Crazy Prepared / Web Original

  • Michael Swaim of Agents of Cracked. In one episode, he explains how he has knives, thousands of them, hidden everywhere. He pulls two knives out of his pockets, another from his slushee cup, and when he asks a government agent to check his pocket, there's a knife there.
  • Kathleen Martin in Survival of the Fittest v3 has spent years doing everything possible to prepare herself for the game just in case she's thrown in it, leading her to have many advantages in the game including survival techniques, knowledge of hand to hand combat, and skill in firearms. Some say the handler takes it too far and makes her rather overpowered, as her only disadvantages are that she's paranoid and nobody likes her. Though, there are signs indicating that she is a parody of this character type, especially since her handler has already created one such parody (Josh Goodman).
  • The Former System Administrator from Dave "Fargo" Kosak's Daily Victim is defined by this trope. No matter how outlandish the situation that's come up, he has planned for this contingency well in advance ("You see, you never want to fake a major organ failure to hijack an ambulance to a concert where you falsify medical documents and sneak into the trunk of your friend's car in a Spider-Man costume unless you're PREPARED for the eventuality that someone might get hurt if the car slams into a deer."). He always has a backup plan.
  • The Evil Shakespeare Overlord List has the following requirement. Anyone who actually fulfills it qualifies.
    I will have a contingency plan for outdoor plays in case of disasters other than weather. For instance: search helicopters looking for fugitives in the area. The actors are accomplished clog-dancers, but it's not fair to ask them to do that for the interim.
  • All the family and (male) friends of the title character in The Saga of Tuck. Up to and including weapons lockers, emergency (rotated) food stores and bicycles modified to carry the wounded when cars are useless.
  • By definition, the "You might be a Survivalist if..." list has many handy suggestions.
  • An impromptu musical number in Awkward. has Alex garbed in a dress. Apparently it actually belongs to his actor. Why? Well, in case he should ever require a dress. (The fact that Batman is his trademark favourite series is actually not much of a surprise.)
  • Whateley Universe:
    • Phase (Ayla Goodkind), to the point where a Running Gag is pointing it out. When the Team Tactics instructors are checking the team in for the holographic simulation system, Phase has so many weapons and gadgets and devises in his utility belt that a Whateley Security officer calls him on it. Among the items in Phase's utility belt are the equivalent of 'mad money' for the uber-rich: a handful of gems, rare stamps, and gold coins, in case he needed fast cash when he couldn't use his usual resources. Aside from his holdouts, Phase also has plans for how to fight every major threat on campus, and most of the minor ones as well, including all of his teammates. Several plans for each, with contingencies for different combinations of weapons and teammates. This includes a plan for beating Lancer with no weapons and only Bugs as backup. Unfortunately, his favored plan for defeating Tennyo backfired spectacularly: if it hadn't been in a holo-simulation, the entire Eastern seaboard of the U.S. would have been wiped out in the ensuing anti-matter explosion.
    • Mr. X, of the Brooklyn Sentinels, as discussed in Saks and Violence:
    The guy working the ‘Question’ look with the blank face mask and the leather trench coat is Mr. X. And Mr. X may have some sort of invulnerability angle, but give him his due, he does a good job of working the ‘crazy prepared’ and ‘badass trench coat’ tropes.”
  • The Nostalgia Chick made a video about "Playing God" so everybody could prepare for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.
  • Atop the Fourth Wall: While we're on the topic of Channel Awesome, Linkara, due to the bizarre life he leads, always seems to have multiple contingency plans for most, if not all, of the threats he encounters, which always seem to buy him enough time to review another crappy comic. Many of these plans seem to rely on rather intricate Batman Gambits.
  • From Everyman HYBRID we have Evan. Anyone who seriously keeps an emergency machete in a friend's car (without them knowing about it!) ought to qualify for this trope.
  • We're Alive has Burt who owns a gun store with a vault containing massive amounts of handguns, rifles, ammo and even claymore mines. He apparently "thought that whole Y2K thing was some kind of take-over."
    • There's also CJ who has a whole apartment building stocked with dozens of rifles stolen from the local Army Reserve base along with other kinds of weapons, ammo, how-to books, and various plans she's come up with. On top off all that she maintains an extensive network of safe-houses and gardens throughout Los Angeles for her to live on. It's worth noting that while she did have people with her at the start of the outbreak, she has been maintaining all of this by herself for several months.
  • In the SCP Foundation universe, the Global Occult Coalition's standard course of action when dealing with reality benders is to have one person distract the individual while a sniper takes a shot from miles away with a .50 caliber sniper rifle. If that doesn't work, then the second sniper takes a shot, and so on until the target is eliminated.
  • Fetus from Next Breed Of Thief is heavily into body modifications which either conceal or can be converted into useful equipment. For instance, her ear jewelry at least contains telecommunications equipment and components of a soldering kit.
