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Fridge: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Fridge Brilliance
  • Obi-Wan, upon seeing a holo of Savage Opress during "Witches of the Mist", initially thinks he's looking at Darth Maul and says so. At first it seems as if he thinks all Zabrak (Maul's species) look alike or that he was the only one of his kind, so it seems a pretty stupid thing for him to say. But later, we learn that Savage is Maul's brother. Your mileage may vary concerning this Retcon, and it may really bug you, but if there's a family resemblance between Maul and Savage then Obi-Wan mistaking one for the other makes a lot more sense.
    • It doesn't explain how Obi-Wan manages to confuse their build though. Maul was 1.75 meters tall and a really agile combatant, post-ritual Savage is a hulking brute who makes generous use of his superior physical strength.
      • Don't forget it's been at least a decade since Obi-Wan last saw Darth Maul. It's not all that far fetched that he wouldn't remember a guy he killed as a Padawan all that well.
      • Wait, he'd remember his face well enough to confuse him with his brother, but wouldn't notice that he was a completely different size?
      • Considering he's looking at a horned, tattoo-faced man engaging two Jedi in melee combat and winning easily, I don't think you can really blame him if his thoughts instinctively jump to "Darth Maul". And at any rate, Savage was showing plenty of agility in that fight. He kind of had to, since he was fighting people armed with weapons he had absolutely no way of blocking.
    • Obi-Wan defeated Darth Maul while the former was still a padawan. Relative to Young Obi-Wan, Maul must have looked relatively bigger. In addition, Maul has been surviving on scraps during the years, he's noticeably more lean and hungry-looking. All of those combined, Maul really could have been at Savage's stature before his unfortunate accident.
      • There's always the possibility that it was a response driven by emotion rather than logic. He's obviously rattled, albeit in his usual stoic way. Maybe the sight of a Zabrak killing Jedi instantly brought Darth Maul into his thoughts, knocking the rational part of his brain briefly off-kilter.
  • Why does Savage us a double-bladed lightsaber? Dooku must have given it to him, he trained him after all. Dooku is an absolute master of the second form of lightsaber combat, makashi, a form that has a weakness to power attacks, something Savage could be devastating with. If you are to fight with a double-bladed lightsaber, you'll likely train in form VI,, niman, one that does not utilize power attacks. Dooku knew Savage could be a great threat, and weakened him from the beginning!
  • A meta-version, as this happened during the production - Son is the embodiment of the Dark Side of the Force, and Sam Witwer was cast as him because he voiced Starkiller in The Force Unleashed, which was confirmed to Witwer as "Son is the Dark Side of the Force, so you might hear a little bit of Starkiller's voice in him". Witwer's response was that then you should hear elements of all of the different Star Wars dark side characters, because in a sense, Son is all of those characters.
    • Additional meta brilliance, in the same game he also voiced the Emperor. There really is more than one darksider in his voice.
      • Indeed, at some points, Son's voice changes into Palpatine's.
      • And it gets even better now that he's also voicing Darth Maul.
  • When I first saw the Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 1 finale, I was disappointed by how lame Cad Bane's ultimate goal was. He broke into the senate, took a dozen senators hostage... all so he could free that whiny pile of crap Ziro the Hutt? That was it? Until I saw the season 2 trailer. It all made sense. Jabba hired Bane to get Ziro free. The whole point was to show what lengths Bane would go to in order to complete his mission. He broke into the senate just to do some second rate job. HOLY CRAP. That makes Sidious hiring him in season 2 all the more suspenseful. Since if that was what he went through to do Jabba's job, then what will he do to accomplish Sidious' ones? - Emperordaein
  • This troper found "Carnage of Krell" odd, since it is all about clones disobeying orders in order to kill the traitorous Jedi giving them. Especially since this is the 501st, who would eventually raid the Jedi Temple. Then I realized-Krell is exactly why they did it. Anakin is the Jedi they trust the most, and if he says the others have betrayed the Republic, Rex and the others would believe him. And they were the only clones to have fought Jedi before. It still is impressive irony.
  • In the second episode of the Nighsisters arc, Mother Talzin warns Count Dooku that men are "easy to acquire, harder to control". Fast-forward to the end of the next episode, and both Dooku and Ventress, who had taken Savage's loyalty for granted, manage to lose him, while Mother Talzin is the one Savage turns to when he feels that everybody else's betrayed him. As it turns out, it seems that the whole trilogy of episodes was a gambit by the old witch to "acquire" the most powerful of "her" Nightbrothers and ensuring that he only stays loyal to her. "Easy to acquire, harder to control" indeed.
