Septimus Heap's Recent Edits

27th Oct 16 01:44:50Series.Crusade
20th Oct 16 07:42:37Image Links.Complete Monster
20th Oct 16 07:41:39Gratuitous Rape
20th Oct 16 07:40:50Image Links.Complete Monster
8th Oct 16 01:57:55Monster.Literature M To Z
8th Oct 16 01:55:29Monster.Other Media
8th Oct 16 01:54:09Monster.Western Animation
28th Sep 16 09:07:54Ian Mc Donald
28th Sep 16 09:07:31Unwinnable Boss Fight
28th Sep 16 09:06:16Framley Examiner
28th Sep 16 09:05:20Useful Notes.Adolf Hitler
28th Sep 16 09:04:37Washington 213
28th Sep 16 09:03:46Administrivia.Locked Pages
28th Sep 16 09:00:53Planetary Alignment
28th Sep 16 09:00:46Celestial Alignment
28th Sep 16 09:00:09Useful Notes.Osama Bin Laden
28th Sep 16 08:59:20Useful Notes.Adolf Hitler
25th Sep 16 02:02:01Monster.Video Games L To Z
25th Sep 16 02:01:08Wrongthink
25th Sep 16 02:00:30Strokes Imaginary Beard
25th Sep 16 02:00:13Power Of Music
25th Sep 16 01:59:52The Power Of Music
25th Sep 16 01:59:20The Power Of Music
25th Sep 16 01:59:05Dead Love Interest
25th Sep 16 01:58:51Ultimate Temptation
25th Sep 16 01:58:24Monster.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
20th Sep 16 08:03:17YMMV.Yu Gi Oh Arc V
11th Sep 16 05:47:17Website.Four Chan
11th Sep 16 02:32:06YMMV.Ghostbusters 2016
11th Sep 16 02:29:29Divine Chess
10th Sep 16 03:53:38Moon Base
10th Sep 16 02:38:27Legal As Church On Sunday
4th Sep 16 02:54:37Inferred Holocaust
25th Aug 16 12:59:19YMMV.Sonic Sat AM
13th Aug 16 08:23:37Nightmare Fuel.Bionicle
10th Aug 16 01:21:14What An Idiot.Star Wars
7th Aug 16 12:42:07Memes.Undertale
31st Jul 16 05:03:36Monster.Sonic The Hedgehog
31st Jul 16 05:02:26Prison Escape
31st Jul 16 05:02:10Film.Salo Or The 120 Days Of Sodom
12th Jul 16 05:12:22Monster.Video Games
12th Jul 16 05:06:12Quotes.Complete Monster
12th Jul 16 05:04:06John Wizard Games
12th Jul 16 05:04:01Luzerne
10th Jul 16 02:05:24Characters.The Infernal Devices
27th Jun 16 02:35:57Hollywood Tactics
26th Jun 16 06:12:42Administrivia.Locked Pages
26th Jun 16 06:06:51Mark Oliver
25th Jun 16 02:32:10Monster.Video Games
25th Jun 16 02:31:44Useful Notes.George W Bush
23rd Jun 16 11:22:18Characters.Family Guy The Griffin Family
22nd Jun 16 12:15:04Useful Notes.Electronic Entertainment Expo
22nd Jun 16 12:14:32Useful Notes.Electronic Entertainment Expo
20th Jun 16 04:18:18Western Animation.Jungle Book
20th Jun 16 12:48:01Ambiguous Gender Identity
20th Jun 16 12:47:52Ambiguous Gender
19th Jun 16 10:00:39My Breakfast With Blassie
19th Jun 16 10:00:29Literature.The Bible
19th Jun 16 09:59:49Monster.Literature A To L
19th Jun 16 09:59:16Monster.Arrow Verse
19th Jun 16 09:58:40Useful Notes.High Functioning Autism
19th Jun 16 01:26:14Crystal Dragon Islam
19th Jun 16 01:26:08Crystal Dragon Christianity
19th Jun 16 01:25:16Administrivia.Permanent Red Link Club
19th Jun 16 01:24:21Sexual Slavery
