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Characters: Hyrule Warriorskinda stretching the definition of this trope really My Timing Is Off27th Jan 15 12:55:20
Western Animation: Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehogcutting a misuse/sinkhole of the title trope Exactly What It Says On The Tin, see dedicated cleanup thread; removing a trope name alteration per Administrivia.Sinkhole; WebAnimation.You Tube Poop is not a trope and doesn't belong to this list of examples (it can be mentioned in description or be relevant for some ymmv/trivia item; commenting out some Zero Context Examples; cutting down on some Natter; incest based on robot names??; Nemuru Mae Ni27th Jan 15 12:52:34
Wiki SandboxWow,I did not expect this Wings of Vi trope list to bloat. Kind of like when I first started a trope list for Epic Battle Fantasy and there were only around twenty, then I just kept remembering and finding stuff and kept adding and adding and adding... greatpikminfan27th Jan 15 12:50:24
Characters: Dragon Age Inquisition CompanionsAgain, cleaning up and removing any unnecessary spoiler use. helterskelter27th Jan 15 12:46:51
Fanfic Recs: Pandora HeartsFixed three typos: author name 'Nadramon' (not 'Nandramon'), 'avians' instead of 'avains', and 'Elliot' instead of 'Eliot'. Herisson Ramoneur27th Jan 15 12:44:28
Characters: Sinbad Legendofthe Seven SeasHas nothing to do with being aware of genre conventions. lexicon27th Jan 15 12:36:47
Funny: Crackedlink quit working dysphere27th Jan 15 12:34:52
Horrible: WebcomicsNo proof of this alleged large fanbase existing and discussion came to the conclusion that people laughing at it ironically doesn't prevent it from being SBIH Mc Jeff27th Jan 15 12:34:49
YMMV: Masters Of SexDeliberate Values Dissonance Troll Brutal27th Jan 15 12:34:29
Art Initiates LifeNo one is confused. poi 9927th Jan 15 12:34:08
Fandom Berserk Buttonthere's no "below" anymore so clarifying Erda27th Jan 15 12:30:44
Catch A Falling Starcutting a zero-context entry (Last Exile) Nemuru Mae Ni27th Jan 15 12:29:56
Not The Fall That Kills Youadding more Ranma One Half Nemuru Mae Ni27th Jan 15 12:24:11
Characters: Darkwing DuckCaptain Ersatz is for pastiches of fictional characters. When they're a parody of a real-life person, it is No Celebrities Were Harmed. Captain Tedium27th Jan 15 12:22:47
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Nightmare Fuel: Five Nights At Freddys 2Spelling fix. lepouvantail27th Jan 15 12:12:56
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Nightmare Fuel: Five Nights At Freddys 2 Non CanonSpelling fixes. lepouvantail27th Jan 15 12:11:42
Falling Into His Armsremoving self-references per Administrivia.Linking To An Article Within The Article Nemuru Mae Ni27th Jan 15 12:04:57
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I Can Still Fightredundant (and spoilery) entry Qube26th Jan 15 11:59:39
No Povertyadded an example for the ED As, 'cause that's what I do genisgone26th Jan 15 11:59:03
Sandbox: Trope PantheonsNot sure if this is an example. Hotman X 3226th Jan 15 11:58:34
Recap: Littlest Pet Shop 2012This is so that the index appears at the bottom of the recap page. Please don't put in red links. They screw up the indices on the recap pages. Zombie Aladdin26th Jan 15 11:58:06
No Povertyadded an example for the ED As, 'cause that's what I do genisgone26th Jan 15 11:57:50
Role Playing Game VerseRemoved the Scott Pilgrim example since it's actually RPG Mechanics Verse. Gamecubist26th Jan 15 11:57:47
Alien SkyAdded a comma to make the sentence easier to parse. Phlolywag26th Jan 15 11:54:38
Property Linethis does not seem relevant to the trope rodney Anonymous26th Jan 15 11:53:17
Easily ForgivenElaboration; formatting; removing Conversation In The Main Page, Examples Are Not Recent, aversions, and zero content examples; trimming spoiler masses. Extraintrovert26th Jan 15 11:51:48
Running Gaggedno potholes in page quotes rodney Anonymous26th Jan 15 11:48:10
Literature: Geektastic Stories From The Nerd HerdWrong type of Peacekeeper; glossary at end of book mentions "extremely popular choice for Farscape fans... wearing sexy black leather" and "leather Peacekeeper jacket" (56) dysphere26th Jan 15 11:46:14
Sad ClownLiteral examples aren't welcome. Mr Media Guy26th Jan 15 11:45:51
Lawrence Talbotmoving work-specific examples to relevant pages Paul A26th Jan 15 11:43:59
Western Animation: Freakazoidfrom the "Lawrence Talbot" page Paul A26th Jan 15 11:43:55
Literature: A Night In The Lonesome Octoberfrom the "Lawrence Talbot" page Paul A26th Jan 15 11:43:47
Film: Abbott And Costello Meet Frankensteinfrom the "Lawrence Talbot" page Paul A26th Jan 15 11:43:41
Film: House Of Draculafrom the "Lawrence Talbot" page Paul A26th Jan 15 11:43:39
Film: House Of Frankensteinfrom the "Lawrence Talbot" page Paul A26th Jan 15 11:43:37
Film: Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Manfrom "Lawrence Talbot" page Paul A26th Jan 15 11:43:36
Film: The Wolf Man 1941from the "Lawrence Talbot" page Paul A26th Jan 15 11:43:34
Contrasting Sequel Main CharacterNo trope potholes allowed in page quotes. poi 9926th Jan 15 11:42:57
Watching The Sunset?! rodney Anonymous26th Jan 15 11:42:29
Animated Armormissed a spot rodney Anonymous26th Jan 15 11:41:19
Animated ArmorSink Holes to KISA and BK; style; if there is No Body Left Behind, it wasn't an example rodney Anonymous26th Jan 15 11:40:21
Series: Veronica MarsShoehorned Example. It doesn't just mean "more powerful villain". Morgenthaler26th Jan 15 11:32:30
Characters: Halo SangheiliGiven that we already have 'Gajat and (Merg) Vol lumped into the remnant section, I'm think we should just use it to catagorize Sangheili who are not affiliated with Thel in the post-war era (or the Ussans, but I haven't added them in yet). Feel free to revert if it's too much. Umbrellas Were Awesome26th Jan 15 11:31:23
Webcomic: MinusRemoving natter. Binary Step26th Jan 15 11:31:05
A Glass Of ChiantiWord Cruft rodney Anonymous26th Jan 15 11:25:33
Playing With: Child MageReally not necessary to explain TV Tropes 101. poi 9926th Jan 15 11:23:31
A Glass Of Chiantistyle rodney Anonymous26th Jan 15 11:22:24
Series: GothamMisheard the name. Corrected. masterofthehouse26th Jan 15 11:19:44
Awesome Music: Touhou Modern Windows EraGrammer edit. sketchdoodle26th Jan 15 11:18:49
Oh My Godsfixed a redirect genisgone26th Jan 15 11:18:22
Ho Yay: Series Telefixed a redirect genisgone26th Jan 15 11:15:50
Satire And Switchfixed a redirect and uh, added a thing genisgone26th Jan 15 11:13:51
Lawrence Talbotmove webcomic details to its own page Paul A26th Jan 15 11:11:59
Webcomic: The Talbot Chroniclesdetails extracted from the Lawrence Talbot character page Paul A26th Jan 15 11:11:25
Oh Crap There Are Fanfics Of Usfixed a redirect genisgone26th Jan 15 11:06:34
Franchise: GhostbustersMinor edits. Risefrom Your Grave26th Jan 15 11:06:26
Film: The Day The Earth FrozeAfter a few more views I realized one reason behind the field of snakes task. The Glorious SOB26th Jan 15 11:06:21
Just For Fun: Hellono potholes in page quotes rodney Anonymous26th Jan 15 11:06:01
Prepare To Dieno potholes in page quotes rodney Anonymous26th Jan 15 11:05:23
You Killed My Fatherthese are page names, not potholes rodney Anonymous26th Jan 15 11:04:22
My Name Is Inigo Montoyano potholes in page quotes rodney Anonymous26th Jan 15 11:02:19
Minor Crime Reveals Major Plotfixed a redirect genisgone26th Jan 15 11:01:40
WMG: Harry Potter Crossover Theoriesfixed a redirect genisgone26th Jan 15 10:59:01
WMG: Harry Potter Real World Theoriesok, that was really funny. still a redirect though genisgone26th Jan 15 10:56:59
Anthropomorphic PersonificationNever use first person in your edits. Also, stereotypes are more about how other countries see each other; it doesn't make any difference whether a country sees its own stereotypical traits at work. Also also, the idea of British people as Woobies is itself a stereotype. poi 9926th Jan 15 10:56:10
Creator: Epic GamesJust checked some credits out... enderheisenberg26th Jan 15 10:55:43
Tropers: Thewordloverme thewordlover26th Jan 15 10:50:42
Take Up My SwordRetcon means it never happened, not that it was undone. Tuckerscreator26th Jan 15 10:42:40
Disney: Wreck It RalphMisquote; Felix's line wasn't a question and therefore doesn't fit the trope, inverted or otherwise. zymish26th Jan 15 10:36:08
Western Animation: Adventures From The Book Of VirtuesAesops Fables, The Bible, The Odyssey are not tropes, they have no place in the list of tropes, so they're being moved to description; commenting out some Zero Context Examples; splitting/clearing dual-tropes entries; some minor rewrites from past tense into present (per Administrivia.How To Write An Example); toning down on Natter Nemuru Mae Ni26th Jan 15 10:35:54
Characters: The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron Boy GeniusAvert Word Cruft Peteman26th Jan 15 10:34:30
The AceKingston won the belt in 2011, but the BDK feud was in 2010, so moved back. Indirect Active Transport26th Jan 15 10:30:31
Film: Singin In The RainThe trope Who Writes This Crap is characters protesting their own lines, not audiences mocking the show they're watching. Paul A26th Jan 15 10:29:59
Visual Novel: Hate Plusroot trope was deleted Erda26th Jan 15 10:28:58
YMMV: Walrus GuyWhoops. ryanruff 1326th Jan 15 10:27:38
Series: Empirespelling Kellor26th Jan 15 10:26:28
Literature: The Jungle BookExactly What It Says On The Tin is not for potholes Paul A26th Jan 15 10:24:57
Video Game: Need For Speed Most WantedHow is that pothole even close to being relevant? videogmer 31426th Jan 15 10:24:56
Trivia: Hey ArnoldAlready mentioned. Kentucky Troper 199026th Jan 15 10:24:35
Theatre: AnnieExample indentation. Paul A26th Jan 15 10:22:20
Characters: Tales Of The AbyssNever mind, it's YMMV Sapphire Blue26th Jan 15 10:21:36
Characters: Garfieldthought bubble in 1980 Christopholes26th Jan 15 10:20:01
Theatre: The Pirates Of PenzanceThere is a separate section at the end for examples that come from productions rather than being integral to the script. Paul A26th Jan 15 10:19:51
Theatre: The Pirates Of PenzanceInformation about trope namers goes on the trivia page. This is a trope example, and should instead talk about how this scene is an example of the trope. ("Somebody says the title of the trope" is never sufficient, and often not particularly relevant.) Paul A26th Jan 15 10:16:01
Video Game: Persona Q Shadow Of The Labyrinth... recutting per discussion! Larkmarn26th Jan 15 10:12:26
Video Game: Grey GooTypo correction. Bob The Bard26th Jan 15 10:10:13
Men Are The Expendable GenderThe changelings have an Ambiguous Gender. Mr Media Guy26th Jan 15 10:05:53
Film: Juggernauttrivia migration Paul A26th Jan 15 10:05:43
Trivia: Juggernauttrivia migration Paul A26th Jan 15 10:05:19
Film: SpaceballsNo creator page for Bill Pullman, so I'm removing the redlink. Rebel Fleet Troper26th Jan 15 10:04:33
Music: John Mc Laughlinmoving to YMMV Cassandra Leo26th Jan 15 10:03:48
Anime: Yoru No YattermanExample Indentation and trope misuse Shiny Tsukkomi26th Jan 15 10:02:00
Trivia: Fairy TailThere is no valid reason to use the Main/ namespace when linking to articles in Main/. mlsmithca26th Jan 15 09:54:54
ImageboardsRe-added the 8chan entry (it's the second largest English imageboard on the web, it deserves a mention), but with no mention to Gamergate or other controversies, and included a warning for other editors not to add them as well. Polar Manne26th Jan 15 09:54:41
Awesome Music: Tales SeriesFirst, just link the videos. NOT the playlist they come from. Second, NEVER chain-link Youtube videos like that. What happens if those videos are deleted? How is anyone supposed to find a replacement? mlsmithca26th Jan 15 09:53:24
Nightmare Fuel: Five Nights At Freddys 3No WMG for Nightmare Fuel plz Countof Bleck26th Jan 15 09:52:54
Characters: Super Smash Bros BrawlFixing some goof from the previous edit. Karxrida26th Jan 15 09:52:08
Quotes: Vulgar Humoron second thought, this is probably better on some other trope page Cassandra Leo26th Jan 15 09:50:59
Nightmare Fuel: Five Nights At Freddys 3Not Nightmare Fuel material. Also the stump is not the mannequin, but old fredddy (Mannequin has no teeth) Countof Bleck26th Jan 15 09:49:34
Characters: Super Smash Bros BrawlDiddy Kong's Lightning Bruiser entry needs a rewrite to remove Metagame references, assuming it's actually valid and he's not just a Fragile Speedster. Karxrida26th Jan 15 09:48:16
YMMV: PixarAdded a Fandom Berserk Button Invader Weezle26th Jan 15 09:47:50
Damned By Faint PraiseGeneric RL examples zapped, Twilight meme technically is a web thing (though I admit that's pushing it), and the Colbert example falls afoul of Weblinks Are Not Examples. Mister Noh26th Jan 15 09:45:16
Useful Notes: Beta TestAdded line N 1 KF26th Jan 15 09:44:56
Comic Book: Blue Beetleoops: This wiki has no interest in how things were received, and anyway... rodney Anonymous26th Jan 15 09:44:43
Comic Book: Blue BeetleThis Wiki no links to Sugar Wiki from Main, anyway rodney Anonymous26th Jan 15 09:43:54
Lets Play: KurtjmacExpanded info for laymen, especially now that the Far Lands no longer exist past 1.7 minecraft. dbsamurai26th Jan 15 09:40:39
Keep Circulating The TapesSwitching semicolon to colon. Dynamite XI26th Jan 15 09:40:39
WMG: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Setting Science And MagicDidn't realize there were subsections, moving my WMG to the correct place. Pacific Green26th Jan 15 09:35:42
Narrator All AlongEditing. Narnia Ranger26th Jan 15 09:35:40
Radio: Opie And AnthonyUpdated info about Boston mayor (who is not alive an well, having passed away in October 2014) Kkachi26th Jan 15 09:33:35
Stockholm Syndromeadding info in momlinson26th Jan 15 09:33:07
Literature: Vanity FairI'm pretty sure it's neither about looks nor about the fact that the protagonist is female, but rather that everyone is terrible reconditarmonia26th Jan 15 09:30:15
Video Game: After The End A Crusader Kings II ModFixed typos and removed the As Long as It Sounds Foreign, since it was actually correct usage of the word. Added the Aggies vs Longhorns mythmonster 226th Jan 15 09:27:22
Website: Go AnimateNew changes to Go Animate cause new changes to this page. Calvin Boy Of Destiny26th Jan 15 09:22:25
YMMV: Super Smash BrosExample Indentation. homogenized26th Jan 15 09:21:17
Film: Space Truckersspelling and punctuation Mhoram26th Jan 15 09:19:51
Fan Disliked ExplanationExample Indentation My Final Edits26th Jan 15 09:15:04
Deus Ex Machinadoing some cleanup. can say some of these in few words, and bottom section is describing completely different works and tropes. Ideally just want to describe this one. ashlay26th Jan 15 09:14:30
YMMV: Dragonball GTIrrelevant to the subject of the example and the article My Final Edits26th Jan 15 09:13:06
YMMV: Dragonball GTWord Cruft My Final Edits26th Jan 15 09:12:21
Player KillingRemoved Circular Links N 1 KF26th Jan 15 09:09:09
Senseless SacrificeThere are several problems with this. First of all the game never specifies how long the calm lasts (apparently supplementary materials say Braska's calm lasted less than a year). Second, it's pointed out in the game sin's constant oppression prevents cities from getting too big, so it's not entirely that sin is powerfully destructive but also the fact that it's existence stunts human progress. Thirdly, the reason why using the final aeon is a senseless sacrifice is simple; it does nothing to get rid of sin for good. Also, "has to be proven wrong by some heavy-handed plot contrivances". This page is not for complaining. Yesno Yes26th Jan 15 09:01:42
Series: GothamGoing to go out on a limb here and assume that the lack of an active insane asylum does not mean there are no therapists in the city. Eagal26th Jan 15 08:59:51
Lock And Load MontageRenamed some tropes. Angeldeb 8226th Jan 15 08:58:20
YMMV: GothamOne psychiatrist out of potentially several hundred / thousand is not sufficient to call subversion. Eagal26th Jan 15 08:57:02
Fridge: Halo ReachThat's not really anything to do with details in the game, the creators didn't decide there wouldn't be a CMOH page for it. Grant MK 226th Jan 15 08:56:45
Author Avataradded example Strix Obscuro26th Jan 15 08:49:40
Warp ZoneRemoved Circular Links N 1 KF26th Jan 15 08:44:14
Fanfic Recs: Girls Und PanzerAdded a fic Eoppen26th Jan 15 08:40:41
Trivia: Batman ReturnsJust expanding the page WJ Taylor 426th Jan 15 08:38:17
Hyperspace LanesRemoved Linking To An Article Within The Article N 1 KF26th Jan 15 08:38:03
Fanfic Recs: Azumanga DaiohAdded a fic Eoppen26th Jan 15 08:37:15
Subliminal Seductiondead link ABE.Crudele26th Jan 15 08:36:30
Subliminal Seductiondead link ABE.Crudele26th Jan 15 08:35:39
Tropers: Black DoveComic is cool, but the quote didn't fit. Black Dove26th Jan 15 08:31:21
Webcomic: UnderlingYes it is, I'm looking at it right now! Per Ankh26th Jan 15 08:29:57
Deader Than Disco: Anime And MangaSIGH... Kuruni26th Jan 15 08:26:03
Characters: Happiness Charge Pretty CureNo spoiler above examples, please see Handling Spoilers. Kuruni26th Jan 15 08:23:06
YMMV: Space DandyIt has a Nightmare Fuel section of it, check that page if you don't believe me Anon Baiter26th Jan 15 08:22:24
Complacent Gaming SyndromeItalicized quote N 1 KF26th Jan 15 08:22:13
Censor DecoyReplaced dead link merotoker26th Jan 15 08:13:29
Development Hell: Live Action FilmA Thousand Words is The Shelf Of Movie Languishment... moving a few to the Saved page igordebraga26th Jan 15 08:02:54
Frankensteins MonsterAdded ''Everybody Edits'' N 1 KF26th Jan 15 08:02:49
Added Alliterative Appeal"Tr-" sounds like "Chr-" / "Chrespass to Talk" Not Alliterative. Sean Murray I26th Jan 15 07:59:58
Video Game: Mech WarriorNo mechs in 4 or Online have enclosed cockpits. Saber 1526th Jan 15 07:59:17
Film: BatmanThat's not really fixing something. That's breaking his own plans. Dragon Quest Z26th Jan 15 07:52:06
Pantheon: Villains Demigods And QuasideitiesOrganizing by not taking "Standard Carrier" into account. TPPR 1026th Jan 15 07:51:05
Nice Job Fixing It Villainwrong trope Dragon Quest Z26th Jan 15 07:50:37
Why Fandom Cant Have Nice Thingsthis is just stealth complaining My Timing Is Off26th Jan 15 07:49:29
Trivia: Robot BoyIn Brazil and Hungary, Tommy Turnbull is Cody Martin. Gravity Falls26th Jan 15 07:48:57
Nightmare Fuel: Evillious ChroniclesThe servants also looked young but they turned out to be in their thirties. Let's not make assumptions when the song has yet to be explained. Price Check26th Jan 15 07:45:48
Fridge: Shoulder A Coffin KuroA bit of Fridge Brilliance, I think. Random Bird26th Jan 15 07:40:03
Exactly What It Says On The TinMarkup cleanup Gideoncrawle26th Jan 15 07:37:47
Characters: Five Nights At FreddysA bugbear of mine but anyway ... Super Sauce26th Jan 15 07:36:00
YMMV: Game GrumpsIf you wanna make the funniez at least try to make the indentation work. Tropesofknowledge26th Jan 15 07:33:45
Headscratchers: The6th DayRevert of edit I made; it was in error Flawedspirit26th Jan 15 07:29:42
Trivia: Samurai JackConversation In The Main Page and Example Indentation Tropesofknowledge26th Jan 15 07:28:30
Characters: Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas GaidenAspros didn't kill Arkhes. In a flashback from the original manga, Illias implies she's "left this world" 10 years ago, while Aspros Gaiden takes place only 2 years before the manga. Terrible Cage26th Jan 15 07:28:13
Ho Yay: Fairy Tailwizards, not mages jboone 9326th Jan 15 07:26:44
Series: Grimmspelling gtamethyst26th Jan 15 07:22:22
Not Distracted By The SexyRemoving cases of Ignore The Fanservice captainpat26th Jan 15 07:20:16
Why Fandom Cant Have Nice ThingsCross-wicking another Call of Duty example. Ngamer 0126th Jan 15 07:15:58
Characters: Pokemon Generation V Minccino To Genesectremoving trope slashing My Timing Is Off26th Jan 15 07:12:17
