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Me, from a time 500 years ago
"Viewers Are Morons doesn't any subjectivity make"

About me

To head off, while I am a currently 20-year old male from Switzerland, I distinctly prefer to be referred to by the attributes of my avatar on the forums (that is, usally as "boy").

In the case you didn't notice, I am an avid reader of Septimus Heap. Media references wise, I tend to cycle between various works slowly (not slowly enough for me to keep this page up-to-date regarding that), including House, Hawaii Five-0, Castle, NCIS, Air Crash Investigation and more.

I have become a troper mainly for Septimus Heap and also to see if I can become a productive member of a Wiki. You see, I have been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome when I was a little boy and have sometimes problems with society due to this.

Nowadays, I mostly spend my time with World Building projects and seeing a bit forward with life.

Herald of the Frequently Asked Questions subforum since 4th August 2012, and of Trope Talk since 18th December 2013.

At the moment busy on-wiki with reading discussion pages, monitoring new pages and new accounts for bad pages here and vandals/problem editors respectively, and commenting and occasionally working in the workshops. Sometimes I am in Yack Fest, Old Folk's Home, On-Topic Conversations, Literature, Writer's Block and World Building.

A cool discovery during lurking.

First edit: 18th Nov '11 12:56:25 PM on YMMV.Septimus Heap.

Wiki things

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    Things made by me 
General stuff:

The 300th trope for Septimus Heap, The Reveal, on Sun, 19th Feb '12 4:14:40 AM.

Pages moved:


The symbols are:

  • hearts
  • stars
  • clovers
  • crescent moons
  • rainbows
  • music notes
  • wings
  • lipstick kisses
  • colored letters
  • fruits (oranges and bananas are favorites)
  • flowers (all kinds)
  • tears
  • bells
  • colored numbers
  • umbrellas
  • mushrooms and feathers, if you're playing Super Mario Bros..

    Namespace to be discussed list 
  • Bibliography/
  • Booklist/
  • CallForward/
  • Cards/
  • Classes/
  • CharacterSheets/
  • Chronology/
  • Community/
  • Corpse/
  • DevelopmentHistory/
  • Encounters/
  • Extras/
  • Factions/
  • FictionalCharacters/
  • ForumSupport/
  • GrandUnifiedTimeline/
  • GuestCommentators/
  • Interviews/
  • LARP/
  • List/
  • Locations/
  • MainMembers/
  • Manual/
  • Memes/
  • Metacasting/
  • Metaplot/
  • Notes/
  • Reactions/
  • Register/
  • RoleplayingTips
  • Sampling/
  • Script/
  • StockDinosaurs/
  • StockGods/
  • Timeline/
  • TroperWall/
  • Units/
  • Worldbuilding

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Well, this is surprising. A person that is one of the Wiki's most productive members with no vandalism in his page? I call first. -desdendelle

Wohoo! I'm glad I'm not the only Aspie around here. I don't feel so alone in this world anymore. -Indigo12ash

Apparently, now there are at least three Aspies on this wiki. -IlVit

The Original Barnstar

For all the hard work you do adding to and cleaning up the wiki, I award you Wikipedia's barnstar, since I have an inkling you may edit there as well. Telcontar (talk contribs) 08:04 7 September 2012

I personally think you should be a moderator, Septimus. -Waxing Name

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