Awesome / Star Wars: The Clone Wars
"Eat Lasers, Clankers!"
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    The movie 
  • The entire vertical assault on the monastery on Teth.
  • Anakin:
    • Jumping on top of a spider droid, deflecting fire from another so they hit each other, then cutting through the first one's leg as he jumps off so it topples over.
    • His method for destroying a Droideka. "Run!" "Stop!"
    • Stopping a group of four speeders from sniping his troops by a)destroying three of them; b)stealing the fourth for himself; and c) riding up the side of a cliff, blasting everything in his way.
    • After Ahsoka destroys the droids following them, he praises her for her skill... then calmly stabs the one behind him that she missed, without even turning around.
    • Fighting Dooku to a standstill. Not very awesome by itself, until you remember that the last time they fought, Dooku defeated him effortlessly and cut off his arm.
  • Obi-Wan:
    • His You Shall Not Pass moment against the attacking droids, followed by distracting the Separatist commander long enough for Anakin to destroy their shields. The latter may also be a Funny Moment.
    • His Big Damn Heroes moment at the monastery.
    • The duel with Ventress, where he continually mocks her and basically treats her as a child throwing a tantrum.
  • Ahsoka:
    • Saving Anakin from the droids surrounding him by dropping a wall on them. Even the clone troopers are impressed.
    • Instead of using Anakin's method, she takes a swifter route and destroys a group of oncoming Droidekas with the BFG on a nearby walker.
    • Racing Anakin up a cliff by hopping on an AT-TE walking up said cliff. And defending it from incoming fire while standing on its head.
    • Fighting and destroying three Magnaguards all by herself.
  • Clone Troopers:
    • Unleashing hell with their cannons on the attacking droids as soon as the latter's defensive shielding is removed.
    • Attacking a monastery on the top of a mountain by simply walking up said mountain.
    • Captain Rex freeing himself and his soldiers from the droids keeping them captive.
    • Also for Rex, the fact that he was able to resist the Jedi Mind Trick.
    • After one clone runs out of ammunition, he proceeds to charge the nearest droid and fight it barehanded. Sure, he died, but if you have to go...
    • Commander Cody kicking the shit out of several droids during the opening battle on Christophis.
    • The clonetroopers taking down a fighter with small arms. And not their own overpowered blaster rifles, but small and weaker droid carbines they had just stolen.

    Season 1 
  • The first episode starts things off with Yoda's Mook Horror Show on the droids and then showing up Ventress. "Strong with the Dark Side you are, young one, but not that strong." He Forces her lightsabers out of her hand, and just to hammer home how out of league she is, gives them back.
  • Plo Koon and some clone troopers fighting battle droids. On the outside of a spaceship.
  • Padme; when she is being tractored into the bay of Grievous' ship, she orders the Republic ships to keep firing so Grievous wouldn't be able to use her as a hostage.
    • And then, after Grievous walks into Padme's booby-trapped ship, he doesn't make it out before the ship goes off. Then there's a shot of his hand punching through the wreckage.
  • "Do we take prisoners?" "I don't..." * boom*
    • Earlier, from the same character, introducing the attacking droids to his BFG: "You didn't say please."
    • Rex also gets one in that episode. Shortly after meeting up with a few clone rookies, a gigantic monster, which had earlier dined one of their fellow clones, returns, only to be immediately downed by Rex in a single shot from his sidearm.
    • The scene during the fight to retake the communications center where Rex shoots a blaster out of a commando droid's hand. The droid then draws a vibroblade, leaps towards Rex and attempts to cleave him in two. Rex rolls out of the way, and narrowly avoids a decapitation with a dodge that brings him behind the droid, where Rex breaks its neck and slams it face-first into the floor.
  • Downfall of a Droid: Firing on spaceships with walkers on a nearby asteroid.
  • Duel Of Droids has Grievous utterly curbstomping Ahsoka, Rex and some other clones.
    • R2-D2 vs R3-S6.
  • Padme breaking out of prison on her own in Bombad Jedi.
    • What does it say about the series when Jar Jar gets a Moment of Awesome courtesy of a cloak borrowed from Anakin and an unexpected friendship with a swamp monster?
  • Nute Gunray, of all people, gets one in Cloak of Darkness. When his accomplice Captain Argyus is about to be taken down by Commander Gree, he sneaks up behind him and clubs him in the back of the head with a blaster rifle, knocking him out. Not bad for someone whose usual M.O.note  is whining and hiding behind Dooku and Grievous.
    • And Gunray doesn't even get the best Moments of Awesome in that episode. Ventress certainly makes a comeback from her smackdown by Yoda earlier in the series; everything she does in Episode 9 starting from infiltrating a Jedi cruiser nigh-undetected, through fighting on equal terms with Luminara and Ahsoka simultaneously, to the final scene.
