Crazy Prepared / Advertising

  • Sent up in an ad campaign for Smirnoff Ice, in which the host has a very conspicuous preparation for (with the exception of one drunk driving device) extremely unlikely events, such as a giant tennis ball catapult in case of giant dogs and a surprisingly dinky trident in case a kraken surfaces from the swimming pool.
  • One of Mastercard's "Priceless" commercials featuring MacGyver (yes, starring Richard Dean Anderson) shows him buying all the little things he uses well ahead of time.
  • A few Toshiba ads suggest that their products have certain features specifically to avert extremely unlikely circumstances. For example: shock absorbers in a laptop to prevent a person from blowing out power for all of America by plugging in a damaged computer, leading to a Zombie Apocalypse by way of spoiled milk. Or putting wi-fi into televisions to prevent malfunctioning GPS satellites that lead absentminded drivers to drive off cliffs.
  • In this Vodafone Omnitel commercial, the main character must smuggle the title product across some kind of checkpoint. Ducking into a car-wash, she changes clothes and removes a very lifelike mask to reveal a completely different look. Qualifies because the mask is a duplicate of her normal appearance, and the curly-haired blonde underneath it is a disguise-by-makeover.
  • This woman could easily be part of the Batfamily. Everything the public servant tries, she's ready...
  • Batman becomes even more Crazy-Prepared in 2001 after Alfred installs OnStar into the Batmobile.