly30th Jun 15 08:24:46
You Have Waited Long EnoughFan Myopia. Always show the work's name. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 08:15:25
YMMV: Teen Titans GODon't really think that's aesop since being open and sociable is encouraged in society. Snowy 6630th Jun 15 08:14:53
Recap: Angel S 01 E 02 Lonely HeartsDumping the spoiler tags and cleaning up some zero-context examples bwburke 9430th Jun 15 08:13:22
Bragging Rights RewardRedundant. technickal30th Jun 15 08:12:54
Random Passerby AdviceAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 08:11:24
Creator: Nicolas CageAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 08:10:57
Wall Bangers: Video GamesWild and flamebaity speculation. Styx D30th Jun 15 08:10:36
Creator: Nicolas CagePotholes are not allowed in page quotes. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 08:10:16
Role Association: Animated Film SpanishAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 08:09:51
YMMV: Batman Arkham KnightFixing a typo. Austin30th Jun 15 08:09:07
Timm StyleAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 08:08:43
Bragging Rights RewardCosmetic Award. technickal30th Jun 15 08:07:29
Literature: Arsene LupinAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 08:06:13
YMMV: Arsene LupinAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 08:05:54
Token Evil TeammateBela wasn't a teammate, and Ruby was more of a Big Bad Friend. ading30th Jun 15 08:05:16
Hollywood LawJudges do not indict. Oddstar 630th Jun 15 08:04:51
Talking To Himself: Live Action FilmsAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 08:04:10
Trailers Always Spoil: Live Action FilmsAdded work page links and namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 08:03:08
Mes A Crowd: FilmRepair Dont Respond. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 08:01:44
Recap: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 5 E 9 Slice Of LifeBad indentation, natter and Examples Are Not Arguable. St Fan30th Jun 15 07:59:20
Hit You So Hard Your X Will Feel ItMoved an item to the correct folder. Added namespaces. Example Indentation In Trope Lists. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 07:57:29
New Sound AlbumAdded stuff Alan Palgut30th Jun 15 07:56:57
Hit You So Hard Your X Will Feel ItSplit animated films and live-action films. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 07:56:17
Trivia: Working GirlAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 07:54:25
YMMV: Broadcast NewsAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 07:52:38
Fan Nickname: Video Games T To ZRemoving gratuitious Japanese. luisedgarf30th Jun 15 07:51:15
Video Game: Total War Shogun 2Repair Dont Respond KD30th Jun 15 07:50:42
Nightmare Fuel: Godzilla 2014Felt it had to be added. Kurush30th Jun 15 07:49:55
Central Theme: Live Action TVAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 07:49:07
Recursive AdaptationAdded work page links and namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 07:47:28
Just For Fun: Troper Dating ServiceHappy birthday to me... Premonition 4530th Jun 15 07:46:12
WMG: Captain America Civil WarWhat's with the triple period at Christine Everheart? It's an incomplete guess. What's the point? Chaotic Novelist30th Jun 15 07:45:34
Like A Son To MeAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 07:45:25
Recap: The Flash 2014 S 1 E 14 Falloutgoing by the subtitles and what makes sense. Ellowen30th Jun 15 07:44:31
Obliviously Beautifulbroken link rafi30th Jun 15 07:44:08
Tropers: Premonition 45Happy birthday to me... Premonition 4530th Jun 15 07:44:00
Forgotten BirthdayAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 07:42:33
Creator: Shirley Mac LaineSp. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 07:41:38
Nightmare Fuel: SplatoonBumped the timer up 2000 years. Dylanius 900030th Jun 15 07:41:35
Creator: Shirley Mac LaineAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 07:40:42
WMG: Captain America Civil WarRepair Dont Respond. This is not a forum. Instead of going all "alternatively" why not make your own guess? Chaotic Novelist30th Jun 15 07:39:13
Ready For LovemakingAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 07:38:45
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The SvengaliAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 07:35:27
Hide Your PregnancyAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 07:34:32
Fridge: X Men Days Of Future PastThis isn't Fridge. Mr Death30th Jun 15 07:34:28
BathosAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 07:31:59
Roleplay: Nan QuestDramatic Deadpan seems to be more for spoken lines. I think Beige Prose is more accurate for this. Fools Edit Account30th Jun 15 07:27:38
