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Matthew Christopher Miller AKA via his stage name "Matthew Mercer" (born June 29, 1982) is an American voice actor born in Florida. He started off providing background voices in anime dubbing in the early 2000's. He eventually found more prominence in Japanese video game dubs and some western animation voice roles, though around 2012/2013, he eventually started gaining more prominent roles in anime voice over work. In 2010, he directed and starred in the live-action web original series There Will Be Brawl, which also featured friends and other voice actors such as Kyle Hebert.

Texan counterparts? David Matranga, Robert McCollum and Jason Douglas (which coincidentally enough, all of them worked on Attack on Titan).Canadian counterparts? Brian and Michael Dobson, Kirby Morrow, and Michael Daingerfield Hall.

Alongside There Will Be Brawl, Matthew is best known as the DM for Geek and Sundry's Critical Role, where he and other LA voice actors play Dungeons and Dragons, Chrom in Fire Emblem Awakening, Levi in Attack on Titan and Kanji from Persona 4 after Troy Baker was unable to come back (more specifically, Matthew was brought in during recording for the anime adaptation, as Troy got married and went on honeymoon).

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