Creepy Awesome
We're gonna play fetch. You're the frisbee.

A character who, despite (or precisely because of) being Nightmare Fuel, is also greatly loved by a series' fandom. This can have a variety of reasons. Maybe the character is simply the biggest Badass in the show, or maybe they have a cute, funny or tragic side in addition to their creepy side that endears the character to the fans. The character in question need not be a villain, though a majority of characters this trope applies to are villains or at least antagonists of some sort.

This sometimes results in Misaimed Fandom and Draco in Leather Pants. Note that while these characters are often Nightmare Fuel incarnate, their appeal to non-Nightmare Fetishists is often due to being more appealing (e.g., Magnificent Bastard, The Woobie, etc.) than creepy. May or may not overlap with Creepy Good.

Also, characters that remain stoic throughout the entirety of a show's story automatically qualify here due to lack of emotions, interest or involvement naturally these characters sprout up mystery and uncertainty. At worst these characters are downright terrifying once they finally decided to get involved with the cast, due to lack of understanding the cast would assume these characters are either dangerous, untrustworthy or non-human. It is common for the less intelligent characters, to foolishly meddle with these characters, something they often regret eventually once the latter reveals how emotionlessly twisted they really are.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Attack on Titan:
    • Annie Leonhardt is notably among the many who qualify for this trope. At first she remains calm, level-headed and completely sane. But when she finally cracks you'll be in shock at how twisted she really is deep down.
    • Mikasa Ackerman is a Heroic example, for someone who can put up with a character like Eren. Mikasa strives to protect all those she cares about, bullies would be wise not to mess with her and Titans aren't safe either.
    • The Titans themselves also qualify especially the almighty, Colossal Titan.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia:
    • Russia terrifies the other cast members and is beloved by the audience.
    • Russia's sister Belarus even more so. Russia is terrified of her.
    • England is this to a saner degree. It's mostly the reason why he hasn't got many friends.
  • Azumanga Daioh: Possibly Mr. Kimura, definitely Chiyo-chichi. And Osaka, if only for the infamous Knife Incident.
  • The Rail Tracer of Baccano!
  • In Battle Royale, Kiriyama being an emotionless killer doesn't stop fans from liking him.
  • Black Butler has Grell, Undertaker, and, in the second season of the anime, Alois.
  • Black Lagoon:
    • Hansel and Gretel, despite being deranged killers, are also loved by a good portion of this series' fandom who sympathize with them because of their seriously messed-up childhood. They can also be quite cute at times.
    • Sawyer the cleaner. A young woman who needs a electrovoice after having her voice box cut out and works as one-woman Cleanup Crew, using her trusty chainsaw to make unwanted bodies easier to hide by cutting them into pieces ...bodies who aren't necessarily dead when they are brought to her. She also has worked as a hired gun a few times, proving quite adept at using her chainsaw in close combat.
  • Bleach:
    • Mayuri, to a portion of fans.
    • For all his high talk, Ulquiorra wants to be appreciated as such (and maybe even as a Magnificent Bastard, with his Nietzsche Wannabe Breaking Lecture attempts), transforming specifically to creep Ichigo out in a hopefully awesome way. He's surprised Ichigo doesn't buy it (while not buying a lot of other shit he spills).
    • Hollow Ichigo V2 "Ressurection". Devil horns? Devil look? Still awesome, even in previous versions.
    • And at least during the Rescue Rukia/Soul Society arc, Kenpachi. He kinda moved out of this category after becoming one of the good guys and instead was simply classified as Crazy Awesome instead.
    • Unohana of all people has become this after the release of Chapter 523.
  • Cowboy Bebop has Vincent Volaju and Tongpu (AKA Mad Pierrot).
  • The Millennium Earl and his Noah Famliy in D.Gray-Man. Variously sexy, cool, and Affably Evil? Yes. Scary? Hell yes.
  • Death Note:
  • Kazutaka Muraki from Descendants of Darkness.
  • The D-Reaper from Digimon Tamers. The creepy part is self-explanatory, the awesome part is that it came the closest to its goals and it's likely the most powerful ...thing in the Digimon franchise.
  • Freeza, Cell and Majin Buu of Dragon Ball Z.
  • Izaya of Durarara!!.
  • In Elfen Lied Lucy and Mariko are utterly vicious, but that's why they're so effective.
  • Excel Saga: Possibly Little Miss Badass Cosette Sara, who initially appears to be an Enfant Terrible, but is something of a Jerkass Woobie who is older than she looks, and must hide her Gag Boobs.
  • Fairy Tail: Flare Corona is bluntly the most twisted and eerie female of the series. Though her range of creepy goes from stalking to sadistic cruelty and all done perfectly with creepy shadowed undereyes. However she isn't completely insane, deep down she's actually very shy and even apologizes for her acts (like she did to Lucy) not to mention she physically is very attractive and even cute (if you can endure her stare however).