Trivia: Call Of DutyLeft out a bit of info. Hopefully this is good now. Ngamer 0126th Jan 15 07:10:39
Trivia: Call Of DutyAdded a new item. Ngamer 0126th Jan 15 07:09:34
Bury Your Disabledspelling Ghost Lad26th Jan 15 07:02:13
Quotes: Poes LawMoving to Sleazy Politician, Revenue Enhancing Devices, Quotes/Newspeak, Never Heard That One Before johnnyfog26th Jan 15 06:57:27
Hollywood LawJudges are free to reject the terms of a plea bargain-they are made with the prosecutors, who recommend a lower sentence in return for a guilty plea. It would be unlikely in this case, however. Fireblood26th Jan 15 06:57:24
Heartwarming: X Men Daysof Future PastCharles had control of him. Otherwise... why did Erik decide to not continue attacking the President? ASCE26th Jan 15 06:54:56
Film: The HobbitThe eagles could be explained by the moth. grapesandmilk26th Jan 15 06:48:27
The Psycho RangersAdded Tales of Xillia entry. Grug26th Jan 15 06:47:54
Film: Nymphomaniacwrong trope, fixed eroock26th Jan 15 06:47:02
Awesome: Space Jami don't think so. Lola (of Space Jam) is largely a scrappy so a lot of people would beg to disagee. Whizzer Mckwoff26th Jan 15 06:46:12
Characters: Pokemon Generation V Minccino To GenesectI thought I deleted this. See the Metagame note at the top of the page. Karxrida26th Jan 15 06:45:34
Heartwarming: Space Jami'm pretty sure he just puts up with him Whizzer Mckwoff26th Jan 15 06:45:26
Characters: Tower Of GodMirotic does talk in his first appearance, edited some zero-context examples, deleted Body Snatcher trope from Po's section since he is never shown to take other over another person's body. Hollownerox26th Jan 15 06:42:00
Rule Of Funnymost of the stuff that happens in cutaways probably happens considering the show it's in; also Brian and Stewie's talk show wasn't a cutaway. Whizzer Mckwoff26th Jan 15 06:33:19
Non Human Sidekickdoesn't the lucky cricket not speak?! Whizzer Mckwoff26th Jan 15 06:29:47
Non Human Sidekickthe falcon has a name Whizzer Mckwoff26th Jan 15 06:29:12
Recap: Futurama S 2 E 3 A Head In The PollsThat article is in the permanent red link club for one thing. The old clean up thread can be found here: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=14027871200A96578100&page=1 Water Blap26th Jan 15 06:27:11
Headscratchers: Big Hero 6New entries go on the bottom Fairy Dreamer26th Jan 15 06:24:05
Characters: Cucumber Questshe is now [1] Twiddler26th Jan 15 06:23:12
Bloodless CarnageThe Aqualish bit under Star Wars was never actually verified as said source has not been found to exist and other Aqualish have been shown suffering bloodless lightsaber slicing Commander Ace26th Jan 15 06:22:50
Characters: Five Nights At FreddysJust trying something out. Reword or revoke if you don't agree. Dianatos26th Jan 15 06:19:44
Western Animation: The Powerpuff GirlsAdded complementizer to relative clause paxrobotica26th Jan 15 06:14:11
One Drink Will Kill The Babynothing funny about this Exxolon26th Jan 15 06:09:06
Characters: Super Smash Bros Meleethat's not an example. nothing "adorable" about a 2-D silhouette man, at least not from an objective point of view. My Timing Is Off26th Jan 15 06:04:16
Ho Yay: Fairy TailAdded another example to the Lucy/Erza les yay Dawn BTVS26th Jan 15 06:03:40
Video Game: Super Smash Brosgame & watch is just a silhouette dude, he doesn't really qualify for this. also removing duck hunt example for being written as an Audience Reaction. My Timing Is Off26th Jan 15 05:56:48
Series: GalavantIn every listing I can find Sophie Mc Shera's character is 'Gwynne' tryharder 3426th Jan 15 05:55:11
YMMV: Total DramaDesignated Villain is when a character is sort of questionably given the villain status. Blaineley is openly evil so I don't think she qualifies. There's always going to be a someone else who's eviler at some point Snowy 6626th Jan 15 05:51:51
They Changed It Now It Sucks: Musicfixed hyperlink for previous edit bcmandude26th Jan 15 05:51:46
Names To Run Away From: Animalminor goof colonelquaritch26th Jan 15 05:51:36
Sliding Scale Of Animal CastNamespace. Dark Elf Princess26th Jan 15 05:49:52
Absurdly Spacious SewerCorrected improper Example Indentation by merging the Natter with the main example. Remember, Repair Dont Respond. Arivne26th Jan 15 05:41:08
Development GagMildly update Chadtroper 0226th Jan 15 05:40:59
Audience Alienating PremiseJust because YOU and you alone find the premise audience alienating doesn't mean everyone else does. And if it was SOMEWHAT successful, then it doesn't qualify. Mr Media Guy26th Jan 15 05:40:09
Series: Sesame Streetfix link alanh26th Jan 15 05:37:11
Absurdly Spacious SewerMoved an example that violated How To Write An Example - "Keep it an example" to the Description. Arivne26th Jan 15 05:35:03
Audience Alienating PremiseJust because YOU and you alone find the premise audience alienating doesn't mean everyone else does. And if it was SOMEWHAT successful, then it doesn't qualify. Mr Media Guy26th Jan 15 05:33:44
A Taste Of PowerExample Indentation My Final Edits26th Jan 15 05:33:15
Holy Hand GrenadeRemoved "we" My Final Edits26th Jan 15 05:31:48
Absurdly Spacious SewerSpelling Arivne26th Jan 15 05:30:58
Webcomic: Wilde LifeAdding needed tropes. megarotic26th Jan 15 05:30:01
Characters: NineAdded full stop to end of sentence. speedysam 6026th Jan 15 05:28:23
Characters: Star Wars Crew Of The GhostNothing affectionate about it. Don't know what trope actually applies Indrid Cold 1326th Jan 15 05:27:49
Puberty Superpower"it was funny" does not justify shoehorning. My Timing Is Off26th Jan 15 05:25:18
Absurdly Spacious SewerDeleted information that had nothing to do with the trope from a Zero Context Example and added information so make it clear that it is a valid example. Arivne26th Jan 15 05:23:40
Manga: Assassination ClassroomJust fixed my references to other tropes bamit 1126th Jan 15 05:19:47
YMMV: Kantai CollectionTrope misuse — if we were talking about Scarlet Johanssen cast as the Major from Ghost in the Shell, THEN we're getting somewhere — Fubuki is just a straight Vanilla Protagonist. Myssa Rei26th Jan 15 05:18:11
YMMV: Kantai CollectionIt is the norm for Japanese moe to separate objects with their context, and in this case we're supposed to sympathize with the sudden and untimely death of a young girl, rather than what happened in the real world. This is no less different from the use of German hardware in Girls und Panzer are in no way associated to their use in the Wehrmacht or the Waffen SS. Myssa Rei26th Jan 15 05:14:15
Characters: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 The Foot ClanI think Bradford being Rahzar for over a year is enough to not consider it a spoiler anymore Chris 11626th Jan 15 04:59:19
Fan Fic: Forty SecondsUpdate for fic deletion leafy 36526th Jan 15 04:58:13
Film: The LibrarianI think Hijacked By Ganon is the more accurate trope here. Rognik26th Jan 15 04:46:41
Characters: The Amazing Race 20Well, it's getting beaten by a team that they always beat all season except for that 1 leg. But you can omit it. Polisi 2526th Jan 15 04:43:43
One Man Army: AnimeSilent E… Mitis26th Jan 15 04:42:52
Characters: Star Wars Crew Of The GhostYoda, and doesn't apply if he's not the last. Not even a Master, at that. The Rogue Penguin26th Jan 15 04:40:24
I Shall ReturnThat...didn't happen. The bulk of the prisoners left _before_ Honor did, and she left with the remainder. kufat26th Jan 15 04:40:20
Music: Jimmy Buffetthuh? Whizzer Mckwoff26th Jan 15 04:38:05
Drinking Game: Grand Theft Auto VDRINKING GAME! Expand if necessary. Ar Jay Kay26th Jan 15 04:37:43
Heel Face Turn: Animated FilmsEllsa was never evil in the first place. bobg26th Jan 15 04:36:32
I Call It Verafixing links Mhoram26th Jan 15 04:33:36
Characters: Star Wars Crew Of The GhostNo reason to list an alias alongside his real name Indrid Cold 1326th Jan 15 04:32:23
Critical Research FailureZero-context example. St Fan26th Jan 15 04:30:40
Video Game: Grey GooConsidering the Goo HAD to be nanomachines (As the pinhole was too small for a probe or a ship) and considering the Goo ultimately fights AGAINST the Silent ones.... Cobra Prime26th Jan 15 04:22:54
Recap: Community S 3 E 10 Regional Holiday MusicAdded link. uncdan 8526th Jan 15 04:18:25
YMMV: The Day The Earth Stood Still 1951Natter and based on little more than speculation at best. maxwellsilver26th Jan 15 04:14:56
Fanfic Recs: Harry Potter GeneralUuh... Just removing the .php on the links to Apprentice, journeyman and Master potter, as it makes them broken links. giramew26th Jan 15 04:06:07
Fanfic Recs: Harry Potter For Want Of A NailUuh... Just removing the .php on the links to Apprentice, journeyman and Master potter, as it makes them broken links. giramew26th Jan 15 04:05:10
YMMV: Grand Theft Auto Vfixed formatting Ar Jay Kay26th Jan 15 04:02:45
Cattle Punkfolderize Mhoram26th Jan 15 03:54:13
Title Drop: FilmTo Kill a Mockingbird leeborkman26th Jan 15 03:53:03
YMMV: Avengers Assembleunfortunate implications need citations Mag Bas26th Jan 15 03:52:37
Missing SecretWhoops. This is supposed to go one folder above. Quanyails26th Jan 15 03:52:01
Dull Eyes Of UnhappinessI deleted a bunch of zero context examples, added context to the ones I was familiar with. Miin U26th Jan 15 03:49:36
Questionable Content: Tropes A To Ddoesn't relate, happened to a different character Willbyr26th Jan 15 03:48:36
Psychopathic Manchildmisspelled name Blenderhead26th Jan 15 03:46:35
Characters: Yes Pretty Cure 5unfortunate implications need citations Mag Bas26th Jan 15 03:46:33
I Call Him Mister Happyremoving duplicate Dalillama26th Jan 15 03:45:39
Film: The Iron Maskmore to come later jamespolk26th Jan 15 03:45:02
YMMV: Family Mattersunfortunate implications need citations Mag Bas26th Jan 15 03:44:25
Ancient AstronautsDuplicate entry. yunatwilight26th Jan 15 03:43:48
Game Breaker: The Binding Of IsaacExample Indentation hbi2k26th Jan 15 03:43:03
Series: EmergencyEnglish. Tarlonniel26th Jan 15 03:41:41
Video Game: Resident Evil 5unfortunate implicaions need citations Mag Bas26th Jan 15 03:40:56
What Happened To The MouseFits Uncertain Doom better Sapphirea 226th Jan 15 03:40:29
YMMV: Tales Of Destinyunfortunate implications need citations Mag Bas26th Jan 15 03:39:20
Weird Westfolderize Mhoram26th Jan 15 03:38:50
YMMV: TOMEunfortunate implications need citations Mag Bas26th Jan 15 03:37:52
Nightmare Fuel: Five Nights At Freddys 3Image failed. That Random Guy 4226th Jan 15 03:37:24
Shaggy Dog Story: FilmSix of a Kind Lenoxus26th Jan 15 03:37:08
Literature: Lunar Chroniclesunfortunate implications need citations Mag Bas26th Jan 15 03:36:12
Characters: AnimaniacsBenihana is a real restaurant jmaynard26th Jan 15 03:31:26
Pyrrhic Victoryruined forever is Flame Bait Mag Bas26th Jan 15 03:29:33
Audience Alienating PremiseI find the premise too alienating for me. And somehow, it lasted for more than one season on FX. WHY? Cabbit Girl Emi26th Jan 15 03:28:50
Characters: The Wire Other Drug Dealersfixing apostrophe error The Wanderer26th Jan 15 03:28:12
YMMV: Rollo Tthe scrappy is to characters, not works Mag Bas26th Jan 15 03:26:33
YMMV: Knights Of The Dinner TableExamples Are Not Recent. R Bluefish26th Jan 15 03:26:12
Fragile SpeedsterZero Context Example hbi2k26th Jan 15 03:26:03
Call Forward: Deus Ex Human RevolutionD'oh! Seaport26th Jan 15 03:25:53
Call Forward: Deus Ex Human RevolutionMoving stuff from trivia tab, will delete from there Seaport26th Jan 15 03:24:44
YMMV: Richard Wagnerthe scrappy is No Real Life Examples Please, Mag Bas26th Jan 15 03:24:22
Right Makes MightRound trope square example, (or the other way around) Dutchtica26th Jan 15 03:23:30
Western Animation: The Legend Of TarzanReplacing original image (which will be moved to Image Links Wiki) with a better one. Mark Lungo26th Jan 15 03:23:24
Wall Bangers: LiteratureThis Troper My Final Edits26th Jan 15 03:20:54
Useful Notes: One London Thirty Three BoroughsHeaderise to improve readability. Sam Curt26th Jan 15 03:20:36
Webcomic: Wilde LifeChanging to proper name. isoycrazy26th Jan 15 03:20:05
Fanfic Recs: The SimsI KNEW there was something strange about this sentence... Lobster Magnus Novus26th Jan 15 03:19:08
YMMV: The Secret Saturdaysruined forever is listed in Flame Bait, i am not sure as rewrite the example without mention this. Mag Bas26th Jan 15 03:18:32
Trivia: Lupin IIIruined forever is listed in Flame Bait Mag Bas26th Jan 15 03:16:08
Lies To ChildrenNewton's laws aren't incorrect per se. Just incomplete My Final Edits26th Jan 15 03:15:48
Bad PresentAlternate timelines do not qualify for this trope. King Zeal26th Jan 15 03:14:38
YMMV: The Vision Of Escaflowneruined forever is Flame Bait and i am not sure as rewrite this example. Mag Bas26th Jan 15 03:13:00
Nightmare Fuel: Five Nights At Freddys 3ou Scraggle26th Jan 15 03:11:54
Nightmare Fuel: Five Nights At FreddysI've decided to create a new page so it doesn't clog up the original game's space. Is this okay? If it isn't, do notify me. Scraggle26th Jan 15 03:10:27
YMMV: The Dogsruined forever is Flame Bait Mag Bas26th Jan 15 03:09:12
One Hit Kill: Video GamesFan Myopia My Final Edits26th Jan 15 03:09:10
YMMV: Two Best Friends PlayThis one was just to fix a small typo. Eternal Rain26th Jan 15 03:03:17
Funny: Bad Movie Beatdown 2014 EpisodesFixed Blue Link Volvagia 42326th Jan 15 03:02:37
As You KnowJustifying edits. Lentil Sand Eater26th Jan 15 02:58:02
Funny: Bad Movie Beatdown 2014 EpisodesAdded Moment and Blue Links Volvagia 42326th Jan 15 02:56:14
Film: The Horse Whisperer73% "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes is a pretty good score. So is a 65/100 on Metacritic (for movies, at least, which are usually reviewed on a Four Point Scale) Marty D 8226th Jan 15 02:55:53
Sesquipedalian LoquaciousnessNot a spoiler Captain Crawdad26th Jan 15 02:54:41
Dethroning Moment: FuturamaUnsigned entry. maxwellsilver26th Jan 15 02:53:57
Film: Soylent Greenisnt it sol who says this line ? youtalkintaethebigman26th Jan 15 02:42:45
Mood Whiplash: Anime And MangaFixed a typo, then edited and added to the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle example. ^.^ Triumph Forks26th Jan 15 02:42:02
Break Out The Museum PieceSpray-painted armor would look really silly. Tuckerscreator26th Jan 15 02:41:28
Headscratchers: Fate Stay NightI was finally able to see an English translation of Fate's second non-H scene, where Shirou and Saber basically end up hugging and cuddling before falling asleep together, so there's no more need for that bullet point to be there. Elven Queen26th Jan 15 02:40:28
Characters: Black LagoonZero Context examples are NOT allowed. Didn't you see the note? "Have these" is not context. Under what logic is that context? Chaotic Novelist26th Jan 15 02:35:34
YMMV: Captain America Civil WarBlack Panther is supposed to be popular, as is Zemo. Not eligible for this trope. Tuckerscreator26th Jan 15 02:33:43
Visual Novel: Phoenix Wright Ace AttorneyDual Destinies info goes on that page. rjd 192226th Jan 15 02:33:28
Never Mess With Grannyremoving malicious link Aringon26th Jan 15 02:29:42
Blog: Gaijin Smashremoving malicious links, I can't find the respective articles on the new site to edit in new links though Aringon26th Jan 15 02:25:51
Trivia: Beauty And The BeastThis is not a Lampshade Hanging, merely a further Actor Allusion. Joie De Combat26th Jan 15 02:21:55
Spontaneous Human CombustionThis is almost entirely Word Cruft. This much is all that needs to be explained. Sean Murray I26th Jan 15 02:15:13
Drinking Game: Forbiden Fruit The Tempation Of Edward Cullenlink was dead Webidolchiu 9426th Jan 15 02:15:09
The Worst Seat In The HouseIf one can't be bothered to explain it in the original edit, it can't be too important to bother leaving this page to Google it. Sean Murray I26th Jan 15 02:11:05
Characters: Fallout 3not a trope Drake Clawfang26th Jan 15 02:10:42
The Grim Reaperpotholing Four Man Band causes trope decay. Not A Subversion. Chaotic Novelist26th Jan 15 02:09:00
Heartwarming: Real Life Otherupdating some links Aringon26th Jan 15 02:07:59
Porting DisasterAdding Billy Hatcher's PC port billywws26th Jan 15 02:06:31
Film: The Avengers Age Of UltronJoss Whedon confirmed the asteroid shot in the comic con trailer was indeed Thanos murdering everybody: http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=43255 ashlay26th Jan 15 02:04:59
Headscratchers: Wreck It Ralph Vanellopeclarification by OP Julia 198426th Jan 15 02:00:49
Anime: Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LoveMerging these two points. Coin Collector26th Jan 15 01:59:47
Box Office BombAccording to Boxofficemojo, this is the actual gross for Penguins LTM 40226th Jan 15 01:57:58
Characters: RamboGrammer Correction jeffreyloonychen26th Jan 15 01:57:15
Characters: Star Wars Clone Trooperstypo Werebazs26th Jan 15 01:56:14
The Dreaded: FanficThe number goes BEFORE the percentage symbol. Thomas Smith26th Jan 15 01:52:02
Bad Powers Good PeopleExample clean-up. Wyldchyld26th Jan 15 01:51:03
Funny: Familiar FacesFixed Formatting Volvagia 42326th Jan 15 01:50:18
Funny: Familiar FacesAdded Moment Volvagia 42326th Jan 15 01:49:44
Literature: Ad Astra Per AsperaFormatting ryanasaurus 007726th Jan 15 01:36:00
Good Powers Bad PeopleHeel Face Turn doesn't really apply to him as he was never on either the villain's or the protagonist's side. He simply gets Character Development. Wyldchyld26th Jan 15 01:33:09
Web Animation: Action BunniesCorrecting grammar ryanasaurus 007726th Jan 15 01:28:38
Clockwork Creaturenew link Typhon Omega26th Jan 15 01:24:59
Characters: Bleach VandenreichNatter. Made Of Iron misuse; it's not for supernatural examples. Also, Examples Are Not Arguable. Wyldchyld26th Jan 15 01:21:20
Archaeological Arms RaceReal Life can't have Author Appeal. This is a different trope, but I'm not sure which. Conspiracy Theory? In the meantime I've substituted another trope that also fits. yunatwilight26th Jan 15 01:19:59
Characters: FrozenHans's Nice Guy persona was all faked. bobg26th Jan 15 01:17:48
Archaic Weapon For An Advanced AgeApparently there isn't a page yet. Judgment call on whether it's a comic book or comic strip, though the graphic novel compilation is about the only format Snarfquest can possibly be read in these days. yunatwilight26th Jan 15 01:16:38
Pantheon: Tales Of The Alliance Book Three ContinuedSeriously, considering what happened with her in Friendship Asylum, she would consider attacking human deities brutally TPPR 1026th Jan 15 01:16:34
Trivia: BerserkConsolidation of redundant expies lists The Big Bopper26th Jan 15 01:15:40
Characters: Citizens Of Earth"Mascot" was already present in his full name as "School Mascot." Merging the two. Gunarm Dyne26th Jan 15 01:14:41
Videogame: Five Nights At Freddys 2Added trailer for FNAF 3 Sayer 0926th Jan 15 01:14:30
Characters: Bleach Karakura Town ResidentsIf she's got Big Breast Pride, Petite Pride isn't applicable. Wyldchyld26th Jan 15 01:12:39
Characters: Jackie Chan Adventuresspoiler policy and pothole trope line policy Chaotic Novelist26th Jan 15 01:09:13
Characters: RWBY Beacon AcademyIt's not a stealth insult, she was openly mocking him which is why the students laughed. Wyldchyld26th Jan 15 01:08:04
The Spark Of GeniusNo trope potholes allowed in page quotes. poi 9926th Jan 15 01:03:22
Game Breaker: The Binding Of IsaacHardly a Game Breaker; there are any number of ways to get more money, keys, and bombs than you will ever actually use; the game is pretty balanced to be challenging even still. hbi2k26th Jan 15 01:02:22
Literature: The Behemothadding trope. Czernobog26th Jan 15 01:02:05
Lets Play: Dashnet Plays Eastern MindOr I can fudge up the administrivia's instructions. :P Camwood26th Jan 15 01:01:57
Lets Play: Dashnet Plays Eastern MindTrying to Index here Camwood26th Jan 15 01:01:09
Fan Fic: Full Life Wo SagashiteGod bless the Wayback Machine, again. Ashlyn Nyx26th Jan 15 01:00:27
