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"Surviving in a big family can be challenging, but it's not impossible."
Lincoln Loud

The Loud House is an animated series created by Chris Savino. It premiered on Nickelodeon on May 2, 2016, and is the 37th cartoon in the Nicktoons brand.

The series follows the adventures of Lincoln Loud, the middle child and only son of eleven kids, and his ten sisters (five older and five younger). Savino has stated that the series was based on his own childhood. Simply put, think Cheaper by the Dozen (or the In-Name-Only film) AS A CARTOON!

The series was chosen from Nickelodeon's 2013 Animated Shorts Program. You can see the pilot for the series here.

The series has been renewed through a third season, and Paramount Pictures is scheduled to release a feature-length film based on the series in February 2020.

There is a recap page, and a Best Episode Crowner.

Tropes pertaining to the series:

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  • Affectionate Parody: Of old sitcom shows where a setting takes place in one area, a character gets put into a situation that may seem humorous, throwing in a bit of slapstick, and Hilarity Ensues.
  • All Animals Are Dogs: Lynn and Lana acted like dogs in "Picture Perfect" and "Undie Pressure", respectively. Taken a step further in "Study Muffin", where Lana drinks from her own dog bowl.
  • Alliterative Name: The Loud family. Lincoln Loud, Luna Loud, Lola Loud, Lori Loud, etc.
  • Alphabetical Theme Naming:
    • All the kids' names start with L. In addition, all the girls' names (or nicknames) have four letters in them, whereas Lincoln has seven.note 
    • Mrs. Loud's first name is Rita and she has an aunt named Ruth.
  • Anachronism Stew: The show seems to be set in the current day, where smartphones, tablets, laptops and websites like YouTube are used. However, everything else, from the music to the video games and other pop culture items, are set from the '80s-present.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Some sisters can be like this:
    • Luan is this when pranking her older sisters but inverted when doing the same to her younger siblings.
    • Lola tends to be manipulative and blackmailing, while Lana tends to be messy towards their older siblings.
    • Most strongly exemplified in "A Tale of Two Tables", where Lincoln is stuck at the kids' table for meals with his younger sisters and wants to sit at the adult table. However, when he gets his wish, he decides that the grass is greener on the other side and persuades his parents to send him back.
  • Artistic License – Biology: The chances of having eleven kids where all but one of them are the same sexnote  or are all the same sexnote  is extremely unlikely to actually happen, but it's still certainly possible.
  • Art Shift: In "Slice of Life", the art style changes to a more Animesque style when Lincoln and his sisters are about to duke it out over who gets the last slice of pizza. It happens again with the pets at the end of the short when they're about to fight over the last slice.
  • Aside Glance: In "Space Invader", after Lynn remarks she notices there's a complete lack of balls in his room, she then rambles on about he doesn't have any balls (as in, sports balls), prompting him to give an uncomfortable look to the audience.
  • Beauty, Brains and Brawn:
    • Lori, Leni, Lola, and Lily are the beauties.
    • Lincoln, Luan, Lucy, and Lisa are the brains.
    • Luna, Lynn, Lana, and Clyde are the brawn.
  • Big Ball of Violence: Whenever the Loud siblings get into a fight.
  • Big Little Sister: Zigzagged with Lola. She'll either be taller than her older twin sister Lana or the same height as her depending on the scene.
  • Big Sister Bully:
    • Lori, the oldest of Lincoln's sisters:
      Lori: Beat it, twerp. I'm using the bathroom!
      Lincoln: Aw, come on, Lori, no fair! I was here first!
      Lori: Well, I was born first.
    • Sometimes, Lynn acts this way toward Lincoln.
    • Inverted with Lola.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Several episodes end with Lincoln content with his position, despite being screwed over in some way.
  • Bizarre Taste in Food: Lincoln. In "Changing the Baby", he's seen eating a peanut butter and sauerkraut sandwich.
  • Bottle Episode: There are a bunch of episodes that take place only at and around the titular household.
  • Boyish Short Hair: Luna, in contrast to her roommate Luan.
  • Brother–Sister Team: Lincoln often teams up with his sisters when they have common goal.
  • Child Prodigy: Lisa. She's constantly running experiments, cures strep throat, does the family's taxes. Oh, and she's 4.