    • Ahsoka saving Luminara by Force-pushing Ventress, who was jumping to kill the trapped Jedi master.
  • Episode 10 seems to have been designed to up the ante in this category. Among many moments: Kit Fisto's two-on-three lightsaber battle with Grievous, Grievous pulling an Indiana Jones on a Jedi, Grievous's droid doctor getting away with saying things to Grievous that would have meant dismantling for any other droid, and Fisto's R6 unit doing a freaking barrel roll in his fighter to get rid of an assassin droid. Hell, Grievous getting his legs chopped off right off the bat, losing his sabers, and still managing to get away (killing a trooper in the process) by crawling like a spider.
  • Dooku Captured:
    Ahsoka: Oh, I see. So, which part of the situation did you have "under control"? The blocked entrance? The poison gas? Or that gundark behind you?
    • Hondo and his gang capturing Dooku.
  • The Gungan General: Opens with Obi-Wan and Anakin unconscious in a cell. The corresponding webcomic reveals Turk successfully Out-Gambitted on two of the best Jedi Knights in the galaxy. When they switched out their drugged drinks, his pet simply poisoned all the air in the room.
    • Jar Jar gets another one in this episode were he takes out three tanks by himself, and it's not because he's clumsy
      "He's not a senator, he's a PLAGUE!"
  • "Jedi Crash" has Anakin holding back an explosion with his mind, for several seconds.
  • Storm over Ryloth has one when Anakin having lost one ship, has another one evacuated so he can fly it into the Core Ship and literally smash the blockade. Ahsoka also gains one by recognizing the fact that space isn't an ocean and utilizes it to great effect.
    • Heck, even Mar Tuuk had his moment by initially forcing Anakin into a retreat while destroying a third of his force and heavily damaging the other two.
  • "Innocents of Ryloth": Obi-Wan gets one by closing a cell door.
    • The Twileks also get one by tearing the Droid Commander to pieces. "Does not compute" indeed.
  • Mace Windu. "Liberty on Ryloth". The bridge goes out. That is all.
  • Cad Bane gets one in the season one finale, by virtue of having the guts to simply walk into the Galactic Senate and take them hostage. That's it. That's his entire plan.
    • And it works.
    • (blasts the ceiling) "Everybody quiet! I've got a call to make."
      • Even his exit is glorious. After they've finished their mission, the victorious bounty hunters return to their speeder. Ziro takes up an entire hover-tram by himself and Bane's troops take the remaining seats, so what does Cad Bane do? Crouch on the nose of the speeder as it takes off and flies through the skyline of Coruscant, hundreds of feet in the air, without any restraints.

     Season 2 
  • Cad Bane totally one-ups himself at the start of the following season. With only himself, a shapeshifter, and a droid, he breaks into the Jedi Temple and steals a Holocron. Granted, it helped that a Sith Lord gave him blueprints, but the man not only broke in, but walked back out with only a robe disguising him and during the entire heist, not seen by ANYONE. Then he goes and captures a Jedi, then tortures him to death in an attempt to get the Jedi to open the Holocron. When that fails, he lures Anakin and Ahsoka on to his ship, captures Ahsoka to force Anakin (pulling off a What an Idiot moment) to do the job (successfully!), then escapes by dressing as a trooper.
    • Let's say this again. He snuck into a building full of freaking telepaths dedicated to finding and destroying evil, and not only does he rob them of their most precious treasures, he gets away with it.
  • In Cargo of Doom Anakin has the walkers land on the enemy ship.
  • Landing at Point Rain is a massive Moment of Awesome. First off, we see the largest fleet seen in the series of 13 Republic ships (four Venator-class Star Destroyers and nine Acclamator-class Assault Ships) and its clear that this is just the first wave coming in to attack Geonosis. Then the landings come in, and there are hundreds perhaps thousands of landing craft launched for the attack. Its like a scene out of Saving Private Ryan, with landing craft being blown out of the sky as they desperately try to get to the staging zone. Anakin's, Ki-adi-Mundi's, and Obi-wan's landing craft are shot down and Anakin's and Mundi's troops have to make it through on foot, with Mundi's going through a dangerous cave system filled with Geonosians and Anakin's having to fight through a massive wall fortress. Obi-Wan's crashed in the landing zone, and while injured and on his back, he leads his troops who formed into a wagon train formation to fight the superior numbers of enemy soldiers. Long story short, Anakin's and Mundi's troops make it through with heavy casualties, Anakin's had destroyed the fortress and Mundi's had made some roast geonosian shish ca'bobs. And then when it looked like Obi-wan's troops were overwhelmed, a squadron of Y-Wings came down, dispatched by Admiral Yularen and bombed the shit out of the droids and geonosians. Then Anakin leads the charge through the ray shield, destroys the artillery to let the tanks through which blast the crap out of the shield. Episode ends with Anakin's, Ahsoka's and Ki-adi Mundi's kills-55, 60, and 65 respectively.
