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In 1979, Nickelodeon debuted as the first cable TV network to program exclusively for children. Early in its history, it was nicknamed the "Green Network" because of its educational programming. Its major programming includes Animated Shows, Kid Coms, and Made For TV Movies. Its morning preschool educational block, Nick Jr., includes programs for toddlers and kindergarteners. During its evening block, Nick At Nite, the channel shows old Sit Coms and dramatic series. It is currently owned by Viacom which also owns MTV, VH-1, Spike TV, and Comedy Central, among others (and in fact used to even own CBS).

Several other specialized cable channels have spun off from it, including TV Land, Nick Jr., TeenNicknote , and Nicktoonsnote . See also the Nick Verse.

The official website, with games and episodes of its shows, is here.

Original shows that debuted on the network include:


Live-Action TV Shows and Nickcoms

Game Shows

Sketch Comedies


Shows that originated elsewhere but have aired in reruns on Nickelodeon:

Films produced by Nickelodeon:

Movies Based on the Shows

Other Movies

Video Games produced by Nickelodeon:

Specials frequently rerun on the weekend Special Delivery block:

Among the popular celebrities who gained fame through this channel:

My Secret IdentityKid ComThe Adventures of Pete & Pete
Mario PartyParty GameNintendo Land
Power TrioBoy BandDong Bang Shin Ki

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