  • Color-Coded Characters: The opening shades each of the Loud girls in a specific color:
    • Lori is blue.
    • Leni is seafoam.
    • Luna is dark purple.
    • Luan is yellow.
    • Lynn is red.
    • Lucy is gray.
    • Lola is pink.
    • Lana is a slightly darker blue.
    • Lisa is green.
    • Lily is light purple.
    • Lincoln himself is linked to orange.
    • These colors also correspond with the clothes the siblings usually wear (e.g. Lori wears a light blue shirt, Leni a turquoise green dress, Lucy wears black clothes, Lana wears grayish blue overalls, Luan a yellow skirt, etc). Lily's the only one whose color doesn't match with what she usually wears (a single white diaper), but she does often carry a lilac blanket and is seen wearing a purple shirt in Project Loud House.
  • Comedic Underwear Exposure:
    • Lincoln gets his pants pulled down by a bully at school in "Heavy Meddle".
    • Luna splits her pants in "Making the Case".
    • Lana is forced to flee the bathroom with her overalls down after being ambushed by Lisa in "Snow Bored".
  • Cool Big Sis: Luna is established as one in her first appearance in the pilot.
  • Creepy Child: Lucy, especially when compared to the rest of her siblings.
  • Cruel Twist Ending: Surprisingly common:
    • In "Two Boys and a Baby", Lincoln and Clyde babysit Lily so that the former doesn't have to visit Aunt Ruth, who he finds to be repulsive. Though Lincoln and Clyde succeed in their job, they end up being exposed to chickenpox along with Lily. Since Aunt Ruth is immune, as she had it once before, Lincoln, Clyde, and Lily are all sent to her house to recover, though in Lily's case, she enjoys it.
    • "Cover Girls" ends with Lincoln forced to dress as Lily, and getting photographed by his classmates.
  • Crush Filter: Clyde is madly in love with Lori, and regularly envisions her running in slow motion across the beach.
  • Curse Cut Short:
    • From "Butterfly Effect":
    Luna: Check it, bro. I uploaded this song I wrote about our family going down the highway to — hello! I just got fifty more hits!
    • Happens to Luna again in "11 Louds a Leapin'", although it's not so much a curse as much as it is a word that's typically not allowed in a TV-Y7 show:
    Luna: Merry Christmas, honey / If you don't have a gift I'll gladly take money / I wrote it down on my Christmas list / If I don't get my prezzies I'm gonna get—
    Mr. Grouse: Louds! Knock off that racket!
  • Darker and Edgier: Some episodes like "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud House", "Butterfly Effect", "One Flu Over the Loud House" and "No Such Luck" can be seen as examples of this:
    • "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud House": A lot of fans of the show hated the episode due to how badly the sisters mistreated Lincoln throughout. Even the nicer sisters were mean to him! And it only worsens the fact that even though they made up at the end, absolutely NO apology was heard!
    • "Butterfly Effect": One of the scenes has Luan becoming an activist after seeing a lot of horrific things on cable news. She even liberated Lana's pets.
    • "One Flu Over the Loud House": The darkest episode in the series so far. The flu epidemic depicted in this episode is played completely straight, as it spoofs a zombie apocalypse.
    • "No Such Luck": Many fans felt that Mr. and Mrs. Loud were being abusive to Lincoln when they booted him from the house and made him sleep outside.
  • Daydream Surprise: "Butterfly Effect" is revealed at the end to be Lincoln imagining what could happen if after he accidentally breaks Lisa's lab. Naturally with someone of his age, it's pretty outlandish.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Each of the sisters gets an episode that focuses primarily on them. The vast majority of the episodes are told from Lincoln's perspective, commonly alongside one of his sisters. However, some episodes place Lincoln in a supporting role while one of his sisters takes the limelight, the first instance being "House Music", which focuses on Luna.
  • Depending on the Writer: Lori's personality tends to switch with each episode she stars in; she can either be a Big Sister Bully, an actual kind-hearted sibling, or even a bit of both. One could say that she's a complex character.
  • Diaper Check: Lily's basic schtick. It's justified since she is a baby.
  • Disembodied Eyebrows: Most of the characters' eyebrows can be seen through their hair.