19th Jun 16 01:23:30Useful Notes.Asperger Syndrome
17th Jun 16 01:52:49Monster.Buffyverse
17th Jun 16 01:51:59Administrivia.Welcome To Tv Tropes
17th Jun 16 01:50:29Administrivia.What To Do If You Are Suspended
17th Jun 16 01:49:40Characters.The Bible
17th Jun 16 01:48:01Monster.Literature A To L
15th Jun 16 06:13:58Western Animation.Toy Story 3
15th Jun 16 04:47:08Western Animation.The Head
15th Jun 16 04:45:45Western Animation.Skysurfer Strike Force
15th Jun 16 04:45:28Western Animation.Wally Gator
15th Jun 16 04:45:15Western Animation.Simsala Grimm
14th Jun 16 12:50:28Administrivia.Locked Pages
14th Jun 16 12:49:59Administrivia.Locked Pages
13th Jun 16 12:57:28Shed The Family Name
8th Jun 16 01:57:22Bar Karma
8th Jun 16 01:56:59Max The Reaper
8th Jun 16 01:56:33The Stray
7th Jun 16 02:26:59Useful Notes.Bisexual
7th Jun 16 02:26:10Hoyay.Hannibal
7th Jun 16 02:25:59Comic Book.Preacher
7th Jun 16 02:25:40Heteronormative Crusader
5th Jun 16 07:45:42Malevolent AI
30th May 16 08:37:38Paul Gross
30th May 16 08:37:08Quotes.Complete Monster
30th May 16 08:35:42Monster.Live Action TV
30th May 16 08:33:47Political Correctness Gone Mad
30th May 16 08:32:54Administrivia.Permanent Red Link Club
30th May 16 08:29:22Lucid Seraph
30th May 16 08:29:02Bara Genre
30th May 16 08:28:17Monster.Video Games A To K
30th May 16 08:27:22Rape Discretion Shot
30th May 16 08:26:16Fan Fic.Drunkards Walk
28th May 16 02:52:21Trope Launch Pad
15th May 16 06:29:53Badass
15th May 16 06:09:09The Aunty Jack Show
15th May 16 06:08:58An Alternate History Of The Netherlands
14th May 16 01:44:09Analysdis.Loony Laws
14th May 16 01:35:44Babbler
8th May 16 11:30:36Technologically Advanced Foe
8th May 16 11:29:51Outside Genre Foe
8th May 16 07:22:47Batlle Stations
8th May 16 04:27:44Tear Jerker.The Black Ring
8th May 16 04:27:35Tear Jerker.The Black Ring
8th May 16 04:27:19Nightmare Fuel.Richard Laymon
8th May 16 04:27:07Nightmare Fuel.Richard Laymon
8th May 16 04:26:42Characters.Inda Others
8th May 16 04:26:32Characters.Inda Others
8th May 16 04:23:26Moral Guardians
8th May 16 04:22:28Slacker Spice
5th May 16 01:52:08Domestic Abuser
30th Apr 16 05:40:07Cafe Setarah
30th Apr 16 05:27:25Dinosaurs Alive
30th Apr 16 02:21:16Administrivia.Two Point Zero
29th Apr 16 08:18:28World Rally Championship
27th Apr 16 07:54:44Monster.Other Media
27th Apr 16 07:52:51The Mystery Files Of Shelby Woo
24th Apr 16 06:06:05The Innocent Man
24th Apr 16 06:04:11Monster.Marvel Animation
24th Apr 16 06:00:03The Comeback
24th Apr 16 01:25:09Monster.Literature M To Z
24th Apr 16 01:10:01Monster.Live Action TV
23rd Apr 16 12:19:54Sandbox.War 877
18th Apr 16 04:47:06Hollywood Tactics
18th Apr 16 04:46:08YMMV.Final Fantasy VII
18th Apr 16 04:44:57Useful Notes.Adolf Hitler
17th Apr 16 02:07:53Big Sibling Instinct
17th Apr 16 02:07:09Monster.Transformers
5th Apr 16 08:45:18Characters.Wiki Sandbox