  • Pre Vizsla pulling out a black-bladed lightsaber, then proving why Mandalorians are the Badass Normals of Star Wars by dueling Obi-wan.
    • Of course he loses after a few tries but being able to hold his own against a Jedi Master with a weapon that most non-Jedi usually end up swinging in the same general direction of the enemy and hoping they hit something is pretty impressive for a guy who's obviously self taught.
  • Embo. Every single thing he does awesome.
  • Young!Boba Fett. First by showing up at all, then by making a succesful plan to kill Mace Windu which would have worked were it not for plain old dumb luck and then he singlehandedly crashed a republic battle cruiser, all without anybody knowing who he is.
    • But that's not his moment. His moment is when the clone cadets who he is with in disguise go to training. The cadets are only allowed one try to shoot the skeet, and the first two cadets miss after firing multiple shots. Boba Fett shows obvious disdain, and the Captain notices. He tells Boba to take his turn and signals the clone at the controls to fire the skeet early. Boba takes one shot. he doesn't miss. Then they try firing skeet in attack formation. Boba presses the fire button three times and in short order the skeet explodes. As the clone cadets walk away in awe, the Captain tells their instructor to "Keep an eye on that one." It is this moment that defines him as not just another clone, but Jango Fett's true son.
  • "R2 Come Home". Not only does Artoo casually push boxes, then a grenade down on the bounty hunters, he then proceeds to take out a creature that Obi-Wan and Anakin combined had trouble dealing with, in about the space of five minutes. The best part is when the giant creature hold him up by the dome and looks at him, and he sprays oil at it. Not enough range. Then he extends his manipulators like he's trying to poke him in the eye. Artoo tries to poke a creature bigger than a Jedi Starfighter!.
    • Let's not forget that Artoo did everything in his power to ensure that he saved Anakin in the end, including traveling all the way from some Outer Rim world to Coruscant just to get help when all other options have failed.
  • "Lethal Trackdown": Ahsoka taking down Slave I. That is all.
    • Almost everything Plo Koon does in that episode. For starters, he ends a bar fight with zero bloodshed. He evens remains his usual stoic self when he has a gun pointed at the back of his head.
    Boba Fett: I'm not a murderer, but I want justice!
    Plo Koon: We are justice.
  • "Cat and Mouse": Anakin with a stealth ship against a very skilled Separatist admiral with experience in taking down cloaked ships. End result: Anakin torpedoes the Separatist flagship's bridge with their own tracking torpedoes, with the incredibly smug admiral Trench calmly accepting what's about to happen now that he faced the Worthy Opponent he had searched for so long.

     Season 3 
  • While not as incredible as her battles in the other series were, Shaak Ti had a quick one in ARC Troopers where she single-handedly cut down five heavily-armored droids in about 10 seconds.
  • Jedi General Ima-Gun Di and his clone officer Capt. Keeli during their last stand on Ryloth.
    Ima-Gun Di: Captain Keeli!
    Keeli: I'm not finished yet, Sir... we can do this, General!
    Ima-Gun Di: Then let's make the end memorable!
  • The Mandalorian police taking down the black marketeers. They might have banished their warriors to their moon and become pacifists, but apparently some things are genetic.
  • "Assassin" Has Aurra Sing vs. Ahsoka, Aurra wins by virtue of Beam Spam and nicks Ahsoka in the arm, leaving her alone with Padme. There's no one else there, and the guards can't open the door. Result? Padme pulls a blaster on Sing.
  • The entire Cad Bane Vs Obi-Wan Kenobi and Quinlan Vos fight at the end of "Hunt for Ziro". Especially the fact that Cad Bane was able to hold his own against two Jedi masters for most of the fight.
  • The twist in "Hunt for Ziro" that Sy Snootles kills Ziro.
  • Padme Amidala gives a Rousing Speech in "Pursuit of Peace" to convince the senate to vote against deregulating the banks for more troop funding. Even her political enemies applauded!
    • To say nothing of the fact that she, however inadvertently, interfered with Palpatine's plans, something the Jedi never managed without Luke (aside for cutting Anakin into little Vader bits and setting him on fire). just listen to him...he is surprised he was stopped
  • Count Dooku defeating Asajj Ventress and two of her sisters in "Nightsisters" just after being hit with a poison dart. And in his pajamas, no less.