Western Animation: Son Of BatmanYeah, there have been muptliple Ubus. Anicomicgeek26th Jan 15 01:00:22
Video Game: Crash Bandicoot 1996didn't proofread. I'm sorry. Baron Praxis26th Jan 15 12:58:47
Take A Third Option: Live Action TVFixed inaccurate example. Wyldchyld26th Jan 15 12:58:34
Video Game: Crash Bandicoot 1996I got the gem on N Sanity Beach on the first try as soon as I started the game and there doesn't seem to be any other gem except the clear one AFAIK Baron Praxis26th Jan 15 12:57:38
Retro UniverseUncited quotes drive me nuts. poi 9926th Jan 15 12:55:27
Fan Fic: Lisa FitzgeraldGod bless the Wayback Machine. Ashlyn Nyx26th Jan 15 12:54:17
Corrupt BureaucratAdd link to Leviathan2014 Vi 026th Jan 15 12:54:10
Franchise: Lyrical Nanohaextents > intents proindrakenzol26th Jan 15 12:53:29
Headscratchers: Angels And DemonsBe Cautious, my friend Illustrio26th Jan 15 12:52:57
Clothes Make The LegendFridge Logic is not an example. Dragon Quest Z26th Jan 15 12:51:42
Trivia: MaleficentAdding example. Narnia Ranger26th Jan 15 12:51:19
Characters: The Amazing Race 20getting beat by a team for only one leg is a sign they've fallen apart? almightyblue26th Jan 15 12:50:32
Avatar The Last Airbender: Tropes A To HArrow Cam wolfofthewinter26th Jan 15 12:49:41
Recap: Avatar The Last Airbender The Blue SpiritArrow Cam wolfofthewinter26th Jan 15 12:47:54
Characters: MinecraftRepairing a red link to Perfect Pacifist People, under the Passive Mobs folder. Thragg Lootrippa26th Jan 15 12:47:48
Subverted Tropeitalics samf 35926th Jan 15 12:45:17
The Corruptionadding wick. Czernobog26th Jan 15 12:44:20
Puberty SuperpowerCome on, it was funny. Tuckerscreator26th Jan 15 12:43:28
Webcomic: It Hurtsmoved to trivia page Geoduck26th Jan 15 12:41:39
Take A Third Option: Live Action TVExample clean-up. Commented out a zero context example which doesn't explain why it's this trope or what the three options were. Wyldchyld26th Jan 15 12:39:22
YMMV: The Sims 2Example indentation, also Rod Humble was added in Free Time. Andygal26th Jan 15 12:39:19
YMMV: Knights Of SidoniaIn the end, I think this is a bit exaggerated. Certainly he gets depressed, but hardly so that he goes beyond the line of no return. Crinias26th Jan 15 12:38:46
Game Show HostOne quote per page top. The second one didn't add anything. lexicon26th Jan 15 12:37:56
Characters: Jackie Chan AdventuresExample Indentation. Zero Context Examples. Two tropes on the same line. Chaotic Novelist26th Jan 15 12:34:34
Film: The HobbitA Lightning Bruiser is 1.) strong, 2.) tough, 3.) fast. All three must be established to count. hbi2k26th Jan 15 12:34:15
Our Acts Are Differentitalics samf 35926th Jan 15 12:30:43
Recap: Gravity FallsAcording to Hirsch twitter https://twitter.com/_AlexHirsch/status/556551772362137600 Silverblade 226th Jan 15 12:29:43
Film: The HobbitAdverbs: use them wisely! hbi2k26th Jan 15 12:29:11
Wiki SandboxHm. "This is the opinion of the author himself" sounds more like "This is the opinion people have on the author" and not "this is the opinion the author had." greatpikminfan26th Jan 15 12:25:58
Web Video: Ask A NinjaWho Dares Meneth26th Jan 15 12:21:53
Good People Have Good SexFixing trope link Martial Arts Master26th Jan 15 12:21:36
Parody SueMari never came across like a parody of a Mary Sue, and the words "One interpretation" suggest that this is a random fan's theory rather a proper example Mach Rider 198526th Jan 15 12:21:15
Comic Book: Pepper PottsThese are film Pepper, not comics Pepper. Tuckerscreator26th Jan 15 12:20:06
Web Video: Ask A NinjaMaster Of Disguise Meneth26th Jan 15 12:15:23
Characters: Mass Effect 1 Party MembersDorkiness and introversion often go hand-in-hand, and dislike of lights and noise is understandable for a guy who is both introverted and prone to migraines. Kaidan is a perfectly socially-adjusted guy, just reserved and sometimes kind of goofy; none of his behavior is far enough off the norm to indicate some kind of disorder. Joie De Combat26th Jan 15 12:14:51
YMMV: The Fairly OddparentsNatter Batman Kal El26th Jan 15 12:14:07
YMMV: The Fairly OddparentsNatter. This is irrelevant to the description of this trope. Batman Kal El26th Jan 15 12:12:56
Series: The Americansvarious smaller edits fauxtoast26th Jan 15 12:11:23
Characters: Dragon Age Inquisition CompanionsCleaning up some misuse, clarifying the situations, etc. Feel free to add anything back that seems warranted, and please bring it up in discussion. Generally cutting any example of the the Big Spoiler where it is not necessary (that is, if the trope suffices without the spoiler, it needn't be there). helterskelter26th Jan 15 12:11:03
YMMV: The Fairly OddparentsWrog use of the trope. Also, may fans view this as -another-Juming The Shark moment Batman Kal El26th Jan 15 12:10:38
Awesome Music: Super Smash BrosThis is not a remix. Squished. Ano Baka Desu26th Jan 15 12:09:57
Film: TwisterFormerly said Bill's fiancee left him before Jo signed the divorce papers. They were signed before the drive-thru was destroyed, after which Melissa leaves. Edited to fix this under Foot Dragging Divorcee Willpower Neeks26th Jan 15 12:08:29
Translation ConventionWe don't know that TLK takes place before human language, just that no humans show up in the film. hbi2k26th Jan 15 12:04:52
Characters: Mass Effect 1 Party MembersI've played through the trilogy several times and I've never encountered anything like that anywhere Deadly Assassin26th Jan 15 12:04:39
Political StereotypeThat's not what Author On Board means. poi 9926th Jan 15 12:01:09
Film: The Big LebowskiWe never see Maude's thighs afterward, and the film clearly shows her flinging paint at the canvas with her hands, so I'm not sure how any of that sex business was implied. Also, that's not what Its Not Porn Its Art means. Also also, that was actual stupidity, not obfuscation. Giving The Dude too much credit there. poi 9926th Jan 15 12:01:02
Series: Agent CarterStark himself didn't necessarily face all of those. Stark is a German surname, so a secret Jewish background would fit. surgoshan26th Jan 15 11:59:26
Characters: The Walking Dead Video Game Playable CharactersOnly One Name is when they have one name In Universe. Trogdor26th Jan 15 11:58:51
Recap: Steven Universe S 1 E 8 Serious StevenRecap pages do not use spoiler marks. thatother1dude26th Jan 15 11:57:08
Headscratchers: Attack Of The ClonesIncredibly Lame Pun psionycx26th Jan 15 11:55:55
Bears Are Bad Newsadding Example ASHDEVIL26th Jan 15 11:55:50
Because You Were Nice To Meadding Example ASHDEVIL26th Jan 15 11:54:00
Series: The Americansadded to disservice fauxtoast26th Jan 15 11:50:42
Funny: The Idolmaster Cinderella GirlsJust a placeholder d Roy26th Jan 15 11:50:05
Anti MagicAdding Example ASHDEVIL26th Jan 15 11:48:54
Lets Play: Dashnet Plays Eastern MindStarted the page. Camwood26th Jan 15 11:48:31
Mac Guffin Locationitalics samf 35926th Jan 15 11:48:09
Good Thing You Can Healadding wick. Czernobog26th Jan 15 11:47:41
Series: The Americansadded season 3 fauxtoast26th Jan 15 11:46:44
What Do You Mean Its For Kids: Western AnimationSo is there a reason that these perfectly valid examples were deleted or was somebody being a troll? redhed 31126th Jan 15 11:42:00
Girl Next DoorI edited The Legend Of Zelda example, since it was a jumbled block of text. I separated the examples, according to the game each one appears in. I excluded Zelda, because most (if not all) entries in the series portray her as being stunningly beautiful, to outright majestic in appearance (''Twilight Princess'', for example). I never had the chance to play ''Link's Awakening'', so I'm not familiar with Marin. Since the original entry didn't say anything about her, except which game she was from, I excluded it. Miin U26th Jan 15 11:41:20
Trivia: The Idolmaster Cinderella GirlsOkay seriously, don't use a site with SHITTONS OF NSFW ADS when you can just use an image instead. d Roy26th Jan 15 11:37:12
The Scrappy: Western Animationi questioned in the clean-up page. The answer was: "Yes. There's no "for this episode" in the trope at all, and she's way too popular overall. " Mag Bas26th Jan 15 11:37:03
Laconic: The Idolmaster Cinderella GirlsIt's...probably not exactly the right summation, but hey, at least let's put up a placeholder. d Roy26th Jan 15 11:33:03
Headscratchers: Junji ItoFixed link to "Rule of Cool" Bruno Assis26th Jan 15 11:32:30
Just For Fun: Super Smash BrosJust fixing a spelling error. Peteman26th Jan 15 11:30:11
Literature: The Behemothadding context. Czernobog26th Jan 15 11:28:47
Demoted To ExtraCame to add an example or two but found the same example listed about three times and seemingly written by the same person each time Eponymous Kid26th Jan 15 11:25:41
Characters: Grimm MainSorry, turns out thats not really a trope Enjoydamoment26th Jan 15 11:23:19
A Song Of Ice And Fire: Tropes J To RI don't think we have anything to tell us what technology was like in Westeros during those thousand years, nothing about hot springs seems to suggest it uses lost technology. Grant MK 226th Jan 15 11:22:58
YMMV: Mario And Luigi Superstar SagaNeeded to be more neutral airship 509426th Jan 15 11:22:41
Fr: Dictionnaire ProvisoireAjout de quelque proposition de trad, et mon support sur certaine déjà postée) piapiou26th Jan 15 11:21:13
Webcomic: Menage A 3Orthographic consistency. Spindriver26th Jan 15 11:13:58
SplatMinor grammatical fix. Insanity Prevails26th Jan 15 11:11:43
Ho Yay: Tales SeriesWas playing the game and felt that Rowen and Nachtigal fit. Maybe a bromance forged in combat, but neither married and still thought of each other highly despite everything that had happened. Kit Kat Law26th Jan 15 11:08:05
Roleplay: Academy Of MerlinAdding more tropes Jennalaia26th Jan 15 11:07:03
Ambiguously HumanForget something here Chadtroper 0226th Jan 15 11:06:33
Wall Bangers: Web Original"And if someone rants about a show you like, PLEASE REFRAIN from making Justifying Edits." Discussion page please. Just because this rule isn't on the main pages doesn't mean it can be ignored. Mighty Kombat26th Jan 15 11:03:16
Title By NumberThey didn't 'lack' titles, that's what they were actually called. Mr Lavisher Moot26th Jan 15 11:02:59
Characters: Adventure Quest WorldsAt least try to keep the formatting clean. ryanasaurus 007726th Jan 15 11:02:42
Ambiguously HumanUpdate in Adventure time example. Chadtroper 0226th Jan 15 11:02:20
Cool Big SisStop Linking To An Article Within The Article. maxwellsilver26th Jan 15 11:01:05
Awesome Music: RockThe last example on this page is badly formatted in multiple ways. There's hardly a shortage of examples on this page showing how to do this properly. mlsmithca26th Jan 15 10:58:21
Awesome Music: MuseWhy bother splitting this across two potholes? mlsmithca26th Jan 15 10:55:31
Fanfic: Destiny Is A Hazy ThingAdding something. mattman 32426th Jan 15 10:55:13
Awesome Music: Thunder ForceI don't think italic markup has been used correctly even ONCE on this page. Track titles go in quotes. NOT italics. Game titles DO go in italics. Every line needs to end with a punctuation mark. Many examples are incorrectly indented. And "its" and "it's" are NOT interchangeable. mlsmithca26th Jan 15 10:53:47
Video Game: DestinyAlthough it seems stupid of them to continue attacking the last known position, this is an actual thing that actually happens. They clearly continue to scan for the player, so they either have you pinned down or force you to move. Either way, you can't continue to use your last bit of cover. This is an advantage. As a result, I have moved up to artificial brilliance. Recent Idiocy26th Jan 15 10:48:59
YMMV: The Big Bang TheoryNot an example. maxwellsilver26th Jan 15 10:47:07
YMMV: Five Nights At FreddysForget something here Chadtroper 0226th Jan 15 10:46:26
Wallbangers: Death Battle"PLEASE REFRAIN from making Justifying Edits." Just because its not on the main page doesn't mean it can be ignored. Discussion page exists, use it please. "PLEASE REFRAIN" means "Don't" Mighty Kombat26th Jan 15 10:44:02
Funny: The Order Of The StickThog's speech is distinctive enough that its mere presence can be considered a spoiler, simply by Conservation of Detail and probability. stopthattimerave26th Jan 15 10:43:58
Recap: Steven Universe S 1 E 7 Bubble BuddiesMoving some to the character page. thatother1dude26th Jan 15 10:43:45
Characters: Family Guy The Griffin FamilyTrivia annette 1226th Jan 15 10:42:46
YMMV: Spider VerseHer codename is Spider-Bitch in-story. Marvel just bowdlerized it to avoid saying bitch in a comic for youths. Arawn 99926th Jan 15 10:42:18
Comic Book: Fifty TwoRemoved trivia items, now on trivia page. Trust Ben26th Jan 15 10:41:03
Funny: My Little Pony Equestria Girls Rainbow RocksDeleting natter Princess Gwenevere26th Jan 15 10:40:48
Fanfic: Savoir FaireWas linking to ST:TNG main page. The Unsquished26th Jan 15 10:39:02
So You Want To: Write A Character Of The Opposite GenderYour Mileage May Vary is an index, not a trope. It should not be linked from any trope or work page for any reason. mlsmithca26th Jan 15 10:37:03
Manga: Codename Sailor VNo trope links in works' page quotes. dsneybuf26th Jan 15 10:36:40
Sliding Scale Of Videogame ObjectivesPerfect Dark always told you what the objectives were even before the start of the mission. poi 9926th Jan 15 10:33:52
Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Anime And MangaWas linking to ST:TNG main page. The Unsquished26th Jan 15 10:33:16
What Could Have Been: AnimeWas linking to ST:TNG main page. The Unsquished26th Jan 15 10:31:52
Anime: Kantai CollectionAll the preview stuff is also in the actual show. It can be safely folded in. Midonin26th Jan 15 10:25:27
Headscratchers: BonesThis Troper is explicitly forbidden anywhere on this wiki. maxwellsilver26th Jan 15 10:24:53
Series: The Librarians 2014Condensed natter/thread mode. Joie De Combat26th Jan 15 10:24:37
Wiki SandboxOops. Herisson Ramoneur26th Jan 15 10:24:11
Podcast: The BugleWe're no longer doing the Type thing with this Trope. Best Of26th Jan 15 10:22:44
Wiki SandboxJust trying to see how images work here. Herisson Ramoneur26th Jan 15 10:18:38
Film: Captain America Civil WarJust heard the news about it on io9.com. Growen N26th Jan 15 10:16:00
Viewers Are MoronsThat's not what a paradox is. poi 9926th Jan 15 10:15:10
Theatre: The Good Person Of SzechwanTrivia. Howling Snail26th Jan 15 10:11:59
Characters: The Book Of LifePrevious edit wasn't a spoiler. Leliel26th Jan 15 10:06:48
So You Want To: Write A Character Of The Opposite Gendercreated article slvstr Chung26th Jan 15 10:06:24
Glacier WaifA Glacier Waif is 1.) small, 2.) strong, 3.) slow. All three must be established. This example established one. hbi2k26th Jan 15 10:05:02
YMMV: Outlaw StarJust in case I forgot to detail something Anon Baiter26th Jan 15 10:04:31
Characters: The Book Of LifeThat bit Leliel26th Jan 15 10:04:19
Characters: The Venture BrothersABC order Beer Baron26th Jan 15 10:03:50
Fan Fic: The Open DoorThat is NOT what this trope is about Mach Rider 198526th Jan 15 10:03:27
No Celebrities Were Harmed: Live Action FilmsMeyer Wolfsheim also illustrated this trope... KY Cubbie26th Jan 15 10:03:01
YMMV: Outlaw StarOutlaw Star started deteriorating itself after the 4th episode Anon Baiter26th Jan 15 09:59:12
Fan Fic: The Open DoorThe fic died and that scenario never came to pass, so this is pointless Mach Rider 198526th Jan 15 09:57:13
No Celebrities Were Harmed: Live Action FilmsTammy Faye, not Fae. KY Cubbie26th Jan 15 09:56:32
The Antichristhard to make out the lyric. Better makes more sense. Indirect Active Transport26th Jan 15 09:55:56
Memes: Super Smash BrosI've seen a lot of these on Know Your Meme, not sure if this should be added on the meme page or not. Kingshadow 326th Jan 15 09:54:00
Tear Jerker: Telltales Game Of ThronesStarting a Tear Jerker page for this game Martial Arts Master26th Jan 15 09:50:50
Absurdly Sharp BladePage quotes don't get potholes. See What To Put At The Top Of A Page. Discar26th Jan 15 09:50:48
Video Game: Saints Row Gat Out Of HellAdded spoiler Vertiguous26th Jan 15 09:48:36
Characters: Majin Tantei Nougami Neuroadded entry anarden26th Jan 15 09:46:17
Characters: Bionicle 2015Probably should add a section for Ekimu and Makuta later KZN 0226th Jan 15 09:38:20
Brick JokeThe cartoon was released in 1938 - one year before World War II officially began. Marty D 8226th Jan 15 09:37:22
Webcomic: Menage A 3Word Cruft, Example Indentation, and Conversation In The Main Page Tropesofknowledge26th Jan 15 09:33:03
Webcomic: Menage A 3I know there's already some context but I don't think there's quite enough, especially compared to your other examples on this page . Who does he do it to, under what circumstances, and what is the result of that happening? Weblinks Are Not Examples Tropesofknowledge26th Jan 15 09:30:00
Useful Notes: BasketballCoach K now has 1000 wins. KY Cubbie26th Jan 15 09:25:18
The Runaway Guys: Main Lets PlaysExample Indentation In Trope Lists Tropesofknowledge26th Jan 15 09:23:01
Manga: Sumomo Mo Momo MoNot sure if it should be both Absurd Phobia and Why Did It Have To Be Snakes, but the example definitely fits the former more than the latter. sgamer 8226th Jan 15 09:21:22
The AceUpdating for new episode Beer Baron26th Jan 15 09:20:36
Music: Pet Shop Boysremove slight garbage accidentally inserted by myself Har JIT-EGS26th Jan 15 09:19:50
Lets Play: Chaotic MonkiExample Indentation In Trope Lists and you really bad markup. Click show "Show Markup Help" in the top right corner after you click the edit button. Tropesofknowledge26th Jan 15 09:19:49
Nightmare Fuel: Public Service AnnouncementFixing bad markup. Fand26th Jan 15 09:19:03
Literature: Book Of ExodusUnfunny. Lord Gro26th Jan 15 09:08:42
Film: American Sniperno indication that he's a sniper, but definitely an insurgent Inceptor 5726th Jan 15 09:08:00
Simulation Gamederp Glowsquid26th Jan 15 09:06:17
Creator: Friedrich NietzscheForced joke relying on a Sinkhole. Lord Gro26th Jan 15 09:05:37
Film: Leviathan 2014Add "Corrupt Church" Vi 026th Jan 15 09:03:39
YMMV: RWBYExample Indentation. Ano Baka Desu26th Jan 15 09:03:32
Named WeaponsArguably, an example is either an example or not. Lord Gro26th Jan 15 09:03:28
Pantheon: Tales Of The Alliance Book Three ContinuedLet's not jump the gun on this. Hotman X 3226th Jan 15 09:01:56
Characters: Attack On Titan Survey CorpsZero Context Example. Ano Baka Desu26th Jan 15 09:00:03
Useful Notes: The HolocaustI think the Hungerplan and the German-Soviet conflict should be put in part of the War section. Putting it in the opening makes the entire event solely an outcome of Germany's agression to Soviet Union, when it was indeed a Continent-Wide scale of destruction. The Holocaust is a distinct that began in the civilian period of the 30s and dates back to medieval-era Anti-Semitism. Julian Lapostat26th Jan 15 08:59:58
Cute Monster GirlAdded example - Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell Vertiguous26th Jan 15 08:56:50
Trivia: The Lord Of The RingsExtending the story. Mars Jenkar26th Jan 15 08:54:38
Characters: Fallout 3Pointed out the stereotypes and racial caricatures in the character of Jingwei. Evangelos Kamikaze26th Jan 15 08:52:56
Video Game: Citizens Of EarthMoving Character-related tropes to the Characters page. Gunarm Dyne26th Jan 15 08:52:38
Magnum OpusI think Rick is a great actor either way... Although, the only role he won an award for was Nathan Huffner in Parenthood, but it's not one of my favorite movies. Cabbit Girl Emi26th Jan 15 08:52:29
Cool Loserspelling samf 35926th Jan 15 08:44:05
Spoiled By The Formatthis is Narrowed It Down To The Guy I Recognize Micah26th Jan 15 08:43:44
YMMV: Strange MagicFixed some grammar ("from whence the film get's it's title" -> "whence the film gets its title." Knightwing 6626th Jan 15 08:42:59
Trivia: ChuggaaconroyFixed italics in Development Hell entry. Platitudinous26th Jan 15 08:41:09
Humans Are Specialremoved Audience Reaction(s) Someoneman26th Jan 15 08:40:33
