Fridge: Septimus Heap

  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • The reason why the Queens are very - ahem, controlling with regard to the ExtraOrdinary Wizards is because they are in charge of the safety of the Castle, and as such, they have to keep an eye to the actions of the Wizards, as they are often marked by an appalling lack of safety policy. - Septimus Heap.
    • The isle of Syren in Syren was sunk by the Storegga tsunami. - Septimus Heap.
    • Marcia, after reading Septimus's note saying that he is now Marcellus's apprentice, says that it had his signature, which was a seven. This makes sense if you remember that Septimus is a Magical Seventh Son. - Lord Of The Internet.
      • His name also means "seven". - redgyarados

  • Fridge Logic:
    • If the Gathering of Extraordinaries in Quest can only be official if it is complete, how come nobody points out that Hotep-Ra isn't there?
      • Simple. He's not dead.