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“Et on s'est tellemont assojetti, en la dernière, à certaines règles et à certains chiffres, qu'on en a fait un art confus et obscur, qui embarrasse l'esprit, qu lieu d'une science qui le cultive.” Translation  - Rene Descartes, Discourse on Method

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour
- William Blake, Auguries of Innocence

THE VOID: Nothing is know about desdendelle on file, so he can commit crimes without being tracked. - Tachyonwolf's assessment of me.

This Troper, as drawn by his friends.

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Israeli Blue and Orange Morality Agnostic Grammar Nazi Not So Stoic Nanoha fan.

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  • If the backlog is to be believed, I was linked to This Very Wiki (from Battle for Wesnoth's forums, quite possibly from this post ) sometime in November 2010 and became Known shortly afterwards.
  • I got that nickname from the rather insignificant Yu-Gi-Oh! card Des Dendle.
  • It is usually shortened to 'desden', or 'des'. The culprits include GCR, Kiri Ame, Mr AHR, TYM, Fuse and practically everybody else.
  • I am also called:
  • I am:
  • I had a tendency to vandalise people's pages with quotes; go ahead, sue me. I also had a tendency to sign said vandalisations with names of ships from The Culture. For example, the Irregular Apocalypse, the You'll Clean That Up Before You Leave, et cetera.
  • I was shipped multiple times:
    • Pieguy of the PPC shipped me and ShatteredSanity of the same for the 2012 annual PPC Board Shipfest.
    • Himochi Is Awesome of the same shipped me and AnnaBee (of the same) for the same Shipfest. Most of the things she noted are quite true.
    • Phobos of the same shipped me with Makari for the 2013 annual PPC Board Shipfest, also featuring Sergio Turbo, Tray-Gnome, Ivan the Not-so-Terrible, and doctorlit.
    • Herr Wozzeck shipped me with doctorlit for the 2013 shipfest.
    • hermione of vulcan shipped me, Neshomeh, and tea for the 2013 shipfest.
    • Lily Winterwood shipped me with DawnFire for the 2014 shipfest.
    • DawnFire shipped me with tea for the 2014 shipfest. Yes, tea, the beverage. I like tea that much.
    • DawnFire also revenge-shipped with Lily Winterwood for the 2014 shipfest.
  • I am the owner of the typo-created elven-feet pole.
  • I write stuff for the PPC. I'm also a Permission Giver, apparently.

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    Tropes that that guy, desdendelle, thinks he's an example of 
  • Agnostic: of the 'weak agnostic atheist' variation. It basically means the following:
  1. I don't know whether God(s) exist, or not.
  2. I tend to thinknote  that no such being exists.
  3. I think that it is possible to know whether God(s) exist, unless it's proven otherwise.
  • Beleaguered Bureaucrat: My post is best described as 'moving little pieces of paper around'. And boy are there many of those.
  • Laughter Tropes: I suffer from an Annoying Laugh, but at least it is evil. Or nightmarish sometimes. Or a Noblewoman's Laugh.
  • Motor Mouth: Sometimes, especially if the subject is complicated and/or obscure.
  • Movie-Making Mess: My Cinema movies all ended up as this, unfortunately. In the last one, one filming day was cancelled eleven times, six because of the rain and the rest because of the incompetence of the rest of the team.
  • Nerd
  • Ninja Editor: If I spot a typo in my posts, I usually go back and fix it as soon as I see it.
  • Non-Action Guy: And how. Reading is better than doing stuff!
  • Not a Morning Person: Earliest I'll wake up naturally is circa 1100 hours, and while I do have to wake up early sometimes because army, I still hate it.

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    Former signatures 
  • "Uhhh, boss? There's this weird portal that's sucking the world up."
    "Build a wall around it. It'll be fine." —Evi I Paladin, describing a certain Yu-Gi-Oh! card.
  • "...I don't even mind this derail because it's so much better than the derails that could be going on right now." -Best Of, in the short-lived second Israeli politics thread.
  • "... You're making me think about a parasitic, Raising Heart wielding Kyubey living inside people" -Sergio Turbo
  • "The! The A and the It have been caught by Daleks!"
    "The who?"
    "No, we left her on Gallifrey..." -hS
  • "Sergio Turbo/firemagic/Desdendelle.
    A cuddly sandwich of animé and magical girls and bespectacled folks." -Lily Winterwood
  • The British Plover that isn't British.
    [17:27:48] Plummet: Stop being British damn you.

“There are stars above me, and the cherry trees blossom. The garden is still, and completely quiet save for my steps and the sound of my breathing. I walk through the garden till I reach a door; I open it and stare into the very edge of infinity.”