  • Dumb Blonde: Played straight with Leni, but subverted with the other blondes in the family.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: The animation in "Left in the Dark" is different than in later episodes. Examples include:
    • Lisa's shirt is dark green instead of chartreuse.
    • Lucy's hairline is raised up a little.
    • Clyde's hair and face are shaped differently.
    • Leni's dress appears with a slightly more desaturated shade than usual.
  • Episode Title Card: It's done in the style of comic strips.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Every one of the sisters gets one in the pilot, all in under two minutes. It also happens in the first minute of "Left in the Dark".
  • Establishing Series Moment: The series pilot which shows what a huge ordeal it is in a huge family simply to get to the bathroom.
  • Eureka Moment: Lincoln in the pilot; after Lori beats him to the bathroom and starts to panic about holding it in, he gets distracted by the smell of Lily's dirty diaper:
    Lincoln: Ugh, could clear a room. (realization) Could clear a room!
  • Everybody Cries:
    • All of Lincoln's sisters cry in "The Green House", when Lincoln convinces them to lower their energy use, by using a poster of an adorable polar bear to arouse their sympathies.
    • All of the Loud kids cry in "Pets Peeved" when the pets go missing.
  • Expository Theme Tune: Like the show, the theme song is about being the only boy among ten sisters.
  • The Faceless: Mr. and Mrs. Loud. Mr. Loud's eyes are seen periodically, though. They get fully revealed at the climax of "11 Louds a 'Leaping".
  • Foreshadowing: Clyde would always refer to his dads as "my parents" and never "my mom and dad" before they were seen in person.
  • Four-Fingered Hands: The show's default style; however, the animesque versions of the characters in the "Slice of Life" short have five fingers.
  • Fourth-Wall Observer: Lincoln will often monologue to the camera about some aspect of his life to set up the episode's events.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: During "Driving Miss Hazy", the Louds' address can be seen on Lori's driver's license, showing that they live in Royal Woods, Michigan. This is a Shout-Out to creator Chris Savino's hometown of Royal Oak, Michigan.
  • Gender Flip: The entire premise of "One of the Boys" involves Lincoln imagining what it would be like if his sisters were boys à la Malcolm in the Middle. Interestingly, the episode also gives a small glimpse into his life if he was "Linka" in the house of boys, which more or less is exactly the same as his life at current.
  • The Ghost: The McBrides' therapist Dr. Lopez.
  • Green Around the Gills: Happens to Lincoln and Lana in "Toads and Tiaras", Clyde in "Dance, Dance Resolution" and Lola in "Patching Things Up".
  • Group Hug: Lincoln is often the victim of claustrophobic group hugs from his sisters.
  • Has Two Daddies: Clyde has two fathers. This is notable for being the first Nickelodeon show to feature same-sex couples,note  and got complaints for using such in a kids' show.
  • Hidden Eyes: Lucy's eyes are hidden behind her Blinding Bangs.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Despite their annoyance at Luan's puns, this doesn't stop the others from making their own puns.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Aside from Leni, Lily, and Luna who are naturally nice (with extreme limitations), the other girls have good qualities to balance out their not so good moments like helping Lincoln with his oral report after he accidentally destroyed his diorama.
  • Kids Shouldn't Watch Horror Films: Lincoln sneaks into one in "The Price of Admission" against his parents' wishes and is scared of the dark once he gets home. When his parents decide he can go after all, they almost take him back to see it before he admits he already saw it and never wants to see it again.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Frequently happens when the siblings take things too far:
    • Happens in "The Sweet Spot" when the sisters fight Lincoln for possession of the best seat in the family van; all they succeed in doing is destroying the van and are immediately grounded for it.
    • Happens in "Come Sale Away" where the siblings try to outsell each other and sell everything in the house to do it. When they realize they sold Lily's blanket by accident, they end up losing all of their earnings to Flip when he cons them all with duplicates. They come to find Lily's blanket was actually in the wash, and all of them are grounded yet again. In addition, Flip tries to make a fast buck off of the unstable chemicals he bought from Lisa, and ends up trashing his own gas station when he tampers too much with them.
