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How much I agree with various kitchenware pages. Legend 


On this wiki, you'll most likely find me correcting grammar, spelling, and syntax issues, as well as ensuring everyone uses the Oxford Comma. (For those of you who don't know what that is, it's the third one in that sentence.) Crosswicking and namespacing are other Things that I may do. I also keep an eye on the recent discussions list. There are some pages I curate, including Lindsey Stirling and Ears for Elves (both found with few tropes, no I'm totally not pimping them here, why do you ask?), the MLP:FiM DMOS page, and those I have launched, but I'm more likely to work on fixing Example Indentation on pages with come up in the Inbound Watch, e.g. subpages to Noodle Incident. Still working on that one.

To date — which date, of course, being an ever-changing number — I've worked significantly on a couple successful YKTTW drafts, but I'm not very active over there at the moment. Kaleidoscope Hair was semi-adopted from Marq, Limb-Sensation Fascination was on behalf of the Trope Repair Shop, and I only scrubbed Super Cell Reception prior to launching it. I do get some ideas for tropes of my own which you can find over in my sandbox page, but am generally too lazy to take them further. I think that the Camera Tricks and Music Tropes deserve more love, however.

In the TV Tropes Fora, I hang out in a bunch of Yack Fest threads, read everything posted in Wiki Talk (for which I am the herald — if you're reading this after getting the welcome PM, then hi!) and FAQ, make a nuisance of myself in Image Pickin', and, well, just lurk. A lot. I have mild CFS/ME, which means that I enough energy to browse TV Tropes all day but insufficient energy for more than a couple hours of anything else.

I have one sockpuppet. He's barely ever used, though useful for testing stuff. Testing stuff is fun and I probably try to break things more than I should, but oh well. By the way, if you want to sign my guest book, head over to my troper wall and spraypaint some words on the screen.

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