5th Apr 16 08:45:04Recap.Wiki Sandbox
2nd Apr 16 05:56:41Administrivia.Two Point Zero
1st Apr 16 09:12:05Monster.James Bond
1st Apr 16 09:11:55Working Class
1st Apr 16 09:11:47Jason Flemyng
28th Mar 16 01:26:30Awesome Music.Megadimension Neptunia VII
27th Mar 16 03:27:55Philippa Gregory
27th Mar 16 03:27:46Headsratchers.Fresh Meat
27th Mar 16 06:45:14PHD
27th Mar 16 06:44:03PHD
27th Mar 16 02:33:26Monster.Buffyverse
27th Mar 16 02:32:48Monster.Batman
27th Mar 16 02:32:00Literature.The Bible
26th Mar 16 02:54:18Image Links.Complete Monster
20th Mar 16 02:12:56Nightmare Fuel.Daredevil 2015
12th Mar 16 02:23:47Indie Rock
10th Mar 16 11:19:15YMMV.Steven Universe
9th Mar 16 07:54:14Administrivia.Two Point Zero
9th Mar 16 07:51:50Unfortunate Implications
7th Mar 16 08:26:21Fanfic.Surroga
6th Mar 16 01:56:39Creator.Robert A Heinlein
6th Mar 16 07:12:21Skyrim.Tropes 0 To G
6th Mar 16 01:32:57The Beautiful Game
6th Mar 16 01:32:23The Beautiful Game
5th Mar 16 12:29:50Black Bra And Panties
5th Mar 16 12:27:07Hollywood Tactics
3rd Mar 16 11:50:01
3rd Mar 16 11:36:32Tabletop RPG Tropes
2nd Mar 16 11:56:07Characters.Undertale Main Characters
2nd Mar 16 11:27:11Agency For Cultural Affairs 100 Best Animations
2nd Mar 16 08:27:53Web Video.Kens Corner
2nd Mar 16 08:25:19Fanfic.New Game Plus
29th Feb 16 08:12:27Abusive Parents
28th Feb 16 11:19:21Franchise.DCLAU
28th Feb 16 11:02:48Fr.Fouine Nécessaire
28th Feb 16 11:01:19Fr.Fouine Nécessaire
28th Feb 16 11:00:32Fr.Fouine Nécessaire
28th Feb 16 10:59:59Fr.Fouine Naecessaire
28th Feb 16 10:59:31Fr.Fouine Nécessaire
28th Feb 16 10:57:02Fr.Fouine Nacessaire
28th Feb 16 10:56:14Fr.Fouine Nécessaire
28th Feb 16 10:55:22Fr.Fouine Nécessaire
28th Feb 16 09:36:20Characters.The Maze Runner
28th Feb 16 09:36:12YMMV.Divergent
28th Feb 16 09:35:59Characters.Divergent
28th Feb 16 01:41:43Administrivia.Overly Long Pages
28th Feb 16 01:27:01Characters.Forming
28th Feb 16 01:16:22Signature Song.A To K
27th Feb 16 03:06:48Heartwarming.Lets Play
27th Feb 16 02:57:20Characters.Forming
27th Feb 16 02:41:27Videogame.Styx Master Of Shadows
27th Feb 16 02:41:20Videogame.Styx Master Of Shadows
26th Feb 16 07:38:38Webcomic.Sonichu
26th Feb 16 01:05:52Trivia.Trivia
26th Feb 16 12:42:24Invisible Orchestra
26th Feb 16 12:42:00Webcomic.Sonichu
25th Feb 16 02:41:19Monster.Batman
25th Feb 16 02:39:10Magma Manipulation
25th Feb 16 02:38:54Sandbox.Magma Manipulation
25th Feb 16 02:37:31Characters.Club Der Roten Baander
25th Feb 16 02:37:07Characters.Club Der Roten Bänder
25th Feb 16 02:34:37Characters.Club Der Roten Bänder
25th Feb 16 02:33:57Characters.Club Der Roten Bänder
25th Feb 16 02:32:19Characters.Club Der Roten Bänder
25th Feb 16 02:18:40Loves Only Gold
25th Feb 16 02:17:50Daycare Nightmare
25th Feb 16 02:16:18Fan Fic Recs.Worm
25th Feb 16 02:16:03Fan Works.Worm
25th Feb 16 02:15:46Fanfic Recs.The Gamer