  • Occupy Richie Rich portrays Richie himself as this. For instance, one cover has a Kitchen Sink Included gag. The caption below has this to offer:
    "he carries that sink everywhere in case someone says 'everything but the kitchen sink'"
  • In Noob Sparadrap has a Super-Powered Alter Ego-like situation as the younger and more competent brother of his usual player sometimes takes over his avatar. The opportunity is usually given by the usual player's lack of control on his bladder. In Season 2 finale, the younger brother needs to take over the avatar urgently to fight a powerful enemy and can't just ask because the older is convinced to be the better player among the two. How this gets resolved? The younger turns out to have another computer besides the one he uses to control his own avatar stashed away.
    • Also shows up in Noob: Le conseil des trois factions: Sparadrap's player (Kevin) is introduced in the middle of the tennis game that could let him go professional and his opponent has a secret trick that enables him to hit the ball hard enough to break a racket. Given the stakes, the opponent is implied to plan to do this until Kevin runs out of spare rackets. After the first get broken, Kevin simply grabs a huge and obviously very sturdy racket.
  • "50 Completely Unexplainable Stock Photos No One Will Ever Use". It says no-one will use them, but if anyone ever does need a picture of a man in a rabbit costume weighing lettuce, a woman with bread as hat, or "a one-eyed accountant flashing 'East Side' while listening to an abacus", the people who made these stock photos have them covered.
  • Pyrrhic: For being stranded on an island with very little help and tons of his fellow students now being forced to try to kill him, Joshua takes it all in stride, having been trained for worse by his mentor Sister Grace. In fact, he's so prepared, going deaf hardly counts as a setback in his mind. Because of his connections, he even has a seemingly innocent cross necklace, that can transmit radio messages to his brothers, helping them track down his location. But before that, he even figured out exactly where they were in the world, despite having previously being drugged, based solely on his knowledge of plant and animal life, as well as the position of the stars in any part of the world. Likewise, the members of the Sons of the Constitution seem to be this as well, having planned to kidnap the students in Joshua's class for years, and probably would have gotten away with it to, with no one being the wiser, were it not for Joshua's message.
  • One J.R. Mooneyham has a rather eclectic web site, containing things ranging from supposedly autobiographical stories of his supercar racing days, through survivalist essays and advice for living cheap, all the way to a detailed speculative timeline of world history/prehistory/future history and a Science Fiction novel starring the author's alter ego. There are certainly examples of Crazy-Prepared, both in the fiction and the non-fiction. For instance, see the insanely detailed description of the extensive security measures of a fictional research lab.
  • Legendary Usenet poster "Gharlane of Eddore" (not to be confused with the other Gharlane) once wrote a post detailing his design for "Standard Generic Monster Load", bullets intended to let you be prepared for almost any conceivable supernatural emergency:
    Gharlane: Silver bullet; hex-scored jacketed hollow-point filled with a gel made of Holy Water, wolfsbane, garlic, fugutoxin and curare, laced with dimethyl sulfoxide to provide tractor-solvent Spreading Factor. Traditionalists can also cut crosses in the bases of the bullets, and have them blessed by a priest. .44 magnum 240-grain load over the standard Elmer Keith hunting load, 24 grains of IMR 2400. (The manual says 21.8 grains is maximum, so don't use the 24-grain load if you have a cheap revolver.) These work reliably on Vampires, Werewolves, the generic Undead, and Evil Human Minions like Renfield, with sublime indifference.
  • Welcome to Night Vale:
    • When the town is threatened by a plague of "wheat and wheat by-products", it turns out that the City Council already had a bunker built for that specific purpose. When asked why there was already such a bunker, the Council replied only, "Prophecy."
    • Also, Cecil seems to have earned a lot of merit badges from back when he was a Boy Scout. Among those mentioned are Subversive Radio Broadcasting and Siege Warfare.
  • At one point during Critical Role, the party visits Percy's old hometown. Percy takes Vax and Scanlan to see if they can find help in an old temple, where they are then ambushed by a banshee. Because of the nature of Dungeons & Dragons, that detour was entirely unscripted, so when the DM pulls out a map of the temple, we get this exchange:
    Taliesin/Percy: You were so prepared for me to go to the temple that you actually built it?
    Matt/DM: I had no idea where you guys were gonna go, so I built the whole city.
  • Tess Masazza in the Italian webseries Insopportabilmente Donna. Among other examples, the stock of "most essential supplies" she brings with her when she goes camping with her friends includes a rope, a flashlight, batteries for the flashlight, a candle should the batteries not work, a can of pepper spray, a sound repellent device for wolves, an amulet for protection against ghosts, a book to read should she become bored (which she knows she will), an incredible amount of medicines (including a kit to make orthopedic casts)…