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Recap: Star Wars The Clone Wars S 2 E 6 Weapons Factory
After successfully destorying the shield generator of Poggle's weapon factory, Luminara Unduli and her Padawan Barriss Offee join Anakin and Ahsoka in their efforts to bring down the fortified factory itself.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Action Girl: Ahsoka, Barriss and Luminara.
  • Crazy-Prepared: Memorizing two hundred junctions of a literal bug hive borders on this.
  • Darkest Hour: Outside the factory, invincible super tanks are blowing lots of clones to kingdom come, and inside the factory, Ahsoka is knocked out (again), and the Geonosians end up stealing the explosives, thus throwing a monkey wrench into Ahsoka and Barriss's operation.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Subverted. After the Geonosians took the bombs, Barriss and Ahsoka used a hijacked tank to destroy the power generator, which blew up right next to them, and then the whole building came crushing down on them. However they survived, due to the tank's extremely strong shield.
  • Idiot Plot: Luminara's plan was to send Ahsoka and Barriss inside the factory, plant bombs on it's main power-generator, and blow it up, which would destroy the whole facility as well. The entire plot of the previous episode was about the Jedi's effort to mount an attack that could destroy the shield generator of the factory, in which they succeeded. So why didn't they just ordered bombers or gunships to destroy the factory?
    • Shields? Air defense systems? Several reasons really
  • In the Hood: Barriss.
  • Plot Armour: Literarly. The super-tanks extreme shielding was a plotpoint, even before it saved Ahsoka's and Barriss' life.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Ahsoka's the red to Barriss' blue.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Barriss and Ahsoka respectively.
  • Unspoken Plan Guarantee: Luminara explained the plan in advance. It went south at the most crucial part.

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