  • Ventress easily dispatching various Nightbrothers, particularly when one throws a spear at her, she catches it, and the guy gets enough time for an Oh, Crap! moment before getting a spear in the chest.
  • Savage Opress' rampage in "Monster", where he tears his way through a legion of clones, and completely curb stomps two Jedi.
  • The duel between Ventress, Savage, and Dooku in "Witches of the Mist". All of it.
    • Savage Force-choking Ventress and Dooku, fighting Anakin and Obi-Wan to a standstill, and destroying over a dozen droids with a single Force wave, after they had repeatedly shot him.
  • Qui-Gon's cameo in season 3. He's voiced by Liam Neeson, returning to the role for the first time in 12 years. Awesome stuff.
  • Anakin taking on the Daughter and the Son on Mortis, faced with the choice of saving Ahsoka or Obi-Wan, and told that he could only save one of them. What does he do? Take advantage of the fact that the planet was the Force, saves both Obi-Wan and Ahsoka,, then defeats both the Son and Daughter in a Curb-Stomp Battle with nothing more than the Force, showing why he's The Goddamn Chosen One. Complete with A:tLA-like voice effects for Anakin.
  • Altar of Mortis has the epic Force-duel between the Son and the Daughter. Those're the two most powerful Force-users of the period taking on each other, and neither was able to gain the upperhand! There's also Ahsoka taking on Anakin and Obi-Wan simultaneously.
    • A more subtle one is the Son's turning Ahsoka to the Dark Side. Remember, it took Palpatine thirteen years of whispering and promises of power to corrupt Anakin, who already had some issues. The Son managed to corrupt Ahsoka, who is quite possibly one of the purest-hearted Jedi in the entire saga, in a matter of seconds by simply biting her arm!
  • CHEWBACCA!!!!!!
  • "Wookiee Hunt" has a moment where Jinx successfully Mind Tricks a Trandoshan. Granted, he needed Chewbacca's help in getting the Trandoshan's brain to cooperate, but still. This is a tricky technique. It took Ahsoka a while to master it, and she's been getting formal, consistent Force training since her early childhood... and even now, when she's the most skilled and educated Force-user on the island, she's still not volunteering to do it. Jinx had his training broken off before he even became a Padawan, he's likely been on the island long enough to have only minimal memory of what training he did get, and he still Mind Tricks a member of a notoriously strong-minded race.
    • Ahsoka fighting and defeating Garnac, the leader of the Trandoshans. The guy was 2 meters tall, weighted 178 kilograms, had a very thick reptilian hide, and was armed with an axe and a knife in addition to his claws, not to mention his species are on the same scale of physical strength as Wookies. All Ahsoka had was her Waif-Fu and Force-skills.

     Season 4 
  • In season 4, Anakin takes down a sensor station by using The Force while swimming.
  • In the final episode of the Mon Calamari Trilogy, Nossor Ri and the Quarren army pulling off a Heel–Face Turn and saving Lee-Char and assisting the Republic/Mon Calamari/Gungan army take down Riff Tamson and his droid army.
  • Prince Lee-Char, the scared, inexperienced young heir to the throne taking on Riff Tamson, who managed to outfight a Jedi bare-handed, and blowing him to pieces with one of his own explosive knives. Gruesome? Yes. Glorious? Oh hell yes.
  • Tarpals' Heroic Sacrifice (Which ends up turning into a Senseless Sacrifice later, unfortunately), made so that the Gungans can take down Grievous.
    Grievous: Tell me, how does dying feel?
    Tarpals: Not dying. Sacrifice!
    • Even if later events made it pointless, he still defeated Grievous.
    • Also, remember that this capture of Grievous was not only successful, but only one sacrifice was needed, something not even the Jedi managed to do so far. Gungans are really bombad warriors.
  • The whole Umbara arc is a CMOA for Dee Bradley Baker as well, since he spends the whole arc Talking to Himself and Dave Fennoy (Krell's voice actor).
    • Captain Rex's speech to General Pong Krell in "Darkness on Umbara".
    • "The General" has Fives and Hardcase hijacking two Umbaran starfighters, then using them to destroy the enemy tanks.
    • Hardcase's Dying Moment of Awesome in "Plan Of Dissent".
    Hardcase: "Live to fight another day boys!" *sighs lightly as he sees them leave* "Live to fight another day..."
    • Rex leads his troopers to arrest Krell after Krell tricked them into attacking each other. Even if it wasn't particularly well thought-out and Krell killed a ton of troopers, they brought him down.
    • Tup gets top marks for managing to trick Krell into a trap by using himself as bait.