    • Many fans would agree that their is always something off about, Minerva Orlando. Love her? or hate her? Minerva always has the looks of a scheming murderer despite the Oriental glamour. Sadly it gets worse, not only does she appear untrustworthy but her actions prove just the same if not worse.
  • Ryuunosuke Uryu and his servant Caster in Fate/Zero. They see themselves and each other this way.
  • The title character of Franken Fran. She does terrifying things, and is absolutely certain of being in the right. She's also cute, when her eyeballs aren't falling off...
  • Envy, Kimblee, and Pride/Selim of Fullmetal Alchemist.
  • The Count of Montecristo in Gankutsuou.
  • Inugami "Wanko" Isuzu from Hayate × Blade first appears looking like a terrifying Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl with creepy supernatural powers who is stalking her future partner, Momo. Even after teaming up with Momo and getting a hairstyle change that reveals she was Beautiful All Along, she still remains a major Nightmare Fetishist who takes it as praise whenever Momo mentions how creepy her personality and supernatural abilities are.
  • Hellsing's Alucard, due to being a serious Badass, among other things, as the page image shows. Also, Jan Valentine.
  • Pretty much everyone in Higurashi: When They Cry at times.
  • Ryougi Shiki of Kara no Kyoukai is a frighteningly efficient college-aged serial killer. She's also cute as hell.
  • Kubera give us Yuta. Horror Hunger? Check. Scary-yet-sexy Shapeshift? Check. Super Strength? Check. Cute as a button? Double-check. But, still... really, really has a dark side you do not want to cross, however much he keeps it in check — normally.
  • Tsukuyomi of Mahou Sensei Negima!. Creepy as all hell, badass, strangely endearing and also a fan favorite.
  • Robo-Emperor and Mega-Emperor/Giganko from Medabots. Both are terrifying, super powerful and two of the most popular Medabots in the series.
  • Paptimus Scirocco of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam is a social predator and mind rapist with a penchant for seducing young girls and playing head games. Yet despite this — or perhaps because of it — he remains one of the most popular and well-liked villains in the franchise.
  • Johan Liebert of Monster, best encapsulated in his first appearance as an adult.
  • Naruto:
    • Zetsu, Sasori, Deidara, Hidan, Kabuto, Kisame, Shino, Orochimaru, Itachi (at times)...
    • Pain and Konan share a spot here. Pain himself demonstrated "that many hands make light work", in possibly the most cruellest and overpowering ways, his logic was twisted but actually made sense despite all the God talk and threats of annihilation. Konan kept a straight face through every bit of evil the Akatsuki created, when it finally came to her time to fight alone, even Tobi feared he'd lose against her hidden talents and intimidation.
    • Madara Uchiha has this down to a tee. With all the power he is capable of, it's mostly his personality that freaks out the cast. One minute he's extremely calm and collected the next he's a pure killing machine with an impressive slasher smile.
    • The tailed beasts, especially the nine-tailed demon fox, Kurama. More apparent by making him and the others monstrous Jerkass Woobies.
    • The Ten-Tails. This thing is a monster that even Kurama is terrified of, and all he had to go by on it was what the Sage of Six Paths told him, but what his fears are completely justified.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • Rei, and to a lesser extent Kaworu, were intended to be creepy and unsettling. They are the most widely loved characters in the series.
    • The Angels were always this, but Rebuild of Evangelion takes this even further. Ramiel is living geometry that performs mind-boggling transformations and screams when it attacks. "Clockiel" is a collossal pendulum on 100-storey-tall stilts with a clock for a face. Sahaquiel has multiple bizarre forms before it settles on a technicolour Giant Eye of Doom, and explodes into a titanic ocean of blood when it's killed. And then there's Zeruel...
  • Nico Robin of One Piece. Her powers enable her to sprout out limbs and mutilate her opponents spines. This would just be Nightmare Fuel, if the opponents weren't such assholes. Then you have Brook, a tall and lanky re-animated skeleton who happens to be wicked fast with a Sword Cane, then after two years he adds Ghostly Chill to his arsenal, making him even more this trope than Robin.
  • Ichijo of Pani Poni Dash!, who is also Crazy Awesome.
  • Sakurako from Psyren. More to the point, the creepy part starts to show itself when her Super-Powered Evil Side is revealed and she's pretty much always awesome in battle.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica:
  • Rosario + Vampire gradually starts throwing this trope around. Even Tsukune ends up becoming an example, gaining a monstrous Super-Powered Evil Side that he can barely hold in check that cutting lose with it is a Godzilla Threshold.
  • Many a character from Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei, though Kafuka, Matoi, and Chiri seem to be the most popular in this regard.
  • Lain of Serial Experiments Lain.
  • Soul Eater:
    • Stein, the Creepy Good Mad Scientist whose initial Swivel-Chair Antics are a stark contrast to his Sociopathic Hero personality.
