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“Et on s'est tellemont assojetti, en la dernière, à certaines règles et à certains chiffres, qu'on en a fait un art confus et obscur, qui embarrasse l'esprit, qu lieu d'une science qui le cultive.” Translation  - Rene Descartes, Discourse on Method

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Israeli Blue and Orange Morality Agnostic Grammar Police Not So Stoic PPCer.

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  • I got my handle from the rather insignificant Yu-Gi-Oh! card Des Dendle.
  • I am:
    • Male.
    • A drinker of good tea. Especially Earl Grey.
  • I write stuff for the PPC. I'm also a Permission Giver, apparently.

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    Tropes that that guy, desdendelle, thinks he's an example of 
  • Agnostic: of the 'weak agnostic atheist' variation. It basically means the following:
  1. I don't know whether God(s) exist, or not.
  2. I tend to thinknote  that no such being exists.
  3. I think that it is possible to know whether God(s) exist, unless it's proven otherwise.

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    Former signatures 
  • "Uhhh, boss? There's this weird portal that's sucking the world up."
    "Build a wall around it. It'll be fine." —Evi I Paladin, describing a certain Yu-Gi-Oh! card.
  • "...I don't even mind this derail because it's so much better than the derails that could be going on right now." -Best Of, in the short-lived second Israeli politics thread.
  • "... You're making me think about a parasitic, Raising Heart wielding Kyubey living inside people" -Sergio Turbo
  • "The! The A and the It have been caught by Daleks!"
    "The who?"
    "No, we left her on Gallifrey..." -hS
  • "Sergio Turbo/firemagic/Desdendelle.
    A cuddly sandwich of animé and magical girls and bespectacled folks." -Lily Winterwood
  • The British Plover that isn't British.
    [17:27:48] Plummet: Stop being British damn you.

“There are stars above me, and the cherry trees blossom. The garden is still, and completely quiet save for my steps and the sound of my breathing. I walk through the garden till I reach a door; I open it and stare into the very edge of infinity.”