    • Dogma gets one in the same episode when he grabs Fives' pistol and uses it to kill Krell.
    • Earlier in the episode, the clone firing squad refusing to execute Fives and Jesse despite being ordered to show that they can think for themselves. After the failed execution, Rex manages to backtalk Krell after one too many insults towards his status as a clone.
    Captain Rex: "It's Captain, sir."
    • Fives gets one when he gives the speech to the clones during that same scene.
    Fives: "This is wrong, and we all know it! The General is making a mistake, and he needs to be called on it! No clone should have to go out this way! We are loyal soldiers! We follow orders, but we are not a bunch of unthinking droids! We are men! We must be trusted to make the right decisions, especially if the orders we are given are wrong!"
  • Obi-Wan deliberately taking a beating from the Zygerrian D'Nar in "Kidnapped" in order to distract him while Anakin and Ahsoka deactivated the bombs planted all over the Togrutan colony of Kiros. And once word reaches D'Nar that all the bombs have been disabled, Obi-Wan gives up the ruse and to demonstrate that D'Nar was never really a match for him in the first place, Force-crushes both of his commando droid guards at the same time.
    • Even though it was a ruse, the beatdown looks brutal. Obi-Wan looked like he was really hurting by the end. It had to take a lot of self control to keep from fighting back.
    • Also, Ahsoka curbstomping D'nar offscreen, which is followed by Anakin scaring D'nar out of his wits by jamming his fucking lightsaber up against D'Nar's throat and threatening to turn it on.
  • Rex's Post-Mortem One-Liner to a particularly vile slaver near the end, who was banking on Jedi mercy: "I'm not a Jedi."
    • The whole conclusion to the Zygerrian arc. Watching cruel slavers get their comeuppance is always satisfying.
    • Dooku putting Miraj Scintel through a Break the Haughty that included a Force Choke.
  • Ahsoka decapitating four Mandalorain Death Watch at once, then proceeding to duel Pre Vizla long enough that the entire fight became a draw and escaping the entirity of Death Watch's forces. And this being lead up by disrupting the Death Watch as it was trying to torch a town of locals For the Evulz by grabbing a rake and using it as a quarterstaff. Plus, she impaled a Death Watch soldier on the roof using a makeshift spear.
  • The entirety of the prison break in "Deception."
  • Anakin's fight with Cad Bane on top of a moving ship in "Friends and Enemies" was pretty good, too. It was ultimately a battle in Anakin's favor, but Bane survived a lot longer than he would have normally, and might actually have done some damage if Rako Hardeen (Obi-Wan in disguise) hadn't been covertly sabotaging the fight by rocking the ship.
  • Massacre— that is, the one perpetrated by Grievous against the Nightsisters. Things start rather evenly matched, with the droids' numbers and technology being met with powerful magic from the Nightsisters, but once the General himself enters the battle, everything goes to hell for the witches. After a brief setback against Ventress herself, he quickly composes himself and proceeds to open a massive can of whoopass, beating back Ventress with sheer numbers and firepower, single (or rather, triple) handedly blazing through whole hordes of zombies, kicking down the door to Old Daka's cave, and stopping the undead hordes by almost casually lifting the old bat up in the air and running his lightsaber through her chest, after which his droids (even the B1's) are able to easily wipe out all the remaining witches, save for Ventress and Talzin. This episode went a long way towards reversing however much of Grievous' Villain Decay still remained.
  • The entirety of "Bounty".
    • Ventress killing the dumbass bounty hunter who tried hitting on her, and his teammates showing that they're not afraid of her by strong-arming her into taking his place.
    • The return of Boba Fett, leading his own syndicate of Bounty Hunters. They clearly all respect him absolutely, and he's a 12-year-old orphan. He even duel wields a pair of WESTAR-34 blaster pistols, just like his dad.
    • Kickass bounty hunters vs. space elf ninjas, on a moving train! And while the Kage warriors do manage to pull off a successful Dwindling Party on them, it's notable that all the bounty hunters survive. And two of them never get knocked off.
      • The Oner of Boba Fett charging down the length of the entire train to protect the cargo, tossing off Kage warriors like ants on the way there. Keep in mind that he can't be older than 12 at the time.
    • Ventress having a change of heart and freeing Otua blank's child bride.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi and Asajj Ventress vs. Darth Maul and Savage Opress. That is all.

     Season 5 
  • "Revival" is loaded with these:
    • Darth Maul laying down the Rule of Two on his brother.
      Darth Maul: Always two there are, my brother. A master and an apprentice. And you are the apprentice.