  • In the "Clone Cadets" episode, Shaak Ti remarks how Echo fails to adapt to the simulation training known as The Citadel. The Jedi fortune cookie for the episode "The Citadel" is "Adaptation is the key to survival". And guess who doesn't survive the episode after that? And for me the Fridge only kicked in after I saw in on the main Trope page.
  • How exactly did Pre Vizla, a non-Jedi with a Jedi weapon and barely a match for Ahsoka, manage to hold his own against Obi-Wan Kenobi? Well, Satine was watching them, and Obi-Wan is extremely averse to courses of actions that would make her despise him, and use of lethal force is amongst them. Hence why he let Vizla take the offensive, dodging and blocking his blows until he could see an opportunity to disarm him or bring him down using only his fists.
  • Why did the writers give Darth Maul only a single-bladed lightsaber, when his non-canon counterpart in Old Wounds used a double-bladed lightsaber effectively, despite having the same kind of robotic legs? The Double Weapon, Maul's Iconic Item, represents who he once was; the single blade, the remnant of his Double Weapon, represents what he's become. In a way, the broken lightsaber is a metaphor for Maul himself. Both Maul and his lightsaber were cut in half by Obi-Wan. Both lost much of their potential. But both, when reactivated, are still fearsome killing machines.
  • How does Ahsoka, who had not been established as a mechanic prior, suddenly have the skills to repair a shuttle after it was crashed when Anakin was standing right there? No idea on Anakin, but he might of been troubled by the whole series of events that Ahsoka had no memory of. Ahsoka, on the other hand, has the Republic's best mechanic as a teacher. Why wouldn't Anakin teach her mechanical skills, besides the fact that she may need them in the future? We saw a hint of this back in the Geonosis arc when Ahsoka mentioned off hand about being taught to hotwire a signal, so it is logical to conclude that Anakin tried to pass on his mechanical skills to his Padawan. And these skills could be useful in the war if she has to say, repair her starfighter in a pinch after a Vulture gets lucky or to hotwire an escape route for the clones.
  • In one of the Season 5 trailers, there's a character who states "some citizens of the Republic do not believe the Jedi are what they used to be" to Ahsoka. Now, think back to Lightsaber Lost when Ahsoka was hanging from that holoboard. Although it was background noise, Palpatine's speech on it was essentially saying that the idea that the Jedi Order started the war for their own power was impossible and inconcievable... and who would benefit from that idea mulling in people's heads? That's right, Palpatine. The series is not only setting up the Republic to fall to the Empire; they are setting up why so many people are willing to follow Palpatine into forging an Empire, and we see it piece by seemingly unconnected piece.
  • Why would Maul consider Dooku a Sith pretender? Because Dooku was previously a Jedi before joining the Sith, as opposed to Maul, who was trained in the ways of the dark side from birth.
  • When the show begins, the vehicles on the Separatist side are colored blue, and the ones on the Republic side are red, white and green. As the show goes on, notice how the Republic starts getting bluer vehicles and even an entire blue division in the 501st. It's symbolic of the two sides being united under the surrpetitious banner of evil.
  • A small one, but when Maul is talking to Almek, a Mandalorian tries to kill Savage by surprise... and misses. Another case of mook incompetence at first, until I realized something : the Mandalorian directly went for the headshot because he knew that nothing else would be effective against Savage's armor, and he missed. That was smart.
  • If you rewatch the duel between Savage Opress, Darth Maul and Darth Sidious, you'll realize that it's exactly the same as the battle between Obi-Wan, Qui-gonn and Maul in Episode 1. First is a 2 vs 1 duel, until Maul is briefly pushed back from the fight, leaving Opress alone against Sidious, resulting in his death. The look on Maul's face is heartbreaking. Then you realize that now he finally understands the pain he caused Obi-Wan by killing his master and his former lover.
    • More irony than just that: in "Shades of Reason", Maul waltzes into the Mandalore throne room and usurps Vizsla from power. In "The Lawless", Palpatine shows up and does the same thing.
    • And yet more irony: in "Revival", Maul quotes the Rule of Two to Savage to assert his superiority. In "The Lawless", Sidious quotes the same thing before blasting him with lightning.