    • Crona, The Woobie who has a bully living in their spine. The adorable woobie who has a bully living in their spine.
    • Asura. He's the literal personification of fear and his mere presence causes terrifying hallucinations, and that's without even seeing him fight.
    • Medusa Gorgon and the Gorgon Sisters are definitely this for the ladies. Interestingly all three display a certain theme to their creepiness (besides the obvious animal themes) for example, Medusa is a fan of the traditional evil, vile and cruel creepy style, Arachne plays the not-so-innocent and sly creepy style. Finally Shaula leans towards the playful, childish and egocentric creepy style suitable for she is the youngest.
  • Tiir Rumibul from The Legend of the Legendary Heroes is an Ax-Crazy cannibal with glowing red eyes, and a penchant for making Slasher Smiles and dishing out Cruel and Unusual Deaths. He's also a major Badass with quite a large amount of Hidden Depths.
  • Tokyo Ghoul overflows with this trope, thanks to the very nature of Ghouls. About half of the cast have a Horror Hunger that forces them to live on human (or Ghoul) flesh to survive, with a Game Face that involves Black Eyes of Evil and glowing, tentacle or wing-like extra limbs. There is copious amounts of Body Horror and even the kindest characters can be pure Nightmare Fuel, but certain characters stand out for being fan-favorites while terrifying.
    • Ken Kaneki, after his transformation into a brutal Anti-Hero. His fighting skills, Evil Costume Switch, and morally questionable behavior tend to be preferred by fans over his more humane earlier incarnation. In particular, his Super-Powered Evil Side is considered awesome because of how twisted and horrifying it is.
    • Tsukiyama is a consummate predator that is introduced ripping a woman's eyes out and having them sauteed, before becoming a Stalker with a Crush utterly obsessed with eating Kaneki. His flamboyant behavior, amoral nature, and willingness to do anything for Kaneki make him very popular in the fandom.
    • Eto is a beloved villain, partially because of her child-like and sinister actions. Her One-Eyed Owl form is considered awesome partially because of how monstrous it is and how twisted her actions are while in that form.
    • In the sequel, Seidou Takizawa has quickly become a fan-favorite thanks to his creepy appearance and meme-spawning commentary while brutally murdering people.
  • Headon from Tower of God looks like a bipedal rabbit crossed with a snake and is one of the more potent and crucial powers in the Tower without whom the plot wouldn't exist. And, you wouldn't believe that smile.
  • Legato Bluesummers from Trigun who is a fan favourite because of his disturbing mein, creepy voice, and love of tormenting Vash.
  • Yami Bakura and Yami Marik from Yu-Gi-Oh!.
    • Also, Yami Yugi before the card game took over. He played many sadistic games with various people, all of whom were an Asshole Victim unto themselves. He even got a man to basically burn himself alive. Though after shattering Seto Kaiba's mind he became more benevolent.
  • The Toguro Brothers, Karasu, and Shinobu Sensui of YuYu Hakusho.

    Comic Books 
  • Almost every single one of Batman's more dangerous and psychotic rogues is this or has aspects of this, The Joker and Scarecrow in particular judging by just how many fans they have. The Dark Knight himself can be considered a rare heroic example.
  • Anathos from Les Légendaires is a Knight of Cerebus, a Hero Killer and walking terror who left the heroes broken both physically and mentally after their first fight with him. Yet, most fans love him, mainly because he is also a Magnificent Bastard.
  • Dream in Neil Gaiman's The Sandman. His actions are at times very morally questionable, along with being nightmarish, but god damn if he doesn't look awesome doing them, especially when he shows that even GODS fear him.
  • The Transformers: Windblade: Many fans, and even fellow writer John Barber, have praised the author's reinvention of Starscream into this trope. The book borrows from the Transformers Prime series, which the author was a writer on. Starscream has a more delicately creepy, and aloofly smug attitude about him, which the artist manages to capture in his lithe and expressive redesign. What follows is a more unsettling and gently threatening Starscream who has the city in his clutches.
  • The Spectre is a top notch example. Not only is he virtually omnipotant, but he's made a name for himself by turning criminals into inanimate objects and destroying them.

    Fan Works 
  • Yuuka Kazami in Imperfect Metamorphosis, building on the generally affable maliciousness she displays in Touhou canon, is depicted as a psychotic, hammy, Nigh Invulnerabile gadfly, being possibly the only clear cut villain in the whole ensemble, and is one of the fics several Ensemble Darkhorses. Being revealed to be a Great Old One and acquiring knowledge of the fourth wall may be factors in that as well.
  • Ser Yamame in Game Of Touhou is a crazy old lady that wears only spider silk, controls legions of spiders, and kills Yukari.

  • Star Wars:
    • A New Hope has Grand Moff Tarkin. The guy bosses Darth Vader around, and signed the death warrant on an innocent planet out of spite.
