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"I'm not really active on this wiki any more, and don't want a Troper page."

This account primarily exists so I can have access to some of TVTropes' reading features, such as the forum watchlist, as well as showing all spoilers and having all folders open by default, and ClockworkUniverses simply seems like a reasonable handle for my account. Most folks won't begrudge another troper for having a wish to access these features, although there's one notable exception.

Is INUH ClockworkUniverses? Short answer: no

However, little did I know that there existed another individual out there with the same handle. Said individual and their associated handle was used elsewhere at IJBM, where they are a moderator. They were also once a troper here, as well, going by the name of "INUH". INUH 

INUH left TVTropes in 2012 for reasons unknown, and later did the same at IJBM. While maintaining complete silence, it appeared that INUH still observed from the sidelines: he requested the removal of his troper page and mine on the cutlist in early 2014, claiming that this account was one of his, as well (going to the lengths of changing his IJBM avatar to match mine to obfuscate things). By mid-2014, I spoke with a moderator and have since recovered my page.

So, to clarify, I'm not the same ClockworkUniverses as INUH. I'm merely here to partake in reading of content, and occasionally add my thoughts to a discussion.

Some words from Breadloaf Purple Barnstar

No one should have to go through the sort of trouble INUH put you through: here's the Purple barnstar for handling things the way you did.