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  • In the creepy stop-motion TV series "What It's Like Being Alone", the Brick Joke of episode 9 was that no one but Sammy questioned how Trevor, a random one appearance character got adopted. Then it hits me that as of ep 8, he discovered the ability to see the fourth wall! - Archduke Cthulhu
  • In The Looney Tunes Show, Daffy has to babysit a baby duck. He goes through the fridge to find something for the baby to drink, finds some milk, and scoffs, "What am I, crazy? Babies don't like milk." He then proceeds to try to feed the baby clam juice. This seems like just Daffy being Daffy, but then again, both he and the baby are ducks. Clam juice is slightly closer to something that a baby duck might eat.
    • Daffy's costume montage in the episode "Reunion" is slightly justified in retrospect. Of course they had all those costumes lying around—Bugs held all those jobs!
  • In Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog, the two respective characters' jobs seem very lopsided, despite both of them being quite content and calm in the down time: Ralph is always active and always fails, while Sam is passive or reactive and always succeeds. So why isn't Ralph very stressed out and maybe having anger management issues? Well, in Ready, Woolen and Able we see the two arriving to work in cars, and while Sam drives a rickety jalopy, Ralph arrives in a single-seater red racecar, possibly a Ferrari. Moreover, he has a lot of gadgets at his disposal even when off duty (such as in A Sheep in the Deep). So while Sam has a less demanding job, Ralph is content to keep trying, failing and enduring Slapstick because he is presumably paid a lot better. None of this is meant to account for Sam's Teleport Spam and clone spam (or time travel?) while on the job. - Rottenvenetic
  • In the Justice League Unlimited episode "Double Date" The Question assists Huntress with going up against the league in exchange for information regarding a conspiracy he is chasing. The following dialogue takes place during the scuffle:
    Green Arrow: Question, why are ya doing this?!
    The Question: You wouldn't believe me if I told you!
    • Which seems perfectly normal, since The Question is a 'Well known crackpot', in his own words. The retort takes on a new meaning when at the end of the episode reveals that he helped her despite knowing she was lying about any information she had, because he was in love with her. -Lumino
  • An episode of Futurama has Ron Popeil's head reveal that he created head-in-a-jar technology. It was basically a throwaway gag, but it explains why almost all the heads are from the early 21st century - becoming a head in a jar was most likely a fad when it was new and has since gone out of vogue with the technology being used rarely since then.
    • We do see some people, such as U.S. Presidents prior to the late 20th century with heads in jars. Since The Headless Body of Spirrow Agnew has been established to be a clone, these heads are more than likely cloned as well.
  • Lambert the Sheepish Lion. Oh how Lambert's real mother must feel that her baby never showed up. And what happened to the baby sheep that Lambert got mixed up with? If they got switched at birth, let's hope the unseen lion family won't accept their lamb child as dinner.