    • Why does Maul refrain from using his force powers or blaster bolt reflection against Vizsla, during their duel?. Because in addition to Mandalorians showing respect for skill at arms, his abilities with the Force never extended outside of the basic telekinetic pull and choke. He literally has to fight on their terms,hence why the duel is so evenly matched.
  • What made Barriss lose faith in the Jedi? Remember in Season 2's "Weapons Factory", when Ahsoka and Barriss were trapped in the Separatist tank under a ton of rubble, Anakin was doing whatever he can to save them, while Luminara didn't even bother. Barriss probably found out about this development and concluded that the Clone Wars have corrupted the Jedi.
    • Perhaps not quite that, but there is another element from the Pre Clone Wars EU. Barriss had, around this time, gone on a mission to the planet Drongar, which was home to a plant called Bota that was a miracle cure for all races that both the Republic and Separatists were after. However, as Barris discovered when she accidentally used it on herself, it was also a steroid for force users that increased ones power, but, in Barriss's own opinion, could lead to the dark side if abused. What if, she was forced to use some of it out of desperation at some point afterwards, and the results were the Season 5 final
  • The added bit of Fridge Brilliance kicks in with the final episiode. Considering how fast the Council was to accuse Ahsoka and howl for her head on flimsy evidence without allowing her to defend herself, little wonder Anakin wouldn't trust their hide-bound shebs as far as he could pitch them and why he had very good reason to believe they'd throw Padme under a bus and jump to conclusions on Palpatine. And if they were willing to execute an innocent teenaged girl, then what was he going to face for actually being guilty of violating the Order's brutal "no attachment" law? Furthermore, when she leaves the Order, there goes his Morality Pet and someone he could be honest with. He's stuck with Obi-Wan, who very much bought into the dogma and who he could not be truthful with.
  • Anakin's tendency to crash anything he flies is this when one considers how out of universe Anakin Skywalker has been diagonosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, which has as a symptom reckless driving.
  • Most fans might complain about Mama since it implied hutt had parents when the expanded verse says hutt produce asexually. HOWEVER, in one of the expanded star wars comic it was established that some Hutts were known to take mates with each other, such as Gorga and Anachro. The former being shown as a MEMBER of the hutt council with the comic he appear in (Boba Fett: Bounty on Bar-Kooda) published in 1995!
  • Mandalorian fans have been known to comment that the Mandalorians are acting out of character and terrorist esc in this series, a far cry from all the nobility that Karen Traviss has interjected into them, but think about it, Death Watch are terrorists. After all, when do Al-Queda or the IRA follow their creeds to their letter during bombings. Just like real life terrorist groups, the Death Watch is selectively choosing what parts of the Mandalorian code to follow.
  • In "The Wrong Jedi", after Ahsoka has been cleared of the charges, Mace Windu tells her that the Council believes it was the will of the Force, for things to turn out like this. In the light of how they abandoned her earlier, this might sound as an increadibly rude attempt to shrug off their responsibility, but when you consider how much of the events depended on mere chance and coincidence, it's hard to disagree. It's almost as if the Force wanted Ahsoka to leave the Jedi Order, before Order 66 was issued.
  • At first, all the political intrigue and shady dealings had little interest for me on this series. I gave it a chance and learned a valuable lesson. It is here where Padme and Anakin have to live with their lie. Yes, he can be her protector openly, but husband too? The scene from Attack of the Clones where Padme tells Anakin they would be living a lie comes back here in the second episode (“Rise of Clovis”) of this 3 part story with a vengeance. It is the moment where you see how Anakin feels about Padme and the consequences of their actions.
    • Revenge of the Sith never gave you enough of the relationship between Anakin and Padme. It was not enough to show you the weight the lie, the war, and Anakin’s insecurities had taken on them. What made it even stranger was that Obi-Wan never really acknowledged their relationship. If the Jedi are so in-tuned to one another, why didn’t he see it? A brilliant stroke to these “Lost Missions” is delivering that scene where Obi-Wan (James Arnold Taylor) tries to relate to Anakin about what he is going through. That small scene alone brings so many things into place for the whole Star Wars mythology.

  • The Order 66 arc reveals that Order 66 isn't just an order, but a physical chip inside the head of every clone which drives them, against their will, to murder Jedi. It's no wonder the clones so gladly carried it out.
