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Random Cop #1: Someone call the Avengers or somethin'—
Random Cop #2: — And tell 'em what? A polite robot just walked into the U.N.?
Random Cop #3: (into radio) — got a 4-3-7 at the U.N. —
Uncanny X-Men #366

Simply put, a character is either prepared for a highly unlikely scenario or excessively prepared for a routine scenario. Nobody else thought it would happen. Only it does happen and our Crazy Prepared character is all kinds of ready for it.

If you always have on hand what it takes to MacGyver your way out of a tight spot, or have your large, impressive gun rack all sorted by varmint size, this trope is for you.

See also: Properly Paranoid, Suddenly Always Knew That, You Never Asked, Unspoken Plan Guarantee, Batman Gambit, Hidden Supplies, Survivalist Stash, Seen It All and Crazy Survivalist. Also compare The Anticipator, who manages to remain unsurprised despite lack of preparation. Contrast Forgot to Feed the Monster. Trust Password is a subtrope. If programmers try to anticipate everything the user might do, then The Dev Team Thinks of Everything.


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