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Ho Yay: Web Original
Strong Bad: Go away, Strong Sad! The Cheat and I are down here shenanigan-ing each other in the dark alone by ourselves.
Strong Sad: Uh, are you sure you wanna go on record with that explanation?
Strong Bad: Of course! I don't see how that could possibly be taken out of context!
Homestar Runner, "your edge"

The Internet Is for Porn... and homoeroticism, apparently.
  • There's plenty of it, and pretty obvious examples too (Brooke Burgess even lampshades in in the commentary track) in Broken Saints between Raimi and Oran. Especially since after the end, the two of them seem to be solid Heterosexual Life-Partners in the most straightforward sense.
    • They do spend some cuddle time in Raimi's medical fridge. Oran's shirtless too. Yeah, all right, so they were only in there because Oran threw Raimi in with him last-second to avoid being fried by the EMP blast that hit Raimi's apartment. But try telling fangirls that.
  • Due to the nature of the handler's writing, Uriel Hunter of Survival of the Fittest had plenty of Subtext in his relationship with Jacob Starr (although Starr seemed oblivious to the undertones). This was alluded to in one of the announcements, where three of the terrorists read a particularly bad piece of FanFiction (a slashfic, obviously) involving the pair. It becomes less hilarious when the terrorists realise they had accidentally been announcing the fic to the entire island. Danya is not pleased.
    • Lately, version 4 characters Liam "Brook" Brooks and Jason Harris have also been seen this way by the handlers of the board. It came after one had to rescue the other in pre-game, where there was a lot of... interesting dialogue between them.
    • Even Evolution on the mini site is not safe. Some handlers interpret Holly Chapman as being jealous of Cristo Ruiz, because he is blatantly flirting with Iris Landon (which causes Holly to be annoyed), and once he takes off with her, Holly decides to follow them to make sure he doesn't try to kill Iris. As a result, Holly x Iris was one of the first ships to come up for Evolution.
    • Also v4, Garry Villete and Saul Fettersalf have been seen this way as well. It stems partly from the fact that Garry shows some furry tendencies and that Saul is the school mascot (Bayview's mascot being The Huskies). Add in the fact that they are pretty close, andů?
  • Modestly Prophitic: Invoked in Spyro2 episode 21 and Spyro2 episode 15.
    Corey: "Your parent's are right upstairs, too. They can probably hear all this shit."
  • Homestar Runner once said that his best friend Pom Pom "hewped me out of some pwetty tight jams, and some pwetty tight pants, awthough that onwy happened once." Also, apparently, Coach Z is Bubs' wife.
    • There's also the Strong Bad e-mail do over, in which Strong Bad imagines Homestar (dressed up as The Cheat) falling in love with him.
    • In different town, Strong Bad imagines Homsar as "a modestly hot girl to get me through the hard times."
  • Red vs. Blue:
    • Simmons and Grif are Heterosexual Life-Partners whose Ho Yay is incredibly blatant, to the point that it's barely subtext. Few episodes pass without them arguing Like an Old Married Couple (to the point where Tucker explicitly mentioned it), in one of the PSAs it is implied that Simmons carved their initials into a tree, and in the last episode of season 8, when he thinks Grif is dead, Simmons sounds absolutely heartbroken, far more so than when other teammates have apparently died, just for a few examples.
      • Geoff gave possibly-joking Word of Gay on Grif in a podcast.
      • When Simmons and Grif are about to be executed for selling their team's ammunition to the Blues, Simmons says he wants to tell Grif something... we never learn what that was, because what Grif had to tell Simmons completely ruins the mood, but it sounded like a build-up to a love confession.
    • Caboose seems to have a crush on Donut, referring to him with such nicknames as Private Biscuit or Lieutenant McMuffin (with a golden flaky crust), although it could just be Caboose being Caboose.
    • Church and Wash seem to have developed this by virtue of a great deal of banter and the fact that Wash has had what amounts to a large chunk of Church's memories in his head for some time.
    • More one-sided Ho Yay in this case, but sometimes Caboose seems like he's crushing on Church, and he always seems a bit too obsessed with getting Church to be his best friend. The Valentine's Day PSA didn't help. Didn't help at all.
      • Caboose makes Ho Yay-esque statements about Church frequently, although one time Church returned the favor, albeit in his usual sarcastic manner. It was...kind of weird.
  • Ab3's mostly-true gaming anecdotes, The Binder of Shame, feature occasional moments of disturbing oddity between Weasley Crusher and the aptly-nicknamed Deviant Boy which could be interpreted this way, including their decision to roleplay together as incestuous lesbian stripper commandos complete with matching toe-rings in a Lords of Creation game, which may have been referred to again later when Weasley complained about Deviant Boy's girlfriend Asenath (or it could have been referring to a separate occasion, which adds fuel to the fire) and declared that he "was a way better girlfriend to him in game than she is in real life". And Weasley once tried to leave the game early after his character died:
    Ol' Yellowbelly: "Uh- I'm your ride home."
    Weasly Crusher: "I'll walk."
