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IDW Publishing is a comic book publishing company founded in 1999 and incorporated as Idea + Design Works, LLC. IDW started off with original horror comics but is perhaps best known today for its vast array of licensed comics. That is to say, while IDW does have a few original titles, of which the best known are 30 Days of Night and Locke & Key, the majority of its best-selling comics are owned by other companies. This is an arrangement that IDW has used to great effect, as many of these titles have been extremely well-received by long-time fans of their respective properties.

As well as the newly-published comics, IDW has also published reprints of many well-known Newspaper Comics under the "Library of American Comics" subbrand, and a number of "Artist Editions" of oversize editions of the raw pencil art for famous earlier comics series.

In 2015, IDW took over the art-comics publisher Top Shelf, although Top Shelf will continue as an imprint and will retain a separate editorial department.

Original titles published by IDW include:

Licensed media tie-in comics include.

Reprint publications include: