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"They said that came from the press. And the press it came from was what I call The Prestigious Internet."
Al Franken

A work that originated on the web.

Subsets include Web Animation, Web Comics, Web Games, Web Serial Novels, Podcasts, and Vlog Series. The Abridged Series, Lets Plays, and After Action Reports also tend to be Web Originals. Most Fan Fic also originates on the web, but some readers may reckon fan fic as a category apart from web original. Other genres include Livejournal Roleplay and Play-by-Post Games.

It is common for Web Original works, especially Web Serial Novels, to spawn Shared Universes as other would-be writers think the original work is pretty neat and contact the writer for permission to play in his/her sandbox.

There is a Web Original Recs page.

Types of Web Original works include:

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