  • Many people complain about the incompetence of the Battle Droids, and how the Separatists don't win enough battles. But it's interesting to note that the entire war has been orchestrated by the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, who doesn't actually want the Separatists to win. He just wants them to be enough of a threat to further his own political and religious ideals. It's really not far-fetched at all to imagine that he instructed Dooku to construct Battle Droids that weren't as efficient as they would need to be in order to actually win the war.
  • Some have pointed out that Anakin gives Ahsoka far too much freedom, but when one recalls how Anakin's own apprenticeship to Obi-Wan, this makes a lot of sense. Anakin didn't like his apprenticeship, so he is going the opposite way with his padawan.

Fridge Horror
  • In the Mortis arc, the Father, Son, and Daughter all die. Anakin is said to have brought balance to the force on Mortis once that happens. Now if we assume that that applies to the real world of the show, the best way to balance the Force would be to kill every Force-sensitive individual in the galaxy. Now that's a Family-Unfriendly Aesop if I ever saw one.
  • You know, in the Pursuit of Peace, Padme was telling us about how, in addition to the war expendiatures already, making 5 million new clones would basically bankrupt the Republic, and that Padme's assistant's children were unable to bathe or read by light in the evening despite living on Naboo, which was a relatively wealthy planet. Considering the massive military overspending that Palpatine did for the Star Destroyer fleet (each one individually worth more than the GDP of some star systems), the Super Star Destroyer fleet, the various superweapons, one shudders to think at how the Empire proceeded to pay for all this.
    • Given the anti-nonhuman sentiment, it probably got taken out of their hides.
    • The particular number is just stupid, particularly as in the very same series we see mile-long warships with crews in tens of thousands being expended rather casually. However, there is no doubt that Palpatine's military spending was crushing and extracted by brute force.
    • Palpatine would later legalize Slave Trading after the Republic was reformed into the Empire. Now you know how they could afford all those Star Destroyer Fleets.
  • In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, you look at the end and see that Jabba gets his son back (who he genuinely loves), Anakin becomes friends with his annoying but plucky apprentice, Obi-Wan looks approvingly over all, Clone Captain Rex and Clone Commander Cody have won another battle... and then you realize that Jabba is strangled by Leia, Anakin tries to kill Obi-Wan, becomes Darth Vader, successfully kills Obi-Wan, and dies, and all the clones either die in Order 66 or at the very least become brainwashed soldiers for a corrupt government–whose main role is to die in amusing ways.
    • The clones already were brainwashed disposable war slaves. That was their entire existence. Except following the purge, their officer corps stops being a religious warrior cult and start being amoral tyrannical psychopaths picked for their loyalty to the new order.
      • I'd have to dispute that officer corps bit. The clones, for the most part, are led by clone officers, with only the most senior officers being Jedi or non-clones, though there might be non-clone soldiers somewhere. Most of their officer corps is intact, assuming they didn't suffer a high casualty or suicide rate, when Order 66 is given. The Jedi, for the most part, seemed to care about their troops even if some of their tactics weren't very creative,though I suspect the clones themselves are to blame for some of their tactical foolishness. During the time of the Empire, though, the surviving Fett clones had as good a chance to be serving under someone competent that won't cost them unnecessary casualties or an idiot that goes through stormtroopers faster than Darth Vader does admirals. YMMV but I'd rather be serving under the Jedi.
    • Ahsoka, Anakin's close friend and Padawan, not only is doomed to either die or vanish between the end of TCW and the start of Episode III, but it's going to happen in such a horrifying way that she is never mentioned again.
  • One of the biggest questions in Star Wars: The Clone Wars is Ahsoka Tano's eventual fate. If she's not present in Episode III, what happened to her? Was it related to Anakin's Start of Darkness? And of course, Order 66...
    • Either she was killed during the Clone Wars, killed during or soon after Order 66, or survives to die sometime during the rule of The Empire. Considering the fate of some other popular Jedi, the latter is the most likely.
    • This is basically unavoidable when you set a children's cartoon before the in-universe apocalyptic climax. Every bit of Aesop about individuality, honor, and friendship is thrown out the window when Order 66 comes, since each and every one of those Clones are gonna slaughter their beloved and respected Jedi friends without so much as a second thought. Similarly, all those admirable moments Anakin has? Meet the new lord of the Sith.