    • Obi-Wan's second duel with Darth Maul and Savage Opress, where he utilizes Dual Wielding and martial arts to successfully fend of two extremely dangerous Sith, take out one of their knees and he even manages to chop Savage's arm clean off. This is most impressive because both of these Sith have been able to kill Jedi Masters on their own yet Obi Wan was able to take on both at the same time.
    • Savage killing Adi Gallia. It shows how he's now strong enough to kill members of the Jedi Council.
    • In the same episode, Hondo Ohnaka starts off facing a bombing of his HQ without even flinching. He proceeds to ambush his former men, turn them to his side again, then he gets out. And we get this glorious dialogue:
      Maul: Fools! You will pay for this insolence!
      Hondo: (laughing) Insolence?! We are pirates! We don't even know what that means. Open fire!
      • Final result: He makes Darth Maul retreat.
    • This quote from Hondo:
      Hondo: Look at them! How powerful can they be?! They are RUNNING AWAY from Kenobi!
  • "War On Both Fronts" has Lux taking a level in badass along with the other Onderon rebels thanks to training from Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, and Rex.
  • The Onderon rebels hijacking a tank in "Front Runners".
  • General Tandin pulling a Heel–Face Turn in "The Soft War".
  • In "Tipping Points", the rebels gain rocket launchers from Hondo (who was paid by Anakin and Obi-Wan to supply them) and use them to great effect against the Seperatist gunships.
  • There's something awesome about the Droid's Million Mook March in the middle of "Tipping Points", which shows a considerably large droid army followed by droid ships above while some Ominous Latin Chanting goes on the background. Of course, there's also the Curb-Stomp Battle they deploy on the Onderon Rebels, who promptly get their ass handled back to them for most of the episode until Hondo gives them weapons to turn the tide.
  • The droid Huyang in "A Test of Strength" gets his head shot off. He (or his body, rather) proceeds to march up to the pirate who did it, get both arms shot off, and still kicks the pirate's ass with the limbs he has left. And he had a damaged leg to start with.
    • Also Ahsoka took out half of Hondo's crew by Force-pushing all of them simultaneously, with enough strength to send them tumbling across the ship's corridor into a blast door.
  • Hondo fights droids in "A Necessary Bond" with a regular vibrosword.
    • Also him snarking at the Sith/Separatists, which is fully chronicled in the Funny Moments page. The man has balls of steel.
    • From the same episode, Ahsoka and Grievious having a rematch four seasons after their first one. Same result of Grievous coming out on top, but it's impressive that she went toe to toe with the cyborg general knowing that it very well might end up being her Heroic Sacrifice getting those kids out of there. She did much better this time around.
    • The reveal of Slave I in "A Necessary Bond".
      • Even better, once all the younglings and Ahsoka are on board, Grievous angrily taunts that they can never escape him. Cut to Hondo at the controls. "Don't be so sure." He proceeds to shoot at Grievous with the ship's guns, knocking the general to the ground after he deflected a few shots.
  • Gregor battling an entire platoon of battle droids, including Super Battle Droids and Droidekas, and maintaining the upper hand in "Missing In Action".
  • The massive explosion at the end of Point of No Return, a massive explosion of color, almost a dead ringer for a supernova even!
  • "Eminence" is pretty much one long CMOA, but the standout has to be Maul, Savage, and Death Watch vs. the Hutts' bounty hunters.
    • Savage vs. Embo. Savage wins.
    • Sugi and her band of bounty hunters once again prove their Badass Normal credentials by getting the drop on Maul, Savage, and the Death Watch via a surprise attack from the ceiling, holding their own in the following fight, and escaping with their lives.
  • The entire epic lightsaber duel between Pre Vizsla and Darth Maul in "Shades of Reason". It ends with Maul delivering a viscous No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to Vizsla (even breaking Vizsla's arm), then slicing his head off with his own Darksaber.
    • One could argue that the entire episode is one long Moment of Awesome for Maul. Throwing Mandalore into chaos in a matter of days, when Dooku couldn't? Check. Turning Death Watch into saviors, which Dooku was also unable to accomplish? Check. Expecting Vizsla's betrayal, and building it into his plan? Check. In accordance with said plan, letting himself to be captured, so he can find easily a suitable Puppet King? Check. Turning Vizsla's code of honor against him by Challenging the Chief? Check.
    • And also there's also Bo-Katan refusing to accept Darth Maul as the new leader of Mandalore and Death Watch after Pre Vizla's death.
  • Bo-Katan saving Obi-Wan in The Lawless, complete with slicing a jetpack and sending a couple of goons flying and crashing.
  • A subtle one for Obi-Wan not going to the dark side when Maul kills Satine.