Woolseyism: Western AnimationFun fact Matheus- 00726th Jan 15 08:30:56
YMMV: Strange MagicTypo. Changed band "Heat" to the correct "Heart." Knightwing 6626th Jan 15 08:23:16
Characters: System RestoreIt was either this or Broken Bird but Koizumi doesn't seem too far in the cynical stage for it to count yet. Lorealie26th Jan 15 08:17:30
Video Game: Persona Q Shadow Of The LabyrinthReadding per discussion. Larkmarn26th Jan 15 08:16:16
Shout Out: Star Wars The Clone Warsdeleted and replaced deadlinks Werebazs26th Jan 15 08:12:07
YMMV: The Legend Of KorraDon't know why it was changed to Broken Base Silverblade 226th Jan 15 08:10:53
And Your Little Dog TooHow could I forget The Scrappy himself? Indirect Active Transport26th Jan 15 08:04:30
Place Of PowerZCE and natter are bad Chaotic Novelist26th Jan 15 08:03:02
Ultimate Life FormRemoving duplicate examples. King Lyger26th Jan 15 08:02:09
Characters: The Venture BrothersEuronotus is the god of the south-south east wind whiile Apeliotes is of the southeast wind. Apeliotes is the more likely. Soul Cross26th Jan 15 07:55:24
Anime: Kantai CollectionToo much lesbian subtext for too many characters for this trope to be in effect. Another Duck26th Jan 15 07:55:18
Videogame: Valiant HeartsShowing military things happening=/=glorifying war. You twit. Bonerfart26th Jan 15 07:49:05
Manga: Evangelion 303so it doesn't wrap to a third line Willbyr26th Jan 15 07:48:20
Bury Your GaysMadoka fits under Cast Full Of Gay, so therefore doesn't qualify for the trope. Noir is a YMMV example, but the trope isn't. Another Duck26th Jan 15 07:45:14
Characters: Borderlands 2 Supporting CharactersRe-folderized. Discar26th Jan 15 07:42:58
Video Game: Anti Idle The GameAdded link to You Have To Burn The Rope Oboewan26th Jan 15 07:40:08
Web Animation: The Frollo ShowWait, better trope. Psyga 31526th Jan 15 07:37:31
Brick JokeQuotes Formatting. Discar26th Jan 15 07:29:43
Characters: Shigatsu Wa Kimi No UsoThe trope is already in Saki's section, so there's no need to add it here. Oecchi26th Jan 15 07:28:45
Characters: Marvel Disk Wars The AvengersNot an aristocrat but dresses like one Elfkaiser26th Jan 15 07:18:29
Characters: American Horror Story Freak ShowAndy's fate is more of a Rasputinian Death, Man Of Wealth And Taste is for villains Elfkaiser26th Jan 15 07:15:32
They Look Like Us NowAdded example from The Matrix. Phlolywag26th Jan 15 07:14:05
Separated At Birth CastingDon't fall under the trope. St Fan26th Jan 15 07:12:29
Anime: The Idolmaster Cinderella GirlsMaking the wording a little more clear. Also, Puchimas is a web series, not a TV series. Oecchi26th Jan 15 07:11:38
Final GirlFixed awkward wording. Dee Jay26th Jan 15 07:08:42
Western Animation: Adventures From The Book Of Virtuesthis s not what Exactly What It Says On The Tin is about, the _plot_ should be extractable from the title, removing the misuse/potholes, see dedicated cleanup thread; removing Five Man Band for zero-context, it's actually a quite rigid trope, two smart guys is an instant disqualification, the hero is a deprecated lead, see the respective long-term effort thread, http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=13401353520A80460100 (indentation is wrong too) Nemuru Mae Ni26th Jan 15 07:08:38
Supposedly Rebellious SeriesNatter, Justifying Edit hbi2k26th Jan 15 07:03:39
Music: Frank Zappadragnet 271 r26th Jan 15 06:59:54
Punny NameTypo fix; adding links Prfnoff26th Jan 15 06:47:01
Lightning Bruiser: Video GamesA Lightning Bruiser has 1.) strong offense, 2.) strong defense, and 3.) strong speed. All three must be established for an example to count. Do NOT uncomment Zero Context Examples without adding additional context. hbi2k26th Jan 15 06:46:41
Useful Notes: Israelis With Infrared MissilesNeutrality tweak to Break Out The Museum Piece Ferrard26th Jan 15 06:45:55
Videogame: Five Nights At Freddys 2Spelling fix. lepouvantail26th Jan 15 06:45:06
Video Game: Citizens Of EarthMoving to YMMV Gunarm Dyne26th Jan 15 06:41:52
Boss In Mook Clothing: RPGSame for Final Fantasy Loekman 326th Jan 15 06:40:58
Gag BoobsZero Context Example captainpat26th Jan 15 06:39:26
WMG: Five Nights At Freddys 2Format fix. lepouvantail26th Jan 15 06:37:13
Useful Notes: Israelis With Infrared MissilesRestored edit from prior to political soapboxing: "Completed Crowning Moment Of Awesome edits. Further minor edits to increase objectivity." Ferrard26th Jan 15 06:37:09
WMG: Five Nights At Freddys 2Added a theory. lepouvantail26th Jan 15 06:36:17
Boss In Mook Clothing: RPGPokemon has too many entries Loekman 326th Jan 15 06:33:33
Easy Mode MockeryThe hair is the same length. Tom S Fox26th Jan 15 06:27:35
Web Video: Some Call Me JohnnyThere's a link sonewhere- but when I searched all I got was Game Grumps. FML. Shilz26th Jan 15 06:25:03
Film: HookWhich trope entry? harryhenry26th Jan 15 06:22:10
Recap: Steven Universe S 1 E 5 FryboIt has like four different locations (Steven's house, the restaraunt, the store with the rides, and the shore), plus a bunch of secondary characters. thatother1dude26th Jan 15 06:19:58
Dichter And DenkerNo need to list Hitler among actual painters of real talent. Julian Lapostat26th Jan 15 06:18:10
Headscratchers: Five Nights At Freddys 2Added a theory. lepouvantail26th Jan 15 06:18:03
Music: Roger The EngineerMore tropes need to be added. bluesno1fann26th Jan 15 06:16:02
Creator: Jay WolpertAdded links for Shopping Spree page Music Man Samwise26th Jan 15 06:14:34
Stupid EvilFixing a spoiler tag. Andy LA26th Jan 15 06:12:45
Trivia: HookSeeing as the spincut first appeared in a game which was released after the movie came out, this seems like a stretch. harryhenry26th Jan 15 06:11:12
Web Animation: Porkchop N FlatscreenHolloway is Hawaiian, and that was Blades older sister. Idontcare26th Jan 15 06:07:27
Horrible: Lets PlayAnother comment about a woman's body,Phil made. Last Of The Time Lords26th Jan 15 05:57:57
WMG: Five Nights At Freddys 2Added a theory. lepouvantail26th Jan 15 05:54:38
Cute Bruiser: Live Action TVsome minor clean-up: natter and sinkholes. more help needed X Fllo26th Jan 15 05:52:42
Series: Shopping SpreeCreated page. Music Man Samwise26th Jan 15 05:49:53
Take ThatSounded a bit convoluted and had a repeating word Pixelated Degenerate26th Jan 15 05:47:07
Shrinking Violet: Live Action TVzero context examples are not allowed X Fllo26th Jan 15 05:44:50
Characters: ArcherJust adding a pet the dog. TYPINGVIKING26th Jan 15 05:39:38
YMMV: Hansel And Gretel Witch HuntersApproved by the thread. ACW26th Jan 15 05:38:34
Video Game: Guild Wars 2added Revenant to the list of professions jadmire26th Jan 15 05:35:16
Tom Hanks Syndromesome pretty bad examples here—maria falconetti was only in three films! gallium26th Jan 15 05:32:25
WMG: Guild Wars 2Update to the entry about Wynne jadmire26th Jan 15 05:30:57
Headscratchers: Star Wars The Old RepublicThe Exile is canonically female. deathmaster 8726th Jan 15 05:29:06
WMG: Guild Wars 2updated information on the Sylvari to incorporate what's revealed in Living Story Season 2 jadmire26th Jan 15 05:25:25
Series: Mozart In The JungleMoved to YMMV, and to Trivia pages. Quietomega26th Jan 15 05:24:22
Trivia: Fimfiction Dot Netit gone up hawthorn26th Jan 15 05:24:10
Manga: Touhou BougetsushouSpoiler policy violation. Ano Baka Desu26th Jan 15 05:21:37
YMMV: Guild Wars 2information on how Ulgoth is not quite so difficult anymore jadmire26th Jan 15 05:11:39
Awesome Music: Attack On TitanBroken links. Viira26th Jan 15 05:11:34
Video Game: The Blackwell SeriesAdded Phoney Call example Menarker26th Jan 15 05:07:55
YMMV: Guild Wars 2Added information on December 2014 feature patch which has fixed, in some ways, the problems described here. jadmire26th Jan 15 05:04:39
Phoney CallAdded Video Game section to Type A as well as an example Menarker26th Jan 15 05:03:29
Recap: Agents Of SHIELDS 2 E 10 What They BecomeBroken Pedstral is when the chracter realizes that their hero has feet of clay, Usually when interacting with them. Assuming that by how the character is speaking of a former hero does not qualify. Tuvok26th Jan 15 04:56:28
Rainbow Pimp GearLink is broken. Besides, Weblinks Are Not Examples anyways. Toko WH26th Jan 15 04:55:24
Hoist By His Own Petard: Anime And MangaThis is still Part 3; Josuke only appears in Part 4. Andy LA26th Jan 15 04:47:00
Characters: Star Wars The Old Republic Republic Class Specific CharactersRemoved incorrect trope usage. Golden Alex26th Jan 15 04:40:50
Amulet Of DependencyCluttered page quotes like this are why trope potholes aren't allowed in page quotes. poi 9926th Jan 15 04:37:06
Anime: Hungry Heart Wild StrikerShe was never the manager. Super Sauce26th Jan 15 04:29:15
Characters: SmiteYeah, not making it up, it's really Lanipator doing Rama Chris X26th Jan 15 04:27:48
Reed Richards Is UselessRemoving Conversation In The Main Page, aversions, and speculation. Extraintrovert26th Jan 15 04:26:04
Long Song Short Scenei've been slacking off. anyway, this is part 6 of my misuse/gushing/complaining cleanup. My Timing Is Off26th Jan 15 04:23:45
YMMV: Teen Titans GOFan Nickname is for Trivia Snowy 6626th Jan 15 04:20:18
Funny: Achievement Hunter Grand Theft Auto SeriesMoved Monster Truck Madness back to the right folder. :P Chrome Fyra26th Jan 15 04:14:40
Nightmare Fuel: Destroy The GodmodderI am bad at this. engie26th Jan 15 04:04:56
Characters: Final Fantasy XIVPart 2, I don't think I Am Not Durwood is the right trope, and I can't remember Ellie's last name, if they even tell you it Nara Numas26th Jan 15 04:04:00
Film: ApocalypseSorry to say this, but NOT ALL Christians believe in the Rapture. Vic George 201126th Jan 15 03:56:08
Comic Strip: Modesty BlaiseCommented out some ZCEs Gnome Titan26th Jan 15 03:52:05
Grammar NaziNo "New Media" folder. St Fan26th Jan 15 03:50:05
Comic Strip: Modesty BlaiseMoved the example from Distracted By The Sexy (which is what happens to Modesty's opponents) to Show Some Leg (which is about undressing as a deliberate tactic used by Modesty. Gnome Titan26th Jan 15 03:49:06
Characters: Final Fantasy XIVMaking new Hildibrand character thingies, his entry seemed more like a general synopsis for everyone in the hildy chain Nara Numas26th Jan 15 03:43:27
Music: Childish GambinoExamples Are Not Recent Akriloth 216026th Jan 15 03:39:25
Executive Vetotidying Ag Prov26th Jan 15 03:37:50
Executive VetoTerry Pratchett on: why is it that American film studios with the resources to do the films don't get the story?" Ag Prov26th Jan 15 03:36:40
Administrivia: How To Create A Works PageAdded missing index Marios 226th Jan 15 03:33:51
Art Evolution: Anime And MangaRedundant, and bad indentation. St Fan26th Jan 15 03:33:44
Awesome: FanficMoving to those fanfics' Awesome pages Mach Rider 198526th Jan 15 03:27:58
Would Hurt A Child: Video Gamesremoving Square Peg Round Tropes My Timing Is Off26th Jan 15 03:27:31
Gush: Fan FicThe fic has been updated several times for now Mach Rider 198526th Jan 15 03:24:09
YMMV: League Of Legendsand this is YMMV how? Chris X26th Jan 15 03:17:04
Would Hurt A Child: Western Animationsubversion, not an aversion. My Timing Is Off26th Jan 15 03:13:35
Web Video: Strip Searchadd small detail from dvd commentary Zaz26th Jan 15 03:08:52
Film: ApocalypseAll Christians believe that the rapture will occur, as that belief is a fundamental part of Christianity. The NATURE of the rapture, on the other hand... Karjam P26th Jan 15 03:06:39
YMMV: The First LawCorrecting my previous edit. Sabo 8826th Jan 15 02:56:59
Magazine: Fortean TimesElusive creatures living at the margins Ag Prov26th Jan 15 02:48:32
Characters: Super Mario Bros Bowser And His BaddiesExamples Are Not Recent My Timing Is Off26th Jan 15 02:47:00
Species Lost And FoundFT's coverage of species coming out of retirement Ag Prov26th Jan 15 02:46:03
YMMV: The First LawHuge spoilers from book 2 and 3, specially since there isn't a spoiler warning at the beggining of the YMMV page. Sabo 8826th Jan 15 02:45:16
Characters: Paper MarioExamples Are Not Arguable, and not really an example My Timing Is Off26th Jan 15 02:43:34
Characters: Paper MarioExample Indentation My Timing Is Off26th Jan 15 02:41:31
Because Im JonesyUrban legend; the Carmania was not disgused as the Cap Trafalgar Titanium Dragon26th Jan 15 02:32:19
Recap: Buffy The Vampire Slayer S 4 E 8 PangsShaped Like Itself bradleysigma26th Jan 15 02:28:57
Video Game: Wario Warelink in the variablemix and bgmoverride tropes henke 3726th Jan 15 02:17:01
Variable MixI like jimmy's stage henke 3726th Jan 15 02:12:46
Monster: Video Games And Visual NovelsPer edit requests thread. Septimus Heap26th Jan 15 02:12:46
Monster: Literature M To ZPer edit requests thread. Septimus Heap26th Jan 15 02:11:47
Monster: Film A To EPer edit requests thread. Septimus Heap26th Jan 15 02:11:11
Monster: Film P To ZPer edit requests thread. Septimus Heap26th Jan 15 02:10:14
Monster: Film F To OPer edit requests thread. Septimus Heap26th Jan 15 02:09:45
Background Music Overridehow did that link end up like that? and how did i miss it? henke 3726th Jan 15 02:09:22
Background Music Overridecorrect link henke 3726th Jan 15 02:08:26
Monster: Live Action TVPer edit requests thread. Septimus Heap26th Jan 15 02:07:42
GornPer edit requests thread. Septimus Heap26th Jan 15 02:06:42
Administrivia: No Real Life Examples PleasePer edit requests thread. Septimus Heap26th Jan 15 02:06:26
Monster: Film P To ZPer edit requests thread. Septimus Heap26th Jan 15 02:06:00
Background Music Overridejimmy's stage is cool henke 3726th Jan 15 02:05:50
Monster: Film A To EPer edit requests thread. Septimus Heap26th Jan 15 02:05:33
A Day In The LimelightCamel Case. azul 12026th Jan 15 02:02:35
YMMV: Sonic 3 And KnucklesIt's a cheat code, so it doesn't count. Also not the kind of "game breaking" that the trope refers to. Luca Earlgrey26th Jan 15 01:58:53
Portrait Painting PeepholeNo need for the same example twice. fllthdcrb26th Jan 15 01:57:12
Funny: The Daily Show And The Colbert ReportMoving The Nightly Show entry to its own page. Wanderer26th Jan 15 01:52:43
Legacy Implosionover a year old, Malachi 10826th Jan 15 01:44:11
Child Soldiersdo not pothole to heartwarming subpages X Fllo26th Jan 15 01:42:09
Shes Got LegsHartman Hips only applies to characters with notably smaller breasts. azul 12026th Jan 15 01:37:29
The Friend Nobody LikesRemoved non examples jurlick26th Jan 15 01:37:07
Join The Army They Saiddon't ask, don't tell link Cyber Skull26th Jan 15 01:33:09
Characters: Super Mario Bros Bowser And His Baddiescommenting out an unfinished example My Timing Is Off26th Jan 15 01:32:57
Web Original: The Arkn MythosPage move Septimus Heap26th Jan 15 01:31:23
The Scrappy: Anime And MangaCamel Case. azul 12026th Jan 15 01:30:17
Film: Captain America Civil WarGonna need confirmation of this. Tuckerscreator26th Jan 15 01:27:53
YMMV: The NationalCreator Breakdown is trivia, not YMMV. I'm simply deleting it though, because the example is so unsure of itself. also removing a piece of natter. My Timing Is Off26th Jan 15 01:26:08
YMMV: Spider WomanHoly crap, I just realized that isn't even remotely the same trope, and is just Creator Bashing. Mega J26th Jan 15 01:24:25
Gender Dynamics Indexneither of these are particularly accurate coolboy26th Jan 15 01:24:20
Magikarp Powerclarifying an 'it' Magnezonomon26th Jan 15 01:19:04
Dark Is Not Evil: LiteratureExamples are not currently playing. Trogdor26th Jan 15 01:13:27
Little Miss Snarkerzero context examples are not allowed. this page is commented out. X Fllo26th Jan 15 01:13:12
Bio Shock Infinite: Burial At SeaRepair Dont Respond Trogdor26th Jan 15 01:09:40
Show Some LegBlack Bra And Panties is not a trope anymore. Gnome Titan26th Jan 15 01:09:38
Webcomic: MonsterkindArtist prefers to shorten their last name to "C." instead of using their full name. enenkay26th Jan 15 01:05:40
Deader Than Disco: MusicFixing the grammar. harryhenry26th Jan 15 01:05:05
Recap: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 S 3 E 10 Serpent HuntBetter formatting Heroic Jay26th Jan 15 01:02:38
Recap: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 S 3 E 10 Serpent HuntThis one line is the only reason I made this page. And I already know from various promotional materials which characters will be hit by it. Heroic Jay26th Jan 15 01:01:48
Recap: The Simpsons S 4 E 16 DufflessAdded an example that's admittedly taken and reworded from the "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" recap page. NES Boy26th Jan 15 12:59:27
Characters: WWE Brand ExtensionBeen released. majohe26th Jan 15 12:58:27
Series: PsychGrammar Met26th Jan 15 12:54:51
Video Game: State Of DecayCategorized tropes by main game and DL Cs, added new ones and cleaned up a bit. S Sgt Lu LZ26th Jan 15 12:50:50
Would Be Rude To Say GenocideAdded details to the Holocaust example about why the term Holocaust is ill-received by the Jews. Menarker26th Jan 15 12:40:07
Manga: To Love Ruthere is a special page fot this Drinking Game rafi26th Jan 15 12:26:57
Video Game: Final Fantasy XIVThanks for the good laugh you gave me with that "Duty Finger" :p Nono Robot26th Jan 15 12:22:34
Fridge: Doctor Who Russell T Davies EraAdded comment about Caan's reliance as a secret keeper. Verity26th Jan 15 12:02:50
Smurfette Breakouttypo chochlik26th Jan 15 12:00:32
Music: Two NE OneReplacing pic with the same one but larger. Rhapsody25th Jan 15 11:49:46
Starfish AliensChrysalids were never "biomechanical" Haborym Aim25th Jan 15 11:41:20
Wrestling: Larry Sweeneywow, missed some JIKTV misuse, thought I'd caught it all. Mc Jeff25th Jan 15 11:34:48
Fan Fic: Salve Salvage And SalvationCreated page! :) Typos25th Jan 15 11:32:36
Fridge: Hot FuzzAlready on headscratchers. Discar25th Jan 15 11:31:29
Exiled From ContinuityAdding note about Spider-Verse Trash Jack25th Jan 15 11:29:39
Unfortunate ImplicationsI don't think it's natter. It's worth included because it was a direct attempt to avoid this trope. Tuckerscreator25th Jan 15 11:25:05
High Speed BattleMade a minor correction to the Contra entry. Perelandra25th Jan 15 11:20:06
Bromantic Comedyadded an example for withnail and i genisgone25th Jan 15 11:18:44
Characters: Steven Universewrong trope, and one that applies to Stevonnie, not Sadie The Rogue Penguin25th Jan 15 11:16:00
Video Game: Pokemon Ruby And SapphirePokemon Black 2 And White 2 reveals that the games run on Comic Book Time at least for the gym leaders (but not Elite Four Caitlin). Karjam P25th Jan 15 11:13:59
YMMV: Shokugeki No SomaActually, moving since I Knew It doesnt seem to be YMMV anymore. Retloclive25th Jan 15 11:13:50
Dark RepriseAdded an entry for Thunder Force under Video Games. Perelandra25th Jan 15 11:12:44
Conveyor Belt O DoomRewrote portal 2 entry to remove unneccesary spoiler font Smart Girl 33325th Jan 15 11:11:26
Just For Fun: Surprisingly Similar CharactersTypo on "Maleficent." Joe Merl25th Jan 15 11:10:20
Corporate Sponsored SuperheroDeleting natter about ''Watchmen'' (see Discussion for explanation). Pat Berry25th Jan 15 11:09:12
Characters: Fire Emblem Awakening Second GenerationSinkhole purge. Ano Baka Desu25th Jan 15 11:06:27
Characters: The Legend Of Total Drama IslandReorganized Katie & Sadie sections to reduce duplication Gideoncrawle25th Jan 15 11:03:14
Webcomic: Two KindsAdding comic link to death glare Gunsahoy25th Jan 15 11:03:06
Awesome Music: Thunder ForceAdded a new entry under Thunder Force V Perelandra25th Jan 15 10:59:41
Characters: Captain America FilmsHonestly, I feel this entry doesn't fit. While he does indeed have similarities to Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker as a character, the trope Darth Vader Clone is more about armored evil overlord clones than it is about supersoldier tragic villain clones. Tuckerscreator25th Jan 15 10:53:46
Western Animation: The Venture BrothersSurprised nobody added this. Azn Pinoy25th Jan 15 10:52:07
Characters: Fire Emblem Awakening Second GenerationIncorrect grammar Princess Gwen25th Jan 15 10:50:46