    • Darth Vader, the towering juggernaut clad in black armor who wiped out the Jedi, killed The Obi-Wan, and was introduced crushing the neck of a defenseless prisoner, is the most iconic character of the saga and one of the most popular villains of all time. Part of the advertizing for The Empire Strikes Back was reassuring fans that Vader would return, and one of the main criticisms leveled at the prequels was that it retroactively turned Vader into a whiny wuss.
    • Return of the Jedi has The Emperor, the most powerful man in the galaxy who defined Evil Is Cool for an entire generation. A pre-Emperor Palpatine is generally agreed to be one of the better things in the prequel trilogy as well, particularly his memorable hamminess and Magnificent Bastardry in Revenge of the Sith.
    • ''The Force Awakens has two. The 1st is Kylo Ren is a fairly creepy character, and comes across as more deranged and psychopathic than his idol/grandfather Darth Vader, while still having some Badass Black Knight cred of his own. The 2nd is Supreme Leader Snoke, with his creepy voice and intimidating presence. The ethereal, sixty-foot tall hologram he appears helps too.
  • The alien (or xenomorph) of Alien, a hideous killing machine and prime exemplar of the horror of Face Full of Alien Wing-Wong, borne of H. R. Giger's messed-up Freudian nightmares. And an awesome antagonist, worth pitting against Superman and Green Lantern.
  • Chernabog from Fantasia is one of the most visually-impressive villains in the entire Disney canon, a gigantic winged Satanic Archetype that commands a host of demons to dance and suffer for his pleasure.
  • The Predator, a nine-foot-tall badass alien Great White Hunter who drops in on less advanced cultures to choose a Worthy Opponent and do battle with them using an Invisibility Cloak and other weapons that fit its form of honour. Then, someone had the very good (and character-appropriate) idea of setting them against each other in the Aliens Vs Predator franchise.
  • The Dark Knight Saga films: The Joker and the Scarecrow. Make that The Joker in all his variations. Sadly, the Scarecrow is rarely as awesome as he was here.
  • Many Slasher Movie antagonists, especially Freddy Krueger of A Nightmare on Elm Street, Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th, Michael Myers of Halloween, and Ghostface in the Scream films (despite the latter starting as a parody of Slasher Movies).
  • The Silence of the Lambs: Hannibal Lecter. He's the Trope Namer for Hannibal Lecture because he can easily and thoroughly break someone's mind with words alone despite being locked up and interrogated.
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey: HAL 9000: "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that."
  • Hellraiser: Pinhead.
  • Seeing noble Aragorn as a creepy blond Lucifer in the first of The Prophecy movies has an added layer of creepy awesomeness. Virtually every moment he is on-screen will make your skin crawl and be among the most memorable portions of the movie. He manages to be creepier than Christopher Walken.
  • Ditto for Constantine's Lucifer, definitely the high point of the film - unless you think it's Constantine flipping him off.
  • Most of the characters from Repo! The Genetic Opera. Notably Blind Mag, Graverobber and Pavi.
  • Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner and The Hitcher
  • Rattlesnake Jake from Rango seems to have this going for him, mainly due to Bill Nighy's deliciously menacing voice.
    "This is my town now..."
  • Donnie Darko: Frank, the horrifying bunny man who leads Donnie into destructive vandalism. Especially since he actually has good intentions.
    "I can do whatever I want. And so can you."
  • From the Saw series: Jigsaw/John Kramer, Amanda Young and Mark Hoffman.
    • Billy The Puppet outdoes them all. There's a reason he's the icon of the franchise.
  • Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men.
  • Kruger from Elysium. For instance, he prefers barbecuing chicken and ribs with his katana.
  • The Other Mother from Coraline. To a less creepy extent, the menacing-but-benevolent Cat, voiced by Keith David.
  • Darryl Revok, the diabolical telepathic villain of Scanners. He's basically the reason that actor Michael Ironside has a career.
  • The toothy monsters from The Deadly Spawn. Imagine low-budget Xenomorphs with even more teeth.
  • The monster from The Thing, especially in its memorable "head spider" form.
  • While the works of J.R.R Tolkien already had this trope with the Nazguls in Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson's adaption of The Hobbit adds some examples, most famously be showing the Necromancer /Sauron on-screen, and Smaug, the latter proving to be an outright terror thanks to Visual Effects of Awesome, and his sheer maliciousness along with his deep voice, in spite of his allround hamminess.
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Uploaded Arnim Zola, who will make your skin crawl off your body and run away with that dead-eyed electronic stare.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean does this with every single supernatural character - Barbossa and his crew of cursed undead in the first movie, Davy Jones and his immortal fish people in the second and third, and Blackbeard in the fourth. Not to mention...
    Captain Jack Sparrow: Tia Dalma! You add an appreciable sense of the macabre to any delirium.
  • Due to his unsettling appearance, eccentric behaviour and way of Talken, actor Christopher Walken is very famous because of this trope. And many of his roles tend to be short, but memorable.
