Comic Book / The Badger

The Badger is a comic created by Mike Baron.

The Badger is one of Norbert Sykes multiple personalities, and the one most commonly out. The Badger was devoted to defending animals and the environment, but would often overreact, for example, breaking the arm of someone littering.

Norbert works as a bodyguard for Ham Thorndyke, a 5th Century Druid and weather wizard who was put into a coma by every other 5th century wizard. Also employed by Ham is Daisy Fields, a clinical psychologist, who acts as his secretary between providing therapy for Norbert.

In case you can't tell, the series is not entirely serious.

The work provides examples of

  • Author Tract: The last issue of First Comics' Badger run - a Christmas Episode - has Mike Baron delivering several less than subtle messages about his political views. Many of them are put in Santa Claus' mouth.
  • Blood Magic
  • Camp Straight: Max Swell
  • Crossover: Thanks to time travel, he guest starred several times in Nexus, also by Mike Baron.
  • Druid: Ham, specifically a renegade druid
  • Nice Girl: Daisy
  • Overly Long Name: Ham's real name is Hammaglystwythkbrngzzaxotl
  • Split Personality: Besides the Badger, inside Norbert's head is also Emily, a nine-year-old girl; Pierre, a French psychopath; Leroy, a dog; Max Swell, a playboy; and Gastineau Grover Depaul, an African-American Vietnam vet.
  • Speaks Fluent Animal: The Badger and Norbert can talk to animals.
  • Rip Van Winkle: Ham who was put into a 1500 year sleep by his fellow druids.
  • As Long as It Sounds Foreign / Aerith and Bob: Hammaglystwythkbrngxxaxolotl as a Welsh name?
  • There Are No Therapists: averted, although Daisy's efforts don't do much good.
  • Violence Really Is the Answer. One short story has Badger debating this with a crippled busker. At the end after the Badger saves him from a mugger the musician concedes that there are times violence is called for while remaining personally committed to pacifism.