Awesome Music: Thunder ForceMade a small edit under Thunder Force V to more accurately describe "Duel of Top" as a Dark Reprise of "Lightning Strikes Again". Perelandra25th Jan 15 10:48:00
Ax CrazyGot rid of the duplicate cute and psycho. Cathari Sarad25th Jan 15 10:43:46
Role Association: Animated Film PortugueseTo be finished. Gravity Falls25th Jan 15 10:43:45
Blithe SpiritRemoved Linking To An Article Within The Article N 1 KF25th Jan 15 10:42:21
Comicbook: Atomic Robowebsite was overhauled in the last couple days, so the link's broken. Dragon Ranger25th Jan 15 10:34:13
Long Runner Cast TurnoverFixing an orphaned reference Donaldthe Potholer25th Jan 15 10:33:49
Fanfic: Lifein ManehattanPotholing and spoiler tagging trope names in example lists is strictly forbidden. The rule is that you must always use the unaltered trope name. If alternate pronoun forms exist, they must be accessed via wikiwords, not pothole markup. Auntie Pennybags, Honorary Aunt and Well Done Daughter Girl are on the Characters page. Gideoncrawle25th Jan 15 10:32:57
All Of The Other Reindeersince when? Whizzer Mckwoff25th Jan 15 10:32:21
Wisdom From The GutterFixed quote format N 1 KF25th Jan 15 10:31:46
Criminal DoppelgangerImproved ''Super Mario Sunshine'' example N 1 KF25th Jan 15 10:29:45
Webcomic: Two KindsAdding comic link to No Pregger Sex, and also to get used to seeing how editing works and what doesn't, hope it works. XD Gunsahoy25th Jan 15 10:29:32
The Mad HatterNatter, also: many asylum patients are there on their own recognizance for medical care, and can legally leave at any time. (Practically speaking it is possible to get "trapped," but it's not supposed to happen.) yunatwilight25th Jan 15 10:28:30
Characters: Lifein ManehattanAdded context to Honorary Aunt Gideoncrawle25th Jan 15 10:28:08
Useful Notes: Heavy MetalFix links kelandwood25th Jan 15 10:26:43
Video Game: Monster HunterUpdated the Competitive Balance section Perelandra25th Jan 15 10:24:04
Useful Notes: Heavy MetalTo point out that Deep Purple are still a very debatable band when it comes to what constitutes as metal but maintain that their influence is undeniable. kelandwood25th Jan 15 10:21:59
Characters: Lifein ManehattanPotholing trope names in example lists is strictly forbidden. The rule is that you must always use the unaltered trope name. If alternate pronoun forms exist, they must be accessed via wikiwords, not pothole markup. Gideoncrawle25th Jan 15 10:21:06
Roleplay: Ather CityFinished ZCE cleanup and shifted artistic license upward. Commented out some entries where the bullet indentation was wonky. Cathari Sarad25th Jan 15 10:17:24
Characters: Fringe ObserversSpoilers on trope names, Zero Context Examples, etc etc Eagal25th Jan 15 10:10:22
Would Hurt A ChildAdding namespaces. Seraphine25th Jan 15 10:08:34
Merciful Minionfixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 10:08:08
Combat Pragmatist: Video GamesForgot how to Not A Wiki Word Yuihime25th Jan 15 10:07:21
Collateral AngstI hate having to defend it, but. szaleniec 100025th Jan 15 10:07:10
Lucy Punchfixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 10:06:33
Recap: The Venture Bros S 04 All This And Gargantua 2it was Phage, Monsenor was dead by that point Beer Baron25th Jan 15 10:05:40
Loving Bullyfixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 10:04:30
WMG: Pokemon Mystery Dungeonand done Ms Ami Classified25th Jan 15 10:04:26
Kevlardtrope potholes are not allowed in page quotes Gideoncrawle25th Jan 15 10:04:06
YMMV: My Life As A Teenage RobotMinor edits. Risefrom Your Grave25th Jan 15 10:03:41
Characters: Happiness Charge Pretty CureSpoil trope name... Kuruni25th Jan 15 10:03:24
YMMV: BleachSenna is something of an Ensemble Darkhorse within some circles of the bleach fan base Phoenix Knight 625th Jan 15 10:02:02
Loud Last Namefixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 10:01:57
Friend To All ChildrenMarge Schott's entry was bogged down by non-neutral and unneeded information. I removed it, as it had no relevance to this trope. Nocchi 57525th Jan 15 10:01:32
Roleplay: Ather CityCommenting out ZCE stuff and natter. Still working on this page. Cathari Sarad25th Jan 15 10:01:31
Comic Book: John ConstantineUpdating this to take into account new Constantine comics. Funtime Vash25th Jan 15 10:00:34
Characters: The Avengers Age Of UltronThe LEGO sets frequently make up original things, such as the "Loki-moblile" and the entire climax of Iron Man 3. Tuckerscreator25th Jan 15 09:59:05
Characters: Fringe ZFTZer Context Examples. Eagal25th Jan 15 09:57:39
Creator: Walt Disney Television Animationremoved playhouse disney shows Whizzer Mckwoff25th Jan 15 09:57:25
Friend To All ChildrenUpdate of a the 300 number. Cena has granted over 500, I fixed this. Nocchi 57525th Jan 15 09:57:02
Friend To All ChildrenUpdate of a the 300 number. Cena has granted over 500, I fixed this. Nocchi 57525th Jan 15 09:57:00
Characters: The Avengers Age Of UltronSerkis was confirmed as Klaw not too long ago. King Clark25th Jan 15 09:55:57
WMG: Pokemon Mystery Dungeonstill not done Ms Ami Classified25th Jan 15 09:54:28
Video Game: MUGENHe doesn't seem to lose automatically. Unless for some reason bonus games are an exception to this rule. Because I had him go through Catwalk and Break the Targets and he won the first rounds just fine. greatpikminfan25th Jan 15 09:53:01
Characters: Fringe Massive DynamicLeonard Nimoy is not a trope. Also Zero Context Examples Eagal25th Jan 15 09:52:59
Video Game: Warcraftfixed redlink Scholard Arme25th Jan 15 09:47:31
Characters: Fringe B SideRemoved spoiler tags on trope names. Also commented out Zero Context Examples. Also Example Indentation. Eagal25th Jan 15 09:47:14
Manga: InuyashaExample Indentation My Final Edits25th Jan 15 09:46:57
Awesome Music: Need For SpeedMinor edits. Risefrom Your Grave25th Jan 15 09:46:29
Western Animation: Star Vs The Forces Of EvilNatter Batman Kal El25th Jan 15 09:45:54
Characters: Star Vs The Forces Of EvilNatter Batman Kal El25th Jan 15 09:45:22
Roleplay: Ather CityCommented out Zero context examples and removed/commented out some natter. Still working on cleaning this page. Cathari Sarad25th Jan 15 09:42:12
Awesome Music: MuseEdits. Risefrom Your Grave25th Jan 15 09:39:52
Series: Agent CarterAdding Fantastic Nuke magisking25th Jan 15 09:39:37
Characters: Fringe A SideRemoved spoiler tags on trope names and above examples line. Also commented out Zero Context Examples. Eagal25th Jan 15 09:37:56
An Ice PersonAdded Aran from Maplestory who was shockingly missing despite the huge ice theme to his/her character. pikmintaro25th Jan 15 09:36:06
Awesome: VideogamesAdding an Awesome page for a recently released game Martial Arts Master25th Jan 15 09:34:56
Summary: Video GamesI'm assuming this isn't going to get cut as a stub Prfnoff25th Jan 15 09:34:41
Video Game: Need For Speed Most WantedMinor edits. Risefrom Your Grave25th Jan 15 09:34:27
Awesome: Telltales Game Of ThronesStarting an Awesome page for this game Martial Arts Master25th Jan 15 09:33:42
Series: GalavantFixed title of song masterofthehouse25th Jan 15 09:33:15
Video Game: Need For Speed Most WantedEdits regarding the 2012 game's DLC. Risefrom Your Grave25th Jan 15 09:33:08
Funny: Suburban Knightsfixed a dead link Parallax 281425th Jan 15 09:30:06
Putney Swope PanicI've said it before. I'll say it again. WHY do so many people think "more so" is one word?? mlsmithca25th Jan 15 09:26:33
Characters: The Legend Of Total Drama Islandreformatting Gideoncrawle25th Jan 15 09:24:54
Characters: ArcherNo spoilers above the examples line. See Handling Spoilers. Eagal25th Jan 15 09:24:05
Heartwarming: Video GamesRe-editing so index will show up on Heartwarming page Martial Arts Master25th Jan 15 09:22:56
Adored By The NetworkWarlords of Draenor is another Warcraft expansion, not a new game. (Hearthstone is set in the Warcraft universe but is a completely different game; Wo D is just more content for the existing game.) yunatwilight25th Jan 15 09:22:41
Video Game: Need For Speed Most WantedAdded to the both games examples. Risefrom Your Grave25th Jan 15 09:21:24
Heartwarming: Telltales Game Of ThronesStarting a Heartwarming page for this game Martial Arts Master25th Jan 15 09:19:53
Video Game: Grey GooMore campaign stuff. Final Fan25th Jan 15 09:18:14
WMG: Pokemon Mystery Dungeonnot done, and since i misplaced a few wmgs i might not be for a while Ms Ami Classified25th Jan 15 09:15:11
Heartwarming: Video GamesStarting a Heartwarming page for a recently released game Martial Arts Master25th Jan 15 09:13:57
YMMV: Persona 4And I *like* ''The Golden''. Spectral Time25th Jan 15 09:12:50
Wall Bangers: GundamThe massive explosion seen in the episode isn't coming from the Freedom, but rather from the Tannhauser beam hitting the ocean. Antimatter + water = BOOM. Also corrected the "fission reactors don't explode" thing. They can (witness Chernobyl), but it's a steam explosion, not a nuclear explosion. Enchanter 46825th Jan 15 09:08:55
Characters: The Lion KingSquare Peg Round Trope and Zero Context Example. lexicon25th Jan 15 09:07:48
The Sky Is An OceanEdited for grammar readergirl 30425th Jan 15 09:07:07
YMMV: Shin Megami Tensei PersonaWhoops. Sorry. Spectral Time25th Jan 15 09:07:05
Radio: DragnetAdded Expy mrmunion25th Jan 15 09:06:45
Awesome Music: Jo Jos Bizarre AdventureRead the commented out note at the top of the page. A Youtube link with no further explanation, or even a TITLE, is not a proper example. How is anyone supposed to find a replacement if the video is taken down when there is no title to use in a search? Why should anyone who doesn't recognise the reference click on the link? mlsmithca25th Jan 15 09:06:03
Radio: DragnetAdded Expy mrmunion25th Jan 15 09:05:44
Awesome Music: Game Of ThronesTrack titles go in quotes. mlsmithca25th Jan 15 09:04:29
YMMV: Shin Megami Tensei PersonaGeneral style cleanup. Spectral Time25th Jan 15 09:03:46
Lord Error ProneRenamed some tropes. Angeldeb 8225th Jan 15 09:03:20
Sliding Scale Of Linearity Vs OpennessMinor edit. Risefrom Your Grave25th Jan 15 09:03:11
Sliding Scale Of Linearity Vs OpennessAdded to the Level 6 list. Risefrom Your Grave25th Jan 15 09:02:49
Tear Jerker: The Last Shipcorrected anme Laqueesha25th Jan 15 09:02:13
Headscratchers: I Shall Wear MidnightGnosticism vs Hierarchism Khurzog25th Jan 15 09:01:04
Radio: DragnetOne of the announcers usually says this, not Webb. mrmunion25th Jan 15 09:00:03
Mature Animal StoryThat's a little more detail than we need here. henry 4225th Jan 15 08:57:48
Music: Begin HereMore tropes need to be added. bluesno1fann25th Jan 15 08:56:42
Skyrim: Tropes H To Madded some more. Stratelier25th Jan 15 08:47:41
Music: The NationalWhoopsie-daisy. Rivfruifv25th Jan 15 08:45:29
YMMV: The NationalIt was requested that Creator Breakdown was moved to YMMV, so here. Rivfruifv25th Jan 15 08:44:02
Music: The NationalTaking the liberty to move Creator Breakdown to YMMV. Rivfruifv25th Jan 15 08:43:05
A God Am IThe Bible is not italicized N 1 KF25th Jan 15 08:37:06
Film: American SniperMinor edit. Risefrom Your Grave25th Jan 15 08:33:07
Film: The Imitation GameAccording to wikipedia, he admited it after their engagement, just like the movie Captain Crawdad25th Jan 15 08:29:50
Literature: Little House On The PrairieMoved to Trivia; Laura isn't a plain girl by any means toongrrl 199025th Jan 15 08:27:38
Film: The InterviewAdditional shout outs Bumtown25th Jan 15 08:25:13
Disney: FrozenBig Bad Ensamble seems to imply multiple Big Bads working together. As there is no Big Bad, this cannot apply. isoycrazy25th Jan 15 08:24:31
Skyrim: Tropes 0 To Ggot Arrow Cam? Yes. Stratelier25th Jan 15 08:24:14
YMMV: The Brave Little ToasterJerry Rees discussed this scene, and I think he made some fair enough points that pull it out of BLAM territory (Toaster starts to treat Blanky better after this scene, whereas before he was a bit mean towards him). legoking 83125th Jan 15 08:22:47
Defence Mechanism Superpowerremoving example - wrong trope Strix Obscuro25th Jan 15 08:20:00
YMMV: Dragonball EvolutionDAT LINE Anon Baiter25th Jan 15 08:18:42
Everyone Owns A MacCollege computers in the U.S. for public use mostly run Windows as well. David Delony25th Jan 15 08:18:15
Defence Mechanism Superpoweradded example Strix Obscuro25th Jan 15 08:18:14
Characters: Middle Earth Film MenThis is a dwarf, not a human. Satoshi Bakura25th Jan 15 08:17:29
Series: EmergencyEnglish. Tarlonniel25th Jan 15 08:15:57
Video Game: Block N LoadStarting a new page. The image turned out odd though. Could somebody please fix that? Snipertoaster25th Jan 15 08:13:47
Funny: Archeradding more clarification magisking25th Jan 15 08:11:11
Characters: Welcome To Beacon NextFTFY Hourai Rabbit25th Jan 15 08:07:25
Characters: RWBY Monsters And Enemiesfixing typo Masami Phoenix25th Jan 15 08:06:24
Shout Out: The Annotated SeriesRemoving direct links to the videos, as per the warning on the main works page Ultramarine Alizarin25th Jan 15 08:05:39
Double Standard Abuse Female On Male: FilmZero Context Example. Mr Media Guy25th Jan 15 08:05:35
Slapstick Knows No GenderI haven't seen that show, but having your limbs bloodily sliced off doesn't sound like slapstick to me... Mysterious Destiny25th Jan 15 08:02:09
Characters: Fire Emblem Awakening First Generation FemalesNatter Schezoroark25th Jan 15 08:00:33
Trivia: Resident Evil 1Forgot to add italics. Heartlesswithaheart25th Jan 15 08:00:29
Adaptational Villainy: Anime And MangaBlack Widow was a traitor and mole in the ultimate Universe. Moreover, they still work for S.H.I.E.L.D. in Rise of Technovore. Lastly, they were like that because of something Iron Man needed to clear his name of. Anicomicgeek25th Jan 15 08:00:04
Pinball Protagonistspelling Ghost Lad25th Jan 15 07:59:08
Sophisticated As Hellmissed a spot rodney Anonymous25th Jan 15 07:56:44
Sophisticated As Hellmissed a spot rodney Anonymous25th Jan 15 07:55:33
Unintentionally UnsympatheticArtist names don't go in italics. Also removing the second point under FBofW for being incorrectly indented, violating Examples Are Not Recent, and too vague and general. mlsmithca25th Jan 15 07:54:29
Four Temperament Ensemble: Anime And MangaNo, but Goku is very loyal and self sacrificing CJF25th Jan 15 07:53:32
Sophisticated As Hellfixing a Recursive Link, natter, some style rodney Anonymous25th Jan 15 07:50:37
Characters: Middle Earth FilmNull edit to index new pages. Created this page to combine LOTR and Hobbit film characters. Satoshi Bakura25th Jan 15 07:48:06
YMMV: Zorba The Greekalternative character interpretation seekquaze 125th Jan 15 07:47:46
Skyrim: Tropes H To Madded another one to the list. Stratelier25th Jan 15 07:44:33
Shout Out: Duke Nukemfixed article Spider Rider 325th Jan 15 07:38:43
SCP Foundation: Tropes E To Madd 1 ixfd 6425th Jan 15 07:38:37
Sophisticated As Hellno NSFW links rodney Anonymous25th Jan 15 07:38:20
Western Animation: The Looney Tunes Show"gun control" not "guns control's". They're laws that control guns, not laws made by gun control. Joesolo25th Jan 15 07:38:02
Creator: Alexander PushkinThere was some redundant text. Quag 1525th Jan 15 07:35:39
Series: Boy Meets WorldA whole plotline in the sixth season is devoted to Cory and Angela's friendship. Brainbin25th Jan 15 07:24:28
Wall Bangers: WarcraftThese are all Justifying Edits, which are against the rules. These pages are not discussion pages. Austin25th Jan 15 07:18:08
YMMV: WadanoharaThose one-word trope names... fllthdcrb25th Jan 15 07:16:28
Why Fandom Cant Have Nice ThingsUpdating. Totemic Hero25th Jan 15 07:15:25
Literature: Enders GameAdding example, moving science to trivia crazysamaritan25th Jan 15 07:12:58
Characters: Yu Gi Oh Arc VAnd some more Master Chi25th Jan 15 07:08:59
Creator: Philip K Dicklooks like Film/Screamers doesn't link correctly danixdefcon 525th Jan 15 07:07:14
Characters: Achievement HunterUpdated on WP's article mentioning of Lindsay. Risefrom Your Grave25th Jan 15 07:05:38
Anime: Yoru No YattermanI think Funimation changed the subs. universalperson25th Jan 15 07:05:16
YMMV: Man Of SteelMoving this over to AAP. It's not dark enough to warrant a DIAA. Also, this was definitely more subtle than SR. King Clark25th Jan 15 07:03:02
Characters: Yu Gi Oh Arc VMore corrections Master Chi25th Jan 15 07:02:57
Film: Singin In The RainHow is doing things for money not only crass and cynical, but somehow more than others? Entertainment isn't anti quality, but it's not a charity either. Dragon Quest Z25th Jan 15 07:02:20
Video Game: Saints Row Gat Out Of HellNot the context. Gregzilla25th Jan 15 07:01:51
Title TropesNonindicative Name is not about titltes, it's about objects in-universe. thatother1dude25th Jan 15 07:01:36
Video Game: Saints Row Gat Out Of HellNot the context. Gregzilla25th Jan 15 07:00:13
Tropers: I Code In DreamsAdded media I Code In Dreams25th Jan 15 06:59:58
Trivia: The Bourne SeriesThat's not what an allusion is. John Sherman25th Jan 15 06:59:52
Video Game: Saints Row Gat Out Of HellNot the context. Gregzilla25th Jan 15 06:59:14
Tragic HeroDeleted the page quote because I'm pretty sure that it is a case of "Beam Me Up, Scotty!" (It's used all over the internet, but no one provides a proper citation, and I can't find anything like it in the translation of the Poetics on my bookshelf). tyouker25th Jan 15 06:57:56
Characters: Saints RowName on the wedding invitation. Gregzilla25th Jan 15 06:56:25
Insistent Terminology: Real LifeGaza is under the control of Hamas, not the Palestinian Authority. Oddstar 625th Jan 15 06:55:40
Characters: Yu Gi Oh Arc VMinor grammar mistakes. Master Chi25th Jan 15 06:54:51
Insistent Terminology: Real LifeMost of this note was incorrect. Most Israelis, and most Jews in general, refer to the geographic area as the land of Israel, as distinct from the state of Israel. Hardly any would use the term "Palestine" to refer to the geographic area, except in specific reference to the British Mandatory period, and some not even then. Oddstar 625th Jan 15 06:54:41
Quotes: Bread Eggs Breaded Eggsnot an example reconditarmonia25th Jan 15 06:54:32
Characters: Yu Gi Oh Arc VMinor grammar mistakes. Master Chi25th Jan 15 06:53:41
Characters: Aldnoah ZeroExpy misuse. Fan associations are not allowed, and this is not a Sunrise production. Ano Baka Desu25th Jan 15 06:52:18
Characters: Star Wars Creaturesthe name Exogorth is currently non-canon Forgotten Jedi25th Jan 15 06:50:01
Role Association: Film FrenchThe three countries: Canada, France, and Belgium. Pokemon and the Swan Princess have had their movies dubbed in all three. Big Bertha25th Jan 15 06:49:29
Characters: Marvel Disk Wars The AvengersAdding Game Breaking Injury and Disc One Final Boss. magisking25th Jan 15 06:49:05
Role Association: Anime FrenchPrincess Celestia is neither Laura Prejean (dang you, BTVA!) nor Kelly Marot; she is Delphine Moriau, said Netflix. Big Bertha25th Jan 15 06:47:55
Role Association: Western FrenchThe Belgian French dub of "Pahkitew" uses All-Stars' credits, which makes it harder to find the new contestants' voices. We've only got Max and Topher confirmed for Quebec. Big Bertha25th Jan 15 06:42:47
Battle Butlerrefined the Hellsing Ultimate Abridged link to be closer to the quote. Thomas Smith25th Jan 15 06:39:51
YMMV: Wonder Woman 2011 PilotCharacter Shilling isn't actually in the YMMV index. I don't anyone would disagree given this pilot's reputation. Austin25th Jan 15 06:39:00
Blackmail Is Such An Ugly WordCorrecting the exchange rate. Oddstar 625th Jan 15 06:38:47
Franchise: Marvel Cinematic UniverseHYDRA has not yet appeared in Agent Carter, and it's not assured that they ever will at all. speyeker25th Jan 15 06:38:25
Headscratchers: Star Trek Deep Space NineRemoving my comment because it seems I'm an idiot. marianne25th Jan 15 06:34:57
Film: Singin In The RainReception is not a description Dragon Quest Z25th Jan 15 06:34:46
Characters: Yu Gi Oh Arc VUpdating Reiji's profile. Master Chi25th Jan 15 06:34:45
Recap: Regular Show S 06 E 13 Mordecai And Rigby Down Under. Chadtroper 0225th Jan 15 06:32:55
Headscratchers: Star Trek Deep Space NineAdded a comment regarding Quark's replicator marianne25th Jan 15 06:32:54
Characters: Yu Gi Oh Arc VUpdating Reiji's profile. Master Chi25th Jan 15 06:32:25
Recap: Regular Show S 06 E 13 Mordecai And Rigby Down UnderAdd some tropes Chadtroper 0225th Jan 15 06:31:18
WMG: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012Making some updates and fixing the layout a little. Weirdguy 14925th Jan 15 06:23:31
Characters: Borderlands 2 Vault HuntersWell, I, myself, see this when I'm with my boys. :3 Eisabel25th Jan 15 06:23:11
Characters: The Amazing World Of Gumball"The Lie" shows that's hair he with skin underneath, it's not his whole body. thatother1dude25th Jan 15 06:22:58
Characters: Star Wars Planets And RacesIt's trandoshan, not tendoshan. magisking25th Jan 15 06:15:02
Deader Than Disco: Real LifePinball: Not deader than disco. The Dwarf25th Jan 15 06:14:13
Useful Notes: Michael JordanAnother minor fix. Risefrom Your Grave25th Jan 15 06:13:20
WMG: Regular ShowAdd some theory ideas Chadtroper 0225th Jan 15 06:13:05
Useful Notes: Michael JordanMinor edits. Risefrom Your Grave25th Jan 15 06:13:01
Fan Fic: Consequences Of Unoriginalityfixing my own grammar mistakes constellis25th Jan 15 06:12:36
Deader Than Disco: Real LifeBeards? On Deader than Disco? Really? There's a lot of entries on here that might be a little premature, but beards are simply less popular. The Dwarf25th Jan 15 06:10:47
YMMV: HomestuckLike i said, I just kinda feel like there are several points where Cali can be a bit of a sad character. This is also my first time editing a page, so it could probably be cleaned up a bit. Self-Aware-Trope25th Jan 15 06:07:02
Motor MouthAdding Puppet Shows folder and an example Flying Duck Man Genesis25th Jan 15 06:05:09
Series: Agent CarterAdding Jerome Zandow to the list of Unexpected Character. magisking25th Jan 15 06:01:48
Signature Sound EffectSimilar, but not the same Harpie Siren25th Jan 15 06:01:19
Too Dumb To Live: Comic BooksRepair Dont Respond Katsuhagi25th Jan 15 05:59:49
WMG: Regular ShowMaybe Chadtroper 0225th Jan 15 05:59:18
YMMV: Steven UniverseYou wanna add to an example? Just add to it and 2nd bullet points don't work that way- Example Indentation In Trope Lists Tropesofknowledge25th Jan 15 05:56:05
Unfortunate Implicationsnatter Mag Bas25th Jan 15 05:53:41
Comic Book: Uncanny X MenZero Context Example, and definitely not this trope. captainpat25th Jan 15 05:53:21
Recap: Doctor Who S 29 E 5 Evolution Of The Daleksbitching. Bond Villain Stupidiity has a reason Chaotic Novelist25th Jan 15 05:52:50
Useful Notes: National Football LeagueMinor edits. Risefrom Your Grave25th Jan 15 05:52:42
Useful Notes: National Basketball AssociationMinor edits. Risefrom Your Grave25th Jan 15 05:50:46
Music: Fall Out BoyAdding an example Random Troper Who Likes 1 R25th Jan 15 05:47:27
Characters: The Amazing World Of GumballFlanderization requires him to have previously shown several aspects to his character then only one being shown, which isn't really the case. thatother1dude25th Jan 15 05:46:07
Funny: XenobladeUnmarked spoiler. SB Sam25th Jan 15 05:44:00
WMG: Fairy TailFixing a minor grammar error. Master Chi25th Jan 15 05:40:11
Characters: Yu Gi Oh Arc VNico only speaks in French in the subs, as a mean to translate his strange habit of using Gratuitous English in the original version. Also, the man who is seen mentoring Kachidoki is his master, not his father; what makes that mistake more jarring is that he especifically points out that Isao wouldn't be able to see his parents until he became a pro in that exact same scene! Master Chi25th Jan 15 05:38:41
Comic Book: Sub Marinereveryone has standards seekquaze 125th Jan 15 05:35:25
Puppet ShowsThat's no animatronics puppets St Fan25th Jan 15 05:34:33
Video Game: LisaMoved trope to Trivia Yvejuzul25th Jan 15 05:24:50
Video Game: Dont Starveupdating boss in mooks clothing relevent to don't starve zettabeam 6225th Jan 15 05:23:49
YMMV: Super Smash BrosTo be specific, Shulk is 5'7⅓". Kirby Rider25th Jan 15 05:23:16
Film: The Helpediting a totally incomprehensible sentence. Chaeley25th Jan 15 05:21:28
YMMV: The Waiting Roomcorrection Strix Obscuro25th Jan 15 05:20:49
Theatre: The Waiting Roomadded tropes Strix Obscuro25th Jan 15 05:18:48
Addiction Displacementthe book series does not have a thing for cake, its protagonist does Micah25th Jan 15 05:16:58
Web Series: The Arkn MythosAttempting to add an image... again Cthulhu VS Godzilla25th Jan 15 05:16:17
Sliding Scale Of Gameplay And Story IntegrationI don't buy it. Those are reasons never given in-game and a few months in comfortable prison isn't going to bump you down to level 1. It's just a gameplay feature. Lentil Sand Eater25th Jan 15 05:13:36
YMMV: The LEGO MovieWhether or not Phillip Lord actually made his own LEGO Ocscar statue, I don't know. But what I do know is that this particular photo was originally posted on Nathan Sawaya's website back in 2002. Peabody Sam25th Jan 15 05:12:54
Role Association: Western PortugueseBroken apart. Big Bertha25th Jan 15 05:09:59
Awesome Music: KirbyRemoving redundant pothole. mlsmithca25th Jan 15 05:09:23
Awesome Music: Death NoteA sure sign that you're adding an example that is either Natter or incorrectly indented: it begins with the words "Add to this:". mlsmithca25th Jan 15 05:08:28
Pantheon: Technology Demigods And QuasideitiesFixed the edits regarding the marionette to make more sense, since Mike was just a teacher before. Raust BD25th Jan 15 05:02:10
Zerg Rush: Video GamesGushing About Shows You Like, name capitalization, title italicizing. Dark Elf Princess25th Jan 15 05:01:57
Puppet ShowsCan't believe I didn't index this here when I first made the page. thevisualboy 3725th Jan 15 04:58:40
Cure For Canceradded example Strix Obscuro25th Jan 15 04:54:20
Everybody Livestrope potholes are not allowed in page quotes Gideoncrawle25th Jan 15 04:54:20
Apparently Human Merfolkchanged the spongebob example. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are quite blatant Batman and Robin expies. They even had Adam west do a young Mermaid man's voice in one episode. Joesolo25th Jan 15 04:51:56
Good Guns Bad Gunsone of these days I'll stop caring enough to keep updating this with every release :V Kadorhal25th Jan 15 04:51:32
Theatre: The Waiting Roomadded a trope Strix Obscuro25th Jan 15 04:46:33
YMMV: The Waiting Roomcreated page Strix Obscuro25th Jan 15 04:43:56
Fridge: The Little MermaidFridge horror thread reply. Walter Smith25th Jan 15 04:42:45
Film: Point Breakfixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 04:40:22
Useful Notes: The West Countryfixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 04:32:34
Narm: Game Of ThronesNarm is a subjective trope. As long as person explains why its narm, there's no good reason to remove it. Austin25th Jan 15 04:28:39
The Cavalry Arrives Latefixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 04:28:18
Space NavyMinor grammar Last Living Kid25th Jan 15 04:27:36
The Great British Copper Capturefixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 04:24:10
Wrestling: National Wrestling AllianceMy mistake. He wrestled at the event, just wasn't shown. Indirect Active Transport25th Jan 15 04:22:43
The Scrappy: Anime And MangaManaphy from Pokemon Ranger And the temple of the sea barely has any kid fans in the west, due to several western kid fans accussing it's Imprinting to May that causes a conflict to Jackie's mission or at least, make the whole movie worse. Cure Ariel Rocks25th Jan 15 04:22:35
Video Game: After The End A Crusader Kings II ModForget something here Chadtroper 0225th Jan 15 04:22:22
The Herofixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 04:22:10
The Scrappy: Anime And MangaManaphy from Pokemon Ranger And the temple of the sea barely has any kid fans in the west, due to several western kid fans accussing it's Imprinting to May that causes a conflict to Jackie's mission or at least, make the whole movie worse. Cure Ariel Rocks25th Jan 15 04:21:52
Fanfic Recs: Danny Phantommy mistake, wrong vlad fruitstripegum25th Jan 15 04:21:37
Film: BlackhatKeep on editing~ xenol25th Jan 15 04:20:45
Film: BlackhatSome minor changes (also to use this as an excuse to fill in my last reason. Used Wiki for most of the cast but went to IM Db to find corrections were needed) xenol25th Jan 15 04:20:26
Thematic Seriesfixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 04:20:22
Fallout New Vegas: Tropes I To MNot A Subversion Lentil Sand Eater25th Jan 15 04:19:11
Theme Namingfixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 04:18:06
YMMV: Pokemon Ranger And The Temple Of The SeaAmericans Hate Tingle: Manaphy in this Pokemon movie barely has any kid fans in the west, due to several western kid fans accussing it's Imprinting to May that causes a conflict to Jackie's mission or at least, make the whole movie worse. Cure Ariel Rocks25th Jan 15 04:17:19
YMMV: The Librarians 2014It's not a matter of inteligence, but of knowing the right information. Azure Owl25th Jan 15 04:16:28
Americans Hate TingleManaphy from Pokemon Ranger And the temple of the sea barely has any kid fans in the west, due to several western kid fans accussing it's Imprinting to May that causes a conflict to Jackie's mission or at least, make the whole movie worse. Cure Ariel Rocks25th Jan 15 04:15:47
Trivia: The Flash 2014not sure if this is the right trope so please edit as necessary, but I imagine it will be used a lot - the cast (like the cast of Arrow) is very involved with the fanbase addikt25th Jan 15 04:15:12
Video Game: After The End A Crusader Kings II ModAdd something in this mod Chadtroper 0225th Jan 15 04:14:19
Music: Battle BeastMoving to Trivia Divine Death25th Jan 15 04:06:58
Time Passes Montagefixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 04:06:29
Fallout New Vegas: Tropes E To HCleaned up. Lentil Sand Eater25th Jan 15 04:05:26
Creator: Timothy Daltonfixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 04:04:55
Creator Breakdown: Literatureadded missing wicks Strix Obscuro25th Jan 15 04:04:37
Tuckerizationfixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 04:02:42
Trivia: PaddingtonActor Allusion is a deliberate reference to an actor's previous role. This is just coincidence. Aquila 8925th Jan 15 04:02:10
Twisting The Wordsfixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 04:00:36
Characters: Erins Total Magical Adventure Othersadding actors and putting smartguy Bubble Rose 9225th Jan 15 04:00:31
Film: OutbreakSupporting no zero context examples. We don't shy away from typing out swears anywhere else on the wiki. Skylite25th Jan 15 03:56:43
Trivia: The Imitation GameRestructured the chained potholes in Hey Its That Guy Tim DH 42625th Jan 15 03:55:56
Webcomic: Sandra And WooThe typo if strong in this one arisboch25th Jan 15 03:55:46
Film: OutbreakSupporting no zero context examples. We don't shy away from typing out swears anywhere else on the wiki. Skylite25th Jan 15 03:55:40
Film: OutbreakSupporting no zero context examples. We don't shy away from typing out swears anywhere else on the wiki. Skylite25th Jan 15 03:54:53
Adored By The Network: Cartoon NetworkNo link in this section. Chadtroper 0225th Jan 15 03:54:47
Video Game: Zombies Runre-alphabetising lozziebee25th Jan 15 03:54:46
Funny: Chaotic MonkiAdded Xenoblade note V Wchan25th Jan 15 03:54:33
Film: OutbreakSupporting no zero context examples. We don't shy away from typing out swears anywhere else on the wiki. Skylite25th Jan 15 03:53:38
Characters: Erins Total Magical Adventure Team Jafaradding Affably Evil Bubble Rose 9225th Jan 15 03:53:28
T Word Euphemismfixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 03:52:59
Adored By The Network: Cartoon NetworkForget something here Chadtroper 0225th Jan 15 03:52:30
Characters: Nanatsu No Taizai Main CharactersThat isn't Ban's sacred treasure. He's had that long before joining the Sins. LSBK25th Jan 15 03:52:11
The SymbioteAdding an example. Czernobog25th Jan 15 03:51:55
Sequel Difficulty DropMurky example. Also, 3D Land does end up being difficult due to those bonus worlds, then it's an aversion at best My Final Edits25th Jan 15 03:49:28
Unusual Euphemismfixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 03:49:02
Adored By The Network... Chadtroper 0225th Jan 15 03:48:57
Useful Notes: Israelis With Infrared MissilesDude, Rule Of Cautious Editing Judgment. That's one hell of a political statement. Commenting the sub-bullet out for someone neutral (not me) to fix. desdendelle25th Jan 15 03:48:49
The B GradeNatter Lentil Sand Eater25th Jan 15 03:48:34
Role Association: Film SAdded stuff Alan Palgut25th Jan 15 03:48:07
Instant Cosplay SurpriseIt's a standard Japanese boy school uniform ^^; Zero SD25th Jan 15 03:47:40
The B GradeThis Troper Lentil Sand Eater25th Jan 15 03:45:28
Characters: Erins Total Magical Adventure Team Hopeadding tropes and fixing some mistakes Bubble Rose 9225th Jan 15 03:45:04
Adored By The NetworkYep. Chadtroper 0225th Jan 15 03:44:59
Vetinari Job Securityfixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 03:44:51
YMMV: WeedsNot YMMV. Moving. Austin25th Jan 15 03:44:19
Trivia: The Imitation GameAdded Hey Its That Guy entry for scenes in the 1950s Tim DH 42625th Jan 15 03:42:37
Nightmare Fuel: Infamous Second Sonzero context example The New Plague25th Jan 15 03:42:13
Trivia: The Amazing World Of GumballIt's on CN Japan's website if you want to check. thatother1dude25th Jan 15 03:41:08
Vomiting Copfixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 03:40:29
Lethal ChefFixing some improper example indentation Completely Normal Guy25th Jan 15 03:40:15
Film: The Avengers Age Of UltronWe don't know Jarvis will be Vision. Until we do, they are two separate characters. Eagal25th Jan 15 03:36:57
Anime: Saint Seiya Legend Of SanctuaryThe movie is out for a while and there are mentions to the trailer. Also, one unusual trope for a Japanese production was added. Edenbeast25th Jan 15 03:34:49
Trivia: The Lonely IslandMinor mistake, quick fix Ramone 49025th Jan 15 03:33:48
Watch It For The Memefixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 03:32:07
Eldritch Abomination: LiteratureAdding an example. Czernobog25th Jan 15 03:31:08
Funny: Willy Wonka And The Chocolate FactoryIt's already there. Tito Mosquito25th Jan 15 03:28:42
Recap: The Flash 2014 S 1 E 6 The Flash Is BornDon't add spoilers for future episodes. Discar25th Jan 15 03:28:35
Eldritch Abomination: LiteratureAdding an example. Czernobog25th Jan 15 03:28:10
Window Painfixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 03:26:26
Characters: Darkwing DuckI forgot a letter on one of my previous edits. Captain Tedium25th Jan 15 03:25:15
Wink Dingfixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 03:24:36
The Anti Nihilistadding an example. Czernobog25th Jan 15 03:24:32
Film: OutbreakAll the other trope pages are a bit less clinical and actually use the names of the characters. Working on putting the humanity into the page, since the CDC's humanity vs the army's cold numbers is an important part of the movie's message. Skylite25th Jan 15 03:23:42
New Legacy IncGoddammit Giant Jumbo Jellyfish25th Jan 15 03:23:13
Wall Bangers: Harry PotterExample Indentation My Final Edits25th Jan 15 03:23:04
You Do Not Have To Say Anythingfixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 03:19:33
Modesty TowelHalf the webcomics section consisted mainly of weblinks with little, or no context. So I deleted those and added two examples. Miin U25th Jan 15 03:19:19
One Hit Kill: Video GamesExample Indentation My Final Edits25th Jan 15 03:17:08
You Know What To Dofixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 03:16:46
The World Cup: Tropes A To HExample Indentation My Final Edits25th Jan 15 03:16:12
Radar: Sponge Bob Square PantsRemoving natter and adding another example of Radar. Captain Tedium25th Jan 15 03:11:32
YMMV: The LoraxCrowning Moments are no longer used. maxwellsilver25th Jan 15 03:11:03
Tropers: Daefarothputting in a temp page that theoretically be made into a real troper page when it grows up Daefaroth25th Jan 15 03:10:11
YMMV: Five Nights At FreddysAdd few more to go. Chadtroper 0225th Jan 15 03:09:42
Headscratchers: Bio Shock InfiniteWords cannot express how much I hate Burial At Sea Another Epic Fail25th Jan 15 03:05:54
YMMV: The LoraxCrowning Moments are no longer used. maxwellsilver25th Jan 15 03:02:22
Literature: The Judge And His HangmanI was stupid, because of Zufall. Howling Snail25th Jan 15 03:01:48
Creator: Edmund Mc MillenCut out non-existent game titles listed, removed some fan gushing from editing notes and page itself, expanded intro a little, and added dates to game index. Tiny Ted Danson25th Jan 15 03:00:38
Characters: Mega Man X VillainsNope, Double is "daburu", Devil is "debiru" Spiral Man25th Jan 15 02:59:00
Characters: Star Wars MonstersRemoved Legends info, added folders, header. Forgotten Jedi25th Jan 15 02:57:26
Gateway SeriesAdd only spoiler Chadtroper 0225th Jan 15 02:57:23
Pantheon: LeadershipIt's not North Korean if the word "Glorious" is not used! Sorantheman25th Jan 15 02:56:47
Literature: The Judge And His HangmanI'm not sure about spoiler tagging. The fact that Tschanz did it isn't really made obvious right away in the book, but I had it spoiled for me by my teacher, because it's hard to explain the themes of the book without knowing it. Howling Snail25th Jan 15 02:55:06
Laser Guided KarmaCorrecting Camel Case error. Bezy25th Jan 15 02:49:27
Useful Notes: Furry Fandom... Chadtroper 0225th Jan 15 02:46:00
Laser Guided KarmaCorrecting the Camel Case used in a title Bezy25th Jan 15 02:45:56
What Do You Mean Its Not For Kids: Film"Imbecile" isn't a bad word. It's just a fancy word for "idiot". TT 45425th Jan 15 02:45:33
Sesquipedalian LoquaciousnessRepair Dont Respond. Removed repeated entries and dead link. merotoker25th Jan 15 02:44:30
Perpetual FrownerThen again, I'll just go with the older promotion, just to be safe. Indirect Active Transport25th Jan 15 02:43:08
Perpetual FrownerECW is older but Kaiju was in operation before Raven's depression. Indirect Active Transport25th Jan 15 02:42:02
YMMV: Avatar The Last Airbender3 criteria for a blam. Silverblade 225th Jan 15 02:37:16
Video Game: The Legend Of Zelda Oracle GamesConversation In The Main Page and Example Indentation Tropesofknowledge25th Jan 15 02:36:56
Laser Guided Karmaminor spelling correction Bezy25th Jan 15 02:34:00
Characters: The Order Of The Stick The Order Of The StickFemale trope, and zero-context. St Fan25th Jan 15 02:32:23
Trailer Joke DecayCrowning Moments are no longer used. maxwellsilver25th Jan 15 02:30:13
Trailer Joke DecayCrowning Moments are no longer used. maxwellsilver25th Jan 15 02:29:51
Trans Nature... Chadtroper 0225th Jan 15 02:29:36
YMMV: American SniperDNDTCT isn't a trope you can really avert, because the writers are never trying to achieve it in the first place. No matter how horrible a story tries to portray something, there will ALWAYS be someone who thinks it looks cool. Austin25th Jan 15 02:29:33
YMMV: That Guy With The GlassesHere instead of Critic page because other producers tried to deal with it. emeriin25th Jan 15 02:29:08
Rune Scape: Tropes A To Gupon further reflection, the mahjarrat in game are far too diverse in loyalties, personalities an intentions to codify the entire race as "anti-villains," especially since anti-villain as a trope usually is applied to one character, not an entire race martymcprime25th Jan 15 02:28:30
Trans NatureSome more things Chadtroper 0225th Jan 15 02:26:30
Rune Scape: Tropes A To Gincorrect lore (mahjarrat voted to come to Geilinor, and were not enslaved by Icthlarin the Jackal god. They then willingly went to join with Zaros after being asked; they were not "freed") martymcprime25th Jan 15 02:25:12
