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Funny: Septimus Heap
  • Spit Fyre's, ahem, defecations, can be this:
    • On top of a few attacking Things in Darke.
    • When he holds up Septimus and Jenna in Flyte as they are hurrying to the Queen's Room.
  • Marcia's behavior in general, and her purple python shoes.
  • A man named Marcus Overland was once given the ExtraOrdinary Wizard robes and proceeded to be very poorly behaved.
  • Wolf Boy's reaction to learning that his name is Mandy.
  • It's revealed in Fyre that Hotep-Ra's first incantation was for getting rid of the smell of pigs.
  • The fact that no one reacts to Jillie Djinn's death in Darke
    Marcia: She's dead! She's dead on my couch!
  • Aunt Zelda's lines toward the end of Magyk.
    Zelda: The chicken boat is gone! My chickens, my poor little chickens!
    Marcia: There are more important things in life than chickens.
    Zelda: The rabbits! My poor bunnies, all gone!
    Marcia: Oh, do be quiet, Zelda!
  • Sarah Heap's phrases when something is missing— "It must be here somewhere" and the much-less-hopeful "It could be anywhere."

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