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That's why they call me
Bad Company, and I can't deny
"Bad Company", from Bad Company's first album, Bad Company

An English arena rock band mainly active in the 1970s and 1980s, Bad Company is one of those bands where you've definitely heard their songs, you've definitely sung along, but you don't quite recognize the band's name. The band was a supergroup formed after the break-up or membership changes of several rock groups; the original line-up included Paul Rodgers (vocals, keyboards) and Simon Kirke (drums, percussion) from Free!, Mick Ralphs (guitar) of glam rockers Mott the Hoople and ex-King Crimson member Boz Burrell (bass guitar). Second only to Led Zeppelin in terms of popularity, the two groups shared many ties; Zeppelin manager Peter Grant also guided Bad Company to success and Paul Rodgers later played with Jimmy Page in the Firm.

The group is famous for a few Ear Worms, like "Feel Like Makin' Love", Can't Get Enough", "Bad Company", "Rock N Roll Fantasy" and "Shooting Star". Much like Paul Rodgers' first band, Free!, their sound is a mix of blues-influenced Hard Rock and classically-influenced piano ballads. In this respect they bear some similarities to the mid-to-late-seventies output of Queen, with whom lead singer Paul Rodgers performed after the tragic death of Freddie Mercury.

Not to be confused with Battlefield: Bad Company or the 2000 AD strip Bad Company.

Bad Company demonstrates examples of:

  • Canon Discontinuity: The band's official website disavows the existence of any studio album made after 1982's Rough Diamonds, likely due to Paul Rodgers not appearing on them.
    • Though Holy Water is available on iTunes, mostly due to the success of the power ballad "If You Needed Somebody."
  • Downer Ending: "Shooting Star", about a man named Johnny who becomes a rock star, ends with Johnny dead from a combination of sleeping pills and booze.
  • Greatest Hits Album: One of the most recent is essentially a Paul Rodgers album, The Very Best of Free and Bad Company (featuring Paul Rodgers).
  • Heavy Meta: "Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy", the original line-up's last big hit single.
  • Intercourse with You: "Feel Like Making Love".
  • Power Ballad
  • Rockstar Song: "Shooting Star", which may or may not be about guitarist Paul Kossoff of Free.
  • Self-Titled Album: Their debut, Bad Company, complete with Minimalistic Cover Art.
  • Spiritual Successor: To Free!, arguably.
  • Step Up to the Microphone: Drummer Simon Kirke sings "100 Miles" on the Holy Water album.
  • Supergroup
  • Yandere: "Burnin' Sky"