Awesome / Septimus Heap

  • Any time a Thunderflash is described, it just sounds so horrifyingly [[Badass]].
  • The battle between the Dragon Boat and the Vengeance in Magyk obviously fits.
  • Septimus casting the projection spell in Queste to divert the Guards of the House Of Foryx from Nicko.
  • The fight between Septimus and Merrin in Darke. Epic dragon vs. dragon(construct) go!
  • In Darke, Beetle risks his life to protect the Manuscriptorium and manages to survive a good 24 hours in a small, airtight room without the charm that was supposed to help him by doing ancient breathing excercises. He was chosen as Chief Hermetic Scribe for a reason, folks.
  • Also in Darke, Simon, Septimus, Lucy, and Jenna are about to get into a fight, but Sarah manages to completely break this up:
    Sarah: I will have no angry words in this room, do you understand? I don't care what any of you have done in the past, I don't care how stupid or misguided or just plain bad you have been - and some of you have been all of those - because you are my children. All of you. And yes, Lucy, that includes you too now. Whatever any of you have done, however much you have hurt each other in the past, when you are in this room you will put that to one side. You will behave toward each other as brothers and sisters should. Is that understood?
  • The general sense of happiness and fun that pervades in Fyre. There's still Darkenesse and evil to fight, but with the Darke Domaine banished, the ring about to go into the fyre and DomDaniel gone, everyone is generally happy and cheery and is able to finally relax. It makes for pleasantly happy reading and even when bad things do happen, there's a sense that together they can overcome them and all will be well. And it is.