    • Given that the Clone Wars lasted for three years, Ahsoka was only made a Padawan near the beginning of said war, and Padawans tend to stay Padawans for about a decade... she'll probably die in the Grand Finale of the Clone Wars series, since she's not seen in Revenge of the Sith at all. Anakin will just barely be able to not succumb to The Dark Side then, because it's not what Ahsoka would want. And then news will soon be given of Palpatine being kidnapped by Grievous...
    • While her death is a possibility, she can leave the Jedi Order, if say, fell in love with a boy (Obi-Wan stated that he would have left the Jedi Order had Satine made clearer her feeling for him in order to be together, so this is possible), and during the Onderon arc in Season 5, there's A LOT of Ship Tease with Lux Bonteri, and shows hints of jealousy when Steela gets close to him. Besides, Ashoka leaving the order so she can be in a relationship is a nice foil on Anakin's secret relationship with Padme while staying in the order.
    • Then there's if Ashoka survives Order 66. Meaning that she will fight her master gone Face-Heel Turn, and because of the Foregone Conclusion will either be killed or join the Empire.
  • The creators say not to think to much about what the natives burn on the ice world Orto Plutonia. This, however, might not be an example of Bellisario's Maxim so much as a warning against potential Nausea Fuel. Any pioneer who walked the Oregon Trail back in the days when thousands of buffalo roamed the plain could tell you that dung is plentiful and makes a darn good fire, even if it is stinky. Now, how the animals on Orto Plutonia managed to consume enough plant life to produce that dung...yeah, that's where the Fridge Logic comes in. Maybe it's a good thing not to think about this too much...
  • The episode "Bounty". When you think about Asajj's gambit at the end there...I had to wonder if, for that guy, one bride was just as good as another. It's best not to think too much about this.
    • But if you must think about it, remember that the "bride" is Boba Fett. Boba. Fett. Chances are, that guy wouldn't live very long if he even tried to touch him, gag and chains or none. Excellent Nightmare Retardant, in my opinion.
  • In "Tipping Point" Anakin hired Hondo's crew to deliver arms illegaly to the Onderon rebels. Hondo agreed to not ask any questions, as long as he's not paid by republic credits. Later after delivering the shipment, he claims he was paid very handsomely for his troubles. Knowing that earlier he demanded drugs as ransom for Dooku, and that the Republic was willing to hand it over for him, it's very possible that Anakin did actually pay with drugs for the delivery.
  • You know those adorable Jedi younglings in the Young Jedi arc? Chances are they'll be killed by Anakin/Vader by the time Revenge of the Sith rolls around.
    • It is known that Luke had a Wookiee other than Lowbacca in the Praxium that never got fleshed out...
    • Katooni could also survive somehow. Not only was she one of the main younglings (alongside Petro), but the writers probably wouldn't have put in her almost father/daughterly scenes with Hondo if they weren't going to take it beyond that arc.
  • While rewatching the children of the Force arc, I just realized, Palpatine has the list of every Force-sensitive child known to the Jedi. Imagine what's going to happen Order 66 rolls around. You're welcome.
    • Oh no, he probably won't kill them; he'll just train them to be hands. Just as horrifying though.
    • Mara Jade is probably on that list. Oooff.
    • Pre reboot, Mara was 2 years younger than Luke, so no, she would not be on that list. Though if she is retained, she could be made a bit older....
  • Bound for Rescue. Hondo has captured Ahsoka and plans to sell her to someone who has a keen interest in Jedi. Particularly female Jedi. Okay, so that's already rape and pedophilia in one go. And then he says that the buyer doesn't care if the Jedi is alive or dead.....yeah.
  • The Mandalorians on that snow planet were demanding females from the local people as servants. Most of Death Watch is male. The females are humanoid. Its probably as bad as it sounds
  • During the whole Geonosian Parasite Worm incident (Which is already Nightmare Fuel in so many ways), I couldn't help but wonder where the Parasitic Eggs came from. Sure, I saw them in the backpack of the first soldier, but considering how many clones were corrupted, as well as Bariss, plus the fact that some were did they plan to infect the entire medical base. Here's a thought....did a clone LAY THEM!? Parasites using their hosts to reproduce is Truth in Television after all
    • God that's terrible, is there a fridge funny catagory?
    • Well, parasites generally use their hosts as incubators. Imagine those worms emerging from a rotting corpse and you've got the right picture.
