Sequel Series

An entire series that follows on chronologically from the predecessor. Marked by a change in cast within the universe, while maintaining the same general rules.

Like anything having to do with TV production, this trope has a dark side thanks to corporate greed. Note that if a sequel series follows soon after its predecessor, to the point it may as well be a new season, then it's probably a blatant case of Loophole Abuse on the part of the production company to cheat the actors out of a portion of the show's profits. Under US law, and possibly a few other countries, if a television series runs over a certain number of episodes then the cast are entitled to a percentage of the show's take, in addition to their normal salaries. However, it doesn't take more than some minor rebranding to have a show's new season be legally considered a completely different property, meaning the poor schlubs putting in the work are back at square one.

See also After Show.


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