  • Zira from The Lion King II: Simba's Pride is a perfect example of a psychotic widow out for revenge. Her defining moment is her obvious Villain song "My Lullaby" that explains every last twisted plan she makes and yet, this is a Disney movie people.
    • Scar is also this but in a more subtle and conniving way.
  • Unsurprisingly, Ultron from Avengers: Age of Ultron definitely gives off this vibe.
    "You're all puppets. Tangled in... strings... *Seizes damaged Iron Drone by the head* Strings. *Crush* [...] But now I'm free; there are... no strings on me."
  • Hexxus from FernGully, this vengeful, ghastly spirit suitably voiced by Tim Curry is the embodiment of pollution and how disgusting it can be. The song "Toxic Love" purposely flaunts the effects of what human greed does to the environment, which in return pleases Hexxus's fetishes for power.
  • Terminator and it's villains are definitely this, these near unstoppable machines set the standard to how badass technology can get and went over the limit like a boss. In fact Arnold Schwarzenegger is also this trope, in and outside his movies due to how intimidating he is even when he's not trying.
  • Judge Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, this was one of the times when Disney stepped it's sweet, loving toes towards the morbidly dark and excessive. Frollo epitomizes obsession, lust and the yearning for religious superiority. His villain song suitably titled "Hellfire", is by far one the creepiest (and suggestive) musicals ever animated.
  • The Indominus Rex from Jurassic World. She's simultaneously the most dangerous, depraved, sadistic and Badass creature in the franchise.
  • As a whole the movie, Sweeney Todd The Demon Barberof Fleet Street flaunts this trope very deviously. Ironically based on a true story, Sweeney Todd and the cast of troubled Londoners are more than just secretive folk and not in a good way.

  • Dracula, whose self-titled novel is largely responsible for launching a vampire fandom that has lasted over a century.
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray has Lord Henry and Dorian Gray himself.
  • The title character of The Phantom of the Opera.
  • Irial from Wicked Lovely.
  • Mr Teatime from Hogfather.
  • Bellatrix Lestrange and Voldemort from Harry Potter. Fans have tried to turn the Malfoy family into this, too, but in the actual source material, they're depicted as fairly pathetic and cowardly.
    • Barty Crouch Jr., a convicted Death Eater and a cunning actor; when he pretended to be Alastor Moody to get closer to Harry, even before his disguise was revealed many (including his own father) despised him.
  • Joe Bob Fenestre from Animorphs.
  • Goosebumps: The series is full of monsters and villains, but the Masked Mutant, Dr. Brewer, Della, the Lord High Executioner, the Beasts From The East, and Keith really stand out.
  • The gods of the Cthulhu Mythos, especially Cthulhu himself, have this kind of reputation among their fans.
  • Kiriyama of Battle Royale is this in all three versions. He mercilessly kills his classmates with no hesitation yet has a relatively large fanbase, to the point that even his Axe Crazy film version has his own website that worships him.
  • Warrior Cats:
    • Mapleshade is so crazy that even Tigerstar, the Big Bad, is scared of her, goes on murdering sprees at the slightest provocation, looks like a demon in her official artwork, could be sneaking up on the characters to murder them at any time you read the books because she's invisible to normal characters and nearly-invisible even if you have the power to see her, and is implied to be a cannibal. The fans think she's awesome.
    • Sol can Mind Rape you by walking nearby, is always completely calm except for one nightmarish moment where he lost his temper, has an insatiable desire for vengeance, and is just creepy in general. These things have made him one of the most unique and well-respected antagonists in the series.
  • From Redwall, Shadow and Zwilt the Shade.
  • Twilight has James, Victoria, and especially The Volturi.
  • The First Law has Logen Ninefingers, a barbarian who's famous for being an absolutely insane Blood Knight; even his own men are put off. Glokta has shades of this as well, being quite creepy but also one of the most sympathetic and entertaining characters in the series.
  • Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven, a mourning man traumatized by a Raven who repeats throughout the entire poem "Nevermore". Just that one word stained in your mind, is enough to become sympathetic with the man. It gets worse as the man describes his fears, anger and ultimately believing the "Ominous bird of yore" is connected to something completely Hellish.

    Live Action TV 

  • Heavy Metal, as a whole is this to an art form. Sometimes it's the lyrics, and sometimes it's the music itself.
  • Radiohead's "Climbing Up The Walls". A song written from the perspective of something living in the mind of a Serial Killer, sung in a slurred, eerily distorted voice over heavy guitars, dissonant strings and creepy, abrasive electronics. It's also a fan favorite.
  • Most of the Industrial genre, in particular the abrasive early acts like Throbbing Gristle and SPK.
  • Dark Ambient music, especially the subgenre known as Isolationism.
  • Lordi. When in character, they wear very disturbing monster costumes 24/7.
