YMMV / The Axis of Perdition

  • Broken Base: The third album, Urfe. Some call it one of the band's best work, while others call it boring. It didn't help the later album Tenements (Of the Anointed Flesh) continued where Urfe left off.
  • Creepy Awesome: They were one of the most terrifying Black Metal projects out there, and also one of the most awesome.
  • Nightmare Fuel: EVERYTHING THEY MADE.
  • Squick: A lot of the material seemed to be this. TAoP focused a lot on making the concepts of their albums dark and disturbing, all while putting sickening imagery to it.
    • Special mention goes to Urfe, which while difficult to hear due to all the distortion, you can still vaguely make out heavy usage of sexual imagery. One can imagine what was going through Brooke Johnson's mind when writing this.
  • Tear Jerker: Oddly enough, two songs: 'The Great Unwashed VI' off of Urfe and 'Ordained' from Tenements (Of the Anointed Flesh).