  • Darth Sidious himself taking Savage and Maul on 2-on-1 and winning, killing the previously nigh-unstoppable Savage and bringing Maul to heel. Word of God explicitly said that this was the best lightsaber duel the show had ever seen.
    • From the same fight, Maul breaking out the Darksaber and fighting Sidious Dual Wielding-to-Dual Wielding after Savage's death.
    • Darth Sidious's very appearance is awesome in itself.
    • Savage holding his own against Sidious for a prolonged time is an amazing feat, considering how easily Sidious dispatched three of the four Jedi Masters, who attempted to arrest him. Especially taking into account how little training Savage had.
    • Also a CMOA for Sidious' VA, the late Ian Abercrombie, who finally gets to let loose as the Dark Lord of the Sith and future Galactic Emperor. To add further, these were some of the last lines he ever recorded and this episode was dedicated to him. Also counts as a TearJerker.
    • When Savage rams Sidious off a ledge, what does Sidious do? He just pulls Maul and Savage down with him.
    • Take note that Sidious could have effortlessly killed both of them as soon as he walked in the room, as he demonstrates by slamming them both into the walls with the Force. He let them duel because it's more fun.
  • Ahsoka using Effortless Amazonian Lift to rescue Anakin in "Sabotage". After Anakin is knocked out while piloting his starfighter and R2 has to make a crash-landing on a too-short cliff, Ahsoka leaps over to his fighter, hoists him on her shoulder, then jumps back to the cliff moments after the starfighter goes barreling off. Force powers or not, Anakin is still almost twice her size. Especially impressive considering that she could barely lift him back in the Season 1 episode "Jedi Crash".
  • The Jedi Who Knew Too Much; first, the extended chase between Ahsoka and an entire GAR military base which kept escalating as more and more clones and later LAAT gunships joined in. Then there's Ahsoka parrying all the stun bolts with glorious animation.
    • A little more subdued one in the form of the clones' determination to keep going. They're not going to let anything stop them from finding their target, even if it meant jumping into the sewers where Ahsoka could rip them apart in close quarters.
  • To Catch a Jedi Ahsoka and Ventress taking on about a dozen clone troopers, and beating them up unarmed in a matter of minutes, without killing any of them, all in a single shot.
    • The hooded assailant ( eventually revealed in the next episode to be Barriss Offee ) from the same episode, started off with successfully ambushing Ventress of all people, then continued with utterly curb-stomping Ahsoka.
  • "The Wrong Jedi"; Anakin begins something just short of a Roaring Rampage of Revenge to find the person who framed Ahsoka, and as a result beats down Ventress and Barriss Offee in running battles where he hits them with the full fury of a Force-wielding dark knight fueled by rage and self guilt, born out of a desire to protect those close to him. Never. Threaten. Those. Close. To. Anakin.
     Season 6/Lost Missions 

  • "Fugitive" showing off why Fives is an ARC trooper. He single-handedly takes out half-a-dozen armed clones, hijacks a space-pod just to send it into orbit unmanned as a distraction, then sneaks back into Tipoca City to finish the investigation on Tup's break-down right under their noses.
  • Embo using his own hat as a snowboard.
  • Jar-Jar actually manages to be fairly competent in his arc with Windu, even picking up a giant severed droid blaster arm to zap some Frangawl Cultists with.
    • Other highlights include Jar-Jar decking a cultist and wrestling him for Mace's lightsaber, then doing it again when the cultist tried to flee, and before that rushing a gun emplacement despite the danger to himself (he would have died if not for Mace, but it was no less badass).
    • Mother Talzin pulling out a magic sword from thin air and proceedeing to duel Mace Windu, displaying her freakishly fast blade-work.
  • The final episode brings us nothing less than Korriban, the Sith Homeworld. Even with the rename to Moraband, it really felt like the KOTOR-era Korriban.
    • We see how beings like Marka Ragnos and Freedon Nadd managed to persist after death.
    • In one of the greatest casting gags of all time, Mark Hamill voices Darth Bane!
    • The spectral final battle with Sidious is a representation of how the movie saga ends. Only by saving Anakin instead of striking down Palpatine were the Sith defeated, the illusory Anakin's actions were based on his final turn to the dark side by Palpatine, and in saving Anakin, both Palpatine and Yoda fell off—the death of the old orders of Jedi and the Sith. The fact that Yoda can't find out who Sidious is when he opens the hood demonstrates two things: From the prequels, the fact that the Jedi will never see what was in front of them, that they will never find out who the Sith Lord is and Palpatine wins, but at the same time, from the lens of the original trilogy, it may also symbolize oblivion, the end of the Banite Sith, and for Lucas, the Sith themselves—the Darkness will win, but it will be extinguished. The voices heard after Yoda passes his test foreshadow the original trilogy: babies being born, Yoda's last words and Darth Vader's breathing show that even in Darkness, there is hope.