  • Somehow, the Evillious Chronicles' Conchita has become a favorite of the fans, despite that she's a psychotic cannibal. Hell, mothy himself has released a huge amount of remixes for her song, and she possesses a character in Story of Evil.
  • Buckethead. He is a somewhat spooky looking guitarist, with a white mask and some creepy interests and gimmicks. A lot of his music also falls into this category, since he often draws inspiration from the horror genre.
  • Alice Cooper, probably the first musician to do this.
  • Tom Waits is always awesome, and sometimes creepy.
  • Muse's song "Micro Cuts." Eerie high pitched singing and ominous lyrics make it creepy. However the singing is a Crowning Moment of Awesome in itself and the shredding riff at the end is definitely epic as well.
  • Daron Malakian has this reputation. You could also apply this trope to a number of SOAD's songs.

    Myths & Religion 
  • Many memorable monsters qualify here, but some are more scarier than others most notably; Vampires, Zombies, Ghosts, Wraiths, Skeletons, Demons, Liches and finally Grudges.
  • The many depictions of Death, would obviously be seen this way. The most common (and frankly clique) depiction of Death is the Grim Reaper, early artwork of the Middle Ages foreshow our skeletal friend at his most sinister.
  • Hell full of bad souls, Demons, fire and brimstone. Only the Devil and his minions could possibly enjoy such a place of torture.
  • In Classical Mythology, the Greeks believed that the Underworld was especially morbid, oddly enough Hades himself is not. The River Styx is the main entrance to the Underworld, riding a boat rowed by a cloaked Skeleton while having sad and tortured souls wailing at you, is something Hercules himself wouldn't recommend doing casually.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • WWE:
    • "The Boogeyman" was originally supposed to be a heel, but he became so popular with the fans that WWE had no choice but to turn him face. Didn't stop him from chewing on earthworms and spitting them in his opponents' faces.
    • The Undertaker practically runs on creepy awesome, and, even if one says that that is no longer the case, it definitely was in the early to late 90's.
    • Kane perpetually sits here, whether he's a face or a heel, masked or unmasked. He's worked every creepy aspect imaginable with his character, and nearly every one of them he's worked to perfection.
  • Jake "The Snake" Roberts plops firmly into this in his heel role, what with the leering, lecherous stare, the fascination with serpents, the happy admittance that he's a lying snake, and his semi-disheveled appearance would put him just as equally in an alleyway wearing nothing but a trenchcoat and sneakers. When he's a face though, he's a different kind of awesome.
  • The Brood. Their entrance anyway.
  • The Wyatt Family are a trio of Ax-Crazy cultists led by a Dark Messiah who systematically destroy everything in their path. The fans adore them, not only because they're quite good at wrestling, but also because Bray Wyatt is an amazing actor.

    Tabletop Games 

    Video Games 
  • BioShock as a whole. Sander Cohen, Dr. Steinman, The Splicers, Big Daddies...
  • BioShock Infinite has Songbird, the Luteces, Handymen, Daisy Fitzroy, Comstock, The Boys of Silence, etc, etc.
  • System Shock: SHODAN wo-wo-would likekeke to be m-m-mentioned, insect.
  • Fallout: New Vegas:
    • Vulpes Inculta and Legate Lanius. Both with excellent dialogue and fitting voices.
    • Ulysses is incredibly unsettling, but there's no denying his coolness.
    • Joshua Graham's gravelly grating growl and flame-grilled skin are also rather unsettling. Not as creepy as the others are, but definitely unsettling.
  • Silent Hill: Pyramid Head.
  • Final Fantasy:
  • Jester from Devil May Cry.
  • Giygas of EarthBound.
  • Generally, if a Kirby villain fits this trope, it has a good chance of rising above the others in popularity. Zero/Zero Two and Marx Soul are the most prominent examples.
    • Kirby himself can fall into this category. He devours sentient living creatures to absorb their powers, which range from setting foes on fire to slicing them into bits to outright Body Horror.
  • First Encounter Assault Recon: Alma, the oddly, creepily adorable little girl who boils peoples' flesh off, destroys buildings, and rapes the protagonist.
  • Sovereign from Mass Effect. One conversation with him is one of the most memorable parts of the game. To a lesser extent, Saren and the Collectors.
  • Portal is made what it is by GlaDOS's somewhat off personality, turning a puzzle game with a fun gimmick into a storm of memorable quotes. Portal 2 even more so, GlaDOS going all out on the endearingly creepy threats.
  • .hack:
  • Ridley of Metroid. Even the one person who seems a legitimate threat to him, the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy, who takes on entire planets full of parasitic horrors, is terrified of him. And he's a dragon, which automatically makes him cool.
  • Albedo, the crazy, regenerating, Evil Albino from Xenosaga. If you didn't get into the series because of KOS-MOS, chances are you got into it because of him.