    Rehab Boy: "It's snowing- and you know what they say... There's no business like snow business. Ha-Ha!"
    Weasly Crusher: "I'll take the bus."
    Blobert Smith: "But it is a Sunday night and the last bus has already come and gone like a midseason replacement TV series starring Charo and Emmanuel Lewis."
    Weasly Crusher: "Then I'll hitchhike."
    Deviant Boy: "You know what could happen to a tender morsel like you?"
    (Brief Horrified Pause)
    Deviant Boy: "What?"
    Me: "Ok. I will let Weasly make a new character if we never speak of that last moment again."
    • Then there's Biff Bam's behaviour towards every other player. He had a house rule that "real men have no fear" so during Call of Cthulhu "the less sanity points you have, the more gay you are". Gleefully disregarding the implications, he then proceeded to insist that everyone strip to the waist because it was too hot in the room and the window was stuck, then "enforced his rulings by wrestling you to the ground and pinning you until you blacked out". Cheating Bastard refused to acknowledge anything strange about Biff's behaviour (but then he wasn't one of the ones who got wrestled to the ground), but the others must have been wondering.
  • Daniel and Jonas in lonelygirl15 attracted much speculation.
    • Jonas and Steve in the KateModern crossover, which was later lampshaded by Gavin.
    • And speaking of KateModern, Gavin and Tariq, as this picture demonstrates.
  • The SCP Foundation has (or rather had) SCP-182, a telepathic human male who looks 17 and never ages who has an infaturation with SCP-076, another human male who appears to be from an ancient civilization yet is in his late 20's. (Wordof God states that 182 may be infatuated with 076, but 076, who is a hyperviolent death god, is mostly pissed off that a telepath keeps trying to chat him up...
  • Abridged Series crack jokes about this all time, particularly referencing fangirls and the Fanfiction they are famous for.
  • Pete the Puppet: During his rant about homosexuals, Pete unintentially reveals a few homoerotic moments from his own childhood.
  • Dumbledore/Snape and Quirrell/Voldemort in A Very Potter Musical. Both are very intentional and not at all subtle.
  • Princess Tutu Abridged does this with Duck and Rue, but surprisingly not that much between Fakir and Mytho.
    • The reason why is probably because it's too easy, and the abridging team stated that they would avoid obvious jokes.
  • Between Slowbeef and Dave_o in their Braid retsupurae.
  • This quote on Overheard. Also counts as Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today?
    Girl #1: Are you Jane Jones*?
    Girl #2: Yes.
    Girl #1: I'm you're math tutor, nice to meet you.
    Girl #2: Oh, you're cute! I could totally date you, but I'm not a lesbian.
    Girl #1: Thanks! I could date you too, but I'm straight, and I have a boyfriend.
  • Josh and Chuck from the Stuff You Should Know podcast have the most delightful banter.
    Josh: Okay, pretend that you are a tube of lipstick, and that I'm a kleptomaniac. *goes through imaginary scenario for a kleptomaniac stealing a tube of lipstick*
    Chuck: Can I talk now?
    Josh: Yes.
    Chuck: It was weird being in your pocket.
    Josh: I liked it.
  • On This Very Wiki: Zudak and Charlatan.
  • There's quite a bit of it between John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman on The Bugle podcast.
  • Greasy and Peeper, in the Whateley Universe. While there are canon relationships (like Nikki and Bunny), Greasy and Peeper are supposed to be het. And roommates. And Greasy will do anything for Peeper. And he thinks about Peeper an awful lot. There's also Mule and Folder, which was really subtext-y, right up until Folder died. Supposedly.
  • Yahtzee combines this in the form of utter fits of fanboyism, sex jokes and Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today? for maximum comedic effect.
  • Most of the time, the contents of fanfiction are more "text" than "subtext", but given the slightly condescending view of slash expressed in the rest of his story, Mr. Panda probably didn't mean for this to come off with quite so much lesbian subtext. Katori was later revealed to be one of the Evil Guardians. Needless to say, Katana is not happy to learn this. Supporting this, Katana later develops a heterosexual crush.
  • The virtual pet site Uni Creatures has the Gemini creature. While it's based on the Zodiac sign, one can't help notice the... closeness of the two girls. It doesn't help that their description mentions how they manage to "find time just for the two of them." Doubles as Twincest Yay.
  • Foxy from Zorak's Let's Play of Pokemon Quartz has this particular quote:
    Foxy: Roxy once told me secretly that her friend Misty wasn't a very nice person. I dunno about that though... I think she's kind of cute!
    • Foxy has quite a few of these, and is implied to be a lesbian of the man-hating variety.
      Foxy: *to a female NPC* Your legs... they're like salami. It might sound weird but... I really want to make a sandwich out of your legs right now.
      Foxy: (Gym Leader) Danny is in fact a hot girl. I sure hope this battle goes well!
  • Swaim and DOB in Agents Of Cracked. Good god. Even in the trailer, the narrator states the subtitle of the show to be, "Two assholes suck each other off for an hour and a half!" Fast forward to the end of the trailer. Swaim is shown from the waist up, panting and sweating. DOB pokes his head up from the bottom of the screen, and Swaim asks the narrator if they can switch now. Also, Swaim seems very intent on getting DOB to be his best friend. As of the series finale they are canon!