25th Feb 16 02:14:48Fan Fic.Co Op Mode
24th Feb 16 02:58:43Administrivia.Two Point Zero
24th Feb 16 05:10:02Australian Television Shows
24th Feb 16 05:09:47Australian Television Shows
24th Feb 16 01:59:47Administrivia.Welcome To Tv Tropes
24th Feb 16 01:43:26Administrivia.Get Known
24th Feb 16 12:12:30Video Game.On Ta Ma Ra Ma
24th Feb 16 12:06:20Film.Hardcore Henry
23rd Feb 16 11:43:56Administrivia.Welcome To Tv Tropes
23rd Feb 16 11:42:59Sandbox.We Are Not For Bashing Things Redux
23rd Feb 16 11:42:54Sandbox.We Are Not For Bashing Things
23rd Feb 16 11:42:48Administrivia.Permanent Red Link Club
23rd Feb 16 11:42:36Administrivia.Locked Pages
23rd Feb 16 11:39:41De.Es Gibt Keine Relevanz
23rd Feb 16 11:38:46Ask The Tropers
23rd Feb 16 11:38:31Ask The Tropers
23rd Feb 16 11:40:03Hostile Hitchhiker
23rd Feb 16 09:16:20Balance Buff
23rd Feb 16 07:21:23Music.Justin Bieber
23rd Feb 16 07:20:23Monster.Transformers
23rd Feb 16 02:18:27Characters.The Venture Brothers
22nd Feb 16 01:10:07Nightmare Fuel.Wiki Sandbox
22nd Feb 16 01:09:01Wiki Sandbox
22nd Feb 16 09:12:21Administrivia.Two Point Zero
22nd Feb 16 07:43:47Administrivia
22nd Feb 16 07:42:22Administrivia.Two Point Zero
22nd Feb 16 06:49:28Literature.Sixteen Thirty Two
22nd Feb 16 03:30:09Monster.A Song Of Ice And Fire
22nd Feb 16 03:24:02Monster.A Song Of Ice And Fire
22nd Feb 16 03:21:36Monster.A Song Of Ice And Fire
22nd Feb 16 03:21:16Monster.Live Action TV
22nd Feb 16 03:17:52Monster.DC Animation
22nd Feb 16 03:16:50Monster.Creepypasta
22nd Feb 16 03:15:51Monster.Fullmetal Alchemist
22nd Feb 16 03:11:51Double Standard Rape Female On Male
21st Feb 16 12:22:19Administrivia.Two Point Zero
21st Feb 16 06:03:26Monster.DC Animation
21st Feb 16 06:02:30Monster.Film F To O
21st Feb 16 01:50:48Web Video.Spinning Egg Zone
20th Feb 16 01:02:56Fiery Redhead.Western Animation
20th Feb 16 09:29:06Administrivia.Two Point Zero
20th Feb 16 08:21:48Administrivia.Two Point Zero
20th Feb 16 08:02:33Administrivia.Two Point Zero
20th Feb 16 07:16:54Administrivia.Two Point Zero
20th Feb 16 01:39:37Evolutionary Levels
20th Feb 16 01:37:06Unicorn
19th Feb 16 12:01:27Administrivia.Site Policies
19th Feb 16 11:57:47Administrivia.Site Policies
18th Feb 16 10:48:49Tear Jerker.Live Action TV
17th Feb 16 09:35:33Wiki Sandbox
16th Feb 16 11:49:53Webcomic.Victory
16th Feb 16 11:48:51Video Game.The Idiot Apocalypse
16th Feb 16 11:44:40Characters.Club Der Roten Bänder
16th Feb 16 11:31:33Wiki Sandbox
16th Feb 16 11:27:01Wiki Sandbox
16th Feb 16 11:26:49Wiki Sandbox
16th Feb 16 02:03:43YMMV.Home Page
16th Feb 16 11:49:22Darth Wiki.Wiki Sandbox
16th Feb 16 11:48:03YMMV.Wiki Sandbox
16th Feb 16 07:55:54Characters.Club Der Roten Bänder
15th Feb 16 08:54:37Fan Works.Harry Potter
14th Feb 16 03:33:57Screw Yourself
14th Feb 16 03:23:06Sandbox.An
13th Feb 16 10:16:52Characters.Erfworld