  • Creepers, the horrible kamikaze shrubs from Minecraft, are quite popular with the fanbase precisely because they're paranoia-inducing abominations.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
  • Irisu/"Alice", the heroine of Irisu Syndrome!. Certainly doesn't come across as such at first glance. She appears to be a meek, quiet girl with a thing for bunnies and who likes cosplaying as a witch/maid. In reality, when she was very young someone killed her pet rabbit, leaving its decapitated head for her to find topping the pile of gore, which broke something inside her, mentally and spiritually. She's now a drug addicted serial killer who thinks nothing of murdering a group of people so the boy she's stalking will have time to pursue his own psychosis. And, oh, how the fandom loves her for it.
  • World of Warcraft has The Forsaken.
  • StarCraft has the Zerg, especially Sarah Kerrigan.
  • Shin Megami Tensei:
    • Alice is a small, innocent girl in a blue dress who will happily scamper around highly dangerous locales in search for a friend. She's an undead Humanoid Abomination gifted with enough raw magical power to murder everything, and an astounding lack of understanding on exactly why it's not commonly appreciated to torture, kill and eat your friends.
    • Most of the demons and angels.
  • Relius Clover and Ragna the Bloodedge of BlazBlue.
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim:
    • Boethiah sounds like a combination of a crotchety old lady and the general of the army of Hell itself, and has a perpetually-dark shrine high on the side of a mountain which is filled with anarcho-nihilist cultists, huge bonfires, burned corpses, ancient architecture, random blood splatters, and one badass statue.
    • Mora appears (as a swirling void of purple and black, or a green void of eyes and tentacles if you have the Dragonborn DLC installed) to you in a hollowed-out iceberg where a lunatic's made his home, and names you his champion in an Affably Evil voice before explaining that he is the lord of all knowledge and discovery. And the artifact he gives you is widely considered to be one of the best in the game.
      • Also within the Dragonborn DLC you'll come across, Miraak your Dragonborn predecessor. Miraak's role is to be Skyrim's version of Darth Vader, forget Alduin this arrogant character is way more threatening and impressive than another Dragon to slay.
    • Cicero is obsessed with his "Mother" (actually the Night Mother, the dead/undead? leader of the Dark Brotherhood), is not above casual murder as per his membership in the Dark Brotherhood, dresses, talks, and dances like an unhinged jester, and is a fan favorite specifically because of that.
    • The Dragonborn can become this if he/she chose to become either a Conjuration Mage, an Assassin (Dark Brotherhood), and especially if you chose to be a Vampire from the Dawnguard DLC.
  • In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Mephiles. Not only does his appearance creep up the atmosphere, but Dan Green's highly over-the-top performance manages to be cheesy, creepy, and awesome all at once.
  • Uboa (and maybe Madotsuki, too) from Yume Nikki
  • Alex Mercer of [PROTOTYPE] is a shapeshifting, superhuman monstrosity, who is trying to piece together his damaged memories... by killing dozens upon dozens of people and consuming their intelligence. He's still the closest thing the game has to a hero.
  • Colonel Jade Curtiss from Tales of the Abyss. He's the Mad Doctor who invented fomicry, and, using this science, created the game's Bonus Boss Humanoid Abomination. He mutated his own body multiple times - including fusing a spear with his arm and altering his eyes so they increased his skill with fonic artes and turned red. He's a sociopath who killed small animals as a child. His own sister calls him a monster. But he's also, without question, the game's king of comedy, absolutely badass, rather pretty and elegant, extremely well voice-acted in both languages, and overall an Ensemble Darkhorse to be reckoned with.
  • The Hydra from Warriors Orochi 3. Not only does it look really intimidating and impressive, but even before the game starts, it slaughters every one of the Dynasty, Samurai, and Original characters aside from a small handful. It's practically invincible until the end game, and all attempts to take it down beforehand will be met with miserable failure.
  • Kerghan the Terrible, First of the Necromancers from Arcanum. His magic has transformed hin into a Humanoid Abomination, he once commanded undead legions and plans to do so again to end all life in Arcanum. Then there's his voice as he tells the Living One of his plans.
  • The entire cast of The Black Heart. All creepy, all awesome - all playable!
  • The Servant Grunt is pretty much the face of Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
  • While the protagonists of the Resident Evil series are rather well-liked in general, perhaps the most distinct character in the series is the Nemesis T-Type from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. He's tall, imposing, tough-as-nails, extremely persistent and so loved by the fans that he became a bonus character in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
    • Speaking of Resident Evil. Albert Wesker also qualifies, he's malevolent, cruel, smug and even more dangerous than the mindless Zombies he creates. Indeed any fan of the series, would tell you that Wesker belongs here especially when he goes overboard in his plans.
  • Touhou:
  • Several Pokémon. Some of the most prevalent ones are Gengar, Hydreigon, Spiritomb, Zoroark, Drapion, Gourgeist, Banette, Mewtwo, Giratina, Toxicroak, Darkrai, Deoxys, Malamar and Yveltal.
