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Pointy-Haired Boss: I'm starting my own blog!
Tina: Dear God, no!
Pointy-Haired Boss: Every day I will record my personal thoughts about our business. I need you to write the first one by noon. I can't wait to see what I'm thinking.

"Blog" is a silly shorthand for "web log": a journal published on the internet. Some blogs are simply a narcissistic record of blogger's life; others are a means for the blogger to write about subjects dear to their hearts. The second type tends to attract larger audiences.

The main difference between a blog and a regular old website is that blog articles are arranged chronologically, usually with the most recent items first. Most blogs today are created with browser-based software, so that us non-tech-savvy individuals don't have to worry about code. A large number of blogs enable readers to post comments, which can lead to the formation of online communities around blogs with sufficient readership.

A more recent development is the video blog, or vlog, which is a blog done verbally before a webcam.

Some believe that blogs are arranged in a roughly spherical shape. This "Bloggy Woggy Ball"note  is theorized to be an important part of Web 2.0: Electronic Blogaloo.

Notable blog-publishing sites:

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