  • Later Installment Weirdness: Lincoln's fourth wall breaks become less frequent in Season 2.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: In "Overnight Success", Lincoln says, "Time to make history!" after hearing the doorbell. Immediately after he says this, the first same-gender couple for Nickelodeon appears.
  • Likes Older Women: Clyde, who is eleven, has a crush on Lincoln's oldest sister Lori, who is six years his senior.
  • Limited Wardrobe: In Lincoln's bedroom/closet, you can see identical orange T-shirts hanging from a clothes rack.
  • Literal Metaphor: Lincoln's dad isn't happy with his wife when she tells him that she has a bun in the oven, since he's gluten-free.
  • Living Prop: Lily, which is a given, since she's a baby and can barely talk.

  • Massive Numbered Siblings: The focus of the show is the main character living with his 10 sisters.
  • Meaningful Name: In a family of eleven kids, the Louds definitely live up to their name.
  • Medium Blending: The characters are drawn in regular cartoon form, but the backgrounds use a crude style similar to those of newspaper comic strips, especially the outdoor scenes. Also, if you look closely at the background, you can see the paper detailing within.
  • Middle Child Syndrome: Lincoln is right smack in the middle of his sisters. While his sisters have actual bedrooms, Lincoln's room is actually a converted linen closet. But while the girls have to share their rooms, Lincoln is the only one who gets his own space.
  • My Life Flashed Before My Eyes: In "Two Boys and a Baby", both Lincoln and Clyde experience this when Lily farts on them. In the case of the latter, he states that the former's life flashed before his eyes.
  • Narcissist: Lola. In "Undie Pressure," she continuously stared at herself in her compact mirror, and almost lost it while trying to go without looking at herself over the family bet.
  • Negative Continuity: In "One of the Boys", none of the girls want to go to Dairyland and reject Lincoln's suggestion to go there immediately. In "In Tents Debate", half of them want to go there, which is what causes the main conflict of the episode. Also, the former episode implies that Dairyland is within easy driving distance, while the latter implies it might be a bit farther away.
  • Never Trust a Trailer: The trailer where Lynn brings a boy home while the other girls surround and chastise him for bullying Lincoln is from "Heavy Meddle". The boy is innocent since the bully is a girl.
  • Nosebleed: A running gag is that Clyde will experience these whenever he's around Lori:
    • He has one in "Get the Message" when Lori is in front of him.
    • He has one in "Chore and Peace" when he finds out Lori is back again with Bobby.
    • He has two in "The Waiting Game" when Lori talks to him and Lincoln at the arcade. He realizes that he can stop the nosebleeds if he doesn't see, hear, or smell Lori.
    • He has a four nosebleeds in "A Fair to Remember". He has two when she talks to him, one when she hugs him, and one when he receives a gift from her.
    • He has one in "Baby Steps" when Lori walks into the house just as he's about to leave.
  • Not Allowed to Grow Up: So far, there have been two episodes set on seperate April Fools' Days, thus proving that at least a year has passed in-universe. Yet none of the characters appear any older, or are stated to have aged a year.
  • Not So Above It All: Lincoln's older sisters eventually decide to join him at the kids' table and have fun with their younger siblings, starting with the youngest of the five, Lynn.
  • Not So Stoic: Though Lucy and Lisa are mostly The Stoic, they can have reactions that are out of character for their personalities, and Lucy once got over-joyed in one scene.
  • Ocular Gushers: Happens whenever a character cries.
  • Offscreen Teleportation: Lucy has an uncanny ability to do this, often spooking the living daylights of whoever's nearby.
  • Oh, Crap!: When the girls discover Lincoln's sweet spot chart and confront him about it.
  • The One Guy: Lincoln is the only boy in his family, not counting his father.
  • Outnumbered Sibling: Lincoln is outnumbered ten to one.
  • Out-of-Character Moment: Lucy and Lisa, who are known for being The Stoic, can act very girlish.
  • Overly Long Name: A running gag is that Lincoln's plans tend to have very long names; something he himself always lampshades.
  • Periphery Demographic: invoked There appears to be one for Blarney the Dinosaur, if Clyde showing up to the Blarney the Dinosaur movie in cosplay and referring to himself as a "Blarneydune" is anything to go by.