    • Team Magma Admin Courtney in Pokémon Omega Ruby behaves and talks in a robotic way and is a clear Yandere. She's also one of the biggest Ensemble Darkhorses in the game.
    • The Ghost type Pokémon are practically designed to be this trope.
  • Malefor from The Legend of Spyro trilogy. He doesn't appear on screen outside of few murals until the third game, but when he does, he proves every bit the terror he was built up as. Not only does he nearly cause the apocalypse, he does a Break Them by Talking routine that almost breaks Spyro's will to fight.
  • Juri Han from Super Street Fighter IV is one woman almost every character fears (or should fear). Based on a spider, she's sadistic, erotic and almost charming. Besides the disturbing qualities, playing as Juri is often both rewarding and amusing (yes even in... those categories).
  • From Dragon Age: Inquisition, Cole is basically Mind Rape-incarnate, with his ability to reach into people's minds and find their most painful memories. He has a bad tendency of blurting out what he senses and bringing up memories best left forgotten, which seriously creeps out many of his companions. Despite this, fans like him because of his earnest desire to help people and general kindness.
  • Every single one of the murderous animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy's. The fanbase tends to separate into those who think of them as this and those who prefer a Draco in Leather Pants interpretation of their bloodthirstiness.
  • Trevor Philips of Grand Theft Auto V is this. This sociopathic, maniacal and psychotic...Canadian is ironically the most vicious of the three main characters. Often he gets rumoured ominously about how, unstable he is and half the time the rumours are TRUE!
  • Metal Gear Solid: Psycho Mantis literally introduced this to the series, his legacy of mind raping spans from predicting how you play, to even what games you saved plus making your controller vibrate is ominous enough. Screaming Mantis from the fourth sequel served as a female tribute to him but lived up to the originals level of weirdness.
    • The Beauty and the Beast Group demonstrates how all four temperaments can share a spot in this trope.
    • In the third game, Naked Snake faces the Cobra Unit. Although all the members can qualify it is The Sorrow and The End who takes this trope to its full potential. The End is nothing but an old man with an incredible aim using his sniper his fight is suppose to induce paranoia. While The Sorrow's role was to make you feel guilty, and taking peoples lives is never a good thing.
    • Finally from the fifth game, comes the Parasite Unit aka The Skulls. You'd think a game like Metal Gear wouldn't introduce an overused concept like Zombies and Horror? Well...think again.
  • The Dead Space Series is solely created to be this if not a little over the top. The Zombie Aliens known as Necromorphs, attack and kill in such disgusting ways just the image of recreating these deaths could make even a fully grown man wet themselves. A game packed with jump scares, mystery and intense fear that will keep you awake at night.
  • The Mortal Kombat Series has many freaky characters that can qualify here. But Mileena is this to a monstrous level, don't be deceived by her figure cause "skin deep" (and face) she's a genetic abomination.
    • Reptile gets a special mention too. a humanoid lizard with abilities like invisibility and producing acid as a form of fluid is disgusting yet useful, capable of turning people into fizzing corpses...ouch!
  • Metal Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog. While Sonic himself always appears welcoming and hip, Metal not. Perhaps Sonic's most threatening villain, Metal Sonic is the video game version of the Terminator, his appearance always looks blood-thirsty, and with the same abilities as Sonic himself this cold-hearted, robotic monstrosity really puts his creator to shame.
  • Agent 47 from Hitman. Revered as one of the videogame world's most dangerous assassins, 47 kills with less emotion than a shark. Comedy is dead to him, and many unfortunate contracts are as well.
  • Scarecrow in the Batman: Arkham Series, and especially in Batman: Arkham Knight, manages to top every single appearance he's ever made before and is probably the single most terrifying iteration of the character yet. His "Nightmare Sequences" in Batman: Arkham Asylum were considered highlights of the game. He then curiously missed the next two games, before returning as the Big Bad of Arkham Knight, where he's become a full-fledged Magnificent Bastard, unleashing destruction on Gotham that not even the Joker was able to do before and managing to claim the honor of being the first villain ever to reveal Batman's true identity to the world. Not to mention the voice.
  • Racter in Shadowrun Returns: Hong Kong. One of your party members, he has creepy portrait with a reedy cigarette and a custom drone with animal-level intelligence and way too many sharp claws. He is also constantly civil, if a bit unsettling due to being, canonically, a diagnosed sociopath, though a sophisticated and high-functioning one, and has some very interesting and unconventional views on transhumanism and the future of humanity.
  • Dr Nefarious from the Ratchet & Clank series, a maniacally cranky villain with a terribly short-fused temper all built into one twisted robotic genius. As Captain Quark's arch-nemesis (and eventually Ratchet and Clank's) Nefarious has serious racist issues against "Squishies" for he considers all robotic kind superior to biological life forms. However every now and then his system malfunctions, which is among his more comical scenes during the series.

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