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Music: The Axis Of Perdition
With the scream of the air raid siren I know, I know I'm finally coming home...
—The Axis of Perdition, "Heaving Salvation in the Paradise of Rust"

The Axis of Perdition was a band formed in England in 2001. Originally they were known as Axis of Perdition, but they added "The" to their name in 2004 to indicate that the band is a specific entity. While their music is predominantly Black Metal with large doses of Dark Ambient and Industrial, they consider themselves to be primarily an Ambient band that uses metal as a "texture".

The band's music, lyrics, and artwork are inspired heavily by the Silent Hill series of video games; their demo and first album also included references to H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King. The Axis present themselves as a hellish psychiatric hospital of sorts, with their albums as "treatments" and listeners as "patients".

The band has since separated in July of 2013, citing mutual agreements with Johnson and Blenkarn.

The band's hospital's current members doctors are:

  • Brooke Johnson - vocals, electronics
  • Mike Blenkarn - guitar, keyboards, programming, electronics
  • Ian Fenwick - bass
  • Dan Mullins - drums
  • Chris Walsh - guitar
  • Richard Brass - guitar
  • S.B. - electronics
  • Leslie Simpson - narration

Albums Treatments:

  • Corridors (demo, 2002) - actually a split release with the band's Dark Ambient "mother", Pulsefear; limited to 20 copies
  • The Ichneumon Method (And Less Welcome Techniques) (full-length, 2003)
  • Physical Illucinations in the Sewer of Xuchilbara (The Red God) (EP, 2004) - first release as The Axis of Perdition; introduced the band's current concept; limited to 666 copies
  • Deleted Scenes from the Transition Hospital (full-length, 2005)
  • Urfe (full-length, 2009) - a double album consisting of the first two parts of the Urfe trilogy, Grief of the Unclean and The Great Unwashed
  • Tenements (of the Anointed Flesh) (full-length, 2011) - conclusion to the Urfe saga

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