  • In "The Disappeared" two-parter, Mother Talzin tried to have Queen Julia's life force stolen from her to make her magic stronger. She also says that she's not a "natural Force user". And the harvested Living Force is shown to be the same shade of green as Nightsister magic (and the "water of life"). Going by that observation, you could easily assume that Nightsister magic is actually using the Force through means of stolen Living Force. Now we may know where that screaming comes from when the magic is being used.
  • During the Blue Shadow Virus Episodes, Padme and Ahsoka told Anakin never to open the bunker, Jar Jar still had a working suit. Think about him being the last person alive if Anakin never came through, even I wouldn't subject him to that horrible fate.
    • Even worse, Jar Jar's haz-mat suit would have stopped functioning eventually and he would have died either from exposure to the virus, suffocation, starvation or dehydration, but long after everyone else in the bunker had died. If not, he probably would have gone insane and then taken his own life.
      • Not even Jar Jar deserves that kind of fate.
  • When Commander Fox and his men set to stun, its only when Anakin explicitly orders him to do so, otherwise they shoot lethal rounds and even pull out rocket launchers when in pursuit, such as when chasing Ahsoka. Consider that most of the time Fox's men are assigned to police duties on Coruscant... and, as seen in Season 6, Fox is in Palpatine's favor and is trusted with the danger of Order 66 being revealed. The Empire's iron fist was already coming into effect during the Clone Wars.

Fridge Logic
  • Padmé has handmaidens in the live-action movies, bodyguards who have in the past impersonated her in times of trouble and were shown to be fully willing to die for her in the line of combat. Where. The. Hell. Are they during the course of the movie and the series when Padmé is being her usual self? Specifically, trying to be either a hero or a martyr - it's hard to say which.
    • They served her during her tenure as the elected Queen of Naboo. Once she left office, she lost most of her handmaidens, but did keep some. This show has brought back one, Tekla, but don't expect very many because they're back on Naboo serving the new Queen. Unless they've been fired for looking too much like Natalie Portman.
      • Not sure how that is Fridge Horror since their job revolves around looking like the person they are supposed to protect. Every time Naboo gets a new monarch I imagine that the previous bodyguards, in this case the queen's handmaidens, are discharged from service, probably with a glowing endorsement for whatever job they try to get next. Their time as handmaidens ends when the queen's time in office ends.
      • They are a bunch of trained body guards who served the Queen faithfully and was trained to take a blaster bolt for the monarch if need be. Chances are the new monarch just kept them on staff in other needed positions.
      • Over time that might get more than a little crowded. Personally I'd think the handmaidens would be relieved to be discharged from service. Playing 'target of assassination' for four to eight years has got to be very stressful.
      • Who would be more qualified to train the bodyguard/doubles of the new monarch than the bodyguard/doubles of the previous one?
      • To train the new ones? Sure, maybe, but the whole point of the Handmaidens is essentially to look and seem enough like the actual ruling monarch. Their whole role is to "be" the monarch while in danger; see the start of Attack of the Clones when the bomb goes off and kills the decoy. So some probably did stick around, but by this point they've mostly been chewed away by attrition since Padme is like a black cat when it comes to assassinations...
      • Maybe the survivors all got plastic surgery and are guarding the new Queen. If they're devoted enough to fight to the death in defense of their monarch, they're probably willing to go under the laser-scalpel for her too.
      • That would actually be incredibly stupid, considering the whole point is to look like the queen as much as possible. The monarchs are young, judging by Amidala in Epsode I. There's only so much you can do to hide things like body type, age difference, height, etc. There's also the effects of stress to consider. Eight years of being an assassination target is enough to fry anyone's nerves.
  • In the episode "Bounty" Boba and his crew of bounty hunters visit Quarzite, a planet where landing with a spaceship is impossible due to the high preesure of the atmosphere, so the locals are using a Space Elevator for space travel. But if the pressure of the atmosphere is so high, how did they manage to build the elevator?
    • Possibly they achieved communication with spacefarers first, and whomever they contacted built the elevator top-down from orbit?
      • Or the locally-built ships can take the pressure but off-world vessels can't? Remember that a spaceship wouldn't be designed to take any more than 1.5 atmospheres' pressure differential without an extremely good reason. Even with Star Wars' rather loose approach to realism in technology.

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