Pun Based Title: Western Animation

  • Two Animated Series from Disney, DuckTales and TaleSpin, have punny series titles and plenty of punny episode titles.
  • Looney Tunes, anyone? Chances are, for example, if Bugs Bunny is in it, the toon's title will often make a pun with the word "hare", "rabbit" or "bunny". Famous titles include Hare Trigger, Rabbit Fire or Ali Baba Bunny.
    • Same for Road Runner shorts, which usually have titles that're puns involving either the Road Runner's superspeed (or uttering of "Beep! Beep!") or Wile E. Coyote's tendency to get maimed (Fast and Furry-ous, Zoom At the Top, Wild About Hurry, To Beep or Not To Beep, Gee Whiz-z-z-z-z-z-z, Boulder Wham!, Scrambled Aches).
    • The Ducktators is another good example.
  • Spongebob Squarepants is also fond of punny titles. One of which, "Dying for Pie", averts Never Say "Die" in a major way.
  • From Sunbow's G.I. Joe cartoon, we have "The Viper Is Coming". Which is 20 minutes of dreadful setup for the horrible pun: the "Viper" in question is a foreignese-accented "Vindow Viper".
  • Taz-Mania = Tasmania.
  • The king of Western animation pun-titles is likely the Jay Ward shows, particularly Rocky and Bullwinkle. Each R&B story ended in a cliffhanger ending, with the narrator giving two possible episode titles, both of them usually puns. Example (when Rocky's strapped to a runaway missile): "'The Squirrel Next Door', or 'High, Neighbor'!"
  • Especially in later seasons, most of The Simpsons episode titles are puns such as "Mobile Homer", "Moaning Lisa", or "The Bart of War."
    • The Mona Lisa, in fact, is one of the most frequent target of parodied episode titles; there have been at least three episodes whose titles use that pun, while the others are a more diverse - the only other recurring theme is "<member of the Simpson family> vs. <plot point>".
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has a few, like "The Stare Master" (a pun on the StairMaster exercise device), "Griffon The Brush-Off" ("Given the Brush-off"), "Owl's Well That Ends Well" (All's well that ends well) and "Lesson Zero" (less than zero).
    • There's also "Magical Mystery Cure" (Magical Mystery Tour), "The Ticket Master" (Ticketmaster), "Boast Busters" (Ghostbusters), "Look Before You Sleep" ("Look before you leap"), "Feeling Pinkie Keen" ("Feeling peachy keen"), "A Friend in Deed" ("A friend indeed"), "Castle Mane-ia" (Castlevania), "Filli Vanilli" (Milli Vanilli), and "Secret of My Excess" (The Secret of My Success).
  • The 1973/74 Super Friends episode "The Shamon U". The title device was a U-shaped giant gold-attracting magnet owned by the villain. Its title was a pun based on the phrase "Shame on you".
  • "Around the world / Together we're Justin Time!"
  • Inspector Gadget had quite a bit of this. Notable examples include "Plant-Form of the Opera" (The Phantom of the Opera) and "Basic Training" (the episode took place on a train).
  • Filmations Ghostbusters and The Real Ghostbusters were well-known for their punny titles. For example, FGB had "Mummy Dearest" (Mommie Dearest); RGB had "A Fright at the Opera" (punning on a Marx Brothers movie and a Queen album). However, they shared a pun by having one episode each called "Rollerghoster!".
  • Pound Puppies (2010) tends to use these fairly often. Examples include "Prince and the Pupper", "Mutternal Instincts", and, perhaps slightly less groan-worthy, the Halloween Episode "Nightmare on Pound Street".
  • Most of the episodes of Mr. Bogus had episode titles that were puns on phrases or movie titles. These included "Et Tu, Brattus?" ("Et tu, Brute?"), "Shop Around the Clock" ("Rock Around the Clock") and "No Snooze Is Good News" ("No news is good news").
  • All over the place in Futurama, but for sheer Feghooterifficity the prize has to go to the Fountain of Youth episode where Leela, having met her birth parents in a previous episode, takes the opportunity of being a teenager to try and have a normal childhood: "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles".
  • Aside from the obvious Punny Name of Gravity Falls, there's also the episodes "Tourist Trapped", "Headhunters", "The Hand That Rocks The Mabel", "Double Dipper", "Irrational Treasure", "Little Dipper", "Carpet Diem", and "The Land Before Swine". And that's just the first season...
  • Pun-based show title: King Leonardo And His Short Subjects.