Nightmare Fuel / Septimus Heap

  • The Two-Faced ring, and the way you get it off. You have to take it off the Other way, i.e you have to cut off the finger it was on.
  • The Hunter. Going around and killing people like animals. It's even called "hunting". His relentless efficiency mode.
  • The illustration of a Thing in Darke.
  • Some milder examples: Septimus's appearance Darke and Jenna's witchy clothing in Darke; DomDaniel melting down to a pool of slime in Flyte; Merrin Meredith being Consumed by DomDaniel in Magyk.
  • The Young Army in Magyk.
  • In Syren, there's The Book of Syren. Jenna and Beetle even describe it as being "like watching someone get murdered."
  • When a person dies, his or her ghost is as sane as the person in question was when they died. Think about that for a second. Imagine eternity if, when you died, you were completely, off-the-wall, crazy.