  • In Steamboat [1], Dirk and Michael not only share a dressing room (possibly for financial reasons since the soap opera named Steamboat is facing low ratings and budget cuts) but in the first episode Dirk is practicing his cop routine on Michael in his boxers and at the episodes end, Rhonda, Candy, Otto, and the film crew find them in a compromising position with Micheal handcuffed and Dirk right behind them.
  • Athena and Thalia in Thalia's Musings with help from Eros. Thalia is straight, but can be a little fangirlish about Athena. Athena is gay and is in love with Artemis.
  • In Echo Chamber, when Dana says that Tom should sleep with "anyone" other than his Psycho Ex-Girlfriend, Zack interprets this to mean him.
    Zack: Not it!
    • Also, from an in-character interview:
    Zack: The Tom puppet is one of my favorite puppets, I put my hand in him all the time.
  • The DesuDesBrigade's Vixen and Rabbit have a bit of an alternating Seme/Uke thing going on, Rabbit's debut has her drugging Vixen another has Vixen toting Rabbit around like a pet and a recent review has Rabbit trapping Vixen against a door, this moment ends just as their lips are about to touch.
    • Rabbit apparently got onto the site by sweet-talking Vixen in front of the dumbstruck male members of the brigade, again we almost see thier lips touch, the shameless pair!
  • Tom Milsom (hexachordal) with Alex Day (nerimon) during Eyelashes
  • YouTube Minecraft LPers GuudeBoulderfist and BdoubleO100 are made of 100% Ho Yay of the least subtle variety. Given that their videos together are more popular than their videos apart, they may also qualify as Heterosexual Life-Partners.
  • Izm and A.E.D of Hedone High. They've shared a bed, A.E.D gave Izm CPR, they made out when they were drunk, and Izm seemed rather joyful that most people can't see them as anything other than boyfriends. Gets even better when you learn that in the bad future where A.E.D died from being shot, Izm became a ruthless drug lord who wouldn't hesitate to kill and maim.
  • Several LoadingReadyRun projects:
    • In commodoreHUSTLE, Morgan is identified as the king of "misplaced gaiety". Bill plays him at his own game in "The Gay Chicken".
    • Also in commodoreHUSTLE, James' girlfriend Ashley reveals in season one ("Investigation") that James has frequent dreams about snuggling Matt in bed, or kissing Matt. In season two ("Sickness"), James admits to licking Matt's door handles, and jokingly tells Jer that they should stop making out if they're sick.
    • In James' first appearance in Feed Dump, "Magnet Boy & Fat Baby", James and Alex "make out" via two vuvuzelas that they are pressing against each other and blowing into. In "Toe Suckin' and Cat Screamin'", Paul offers to suck James' toes in exchange for information. In "Mexican Sex, Dolphins & Nudists", Andy sits on Jer's lap while pretending to be a stripper; in the same episode, Jer also tries to slip some dollar bills into Andy's shirt.
  • Who knew a simple fan video about Christmas at Arkham Asylum would provide such a good example. The henchmen come off as a couple who happen to work together.
  • Smosh's Anthony and Ian have a bit of an infamous Bromance. In their skits they frequently hug and share meaningful glances. In several videos they can be seen sharing a bed, and in one of those videos Anthony is naked. Ian proposes to Anthony at one point. And those are just the scripted examples.
  • John and Hank of YouTube's vlogbrothers share some occasional Ho Yay. In the words of Hank himself... "We've inspired a very unfortunate generation of slash fiction."
  • Sips and Sjin from the Yogscast, who collaborate with each other frequently. There's not an episode that goes by without them making some kind of Double Entendre. Usually Sjin, although sometimes Sips reciprocates.
    • Sjin with just about anyone in the Yogscast, really. Innuendo seems to be one of his staples.
  • They Made Me Watch This finds he gets the most enjoyment from the Barbie films he reviews by find Les Yay in wherever he can.
  • Sasha Hunter in Greek Ninja has an encounter with a certain succubus... who claims to be her/his ex from her/his life as Eli.
  • While Cecil of Welcome to Night Vale is currently in a relationship with a Carlos, thus disqualifying his obsessions with him from this trope, he's also had a few suggestive lines about Scoutmaster Harlan and Hiram McDaniels.
  • LPers Ze Royal Viking and Chilled Chaos, so much so that they usually make fun of the amount of it. It is especially apparent in their Minecraft LP series.
  • On Game Grumps, Danny and Arin, as well as Arin and Jon make more than a few comments about their rather close relationships on the show. Of particular note is Arin's infamous D Club story.
  • YouTubers Matt Santoro and Mr Repzion have a Ho Yay whenever they do collab videos together.
  • A Couple of Cunts in the Countryside. From Cammy making excuses to his parents to meet Duncan to Duncan thinking about them being a gay couple on the morning of his wedding to practically making out as they walk off camera, there's plenty of material for those who think Guy on Guy Is Hot.

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