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Pun-Based Title
These works have titles which are puns of some sort. The creators are probably slightly less proud of themselves than the creators of works with Double Meaning Titles. Or at least they should be. Like with the Double Meaning Title, it's usually stubbornly resistant to translation to other languages, resulting in the need for a Completely Different Title.

See Epunymous Title for a common subtrope; also compare Justified Title. Idiosyncratic Episode Naming sometimes employs this.

Example subpages:

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    Fan Works 

  • Jack*Bot is a pun on "jackpot". This even extends to the actual jackpots, which are called "Jack*Bots".

    Theme Parks 

    Web Original 
  • The world of Worm contains a talk show called "Mornings with O, J and Koffi".
  • Mr Repzion once made a video called, "Vampire Rants On Why Twilight Sucks". note 

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