Crazy Prepared / Puppet Shows

  • In Mr. Meaty, Josh and Parker are attacked by an alien who's trying to implant them with eggs. When they're cornered by the counter, Josh starts looking for a weapon to fight back with. A glass case mounted on the wall containing a net with the words "IN CASE OF ALIEN ATTACK" written on it causes Josh to remark, "Okay, that's WAY too convenient."
  • An old Ernie and Bert sketch on Sesame Street has Ernie heading off to take a bath with a flashlight (in case the power goes out), an umbrella (in case it starts to rain in the bathroom), and a bowling ball (in case somebody drops by and asks to borrow one). Bert, naturally, thinks that Ernie is being ridiculous... until all that stuff starts happening.
    • A Sesame Street parody sketch on MADtv features Big Bird getting the bird flu and causing the deaths of many Sesame Street residents, which leads the human characters to decide to kill him. One douses him with gasoline and then asks for a lighter. One of the kids immediately produces his, causing the asker to look quite surprised.