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Mx.Bones; a persona they used. Also an icon Bones used on many websites.

Bones is an 18 year old agendernote  Malaysian artist. Their rise to fame came in late 2014 with the creation of their Five Nights at Freddy's AU, which, amongst other things, had a concrete storyline instead of the regular game's cryptic clues.

After being criticized for drawing certain things and pressured out of the fandom, and discontinued the AU, and started making a new webcomic known as Pilot. Pilot told the tale of the robot of the same name, who was created in a garage out of spare parts. Pilot was on hiatus until sometime around December 2015, due to computer problems causing Bones to lose around a year's worth of pages.

In late 2015, Bones also began work on Intergalactic Strife, a fighting game using some of their older characters as well as some newcomers. Information on the game was somewhat scarce, since the game was in an extremely early state (as in, not even an engine or a team had been decided on yet).

On July 3rd, 2015, Bones decided to change their url to Dapper-Deoxys. Deo/Deox/Dapper replaced Rebs/Rebby/Rebby Roo as their nickname. Then, on October 24th of that same year, it was changed again to Deoxyreboricleic-Alien, though the nicknames stayed the same. Later that day, it was shortened to just Deoxyrebornicleic. Once more, Bones changed their nickname to 'Bones' but no url change occurred this time. Finally, Bones changed their url to Mx-Bones.

After a certain amount of personal drama from tumblr, Bones decided to cease activity on their blog for an indefinite, and possibly infinite, amount of time. As of August 31, 2016, Bones' blog has been deleted, and now redirects to the Pilot webcomic directly.

Here are my tropes, please leave your sanity at the door.

  • Aerith and Bob: Character names were all over the place with this trope. Names ranged from common (Buddy) to uncommon (Dominic, Bhanuja, Danish, Vince/Vinny), to truly weird (Stjerneklart, Kuiper).
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: After watching Inside Out, Bones decided to draw their own emotions.
  • Art Evolution: Compared to their work back when they were in the FNAF fandom, their art had improved dramatically. One of the best examples of this is here.
    • They have also improved the way they shaded and colored. Compare this to this. Now consider that there was only a 3-4 month gap between those two pictures.
      • Further illustrated by these pictures of HP and Pops. Specifically, the shading on their clothes was far smoother and more natural looking on Pops.
    • Vendetta's entire facial structure seemed to have changed due to their constantly improving style. For reference, here was how he was drawn when he was first introduced, and here was how he looked in one of their sketches four months later.
    • And then compare all of the above to this. Now consider the fact that that image was just a work in progress.
  • Art Shift: Whenever the appropriately-named Marshmallow Style appeared. With Marshmallow Style, complex anatomy was ditched in favor of giving everyone a marshmallow-like face and body. For example, this comic showed Father Time drawn both regularly and in Marshmallow Style.
    • The Deja and Nova Show also had its own style, which was more simple in appearance, meant to be easier to animate.
  • Author Appeal: Tiny (or, as they put it, smol) characters. When asked how many they had, Bones said "too many".
  • Canon Immigrant: Quite a few characters, and not just from the AU. Some of Bones' characters from Dark Souls, Minecraft, Mega Man, and Homestuck had all been reworked as characters in the world of Pilot.
  • Celestial Body: Their Author Avatar was a skeleton made out of space and was from outer space.
  • The Captain: Their Author Avatar, Mx Bones, was also known as 'General Bones'. While they may not be the King, they WERE the general of an entire army of skeletons.
  • Dem Bones
  • Fourth-Wall Mail Slot: Artman had his own ask blog here
  • "It" Is Dehumanizing: Although they were willing to make an exception for people who specifically referred to themselves as "it".
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: In pretty much any of their works, this was a given. The AU had around 18 main characters note  who were important to the story. All of them had been reworked for Pilot, as well as a huge amount of new characters created solely for Pilot.
    • Cast of Snowflakes: Absolutely every character had their own unique design and personality, and they were all extremely memorable. The oddest thing about them was their development - their personalities came from a mix of Bones' own ideas and Ascended Fanon, with cute, funny, or interesting ideas being proclaimed canon and officially added to the characters.
    • Expy: Interestingly enough, many of their characters were Expies of each other, while still unique enough on their own. For example: Vince from Night Terror and Owena from Counting Stars. And, of course, Father Time and his endless counterparts.
  • Ridiculously Human Robots: There seemed to be very little separating their flesh and blood characters from their mechanical ones. And even then there were cyborgs to bridge the gap quite nicely!
  • Self Insert: Mocked with Nugget, who was a relatively minor employee of LG Productions.
    • Played straight with the "I Work at LGP" tag. Fans could self-insert themselves (or make an OC) as an employee of LG Productions.
  • Skeleton Motif: Their Author Avatar was Mx.Bones which was a skeleton formed from bits and pieces of space that lead a skeleton army.

Alternative Title(s): Rebornica, Dapper Deoxys, Deoxyrebornicleic