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     Film / Lupin III 2014 

This caper provides examples of:

  • Cat Fight: When Michael sends MMMM to fetch Fujiko, MMMM says she was told to use any means necessary. Fujiko takes this as an invitation to test how well MMMM can fight. Lupin watches the two ladies fight because MMMM isn't wearing her typical jacket (just corset and stockings), and Fujiko had just come out of the shower with a bathrobe on. After Fujiko beats up MMMM, she tells her that's enough. Turns out Fujiko wanted to go see Micheal anyway.

Fujiko - A Ction Girl (Beat up eight cops in introduction) F Anservice (mid-fight with cops, camera switches to slowmo for shot of her getting wet and tossing her hair back) - solves rubic's cube.

Pierre - Parkour - rubic's cube (12) Jiro Lupin — Achilies Heel When it comes to [Fujiko], you're helpless.

Michael Inspector Koichi Zenigata Thomas Dawson - British rich guy - Jigen

Lazer hallway (pierre) Olympic Games Weight detection system — floor off-limits Jetpack - Jiro Trade medal for a kiss Phone call exploding bomb Hong Kong Private art gallery in Singapore Thieving Ring ""The Works" "New bomb" - Malibu - Chekhov's Gun Family photo (Dawson, Lupin II, Lupin III) on desk Survellience van — Wong Wong Dumpling — cameras outside the mansion Diary for Lupin

     Characters / Lupin III 2014