  • Potty Emergency:
    • The pilot short involves Lincoln trying to make it to the bathroom at the other end of the hallway to pee, but has to tend to his sisters' mischief. He's briefly deterred when Lori beats him there, but he ends up chasing her out with one of Lily's dirty diapers.
    • In the episode, "In Tents Debate", to get Lincoln to see the downsides of spending the Loud Family's summer vacation at the Dairy Land amusement park, Team Beach (Lori, Leni, Lucy, Lola, and Lily) stands in front of the bathroom when he has to take a leak to simulate having to wait in long lines at the park. When Lincoln finally gets there, he finds that the toilet is "Out of Order", so he settles for going in the shower.
    • A deleted prank from "April Fools Rules" had Lincoln get up from bed surrounded by numerous cups of water, thanks to Luan. In order to exit his bedroom he needs to drink all the cups of water. When he finishes all of them, he opens the door to find more cups in the hallway, meaning, he has to drink those as well. By the time he finishes all of them it is clear he is desperate to go and when he finally gets to the bathroom door to use the toilet, the knob comes off, much to his despair.
    • Lynn has one while at the gas station in "Raw Deal" as a result of her fortune being about her patience being tested.
  • Precocious Crush: Clyde has a huge crush on Lori. Due to being 11 years old, though, he is often paralyzed whenever he is around her.
  • Punny Name:
    • In the episode "It's a Loud, Loud Loud House", Sharon Demonet is a pun on "sharing the money".
    • Mom's full name is Rita Loud; say it quickly, and you'll get the term "read aloud".
  • Reality Ensues:
    • On a light note, this show seems to put some reality of having a huge family with Massively Numbered Siblings, such as having the concept of hand-me-downs and having multiple tables for multiple kids. It also shows that this kind of family can stress a person out, as evidenced by Lincoln's Exhausted Eye Bags (and his white hair).
    • "Along Came a Sister" shows just because Leni momentarily overcome her arachnophobia to save Frank, doesn't mean it's permanently gone.
    • "For Bros About to Rock" includes an event where Lincoln, Clyde, and Luna are trying to go to a SMOOCH concert. When the tickets are all sold out, both of the boys buy tickets from a scalper. They almost immediately get arrested by an undercover mall cop for possessing fake tickets.
    • "The Loudest Yard" includes an event with Lynn training Lincoln for the football game by having Lincoln drink a glass of pure raw eggs. Lincoln then proceeds to vomit them back up, as he can't safely consume raw eggs.
    • In "Frog Wild", Lincoln and Lana rescue and set free an aquarium of frogs meant to be used in school dissections. However, since these frogs were born and raised in captivity purely for dissection purposes, they have no survival instincts and are quickly targeted by predators in the area.
  • Recycled Soundtrack: The sting "Vibe Link (b)" is heard often, which was also used in SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Rod-and-Reel Repurposed: In the episode "Two Boys and a Baby", when Lincoln and Clyde change Lily's diaper, Lincoln attempts to dispose of the dirty diaper with a fishing pole. Unfortunately, Lily's dirty diaper accidentally hits the ceiling fan and makes a mess of Lily and Lisa's room (which, thankfully, isn't shown to the viewers).
  • Rule 63: The episode "One of the Boys" features a canon example involving Lincoln imagining what it would be like if his sisters were boys à la Malcolm in the Middle.
  • Running Gag: Lincoln gives his plans long titles that end in lampshading its length. This is first seen in the debut episode "Left in the Dark," in which Lincoln tells Clyde about Operation: Distract My Sisters so that I Can Get to the TV First and Watch the Special Live Season Finale of AARGH! and Think of a Shorter Name for This Operation.
  • Season Fluidity: So far, the series is more on the “fluid” side of the scale, with only a small number of episodes having a lasting impact on the continuity (Lincoln getting into a relationship with Ronnie Anne, and Ronnie Anne + Bobby moving away from Royal Woods being the most prominent examples). No matter what happens in an episode, you can bet everything is back to normal at the start the next episode (like the family car getting destroyed in “The Sweet Spot”, but being perfectly fine again in the following episodes, or the Loud siblings selling all the furniture in “Come Sale Away”, but somehow, the family got it all back by the start of the next episode).
