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Comic Book: The Powerpuff Girls
This trope is for the comic adaptions of the Powerpuff Girls.

At the height of it's popularity, the show was given it own comic book series in 2000 under the DC Comics label. The comic more of less showcased exclusive stories for the girls but nothing really beyond that like any usual comic tie in. Though interestingly some of the episodes were adapted from the comics themselves (Squirrelly Burly, the first issue, became a season five episode, Stray Bullet for example). It also worked in reverse as well when the TV crew didn't have the resources to animate certain episode (Deja View).

The comic series ended in 2006, though the girls were transplanted in the CN Block Party comic until that eventually ended in 2009 when DC cancelled their kids line.

Four years later, in 2013, IDW signed a deal with CN to make new comics off a few of their past shows and naturally, Powerpuff Girls was one of those selected. Unlike the last comic, these have multi-issued storylines. The first six issues deal with Mojo Jojo wanting to be a normal chimp and later on, the villains turning good, or have they?. The IDW series also gained the rights to the DC made comics and re-released them under Powerpuff Girls Classic. The PPG are also participants in IDW's Cartoon Network Super Secret Crisis War.

The comics of The Powerpuff Girls! Provides examples for:

DC Comic Issues

IDW Comics Issues

  • Battleofthe Bands: Issue 9 and possibly 10 seem to have this for the Powerpuff Girls against the RowdyRuff Boys.
  • Brought Down to Normal: The Professor in issue 2, after hearing Mojo's confessions brings Mojo Jojo back to his normal monkey self. It doesn't last, however.
  • The Cameo: Dexter and Dee Dee appear in issue 9 during a concert.
  • Continuity Nod: During issue 5, Bubbles remarks about having one of her pigtails turned to meat which actually happened in the pilot.
    • Also, Steve the Monster from the Powerpuff Girls episode, Super Zeros returns in issue 7 & 8 with a very important role.
  • Heel-Face Turn: This happens during the first storyline where the villains seem to have change to better themselves. It's subverted however as it shows that it was all a plot by Him. Though this may change with some indications from Fuzzy.
  • Mind Manipulation: How Him causes the Gangreen Gang, Sedusa, Princess, and Fuzzy Lumpkins to briefly become nice to the Girls only to remove it to cause the villains to go back to being bad.
  • Status Quo Is God: Come on, do you really think Mojo Jojo would stay as a unmutated chimp or give up evil for long?
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