YMMV: The Hunger GamesThis Troper Drake Clawfang25th Jan 15 02:23:03
Video Game: Puzzle And DragonsEnemy shields have nullified and still nullify poison debuffs. edara25th Jan 15 02:17:43
Film: The Avengers Age Of UltronFrom the promotional images and trailers already shown, it seems Rhodey is going back to the War Machine colors (and assumedly the name) upstandinggentleman 425th Jan 15 02:17:22
YMMV: The NewsroomThis isn't actually YMMV. Moving. Austin25th Jan 15 02:17:17
WMG: Pokemon Mystery Dungeonfelt like we should split these into folders (WARNING: MULTIPLE EDITS) Ms Ami Classified25th Jan 15 02:17:07
YMMV: World Of WarcraftHope I didn't leave anything out. Minister Of Sinister25th Jan 15 02:16:31
Game Of Thrones: Tropes E To FNone of these are bands. Captain Crawdad25th Jan 15 02:16:30
Funny: Clifford The Big Red DogBeing a bit more specific. thevisualboy 3725th Jan 15 02:15:50
Funny: WickedThis Troper is explicitly forbidden anywhere on this wiki. maxwellsilver25th Jan 15 02:13:18
Fantasy LiteratureAdding an example. Czernobog25th Jan 15 02:12:31
Scotty Timethese aren't examples of this trope. Iwishtologin25th Jan 15 02:11:56
Trivia: The Elder Scrolls V SkyrimAdded the line under the Clavicus Vile and Barbas thing Rapscalion25th Jan 15 02:09:15
Real Life: Tropes A-FAdded a couple of tropes. Josef 567825th Jan 15 02:09:01
Characters: The Walking Dead TV Show Atlanta Camp SurvivorsGuile Hero is manipulation and charisma, not stealth superdawge25th Jan 15 02:05:24
Shut Up HannibalI just figured the "And he ran over your daughter's puppy" required a shout-out to Arson, Murder and Jaywalking. Child Of Ragnarok25th Jan 15 02:03:34
Fauns And SatyrsForget something Chadtroper 0225th Jan 15 02:02:59
Funny: Clifford The Big Red DogSome formatting. thevisualboy 3725th Jan 15 02:02:42
Funny: Clifford The Big Red DogCrowning Moments aren't a thing anymore. thevisualboy 3725th Jan 15 02:01:53
Urban Fantasyadding an entry. Czernobog25th Jan 15 02:01:23
Characters: Umineko When They Cry SpoilersRevealed in Ep8 manga that the voice on the phone was actually Battler being bribed by Sayo, so it wasn't actually her. lilylilium25th Jan 15 02:00:00
Creator: Ultimate SidemenClarified. Risefrom Your Grave25th Jan 15 01:59:53
YMMV: Pokemon Gold And SilverHiding Zero Context Examples that need expanding, culling some examples. Karxrida25th Jan 15 01:59:46
Video Game: Final Fightit is redundant to write both "also" and "as well" rodney Anonymous25th Jan 15 01:59:30
Literature: Clifford The Big Red DogBridwell Island would have been a more appropriate name, but it's not the name. thevisualboy 3725th Jan 15 01:59:07
Literature: The BehemothPreparing for indexing. Czernobog25th Jan 15 01:58:33
Die Chair Diefirst-person rodney Anonymous25th Jan 15 01:57:29
Preppy NameSince when are Dean and Sam preppy names? Oddstar 625th Jan 15 01:52:14
Unbuilt TropeOne more instance of "Gilgamesh is the Ur Example of everything" thrown around for the sake of a pun. The Ur in Ur Example has nothing to do with Ur in Sumer, and Gilgamesh is the king of *Uruk*. "However" makes no sense, the description says Unbuilt Trope is about Trope Makers, so great age is no contradiction to containing Unbuilt Tropes. There is no case of Too Dumb To Live here and potholing Incredible Lame Pun when making one is a Sinkhole. Lord Gro25th Jan 15 01:49:16
Music: Jerry Lee LewisI think there's a lot of people who make the confusion, especially newer ones. So I thought of doing this. Andy LA25th Jan 15 01:48:57
Literature: The Behemothadding yet more tropes. Czernobog25th Jan 15 01:47:21
Fauns And Satyrs... Chadtroper 0225th Jan 15 01:44:37
Characters: Fallout New Vegas CompanionsFridge tropes to the fridge pages Lentil Sand Eater25th Jan 15 01:43:16
Fauns And SatyrsFanworks add in this page Chadtroper 0225th Jan 15 01:43:12
Petting Zoo People... Chadtroper 0225th Jan 15 01:37:44
Characters: Godzilla The SeriesNot true Homer Simpson25th Jan 15 01:37:06
Fan Fic: A Teachers GloryAdding a new story ASHDEVIL25th Jan 15 01:36:41
Most Wonderful Sound: Video GameFixed broken link to the Sonic 2 Act Clear Jingle and added the Sonic 3 and Knuckles jingle as an example. Trackmania Player 1125th Jan 15 01:34:41
Trans NatureAdd some words Chadtroper 0225th Jan 15 01:33:14
Headscratchers: A Certain Magical IndexExample Indentation. Discar25th Jan 15 01:33:03
Spinoff Babiesremoved parody versions from the straight examples section Daibhid C25th Jan 15 01:32:04
Literature: The Behemothadding more tropes. Czernobog25th Jan 15 01:27:00
Adaptation ExpansionDon't insert your opinion an example captainpat25th Jan 15 01:23:43
Pantheon: CostumesGot to downsize the Ornstein and Smough Profile Dr.Doom 2325th Jan 15 01:23:21
Video Game: Super Robot Wars CompactGetting rid of the redundant character/series-specific tropes, doing away with the weird parenthesis style. Lt Quattro25th Jan 15 01:22:59
Luck Based MissionRemoved New Vegas entry. dunaway 525th Jan 15 01:21:34
Actually Pretty FunnyAdding example that will link to a new story ASHDEVIL25th Jan 15 01:21:00
Recap: Steven Universe S 1 E 38 The TestShe didn't mention the sword Mswordx 2425th Jan 15 01:19:11
Echoing Acousticsnamespaces 10237225th Jan 15 01:17:38
AdorkableAlternative title(s): Adorakableness, Real Life Scarlett White25th Jan 15 01:14:47
Creator: MGMCBS Home VideoJust thought this would make for an interesting read (and yes, I read it myself). ryanasaurus 007725th Jan 15 01:14:44
Film: The Wizard Of OzI've read it myself, and I thought it was a good one. ryanasaurus 007725th Jan 15 01:12:44
Creator: Hiroko SuzukiMoving to proper namespace. St Fan25th Jan 15 01:10:04
Recap: Adventure Time S 5 E 32 Earth And WaterA Call Back is a plot relevant information. Silverblade 225th Jan 15 01:09:34
Values Dissonance: Video GamesGrammar issues Princess Gwen25th Jan 15 01:08:05
Sandbox: Saint GeorgeA work page draft. Lord Gro25th Jan 15 01:06:18
YMMV: Wii FitTo clarify, I personally love Wii Fit as it helped me lose 14kg (two stone, roughly) in six months. Others just have different opinions. captainmarkle25th Jan 15 01:02:48
Music: One Step BeyondChanged Refrain From Assuming example to I Thought That Was because Refrain From Assuming is about a phrase in a song that, while prominent, is not the title. Mark Lungo25th Jan 15 01:02:32
Quotes: Status Quo Is GodMoving to Hollywood Healing, Static Character, Limited Advancement Opportunities johnnyfog25th Jan 15 01:00:54
Mad Libs DialoguePlayed 'strait'. Lentil Sand Eater25th Jan 15 01:00:39
Anime: Shinkon Gattai GodannarNot St Fan25th Jan 15 01:00:13
Recap: Adventure Time S 5 E 31 Too Oldplot relevant Silverblade 225th Jan 15 01:00:06
Pantheon: Disgraces OthersAll of the numbers included are unlucky. Note that 17 means in Italy "my life is over" vaderzlk 1125th Jan 15 12:58:38
YMMV: Family GuyCitations required. Logo P25th Jan 15 12:56:08
Recap: Adventure Time S 5 E 30 Frost And FireAgain a Call Back must have some relevance on the plot. Silverblade 225th Jan 15 12:54:43
GrimmificationNatter, Thread Mode, and Hentai related works are NOT suppose to be discussed on the wiki to begin with. Removing. Toko WH25th Jan 15 12:54:04
Darth Wiki: Idiot Programminggrammar Twentington25th Jan 15 12:49:25
Web Series: The Arkn MythosDeleting a failed link. Cthulhu VS Godzilla25th Jan 15 12:49:18
Literature: The BehemothCreating page Czernobog25th Jan 15 12:49:09
The Law Of Diminishing Defensive Effortnatter and Word Cruft rodney Anonymous25th Jan 15 12:44:23
Website: Warriors Official ForumMoving to Trivia, and editing the description. (The userbase has changed over the years. It's better now.) Dawnwing25th Jan 15 12:42:10
YMMV: Despicable Me 2It doesn't count as Hilarious In Hindsight if it was planned from the start. Melancholy Utopia25th Jan 15 12:41:08
Damn You Muscle Memoryaddition thisfox25th Jan 15 12:40:57
Web Series: The Arkn MythosRetrying to add an image. Cthulhu VS Godzilla25th Jan 15 12:39:30
Web Series: The Arkn MythosAttempting to add an image Cthulhu VS Godzilla25th Jan 15 12:38:17
WMG: Disney Theme ParksMessed up the price on the graphic ones. With Flowers25th Jan 15 12:38:16
Recap: Adventure Time S 5 E 29 Sky WitchCall Back = plot relevant Continuity Nod = not plot relevant Silverblade 225th Jan 15 12:37:45
Characters: Pokemon Other Non Playable CharactersInfo taken from Bulbapedia. captainmarkle25th Jan 15 12:37:20
Fate Worse Than DeathThe forsaken are not immortal, they just have the slowed aging of all those who use the One Power. When they were sealed in the Age of Legends, their aging stopped completely (barring Aginor, Balthamel and possibly Ishamael), only to be resumed when they got free. As for the whole resurrection part; with the Dark One sealed, it can no longer interfere with the Wheel of Time and it's inhabitants (which include the Forsaken).. Dyuran25th Jan 15 12:37:13
EdgemontNamespace change. Mark Lungo25th Jan 15 12:33:38
Cosmic Horror StoryIndexing a trope. Cthulhu VS Godzilla25th Jan 15 12:33:20
Work Pages In Main: D To FNamespaced Edgemont. Mark Lungo25th Jan 15 12:33:00
Theatre: Miss SaigonI think that used to be Innocence Virgin On Stupidity, which has a nicer connotation. Lullabee25th Jan 15 12:30:51
Administrivia: Overly Long PagesSplit the characters. Ms CC 9325th Jan 15 12:29:47
YMMV: Medi Evil ResurrectionWord Cruft Silverblade 225th Jan 15 12:28:22
Characters: Cucumber QuestA Knight In Sour Armor is more active about doing good. It's not just someone jaded who still has hope. Twiddler25th Jan 15 12:25:35
YMMV: Batgirl 2011Weblinks Are Not Examples captainpat25th Jan 15 12:25:22
Web Series: The Arkn MythosAdding more works in the mythos at the beginning Cthulhu VS Godzilla25th Jan 15 12:21:57
Recap: Erins Total Magical Adventure Power Super Total Magical Puffadding forshadow Bubble Rose 9225th Jan 15 12:16:43
YMMV: The Hunger GamesJustifying Edit. Still a Race Lift. emeriin25th Jan 15 12:15:56
Recap: The Simpsons Who Shot Mr BurnsSegregated examples for both episodes. NES Boy25th Jan 15 12:13:47
Recap: The Simpsons S 4 E 22 Krusty Gets KancelledMoving Trivia examples to the Trivia page. maxwellsilver25th Jan 15 12:11:21
Web Series: The Arkn MythosI am creating this page. Cthulhu VS Godzilla25th Jan 15 12:09:54
Idiot Plot: Live Action TVZero Context Example Silverblade 225th Jan 15 12:08:18
Western Animation: Wander Over YonderCraig Mc Cracken confrimed this in an Twitter post. jakcjacky25th Jan 15 12:08:06
CuckoldJustifying edit. King Zeal25th Jan 15 12:03:54
Creator: Jules Vernepreparing for new page tropesinreadiness25th Jan 15 12:03:44
Recap: Adventure Time S 5 E 28 Be MoreAn Idiot Plot require the characters to make repeated mistakes. Silverblade 225th Jan 15 11:59:19
Trivia: The Shootistmoved trivia content from Main allium25th Jan 15 11:58:20
Film: The Shootistmoving Trivia content allium25th Jan 15 11:57:54
Friend To All Living ThingsAlso deleted the Wind Waker example. Ayrll wasn't attracting the seagulls, she said she went to the lookout because the seagulls always gathered there. But her main reason for going, was because she liked taking in the view with her telescope. Aside from being well-liked by the other islanders, not much was said about her. Miin U25th Jan 15 11:54:15
Video Game: Pokemon Ruby And SapphireReducing Natter. Karxrida25th Jan 15 11:49:46
Film: The Shootistdry cleaning allium25th Jan 15 11:49:34
Video Game: Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIIIInfo addition Shadow Meowth25th Jan 15 11:49:04
Funny: CrackedRepeat. hujwernoo25th Jan 15 11:45:58
Cure Your Gaysduplicate example Katsuhagi25th Jan 15 11:44:57
Friend To All Living ThingsI deleted several zero context examples and added context to the ones I was familiar with. Miin U25th Jan 15 11:43:43
Fridge: DigimonDunno if this should be on the 02 Fridge Brill page, but posting it here just in case. Xadhoom Xado25th Jan 15 11:39:03
YMMV: Eight Mercenaries And A ToddlerThis is not YMMV. Moving. TV Rulez Again25th Jan 15 11:38:54
Series: Kids Say The Darndest ThingsNeeded tropes. Made grammatical/style edits. Generic Anime Girl25th Jan 15 11:38:24
Headscratchers: HerculesAdding a point Th A Beast25th Jan 15 11:35:56
Character Sheets: Live Action Filmstweak, addition Ghost Of A Geek25th Jan 15 11:34:44
YMMV: Kingdom HeartsFlanderization isn't actually listed as a YMMV trope. I'll move it to the main. Austin25th Jan 15 11:30:38
Video Game: Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIIIDialogue revision + more detail Shadow Meowth25th Jan 15 11:26:21
That One PuzzleNatter Septimus Heap25th Jan 15 11:25:54
Characters: One Piece Major AlliesNew info kramer25th Jan 15 11:23:46
Characters: Dragon Ball Supporting Castmoving characters to another page. Ms CC 9325th Jan 15 11:18:39
In Medias ResHow We Got Here Silverblade 225th Jan 15 11:18:10
Everyone Is BiAlready listed under Web Original zarpaulus25th Jan 15 11:16:46
How We Got HereZero Context Example Silverblade 225th Jan 15 11:15:43
Characters: DragonballAdding extra pages since the supporting cast is getting too big. Ms CC 9325th Jan 15 11:13:44
Know When To Fold EmExample is accurate to this trope. No wicks in page quotes. crazysamaritan25th Jan 15 11:13:36
Children Raise You"Life as we Know It", Fixed link and added description shawnvw25th Jan 15 11:13:33
Even Evil Has Standards: Professional Wrestlingno, he did that for heel heat Mc Jeff25th Jan 15 11:11:20
Stealth Parodymy name...is sakura katana-chaaaaaaaaaaaan pinkiestar25th Jan 15 11:09:36
Hair Of Gold Heart Of GoldI deleted the Blaz Blue example, since all it said she's shy and innocent, but didn't specify in what way. Plus, the trope description denotes characters that're selfless (i.e. Too Good For This Sinful Earth, All Loving Hero, Virgin Power, etc.). Miin U25th Jan 15 11:08:11
Game Breaker: Super Smash BrosCleaning creekery25th Jan 15 11:04:01
Friendly Tickle Tortureelfen lied Mysterious Mr X25th Jan 15 11:00:57
Single Biome PlanetRemoving repeated entry. Douglas Fir25th Jan 15 10:59:53
Methuselah SyndromeHe was nowhere near 150 FREDDE25th Jan 15 10:53:12
Recap: Family Guy S 13 E 1 The Simpsons GuyEliminated both instances of personal bias. Bored Me25th Jan 15 10:50:10
VaporwareBard's Tale 4 has been announced. Sniper Pan25th Jan 15 10:49:54
Film: Touch Of EvilCharlton Heston regretted the film for being a B Movie and not True Art, not because of the accent. Julian Lapostat25th Jan 15 10:49:43
Theatre: The Good Person Of SzechwanKauft Tropen, ihr Hunde! Howling Snail25th Jan 15 10:48:15
Characters: Arrow Main CharactersIt has been confirmed by both Word Of God and The Other Wiki that she's TV!Mia. nirao 0125th Jan 15 10:46:12
Nightmare Fuel: Pokemon X And YThere are some kids reading. Jeez. Potatomo25th Jan 15 10:45:23
Awesome Music: Yuuki Yuuna Wa Yuusha De AruDialogue quotes go in quote marks. Not italics, and not both. mlsmithca25th Jan 15 10:44:52
May Contain EvilIncredible Hulk shawnvw25th Jan 15 10:44:14
Fanfic: Sleeping With The Girlsmissing a "t" in one of the links wanderingmagus25th Jan 15 10:43:28
Awesome Music: Pink FloydWhy were these full stops deleted? They were correct as they were. mlsmithca25th Jan 15 10:42:58
Awesome Music: Need For SpeedUsing an ampersand instead of the word "and" just looks lazy. mlsmithca25th Jan 15 10:42:06
Awesome Music: National Anthem"Based on" or "based off" would work here. "Based of" does not. mlsmithca25th Jan 15 10:41:34
Awesome Bosses: Super Mario BrosItalic markup doesn't work inside a pothole. mlsmithca25th Jan 15 10:40:31
Nightmare Fuel: Five Nights At Freddys 2Now in GIF format Sayer 0925th Jan 15 10:38:49
Fanfic: Sleeping With The Girlsnew thread for the restarting on SB wanderingmagus25th Jan 15 10:38:17
YMMV: HomestuckIt's a very minor detail but I feel this should always be last, since it's about the act as a whole and not a specific moment that can be traced to a specific introduction or development. greatpikminfan25th Jan 15 10:36:27
Game Breaker: Super Smash BrosVillager is muh main. creekery25th Jan 15 10:33:57
CuckoldClarification of the nature of the relationship between Lois and Clark in the new 52 continuity. neoblackdragon25th Jan 15 10:31:54
Video Game: Senran KaguraThis is the official translation of Homura Gurentai. (Plus, wouldn't "Crimson Flame Corps" translate to "Guren Homuratai"?) Lance Omikron25th Jan 15 10:25:14
Western Animation: Strange MagicRelocating character tropes to the character page. With Flowers25th Jan 15 10:22:10
Characters: Strange MagicRelocating character tropes from the main page. With Flowers25th Jan 15 10:22:07
Funny: Absolute Despair GirlsNew example Monolaf 31725th Jan 15 10:20:34
Never Found The BodyI think it's really a stretch to imply this when we see the body dissolve. Austin25th Jan 15 10:20:33
WMG: Five Nights At Freddys 2please learn formatting dude. for all of us Ms Ami Classified25th Jan 15 10:20:19
Heroic VowSplit animated films and live-action films. Added namespaces. Morgenthaler25th Jan 15 10:19:13
Trivia: DreddExample Indentation Mister Noh25th Jan 15 10:18:24
Wouldnt Hit A GirlSplit animated films and live-action films. Morgenthaler25th Jan 15 10:17:21
Pantheon: Tales Of The Alliance Book Three ContinuedI just hope this doesn't turn out anti-climatic. Hotman X 3225th Jan 15 10:13:43
Video Game: Super Smash BrosI've seen the Pity Smash happen in online matches, where customizations are not allowed. The badge makes it happen more often, but it's still a default part of the rules. Kayube25th Jan 15 10:13:38
Pantheon: Tales Of The Alliance Book Three Continuedyou're good to go. Hotman X 3225th Jan 15 10:12:50
What Happened To The Mouse: Live Action TV1 Addition, 1 Correction/clarification Tx Sonof Liberty25th Jan 15 10:11:29
Visual Novel: Long Live The QueenNot a trope The Kaizerreich25th Jan 15 10:07:00
Hes Dead JimTrope potholes are not allowed in page quotes. Removed sinkhole from the attribution line. Gideoncrawle25th Jan 15 10:06:50
Lets Play: MangaminxDead channel. Relinked to new channel! Tox25th Jan 15 10:01:46
Hide The EvidenceNo Real Life Examples Please as per the "Real Life section maintenance" thread in Long Term Projects. Also, visible NRLEP notices are depreciated. Mister Noh25th Jan 15 09:58:48
Characters: Sa Ga 2I'm guessing somebody took the Gameplay And Story Segregation too literally. Also Oogosho is just the Japanese word for magnate, so there was technically no Dub Name Change there. Sammettik25th Jan 15 09:57:25
Characters: SupergodWIP. Would like help. Gregzilla25th Jan 15 09:54:06
Pantheon: Tales Of The Alliance Book Three ContinuedSo when's the finale of this plot? Hotman X 3225th Jan 15 09:43:18
Music: History Past Present And Future Book Iminor edit Mr Matt25th Jan 15 09:36:38
Off With His HeadPotholes are not allowed in page quotes. Morgenthaler25th Jan 15 09:29:26
Characters: Kingdom Hearts XehanortUntil we have further information, please keep these things to WMG. Queenof Swords25th Jan 15 09:26:21
Characters: Transformers Robots In DisguiseIt's not really Nathanoraptor25th Jan 15 09:26:15
Play The Game Skip The StoryThis trope can't be inverted, because its inversion is a different trope. OFF is already listed under the opposite trope, Enjoy The Story Skip The Game. yunatwilight25th Jan 15 09:26:04
Music: The ProtomenI asked Murphy about the album’s story on Facebook, and he said it’s supposed to be the soundtrack to a movie (possibly about Dr. Light, that part’s still pretty vague) made during the time skip in “How the World Fell Under Darkness.” It supposed to fill in some of the blanks about the time between Light’s exile and “Breaking Out.” He also said the vinyl will contain some extra artwork and liner notes, which will explain how things are connected. lalalei 200125th Jan 15 09:22:37
When You Snatch The Pebbletrope potholes are not allowed in page quotes Gideoncrawle25th Jan 15 09:22:15