  • Series Continuity Error:
    • In "Making the Case", Lincoln posts a video of himself kissing a statue with a picture of his classmate Cristina taped to it. Lincoln mentions that Cristina transferred to a different class. In "The Green House", Cristina is shown in Lincoln's class. However, it's possible that the episodes aren't chronological.
    • According to the official Instagram, all the Loud sisters have the middle name Marie, but in "Driving Miss Hazy" both Lori and Leni had L. as their middle initial on their driver's licenses.
  • Share Phrase: "Dang it." Initially mostly used by Lincoln, but later frequently heard from all siblings. Best demonstrated in "Homespun".
  • She's a Man in Japan:
    • The Arabic dub of the show makes one of Clyde's two dads a female, due to homosexuality being a crime in most parts of the Middle East.
    • In some dubs, the McBrides' unseen therapist Dr. Lopez is referred to by male pronouns.
  • Shout-Out: Has its own page.
  • Shown Their Work: Lily is 15 months old and can walk by herself. Most babies can walk independently by that age.
  • Sick Episode: "One Flu Over the Loud House", which is also a zombie parody.
  • Sound-Effect Bleep: Used at the end of "Potty Mouth" by Lily, after the siblings realize she hasn't been swearing the whole episode - she was saying "donut". But then Charles comes over and steals her donut, which causes Lily to use another choice word, which is bleeped this time.
  • Spell My Name with an "S":
    • It's spelled Luan. Not Luann or Luanne.
    • Lincoln's crush from "Making the Case" is named Cristina, not Christina.
    • Lola's male counterpart's name is spelled as Lexx, as opposed to being spelt as just Lex.
  • Spiders Are Scary: Leni definitely thinks so due to her arachnophobia.
  • Status Quo Is God: A large number of episodes involve Lincoln trying to improve the living conditions in the house, only to realize that things were better before.
  • Toilet Humor:
    • The pilot for the series focused on Lincoln attempting to use the bathroom, followed by Lincoln using Lily's dirty diaper to chase Lori out.
    • There is no shortage of poop jokes coming from youngest sister Lily, though the toilet humor in the show is toned down from the pilot.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: All the girls have varying degrees of masculinity and femininity, but Lana and Lola are the most obvious and centralized examples. This is showcased in "In Tents Debate" where the girly girls (Lori, Leni, Lola, Lucynote  and Lily) vote to spend their vacation at the beach while the tomboys (Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lisa and Lana) vote for an amusement park.
  • Tuckerization: Lori, Luan, Lynn, Lana, and Lisa were named for Chris Savino's five sisters, Luna and Lola were named for Dachshunds his family owned, Lucy and Lily were names Savino and his wife planed on giving to a potential daughter (they have three sons), and Leni was named for Lennie from Of Mice and Men.
  • Two Girls to a Team: Inverted with the Loud family—not counting any of the family's pets, Lincoln and his dad are the only men in the house, as everyone else is a girl (Mrs. Loud and her ten daughters).
  • Vocal Evolution: Lincoln's voice sounds noticeably deeper in the "Slice of Life" short, as well as in the later episodes of Seeason 1. This is due to the fact Grant Palmer hit puberty during production. However, Starting with "One of the Boys", Lincoln's voice has reverted back to its original high pitch (albeit a bit whinier), thanks to Collin Dean taking over.
  • Volumetric Mouth: This is occasionally seen whenever a character shouts.
  • Vomit Discretion Shot: Occurs in "Get the Message", "The Sweet Spot", "In Tents Debate", "Changing the Baby", "Toads and Tiaras", "Two Boys and a Baby", "Cover Girls", "Save the Date", "The Loudest Loud", "Dance, Dance Resolution", "Patching Things Up" and "Kick the Bucket List".
  • Vomit Indiscretion Shot: Happens to Lily in "Changing the Baby" and "Cover Girls".
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Leni hates spiders.
  • You Can't Fight Fate: A typical plot usually involves Lincoln scheming to avoid confronting a rocky situation, only for events to backfire so it ends up happening anyway.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Lincoln has white hair, which only occurs if one dyes their hair or is an albino.note  Alternately, it could be considered a reference to Charlie Brown, who famously has hair so fair and blonde that it blends into his skin. He apparently gets it from his grandfather, who Lincoln greatly resembles.