    • This arc finally also showed just how powerful Sidious really is. In "The Lost One", he performs a Psychic Strangle on Dooku from across the galaxy. In "Sacrifice", he uses an ancient Sith ritual to link with Yoda's mind while Yoda is Moraband.
    • Another awesome moment is right after the mental battle between Yoda and Darth Sidious. Darth Sidious comments to Dooku that they failed to break Yoda, and his tone is one of disbelief. Considering how arrogant and confident Sidious usually is, it's awesome to see him shaken and uncertain for once.
    • One also has to admire the moment when Obi-Wan calls out the Jedi Council over dismissing Sifo-Dyas' prophetic warnings about the Clone Wars to come and removing him from the Council for his "extreme ideas" (as part of an implied callback to Ahsoka's treatment in the finale episodes from the fifth season, among other things). Given Yoda's later reaction at hearing Ahsoka's disappointment over being expelled from the Jedi Council before she "dies" in one of the dreamlike trials he undergoes, Obi-Wan's remark clearly hit a nerve with him.
      Obi-Wan: It's not the first time we've been wrong recently, is it?
  • While a bit scary, Anakin's reaction to seeing Rush Clovis kissing his wife is also awesome. Call it scary-awesome. Clovis has been trying to get Padme to admit that she and Anakin are in a relationship and pointing out that, if it ever got out, he'd be expelled from the Jedi Order. When she denies this, Clovis plants one right on her lips. In walks Anakin, right on cue. He immediately Force-chokes Clovis, throws him against a wall, and then pulls out his lightsaber. You half-expect him to drag the tip of the lightsaber along the floor just to show what it can do to Clovis. He then proceeds to kick the crap out of Clovis.
    • And after that, Clovis covers for Anakin and Padme but concocting a story about a hidden attacker that Anakin bravely fought off. He knows Padme and Anakin are in a relationship, and he could use that information to destroy them, but doesn't. This is not the same opportunistic bastard we saw last.
     Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir comic 
  • The Battle of Ord Mantell in the second issue. It ends with both Count Dooku and General Grievous getting captured by Darth Maul and his Shadow Collective, especially after the latter of the two forced them to retreat from Zanbar in the previous issue. To put it in perspective, Maul just captured two of the most powerful people in the CIS! The battle probably would have been even more awesome had it gotten animated as originally intended.
  • General Grievous's escape from Maul's base in the third issue. All the help he needed was Dooku stealthily opening his cell, in a moment when Maul got distracted by the news of incoming Republic forces. Afterwards he quite literally tore apart several Death Watch soldiers, and even taunted the survivors to crawl back to their master and ask for reinforcements.
    • Windu, Aayla Secura vs Maul, and Obi-Wan and Tiplee vs Dooku. Particularly Dooku telekinetically yanking Tiplee towards himself, and impaling her with his ligthsaber.
  • Maul and Talzin vs Sidious, Grievous and Dooku in the final issue. Not only does Talzin possess Dooku's body to fight Sidious, but she also put up a good fight when she gets bombarded with force lightning.
     "Crystal Crisis on Utapau" arc reel 
  • "The Big Bang" has Obi-Wan destroy a Separatist supply ship from the inside with a giant kyber crystal (read: lightsaber crystal) by overloading it with tanks blasts. The crystal intensifies all of those shots and tears the supply ship apart (and destroys a nearby Commerce Guild destroyer as well). The ending also heavily implies this same type of crystal is also what powered the Death Star's superlaser.
    • And before that, getting to said hangar by using the crystal to make their own path through the ship with reflected blaster fire.
  • Anakin showing what a Jedi can do with a pair of blasters.

     "Bad Batch" arc reel 
  • In "The Bad Batch", the eponymous Bad Batch destroy what looks to be hundreds of B1 Battle Droids using nothing but a snipe rife, a handfull of EMP Grendades, and the door of a Republic gunship
  • A few minutes earlier, Cody is trapped under a flaming gunship. Wrecker proceeds to casually lift the entire Gunship off the injured Commander with his bare hands.

  • The Writers, Character Designers, and Dee Bradley Baker managed to make the Clonetroopers all a wide variety of distinct and individual characters, despite having the exact same face and voice.
  • The Clone Wars was so well received that it managed to air not only on Cartoon Network, but also on [adult swim] (at the time, it was still airing during regular Cartoon Network hours, making it the only show to air on both simultaneously) and the TNT channel (which hadn't aired any sort of animation in over a decade).

Alternative Title(s): Darth Maul Son Of Dathomir, Dark Disciple