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Blog: H(a)unting
Wonder who they'll find in the trees tomorrow.

He loves fear. It makes Him stronger, it gives Him motivation to go on. Though every single instinct in your body will scream curses at you, TRY YOUR HARDEST to NOT be afraid. Mutter a little mantra of things that make you happy. Think of a better place and time. However, be warned that a lack of fear makes Him curious, and He may step it up to test your limits.

H(a)unting is a rather unusual blog concerning three friends; Lya, Matt and Sandra (with Preston the Chicken along for the ride), the latter of whom has been stalked by a familiar tall, faceless man for ten years. Notable in that Sandra has been stalked longer than any of his other known victims, and that she appears to be unaffected by his general creepiness. Since its establishment, H(a)unting has introduced a second Slender Man type entity, known only as ///It///. And now in order to protect the object of his curiosity, The Slender Man is essentially living with them. Hilarity may not ensue, even though the blog is more upbeat (compared to the other material). Tends to waver between humorous and Mind Screw.

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The Eleventh Hour TrilogyRecap/The Slender Man MythosHiking Fiend
The Eleventh Hour TrilogyBlogHiking Fiend

alternative title(s): Haunting
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