Fanfic: In This World And The NextHe's back. Honorable Baldy25th Jan 15 09:19:10
Fanfic: Knowledge Is PowerHe's back. Honorable Baldy25th Jan 15 09:18:30
Useful Notes: German LanguageCapital letters on nouns please. Howling Snail25th Jan 15 09:17:52
Our Angels Are DifferentAtheism isn't a religion. Corac25th Jan 15 09:15:25
Film: Timecop"Edit Tip #12: We are not interested in whether or not something is or was popular. Whether or not it was liked has nothing to do with tropes." Morgenthaler25th Jan 15 09:14:15
But Not Too ForeignAdded Far Cry 4 to this list. seventonblade25th Jan 15 09:13:23
Have A Gay Old Time: MusicThe official name for the Xmas carol is "Deck the Hall" (singular) tracer25th Jan 15 09:10:03
Manga: Koufuku Graffitiadding a link to crunchyroll, page picture. Gecko 325th Jan 15 09:08:18
Horrible: Lets PlayAdding another DSP playthrough. Last Of The Time Lords25th Jan 15 09:05:48
Anime: Weiss KreuzDespite what I've just discovered Google Chrome's find feature thinks, Essets and two "s"s are not interchangeable. Look up the German spelling reform. Howling Snail25th Jan 15 09:03:57
Trivia: Royal Painsadding information B Kelly 9525th Jan 15 09:02:12
YMMV: Koufuku Graffitiadding a link to youtube. Gecko 325th Jan 15 09:01:48
Rouge Angles Of SatinFixed my typo tracer25th Jan 15 09:01:19
Hooker With A Heart Of GoldI'm going to make the page. Howling Snail25th Jan 15 08:56:20
Deader Than Disco: FilmNot quite sure if this part counts as an example of it coming under fire in later years, since Doug Walker has always disliked the film (see his Top Ten Films I Love That Everyone Hates vid). L Dragon 225th Jan 15 08:51:33
Magikarp Poweradded a yugioh anime card examle, zushin the sleeping giant imadmagician25th Jan 15 08:50:54
What An Idiot: Harry PotterHarry may know that Griphook has no love for Voldemort, but he also overheard him state that the goblins aren't taking sides, since they consider Voldemort's campaign strictly a wizard war. jaydude25th Jan 15 08:49:40
Film: The Wages Of Fearremoved. they actually accomblishes something with transport. so even if everybody died, it was not a pointless mission. eroock25th Jan 15 08:47:36
Through The Eyes Of MadnessExample Indentation In Trope Lists. Morgenthaler25th Jan 15 08:46:58
Shoot The Shaggy Dog: Filmremoved. they actually accomblishes something with transport. so even if everybody died, it was not a pointless mission. eroock25th Jan 15 08:46:38
Recap: The Simpsons S 9 E 1 The City Of New York Vs Homer SimpsonMoving Trivia examples to the Trivia page. maxwellsilver25th Jan 15 08:45:38
Characters: Durarara Anime SupportingWith the second season, is no longer a spoiler who their brother is sorako25th Jan 15 08:40:46
Deconstructed TropeBluelinking August Strindberg. Lord Gro25th Jan 15 08:39:34
Western Animation: Ben 10 Ultimate Alienadded ep. The Ultime Sacrifice to Heroic Sacrifice trope Roach25th Jan 15 08:39:32
Nobel Prize In LiteratureBluelinking August Strindberg. Lord Gro25th Jan 15 08:36:49
Creator: Henrik IbsenBluelinking August Strindberg. Lord Gro25th Jan 15 08:35:47
Creator: August StrindbergMore Zero Context examples. Lord Gro25th Jan 15 08:28:52
Trivia: FoxcatcherThis is really an example of Disowned Adaptation. Creator Breakdown happens when a creator's work is affected by his emotional problems. Camassia25th Jan 15 08:28:11
Creator: August StrindbergBy that standard, every play before WWI is an "Unintentional Period Piece". But that's obviously meaningless. Uninentional Period Piece is when a work is [quote] "so full of the culture of the time it resembles a deliberate exaggeration of the era". No Celebrities Were Harmed has nothing to do with it. Lord Gro25th Jan 15 08:27:34
Characters: Jurassic Park Literatureunfair description, see discussion page for details Aquila 8925th Jan 15 08:25:56
Creator: August StrindbergYou can't play a trope "for dysfunction" or "for madness". Awful Wedded Life already implies dysfunctional marriage. Lord Gro25th Jan 15 08:24:06
Creator: August StrindbergDeleted Word Cruft, commented out Zero Context examples. See How To Write An Example for what an example entry should contain. Inferno leads to a disambiguation page. Lord Gro25th Jan 15 08:21:51
Eldritch Abomination: Video GamesMoving to main page. As For My Handle25th Jan 15 08:21:30
Creator: August StrindbergCleaning up the page. I don't know what "last name privileges" means. It's not unusual to refer to famous people with their last names, and it is not a privilege. Lord Gro25th Jan 15 08:15:38
Trivia: SF DebrisWhoops, must have missed that episode. I should have just changed the pothole. Druplesnubb25th Jan 15 08:09:21
Porting DisasterAdding Assassin's Creed Unity to PC billywws25th Jan 15 08:08:32
Literature: Vorkosigan SagaJust checked the spelling - fixing the typo. Haroche, not Harouche. Aura Guardian25th Jan 15 08:07:24
No Party Like A Donner PartyMoved from Im A Humanitarian. Morgenthaler25th Jan 15 07:56:50
YMMV: Saints Row Gat Out Of HellApproved by the thread ACW25th Jan 15 07:54:41
Anime: Guilty Crownpothole fix; addition memetics25th Jan 15 07:54:30
That One PuzzleThe Black Monolith from Fez deserves special mention. Vamaar25th Jan 15 07:49:18
Im A HumanitarianMoved to No Party Like A Donner Party. Morgenthaler25th Jan 15 07:48:22
The Dev Team Thinks Of EverythingNot an example. Since the player always has to do the fight with just Kimahri, it's expected that the devs would ensure the fight doesn't end up unwinnable. Joie De Combat25th Jan 15 07:46:15
Role Association: Western PortugueseIf Gravity Falls had a RJ redub (just like how Carrie (originally dubbed in RJ) had a Paulista dubbing around 2000, aka Turn of Century), then Gustavo Perreira is a better choice as Dipper. Luisa Palomanes is Mabel. Gravity Falls25th Jan 15 07:42:23
Reality Warperfix typo pgunn25th Jan 15 07:41:39
Characters: Adventure Time MainNone of those were played for laughs. emeriin25th Jan 15 07:40:25
Quotes: Rule Of CoolMoving to Crazy Awesome and Climbing Climax johnnyfog25th Jan 15 07:40:18
Video Game: NightfireNo reviews on the work pages captainpat25th Jan 15 07:38:01
The Silent Age Of AnimationAnother lost Oswald, "Empty Socks", was found in late 2014. The Beaner It Was25th Jan 15 07:24:53
Series: Captain Power And The Soldiers Of The Future"Future Force Training" refers only the first one. tropower25th Jan 15 07:23:56
Satan Is GoodWow. That's not what the film and Louie say at all. Another Guy25th Jan 15 07:17:38
Characters: Sentinels Of The Multiversetypo correction Zhale25th Jan 15 07:08:32
Laconic: Off The TableOmit the link to unabridged version entirely to be more self-demonstrating. Vi 025th Jan 15 07:08:10
Characters: The FollowingDeemed misuse by the Complete Monster cleanup thread. Morgenthaler25th Jan 15 07:02:20
Alas Poor VillainDeemed misuse by the Complete Monster cleanup thread. Morgenthaler25th Jan 15 07:01:37
Wham Episode: Guilty CrownFixed various spelling and grammatical errors that were causing ambiguity or inaccuracy. + other tweaks. memetics25th Jan 15 07:00:00
Western Animation: The CriticIncorrect usage of the trope. Apocalypse Now has nothing to do with the end of the world. speedyboris25th Jan 15 06:57:02
Characters: BayonettaNot sure if those should be spoilered or not, doing so just in case. Another Gamer25th Jan 15 06:55:57
Literature: Throne Of GlassHeir of Fire has been released, and the title of the next book has been revealed. arctichigh25th Jan 15 06:53:46
Corrupt Hick"I sorta remember this" doesn't count as an example - no work name means no entry. Zyffyr25th Jan 15 06:53:08
YMMV: Jack ReacherApproved by the thread ACW25th Jan 15 06:52:34
Summary: LiteratureAdded item, removed bit at the top about signing, as most seem to be unsigned. Nobody's doing it anymore. JM Qwilleran25th Jan 15 06:42:11
Film: American Snipercontradicts I Did What I Have To Do Aquila 8925th Jan 15 06:36:25
Headscratchers: Law And OrderNot called Just Bugs Me anymore, so old post made no sense at all. Sharlee D25th Jan 15 06:35:03
Batman Gambit: Anime And Mangasame as prev. / plus spelling (acc.) memetics25th Jan 15 06:34:08
Batman Gambit: Anime And Mangaadd detail for clarity / accuracy memetics25th Jan 15 06:30:50
Film: Moulin RougePlacido Domingo Lendri25th Jan 15 06:26:27
Characters: The Wheel Of Time The Shadow And DarkfriendsIn the book 'The Great Hunt', in chapter 10 'The Hunt Begins', there is mention of a dead Myrddraal: "The wind flapped an end of the cloak caught behind the body—which it did not always, he knew too well; the wind did not always touch those clothes—but there had never been any eyes in that pale, bloodless face." Dyuran25th Jan 15 06:19:32
Series: Tokumei Sentai GobustersWe are not Wikipedia, or even Rangerwiki. We do not have to conform to official spellings. Howling Snail25th Jan 15 06:17:53
Recap: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 4 E 13 Simple WaysA Call Back is a plot relevant information not a situation that's mildly similar Silverblade 225th Jan 15 06:15:00
Anime: The Cat ReturnsAddidtion Monolaf 31725th Jan 15 06:13:27
Awesome: The Empire Strikes BackI'm pretty sure Vader and Ozzel were on the same ship Lt Fedora25th Jan 15 06:12:28
Film: FX Murder By IllusionPotholes are not allowed in page quotes. Morgenthaler25th Jan 15 06:09:10
Monster: Anime And Manga I To PPer edit requests thread. Septimus Heap25th Jan 15 06:09:06
Pantheon: Gaming Intermediate GodsRemoving unneeded brackets and other stuff TPPR 1025th Jan 15 06:03:07
Videogame: The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Timeremoving unnecessary subjectivity from the spoiler warning. My Timing Is Off25th Jan 15 06:01:40
Videogame: The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Timelenghty —> lengthy, Captain Obvious is In Universe Examples Only, removing page quote sinkholes My Timing Is Off25th Jan 15 05:59:09
Characters: NichijouWrong section. totoofze 4725th Jan 15 05:52:38
Film: Old SchoolNot an example. Dramatic Irony is when the audience knows something the charactes don't, not Irony but Played For Drama Caissas Death Angel25th Jan 15 05:50:52
Series: Barney MillerIt was actually Tigar again with the poltergeist, & the elections are in the same episode eowynjedi25th Jan 15 05:48:07
Film: Martha Marcy May MarleneHiding spoilers. Quietomega25th Jan 15 05:39:01
Film: Martha Marcy May MarleneMoved from YMMV Quietomega25th Jan 15 05:38:02
YMMV: Martha Marcy May MarleneMoved to main page Quietomega25th Jan 15 05:36:36
Anime: The Mystery Of MamoMoving In Universe example from YMMV ryanasaurus 007725th Jan 15 05:32:58
YMMV: The Mystery Of MamoIf it's In Universe, it shouldn't go on YMMV IIRC. ryanasaurus 007725th Jan 15 05:32:07
The Runt At The EndWrong trope TPPR 1025th Jan 15 05:30:00
Video Game: Kirby 64 The Crystal ShardsFirst of all, that's Advancing Boss Of Doom, not Wall. Second of all, ZCE. Third of all, "speaking of X" is Word Cruft. My Timing Is Off25th Jan 15 05:29:20
YMMV: One PieceI understand disliking them, but some of these points are unfair at best (I know this is the YMMV page, but still), and plain wrong at worst. It's not like Rebecca had any chance to win against Diamante, let alone survive. Also, she isn't hyped up as a good fighter, she is shown to be good enough to hold her own in the Corrida Colosseum fights, which makes a huge difference. As for Shirahoshi, not only does she have good reasons to cry, but she isn't even as much whiny as she is a crybaby, and there's a difference between those. Sorry if this counts as a Justifying Edit, but even then, some of these points were plain wrong. totoofze 4725th Jan 15 05:28:56
Video Game: Kirby 64 The Crystal ShardsExamples Are Not Arguable. "The Final Boss is considered easier than the penultimate boss" is not what this trope means. Also removing Scenery Porn ZCE. My Timing Is Off25th Jan 15 05:26:33
Videogame: The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of TimeOf course it's a good reason. It's Natter, it doesn't NEED a reason to be removed to begin with. Blue Madness25th Jan 15 05:19:53
Video Game: Pokemon Ruby And Sapphireyou still need to click the link to understand the example, and it seems like more of a coincidence than a shout-out anyway. My Timing Is Off25th Jan 15 05:19:03
YMMV: The Infinite LoopsJustifying Edit. Seriously. You're not suppose to make these on the main pages, so definitely don't do this on the YMMV pages. Toko WH25th Jan 15 05:17:03
No Indoor Voice: Video GamesIIRC, the dashes are included in her all-caps quote from ''Hyper Princess Pitch'' Medinoc25th Jan 15 05:12:27
Creator: Stellan Skarsgardadded In Order Of Disappearance Zungentod25th Jan 15 05:07:00
Recap: Bleach The Thousand Year Blood War ArcExample indentation. Wyldchyld25th Jan 15 05:02:50
Recap: Bleach The Thousand Year Blood War ArcAnyone Can Die was removed elswhere as not relevant as the good guy deaths did not set up this trope's trend. Zero Context Example and Example Indentation. Wyldchyld25th Jan 15 05:02:21
Characters: Hyrule Warriorsminor fixes My Timing Is Off25th Jan 15 05:02:03
Characters: Harry Potter Hogwarts StudentsYMMV annette 1225th Jan 15 04:59:56
Music: Having A Rave UpMore tropes need to be added. bluesno1fann25th Jan 15 04:55:34
Recap: Bleach The Lost Agent ArcMoved anime ending tropes to the Blood War page, as it's that arc they affect, not this one. Wyldchyld25th Jan 15 04:53:50
Adventure Friendly WorldYeah, but you didn't have to nuke it wholesale Gentlemens Dame 88325th Jan 15 04:49:24
Recap: Bleach Deicide ArcBittersweet Example has been taken to the Discussion Page. Example correction. Wyldchyld25th Jan 15 04:45:58
Recap: Bleach Fake Karakura Town ArcZero Context Example. Wyldchyld25th Jan 15 04:42:44
Recap: Bleach Turn Back The Pendulum ArcZero Context Example and Example Indentation. Wyldchyld25th Jan 15 04:41:41
Recap: Bleach Hueco Mundo ArcRecycled Script needed to be removed as it's flagging as YMMV/Trivia item. Zero Context Examples. Wyldchyld25th Jan 15 04:40:34
Recap: Bleach Arrancar Invasion ArcZero Context Example. Wyldchyld25th Jan 15 04:39:20
Series: QIAdded Colin Lane to Buttmonkey Aomic25th Jan 15 04:38:40
Recap: Bleach Soul Society ArcBittersweet Ending has been taken to the Discussion Page. Commented out Zero Context Examples and removed the one Hope Spot example since it's not that trope - we already knew he'd been poisoned and that he'd lose his powers so we knew the victory was a hollow one. The Mouse example happens right at the end of this arc, so wouldn't apply to this page anyway. Wyldchyld25th Jan 15 04:35:38
Characters: Star Vs The Forces Of EvilGrammar and awkward wording fixes in character descriptions. Malchus25th Jan 15 04:33:49
Funny: Chip CheezumUpdating outdated video link Jadriam25th Jan 15 04:33:32
Recap: Bleach Substitute Shinigami ArcA staggered introduction of main characters is not the limelight trope (and the Spotlight is the old name that redirects). Take Up My Sword is Examples Are Not Arguable and trope misuse. Wyldchyld25th Jan 15 04:31:15
Lets Play: Lewis BrindleyMurder now has own page. captainmarkle25th Jan 15 04:22:34
Floating PlatformsRemoving redlink. Quanyails25th Jan 15 04:20:44
Oral Fixationfixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 04:14:13
Lets Play: So Totally TobyRemoving broken link. captainmarkle25th Jan 15 04:08:55
Funny: YogscastRemoving redundant (and broken) wick. captainmarkle25th Jan 15 04:08:05
Ho Yay: Live Action TVfixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 04:07:39
Missing Steps PlanNot really a case, since Yagh uplift was considered and was still under study. They didn't actually do anything, Yagh remained unuplifted throughout the game. We see ''one'' Yagh in study, and that's it. Mandemo25th Jan 15 04:07:36
Characters: Veronica MarsShoehorned Example. Morgenthaler25th Jan 15 04:04:49
Fridge: Homestuck B 2 Universethe explanation made the point moot. ocritter25th Jan 15 03:59:55
Film: Sonic The HedgehogZero Context Example Silverblade 225th Jan 15 03:52:24
Mark Of The Beastreplaced image with non-jittered version eroock25th Jan 15 03:52:12
Unsympathetic Comedy ProtagonistAltering a Zero Context Example. ading25th Jan 15 03:50:53
Literature: SphereAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler25th Jan 15 03:50:17
Characters: Hyrule Warriorshttp://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=13983140170A37263400&page=3 Elfkaiser25th Jan 15 03:50:11
Film: Erin BrockovichNot in the movie, and Amoral Attorney is a No Real Examples Please trope Aquila 8925th Jan 15 03:48:45
Film: Erin BrockovichIf it's not in the film, it doesn't belong here. This article is about the film. Furthermore, Moral Event Horizon and Karma Houdini aren't allowed to have real life examples Aquila 8925th Jan 15 03:47:21
Web Video: Red Letter MediaWhen the setup for the joke is funny / a joke in itself, it's not really a Brick Joke. That's Chekhovs Gag. poi 9925th Jan 15 03:45:26
Failure HeroRedundancy. Person With Many Aliases25th Jan 15 03:42:13
POW CampAdded namespaces. Morgenthaler25th Jan 15 03:41:17
Music: Ne YoWikipedia lists the three-album box set as a compilation. Spinosegnosaurus 7725th Jan 15 03:40:38
In My Language That Sounds LikeAnochi is archaic. Oti means me. Yerushalmi25th Jan 15 03:39:08
In My Language That Sounds Like"Dag" sounds nothing like "dog" unless you pronounced "dog" as "dahg". Also, "Ani" means "I". It's "Anochi" that means "me". Yerushalmi25th Jan 15 03:38:20
Warp That Aesop: Literaturefixed a redirect genisgone25th Jan 15 03:36:47
Franchise: DigimonCondensing the Our Angels Are Different list a bit. Excising the evolution charts because there are multiple paths to these forms, and this is about the Mons in general, not any specific instance of them. Xadhoom Xado25th Jan 15 03:36:05
Light Novel: Yoku Wakaru Gendai MahouLinking To An Article Within The Article The One Who Tropes25th Jan 15 03:30:20
Total Drama: Tropes A To Gmoved to trivia rafi25th Jan 15 03:29:34
Total Drama: Tropes H To Pmoved to trivia rafi25th Jan 15 03:15:29
Theme Music Power UpFan Myopia. Always show the work's name. Morgenthaler25th Jan 15 03:14:34
Theatre: Brigadoon1700s, not 1600s. Kand C25th Jan 15 03:14:10
Film: Strike CommandoNo Circular Links, please. Morgenthaler25th Jan 15 03:07:59
The Fairly Odd Parents: Tropes K To Rmoved to trivia rafi25th Jan 15 03:01:51
Video Game: Pokemon Ruby And SapphireI'm guessing this was implied. Feel free to remove again if it still doesn't work. Super Sauce25th Jan 15 02:56:27
Characters: Agent CarterExplosion pic still looks way cooler, sums up her character better, and is not as grainy. Also still needs an upper page quote, not merely caption. Tuckerscreator25th Jan 15 02:51:50
Innocent InaccurateAdded an example. lepouvantail25th Jan 15 02:48:09
Monster: Live Action TVPer edit requests thread. Septimus Heap25th Jan 15 02:41:50
Monster: Film P To ZPer edit requests thread. Septimus Heap25th Jan 15 02:41:12
WMG: Log HorizonAdding in a guess on anime's Roe2 existance Roland 11725th Jan 15 02:38:33
Comic Book: Ubersingle phrase is more ominous Sydney 201325th Jan 15 02:30:32
Bastard BoyfriendDo not pothole work names. Adept25th Jan 15 02:26:51
What Is This Thing You Call LoveOne quote is sufficient... others can go on the quotes page. Aquillion25th Jan 15 02:23:35
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Characters: Pokemon Other Non Playable CharactersFirst of all, it's Gender Inverted, not Gender Flipped. Second, despite the name, Nephewism is a unisex trope, therefore it cannot be gender inverted. My Timing Is Off25th Jan 15 02:02:27
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Character ShillingClarification. lepouvantail25th Jan 15 01:48:55
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Video Game: Pokemon Ruby And SapphireWeblinks Are Not Examples. And even after clicking on the link, I STILL don't get it. My Timing Is Off25th Jan 15 01:34:39
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