13th Feb 16 09:17:33Index Index
13th Feb 16 08:55:27Administrivia.Permanent Red Link Club
13th Feb 16 08:26:29Home Page
13th Feb 16 08:24:33You Know That Thing Where
13th Feb 16 08:21:54YKTTW
13th Feb 16 08:21:04YKTTW
13th Feb 16 08:18:02You Know That Show
13th Feb 16 08:16:42Ask The Tropers
13th Feb 16 08:15:20Archive.Ask The Tropers
13th Feb 16 08:11:39Trope Finder
13th Feb 16 06:50:23trope.YKTTW Sandbox
13th Feb 16 06:50:15YKTTW Sandbox
13th Feb 16 06:49:59Ma.YKTTW Sandbox
13th Feb 16 06:22:39Administrivia.Five P
13th Feb 16 06:20:06Administrivia.Welcome To Tv Tropes
13th Feb 16 02:40:47Trolling Creator
13th Feb 16 02:24:11Characters.Alex Rider
12th Feb 16 02:24:56Lost And Found
12th Feb 16 02:15:24Wiki Sandbox
12th Feb 16 01:15:05 Webcomic.Victory
12th Feb 16 01:08:42Circular Redirect
12th Feb 16 12:52:16Darth Wiki.Fallen Creator
11th Feb 16 09:43:19More Like A Footnote Than Anything Else
11th Feb 16 09:42:20Lost And Found
11th Feb 16 09:37:11Wiki Archives
11th Feb 16 09:36:49Archive.Lost And Found
11th Feb 16 09:35:20Image Links Wiki
11th Feb 16 09:34:51Haiku Wiki
11th Feb 16 09:31:40Administrivia.Locked Pages
11th Feb 16 09:19:57Administrivia.Know The Staff
11th Feb 16 09:16:33Fr.Bienvenue Chez TV Tropes
11th Feb 16 09:16:17Just For Fun.Ask The Tropers
11th Feb 16 09:15:45It.Administrivia
11th Feb 16 09:15:21Administrivia.Welcome To Tv Tropes
11th Feb 16 09:14:58Administrivia.We Have This I Swear
11th Feb 16 09:14:42Administrivia.TV Tropes Glossary
11th Feb 16 09:14:04Running Gag.TV Tropes
11th Feb 16 09:13:49Trope Talk
11th Feb 16 09:13:30Just For Fun.Troper Types
11th Feb 16 09:12:56Tropers Block
11th Feb 16 09:12:42Self Demonstrating.The Incredible Hulk
11th Feb 16 09:12:13Stock Episode Titles
11th Feb 16 09:11:27Playing With.People Sit On Chairs
11th Feb 16 09:10:07Administrivia.How To Collect Tropes
11th Feb 16 09:08:56Administrivia.Finding A Trope
11th Feb 16 09:08:08Lost And Found
11th Feb 16 09:03:48Find That Trope
11th Feb 16 08:51:11Administrivia
11th Feb 16 08:36:15Administrivia.Locked Pages
11th Feb 16 08:28:17Administrivia.TV Tropes Customs
11th Feb 16 08:22:41Administrivia.Overly Long Pages
11th Feb 16 08:21:29Media Uploader
11th Feb 16 08:18:14Flame Bait
11th Feb 16 08:17:51Flame Bait
11th Feb 16 08:15:23Ma.Tropes
11th Feb 16 08:15:10Ma.Tropes
11th Feb 16 08:14:08Administrivia.What To Put At The Top Of A Page
11th Feb 16 08:07:33Administrivia.Page Templates
11th Feb 16 08:01:59Administrivia.How To Create A Works Page
11th Feb 16 07:49:24Administrivia.Creating New Redirects
11th Feb 16 07:45:24Administrivia.Creating New Pages
11th Feb 16 07:40:52Known Troper
11th Feb 16 01:33:18Wiki Sandbox
11th Feb 16 01:05:50YMMV.Wiki Sandbox
11th Feb 16 12:34:12 Webcomic.Victory
10th Feb 16 05:07:15Wiki Sandbox
10th Feb 16 04:51:39Wiki Sandbox
10th Feb 16 02:03:11Darth Howie