Nightmare Fuel: SplatoonRe-worded that a bit so it doesn't look like I'm talking to another on an actual article. Dylanius 900030th Jun 15 07:27:22
Heart Is An Awesome PowerNote to self: proof read PROPERLY next time. Karjam P30th Jun 15 07:26:23
Wham ShotUpdating this with more examples. Fools Edit Account30th Jun 15 07:24:58
Shrinking Violet: FilmAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 07:24:51
Cynical MentorAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 07:24:09
YMMV: Jurassic WorldJustifying edit and you can easily put that in without shoehorning Critic. emeriin30th Jun 15 07:22:46
Western Animation: Capitol CrittersProperly alligned the image. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 07:21:05
Trivia: Capitol CrittersAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 07:20:37
Dethroning Moment: AdvertisingSorry, but this page is for posting D Mo Ses, not advertising an advertisment review blog. supernintendo 12830th Jun 15 07:16:48
Western Animation: Heavy TrafficMany spelling fix Azaram30th Jun 15 07:16:45
Manga: Fruits BasketClarifying tropes 32 Footsteps30th Jun 15 07:15:47
Sci Fi Webcomicsblank Veanne30th Jun 15 07:14:16
Sniper DuelNot an example: Just because it's an achievement name doesn't make it an example. Berrenta30th Jun 15 07:10:04
Self Demonstrating Articleselfdemonstrating/blind idiot translation Screaming Nyet30th Jun 15 07:08:54
Teenage WastelandEither them being male is relevant, in which case it shouldn't be between parentheses, or it isn't, in which case it shouldn't be there. I gather it isn't relevant, so I removed it. Buurman Sven30th Jun 15 07:06:05
Funny: Pokemon Ruby And SapphireAlready Stated technickal30th Jun 15 07:05:17
The Man Behind The MonstersSpelling out the series' name Jhiday30th Jun 15 06:59:27
Once Upon A Time: Tropes U To ZThat does not count because Bella would have acted the same way if Rumpelstiltskin were a woman. It is not "woman being Indepedent of men." itsuki30th Jun 15 06:54:34
Film: PhiladelphiaProperly alligned the image. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 06:50:48
Lover And BelovedAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 06:50:11
Gratuitous GermanOne word missing The Mighty Fritz30th Jun 15 06:49:17
But Not Too GayAdded work page links and namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 06:48:21
WMG: Blue ExorcistCleaning up, trimming and prunning. Chaotic Novelist30th Jun 15 06:45:54
Debate And SwitchAdded namespaces. Example Indentation In Trope Lists. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 06:45:27
Embarrassing RingtoneComma splice. Berrenta30th Jun 15 06:40:06
Anime: Dragon Ball SuperWas Mr. Satan confirmed to be his official English name now? I'd like to remind everyone that this is an English wiki, as per-TV Tropes policy, we're suppose to use the official English names regardless of whether you like it or not. Toko WH30th Jun 15 06:38:21
Video Game: Rayman 1995Added namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 06:35:44
Franchise: RaymanAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 06:35:30
WMG: Blue ExorcistNot A Deconstruction. "This Troper" is forbidden because it leads to Thread Mode and personal attacks like the one here and also tangents into personal history which are irrelevant to the show. Chaotic Novelist30th Jun 15 06:34:52
Rage Against The AuthorAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 06:33:01
Badass: FilmI know it's zero context - it's not my example, I just moved it from the Western animation subpage Hvedekorn30th Jun 15 06:30:46
Roleplay: Nan QuestFreak Out connotes a permanent shift in personality, so it does not count here. Fridge Horror is also YMMV, apparently... Fools Edit Account30th Jun 15 06:30:32
Badass: Western AnimationBelongs on the film page Hvedekorn30th Jun 15 06:29:56
Crossing The Burnt BridgeAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 06:29:53
Street SamuraiAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 06:27:12
Lookalike LoversAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 06:26:58
Film: Season Of The WitchHot Witch isn't for any kind of witch. Chaotic Novelist30th Jun 15 06:26:23
Doomed ProtagonistAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 06:25:35
Southern BelleAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 06:22:31
Right In Front Of MeAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 06:20:58
Flashback: FilmAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 06:20:23
Series: Defiance"Favi" isn't a name or specific title; it's a Castithan honorific, like "Mister" or "Sir." Anarquistador30th Jun 15 06:12:06
Nostalgia Chick: Tropes G To LAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler30th Jun 15 06:09:17

There you go. The non-empty edit reasons from the last two days.