10th Feb 16 02:02:55Trors.Darth Howie
10th Feb 16 01:54:23 Webcomic.Victory
10th Feb 16 01:29:37Tropers.Septimus Heap
10th Feb 16 01:29:25Tropers.Septimus Heap
10th Feb 16 12:41:38Administrivia.Locked Pages
10th Feb 16 12:39:27Administrivia.Know The Staff
9th Feb 16 02:04:43Characters.League Of Legends G To J
9th Feb 16 01:48:10Media
9th Feb 16 01:44:21Media
9th Feb 16 07:51:01Beauty Is Never Tarnished
9th Feb 16 04:43:02Fan Works.Home Page
9th Feb 16 04:35:18Tear Jerker.Podcast
8th Feb 16 03:54:40Recap.The Dreamstone
8th Feb 16 03:37:34Haiku Wiki
8th Feb 16 03:36:07Haiku.Nine
8th Feb 16 03:27:45Image Links Wiki
8th Feb 16 03:24:04Image Links.Vampire Princess Miyu
8th Feb 16 03:23:19Characters.Anime And Manga
8th Feb 16 01:45:15YMMV.Home Page
8th Feb 16 01:43:49YMMV
8th Feb 16 01:42:42YMMV.Home Page
8th Feb 16 01:42:22YMMV.Home Page
8th Feb 16 12:39:30Animation.Film Pod Strasznym Tytu
8th Feb 16 12:33:10Animation.Film O Strasznym Tytule
8th Feb 16 12:30:22Characters.Dragon Age Inquisition Companions
8th Feb 16 12:15:30Image Links.Complete Monster
8th Feb 16 12:15:10Monster.Disney
8th Feb 16 12:14:47Monster.Anime And Manga K To Z
7th Feb 16 02:26:41Five Man Band.Anime A To D
6th Feb 16 01:58:39Quotes.Vicariously Ambitious
5th Feb 16 01:37:22Laconic.Vampire Vords
5th Feb 16 01:32:23YMMV.Dumbing Of Age
5th Feb 16 01:16:36Characters.Star Wars The Old Republic Republic Class Specific Characters
5th Feb 16 01:14:52Film.Brothers 2009
5th Feb 16 01:14:50Film.Brothers 2009
4th Feb 16 01:27:37Website.charactour
3rd Feb 16 01:05:07Useful Notes.Arcade Game
3rd Feb 16 12:43:49Creator.Scott Cawthon
3rd Feb 16 12:43:44Trivia.Five Nights At Freddys
3rd Feb 16 12:43:38Construction And Management Games
3rd Feb 16 12:43:19Video Game.Chipper And Sons Lumber Co
2nd Feb 16 01:22:19Video Game.Yakuza
2nd Feb 16 01:21:50Video Game.Yakuza 5
2nd Feb 16 01:06:54Film.Dirty Deeds
1st Feb 16 05:07:22Sandbox.Les Chants De Maldoror
31st Jan 16 02:08:11Webcomic.Sonichu
31st Jan 16 02:02:32Roleplay.Three WSR
31st Jan 16 01:57:13Video Game.Fallout Shelter
31st Jan 16 01:23:57YMMV.Legends Of Lore Bound
31st Jan 16 01:23:44WMG.Legends Of Lore Bound
31st Jan 16 01:23:28Roleplay.Legends Of Lore Bound
31st Jan 16 01:23:15Characters.Legends Of Lore Bound
30th Jan 16 02:16:07Tear Jerker.Film
30th Jan 16 02:01:02Trivia.Guitar Hero
30th Jan 16 01:48:01Characters.Kushiels Legacy
30th Jan 16 01:45:13Useful Notes.NASCAR
30th Jan 16 01:43:47Recap.Wander Over Yonder
30th Jan 16 01:42:04Comic Book.Annihilator
29th Jan 16 12:25:51Funny.Fire Emblem Awakening
29th Jan 16 12:06:32Characters.Kushiels Legacy
29th Jan 16 12:00:06Web Comic.Nineteen Days
28th Jan 16 11:23:21Headscratchers.Visual Novels
28th Jan 16 12:51:30Useful Notes.Nebula Award
28th Jan 16 12:50:19Characters.Bionicle 2015
27th Jan 16 12:50:27Monster.Sonic The Hedgehog
26th Jan 16 04:28:59YMMV.Gilmore Girls